Polluted Paradise – A Documentary About Pollution in NZ

Another 100% pure New Zealand myth is laid to rest.

Al Jazeera English has made a documentary (available on you tube) called N.Z polluted Paradise,interesting how it’s taken a foreign documentary maker and film crew to dispel the N.Z 100% clean green myth,also the documentary is partially aimed at warning foreign tourists of the dangers here which they have been unaware r Dixie ed about. Source

New Zealand’s pristine and abundant rivers and lakes have long been central to its proud reputation as a land of breath-taking natural beauty – and fundamental to a clean, green, outdoorsy brand that’s used to attract millions of foreign visitors every year. 

But are its waterways really as sparkling and bountiful as the tourist ads suggest?

It seems not. 

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Although the issue hasn’t attracted huge global attention, for some years now campaign groups such as Greenpeace have been ringing alarm bells about the deteriorating quality – and curiously diminishing volume – of New Zealand’s fresh water, problems they say are both directly attributable to the country’s most profitable industry and in danger of being exacerbated by government-backed projects in support of that industry.

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People & Power asked filmmaker Naashon Zalk to find out more. His two-part investigation, which we are screening over consecutive episodes, raises troubling questions about what can happen when a nation’s desire for economic growth, however understandable and justifiable it may be, takes undue precedence over the environment.


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