Hororata’s Primary School’s Possum Chucking Repels Tourists. Reading, Writing and Rugers. NZ Great Place to be a Kid?

cruel fun repels

Kaikoura’s cruel fun repels

Hat tip to the reader who sent in the above snippet from this week’s Kaikoura Star.

We don’t have a copy of the last page of the paper, yet. Stay tuned.

It’s a sad reflection on the culture of this small town, famed for its whale watching tours and conservation efforts which are important sources of tourist revenue: a lifeblood for the small community there. Something doesn’t quite add up about the place does it, and what’s more – people from outside are noticing it more and more.

Update – Here’s the offending article, as it appears in the 9 April edition of Kaikoura’s local newspaper the Kaikoura Star. Incidentally, the front page lead headline that day was “Environmentally On Top” as Kaikoura celebrated gaining EarthCheck platinum certification for environmental performance.

There was a very different story tucked safely away where tourists seldom venture on page 11, to an outsider New Zealand is looking more like Lord of the Flies than Lord of the Rings. Great place to raise kids, you think?

Horror hunt

Horror hunt for kids in Hororata

Images captured from the Hororata Primary School Pig & Possum Hunt 2014 Facebook page.

(Who said primary schools and guns don’t mix?! Advisory, one of the images posted on the page is derogatory to Asians). This is NZ folks. If you disagree with what’s going on visit the Hororata Primary School Pig and Possum Hunt 2014 Facebook page and leave a message.

primary school hunt

From possum throwing to pig carrying to gun promotion, NZ sure is a great place to be a kid.


Family values in NZ: The family that hunts together, stays together.

Obviously,  the Waikino school shooting is ancient history. Are the three Rs at Hororata now reading, writing and Rugers?


Other Brutal Kaikoura articles by E2NZ.org

Brutal Kaikoura – Gulls Massacred on Wharf (March 2014) – There’s been another wildlife slaughter in Kaikoura, as if seals, wild pigs and deer aren’t enough to satisfy the blood lust. Some maniac has lured gulls with food, shot them and driven over their stunned bodies on Kaikoura’s wharf. The founder of the township’s Marine Centre and Aquarium, Megan Bosch, has condemned the cruelty, mindful of what tourists would think. This isn’t a good look for the small town that makes a living from tourists eager to experience the local marine life…

Vandals Wrecking Kaikoura – Township Already Bypassed in Favour Of Other Towns (January 2014) – Pity the long suffering tourists in the little township of Kaikoura that are having their holidays ruined by constant vandalism. In an article headed “Vandals wrecking Kaikoura image” 15 Jan 2014, the Kaikoura Star drew attention to multiple instances of mindless vandalism and theft directed against tourists and their vehicles…

More Wanton Destruction In Kaikoura (March 2012) – Kaikoura police are appealing for help to catch the vandals that left a trail of destruction in the West End of Kaikoura last Saturday evening. Car windows were smashed and planters ruined during the vandalism spree. In another incident Kaikoura man, Camden Lief Mitchell, 20 appeared in court and admitted willful damage after gratuitously kicking in the storefront window of a Kaikoura takeaway. He was sentenced to 40 hours’ community work and ordered to pay $708.32 reparation…

Kaikoura Youths Embarrass Town Again & Another ‘Once Were Warriors’ Upbringing (March 2012) – “Police are again warning the youth of Kaikoura to behave following a drunken party which left one man in hospital with a broken jaw and another facing charges of disorderly behaviour”…

Sick German Tourist Attacked in Christchurch, New Zealand “Just for Fun” – tourist had to travel from Kaikoura to Christchurch for medical treatment and got beaten up and robbed…

Soggy fish and unfriendly Kaikoura – Thinking about a trip to Kaikoura? be careful where you eat and whom you talk to. This was first published on the Trademe community forum

