Migrant Tales – I am young and I want to get out, Can you help me?

Continuing in our popular Migrant Tales series, first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale was first published on  a NZ forum which has since closed down. The author is in their early twenties and emigrated to New Zealand with their parents about 7 years ago. Their dream very soon turned into a waking nightmare for all involved.

I am young and I want to get out, Can you help me?

Hello. I have been lurking this forum for the past 2 years. May I post if you don’t mind, so some of you older folks could give me some advice on finding a way out.First of all let me say thank you for this site and taking the time to read my story and cry for help. Please forgive the English, it’s not my first language. Secondly for Political and Private reasons I won’t say where exactly I am from but it’s a very very culture rich country with many thousand years of history with some of the most hospitable people you will meet.

Background and Moving Here
I moved to this utterly rubbish culture void 4th world country about 6 – 7 years ago with my Parents as PR, I was 15 then. I don’t know what my father saw here, I know he had ties to some travel agency who had strong ties to NZ emigration office and they all encouraged him while literally robbing and cheating him out on tens of thousands, selling retirement dreams. My Father was a very high ranking Government official and highly educated, He sold his house, gave up his job disregarding the advice of his colleagues about NZ and Australia and came here as a skilled migrant, which is funny because most of his savings money ran out within the first year on his subpar wooden leakey housing and crap over priced furniture. And when he went looking for a job they said “You are too qualified” or “We dont have any work or industry in your field”. He now works as a clerk in Grocery Chain markets with the wage of a slave.

About 6 Years Fast forward, my family has been destroyed, we have arguments every other day, my mother sent to the mental institution two times for psychotic depression, my father who used to be a fit and strong proud man has his health turned upside down, he is as in a state of dying slowly, his dignity died a long time ago. He is not the guy I knew, we had a fight a couple of years back…I hate the man now for bringing us here.

My personal life has been put on a coma, I have no Higher Education, I am finished. the few people I knew from school (non kiwi thank goodness) moved to Australia with their family, I have maybe 1 or 2 good friends and we rarely meet up anymore(Non kiwi). So called Kiwi’s are terrible people, They Boast about the Word Kiwi as if it was a Magical word, with some added air of superiority to it, It disgusts me. And lets not even mention the entitled over aggressive low life behavior of the Maori and Pacific Islander people and their crap or I will be labeled a racist, Oh how I hate those cowardly kiwi bastards that lie about their country to trap people in this prison. One of my friends is aiming too low with his studies in uni and another was a school dropout lives off his father living in a garage doing odd jobs here and there, just wondering the streets by himself. I can no longer see the light of hope they had when we were in school. Education here suck’s, Teachers are idiots, The Al Jebra, Math and Science that I was taught in Class 5 and 6 in Taught in 11th and 12 Grade here even at polytechnics and universities. I was always weak with mathematics and I always seem to fall behind. And did I mention the teachers suck? And the students don’t care…Because at the end of the day the unqualified kiwi gets the job over an immigrant, regardless his skills. There was a high qualified Sri Lankan Guy who lived next door to us, He worked 13 – 15 years in a Petrol Pump Station!! I cant get a job, last time I worked they would calll me 4 – 5 times a week for a few hrs of work and it would cost be more on petrol then I made in the end of the week. I have stopped going out of the house entirely since last year, was diagnosed with depression. Thinking of a plan to Get out.. I don’t think my father will last past a few more years…

NZ Medical and Dental is also very expensive yet highly substandard to what I would call 3rd world countries. Did you know that I knew two guys at Uni(Mix Bred Kiwis) One of the guys dad Jumped off the Harbor Bridge and committed suicide, and the other one when he was in year 11 he was called to the operation theater from school because the Doctors/Surgeon “Accidentally” Botched up the job, his father died in front of him, “The SOB” killed him” he said..

I was doing a bachelors in computer engineering last year, I failed one of the classes/subjects (second try) and they dropped me out. My Mathematics is  not very strong, and Its hard to put focus with so much ongoing stress, I don’t know what to do, How do I get out? My Home is in ruins, so going back is not a big option, what will I do going back clean the streets? So that’s not an easy option. NZ is like my own personal hell. The Kiwi Dream is best described “Good Enough”, Maybe for them not for us, Its like Working a few different Crap Jobs through your life time, Going on Dole, Driving a Poorly tinted Japanese Car with a Loud Muffler, Getting Drunk, Drinking just to get intoxicated, Knocking up some random Kiwi Sluts, Going on Dole and eventually in a Nursing Home. Good Enough Aye? I don’t see much point in that kind of life, let alone be at peace.

Can anybody give me some advice please,  I am thinking to go back to Uni, AUT or Unitec and getting an Education that I can use to get a Job Overseas, Anywhere eg. EE,SE,ME,Asia I dont care. Just an Education that I continue overseas or use to just grab on to a Job OUT of NZ and then get a visa for that country and work my way from there. Wherever I go I will need #1 a Visa and #2 a way to support my self. Any Suggestions what I can do? What Subject I can study?

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  1. G’Day Mate,
    You have my deepest sympathy. I feel for you man…so a couple of words of advise;
    If you can acquire a certification/ diploma which is readily reconsigned in AUS or the countries you are searching for as probable destinations, then it would be great. I would suggest… to look for a course at the Uni/AUT/Unitec which interests you, which you can successfully complete (and have something in-hand which is not halfway). That way, you would be employable and that’s what you should be aiming for to begin with.
    I don’t have an idea about your ethnicity… just be sure that the countries you would be considering should be…say…less racist and less prejudiced, in general.
    Additionally, if you are sure about relocating… then do consider the cost of living…rent, utilities, travel, food, medical, booze (not necessarily in that order) and other yearly expenses before hand… which will give you a better idea of the minimum earnings needed to be made by you. I mean, no point choosing a place just because others are; or just because it seems like utopia (Grass is always seems to be greener on the other side, but then again what if the other side is the Möbius Strip.)
    So tread with caution.
    Good Luck,

  2. It sounds like you might be South African. I am still in South Africa (Johannesburg) and it’s really not as bad as the media makes it out to be. Yes there is a lot of political drama but the man on the street generally gets by without too much hassle. I have a stable job, a lovely townhouse that I own and which is very affordable (with the low interest rate) and you can at least have a hospital plan even if you earn a low salary. I would recommend that if you hate it so much in New Zealand that you come back to South Africa and learn a trade – plumbing, electrical, etc. Then you can start your own business and don’t have to rely on anyone else to employ you (as I am assuming you are a white male). They say that crime is out of control here but I personally have not experienced it so it’s not all bad. You just need to be careful and take the necessary precautions. You will probably feel more at home here. Then once you have your trade certifications if you still want to leave you can try immigrating to another country if you like.

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