Migrant Tales – New Zealand, 10 Years In. A Country Blighted by Poverty and Mental Illness

Rates of child poverty in New Zealand are shockingly high

The twin blights of New Zealand – poverty and mental illness

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – hundreds of first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent to us by a British migrant resident in NZ for 10 years.

If you want a seasoned, non-sugar coated account of life in New Zealand you need to read this before you fill in that EOI or engage the immigration agent who promises to get you over the line.

Once you understand the high incidence of untreated mental illness in New Zealand everything will start to make sense. Here are some great reasons why other countries are far more worthy of your attention than one that will still be treating you like a second class citizen after 10 years.

“Thanks for making the great website, i thought i would add my own comments based on my experiences.

New Zealand – 10 years in.
After a decade in New Zealand, I am in a pretty good position to give a review of New Zealand life and culture. Coming from the UK I landed off the plane into New Zealand looking for less people, friendly environment and a chance to start a small business, which was hard to do in the UK. New Zealand is a great place for a holiday, but staying any length of time will have an effect on your life in ways hard to imagine unless you experience it. NZ leaves many financially, emotionally, and in some cases physically scarred for life. I highly recommend reading through the different sections below, and get a seasoned, non-sugar coated opinion on the true realities of living in NZ.

The People
Coming from the UK, a complete mixed bag of less desirables and decent folk, were you can find everyone from high class gents, through to the hard working middle class (which unfortunately is shrinking) all the way down to the council sponges, I find a large majority of Kiwi’s are very mono colour, bland, carbon copies of each other which I would best describe as similar to council estate sponges in mentality, but they are forced to work 80 hours a week to (almost) make ends meet. If you would like a discussion regarding the finer points of morality, key notes in history or anything else where thoughts need to be created and not regurgitated you will be sadly disappointed. Most Kiwi conversations will be made around sports, beer, hunting, farming or stroking their own ego, and the size of that ego makes Mount Everest look small. The mountain sized Kiwi ego also fuels a rampant jealous streak, which in turn fuels hatred and animosity towards anyone working hard and making something of themselves (because getting ahead in NZ is insanely hard), and especially as a foreigner – why should you do any better than someone born here? (Except the fact, you don’t have a choice but to work smarter, not just harder, as NZ only takes and never gives on virtually every level).

Sense of Humour – Lack of it.
Kiwi sense of humour? To be completely honest… The sense of humor of the majority of Kiwi’s is about as great as the UK weather. Grey, wet and boring. Kiwi’s generally don’t get a foreigners sense of humour, and you might as well crack a joke with a brick wall, it will give you as much feedback.. You will often find also that Kiwi’s cannot accept jokes made about New Zealand or about the people here either. If I said, English people like to whine as soon as they exit the womb and rather than being breast fed, they are given a cup, a saucer and a choice of tea bags.. I can laugh at it and even relate to it without a single hint of defensive posturing. If I said NZ people are all born similar to most of the livestock here, and only live to shit, eat and sleep I would likely be set upon by a pack of mongrels. You learn to keep your humour to yourself, and only use it in the presence of other foreigners and family. The lack of humour also takes its toll in the work environment. These stale, dry offices sure make the days drag on much longer then required, and the old saying of ‘sometimes it’s the people you work with, and not the job that really counts’, really hits home.

Politeness & Fake Friendliness
After arriving in NZ, you will be hit with the friendly hello, how are you doing today? By almost every place or shop you go to and for the first few months, you will find this quite nice and seemingly friendly compared to some other countries where you can enter a shop and complete your business without virtually speaking to anyone. After sometime though, you will began to notice things about this ‘friendliness’ which make you question the sincerity of it. The deeper you explore the conversation with the majority of Kiwi’s the more you realise, there is normally some hidden motive or agenda being pursued, whether that be extracting dollars from your pocket, probing for information and suckling off the fruits of your experience or just generally wanting information on where you live, what you drive so they can unleash the ego rhetoric and put down the fact you bought a Honda car, and why they suck, and why everyone should have the same car as them.. and on and on it goes. I have never met a Kiwi who has ever given a compliment, just for the sake of it. Maybe it’s just my mind set, but as an example, If I saw a young person in the UK who wasn’t born with a silver spoon, carving out a life from the ground up driving a new BMW M3 and wearing a Gucci suit and I talked to them, I would say something along the lines of ‘you’re doing well for yourself kid, you must be working hard to own items like that, good on you’. In NZ, the response would be, German cars are shit, and break after 10,000k’s and I don’t wear new Gucci suits because I can buy a second hand ones from 1950 on trade me for only $20. So after the years, it makes me think – sometimes maybe silence is a good way to interact when little positive interaction can come from a fake friendly conversation.

The Passive Aggressive Attitude
One trait, I really don’t like about many Kiwis’, is that they are very, very passive aggressive, and when fuelled with alcohol the passive drops off and physical aggression appears (I prefer the physical, its more honest and usually only lasts a few minutes). Back stabbing, talking about you while you’re stood there, comments about foreigners and the ‘locals talk to locals’ are all part of the culture here, if you upset the wrong Kiwi in any shape or form, you can easily be labelled and banned from any jobs in which that person has connections. I highly advise you do not under estimate the power of this small country and population mentality, it can make life very miserable if your skill sets are in a set area with few jobs such as the medical profession, upset your senior (Can be done as easily as offering a suggestion) and your ability to get a job in certain sectors can be banned city wide, island wide or throughout the full country by the higher establishment and inner circles. New Zealand is by far the most incestuous country I have ever lived in on a personal and professional level. The level of this passive aggression towards foreigners has led many to severe depression, suicides, feeling isolated etc, this effect is also amplified when you have limited family assistance locally, and as I describe below – finding any true friends in NZ is a rare thing.

Making Friends
Do not come to New Zealand expecting to make any ‘true’ friends unless they are not New Zealanders, and when I say true friends, my idea of a true friend for example is if you lost your job and your family was on the verge of starvation they would offer you a place to stay and financial assistance, you will never get this level of commitment from a Kiwi, especially as a foreigner. You can have as many fair weather friends as you could ever want however, as long as you are willing to discuss sports, beer and hunting, and as long as you don’t say anything negative about NZ. A large amount of New Zealanders do not like foreigners from any country and have different beefs with each of them independently, they have a very big chip on their shoulder against anyone from overseas as they think you come to NZ with massive amounts of capital, and are very jealous because of it, even though most people don’t come to NZ carrying silver spoons.

The Poverty
The level of poverty in NZ cannot be under estimated, governments or independent bodies can quote as many facts as they would like, but living day to day and interacting with at least 20 different individuals during business hours, over a prolonged period gives me a far more accurate picture (Untainted, and less manipulated then data released), and in my humble opinion 85% of working people in NZ are worse off than people on UK Benefits. This is due to three main factors, House/Rent prices being astronomical, the cost of food being through the roof and the salaries never increasing. It’s very hard to understand just how poor people are here without living it. Some disturbing things I have witnessed which might give you an idea include:
· People buying tins of paint from second hand stores which have 25% of the paint remaining because they can’t afford a full tin.