Kaikoura Safer Now Petrol Station Arsonist is Behind BarsNew Zealand’s grinding poverty no doubt had something to do with the attack on the Caltex Service Station in the small township of Kaikoura. In what could’ve been taken from a scene in the TV series Top of the Lake, the news site Stuff.co.nz reported…

Kaikoura Firearm Chase and The Roar: A man was chased around Kaikoura at gun point and police issued an advisory to take care with firearms during the hunting season. Fortunately, the whale watching season was over and all animal lovers were likely to be absent from the town, thus spared from having to watch the slaughter…

Swiss Campers’ Tyres Slashed In Kaikoura– locals feel strongly about freedom campers…

Hapuku Local Damaged Road To Deter Freedom CampersToday we have some background to the issue of freedom camping in Hapuku. Read our most recent blog about the Swiss tourists whose tyres were slashed as they camped at a remote spot in Hapuku on March 1st, just north of the township of Kaikoura. It seems that freedom campers have been a thorn in the side for some angry residents, who say the problems became worse after Hapuku got a mention in the Lonely Planet Guide. A report headed Freedom camping under gun appeared in the Kaikoura star on 12/1//2012…

Kaikoura. Weak Justice Fails To Curb Crime Problem  (Jan 2012) – We’ve often blogged about the small tourist township of Kaikoura and its reputation for violence and crime. Tourists have been hospitalised by marauding mobs, visitors from Christchurch beaten and kidnapped,  seals clubbed to death and vacationing US soldiers robbed.

There’s A Lot Of Viciousness” In Kaikoura (Dec 2010) – immigrant couple, Ms Irvine-Boag 54, and her partner, Tony Neumann, 53 are moving out of the town because of two recent violent street assaults and an anonymous note telling them to “get out” of town. They moved to the coastal community in 2008 but say they soon encountered hostility from the locals who treated them as outsiders…

US Soliders Robbed In Kaikoura (Dec 2010) – two American soldiers, Eli and Tonia Gerhard, lost a large amount of property when their rental car was robbed. Following the theft police used a search warrant to enter a local address and “recovered a “substantial amount” of property” according to the Kaikoura Star. The couple had decided to take a holiday in New Zealand, away from the crime and strife of war ravaged Afghanistan where the couple had both been posted. What a bad choice New Zealand turned out to be for them. From the Marlborough Express:…

Kaikoura Street Attack – Further Details Emerge

Kaikoura’s Mobs – Street Violence Erupts Again

Five Arrested In Kaikoura Mob Attack

‘Holidaymakers’ Attacked, One Kidnapped, By Kaikoura ‘Mob’

Fur Seals Shot in Kaikoura

There’s A Lot Of Viciousness” In Kaikoura

34 thoughts on “Hororata’s Primary School’s Possum Chucking Repels Tourists. Reading, Writing and Rugers. NZ Great Place to be a Kid?

  1. And that’s all it comes down to KD “I’d be very surprised if your life was better than mine” it just becomes all too defensive when chatting to kiwis.

    Visit all other forums regarding NZ, you cannot mention a bad work about the place, your post gets removed or the forum regulars jump all over you.

    Did I visit NZ, yes, I saw the following.

    Racism towards the Maori from every white person I was with, children and women were the worse, I am white British and enjoyed having a joke and fishing with the Maori, generally decent people.

    Keeping up with the jones, you get this in England in the posh areas, I experienced this in NZ with most white kiwis, champagne lifestyle, lemonade money.

    Housing, no way on gods green earth would I pay £150,000 or $300,000 dollars for a rotting, timber framed house,

    I was welcomed with open arms in NZ, until, until wait for it, I said I wouldn’t close my business down in the UK and move to NZ.

    Because I didn’t drop to my knees, kiss the ground and profess my love for NZ at Auckland airport upon arrival, people were wary of me, I actually visited to see the building industry and look at prospects, if you want to chat about how constructions firm own the business’s that produce the materials, which funnily enough lead back to the government.

