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6 thoughts on “External links

  1. arrived here in 2006, love the place ,kids are so well settled . INZ sucks. placed an allegation though i have evidence to proof my innocence, have been doing so since 2009, got ripped off by a lawyer..see how long i keep up the fight of not being guilty..am so much stressed and depressed.. now i regret coming here.. can i get someone to listen to my story without passing judgement please..sometimes things are not what it seems…anyone please please help me..

  2. Same here. When I read the comments I was laughing all the way that Gerry was so so ignorant and practise poor discretion in making such a BIG SWEEPING statement especially when he has such an important portfolio in NZ.

    I got a feeling he has been buried in the woods and cannot see his way out with all his domestic problems like the Christchurch earthquakes, etc. Shocking that he dared to pull down a more developed country like Finland just to bring his political opponent Shearer down. Finnish people are more civilized and educated than the Kiwis definitely. and many people own a superior Finnish product like Nokia.

    How competent are these NZ public servants anyway earning fat cheques?

    To know how developed and first class a country is, one has to try the superior public transport system, dressing sense of the population, behaviour and also buildings. In NZ, you find barefooted people running around in second or third hand clothes making themselves looking shabby without neat appearances or even haircuts and everything seem run down for their buildings except for some in Auckland and Wellington. Parks, etc all have a poor feeling of shabbiness as they lack money to renovate things.

    You should go to the suburbs and look at their window displays of their shops; it sets you back 50 years. It looks depressing in some places.

    Luckily, Westfield shopping malls gave retail shopping a lift in NZ otherwise it still looks dumpy….and having Farmers as the name of their common man departmental stores does not help them either as it gives one the feeling that the country is behind times. Our foreign friends were shocked that the departmental stores bear such a name.

    Since when farmers are seen as fashion leaders in promoting up to date fashion wear?….The shop in shop concept has not really taken off in NZ whereas in other big international cities, it is the norm. The only place that looks up to date is the DFS Galleria shop in Customs Street Auckland as they cater to tourists looking for memorable buys.

  3. http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/13264975/brownlees-comments-upset-finland/

    And people like this Brownlee rule this country. A disgrace. A typical stupid arrogant fat hill billy without any knowledge about other countries. He probably doesn’t even know from where Nokia is and under what climate the Finish peoples must make their living. For many years Finland has had one of the world best school systems.
    I am disgusted by such comments and feel nothing but contempt for NZ-government.

  4. More Maori children being killed by their own. Yet not one comment from Maori politicians. I for one am getting sick of Pakeha blame for all their viciousness to their own. I am happy for separate health system, separate school, separate social NGO’s. Separate recreation and sport clubs, separate government departments, ethnic targetted places in universities and government departments. By having all these ethnic separate differences, as a country we can move on and Pakeha not being blamed.

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