New Zealand Warnings and Dangers – Updated

UPDATE: Wyvern Club members please read this post dedicated to you, on this page some of our readers have left comments telling you their side of the NZ story:

Vigilante’s response to Nigel Wilson was:

“The above comments are written with a ‘feel good factor’ with zero ounce of truth. Most of the commentators are not only ill informed by seem to be suffering from paranoia mixed with Islamophobia. These old fogies remind me of my old lecturer who once preached islamophobia and NZ nationalism in front of a young NZ audience in university, who know nothing neither about Islam and the political frontier that the world today is. Preaching hatred before an audience is something the old fogies do very well, both in NZ and UK alike.

Going back to the question poised above, I have lived in Hamilton, and the crime rate is very high, i personally was evident of a case of stabbing and was robbed of my phone twice. I have a policeman neighbor, originally from UK, who left his job and went to Australia, because his professional life was taking a toll upon his family life.

The commentators above are left wing zealots who still believe in white nationalism and they wont spare a dime to malign the factual truth to uphold their sham nationalism.”

UPDATE: In the NZ news this week –  a massive arsenal has been stolen from a Bucklands Beach home just metres from a primary school and a local business owner in Henderson was murdered by a gang of kids. Not only were the offenders already known to the police, but some of them also had parents who were already in the system.

Bear in mind living in a country is very different to being a tourist and not everyone tells the whole truth in their letters home, read our Welcome page to find out why people are economical with the truth about NZ.

Please note this page is out of date. For more information please use the link NZ not as safe as you think.

Here are some warnings and dangers: Cities in New Zealand (links to pages from Virtual

If you have any you’d like to add please leave them at the bottom of this page and we’ll add them in.


“My son is down that way today, I am darned worried just today in the New Zealand Herald I read
Reported incidents since November include two mob street bashings of visitors, a New Year’s Day rape, an attempted abduction of a child and the killing of 23 protected fur seals which are a popular tourist drawcard. On Thursday there was a clash over drugs involving knives and baseball bats.
NZ as many NZers know , is one violent country
The Dutch have a travle warning and other Governments may follow
Every time I see a backpacker or cyclist alone, I stop and talk to them, BE CAREFUL young uns”

“The road leading into Kaikoura from Christchurch is very windy and you can get stuck behind campervans and trucks. There are few spots to pass on so some motorists can get rather frustrated and take risks that they wouldn’t normally to get past slow vehicles. Passing lanes are being built north (near Clarence) of Kaikoura and a couple of long stretches south help to get past so long as something is not coming toward you in the other direction.”


Beware in waterfall & secluded attraction carparks

There has been quite some publicity lately (while we were travelling around the north island) where recently in 2 separate incidents at waterfall carparks, backpackers have been attacked and robbed (in one case while sleeping in their vehicle, though most carparks say ‘no camping’ so it’s probably not a good idea to do).
Some carparks even have security cameras set up – a strange thing to see in the middle of nowhere in a small town, but with so many tourists in campervans around, I think they’re easy prey for thieves. At one carpark on the west coast in the top north, volunteer ‘guards’ charge $2 to mind your car while you go for a bushwalk, so you can have peace of mind that your van/vehicle will be ok when you get back 1 hour or so later….

So just really take care, and heed the warning signs, as it does seem to be a serious problem.


If you surf in St Clair beach be careful of shark attacks. In the past surfers have lost arms and legs to sharks despite the shark nets.


Auckland safety advisories

Spent a few weeks in Auckland and wanted to warn people regarding tourism safety. The City of Auckland attracts a tough crowd with the very cheap lodging (NZ$10 a day), 24-hour liquor stores, a casino, and relaxed police enforcement. Some examples, I found a used syringe on a street corner in City Center, I regularly saw empty alcohol bottles on the street, and I was assaulted and mugged for money right off Queen Street (the major tourism area) at 10PM on a weekday, so watch yourself at night. Another point, tourists may not sue locals for injury while vacationing in New Zealand — Keep this in mind when looking at their popular “extreme” activities. As others have mentioned, there are poor Auckland drivers who do not watch for pedestrians even at crosswalks. Last point, I generally got the feeling there were many “hidden fees” behind some activities here: Take a ferry and get forced into paying another fee for the manditory bus at the other side, rent a car and find out there were limited free kilometers when you return, or get shortchanged at your meal. Auckland has many activities for tourists, but do not get lulled into thinking all the Kiwi people are innocent and safe, as the NZ advertisements might have you believe.

