A Selection Of Thoughts About NZ

There are some interesting threads on message boards in which New Zealanders talk about the wide variety of things that concern, interest and amuse them. We’ve picked out those that are in keeping with the topics we cover on this blog, you may find them interesting to read too. These are all from Trademe, the links are in blue

Makes me wonder about NZ” I have travelled abroad and most countries have a sense of national pride, especially when it comes to manners and courtesy. What virtue is there in beating up a mother with a crowbar? Does it give you a sense of national pride? I don’t think so.
Kiwis, let’s work on our manners, etiquette and have national pride on how we treat other people, or we’ll be the butt of jokes and the armpit of the world.” (see Mum pushing pram attacked by 15 year old)

Weird crimes in Christchurch – “For years there have been some really unusual crimes in Christchurch, and to me it seems the amount of them is disproportionately high for the size of the city.
Does anyone else think so?”

– “Just in the last few weeks we have the Huntsbury murder, the dead baby found on a back of a truck, the woman found thrown down a bank after her toddler was found wandering in a paddock a couple of days earlier, and the case where the guy murdered his wife & neighbor then buried them under his house after having sex with the bodies.
That’s the recent ones, but the list is huge.”

The Kiwi Cringe – “…Kiwis tend to harp on about how everything and anything New Zealand is awesome, and the best. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I think it gets a little excessive from time to time…”

When on the open road I wish people would – “flash their car lights to warn of a cop up ahead – i nearly got a ticket today (it use to be common practice but not so much these days)”

Aussie or die? – “Do you think the New Zealand economy and the way it is geared, will have the job prospects in the future to attract its young people, or will they continue to look overseas? I want your thoughts!”
Attention Generation X & Y – “Baby boomers (Born 1945-1964)-What is it with these people? Surely they do not expect us Gen Y and X to support their retirement when we can not even afford to buy a house here at home. They own the majority of property, and expect us to rent it off them indefinately. Even though they had free tertiary education, we have huge student debt. Surely they can see that having the majority of the wealth and power in NZ is not in the best interests of NZ or themselves, if it drives us to migrate. When will we get a politician who stands up for us? Probably never as they are the majority and we the minority. Well 2 more years and I am off somewhere with a more balanced society. Enjoy the future (2020) raise in income TAX, GST and the lower standard of living fellow GEN Y and X, Thats my rant!”

Little plastic bag of plant material on counter: “at dairy. I bought a drink and when I went up to the counter there was this little plastic bag of something on the counter. I showed it to the woman behind the counter, she said if probably belonged to the last customer who bought ciggarette papers. I do not know what drugs look like, but I assume it was. It smelt horrible.”

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5 thoughts on “A Selection Of Thoughts About NZ

  1. Like some other posters, was born & bred in N.Z. and have travelled/lived overseas. Most of my family live in Australia and have done very well. We contemplated living there 15-20 years ago and should have done so, but probably never will leave because of health problems. N.Z. is an acquired taste and definitely not for everyone. If you are wanting to get ahead and succeed, then this isn’t the place to be. Many of the faults about NZ, i totally agree with and if i came from another country I would find locals cliquey and old-schoolish especially in Christchurch. It isn’t an easy country,low pay, climate, politics etc. This is a country where talking about one’s achievements etc is really frowned upon – if you do so, you are labelled as “up yourselves”, not humble enough. There is a bullying element in the workplace, racism etc, the list goes on. Still, in spite of this, many people aren’t like the above stereotype, but it takes hard work to break into social groups, even for NZ born people. Do your homework and try to visualise if you really would get anything out of living here. Good luck to those of you who decide to live here, make sure you’ve got lots $ to get back home if things don’t work out.

  2. Living in NZ in 2013 ……………….Baby food contaminations in late 2008 and 2013, import bans of NZ dairy products in China and elsewhere, wrong export documentation, fatal mine explosions, earthquakes (ongoing), plans to spy on Kiwi residents……………… Looks good for the future.

    • Hi Spike, thanks for the feedback. Are you an immigrant or born and raised Kiwi? Take heart, many do manage to leave and lead fulfilling lives, with luck you’ll be able to do the same

    • Spike, I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. Where there is a will, there is a way. I don’t care if you are paying child support on a dozen sprogs, have a morgage up to your eyeballs and a dozen new sprogs on the way with a dozen different women. Where there is a will there is a way. Easy for me to say I know. Words are cheap, I know. I am leaving at the beginning of 2013. I don’t have; dependants, marriage, morgage or child support to have to plan a future for, so it’s as easy as getting on a plane. The only thing I can guarantee you is this. If you don’t try, you will just slip back into the majority of the NZ population.

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