    The white kiwi wannabes (the British expats) are very anti British, all I got in the first few weeks was lectures on how bad Britain was, and how it’s going down the drain and how Islam terrorist are going to blow the UK up, I agreed at first, but after a week of this, it wore thin, dos protest too much, Britain is a damn good place to live, we have Asian areas, yes we will have terrorist, but we have 65,000,000 people here, not 4,000,000, I will give you that Britain is overcrowded, ask yourself why, because despite the weather it’s one of the best places to live in the world.

    NZ is a brand, the silver fern is a brand, a plastic brand, it’s like when the UK had the Olympics, the royal wedding, the queens jubilee everything had the Union Jack painted on it, it’s was ok for 2 weeks, then it became tacky, cheap and most of it went in the bin.

    Funnily enough that’s what my experience of NZ was, tacky and cheap, I spent the best part of £5000 while there, on what I don’t really know, I did the bungees, played golf, fished the coromandel, visited various places, but nearing the end of my trip, honestly I was bored, I was willing the grass to grow of the residents we stayed with so I could cut it, again.

    Look, if NZ is your thing, then that’s fine but I was very surprised at how it’s branded and then pushed onto you when you get there, it was like a sales pitch, which when rejected, became a little bit nasty and bitter.

    Any how I’m late for work, all the best.

    UK Builder

  2. Meanwhile, our other readers may like to read some of the comments left by visitors to E2NZ.org. Here’s a good one from Kiwinomore

    I lived in Dunedin from mid-2007 until the end of 2008 before deciding that New Zealand wasn’t for me. My experience wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as some I’ve seen in the forum, but when my return flight landed in Los Angeles, I actually got off the plane and kissed the ground. This is going to be a really long post. My thoughts:


    The reason NZ wants skilled migrants is because every almost Kiwi who is capable of doing the job packed up and moved to Australia/UK the first chance they got because the pay was better. I’m a veterinarian with 15 years of experience: in the US, I don’t show up for less than $70k, and the custom is to work for a base guarantee plus a percentage of gross receipts. Depending on the area of the country I work in, I can expect $85-115k. The award schedule in NZ guarantees someone with my experience $NZ60K: in theory it’s a lot for NZ but in $US it’s less than my first job right out of vet school in 1997.

    My US credentials transferred to NZ without any problem. I got a job at a small animal clinic for $25.64/hr: excellent pay by NZ standards. I worked only 12-15 hours a week, but this gave me almost the same salary as a minimum wage employee working a full 30 hr work week. It still wasn’t enough to live on alone: my life in NZ was heavily subsidized by my VA pension.

    As long as all I wanted to do was work in private practice, everything was fine. But good luck to any migrant trying to get a job with the NZ government, as I don’t think it’s possible. The NZ agricultural industry desperately needs vets for their slaughterhouses and processing plants: they recruit nonstop and it’s a financial windfall with a salary at the end of 15 months of $92k. I did this job for the USDA for 6 years prior to moving to NZ; I even signed export certificates that NZ accepted for import without question. When I applied for the NZ job, I was told that I wasn’t qualified. MAF would apparently prefer to leave the jobs unfilled rather than give them to the skilled migrants that NZ encourages to immigrate. I’m not kidding: the vacancy announcement has been running non-stop with the same contact info since at least 2005. When I moved back to the US, I went straight back to the USDA, got promoted, and proceeded to sign a gazillion more export certifications that easily cleared NZ customs. My industry experience is apparently only good enough for NZ when I’m not in NZ. I totally believe the poster above who couldn’t get the special ed teacher job.


    Air tightness, insulation, and a lack of mold aren’t too much to ask for. Especially somewhere that is supposed to be a first world country. Reality is that most NZ housing doesn’t meet World Health Organization standards for a habitable environment. And if you find something that does, you will pay dearly for it.

