New Zealand’s Gun Problem – 2 Year Old Child Killed with Sawn Off Shotgun

sawn off shotgun

Gun crime is out of control in New Zealand

Today we bring to you that sad news that a two year old child has lost her life after being shot with a sawn off shotgun.

There are believed to be more than 1 million firearms in circulation in New Zealand, and not a single one of them is registered. Authorities have, quite simply, lost control of guns in the country and have no idea of who owns what, or how they’re stored. Occasionally there are reports of private arsenals stolen from homes where machine guns have been taken.

Virtually every day there is a story about gun crime somewhere in the country, we’ve largely stopped reporting them to our readers, this isn’t a gun blog. Here’s a tweet from earlier last month where police ask the public to help track down an armed offender…

Up until today the most recent gun outrage was the murder of two female government workers and the wounding of another in Ashburton – a siege that went largely unnoticed by the world’s media. A man walked into a WINZ office with a shotgun and tried to kill as many people as he could. Before that there was the Napier Siege, the Kawerau siege, the armed standoff in Coromanel where children were caught up in a gun fight, the park in Auckland where three people were injured in a shoot out, farmers who are shot on their properties by persons unknown, children who are killed in drive by shootings, courier drivers that die in police crossfire on busy motorways, people who get their homes shot up,  and the regular everyday humdrum of the armed offenders squad being called out to deal with yet another nutter with a gun and a grievance.

Here’s a report about the latest shooting, as told by the Daily New Zealand’s gun crime is starting to get international attention, and with good reason…

A man has been charged over the death of a two-year-old girl who suffered a gunshot wound. Emergency services were called to a Mangere property on Favona Road in northern New Zealand where they discovered the body of a toddler just before midday on Thursday.

The 26-year-old man was taken into custody where he was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. He will appear in the Manukau District Court on Friday morning.

A witness, who lived nearby, said they saw a man appearing distressed as he was escorted from the property by police shortly after the incident. ‘He was visibly upset and quite distraught. He was being escorted down the footpath wearing a white police jumpsuit,’ the witness told NZ Stuff. ‘He was absolutely hysterical.’

A woman who lived on the street said she heard a ‘loud explosion’ shortly before. ‘I heard a very loud bang and then some people were getting on the next-door berm. Someone was crying really loudly. It was very sad sobbing,’ she told NZ Herald.

During a press conference on Thursday, Detective Inspector Faa Va’aelua said he was unable to determine whether the death was an accident. ‘On arrival, we found the lifeless body of a two-year-old toddler, a young girl,’ Det Insp Va’aelua said. ‘Our inquiries have so far revealed that she has suffered a gunshot wound that has proven fatal.’ source

A few weeks ago police expressed their concerns after 11 automatic weapons were stolen from a Dargaville property, they included submachine guns and assault rifles. It was the latest in a string of firearms burglaries in the ‘lawless north’, with at least 20 weapons stolen in less than a month. But that was as nothing compared to the massive arsenal that was stolen from a Bucklands Beach home. Here’s the list of armaments that were taken in daylight from a house that was metres away from a primary school:

Caesar Guerini” (brand)

• 1 x Forum 12 guage field gun

• 1 x Forum 12 guage sporter impact

• 1 x Elipse Evo 20 guage field gun and another 28 guage barrel

• 4 x semi automatic shotguns

• “Browning” (brand)

• 2 x 12 guage, 2 shot semi automatic (1966)

• 1 x Berretta .22 rifle semi automatic (1966)

• 1 x Browning 20 guage semi automatic 5 shot shotgun

• 1 x Winchester Martini Actim .22 collection gun

• 1 x Remington 30/30 lever action collectors gun

• 1 x Remington 1187 Camo 12 guage semi automatic shotgun

• 1 x Parkerdale Safari 30-06 rifle

The suspects also took 5000 rounds of shotgun ammunition

It is surprisingly easy to buy guns in New Zealand, until quite recently you could buy one by mail order with a forged gun licence – until local reporters shamed the police into closing that loophole.

