Heading Home After 3 Years

Continuing in our series of Migrants’ Tales – first hand stories from migrants in which they talk about living in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale is taken from a thread on an emigration forum. In it the author says that all the usual issues that affect migrants have contributed to her family’s decision to leave New Zealand – low salaries, poor quality expensive housing, a high cost of living  and she mentions that jobs are simply not given to “Poms”. The grass is not greener on the other side.

“Hi there

We have been in NZ for just over 3 long years and we are now finally heading back home.

Several reasons for this move back to sunny UK some are related to the NZ life style, culture and ethos, others to do with careers and family and friends back home.

Be under no illusion despite some similarities this country is not the UK.

If you do not have a job when you arrive ( fortunately hubby did ) you will struggle to get one, they simply do not give the jobs to “POMS”.

If you do get a job, it took me 3 months with a degree, post-grad, the works, the salary will be very low be prepared. I was grateful for the work but totally in shock when I got paid, a most humbling experience.

The houses, even the ones that are expensive to rent or buy, that is the majority, are not what you would expect the construction is interesting and they are generally pretty cold and in some cases damp. Let your nose be your guide better still a building report.

The cost of food is high in comparison to salary, as is the cost of electricity. Do not even think of buying luxury items they are significantly over priced, 25%-40% higher than the Uk even taking into account the cost of shipping the items here amazingly Kiwi’s just accept this. If you can bring perfume make- up with you. I have found 2 types of clothng in NZ, the nasty stuff mass produced in China which whilst comparatively cheap is poor quality and and better quality items which are very costly there is no middle ground.

Basically you will have a lot less money and increased expenses.

That said I would suggest that if you want to come to NZ you should there is nothing worst than the “If only I had…. ” You may love it lots of Brits do just be prepared. I think I had a rather romantic, unrealistic idea of the place which was quickly replaced with reality.

We leave with a lot less money but with experiences. The jury is out on whether they are good, maybe time and distance are required.

Good Luck”

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