· Kids walking around with no shoes (Because their parents can’t afford them), and charities supplying over 80,000 pairs to kids in the country.

· A person with terminal cancer working until they die as they cannot afford to take time off.

· A professor with a PHD living in 1 room shared accommodation who needed to cycle to work each day because he couldn’t afford to live anywhere else, let alone a car.

· A person walking down the street with a cardboard cut-out around their neck saying ‘Please give me a job, I have 2 kids to feed’

· A funeral where a coffin was placed hanging out the back of an estate vehicle as a hearse was too expensive.

· People crying on the Radio when they win $100 cash.. and comments like ‘You have changed my life being uttered’.

How Kiwis See Many Foreign Groups Who Come To NZ
So, how do Kiwi’s view the different groups of people who arrive fresh off the boat/plane into the Venus fly trap?

UK people – You must be from London, You must have just sold your two million pound one bedroom property and come to NZ with a nice juicy bank account, to any store/shop owner you are a ripe cherry to be plucked (Foreigners with money, very nice). You will always moan, complain, and buy a lifestyle block (bigger section of land) which you will steal from kiwi’s who cannot afford them anymore because of you.

Asian students from any region – You are a great succulent form of income (Licking their lips). They do something called ‘Home stay’ which basically allows a foreign student to stay in their house while studying and the Kiwi’s proceed to bleed them dry of about $200-$400 each week, these poor kids get hammered hard when they find out they are stuck in a freezing room, not allowed a heater, and are fed on a diet of cheap sandwiches for their entire stay – (very different from what they were told/sold in therr motherland).

Americans/Canadians – Your expectations of civilized life are not welcome here, don’t compare NZ to America/Canada because expecting your house to have insulation or heating is just plain wrong. Your highly educated self is intimidating and your progressive ideas which are normally years in advance are only perceived as arrogant and unwanted.

Indians – Without a doctor’s degree, the only jobs Kiwi’s want to give you is washing cars, working in a petrol station or you’re always welcome at Mcdonalds/KFC or on dairy farms working 80 hours a week for less than minimum wage.

Chinese – You must be filthy rich to leave China (Or so most think), and kiwis want to make sure you have access to deposit your dollars into their hands, NZ banks will always have a smiling Chinese representative to make you feel right at home while in the bank and depositing your princely sums into their coffers. After you leave the bank, the big retailers will also have a Chinese representative for you to come and kindly waste your hard earned $$ in their shops while the local kiwi’s hate your guts for spending more in 10 minutes on ‘non essentials’ then they earn in 1 month.

Japanese – The golden guys of Asia, every shop in NZ sings praises when they see a bus load of Japanese (Unfortunately the Japanese tourists are being replaced with Chinese), as they spend and they spend well… you are the royalty of all imported people and are much welcome and what’s even better is that after you have been wiped out of all your cash, you rarely stay in NZ and head back to another 100 hour working week in Tokyo so you can come and repeat the same process in NZ on next year’s holiday. Come back soon!

Finding A Job In New Zealand
Finding a job in New Zealand is very very hard. Its common place here that trained doctors are working in care homes wiping bums, and trained engineers are flipping burgers in McDonald’s just to survive. (I kid you not) The NZ job market is abysmal and there are very few opportunities for anyone, I strongly advise never coming to NZ before securing work, or this country will chew through your cash/savings and spit you out faster than you can ever imagine. 90% of the jobs advertised by recruiting agencies don’t exist, and are only listed to get your CV and contact details, so as and when required you can be pimped out for their commission.

Work Environment
Bullying, discrimination and harassment are all common place in any job in NZ. I managed to leave NZ employment and start a successful business but before I managed to escape the NZ job sector, I had been almost run over by a psychopath with a forklift, but luckily (Or unluckily as most Kiwi’s might be thinking) he stopped just before the fork tyne impacted my face and told me ‘I would have hit you, but you’re a good cunt’ which I can only take as a form of praise from a Kiwi. I had a cut above my right eye after an unstable office worker threw a stapler at my face, I had my car tyres slashed multiple times because I refused to accept verbal abuse from gang connected staff, I had abusive emails from managers threatening me numerous times and dragging me into rooms where 3 of them would lace into me with verbal attacks, and a wide list of other abuse over the first few years, and this wasn’t limited to one company, it was across a few. Many people working in NZ companies have mental health conditions which are untreated, or the drugs which they are given to ‘treat’ the high level of metal disorders make them highly unstable, from extreme highs to big lows and coming to work each day can make your nerves bad, as Forest Gump said – you never know which chocolate you’re gonna get. Managers who watch this obvious workplace abuse don’t do anything about these people because they make up a large segment of their staff, and hey.. They’re Kiwi’s, not foreigners so you’re already a second class citizen.

The Wages
The wages in NZ compared to the cost of living are appalling. Salaries don’t increase at all over time unless you hop from job to job, which is not easy to do in a place with extremely limited job opportunities. If you dare to ask for more money, you will see the friendly fake managerial smile turn into a slimy look of disgust ‘More MONEY? Did you say the M word! How dare you?’ you are actually asking for more money? This is against company policies. All the time you’re thinking to yourself, well yes I am asking for more money, I think I deserve a pay increase, i have worked in this company for 5 years, done an excellent job and each year I have been told ‘the companies not doing well’ no pay increase, but the CEO has a new $200,000 car.. And guess what, the local supermarkets, house rates, mortgage/rent payments don’t care.. They still increased 30% + since I started the job!.

NZ companies in general, give you the standard BS about doing your best at work, being the positive light of helpfulness to everything and everyone and instead of rewarding you with the reason you go to the wonderful place each day (aka, money) the best your likely to get is a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ (The same as the A4 paper you got at school for being a good little boy or girl) and a chocolate bar. (No I am not joking, this happens once a year in many companies).

The Cost Of Living
The cost of living in NZ is extremely high. Much higher than most places in the UK, barring London and I imagine much higher than many places around the world.

Let’s take a look at a ‘civilized’ standard of living and the costs (Not surviving, but actually living), I will take a family of 4 as my example. Minimum wage is $14.75 an hour but you couldn’t afford to run your own property for this, so I will take two adults earning $40,000 a year each, $80,000 total.

Monthly Total Income = $6666 ($5663 after tax) and a ‘Liveable’ house outside Auckland based on a $450,000 mortgage.
So monthly income = $5663

Mortgage payment $3677 (Based on 15 years)

Car 1 HP $500 (Based on 6-10 year old vehicle costing around $15,000 spread over 3 years)

Car 2 HP $500 (Based on 6-10 year old vehicle costing around $15,000 spread over 3 years)

Petrol = $600 a month

Food = $800 a month

Car Insurance = $80 a month

Electric bill averaged over the year = $200 per month

Phone & Internet = $125

Mobile phone contract = $120 x 2 = $240

House rates = $210 per month

School donations = $200 per month

Car Maintenance $100 per month

Sky TV $100

I will leave clothes, holidays, updating the property, furniture, pets, dentists, flights, birthdays, having fun, savings for a rainy day, out of all of our equations as you already get the idea.. The basic living costs are already up to $7332 per month.. Which is already well beyond two people earning a standard NZ salary. Now you can see why, when people say they are trapped in NZ… they are really trapped! If you come to NZ without capital, the only way you’re leaving is through putting yourself through extreme poverty to save the amount required for an escape flight or banging it on a credit card, and getting somewhere you can earn enough money to pay for it.