New Zealand never again

My wife and I went to NZ for our 10th wedding anniversary 2007, We stayed in Auckland for three days,every-where at night there are thugs old and young, i think they are maori and pacific islanders, they stand around in menacing groups, many are dressed like american gangsters and covered in disgusting savage tatoos, we came out of a nightclub at around 1.00am and saw these two tatooed woman fighting on the sidewalk surrounded by a gang of drunk savages cheering them on, there were no police anywhere, we swiftly walked in the opposite direction.

We found all the places we stayed at in NZ had gang problems and was clearly evident by the number of youths and gangsters roaming the streets.

It wasnt till we got to Queenstown (south island of NZ) we felt safe, as we saw none of these tatooed mongrels or maori youth hanging round the shopping centre,,Tip Queenstown is good but stay away from all the other towns and main centres, from what we have heard many tourists have been murdered in NZ.

Also do not drive there, the young people in their raced up cars dominate the roads at night, and they are out of control, dont think the police give a damn about anything in NZ. we will never go there again.

I live in Auckland all my life, im 18 now and very streetwise. If you plan to go into the City, by the sky tower and k’ road etc, and you dont know the area well or are not with someone that does, then i warn you not to stay at night. The city during the day time has many great stores to shop in and is relatively safe because there are so many people around.
Important Tips: ( While in Auckland City – Britomart& k’road areas)
During the night
– Do NOT ever take a shortcut down alleyways ( dark OR lighted )
– Do NOT approach any gang members ( usually patches or matching coloured clothing)
– Do NOT keep valuables in your backpack. ( easily stolen from behind )
– Do NOT keep cash in your pockets ( Keep in wallet & HOLD IT- dont put in your bag)
During the day
– While walking the streets be AWARE of yourself&how close others are around you.
– Do NOT keep valuables in backpack ( easily stolen from behind in crowds )
– Do NOT walk down alleyways without many people around you. (Street kids)
– Time your trip ( be aware of bus times, taxi’s & shop closing times )
– Do NOT flash your money around, especially in front of teens&younger adults.
– When asking for directions, DO NOT follow anyone or let someone lead you to “where you need to go” , they may not be as nice as they seem. ( if you notice them leading you away from crowds or into private looking hotel or apartment blocks STOP AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE.

– Ask for directions, and take them yourself.
– IF hitchiking, be careful! There are nasty people that may rip you off. Its safer to catch buses.

BUSES are a good form of transport. They are not overly expensive. While taxi’s cost more.

I advise to keep away from alleyways at night.
When clubbing, make sure you plan your ride home (via bus, friend taxi etc) and make sure you set a time. YOU DONT WANT TO BE STRANDED IN THE CITY AT NIGHT.

Street kids & young teens adults or drunks do hang around the streets at night, usually praying on tourists. THIS IS NOT COMMON but does happen. So just be aware.

“Keep valuables hidden, NOT in backpacks(easily stolen from behind) – EYES OPEN , be aware of people around you & how close they are – PLAN ! Ensure your rides to &from, times there&home etc. – Do not approach drunks, groups of teens wearing one colour(eg blue,red..) – Keep near or in view of people. (NOT gang members or bigish 4-5+ groups of mischievous looking youngsters) – EMERGENCY NUMBER : 111 ( police, ambulance,fire brigade)”


“Most of the beaches near the city are not safe for swimming this is partially due to the earthquake in 1931 that raised a lot of the Marine Parade out of the sea. As a result there’s only a few metres of shallow water before a sudden drop to the sea floor. Some of the waves can also get quite large and it hasn’t been unknown for people to get swept away while walking along the beach. There are warning signs and flags that go up if the swell is classed as dangerous.
If you wish to swim at the beaches, there are some safe swimming spots that have lifeguards. These are indicated (like on all NZ beaches) by a set of red and yellow flags. Swiming between these flags means that there is a lifeguard watching that area between the flags.”