Quite simply, New Zealand’s gun crime is out of control and authorities are doing little to tackle it

15 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Gun Problem – 2 Year Old Child Killed with Sawn Off Shotgun

  1. I’m assuming my text isn’t going through because I got too far off topic (regarding gun control)? Sorry if that is the case.

  2. ”New Zealand’s gun crime is out of control and authorities are doing little to tackle it” – well – is it. To the contrary, firearms crime is a marginal in New Zealand. That is why rare occasions get that huge attention. I just read some articles from Sweden, a country which has the most stringent and draconian gun control in the world and had so for a very long time. There the police get attacked with handgrenades, machine guns are common, even anti tank rockets, many people go armed with hidden guns every day, police are heavily armed, there are plenty of illegal arms manufacturers, and people get gunned down on the streets almost every week. Welcome to the world of gun control. In New Zealand the legal gun owners keep the market clean. Why should kiwis let some alarmists rock the boat on false pretenses?

    • If that is the case, why are these extremists not using this in their propaganda to push for more gun controls? It is rather so that gun crime in New Zealand is very rare in international terms, leave alone countries that actually have very tight con control, as North Korea.

  3. While I AM really sad for that little baby girl…and the news of these things SHOULD come out in the open… as an American who understands history and why the U.S. 2nd amendment IS vital to having any freedom of the people…
    This will also be used as another whining-point for the Left (which in my experience, most Kiwis are on the Left) to push for more gun control – which, as some of us know, is moot – since there are bad people in the world, and have been since the dawn of mankind, and they will get guns regardless of laws in place.

    Here’s a Novel idea: Bring people back to a place of decency, moral values, and teach the youth that there IS in fact, such a thing as right vs wrong (unlike what is being taught now). That will help prevent these things from happening, and solve a giant plethora of other problems in NZ as well as other western nations, Not the gun control slippery slope into power-only-for-the-Elite-and-Crims. Let the hateful responses to what I said begin. (And incidentally, I won’t be responding to them).

    • lucypevensie7

      “…why the U.S. 2nd amendment IS vital to having any freedom of the people…”

      That probably would have been appropriate for the late 18th century, not the early 21st. I doubt that Americans need fear the possibility of slave rebellions any longer. How long do you think that those self styled ‘militias’ would last against a modern well-trained army? Modern “democratic” governments use spying and media manipulation to subvert our liberties, they don’t need to use violence.

      That said, US gun laws are in the final analysis, America’s business.

      BTW I’m a former Australian gun owner and no, we all haven’t been disarmed by our evil government.

      • @Russel I am a pro-Second Amendment person, but you are absolutely right that modern governments do not need firearms to control the population. They just engage in mass surveillance and media manipulation to control the sheeple.

        • Can I remind you that throughout history, any despot and anti democratic dictator or government always has begun their oppression and slavery project to autocratically take control of the people by implementing strict gun controls, be it Stalin or Hitler or anyone else. Their common denominator and propaganda arguments has likewise always been, trust me, it is for your own safety and welfare. Governments should fear the people, not the other way.

          • I own firearms, in part, to protect myself against the state. I also believe that the state should fear the people rather than the other way around.

            However, I simply affirmed my agreement with RusselW. For example, New Zealand gun laws are relatively permissive by international standards. However, the population is comprised of sheep, so the state need not use much force to subjugate the population. The New Zealand government simply manipulates media and spies online. This is sufficient to control the population. The easy ability to emigrate from New Zealand to Australia acts as an escape valve for dissent. Most of the more capable Kiwis realise that New Zealand is crap, so they emigrate.

            Lastly, I do find the FOX News pro-gun crowd quite amusing. Most of them boast about their firearms prowess and their resolution against tyranny. However, the US is an extremely tyrannical country, yet I have yet to see no mass uprisings from the NRA. I recall during the Katrina aftermath in 2005 when police around New Orleans went around disarming law-abiding people. I did not see any mass resistance to this clear violation of people’s rights.

            Most NRA/FOX News types also do nothing to resist the porno scanners at American airports. Again, where are all the gun owners standing up to the TSA or the NSA? In fact, most of the pro-gun zealots followed the party line of FOX News calling Edward Snowden a traitor.