Search anywhere online, and one thing you will never see praised will be NZ houses and it’s simply because they cannot be praised in any shape or form. They are overpriced, uninsulated, leaking boxes of depression. No central heating, no PVC double glazed windows, no insulation, no ventilation. Many are high maintenance wood similar to garden sheds, which in many countries the banks would laugh at when asking for a mortgage. Trying your best to bring these boxes into the 21st century will destroy whatever savings you brought with you.. as an example, a plumber wants to charge $650 to install a tap.. And what’s even worse.. You will never get the return back from your investment as Kiwi’s don’t pay for ‘modernization’.

Renting Houses
Renting houses is a nightmare in NZ, properties are easy enough to find and sign up for and get into, but don’t be surprised if your landlord enters the property when they like, arranges 3 monthly inspections in which they like to point out that the oven is a little greasy… the same 1980’s oven which was installed when the property was new.. And you’re thinking to yourself, is he really commenting on the grease? The thing was due for the skip 30 years ago. Updating anything in a house would cost ‘money’ and landlords don’t like the idea of that because when they sell the property, even if its 50 years out of date it doesn’t matter because Kiwi’s are so poor they only care about saving every last $$ off the purchase price, and you never get your $$’s back from investing in keeping a property up to date internally in New Zealand, so tenants must learn to love oil heaters, 1980’s ovens, 20 year old heat pumps, carpets which are worn down to strands of nothing, and boilers which were last found on steam ships.

The Scenery
When you first arrive to NZ you will be surprised by the accessibility of the natural countryside, and some of the views around you, at first glance it can be quite stunning however after some years the landscape changes and you begin to see it for what it really is, it’s bland and boring just like the people. The forests are mostly 20 year old pine trees… and have no character (Most of the native forest was burnt years ago) the rivers are all shallow and have no character. NZ as a land mass is very new compared to the deep rivers and ancient forests found in Europe. The sea is nice and blue, but is freezing cold all year round. The scenery just repeats and repeats the same boring grass and pine tree forests through most of the country, great for a 2 week visit.. But very boring after staying here for a length period of time.

My honest advice for people thinking to come here.
My advice for people looking to come to NZ is that unless you are extremely wealthy and don’t need to work, and have enough income to travel frequently outside of NZ, is simply stay away. This country will chew through your finances, your mental health, and relationships to a point of total despair and regret. Don’t read the sugar coated fairy tales about ‘Friendly people, low crime, high standard of living’ and other propaganda aimed to sucker people in, take their hard earned $$ and flush them out when the countries done with them.”

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76 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – New Zealand, 10 Years In. A Country Blighted by Poverty and Mental Illness

  1. Spot On! Especially the part about working here, I’ve also had ten miserable years in New Zealand and am planning to move back to the UK in the New Year. Always remember being told by a kiwi in my first week on my first job here, that there is ‘No room for nice guys in New Zealand’. I couldn’t agree more.
    They actually see being good mannered and caring for others as a weakness, funny, I feel the same way about those who get wasted on drink and drugs and beat the crap out of women and little kids.
    Horses For Courses, I guess.

  2. I’m from America, & my wife is a Kiwi (but speaks, behaves and has an Aussie outlook on life…) I became a dual national some years ago when a certain National MP was secretly making plans to cancel my Permanent Residence Visa and break up my family in the process. That MP came to the citizenship ceremony dressed in torn blue jeans, a faded shirt, and was tipped-off by the locals who knew who I was and who continue to target our family. (This was in CHCH BTW…)
    Now that Donald Trump is elected, we are getting the house ready to sell privately (NEVER allow these greasy, conniving, thieving RE Agents near your property!)
    We’re now in the process of getting my wife her Green Card, and our 13 y/o daughter born in CHCH is a registered US Citizen by ‘Report of Birth Abroad’. We did this so that she can escape NZ. She is also autistic, but was a perfectly normal child until she received vaccinations here, which leads me to question what might be getting added to vaccines for those migrants who are considered ‘undesirables’ in KiwiLand….
    Migrant families seem to receive the dregs of healthcare in all forms here. My wife worked in the health field, and she was given the silent treatment at work, verbally abused and physically threatened by her so-called professor ‘boss’ after they learned that she brought an American home with her. She can’t even draw ACC or a sickness benefit for an auto-immune disorder and workplace-related injuries. But a drug user, gang member, or criminal can get EVERYTHING awarded to them. We’ve seen Reverse Racism firsthand, and it’s always has the goal of a monetary background which will ‘pay-out’.
    We now home-school due to the ‘education’ system here being unable and unwilling to uphold the human right to an education for an Aspergers / autistic child. This has been proven in hearings, but nothing has yet to be done or enacted to fix the problems. The schools unashamedly always have their hands out for ‘donations’, and the Board of Trustees usually have their kids in the same school where they get preferential treatment. Typical of provincial colonialism….or a nation that has never grown-up! The bullying and disenfranchisement are still incredible!
    The NZ Dollar is over-valued so that the likes of the recent former PM can continue to make millions for himself and a few of his masonic ilk. Prices are outrageous, and inflationary. No price or cap limits on housing, etc as in other nations.
    The Old Boy & Old Girl networks are obnoxious, rude and disgusting. They know this deep down, but live in denial that their unethical, immoral and unkind acts are truly disgusting. But, they’ll go to church in order to be forgiven, and while at the church, they’ll spread more lies, gossip, rumours and heresay about others. No denomination is exempt from this either!
    Many of the Northern Hemisphere’s super rich are buying up here to escape the potential of World War lll up north, and the effects of short-term radiation.. The problem is that there is no real effective method of defense should an enemy nation choose to invade. When the place does get invaded, many Asians will remember how ill-treated they were in NZ; what goes around comes around. Hell, the average NZer doesn’t even know how to fire a weapon, let alone engage in combat tactics and strategy,… but they will profusely spy on one another and satisfy themselves that this is all they’ll need to do to ‘protect the dominion’. Even the Aussies know better…
    I’m reminded of the Jeff Daniels opening to ‘The Newsroom’ about ‘America isn’t the greatest country in the world’ scene. At least as he said in the rant; “the first step to solving a problem is to admit that there is one’. Herein lies the problem w/ NZ; it’s so deluded with false greatness and local sports heroes as their gods that nothing will ever get in the way of that! Even if an idea can remedy major problems here.
    Paedophilia, incest, etc is rampant here. The MoE & MoH profiles families under the guise of Speech Language Therapy, IEP’s etc. in order to start a dossier against perfectly good parents so that their child can be removed and put into ‘foster care’ where they usually get abused mentally, physically and sexually, even though ‘smacking’ is banned. The end result are little reptilian-based crims setting their sights on becoming the tools of the local gangs, and pining for membership into the same!
    I’m reminded of ‘Lord of the Flies’ and the recent (if not on-going) problems of Pitcairn Island; NZ is just an expanded version of these…
    Of all the Kiwis who create the problems, the women are the nastiest, most vindictive of the lot, with their rumour-mongering, malicious gossip, and targeting entire families for harassment & disenfranchisement via their networks. & yet they’ll be the first to claim being the victims of abuse when the party being abused by them lashes-out at their untoward behaviours, whether it be thru official complaints, court filings, or a smack-down when they become physically threatening.
    The women behave like Middle School female students who have never grown up, despite the fact that they may have a ‘Uni’ degree, with militant, radical feminism (Feminazism) is taught via NLP methodology in the ‘All Girls Schools’ and Universities. The ‘All Boys Schools’ are taught to worship rugby, one-upsmanship, and NEVER to go outside the box.
    Basically, NZ is a nation of jealous cowards who cannot do for themselves, think for themselves, or stand-up for what’s right (even though a veneer is present for PR reasons…) They have to do everything in a ‘community group’, as to go against the ‘community’ and do things for yourself will raise their passive-aggressive attitude towards oneself (the Tall Poppy Syndrome unique to NZ). They are super-competitive and materialistic to the point of dysfunction amongst themselves, thus in turn making the whole of society dysfunctional.
    & I won’t discuss the rude, obnoxious drivers here; worse than in Iraq…
    Hence, we are counting down the days to Mr. Trump’s inauguration, and our permanent liquidation of so-called overpriced ‘Kiwi’ assets so that we will return to the US in due course. Yes, the US has problems, but Donald Trump is the second step to solving the problems there. Americans recognised and admitted that there was a problem in the first place, and voted to fix them. All the Kiwi Newscaster can do now is to show their Politically-Correct disdain for American solving their problems, which the average Kiwi cannot nor will not do for fear of reprisals from their own countrymen!