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  14. Mount Maunganui Warnings and Dangers
  15. Whangarei Warnings and Dangers
  16. Arthur’s Pass National Park Warnings and Dangers
  17. Franz Josef Glacier Warnings and Dangers
  18. Cape Reinga Warnings and Dangers
  19. Wanaka Warnings and Dangers
  20. Fox Glacier Warnings and Dangers
  21. Mount Cook National Park Warnings and Dangers
  22. Ninety Mile Beach Warnings and Dangers
  23. Waitomo Caves Warnings and Dangers
  24. Hokitika Warnings and Dangers
  25. Raglan Warnings and Dangers
  26. Picton Warnings and Dangers
  27. Tongariro National Park Warnings and Dangers
  28. Lake Taupo Warnings and Dangers
  29. Abel Tasman National Park Warnings and Dangers

More Cities in New Zealand

25 thoughts on “New Zealand Warnings and Dangers – Updated

  1. Just had a 6.0 earthquake here in Christchurch (14/02/16), biggest one I remember feeling since the 2011 earthquakes. Shook the hell out of the house. I actually feel a bit motion sick. Ugghhh. This place blows man, Can’t wait to get out of this dump.

  2. All anyone has to do is watch the opening scene of Once Were Warriors and see the camera panning away from a scenic billboard picture to reveal the real New Zealand.

    This is exactly how Immigration NZ portrays New Zealand to the outside world.

    • [Deleted: ‘Ad homs’ and ‘other places’. Don’t troll, do learn some social skills. Admin]

  3. Here’s the most accurate site on the planet in terms of what is the truth about New Zealand. It should be viewed by all who wish to come here, whether to live or to tour. I am sick of all the rosey bollocks spouted about this country, just to get people to bring their money here. It is a thieving, poverty stricken and dangerous place. Here is the link you will want to see. It puts everything in perspective as a magazine which is updated constantly and is based on fully available public information and news.

    • I own and run a Ne Zealand based newspaper The magazine “The Truth About New Zealand” is one of several on my site, which I put together and keep curated for readers. I am a New Zealander and love my country – unfortunately, what people coming here don’t realise is that NZ lies to them about almost everything. Because I personally oversee everything going in, I see the many news items which for some reason just flash by in the early editions of NZ newspapers, only to disappear to a page 99, somewhere down the back of the paper! E2NZ.ORG is a great, and necessary source for those seeking quality information about the real New Zealand. I hope I am helping in some way.
      Tony Foote
      Editor: The New Zealand Orator.

  4. After 9 years in NZ, I can’t wait to get the H*LL out of here. The images on the tourism posters and the immigration brochures conveniently underreport the horrible crime stats in NZ. There is no doubt in my mind that NZ is just a little backwater of a place where the mediocre come to excel. As for crime, in 9 years I have had my car broken into twice, my house burglarized twice, my son mugged and a ‘friend’ of my daughter’s steal $2000. The police in every case were totally useless.

    NZ is a violent, racist place where exploitation reigns supreme, respect and tolerance are in short supply (You can forget the social forwardness, the country is still grossly homophobic). I, unfortunately, sold my home in one of the nicest places on the planet and now cannot afford to go back because of the vampirish nature of life in NZ.

    Someone asked me what I will miss when I return to the States (I am at the airport now!) The ONLY thing I will miss is the beauty of the country. Everything else I leave gladly.

  5. Quick story. One of my classmates (not a kiwi) has been here about 8 years. She’s 20 now. After class on Thursday I had to desperately try to convince her NOT to stay in the library until 6-7pm and walk alone to the wait for a bus in Otara.

    She just…didn’t get it and asked why would anyone want to attack her? I was wishing for a brick wall to smash my head against. I managed to get her to agree to leave early, but even walking alone around there during the day is dodgy.

    Around 3-4pm the no life thugs start to emerge from the shadows and congregate in street corners, or crouch in store entrances. We were walking to the bus stop one time and a few hurled some insults at us. We just ignored them and it was pretty crowded so I doubted they would try anything further, being utter cowards as most thugs are.

  6. Overall 16 children badly hurt on bouncy castles….I was shocked… quote from the article “Ms Weaver said playgrounds had to be on soft surfaces such as rubber or grass and she believed bouncy castles should be too”!! I can’t believe there isn’t anything like it around there yet, can you guys believe it, there is still bare concrete around the castles….it is so bad… read more here:

  7. Peace of living, and most of all PRIVACY of living are non existent for me in this country.

    Last night after I’ve posted my comments on here saying all that happens to me goes on in “probably the best Auckland location”, a minute later the drunken neighbours cracked on a karaoke of Tina Turner “Simply the Best” and screamed like mad dogs at well past midnight before the noise control knocked on their door.