    My first apartment was rented sight unseen from the US: I lived there for my first 6 months. It was basically a furnished studio with private bath, and then an upstairs shared kitchen. $270 a week or about US$875 a month. Dunedin is a college town, but this apartment was way above the budget of most NZ students who seem to be packed like sardines into apartments where they can pay $110 a week or less. All the other people living in the building with me were Asian students from overseas. The free ”high speed” internet was almost useless: it moved slower than US dial-up speed. The property managers were clueless: every month they sent me a pay or quit notice claiming that they never received my security deposit. And they kept sending it even after I provided the bank statements and wire transfer receipts that proved I had paid. They then tried to claim that the bank in question doesn’t exist and that I forged the documents: they finally gave up when I threatened to contact the housing council. Then the heater in the bathroom broke: it took three weeks to fix. After all this, the landlords seemed genuinely surprised that I declined to accept a $30 rent increase and moved out when my lease was over.

    My Dunedin CBD apartment was also $270 a week, but unfurnished and with a parking spot. I had blue paisley circa 1970 carpet that smelled kind of moldy and was coming up at the seams: I never went barefoot. The subfloor sounded as if were about to collapse when I walked; there were occasions when I really expected to fall into the downstairs apartment. Although it was technically a 2 bedroom, it came with a tiny dorm sized refrigerator that was equally as old as the carpet and had no freezer. No bathtub, which was no biggie. But the floor of the shower stall was slanted the wrong way for drainage, so I had to squeegee after use unless I wanted standing water. The pipe under the bathroom sink burst twice in the year that I lived there. The night store heater didn’t work, and it took 6 weeks and a threat to contact the housing council before the landlord fixed it. In the interim, there were days when my indoor temp was 45F with the electric space heaters that I bought going full blast: the inside of a refrigerator is 33-41F. All this for an apartment in a neighborhood that was questionable at best: there was a brothel a block down the street and a strip club a block away in the opposite direction. Prostitution is legal in NZ, by the way.

    My general rule of thumb is that I would never pay more than five times my annual salary for a house. This would have given me a max budget of NZ$300,000 if I had been working full-time. I looked at buying a house: everything in Dunedin that was less decrepit than my apartment cost more than $350,000. Tiny new construction in a part of town even dodgier than where I was already living started at $400,000. To buy in Auckland, I would have needed more than a million.

    As an FYI, I lived in Rochester, NY before moving to Dunedin. Rochester and Dunedin are about the same size, but there all similarities end. The 2000sf house that I owned at the time cost only $146k, had central heating/air, was located in a nice neighborhood, and there was no breeze blowing indoors when all the windows were closed. Even before I replaced the original 1940’s windows, my utility bill never topped $400 a month. I would probably have gone bankrupt trying to heat a similar home in NZ.


    For a supposedly first world country, I thought NZ was filthy. The number of grubby looking people walking around barefoot and shirtless in cut off shorts is disturbing. The “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule in US/Canada doesn’t apply in NZ. In Dunedin, the broken bottles and vomit from student drinking binges would remain on the streets for days: the tolerance for public drunkenness is shocking. People were also weirdly fascinated by my teeth: there’s nothing interesting about them except for the fact that they are all still there, and relatively straight and unstained. None of the comments about how nice my teeth are were hostile, but every time I heard one I would start thinking about Deliverance and Dueling Banjos: not good.


    Probably adequate if remaining in NZ; probably inadequate otherwise. I enrolled in the MPH program at the University of Otago while I was there. The program covered the general core competencies that you would expect, but it was very NZ specific. We spent a lot of time talking about the health implications of the Treaty of Waitangi, which has no status outside NZ. An MPH earned in NZ is worthless as far employment with a US city/state/federal government and many international health organizations is concerned. I’m eligible for specialty board certification and would be laughed at if I listed the NZ credential on my board application. I dropped out and enrolled at Johns Hopkins when I returned to the US. An MPH would have made me eligible for District Health Board jobs that paid a whopping $43k.