    • I had not seen this post before ,you are correct,especially concerning jealous cowardice and knaiving females ,also the deeper one gets into this swamp the more weird it becomes,I believe some of the inhabitants of this place model themselves on T.V characters and plots being completely incapable of separating fact from fiction,I’ve used the Lord of the flys in allergy in the past myself and sadly I’m happy you also note this.

  3. New Zealand is a bit like methamphetamine. The first breath you take here is addictive, the scenery is breathtaking and you feel like a million dollars. A year in and you realise there are no jobs, the houses are cold, food is expensive. 3 years in and the sand flies stop you going to the beach, you stop walking the dog down the rivers cos the algae will kill them. 7 years in you start to itch. More sand fly bites and the mozzies attack too. You leave the workforce to get out of the enormous mortgage trap and go self employed. You earn more but banks won’t give you a mortgage, you have to rent a rat ridden hovel that you might have used in the garden to put the mower in back in blighty. Brits cant give blood, kiwis won’t take it. The dream is becoming a nightmare the drug has taken hold, you can’t leave the country and you can’t get that initial high again. 10 years in and the IRD want a cut of all you worked for in the uk. They take your pension fund and rip it apart like a drug dealer. The schools hound you for the donation fees and $600 days out that your child didn’t go on. The locals ridicule you, you sell your house and business to pay the IRD. The trip has turned sour and you are heading full on into the brick wall.

    Welcome to New Zealand !

  4. New Zealand Law Society Standards Committee finds no offence with the term “Feme Sole” – “woman without a husband”‏

    New Zealand Women 2016 still dealing with oppressive, premodern “coverture”

    Vestiges of the pre-modern and oppressive Doctrine of Coverture regarding the legal status of women in 2016 continue to haunt the New Zealand Law Society. In a recent complaint to the New Zealand Law Society Standards Committee, a professional but divorced woman raised her concern that a professional but divorced male Barrister had referred to her in official court documents as a “Feme Sole” – a woman without a husband. The term “Feme Sole” originates from the 1870s and relates to a woman who has never been married, or whose subordination to her husband has been invalidated through a judicial decision [divorce]. As the term “Fem Sole” originates from a time when a woman’s marital status determined her legal status, one would have expected, in 2016, that the New Zealand Law Society, Standards Committee would have pounced on such a discriminatory and sexist description of a professional woman solely on the basis of her marital status.

    Not so.

    The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008

    Chapter 12 of the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008 (“the Rules”) provide that:

    A lawyer must, when acting in a professional capacity, conduct dealings with others, including self- represented persons, with integrity, respect and courtesy

    One would think and hope that referring to a professional woman in 2016 using only her status as married/unmarried would be an affront to the Standards Committee in terms of its role in promoting gender equality, sexism and rights of women within the law. Even more so, given there is no male equivalent to the term “Feme Sole”. The Standards Committee of the New Zealand Law Society decided however, that in 2016, the use of the term “Feme Sole” in relation to a professional woman does not does not breach the duty of the male, divorced, Barrister to conduct himself with integrity, respect and courtesy. The justification for the decision by the Standards Committee was the previous widespread use of the term. The Standards Committee seems to have ignored the previous widespread use of the term was during the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Coverture may have almost faded but remnants of this pre-modern device of women’s oppression clearly remain intact within the New Zealand Law Society and the Standards Committee. Professional women in New Zealand beware: descriptions of your professional status in 2016 may just depend on whether or not you are married.

    Dr Lisa Shamseldin PhD Law

  5. It’s 1994 an the Cranberries are ruling the hit parades..It’s almost an revolution in the 90’s an Irish bands standing up against the violence in their own country ” IRA” history repeats in New Zealand but who will stand up against violence in NZ today ? Who will protect the dozens of children that die every years from abuse and violence gang rapes , damp homes. Who will make the difference today. We have known many hero’s in the world making an change in the world for world peace. Mandela and Martin Luther King in the fight for racism and many more standing up for the people in benefit of humanity like mother theresa. As we look back today many had to pay our freedom with their lives even John F Kennedy and other leaders in their nations. There are some songs that remind us of those revolutionary days.

    I sincerely hope the New Zealand youth will benefit from those legionaries and that they will be inspired to make an better world for their children. Stop the violence and make peace with yourself and the world New Zealand. You are the only ones able to change this nation and not your government !Don’t let them turn you into programmed zombies ever ! PEACE AND LOVE

    May God bless New Zealand

  6. All very sad but true, I always notice this one too: “People crying on the Radio when they win $100 cash.. and comments like ‘You have changed my life being uttered’’ There’s absolutely no fun or suspense is there? It’s all so predictable, when they play games like Cash Chicken where the contestant is supposed to hang on as long as they can before stopping the the clock, I swear every time they say the first number $50 and the Kiwi is in there screaming STOOOOOPP and dancing around the room like a maniac as if they have won lotto!!!

    • Sad isn’t it ,especially when that hundred dollars won’t pay half the months electric bill for a family,I have found one way to hold onto a degree of my self esteem and sanity ,I never watch T.V ,I don’t listen to mainstream talk back radio ,sometimes Radio N.Z but I can’t stand the pretentious,Kathryn Ryan ,she googles information in advance of her interviews and then pretends to have some kind of knowledge pertaining to the person she has on her show ,she also suffixes some of her statements saying , ” don’t you know”, this gives me a gag reflex lol

  7. I am hearing about movies that I must see now. “The Wilderpeople” must have flown under my mental radar. Kudos to you all. I guess that I will be on a Kiwi film binge! Regards.

