Can’t wait to get Chartered, then I’m out of here

This New Zealander says her country is a hard place to live in

I don’t get what the big fuss is over NZ. Let me just say – I am a New Zealander.

Lived here all my life and I can’t wait to leave. NZ is a very hard place to live for those who are not middle class, it is almost impossible to rent a house on your own in some towns here without handing over 3/4 of your wage or getting in a friend or two to live with. My dear parents lived on welfare my whole life and still do – never had jobs, just grew drugs and justified it by saying they are stay at home parents. Awful people, and it still riles me up that they never showed us how to be a proper role model or that to get ahead you need to work. Even that is not the case now though as it seems working 40 hours a week is just enough to live on and you can forget buying a house on a single income. In a few months I’ll be a qualified accountant – a qualification I thought is necessary if you want to actually make enough money to do nice things like go on holiday or buy a new lounge suite or save up.

I am looking forward to not being on minimum wage and I’ll be waving john key goodbye from the plane once I get my CA and leave NZ. to much apathy here with a lot of youth. I’ve talked to at least 4 people who didn’t know about the TPPA and didn’t care once I told them. This nation is full of “she’ll be right”, “suck it up”, and a lot of hate for those who chose a professional career. So many farmers have the attitude that lunch breaks are for weak people. No, it can’t be that breaks prevent fatigue in a manual labour job??? I’m just sick of it. I would love to move somewhere less PC.