Girl Attacked at Kaikohe Bus Station – updated, Kaikohe Intermediate Fight Too

bus station attack

Kids aren’t safe in New Zealand

Gang Riot. Update: 15 May 2015 – The day after this article was published a gang war kicked off in the Kaikohe township with open fighting in the streets. Days later police from all over the region instigated a crack-down on gangs (believed to be Rebels v. Tribesmen) in Kaikohe, saying residents had had enough of the local thugs. News reports say the fight was witnessed by members of the public, including children who were distressed by what they’d seen. Police raided a number of properties in the locality and arrested 7 people, including teenagers to people in their mid 30s. Methamphetamine, cannabis, chains clubs, hammers, knives and screwdrivers were seized. source.Some residents are saying problem is exacerbated because there aren’t enough police patrolling the streets (Also see Large meth lab bust linked to Rebels gang near Kaikohe, 2 March 2015)

May 8 2015 – The Northland township of Kaikohe first made world news in 1991 when a group of its children attacked Santa in the local Christmas parade. Things haven’t improved since then. Video has been published overnight of an attack on a school girl at Kaikohe bus station. Residents have been shocked by young woman’s attack and have called for Police Sergeant Swann to put officers back on the beat. The attacker has been named by people on a number of sites as Kaikohe woman Terry Henry. 

Adults present in the locality seemed hesitant to prevent the attack, while people waiting at the bus station cheered on the assailant and videoed it on their phones. However, police eventually arrived and arrested the female attacker.

This brutal beating, which has gained international attention, brings New Zealand’s violent culture of brutality into sharp focus. Again.

Meanwhile, other videos of Kaikohe fights have been uploaded to Facebook, including one at Kaikohe Intermediate School.

If you’re emigrating to New Zealand, keep an eye on your kids. If they get into trouble don’t expect people to come to their aid.

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German tourists Juliane Quanzt and Nina Pielstick have fallen victim to yet another vicious mugging in broad daylight in New Zealand, this time in the Auckland suburb of Papakura.

The story of the assault, plus the now obligatory PR statement expressing admiration for New Zealand (added in when ever foreign tourists become crime victims) may be read here...

Aside from the obvious violence involved what is shocking about this crime is the total disinterest shown by the public, despite the girls screams for help no-one had the courage to intervene in the beating.

Hopefully the police will be able to use CCTV footage to identify the assailant and justice will prevail.

Unsafe New Zealand: Woman Violently Beaten in Street As People Turned Their Backs – updated

Praveet Chahal

Praveet Chahal, attacked by a total stranger on an Auckland street. People thought it was ‘a domestic’ and turned away despite her pleas for help.

We’re appalled to hear about the street assault by a stranger of 40 year immigrant Praveet Chahal in Papatoetoe, South Auckland on Thursday. Not only does her attack show that women aren’t safe on the streets, it also demonstrates people are inured to violence and believe male partners have a right to beat their women.

New Zealand’s reputation for having a culture of brutality is alive, well and punching above its weight.

Praveet Chahal was attacked by a bottle wielding crazy man during the late afternoon as she was out walking near her home. A report by the Sunday Star Times, showing her with a battered and badly bruised face, said…

She sought help from a couple who were washing their car in a nearby driveway.

“I was screaming ‘help me, help me. I don’t know this man’.

“The guy wouldn’t help – he kept saying to me, ‘don’t come here’. I still went because I needed help so I went behind him. He pushed me away and started running.

“I ran towards the woman as well but she was running away. [The attacker] kept hitting me and I fell on the ground. I was screaming, I was yelling for help. A lot of people gathered but they were all just standing there watching while this guy was hitting me and hitting me and hitting me, until the cops arrived.” … read the full story here

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  1. May go some way to explaining the general ‘Lord of the Flies behaviour’ in Kaikohe.

    Northland College students stuck with ‘worst classrooms in New Zealand’


    ‘Buildings at Northland College in Kaikohe are so dilapidated the police have asked to use them for training simulations because they’re the closest thing available to a “ghetto environment”, principal Jim Luders says.’

    ‘”The conditions are appalling. They’re unsafe. There’s water leaks, mould, asbestos in parts. It’s without doubt the worst school stock in New Zealand,” Mr Luders said.’

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