    • Housebound is good ,you can Wikipedia has a decent list of N.Z films ,the last 10 years or so the movies seem to have become more N.Z “spin” based ,there are some older classics but depends on taste,as others have mentioned ,the main reason to watch some of these movies is for the local scenery …….without the risk of coming here and being fleeced lol.

  8. Another point I’d like to make about New Zealand is how many people stink here. The amount of people that I’ve stood near in a shop, library etc that have smelled like shit lol. And im talking about well dressed people as well. Also, they have revolting breath. Anyone else experienced this on a grand scale?

    Seriously,brush your teeth, use mouthwash and buy some soap and take a bath/shower you utter tramps.

    • If you saw how some of them live behind closed doors
      you’d know why they stink,absolute squallor .You are so right about the move in and then move out checklists for tenants ,these are as you say essential and protect both parties,in the U.S we also used to list not only the condition of carpets and flooring , items have a limited life ,the lifespan of all these items was listed on a government website.An example would be if a carpet had a useful life of 10 years and a tenant destroyed a 5 year old carpet they were then liable for half the replacement cost,I’m sure this would be to easy for N.Z ,
      I could go on about the way they drive for pages ,it seems they have an irrational and insatiable desire to be first at any cost,even if it means killing someone or dying themselves,the road campaigns are largely focused on speeding which is probably because you can’t teach a nation of pushy fuckwits to be polite and patient.Ive seen people literally run to get ahead of me as I am getting ready to checkout at a supermarket ,it’s infantile.They transfer this approach into their vehicles when driving.
      Standing in the supermarket aisles is a classic Kiwi move ,block the access with their cart and spend 15 minutes trying to choose which brand of two minute noodles to buy while they scowl at anyone who try’s to get past them and blankly stare at any foreigner who says excuse me as they attempt to squeeze past.Gotta love the warm friendly people here .

  9. Great post! Everything is spot on. I’ve been here for about 10 years also. Let us seethe in unison!

    Another warning about renting in NZ-make sure you inspect the property throughout before you even consider moving in, as Kiwis don’t give you a checklist like we have in UK that you tick off to make sure everything is in working order etc.(My non kiwi friends brought this up the other night) This protects both you and the landlord. Landlords/estate agents run a little scam here where people move in unaware that half the house is basically falling apart and not fit for human inhabitants., then when they decide to fuck you over and tell you to leave or not extend your lease for whatever bullshit reason, they will accuse you of damaging their property which was like this before you even moved in, and oh look, there goes your entire bond. Or you will have to battle it out with the tenancy tribunal as they hold it until a decision is made wither way. Dont let these bastards screw you over. It’s happened to me and I will never forget or forgive them, i still dream of revenge. If i could take revenge and get away with it i would.

  10. Very good ,just had some people come look at renting a property from me ,the woman was obviously high on meth ,scratching her arms etc,the partner looked relatively normal except all the obligatory missing teeth in a 30 year old N.Z male ,the 12 year old kid was limping ,I asked him what was wrong and he said he was receiving treatment to have an accumulation of warts burned off his feet ,f..king sad ,he seemed like a nice kid ,hope they can find a place to live where people will be ok with spending $30000to clean up after them when they leave.

    • Oh they will, there are plenty of flats (like ours) where the landlord doesn’t give a s*** and will leave P in the walls…perhaps the landlord, like ours, will assume it’s fine because they’ve so thoughtfully neglected to replace the window seals for the last 25+ years and figure the constant breeze will remove any harmful effect. Besides, we who rent all should be grateful for our bully landlords – if not for them we wouldn’t have this asbestos roof over our heads, nor the pleasure of being electrically shocked in the shower, nor the pleasure of faulty stovetops burning nearly white-hot… and all the other exciting day to day features of living here.

      • I made the mistake of investing in double glazed windows,insulated everything including sound insulation and double layers of gib board between floors,plus a state of the art heating system,the house is warm and comfortable and energy efficient,now I am going to rent it out as the locals don’t see the value in these long term benefits to comfort and health so don’t want to pay $ I pray it won’t end up being contaminated by meth users ,there really are a lot of users out there and virtually no recourse if they contaminate a half million dollar house.

        • Seriously I feel for you – couldn’t you just sell it off, save your money – and leave NZ? I understand if you can’t – I personally have waited so long to leave here and I am SO close… that the thought of anything tying me down is absolutely horrifying. I also know just how many mentally ill/drug addicted psychos I’ve seen go in and out of these places for the last 10 years…(and we live in one of the “better” areas!) Honestly, Friend… I would consider getting out. Prayers for you…

          • Hi and thanks ,the house has been up for sale for 4 months ,and will sell at some point,I will be gone like a freight train as soon as I have retrieved some of my cash from this leachourous economy ,my house is also in a “good” area ,I’ve spent over $100000 improving the property and had a valuation done ($550) ,I’m asking the market value and have had at least 70 to 120 people look at the house ,they all think they are experts and make low ball offers.As far as prospective tennants go ,my god ,what a scary bunch of drug taking blank looking fools,hopefully won’t come down to having to rent it out.

        • @Mcleodkiwitony – sorry there wasn’t another reply option below that last one. Just wanted to offer a thought (not that I would know) but… maybe if you absolutely have to rent out, maybe you can opt to advertise to the more quiet, “honest” foreign students, and rent out individual rooms to them? That’s what I would look into…forget the drugged-out locals – and so often some of them are absolute Masters at appearing “clean and honest” yet end up the worst. Either way, hey I am totally rooting for your house to sell and wishing you the best! Keep us posted…

  11. misery loves company. That’s how it is here. Love the comparison to livestock. Lots of busy bodies here, always spying and listening into other people’s personal conversations. No concept of personal boundaries. Always attempting to bring other people down. @mcleodkiwitony I like what you wrote about your fence. That pretty much summarises what I think. Personal boundaries do not exist. Good luck with having some peace and quiet.

    • Gossip and busy-body are symptomatic of an invasive imprinting of societal norms and an over abundance of free time.
      Gossip is free. Kiwis are skint.

    • During the Pol pot regime in Cambodia children were encouraged to report on their parents discussions if they were anti regime the parents were taken away to death camps,this also went on in East Germany after Ww2 people reporting each other to the STASI ,In N.Z eavesdropping ,spying on one another and snitching to authorities are national past times second only to Rugby,they even have phone numbers posted on the side of roadways so people can snitch on their fellow motorists to the police,the average American or anyone else would be appalled at the lack of due process here in this country , the police can issue you a ticket by mail based on an accusation made by another driver or random snitch .I suggest anyone who rents or owns property take the time and see that as a property owner /occupier you pretty much have no rights against trespassers or govt officials who want to access ,”your”, property.
      I tried to post a link to a you tube clip titled,N.Z police don’t need evidence,it shows a police officer writing a ticket to an Australian couple based on allegations made by a busybody Kiwi woman.Worth a look .

