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This section contains pages relating to Quality of life in New Zealand and the everyday issues and events that NZ residents and visitors to the country have to live with.

Topics covered in these sub-pages will include the quality of  living environments,  armed police activities in suburban areas, how visitors to the country are treated and information about what  ‘NZ lifestyle’ is really about.

None of these pages are static and they are updated as fresh material is found:

NZ High Winter Death Rate and Burning Wood to Keep Warm

Leaky Homes Issues and Stitched up Migrants

The Abuse of International Students

Armed Offenders Squad & Armed Police Incidents

New Zealand, Where Pit Bulls Roam Free

The NZ Lifestyle

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  1. And this cold, clicky elitist behaviour goes on all over NZ but especially prevalent in South Island but in many shops they act like they just dont want me there, I find shopping online much pleasanter and simpler, talk about putting yourself out of work, however I still have to buy groceries so weekly shop is a chore to get done and gtf out quickly due to the general hostility. Im not saying everywhere is like that, some people are nice but its a heck of a lot..I am born and bred NZer half maori all my life its been torture and abuse exclusion and no justice or real police work with burglaries or thefts . even murders,the child abuse is heartbreaking families (my own included) torn apart, abysmal housing whi ch is why I am 1500 miles away from everything Ive ever known because I and my 2 kiddies are from northland. ALL my neighbors have been rude unfriendly bar one my closest ones right outside the window have told me to f… off as have several others but I guess the lifetime of abuse and maltreatment has hardened me up to be able to deal with it because I get the feeling they want me to kill myself….not happening I will stand up and fight with all my strength for what is right and true because I am a Christian and know God is with me otherwise I would be dead or in jail or mental hospital long ago. Hay thanks for the opportunity to finally get to speak

  2. 2018 .omg been on SI West coast 14 months spent 6 months picking up mountains of garbage,just finished nutting off for countless times at morons next door who KEEP BURNING PLASTIC stench is horrific and the council will do nothing.they are the laziest stupidest uneducated especially the woman who I can only think of as fish skank the child has neurological narcissistic personality disorder and the baby is well on the same path.Always in my face, always shouting and screaming never ending need to assert dominance.Its weird and insane.THE house looks haunted and menacing no curtains windows like black holes.House covered in black, green and brown mould. Woman thinks she is a delicate princess its so nasty and ugly and mental,And there is garbage dumped everywhere by the locals. They had helped themselves to my backyard for there sheep what an unpleasant surprise on arrival, I waited for a month and still not even “hi,my name is……” what kind of creatures/people are these?WHO DOES THAT?

  3. Just wondering: Is living in New Zealand actually “You decide in which city you live. And then you live in THAT city?” Where I am from there are ten Cities within 100km, each bigger than half a million.

  4. It’s the water again I’m afraid. Christchurch city, famous locally for its fantastic clear, clean water is now in peril. The city council is floating a plan to chlorinate the city’s water in it’s North West suburbs. To those who don’t know Christchurch, this is the affluent flat suburbs, almost all of them! Shit in the water is once again the reason. Imagine a spot of crap in your morning coffee, or on your face when you shower! It’s disgusting but this has begun to be the norm across New Zealand and I am worried it’s too late to do anything about it. In Christchurch, people actually think the council can fix our aquifers! That’s just stupid. So, if planning to come to New Zealand, Christchurch in particular, don’t drink the water.
    Water in Christchurch’s northwest could be chlorinated

  5. This is an important piece of information as regards immigrants wishing to come to New Zealand who have expectations of supporting themselves by buying a franchise to support themselves. I have personally known several people who have bought cleaning franchises after buying into the absolute lies of the parent company – New Zealand is good at lying – only to lose their shirts even though they worked their asses off to make it work. These franchises are designed to make money for the parent company and not the franchisee. These have been many stories in the media but this is a serious warning. If you are considering coming to NZ to buy a franchise or business; please don’t! Save yourself the heartache.

  6. OMG! Not only the adults are weird sexually in New Zealand, with rapes and child molestation at worryingly high levels – I just found this story about sex abusing of kiwi kids, by other kiwi kids and it is a rapidly increasing trend. How safe is your kid in New Zealand? Not very, obviously. To be honest, I have heard a lot of scary shit about New Zealand but this is among the worst. There’s a lne in it where a child who has been caught doing sexual things with another child is forced to where a hi vis vest in the playground. That is so fucked up I don’t even want to think about it but it does show the rednack rampage going in in kiwiland!

