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Before you read the article below, which was first written in April 2010,  we’d like to draw your attention to allegations in July 2014 that police have been altering crime recording to appease politicians

“A police investigation, revealed in the Herald on Sunday, into southern Counties Manukau police found about 500 burglaries had been wrongly reclassified as other offences or incidents between 2009 and 2012.

Incidents are not recorded in crime statistics, leading to questions about whether police had fudged numbers to please political bosses.

Judith Collins was Police Minister for most of that period and her Papakura electorate is one of the affected areas.

She has trumpeted statistics in her newsletter Collins’ Courier – which boasted about a 36.7 per cent drop in recorded burglaries from 2009-10 to 2010-11.

Police now conduct spot audits countrywide and have all tier-one statistics verified by Statistics NZ to ensure integrity...” more here

Also read our whistleblower’s account – British Cop in Northland: NZ’s “Crime Statistics a Work of Fiction”.

Oct 2015

“New Zealand has the highest rate of intimate partner violence in the developed world. Each year, 14 women and eight children are killed by a family member, according to Statistics New Zealand data. The risk of a woman dying at the hands of her partner increases fourfold at the time of trying to end a relationship…” read on

April 2010

Did you wonder why the reported crime figures for 2010 went down, despite New Zealand being mired in an economic downturn? You need to read this from The Standard:

“Police Minister Judith Collins’ announcement that crime dropped last year left more than a few people scratching their heads. The economic conditions, especially high unemployment, should mean more crime, not less. Now, we’re starting to learn the answer: procedural changes that have wiped thousands of crimes off the stats.

Officially, there were 25,000 fewer crimes last year than in 2009. But it turns out that entire drop can be accounted for by reductions in the numbers of just 35 of the 837 offences. In fact, just 7 offences (all fraud or ‘offence against justice’ offences) that, between them, make up 3% of all crimes made up 21% of the reduction in crime:

2009 2010 change
Take/Obtain/Use Doc for Pecuniary Advantage 5070 3602 -1468
Failure To Answer District Court Bail 5574 4309 -1265
Take/Obtain/Use Cred/Bank Crd To Pecuniary Advantage 2795 1779 -1016
Obtain By Deception (Under $500) 1812 1160 -652
Failure To Answer Police Bail 1612 1143 -469
Other Miscellaneous Offences Against Justice 1386 933 -453
Total Offences 451405 426345 -25060

Each of these offences had mysterious drops of between 23% and 36% in a single year.

The Sunday-Star Times has details on why this happened. The fraud cases went down because…” read more on

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Crime Figures

Violent Crime, Guns and Gangs

  • New Zealand has around 70 organised gangs but it’s not always the patched, full members that are a problem to the wider community, its the ‘propsects’. Prospects are said “to kill for a patch” i.e. the right to get into a patched gang.
  • There are no figures for the number of weapons illegally owned by unlicensed people.  During a call to one domestic incident in a house in Otahuhu, South Auckland police came across an arms cache of about 45 high powered shot guns and rifles and ammunition. Police confiscated 11 guns from a farmer after a fire on his property caused a major power outage in the North Island

Drugs and alcohol

  • The justice system is failing Kiwis. The Family of a solo mother killed by one of the country’s worst drink-drivers said the system has failed them after the repeat offender was jailed for four years. Chronic alcoholic Warren John Jenkins, 49, had been out of jail for 10 days when he crashed into Katherine “Rin” Kennedy, 46, on State Highway 2 outside Kerikeri on March 17. Tests showed he was twice the legal limit. He had been serving a three-month term for his 16th drink-driving conviction and was indefinitely disqualified from driving.” source had breached all his former home detention sentences.”

Theft and property crimes

  • Glen Massey,  near Ngaruawahia in rural Waikato. An elderly couple were shot at by a gang of burglars in their home in March 2011. Residents say this was just the latest in a spate of incidents in the area. Gate posts are being chainsawed off and security chains are ripped apart so that thieves can gain access to rural properties. Very often these gangs use children as young as 12 to suss-out properties before cleaning them out. Read more here
  • Stolen car claims exceed $100,000,000 per annum. Police figures show that 20,000 cars are stolen in New Zealand every year, insurance claims are double that figure.6500 cars never found are a huge source of business for gangs who steal the cars to order for parts, or to “rebirth” into legitimate vehicles.”

Sex Crimes

Police, Prisons and Law Enforcement

  • Sixteen people have died so far this year after vehicle pursuits by police (Oct 2010) “An international expert in police pursuits says New Zealand’s policy which enables high-speed chases for minor offences is 20 years out of date. A police review of pursuit policy this year – the fourth in six years – ignored key recommendations of the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) and made only minor changes.”  “Road safety campaigner, the Candor Trust, says police pursuits have increased five-fold in the past seven years to 2500 last year.”NZ Herald

2 thoughts on “Crime

  1. As a property manager I have had an average of two crimes a week across the properties that I manage. In five and a half years I have only seen the police respond once to a call out and that was because there was a knife involved. The attitude is basically that if no one is hurt or likely to be hurt, then the police don’t have the manpower or the budget to respond. Petty crime is rife and the criminals act with impunity.

    In one case, and there was only one in all this time, where there was a belated investigation, it took 18 months to get a simple burglary to court, only to have the judge throw out the case because the police got the procedures wrong and sabotaged the case (deliberately? I don’t know, but it was gang related so I wouldn’t be surprised)

    Complex financial crimes that I have reported have all died on the policeman’s death. Here is seems that the problem is a lack of expertise and that the amount of fraud must run into millions before they police will investigate.

    And of course, pushing someone to suicide as happened to one poor lady I knew, does not warrant an investigation even if that was done on TV with the whole nation looking on. This in spite of it being a crime under the Crimes Act to force someone to commit suicide.

    The cops are pretty good at keeping the Maori in jail though, probably because they are so easy to arrest – I mean what kind of criminal walks around with his gang colours on and facial tattoos. Only a really dumb one. But when it comes to real criminals, the financial boys, the embezzelers, fraudsters and others, then the cops are impotent.

    Seriously folks, this place needs complete police reform. You cannot live in NZ without insurance and lots of it.

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