  12. The more that I read, on this site, the more that the “N Z scam” makes twisted sense. Tourists, backpackers, starry- eyed/adventurous youth, “Hobbit” fans, and foreign exchange/Uni students, get them in, take their money, sell them the “lifestyle”, for a week, or a month, rinse, repeat. I am still amazed at the amount of traffic fatalities. Good luck with renting a car, and getting around, safely. I see that several Americans have been killed on their vacation, this year alone. Rent a N Z DVD, and stay home, maybe?

    • Good idea ,I suggest renting Sleeping Dogs starring Bruno Lawrence or more appropriately
      Once were Warriors ,a classic tale of child abuse ,Alcohol abuse ,violence ,incest and despair surprisingly set right here in N.Z ,this film was made at a time when people were more honest about the reality of N.Z life.

      • I will find those two movies, and watch them. I have also never seen “Top Of The Lake”, I want to see that as well. Keep safe, all of you. I do enjoy this blog, and the comments. And for the record, I started to have the N Z “virus” myself. I had seen a few travel videos, you might be surprised how many are for rent/sale here in Indianapolis, and thought to myself, “South Seas Paradise”.

        • Charles,

          I’ve been cured of the ‘NZ virus’, the remedy is accurate information.

          ‘Top of the Lake’ received mixed reviews, however it’s worth a look. It’s not really a detective story, but a depiction of a mysogynistic dystopia at the ends of the earth.

          • Agree with admin ,if you really want a big cup of tainted Kool aid go see ,”The Wilderpeople”, it’s hard to believe that it’s getting rave reviews and record turnouts at theatres,it truly is complete crap ,I don’t know how it ended because I left just over half way through.

          • This is what bothers me. And it may seem petty, but here goes. The United States, maybe to an excessive degree, hangs out the “dirty laundry” for all to see. The British tabloids are downright brutal, and thrive on scandal. And sometimes, videotape women using the bathroom, for scientific reasons, of course. Australia is hardly a silent nation, and dialogue seems to be open, and very lively. Why does it bother the New Zealand establishment to admit to internal problems? Wounds only heal in the air, and the light. Trying to hide a problem is actually counter- productive. I can understand wanting to attract tourists, film fans, and students, but putting up a “false front” does more harm, than good. It seems so wrong, and rather sad. Regards.

          • Now I have got to see it. “Once Were Warriors”, which I watched last night, broke my heart. Not ashamed to say it. I live in a fairly large city, in the Midwestern USA, and pawn shops, Kmart, dollar stores, and second- hand stores have an abundance of New Zealand travel DVDs. But I had never spied a copy of “Warriors”. Nor did “Top Of The Lake” ever turn up. If I collected travel docs, N Z could fill up a shelf, and I live in Indianapolis. I must admit, N Z has a formidable “propaganda machine”. I take my hat off to the person that came up with “100 percent green” slogan. Madison Avenue in NYC could have never dreamed up the slogan, that makes a whole country seem like Arcadia. Regards.

          • The opening scene of Jake The Muss with the picturesque billboard image of New Zealand, then the camera panning away to a shithole city sums up NZ as a whole.

          • Yes, and I was “heart broken” at the scenes with the young man living in a car. You all are giving me “ideas” for films, that I will make a point of watching now. I missed all of the Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit/Wizard movies. To be honest, I did not think that the series was ever going to end. Mr. Jackson was considered an edgy, “new wave”, independent film maker, at one time, now he is Mr. Crank ’em out. At least he has not tried to film any old romance novels, but that could be his next move. Regards.

        • Taika Waititi, who directed Boy as well, another grossly over rated NZ movie (by Kiwis). It was utter dross. The Deadlands was crap as well. I find Taika Waititi to be very conceited and NZ films are praised just for being from New Zealand.

          I only rate Once Were Warriors highly. That is an excellent film. “Cook the man some facking eggs!!” Lol. First saw it in 1999 on Channel 4 in England. Deathgasm was ok for a laugh, if you like heavy metal and zombies. The Price of Milk I liked when I saw it years ago, starring Judge Dredd himself. The sequel to Once Were Warriors ‘What Becomes of the Broken Hearted’ is worth a watch as well. They were going to make a 3rd, Jakes Shadow, but it never happened.

          I can not stand Peter Jackson. I like his old films Braindead, Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles, Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners but LOTR and the Hobbit films are long winded dog shit. The greedy little bastard made The Hobbit a trilogy thanks to his dodgy back door deals with MGM Studios and John Key (who changed the NZ employment law to keep the films in NZ) for 600 million, screwing over sub contractors and union workers. Not long after Jackson lavished himself with a 80 million dollar private jet. Talk about rubbing it into the workers faces. Complete arsehole. Don’t rate him at all. Sell out hack.

          • I will check out the sequel, as well. “Once Were Warriors” was excellent. Those fight scenes were brutal. I wonder when someone is going to do a documentary on New Zealand traffic accidents, and pedestrian fatalities. That would be an eye- opener. Regards.

          • Mr Nebula,I dare you not to laugh next time you are at the supermarket,look around yourself and imagine that a zombie apocalypse has happened yet some how you are invisible to the infected zombies

          • Speaking of New Zealand zombie movies, “Last Of The Living” did well up here. I own it on a zombie compilation, and it made me laugh out loud, in some parts . But the ending was grim, to say the least. That “last woman in New Zealand” was one tough gal. She made the movie, really.

          • @ mcleodkiwitony-hahaha. I already think that and many other things as well. Kiwis are a human/alien experiment gone wrong. Proxy Human Hell.

      • One other thing, I have also noticed how “thin skinned” many New Zealanders are, in regards to any critical remarks or questions. YouTube is infamous for ridiculous comments, across the nationalities, but if anything bad is posted about New Zealand, it is all denial and delusion. Nothing is ever “wrong” with open debate, or questions, about any nation, including my own. I just watched Once Were Warriors, per your suggestion, and that is an excellent, gritty film. My goodness, that movie was tense, and some great performances. I will watch it again. Thank you, again, for the suggestions.

        • Rena Owen, the lead actress, was reportedly paid only 6,000 dollars for her outstanding performance in “Once were warriors”, and shortly after wound up back on the dole. Only in New Zealand.

          • That lead actress in “Once Were Warriors” deserved better, than that kind of fate. She could have “made it” in Hollywood. She is that good. That is a crying shame.

      • I went to the Wilderpeople movie. Everyone was laughing their heads off except me. For some reason I found the movie sad and felt a bit down afterwards. I can’t put my finger on why I found it this way. There were a lot of dark themes running through the movie parallel to the one liners.

    • There is also some excellent music from the 80s in N.Z ,I hope other people will comment ,Grahaeme Brazier ,one of my favourite bands ,The Narcs you took me heart and sole ,split Enz .blah blah ,it’s what New Zealand has come to represent which sucks ,in the last few years the ego of the people has inspired them to attempt to punch way above their weight ,any way maybe you will see that ,glad you are interested.

      • I agree, NZ has produced some great music over the years that the rest of the world hasn’t heard about. Those 80s bands probably weren’t in it for the money so had freedom to be creative. I get the impression that the NZ public liked the bands that made it big overseas and harder for the rest to get the same support.