    I think race relations in break down along the lines of Pakeha/Maori & Pacific Islander/Asian. There isn’t enough of any other group to really play into the big picture. I am African-American, and I think I generally got lumped in with the Pakeha(white European descendants). I don’t know if this is because the average Kiwi hasn’t met enough Black African diaspora people to know how classify me, or maybe sympathized with me as someone who probably hadn’t been treated fairly in my home country: media portrayals of life as a Black person in the US are generally unfavorable. I personally experienced nothing that I would have perceived as racism, and neither did my Black South African friend (she was a nurse).

    The fact that the blatant racism wasn’t directed at me doesn’t make NZ any less racist. Being Maori would be preferable to being Asian, but I wouldn’t want to be either in NZ. Another friend (Indian doctor) was extremely unhappy and ended up leaving to take a job in Dubai.

    I encountered no anti-American sentiments. I can generally say that every Kiwi I met hated President Bush. There was cheering in the bars and pubs as the 2008 election results came in and it became clear that Barack Obama had won.


    If you already live in US/Canada/UK, everything bad about life in your current location is going to present in NZ: road rage drivers, shoplifting teenagers, loudmouth businessmen on cell phones, etc. And whatever it is you are hoping to find in NZ is already available in your own country: if you’re tired of the rat race, move to Montana or the Scottish countryside. The scenery there is just as nice as in NZ and you won’t have to struggle to make ends meet. NZ is a second world country pretending to be a first world country: it’s not worth the hassle or effort.

    For those who choose to ignore my advice, and that of others in this forum: leave your stuff at home in storage if you decide to move to NZ anyway. NZ$ are worthless on the world market: the exchange rate fluctuated wildly between 0.55 and 0.83 while I was there. You will never be able to earn enough money in NZ$ to transport your stuff back home when you decide to leave.

  3. Good to know it’s working. That still means you’ve made 143 visits from your present IP, there are more from your home IP and those you use for trolling.

    Anyway, this thread isn’t for cozy chit chat between us. No doubt SFNZ will be along in due course.

      • Careful KD/David you’re getting close to getting banned again. Almost every post you’ve written here has been insulting and SFNZ isn’t even reading them. Wind your neck in and try to behave yourself for just a little bit longer, there’s a good boy.

        Just to help you out here, nothing else of yours will be published until SFNZ has exercised his right to reply, you can take a break now.

  4. Stephen couldn’t help adding the ‘even worse Australia’, it’s almost a reflex response.
    Kaikoura, is that the sound of duelling banjos in the distance?

    • Duelling banjos are clearly audible above the dull thud of possum carcases hitting the dirt.

      Of course, one could speculate that the Kiwi hatred of Australian possums on NZ soil is merely transference and its another species entirely they’d like to exterminate.

    • Thanks for making me laugh this morning and reminding me why I am so happy to have left New Zealand.

      Yes, I have had the misfortune to drive through some small NZ towns within the past year. The architecture consists of sheds masquerading as houses along with countless poorly maintained lawns. The inhabitants are often overweight, slovenly in their appearance, and often have a look about them as if their brains have suffered impairment from years of alcohol and drug abuse. The shopping consists of liquor stores, overpriced cafe food, and nothing more.

      Kaikoura is an overpriced tourist trap. The food is expensive, the town is nothing remarkable, and the tourist strip just off SH1 has no character. It is just a bunch of subpar and overpriced restaurants along with shops selling cheap trinkets. Perhaps I have never spent more than a few hours in Kaikoura, but it is obvious from your comments that you have not spent much time out of Kaikoura or New Zealand.

      If you want to see whales, go to Hermanus near Cape Town in October and you will just see them come up along the coast. If you want to see lovely unspoiled scenery then go to Alaska, which is much prettier. Yes, Alaska has some bogans too, but the government gives them enough welfare and the oil companies produce enough high paying jobs that they have not developed the predilection for attacking tourists and defenceless animals as is the case in New Zealand.