    Makes you wonder!

    Today, Sunday, the day of rest, the Church and prayer day, the day of talking to your family and loved ones, they started the day with their usual drinking, loud conversations and mad laughs, using their young kids, that played around them, as an argument that they may be experiencing an idyllic family living, and we are just mad and see it as drunkeness and blaming them for nothing.

    I stress I don’t know them and don’t want to know them, however obviously all my privacy is exposed to them, police does absolutely nothing for the crimes they commit, by the looks of it, on the daily basis – starting with computer hacking crime and the invasion of my privacy and disturbing the peace.

    I can tell you what will happen tomorrow, at about 4PM I will hear how they dump a whole lot of empty beer bottles into their recycling bin. This is our weekly cycle.

    This is the New Zealand you are likely to experience when you come here.

    • You say that peaceful living and privacy are non-existent in New Zealand, but you only give your experience of living in Auckland, and for most of us Kiwis, Auckland is a foreign country. I felt suffocated when I was sent to work there 40 years ago. I haven’t been near it for decades.

      I live in Ohakune, tucked in under Mount Ruapehu, between the Tongariro National Park and carrot farms, with the Whanganui River valley below us. It is a peaceful, beautiful place with friendly, caring, tolerant, hard-working inhabitants – Maori, Pakeha, Chinese and others, plus many short-term overseas workers doing their OEs.

      • Isn’t Ohakune (falling population of 1,101) the place where the Costello family (a total of 10 people) profited from generations of crime – burglary, cannabis cultivation and methamphetamine dealing?

        Detective Graham Parsons said the arrests and the resulting convictions had led to a major drop in crime and a reduced burglary rate in Ohakune, with the offending group removed from the area.

        Now there was an “increasingly positive environment at the high school and in the community”. One of the Costello sons had been dealing cannabis to high school students.

        And there have been dairy holdups, eg. at the Rendezvous dairy by a man carrying a double barrel shotgun.

        Then there was the DJ (Cristian Fifield) convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, investigated after gaining security contracts at the township’s Mardi Gras. Do you recall the man who died in June 2013 after an incident in a bar or the annual police appeals for drivers to lay off the booze during Mardi Gras?

        Do you recall 9 year old Anthony Christensen who died from an overdose of prescription medication administered by a 42 year old woman? or 42 year old Mark Barnfield struck and killed by a northbound train near the local station?

        Ohakune is no different from any other small town in New Zealand, what is remarkable is how people are blinkered to the crime and social issues all around them. It’s not all in the cities, peaceful scenery doesn’t always make for peaceful, well adjusted and happy citizens.

  8. It’s only a relatively safe country, most part of it is just bullying or plain annoying, this is how the local “culture is formed”. I am foreign born, and now I can see straight off the face of a person if I want to talk to them or not.

    There’s a lot of idiots around, that will just annoy you to bits, or bully you, especially if you are a “foreigner”. You may live here all of your life and for them you will always be a “foreigner”. They don’t understand privacy, basic moral, standards of social behaviour or now to life in a neighbourhood. Quite often you have to engage police to deal with them.

    If you post online bad stuff about this country, they’ll most likely harass you, because they crack into private Wi-Fi networks, know who you are even if you post “anonymously” online. In general there are a few who just don’t give a fcuk, that’s their attitude, they may run a private business and share your private information. There’s also a of bla-bla-bla going on about everyone living here long time. So beware who you tell sacred to you only, or who you tell about your family.

    I have two places I can compare, one has a landlord from overseas that honestly hates it in New Zealand and a bunch of local neighbours with young kids that rent a house next door that run their own company and are drunk off their faces more often than not and that’s in a “prestigious” and probably the “best” Auckland location. I would dare to go and live in other parts of it, like South or West Auckland. The other place is just a gang paradise, the street is patrolled by police 24/7 for all sorts of idiots.

    I was born in North Eastern Europe and over there we never ever experience anything like it, in our communities, society as such. People in our part of the world take care of themselves and are ashamed if they are drinking and taking drugs. Here it’s all in plain view, come and enjoy! Shocking really.

    It’s a plain mad place here and if you stay for too long you may start having depression or other mental problems, because it’s just does not accommodate for people with different backgrounds and views on how life should be. If you are a migrant, then forget about your foreign qualifications even put on one line with the “highest” local standards of education we all see in New Zealand streets,

    All of this despite the fact that Western media is going off their skin to blacken the former Soviet Block and say it’s the third world now.