      • Well, that song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” is an international classic. I would like to have a greenback for every time that I have heard that song. And not forgetting, “How Bizarre”. How could anyone forget that song? And I am old enough to remember Split Enz, and listening to them while I was in high school. That gives it away, right there. I wonder how many young New Zealanders know about Split Enz? Regards.

  13. You raise some good points.

    One thing that I have noticed over time is that when I cross a road, a car coming towards me (a long distance away) will usually accelerate at an alarming rate probably as a sick joke rather than murderous intent, but it happens all the time. Is this part of the cultural humour to scare pedestrians or am I the only person that this happens to?

    I was thinking this morning that NZ has just been named the 2nd happiest population on the planet. Yet has a high suicide rate and high rates of mental illness. I know lots of people on anti depressants who I don’t think should be on them. My bottom line has always been that if the doctors try and put my kids on that stuff for some minor reason then we are out of here. I know several teenagers who were just feeling a bit down, have been put on these drugs and as a result their mental health has gone into a downward spiral.

    International students prop up the school budget. Most schools are not funded enough to educate Kiwi kids and therefore the schools rely on international student money to keep themselves solvent.

    There are many Kiwis who I like but I have moved through different groups of people to get to that point. When I first arrived I socialised at a Rugby Club and they used to raffle prostitutes on a Saturday night. I really didn’t like that disturbing macho environment but assumed it was the norm. Fortunately I have found better people since.

    • It’s not just you who notices the vehicles accelerating toward you,many drivers also accelerate toward cars who pull out of side streets,they then get dangerously close and brake hard at the last minute ,there is a rage in many people here .

    • One more point regarding your comment about kiwi drivers ,unfortunately my family are 6th generation ,I have been unfortunate to sit in the car next to both my father and my sister and can bear witness to the fact that they both deliberately speed up and use their cars as weapons against anyone pedestrians included,both of them will act as though they are victims after they have narrowly missed running people over due to their irrational road rage ,I’m happy to report that one guy my sister duelled out her road rage fantasy with turned out to be a boyfriend of one of her coworkers ,he punched her in the head in front of her three children while she was still mouthing off at him through the car window ,wish I’d been there.

    • This has happened to me as well many times. I’ve also been standing at a zebra crossing waiting for a car to stop and no one stops. They just drive by and even look at you with a blank expression. Each car that did that and passed I gave them the middle finger hoping they’d pull their usual tough guy routine and come back and get out of their car so i could beat the living shit out of them.

      id advise against cycling anywhere in NZ if you value your life.A young lady here in Christchurch in her early 20s was cycling in the morning to the hospital as she was a trainee nurse and she was hit by some twat in a truck and dragged about 50 yards before the arsehole even realized what he’d done. I hope to god she died instantly. Imagine that. Training to be a nurse/doctor to help other people and some careless wanker wipes her off the face of the planet. Really angered me when i heard about it, as its just up the road from me. You can wear all the hi vis and lights you want, it won’t stop some psycho flattening you like a pancake. DON’T CYCLE IN NZ!!!!!!!

      It’s dangerous enough as it is driving in your car, Let me tell you. Dickheads pulling out without looking. Or they will just pull out at the last minute because everyone here is in a super rush to beat you by 2 seconds and get that pointless edge/advantage over you.

      This ‘laid back’ trait of kiwis is complete and utter bullshit. They are prudish, impatient insufferable pieces of shit that make my blood boil on a daily basis. Everywhere you go they are in a rush. I literally get bummed from behind when getting served at a supermarket checkout from some impatient knob head behind me, and to deal with that backward unpleasant mentality on a daily basis for 10 years will make you end up like me-ready to knock someone out pretty quickly. The cashier throws your shopping to the end then horridly chucks your change and receipt in your hand and is then desperately trying to serve the next person. I don’t even get the courtesy of being allowed to put the change in to my wallet without being rushed rudely.

      Any shop i go into theres always some annoying twat getting in my way. I get cut off, people walk by then will actually stand infront of me when i am looking at something on the shelf. They will reach over and grab something by your head without saying excuse me. Some one will just stop in the middle of the isle with their trolley and just not give a shit that they are blocking the whole aisle for everyone else. I’;ve actually yelled “what the fuck?!!!” at the top of my voice when someone rudely barges infront of me to get something and everyone in close proximity will freeze like scared rabbits, and even the antagonist will look at me perplexed as to why i had a go at him. Im so over it i really am.

      I could go on forever about this toxic misery hole i really could haha.

      • Nebula-
        Have just found this site by accident over the past couple of day’s, WoW’ and I thought that I was one of only a few who thought as you do !!! and bloody well said.
        I do hope you read this as it may surprise you and probably many others.
        In 1974 i met a lass who was born in uk in my home town but her parents emmigrated in 1955 ish. We married & as a young guy & ready to explore the world as it were, I made the decision to come here to NZ with the Mr’s.
        41 yrs later I’m still here & still of the same opinion, like you it really is a hell hole.
        Many time’s I have had Kiwi’s say ” if you dont like it why dont you go back to where you came from, typical of people with only two cell’s !! and they are usually being used (I think )
        I have to say, those Kiwi’s that have been outside the country for a length of time have a much broader & realistic outlook than those who have never moved off their arses.
        This blog needs to be said because of the length of time i have lived here, I joined one of the essential services in Auckland and spent 15yrs protecting life & property.
        I became pretty much stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, two children mortgage etc and the years ticked by.
        I sincerely do hope that some kiwi’s read this article because I truly believe that the majority of you are totally moronic and will explain why shortly.
        I spent 15yrs as a professional firefighter here in Ak, for the 1st 5yrs of my working life in NZ I encountered racism against us “pom’s ” woteva.
        There were those wankers who used to say F-off you pommy bastard, f-off back to the rotton hole you came from. Well’ I was most certainly not the right person to accept that shit, especially from someone with only two cells !
        I came from a hard nosed fishing port in uk were the 15yrs old’s were as tough as nails, so ‘ as a consequense I fought on a weekly basis braking many a kiwi’s nose.
        The kiwi’s have the audacity and temerity to claim “how great they are” and what a wonderful happy peace loving nation, as we say “yeah reight !
        They are without doubt one of the most racist people i have ever encountered, a kiwi friend in CHCH recently had a bit of a to do with a west Country Englishman, actually his former boss, his exact words were, what a complete wanker he is , typical of someone from that part of the UK ! quite an odd statement really as he has never ever been outside NZ !!!!!!!
        In the 40 yrs since been here I have never met so many horrid back stabbing A-hole workers in my life, where i come from we say what we think and like what we say, for kiwi readers of this, we are up front and dont tittle tattle to other workmates.
        Kiwi’s for some unknown reason cannot work in a team, every single one of them at work does it for themselves and obviously licks window’s from the inside 🙂 🙂
        NZ is a boring place to live, yes i know i have been here for many yrs but wanted to make sure that my kids and four Grandkids are ok before heading back to UK to retire.
        I have now read many of the letter’s written on here and in the majority of cases fully agree with the comments.
        To give some of the readers outside NZ looking at coming here to live then best read some of these comments 1st.
        Take a look at OECD results, make’s very interesting reading to say the least.
        When i first arrived here in 1974 they were at least 20yrs behind UK, in 2016 they are still 20yrs behind !!!!
        My sister has just been here on Holiday, she was talking about buying a small 2bdrm (unit ) as we call them, she was wanting to sell her beautiful 250,00 pound hm and retire here in auckland, lol’ I said that wont get you one and you will need to get another mortgage, once she saw the prices that was that !
        Finally before i submit this, I would like to comment on the kiwi driver this is when the two cells I spoke of earlier become 1/2 a cell and I bloody mean that with all sincerity.
        What a mental bunch of people they are ,they all remind me of the movie “deliverance” .
        As an ex firefighter i saw in yesterdays paper that the wellington fire service are no longer going to travel through red lights to an emergency call in case they hit someone.
        This is because the mental N Z drivers are ALL colour blind or just darn right bloody minded and belligerent.
        I use a ‘car cam and put all the info onto a disc each month and give it the police, whom i have also on video jumping red lights, it absolutely infuriates me especially with the public service vehicles, taxes,buses airport shuttles all of them F’ing lunatics.
        There is so much more I would like to tell prospective immigrants but will leave it for another day.
        All best