  5. Kaikoura is a disgusting little Podunk town populated by the worst sorts of bogans. Make sure to avoid it and the rest of New Zealand.

    • I confess that I have a morbid curiosity to see the demented ravings of KaikouraDave. It might be worthwhile for migrants to see the sort of psychopathic deadbeats that inhabit Podunk New Zealand Towns.

      It is your blog and it is your decision, but I could actually use a bit of entertainment from the KaikouraDave freak show.

      • Sorry but we have a zero tolerance policy for trolls. The thing they crave most is attention: seeking affirmation that their lives are somehow relevant. Of all of them KD / Acerbater is the most irrelevant.

        Reddit is a far better venue for fantasist attention seeking trolls with boring day jobs / boring lives / substance abuse issues.

        • We have no interest whatsoever in the success, or otherwise, of tourism in towns in New Zealand.

          What E2NZ.org is interested in is dismantling some of the myths that NZ tourism bodies and migration agencies spin. More so when those myths are deliberately used to entice people in to emigrating to the country. Kaikoura could be any town in New Zealand, but it’s a very good example of the gap between the image and reality.

          Best of all is when the myth busting comments come from outsiders who see the place for what it really is. If you can’t handle their opinions that is your problem to deal with and not ours, nor is it theirs. Use it as a prompt for some quiet reflection. Don’t use it as an excuse to troll, threaten, swear, bully and abuse as you have done in the past.

          • KD,

            Well, I’m not going to argue the point since I’ve never been to NZ, there are, however, some comments in E2NZ’s archives from Australians complaining about the high level of Oz bashing in NZ.

        • The reality is quite different KD. New Zealand has about 3 million visitors per annum, which is much lower than many countries both in real and per capita terms. Of course, you are the product of the Retardicon 6 education system so you likely do not know what that means.

          My wife met a colleague at her work who had visited Retardicon 6. The colleague remarked how backward the housing was and how little there was to do aside from admiring the scenery.

          I would be happy to debate you on the matter, but you will be the usual Kiwi cowards who will speak big, but never actually follow up.

          The reality is that New Zealand is nothing special. Only narcissistic Kiwis like you actually believe the hype about Retardicon 6.

          • Okay, Kaikoura Dave will be given the opportunity to debate this with you, if he is capable of holding a rational discussion the floor is open. Normal comment guidelines apply, if it gets out of hand (with David involved that’s almost a certainty) we’re pulling the plug.

            : The plug was pulled.

          • Thanks for replying KD. I look forward to our discussion. However, I must respectfully disagree with some of your conclusions and reasoning.

            First, I do not believe E2NZ has a duty to offer “balance.” The purpose of the blog is to counter many of the myths and propaganda concerning living in New Zealand, something that is of interest to someone like me who had the misfortune to have lived in New Zealand for nearly three years and successfully managed to relocate to a place that is more to my liking. This blog belongs to E2NZ and it is his/her prerogative what information he/she posts.

            Incidentally, the notion that a media outlet should offer balance is rather new and it is often something disingenuously parroted by those who are clearly trying to spin their point of view. Many of the first newspapers tendentiously advocated their particular point of view. A great deal of propaganda promoting New Zealand ad nauseam exists and, thankfully, those of us that believe New Zealand oversells itself can visit this blog for arguments against New Zealand.

            I agree with you that we ultimately have ourselves to blame for our decisions, including whether we immigrate to New Zealand. I have never blamed anyone or anything for relocating to New Zealand. Your effort to blame migrants themselves is simply casuistry designed to deflect attention from New Zealand’s shortcomings. I simply stated information on my Migrant Tale rather than blamed anyone.

            It is reprehensible for the New Zealand government to create propaganda and outright false information to entice migrants to relocate to New Zealand. Much of the information on the INZ website is outright false, something chronicled in detail on this blog. In the First World, which I believe excludes New Zealand, such attempts to employ false information to induce people to buy a good or service is called fraud.