    • You said it mate. Kiwis are annoying. And scum. Because of their ignorance and apathetic indifference to anyone else. You’d be better off trying to communicate with a brick wall.

  9. My warning to immigrants moving to New Zealand for employment or education purposes is: do not invest all your savings to move here. Check out the job or the university for a few months first, then decide if it is worth uprooting your whole life to come here. Be prepared to run away screaming. I’ve known a lot of people who have immigrated to New Zealand, I’d say 80% of them either ran away screaming or got stuck here because of finances and dream of nothing but getting out.

  10. When I was younger, I hitch hiked all over New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island but I would never encourage young people to do that today! Even in my day, there were rides I did not accept when hitch hiking or where I asked to be dropped off a lot sooner than I had at first planned because of a ‘feeling’ that something was not quite right about the person…but here’s why I would never hitch hike or be an obvious tourist on a cheap hitch hiking/camping holiday in New Zealand today…

    Five Teenagers Charged for Beating German Tourists in Whakatane – one adult gets bail

    Sick German Tourist Attacked in New Zealand “Just for Fun”

    German Tourist Seriously Injured in Napier Mugging, French Tourists Pistol Whipped, Sex Attack by Motelier Results in Community Service

    Nicole Kleinhoelting, Another German Tourist Loses All in New Zealand

    German Tourist Beaten as New Zealanders Stand and Watch

    German tourist mugger only given six months community detention

    Two More German Tourists, Anke Kuballa and Marc Busch, Robbed In Northland, New Zealand

    German Tourists Robbed In Omapere, Northland

    German Tourists Attacked in Paihia

    Elderly Australian Tourist Stabbed in Head at Waihi Beach, Murder Investigation Launched

    Haka Thugs Attack French Tourists Near Raglan

    Vicious Sex Attack on 5 Year Old Belgian Tourist – little girl severely injured in a frenzied attack as she lay sleeping in a campervan in Turangi.

    Austrian tourists mugged in Palmerston North

    Australian honeymooners lose it all two tourists robbed near Milford Sound

    Te Anau Troubled By Tourist Attacks -drunken youths attack visitors in Te Anau

    Swiss Campers’ Tyres Slashed In Kaikoura

    Chilean Tourist Robbed, Loses Life’s Work robbed in a motel near Auckland international airport

    “New Zealand is a wonderful country, but be careful as it’s not so safe” – Swiss campervan tourist loses everything in Whangarei

    Honeymoon Couple Lose Precious Photos, No ‘Gold Medal’ British couple robbed outside of Auckland zoo

    Czech Tourist, Jan Fakotor, Stabbed In Motueka man stabbed in a Motueka backpackers

    English tourist mugged in Gisborne female tourist punched and handbag stolen in a street attack, delaying her departure from NZ

    Chilean tourist punched, robbed in Nelson man attacked on Nelson cathedral steps by three teenagers

    A group of students that were beaten and robbed whilst on a treasure hunt at the Hundertwasser toilets in Kawakawa, Northland

    A series of random, unprovoked attacks in Queenstown

    Previous robbery of British tourists at Kerosene Creek

    Tourists robbed at Kerosene Creek

    Three French tourists beaten and robbed in their campervan in Mangamuka, Northland

    A family of Swiss tourists that were assaulted and racially abused in Kaitaia, Northland

    Anke Kuballa and Marc Busch from Germany who were robbed in Whangarei, Northland

    A family of five robbed at the roadside whilst camping in their van at Oturere Stream, 25km south of Turangi

    Two German tourists attacked in Paihia, Northland

    Two American tourists were robbed at Shipwreck Bay in Northland whilst sandboarding

    Asian woman, (probably Japanese) age 22, raped in her room by 2 teenagers in a home invasion in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty

    Three Chinese tourists attacked and robbed at Te paki, 90 Mile Beach, Northland, by two men they’d stopped to help

    French tourist Anthony Cressend, beaten and robbed at campsite in Ahipara, Northland

    Two Australian tourists robbed at knifepoint for their holiday money in Te Puke, SE of Tauranga.