      • @ Peter Simpson-Hello mate, apologies for the massive delay in replying. Thanks very much for messaging me. Hopefully you get to see this reply. Agree with everything you said. Christ, you have been in NZ that long? I couldn’t imagine it, but like you said you have a family etc so its totally understandable because of your responsibilities, and the time flies by doesn’t it?

        That’s a great idea having a dash cam to catch these nasty inbred twats driving like wankers. Not a day goes past that I don’t encounter some shit house driving by kiwis while in my own car. I had this old bag behind me honk at me a few days ago when stationary at a roundabout waiting for my turn to go, all because she couldn’t wait 10 seconds and insisted I should just fucking plough into an oncoming car and not wait until it was clear to go. I undid the window, leant out and gave the her finger. I also did It in the rear view mirror. Just incase she blinked and missed it.

        I have to deal with this bullshit every day. I take my son to school and pick him up every day. Theres always some scum sucking algae tail gaiting me, and I mean literally a foot away from my rear. I have on occasion slammed on my breaks, got out of my car to challenge the prick behind me and they drive off in a hurry like the gutless worms they are.

        I’m currently jobless and semi homeless, was sleeping in my car, but now sleeping on a camp bed at my sons grandfathers house, awaiting a plane ticket from the UK via my dear old granny. Should be out of here within a month or so. I have given up on being employed here. I have endured so much grief and bullshit I will never engage with NZ employment again. Can’t stand the twats. I’m done. F*** you NZ.

        Gutted to be leaving my son with his mother here, but i don’t really have any other option. I have plans though to get him out of here. No way will i come away from spending 10 years here as a loser.

        I’ve been out of work for a long time now. I survive by doing the odd bouncer job on the weekend etc. I spend most of my time at the library on the wifi just doing my best to keep the remaining sanity i have.

        I never imagined things would of gotten so bad for me. I really have hit rock bottom. I have lost everything and had to sell all of my personal possessions to feed myself. Things cant get any worse so things can only get better when I get on the plane. But its going to be so hard leaving my beautiful little boy behind. We are attached at the hip. But…we will stay in contact via Skype and i will call him pretty much every day.

        To anyone reading this, if you hate/dislike it here, get out of NZ before you become stuck and broke and screwed like me. Do not waste any more of your time in this baron shithole of misery. It’s a battle you will never win.

        If anyone wants some advice, someone to talk to etc, I am a 10 year ‘veteran NZ prisoner’ as it were haha, so don’t be shy, feel free to leave a message.

        Cheers 🙂

  14. I really like the line about the humans here being just like the livestock ,they live to eat ,pee and poo.they truely are a joyless bunch and this environment seems to amplify people’s untreated mental health issues ,a couple of days ago the sun was shining I was feeling positive and I felt that perhaps I could make a go of it here in fairyland ,half an hour later there was a knock on my door and a gentleman introduced himself as a council building compliance officer ,my sociopathic neighbour across the st had made an anonymous complaint about the roadside fence I had built over a year ago ,she watched out her window as the officer measured the fence and then determined that half the fence was 10 cm to high.This fence is across the st from the sociopath.
    Anyway just another day in kiwiland .that’ll teach me to let my guard down and be happy for 10 minutes.

    • Hahahahaha. That last sentence made me piss myself. So true. And I hear ya. Miserable bastards the lot of them. They just do it to feel superior and we both know its out of jealousy. How dare you flaunt your superiority with your fence building!

  15. Absolutely agree with every point and every word…Especially with treating foreign students, renting a room in terrible cold ‘sheds’ named houses, feeding homestay tenants like dogs with expired products (I still have health problems after leaving NZ for one year) and so called ‘friendliness’ of Kiwis. Though, I was lucky and happy to manage to leave this terrible country timely, I still think about my own stupidness to believe in those fairy tales of student agents who shouted about great perspectives and possibilities of NZ as well as lost money.

  16. Your analysis is extremely thorough and accurate. I especially enjoyed your description of how the Kiwis employ Chinese staff at banks to fleece Chinese migrants whom the Kiwis regard as loaded. I had one such account manager assigned to me who proceeded to try to sell me contents insurance that I did not need or want.

    Migrants and visitors to New Zealand should be aware that New Zealand is a vampire society. Imagine taking the bottom 20% of the UK, transplanting them to a remote location on the other side of the world, and leaving them to fester among themselves for six generations without any positive outside influence to mollify their unpleasant characteristics. That is essentially New Zealand. The general level of dishonesty in society is also appalling and no one calls a spade of spade. It is like living amongst New Age cultists who pretend to view everything positively, but are incapable of recognising the truth.

    I wish you the best of luck back in the UK.

  17. So true.

    I used to work for a major New Zealand telecommunications company with a migrant from India. Back home he was a senior executive and his wife was a well respected medical doctor. The only work he could get in NZ was as a telemarketer and a hotel porter. His wife had to enrol back in medical school and got no credit for her Indian medical degree. After passing every paper towards her New Zealand medical degree she was repeatedly rejected by the “panel” which she believed was due to her thick Indian accent, and as a consequence she was unable to practice as a doctor at the end of it and had to work as a nurse and be treated with disdain by doctors who were in actual fact far less qualified and experienced than her.

    My friend always used to complain about his lot and the huge mistake he made moving to NZ and everyone would say “well if you hate it here so much why don’t you just go home to India then.” He used to reply “I’d love to but since I’ve lived in NZ I’ve never been able to save enough money for the airfares to move my family back again!” Which is one of the points made in this article.

  18. Again a fair well written comment. Thanks for taking the time to share. We live in chch and I can emphasize completely. think it’s a Goddamn discrace. The descending shameful look in people’s faces here in Nz makes me sick. What freaked me out even more are the immigrants that have given up after they were lured in and changed into kiwi’s. Robbed from there identity and sense. -bitter sweet symphony.

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