They Didn’t Drink the Kool-Aid. Kiwis Call out Marlborough Express ‘Feel Good’ Ad

“Come to Marlborough – we’ve got sunshine, a booming economy, affordable housing (compared with the rest of the country) and LOTS of skilled job vacancies.”

The above ‘feel good’ video was posted to the Marlborough News Facebook page a couple of days ago.

Set to images of white, middle class people, wildlife and scenery the narrator enthuses…

“from the early settlers until now only Marlborough attracts the brave and the innovative. It brings in the type of people who realise the potential and abundance the region offers…

Real people chose to live here, they’re genuine and value our way of life. They connect and start businesses all of these things equate to a better, unique and enviable life here in Marlborough. There are no traffic lights here, nothing to hold you back, instead you’ll find a bright canvas of opportunities, people full of passion and inspiration. Become one of them and who knows where you’ll go?

The final scene ends with credits from Smart Business Marlborough (some of our readers may consider that to be an oxymoron, we couldn’t possibly comment) part of Marlborough District Council

And, just to set a scene – here’s a Tweet from the @OnlyMarlborough Twitter account

only marlborough

Come to Marlborough because Marlburians do this all day?

This is exactly the sort of bait-and-switch advertorial that is used to attract migrants to New Zealand. We’re not going to link to the video here because we don’t believe that it deserves free advertising.

As is so often the case, Kool-aid material produced in New Zealand is far more aspirational than realistic.

This is the sort of hard sell that’s aimed at overseas migrants, and people who want to profit from attracting more New Zealanders to the regions that need their cash, desperately – a wealth distribution scheme if you will.

Little wonder that so many migrants find it hard to adjust to the reality of living in the country, and wonder where they went wrong.

The truth is they didn’t. They fell for a very successful bait-and-switch operation that fooled the “early settlers” too. Its one that’s been going on since the 1840s in New Zealand, and has ensnared thousands of people since then.

Here’s what some of the locals had to say about the above video. At the time of writing there were 76 responses:

Charlotte Walsh: Since when did we have affordable housing?

Rob McCaw: Bugger all sunshine lately!!

Mark Sowman: What a bullshit ad. Start showing all sides of Marlborough, the homeless the dirty streams the over fishing of the sounds, the high use of chemicals in the vineyards and the shitty taste of most of the wine produced.

Jorline Lorriane Oconnor: Affordable housing my fkn ass. Housing is not affordable, the average is about $385,000 way out of reach for a vineyard worker. Rentals are $350 plus. Get Real.

Dave Martin: What a Load of shit heaps of work but crap money? That’s the only reason of the Labour shortage.

Janine Cattermole: No available housing stuff all jobs etc wtf

Screenshots of the comments:

Take a little time to read them…


Greenpeace New Zealand’s Take on 100% Pure New Zealand:  Greenpeace New Zealand lays to rest the 100% Pure New Zealand myth…


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Situations vacant as skilled staff shun Marlborough

…despite the lifestyle on offer, many sectors including construction, healthcare, education and the wine industry are struggling to fill their quota of skilled workers.

A recruitment consultant says about 70 per cent of her listings are filled by candidates from outside Marlborough, but overall the numbers applying are down.

Marlborough Principals’ Association president Tania Pringle said in her 11 years as principal of Seddon School it was the hardest it had ever been to find staff.

“There are lower numbers of people applying for positions in all schools – and for relieving and part-time staff it’s extremely hard to source people,” she said.

“It puts a lot of stress on existing staff, the leadership and management especially, to find people – and it’s not fair on the children who miss out.”

Pringle said schools in Auckland were struggling to attract staff because of house prices, but in Marlborough the issue was a perceived lack of activities for young people…

The average advertised salary for Marlborough was $63,586, compared to the national average of $75,790, for the year to June. source



3 thoughts on “They Didn’t Drink the Kool-Aid. Kiwis Call out Marlborough Express ‘Feel Good’ Ad

  1. Extraordinary liars. They’ll paint an entirely different story to the nightmare you’ll find yourself into. No jobs, no affordable housing no nothing. Pure 100% bullshit.

  2. Couldn’t be further from the truth ,these people fly in migrants to pick their grapes ,they pay shit wages and treat the workers like shit ,don’t be fooled by N.Z lies ,they are the most deceptive bullshitters on the planet

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