  7. “We have a city in crisis, being held to ransom by boy racers,” – NZ Police
    Christchurch city in New Zealand, and in fact most cities here have a problem with “Boy Racers”. These are dangerous young drivers who regularly flout the law and cause rampant damage and fear among the general population. People actually avoid coming to the worst cities to avoid the trouble with these Kiwi low life! Unfortunately, the problem is serious and has been described as a “Crisis” by police. At some point, this criminal behaviour affects everyone in New Zealand and is a way of life here.

  8. Don’t Come Here – if you don’t want to live in poverty. New Zealand life, no matter how fluffy you want to make it sound is shocking in so many ways, and for much of the population. Today’s Christian services report pretty much says it all. “Poverty is the new normal for New Zealand”, and it really is. When I was a kid, free milk and apples were handed out to all schoolkids to try and deal with the hungry ones who had little to eat – now, it’s also breakfast and lunch, not that it helps a lot when the kids are HOMELESS! If the latest data on homelessness is accurate, and there’s no reason to assume it’s not, 10% of the entire population is now without a home. Here comes the disease and social devastation while the government sits on it arse and doing little more than handing out lollies to the rich! Why is no one reacting? It all fucks me off totally!'s-'new-normal'-report

  9. Tourists are routinely targeted by scumbags while travelling New Zealand. Here’s yet another reason to stay in a hotel as opposed to a van. In this case, last night, two French tourists were awoken, bashed and robbed by two men in Northland, New Zealand. You MUST stay in well lit and populated areas, preferably motels or motor camps if you do not want to be targeted in New Zealand.

    • This was the initial Sub Headline – “How did pensioners end up in knife fight?” The link has since changed. I do my best to lead correctly but you can’t win em all!

  10. Here’s a shocking story about pollution, violence against the elderly, anti eco warrior attacks and council corruption in New Zealand. Let’s be clear – New Zealand is NOT clean – is NOT green and is NOT safe. In this particular instance, an elderly eco warrior in New Zealand has been brutally beaten in his own home by men who were clearly intent on silencing him over his allegations of deliberate polluting of streams. The story makes it very clear but you can be the judge. I personally find this a defining story about what is really going on behind the truth in New Zealand.

  11. New Zealand elderly in the news yet again as children attack a 95 year old man. I’d love to say this is an isolated incident but it’s not! New Zealand children are out of control – some say it’s fear of being arrested for abusing their kids which is now causing the kiwi kids to become kiwi thugs, who are completely criminal and out of control. Even police have no power to deal with them other than pathetic, weak warnings and family group conferences. New Zealand has anti-smacking laws which have made it an imprisonable offense to hit your child, even if they are a fifteen year old and you only slap them on the hand. Any attempt to threaten or tell your kids off can land you in jail. All parents who have been accused of any of this through the legal agencies are placed on a lifetime register with paedophiles and child abusers. I’d love to say this is not true, but you bring children to New Zealand at your own risk! All this had led to the underage criminality we witness, uncontrolled, daily in this clean, green and safe country.

    • There is a register shared by the police, social services and other agencies in New Zealand and it has been in operation since a law change in 2013. Police and agencies are sharing this information and it is mandatory for all allegations to be logged to it. This register is searched by police when there is a crime, or when a person is applying for a job where he/she will come into contact with kids. It is a sex offender and child abuse register by stealth! The public outcry around NZ over a register is purely to make it public.

    • To add another facet to your compendium of disturbing tales:
      Spicy excerpt:
      David Roigard, who is beginning a life behind bars for killing his son after fleecing him out of thousands of dollars, is a cold, callous and calculated liar with “circuits missing” in his personality, a leading criminologist has said.

      One of the first questions I ask is:
      How do we learn from psychopaths so that the reasonable and parley-able men, can be as attractive and breed like them?

      I never get a (reasonable) answer, which is why this problem will continue (of course, some dopey people like to say: “Why should you be guaranteed anything? Life is unfair!” My reply is “Unfairness … has its consequences”)

      Another question, which of course will raise shock horror as I’m Asian … is … why should people be respected just because they’re old? Respect them for their character, learning or achievements or how they treat you … but not for their age. As people like to say, respect is earned … but they ignore that’s true of disrespect as well.

    • And another one (not as cool as the Russian serial killer granny, but I have to take what I get):
      Man accused of stabbing pensioners to remain behind bars

      12:27 PM Tuesday Feb 16, 2016
      Crime National
      The scene of the multiple stabbing last night. Photo / Michael Craig
      The scene of the multiple stabbing last night. Photo / Michael Craig
      A 66-year-old man accused of stabbing two pensioners will remain behind bars while police check a bail address.

      Remus George Jackson appeared before the Auckland District Court facing two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm over the incident at Ryle St, Freemans Bay, last night.

      Reminds me of that old person criminal movie “Stand Up Guys”

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