Violent New Zealand. A Rash of Stabbing Incidents Including a Machete Attack Breaks Out and News Becomes Sanitized – updated

Another stabbing in West Auckland

Another stabbing in West Auckland


Police are standing guard outside this house close to the junction of Triangle and Don Buck Roads in Massey, West Auckland

It is with regret that we learn that Connor Morris was the young man killed (from a blow to the back of the head with a machete) in the Massey street fight incident. His partner is Millie Elder-Holmes. Our deepest condolences are extended to Ms Elder-Holmes who was with Mr Morris in his last minutes of life. They are also extended to Mr Morris’ family and their friends, may he rest in peace and his attackers be swiftly brought to justice.

About thirty people are now thought to have been involved in last night’s brawl. You can read more about the incident here and here. People are saying it took 30 mins to get an ambulance to the scene.

His brother Calen made a heartfelt tribute to his brother on Facebook this morning. Connor’s Facebook page showed him alongside members of New Zealand’s Head Hunters motorcycle gang and with his partner Millie. Connor’s father Chris “One Eye” Morris is a “high-ranking patched member” of the gang according to 3News. There is also speculation that the Head Hunters, who are allied to the Hells Angels and Black Power (source) will be seeking retribution for Calen’s death, hence the armed guard this morning.

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Calen Morris made his feelings known on his Facebook page

Calen Morris made his feelings known on his Facebook page

“The Head Hunters motorcycle club is one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the country. It has chapters in West Auckland, Wellsford, Northland and most recently Wellington. Its beginning is said to go back to 1967 and has been historically tied to West Auckland although it maintains a presence in Ellerslie through a senior member. In late 2010 members of the Sinn Fein motorcycle club in Wellington have patched over to become part of the Head Hunters motorcycle club.”

The Head Hunters has a  fight club which has been visited by famous people like Mark Hunt and Ali Cambell.” source: Wikipedia

There have been a rash of stabbing incidents in the press recently. Not that these cases are that unusual, but for some reason the details are being released to the public more frequently than is the norm. But have you noticed this? as the stories develop fewer and fewer details are given out.

The New Zealand public is becoming inured to violence, many will acknowledge what happened to one 26 year old man last night occured in notorious West Auckland. They’ll shrug and move on with their lives. Few will question why an armed police officer is guarding the murder site this morning, this is West Auckland. The inference is that this street may be gang territory, reprisals may be expected. Subconsciously, people already know that.

The 26 year old was stabbed to death (update: reports the following day in the Herald said that he died from a blow to the back of the head with a machete, his partner later confirmed it) on the street in Massey.

As was the case with the street  killing of Auckland mum Blessie Gotingco, neighbours heard an altercation outside, none bothered to investigate the noise or call the police.  This morning an armed guard (above) is standing watch outside another crime scene. As these stories develop and are more widely reported on notice how key information goes missing from the official reports.

A neighbour, who lives about 100m away from the address and who did not want to be named, said from he heard loud voices in what he described as “a drunken argument” from around 9pm onwards. He didn’t know about the incident until waking up this morning and seeing the police tent.

As well as the blue police tent, another white tent covering a white vehicle is at the address. Other neighbours that APNZ spoke to did not want to comment.” source

Earlier, a TV website gave its readers more information, saying that a gang of five people were involved. One of them also had a baseball bat.

“A witness to the incident says they were not initially allowed to help the man as it was too dangerous.” source

Elsewhere in the country

Three men were stabbed in a brawl in the carpark of a Northland rugby club

“Police and ambulance services were called about 11.30pm on Saturday to the carpark of the Moerewa Rugby Club, in Simpson Park, after a man, who was not a club member, stabbed one man and cut two others…” source

Police are hunting an ‘extremely violent’ man. Bensemann Vakautu has been urged to turn himself in

” Vakautu is described as “extremely violent” by police, who have warned the public not to approach him.

Police and ambulance were called to Te Tau Crescent just before 3pm yesterday where a man was reported to have been stabbed at apartments inside the old Auckland Railway Station.

The 40-year-old man had been stabbed in the ribs with an unknown weapon, ambulance team manager Norm Ngatai said.

He remained in hospital overnight in a serious condition…” source

A man was found with ‘unexplained injuries’ in Pukekohe. Note how there is no mention of an assault in later reports

“The 24-year-old was discovered in the early hours of this morning by a member of the public near the intersection of Princes St and Beatty St, Pukekohe, police said.

He was taken to Middlemore Hospital, where he remains in a serious condition…” source

However, yesterday this story was being published

“Counties Manukau police are investigating the assault of a man who was discovered unconscious and bleeding from his mouth and head by a member of the public in South Auckland last night.

St Johns Ambulance and police were called to Princes St, Pukekohe around midnight, and the 24-year-old man was transported to Middlemore Hospital in a critical condition…” source

In the Pukekohe and West Auckland attacks did you notice how the information had been reined in? Those are two notoriously violent crime areas, the reason?  Perhaps to stem reprisals, or could it be reputation management.  You guess.

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  1. Certainly a question to be asked (besides the tragic loss of life), is how people who are involved in relationship AND directly related to those in associations, considered to be law-breaking or in some way contributing to organised crime, seem to have no motivation to stay away from that in an obvious manner, in order to value their relationship?

    The other question to ask is why those people enjoy great relationship success, and of course, why many others think it worthwhile to continue this cycle of violence.

    Again, there is a possibility this loss of life could have been avoided, if people either ran away or refused to participate but maybe the “staunch” /”macho” culture creates peer pressure that must be released spontaneously and violently.

    Of course, what can also be seen is how unedited language slips through to let people know how they communicate.

    • That depends on which “public” you are referring to. As long as foreign news networks don’t pick up the story and run with it, the ‘Ministry for Information Control’ should be happy.

      Good catch E2NZ.

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