    Japanese tourist age 23 (female) kidnapped, robbed and assaulted in Rotorua by four men

    French tourist (male) raped at gunpoint near Opotiki, Bay of Plenty

    American peace corp twins Adam and Alex Rahmlow, 21 were robbed of all their possessions by a man they tried to help in Amberley, Christchurch.

    Dutch couple raped and robbed on a campsite in Tuatapere, NW of Invercargill, whilst on their honeymoon. (Dutch govt. issued a travel warning about NZ)

    Two Koreans were attacked and robbed of their possession which included a laptop computer by a man claiming to be a gang member in Blenheim.

    British tourist worker sexually assaulted near Hururu Falls, Northland when she was dragged off a walking track.

    Canadian tourist Jeremie Kawerninski, kidnapped, assaulted and robbed in Lower Hutt, Wellington

    Dutch couple robbed and sexually attacked Haruru Falls, Northland whilst on honeymoon.

    Two British women robbed and raped in their campervan at Tokomaru Bay, north of Gisborne.

    Japanese tourist subjected to a prolonged and brutal sex attack in a communal area of a backpacker’s hostel in Turangi, Taupo.

    Scottish woman Karen Aim brutally murdered and robbed by a youth in Taupo.

    German woman Birgit Brauer murdered near New Plymouth.

    Korean man Jae Hyeon Kim decapitated with a spade by white supremacist.

    Japanese tourist robbed at gunpoint in Oamaru.

    Irish cycle tourist Paul Mack bashed, robbed and urinated on throughout his NZ tour.

    6 English and Danish tourists attacked and stabbed in Cashel Mall, Christchurch for having “foreign accents.”

    Irish man Robby O’Brien beaten up in Westport.

    Russian couple Denis Khotchenko and Lera Nesterova beaten and robbed in Milford, Auckland

    English woman knifed and sexually assaulted in a toilet block at an A1 motor camp in Kaikoura

    American campers Patrick Dykstra and Kelsey McGinley beaten and robbed at Whangarei Falls, Northland.

    Australian tourist sexually assaulted on a street in broad daylight in Nelson.

    Australian tourist subjected to a sex attack by Maia Crawford Rongonui whilst walking home to a backpackers in Christchurch.

    Canadian tourist left with a fractured skull outside Silver Fern backpackers in Taupo.

    Dutch tourist beaten and robbed at Lake Rotorua.

    British man Paul Speakman and his young son beaten and robbed in a campervan at Athenree Gorge, Katikati.

    Chinese woman attacked for speaking Chinese on a train approaching Petone.

    Scottish visitor Stuart Martin who was left in a coma and with a boot print on his face after a street bashing in Taradale, Christchurch.

  11. There are mostly good well brought up people in New Zealand who have wholesome values. Unfortunately it is the minority who get noticed, mainly Maori and Island families that have ‘gone bad.’ Unfortunately too, children are involved and they inevitably grow up like the feral pigs their parents are determined to turn them into.
    There are the ‘better’ areas in every city and town where you can feel safe a bring your children up unmolested and unexposed to the negative elements that do exist in New Zealand, like gang related, booze and drug affected Maori. I believe there are white gangs in Christchurch that are just as bad as the Maori in other areas.
    It’s a pity that millions, if not billions of dollars the government has gifted the Maori through Treaty of Waitangi settlements has not reached the low bred Maori who really need it. It seems to be a cultural thing that the Maori leaders fleece the rest of their kin for their own benefit (there have been many cases of this type fraud by Maori). Of course these people need to have the will to better themselves and unfortunately, once again, they seem to revel in their low status and bring their children up accordingly.
    I have met many fine young and old New Zealander’s, of every race who live here, who are a credit to their country. It’s a shame that tourists and visitors to our country don’t have the opportunity to meet them – most would never frequent the places where the delinquents hang out. We’re not all bad here in New Zealand.

  12. we don’t want our young kids growing up here. The culture is harsh with very little kindness or compassion for others. Listening to the way adults talk to their young children and the examples they set with their drink/drug way of life, its no wonder the kids grow up as they do. Bored, lethargic with no drive or interest in anyone else but themselves. What a tragic waste of a beautiful country where more money is thrown at sport and the lazy unemployed than at the tragic plight of abused and neglected children.

    • I’m curious as to where you migrated from Michelle, I’m wondering where in the world could I move to where young people are not “Bored, lethargic with no drive or interest in anyone else but themselves”. I agree with you, that place certainly is not New Zealand.

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