Violent New Zealand. “Getting the Milk in West Auckland” The World’s Friendliest City (Conde Nast)

Moving to New Zealand because you think it’s a safer, more community spirited place? Maybe you were influenced by Conde Nast‘s recent announcement that Auckland is the world’s friendliest city?

“This year’s number one world ranking is a big jump up from Auckland number 16 spot in 2013.

“The people are friendly, and their humor and view on life is something to aspire to attain,” one reader said.

Other readers described Auckland as a “gorgeous” city on the water with clean air, fresh food and amazing culture..”

Readers of agglomeration local newspaper site obviously don’t rate Auckland as highly, this is the result of the site’s own poll

Conde Nast says Auckland is the world's friendliest city, but the locals don't agree.

Conde Nast says Auckland is the world’s friendliest city, but the locals don’t agree.


Take a look at the above video uploaded yesterday ago from West Auckland (incidentally, this is also scene of the random street killing of Head Hunters MC associate Connor Morris, whose funeral is being held today). Connor, who died from a machete blow to the back of the head, was walking to a local service station with a group of mates when they were attacked. His death was one of spate of violent deaths in the area. Police have yet to make any arrests.

It was uploaded by someone who saw a road rage incident outside a corner store. “Just another day in the west”

“Witnessed a man receiving a few “Good Ones” to the head and not retaliating from well you decide, while pulling into get my milk this morning. I thought I had better get this as filming as often stops any more violence. Just another day in the west AK. Dairy staff very professional. I believe the incident actually started outside the bakery next door. There is some rather good profanity around 1.28 not for me to say sample worthy.” source


5 thoughts on “Violent New Zealand. “Getting the Milk in West Auckland” The World’s Friendliest City (Conde Nast)

  1. its funny how white people always seem to video tape the negative aspects of maori or pacific island people and turn around and support each other…what a dickhead!

  2. It happens quite a lot in NZ, these incidents, the country has lack of culture, is a racist small insular country at the bottom of the planet, its either white, maori or pacific islanders who act primitive and try to cause a fight out of anything because the place is so boring to live in.

  3. Since I’ve been in NZ, I’ve called the police a number of times. Thankfully, usually to report something that is happening to others [domestic disputes, drunken shouting about ready to break into fight, thefts and breakins]. Happens alot, and not just in Auckland.

  4. In my 13 years in NZ I have had about 5 experiences like this. None in 25 years in the UK. Aucklander’s completely over react to minor situations that arise from living in a city. They are psychotic and completely lack perspective. This is why when you toot a bad driver, they then give you the finger. Weird. No sense of humour either !!

    • Yeah I would advise people to think twice before tooting at anyone in the North Island. Even overtaking the wrong person seems to create drama, they race to “overtake you back”!

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