            I owned a successful tourism business in the United States so I know a bit about tourism. This link is dated, but it will give you some idea as to how many foreign tourists visit New Zealand and other countries. http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Economy/Tourist-arrivals. The 3 million figure is from a brochure produced by Tourism New Zealand, although I think New Zealand mistakenly counts visitors seeing family as tourists.

            You will have to some maths on this one. France has 60 million people and 80 million tourists meaning that it has more tourists than people. New Zealand has 2.4 million according to this graph with a population of 4.5 million. Incidentally, tourism is an industry that usually produces lower paying jobs and is not high on the value added chain, as you can see from places like Spain or Greece. I guess New Zealand’s fixation with tourism shows that it is quite content to aim for low value added economic transactions.

            Here is some more data from BBC. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-23433149. You can read the information about Ukraine to see that it proportionately receives as many foreign visitors as New Zealand does, although having been to Ukraine several times I can assure you it is not on the top of my place to visit.

            I lived in Alaska for several years and I do not think New Zealand is as pretty as Kiwis fancy. It is certainly not worth flying from Europe to see what New Zealand has when I can go to Norway and see fjords or spend half the time travelling to Alaska to see true unspoilt wilderness.

            At any rate, you have acknowledged the high cost of living in New Zealand. I find New Zealand to be nearly as expensive as Switzerland in real terms, but in relative terms, the median Swiss household income is nearly NZ $150,000 in Switzerland, so one has much better purchasing power here and better quality products. Much of the stuff sold in New Zealand is junk that people in North America, Europe, or East Asia would not buy, yet one pays extortionate prices for it.

            You are wrong to blame the foreign wholesalers for the high prices in New Zealand. If you have not found cheaper prices, it is because you do not know where to look. Perhaps you need to do better research on how to obtain lower prices or set up an Australian distributor. The importers in New Zealand, who happen to have a very cosy relationship with government, overcharge. The high house property prices in New Zealand signify that shops must charge higher prices to pay their rents. New Zealand and New Zealanders themselves are to blame for the high prices. It is ironic that you blame migrants for moving to New Zealand, yet you do not apply the same logic preferring instead to blame others for New Zealand’s outrageous cost of living.

            As for crime statistics, I would like you to cite some. New Zealand has one of the highest crime rates in the OECD.

            How old are you KD? You say you saw your first blue whale recently. Surely if New Zealanders had such a great life exploring the outdoors it would not have taken you so long to see a blue whale?

            Your neighbours from California supposedly love it. Maybe they learned to adapt to New Zealand and not say what they mean. If New Zealand is so great then why is migrant turnover so high? Why do 20% of Kiwis live in other countries? Clearly, New Zealand is not so great if many people vote with their feet.

            As for racism, we all understand the problem is global. Yet once again, your response to New Zealand’s racism is to say others are racist too. Why can New Zealand and New Zealanders not own up to their own shortcomings? Acknowledging shortcomings is the first step required to remedy the problem.

            I always likened New Zealand racism as a sinister type whereas low end people hate those that they secretly know are better and therefore have a visceral hatred. It is another form of tall poppy syndrome.

            Lastly, I refer to New Zealand as Retaricon 6 because people there are very thick and because the fellow that coined the term is brilliant. I have met many Kiwis that do not know the meaning of ANZAC day, can barely write, and struggle to understand how to read basic instructions. New Zealand education is appalling despite the country pretending to have an excellent education system. I am refraining from calling New Zealand Retardicon 6 out of respect for you.

            I happen to speak English and Spanish flawlessly along with conversational German. Most people in New Zealand cannot even speak one language correctly, add basic sums, or do anything more than collect welfare.

            At any rate, I look forward to our discussion.

          • Hi E2NZ. Normally, I am one for debate and lively discussion, but I pity you having to deal with a mentally deranged person like KD. I think he just wants attention and nothing more.

