What Kiwis Say About NZ

This is a collection of posts gathered from around the net written by New Zealanders about New Zealand.

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7 thoughts on “What Kiwis Say About NZ

  1. Well, all over this fantastic, highly informative and completely accurate site you will see that drug use is not only endemic, but I feel epidemic in this country. When it gets to the extent of involving major drug issues in the New Zealand Army, it’s beyond serious.If you are emigrating to New Zealand, please, please don’t underestimate how massive the drug problem, and the violence and crime it causes are. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/94179689/kiwi-soldiers-were-high-on-prescription-drugs-during-active-mission-in-fiji

  2. Don’t worry! Even if all the crap we like to hide here in New Zealand doesn’t get you, the dangerous dogs roaming uncontrolled certainly will. I won’t ride my bike or walk on the streets of Christchurch any longer because it is unsafe. As a past postie of 6 years, now retired, I saw it coming and have had my share of dog attacks here. It’s rampant! Now, an early 70s woman has been attacked and hospitialised in Christchurch by 3 roaming dogs. This is just another in the large number this year.

  3. I hate this country that treats women like house maids and second class citizens .why well when my mother died my good old kiwi bloke dad rushed off to the phillipines and quickly married and bought a new wife .nobody blinked an eye .this place is full of prehistoric men who talk about rugby and neglect women and children .please if you are civilised come here and bring some intelligence over here as we are dumbing down as a country and third world women won t help .some of us want culture and we feel like we are drowning in nothingness and violence and fear .we desperately need men with balls ..

  4. I come from a large family and over half of us live abroad and have been long term, over 15 years and none of us will ever go back. I know one relation that have lost all their children to Australia. I do feel that when I return to New Zealand that some of my family and friends are envious.

  5. This site does cast a very negative view of life in NZ. I’m a NZr and even I have found myself with a negative view of this country and will be leaving soon for better opportunities and to try to get ahead financially, which no matter how hard we’ve tried here over the years, have just found ourselves going backwards.
    It is disappointing though that a great deal of the comments on here portray NZrs as unaccepting of other nationalities and cultures and downright racist. I can obviously only speak from my own view point and those I have associated over the years, but I do find it hard to believe that the majority of NZrs are this narrow minded. Large numbers of NZrs travel extensively after leaving school and immerse themselves in other cultures; this in itself should go some way to showing their interest in nationalities and cultures outside their own.
    NZrs can be a bit guarded and clicky when it comes to making new friends or welcoming new people into their social groups but I feel it is not directed at just immigrants, it is something that is experienced by other NZrs that have perhaps moved into a new area as well. Definitely not a good trait but I feel it’s not entirely intentional, just perhaps takes a bit more time to get to know people better and build friendships. NZrs can be standoffish, perhaps not wanting to come across overbearing and pushy, make the first move, you may be surprised. I’ve also experienced this in other countries as well so don’t believe it is just a Kiwi thing.
    Anyway, having compared a number of countries and spent time there deciding on our next move, I would like to point out some things (that I had previously taken for granted) that I do like about living in NZ. I like the NZ landscapes, green country side (the rain, not so much, but you can’t have one without the other). I like that we don’t have nuclear power plants (hmm especially if one were located in Christchurch with the rumblings down there lately, scary thought). I like that you can go hiking and tramping in the bush without having to worry about being attacked by some wild cat. I like that you can go camping and munch on biscuits and chips in your tent at night without worrying if a bear will break into your tent and eat you. I like that you can potter around in your vege garden and not worry about getting bitten by a snake. I like that you can let your dog outside at night to go potty and not worry about him getting taken by a dingo or coyote or that he’s going to come across some poisonous frog or toad and have to be rushed to the vet. I like that you can go swimming and water skiing on the lakes and not worry about getting taken by an alligator or crocodile. So in summary I like that NZ doesn’t have some of the dangers that are present in other countries and that’s a good feeling, especially if you have children. Now there are plenty of things I don’t like about NZ but these are all basically covered in depth already on this site. Just thought I’d share the things I do appreciate.

    • The heart break of NZ is that it could be THE place. Lack of embracing forien/different ways of doing things [won’t work in NZ, mate] is holding NZ back. There are plenty of possitive aspects to NZ, but there are plenty of things that are holding it back.

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