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Leaving NZ? share your exit interviews here

Leaving NZ? share your exit interviews here

Born in America I actually grew up in NZ and decided to move to the USA permanently when I was 24. Visiting the USA each year growing up I quickly became aware on just how terrible the weather is in NZ and how backward the people of New Zealand seemed.

New Zealand actually depressed me with the constant rain and howling wind. It is cold most of the time and the people are quick to violence and very negative in general.

The rugby culture is awful and the driving is extremely dangerous.

Perhaps the worst thing about NZ is the fervent nationalism: if you dare criticize NZ in any way people jump down your throat. It gets tiresome hearing “NZ is the best in the world” shoved down your throat every day. It’s just a big lie.

I grew up hearing about how jealous Aussies are of NZ and how crappy it is there. When I actually visited Australia in my 20s I was shocked that a place so superior to NZ in every way was that close! Sydney blew my mind with the culture and beauty. So much better than horrid Auckland.

After moving back the USA (I have been here for 20 years now) I wake up every day thankful that I had the opportunity to escape that windy rock at the bottom of the world.

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6 thoughts on “Jason’s Interview

  1. [Deleted, ad hom attacks. Your ‘Jonathan’ comments have been deleted too. Don’t troll. Admin]

    • How true! NZ bases it’s hyper-inflated image of itself on a rugby team. How pathetic! Kiwis are too scared to speak up against an incompetent government and top heavy administration but they’ll grumble under their breath about their situation. Farmers spray everything with round-up and burn everything in pits on their farms. Waterways are all polluted due to dairying – the place is maybe 50% clean green. I’ve lived here most of my life and can’t wait to get out of the place. John Key is a wanker – he’s prepared to spend $26 million on a new flag but can’t even come close to fixing some of the problems in the country. In Australia you don’t hear much about NZ but NZ seems to think it is SO important on the world stage. Small man syndrome, if I dare use the term.

  2. As someone who has lived in both the U.S. & NZ I must admit I am stunned at your assertion that the US is a better place to live than NZ. You must have had a very bad experience in NZ and a very good one in the US. The best of luck to you in the US. I live in Aussie these days but my dream is to go back to Aotearoa and retire. It is Godzone.

    • I went to NZ on a partnership-based visa. I went to a place outside of the 3 main cities. There was no work at all in my field. I was lucky to find a 1-day a week job paying $23 an hour, but nothing to survive on. The partnership crumbled under this as I wanted to be an equal partner and honestly… I think he expected it, too (and perhaps rightly so). Now we are looking to get him over to my country in a year or so. Nice place to visit, but NOT TO LIVE.

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