          • And your opening comments about SFNZ typing with two fingers came from an adult who is “literally shitting” himself about being banned again from this site? Do you know how irrational you appear to be?

          • I rebutted a number of points that you raised, but you seem not to have addressed them. Consequently, I presume that you must agree with me or you were just too dumb to respond to them.

            The quality of products Made in China sold overseas is much better to the Made in China products sold in New Zealand. The Kiwis will make racist remarks towards the Chinese and their products, but it is because the Kiwis are the only ones stupid enough to buy them. Believe me, the stuff Wal-Mart sells in a relatively poor country like Mexico is better and cheaper than the products sold at the Warehouse.

            I have central heating and a lovely view of the Swiss Alps from my window. When you learn a bit about subject and verb agreement, then perhaps you and I can move on to discuss the problems of the world.

            I really think you need to do your research and you will find much better prices for the items you source overseas than you are able to find. It is not that it cannot be done, it is that you probably cannot do it.

          • I rebutted a number of points that you raised, but you seem not to have addressed them. Consequently, I presume that you must agree with me or you were just too dumb to respond to them.

            The latter is more likely. Kaikoura Dave has proved himself incapable of constructing and developing a logical argument. As you know from reading his old posts on http://trollsnzandkoolaid.wordpress.com/ he’s not the most rational of people but at least we gave him the chance to put across his side of the story.

            Looks like you won this one fair and square SFNZ. His aims have always been to disrupt and troll. Rather like he does with his alts on reddit. Where does he find the time to run a business and plague people on the internet? One may only hope that he gives his customers the same attention to detail as he does this site.

            Still want to continue, or would you prefer his temporary ban be re-instated? It doesn’t seem to bother him much.

          • KD said

            “Looks like you won this…”

            offensive tirade deleted

            @SFNZ Well, that didn’t take long did it. Time in NZ is 7.38pm, heck the night is still young! Sorry you didn’t get the chance to have a decent debate with KD, but there’s no sense in flogging a dead horse.

            @Kaikoura Dave. Yes, this nonsense will be deleted, we run a clean house to make E2NZ.org a pleasant, safe place for our readers. You live in Kaikoura so probably don’t know what that feels like.

            You’ve never been welcome here because your comments represent everything that migrants find distasteful about NZ. You are part of the problem. It’s people like you that ruin it for everyone including yourself.

          • Sorry to E2NZ for suggesting that it might have some value to see his rants. I was clearly in the wrong to subject your blog to his nonsense.

          • You’re forgiven :).

            After all is said and done, Dave’s rants demonstrated how brutal Kaikoura actually is and “how fine the line is between Cabernet and Rohypnol.” He has to amuse himself somehow.


            If anyone has a similar Lord of the Flies type story for us leave it in The Agora.

          • I have to admit when I am wrong and I think you were right to ban him from the outset. Unfortunately, some people have no interest in discussing issues cogently and politely.

            I guess the only benefit that KD serves is to show your readers the extreme irrationality amongst some Kiwis when it comes to discussing New Zealand. I normally enjoy watching stupid people make fools of themselves, but KD is in a league of his own.

          • If you would like, maybe you can send us your Paypal details and I will donate a few dollars so that you can buy some anti-mould stuff and a gas mask for the winter. You clearly have been breathing in something toxic that is impairing your mind.

          • (admin: in reponse to KD)
            You repeated your essay twice in the above posting. Interesting way to pad your argument.
            But I guess you thought we wouldn’t notice?

            “If you have a degree from WhereEversVille University and you find out that it not valid here so no, suddenly you can’t be the Paediatrician in the Utopia you expected then you should have worked it out before it was too late.”

            Seems like even when a person begins and completes a university degree in your country (that most of the locals don’t even have), they’re not good enough. It will be interesting to observe what happens shortly in NZ with the changes in Loan-to-Value-Ratio and Official-Cash-Rate along with household debt. There’s always a price to be paid for character flaws…

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