          • Dear “SafeFromNewZealand” Some corrections. ”New Zealand gun laws are relatively permissive by international standards” – rather draconian when combined with a police force that is unbridled if the politicians and establishment need them. “manipulates media and spies online”. Lest someone missed it. All John Key critical voices have been silenced and all investigating journalist removed by John Key loyal people. “Most of the more capable Kiwis realise that New Zealand is crap, so they emigrate.” Last figure I heard was 40%, left in Godzone are the scam operators, rip-off merchants, accountants, lawyers of the closed society of legal like-minded. ”the US is an extremely tyrannical country”. Agree, USA has already openly declared itself as a world ruler (1994 Pentagon speech), a goal to be achieved with military force, and like some governments once voluntary associated themselves to the Third Reich we see today how some governments associate themselves to the Fourth Reich. Today’s “Anschluss” and “Lebensaum”. Human rights are abolished, children starve and people live in cars to survive, old people has to make choice of eat or heat and live on moldy quarters. Some brilliant world of our time.

      • No offense meant here – but the way some of us see the common response “appropriate for late 18th century..” as typical of those who don’t know history or are from the Millenial generation. “Slave Rebellion”? No idea what that has to do with this…that isn’t even a thought in Americans’ heads, although it doesn’t surprise me that a non-American would bring that up as an issue, it does come off as mockery of our past.

        Sorry but it isn’t an issue, especially considering the huge amount of slavery going on Right now in many parts of the world. America abolished slavery long ago, in addition to since then having to police the world, keep us all from having to march to “Heil hitler” and so on. We are always judged harshly by the rest of the world, no matter what. If we don’t get involved, we are lambasted. If we do, we are blamed. Sadly, thanks to the Left’s typical mantras, our own youth is brainwashed, and even sadder… our old Allies have bought the media campaign against the USA which is Very strong in NZ and AUS.

        As far as bringing up slavery – ridiculous – I don’t think outsiders have much of a right to judge what is long past. This is about keeping the Western world Free. Go spend time as a woman in the Middle east and then tell me we’re all fine. But no, you wouldn’t think of that – none of the liberal women I’ve spoken to ever do. They are all about their brand of feminism but don’t give 2 cents about the massive amount of suffering, oppression, and so on in those countries – which is now being heavily imported into the West.

        Fact is, some things don’t change – there are still bad people in the world now, just as there was then – in fact, in many places the world is back to the dark ages. Just because we have computers, comfort, and modern conveniences, hasn’t changed the basic nature of Man – if anything, it’s made it more precarious. People are easily lulled into a Bubble.

        In France when the shootings were happening, I’d bet a million bucks there were loads of people wishing that they themselves had a gun to fight back with. But they’re “modern day” people so they happily went to their deaths like sheep without a care? Sorry, doesn’t fly. And unless you have such a massive police state that Every single place in the country at all times has police watching over it (Not a good idea either!!)… good luck surviving if you end up in that situation.

        The media manipulation also pushes for gun rights to be taken away. Just because we haven’t lost all our Freedoms yet doesn’t mean we won’t, if enough people become so complacent. …And who says loss of Freedom happens “suddenly?” Like Frogs in Boiling water… sigh…

    • I agree with you regarding gun control and also believe that the U.S has a more common sense approach to gun laws and breaches thereof ,in the U.S it is easy to obtain a gun but God help you if you breach the legal requirements for the use of the firearm ,not so here in N.Z.
      Regarding the social aspect ,I also agree ,we are already victims of a nanny state and it seems many kiwis have become dependent on the government for their moral guidance and boundaries ,many prisoners kill and injure each other with things like sharpened plastic toothbrushes or tableware yet these items are not banned,point being banning guns will make to difference to crime stats,there are countless other ways for humans to kill one another and as you point out more important to educate people in favour of caring and nurturing rather than killing.A classic N.R.A Tagline is ,Guns don’t kill people ,people kill people,there is truth in this.

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