“New Zealand Is Turning Into A Really Racist Country” – updated 26 Aug 2015: Skin Heads and Hate Crimes.

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26 August 2015

Since this article was written in March 2010 the racism topic arose again on the Trademe message board in a thread titled It’s confirmed, Christchurch is racist. Here’s some of the comments for your information…

And the inevitable ‘its ok, other places are just as bad so that makes it acceptable in NZ’ retort, followed by a more rational comeback…

  • The so called Experts are Wrong………Maybe a few people are intolerant, that doesn’t make the Whole City the same…….There are Intolerant people in every city in the world
  • No, they’re not. Everywhere “is racist” to some degree, yes. But absolutely, Christchurch is more racist than average, and probably one of the most racist places in NZ. I this as a local, who tends to think of herself as not racist. But yes, absolutely we are, here.


Here’s some more of the comments, including a copy of a news report stating that the city has more white power groups than anywhere else in NZ, including a harder core of skinheads involved in violent hate-crime attacks

Massey University sociologist Paul Spoonley, say Christchurch has long had a harder core of groups advocating more extreme racism.

Spoonley says during the late 1970s-80s, after the dawn raids era and 1981 Springbok tour, “There were some centres around the country where groups developed who wanted to preserve old white New Zealand – and the greatest number of those were in Christchurch“.

Christchurch now has more white power groups and more supporters than anywhere else in the country which, he says, range “from the polite racists to the harder core of skinheads, who were involved in violent attacks that can only be described as hate crimes“.

  • I have found many Maori in Christchurch racist towards Asians.
  • I’ve lived in Auckland, far too many parts of the Golden Bay, the West Coast, and the UK. Along with Christchurch. I’ve found racism in all of these areas. Ironically enough, some of the most racist people seem to be the ones who like to cast the accusation of racism at others, as if to deflect attention or seek to minimise their own comparable culpability. I’ve also found people in all these areas who are not racist, and who should not be tarred with the racist brush on the basis of where they live. Some people however, either can only cope with thinking in generalisations and stereotypes, or find it far more entertaining to do so, methinks.
  • I have lived in Christchurch all my life I don’t think it is that bad
  • yeah just if you are Asian, some school kids come to you and spit on you or some asshole throw eggs at you.this is Christchurch where Christ left us long time ago. Actually, it was not me who got spat on, it was one of my friends. i did get egged though. you see those idiots who drive at night and throw eggs at Asians here.unfortunately, bad people are much more noticeable than good people.
  • out of curiosity sometimes i check a persons brofile when a constant attack against Maori or other ethnic groups are bought up on here over time and yup sure enough,most of the posters seem to be from christchurch.
  • Do they still have active skinheads in Chch or have they all moved to Nelson and Timaru ?
  • Those who live in ChCh are very racist to those who live in Auckland, generally speaking. Im sure they feel inferior in some ways to be like this?One of the most racist places in NZ is the far North, various high profile families a among the most racist haters in the country.Years ago I had a job with an Australian based company that required me to travel around NZ and do meet and greets. After just a month I started playing up an accent and telling people I was a visiting Australian because of the level of abuse I received once people found out I was an Aucklander. As soon as I “became Australian” – no problems and people accepted me as is, so it was clearly where I was from, not me. The worst areas were Whakatane, Lower Hutt and Tokoroa. In Tokoroa it was so bad my colleague and I ended up staying together in the same room at the back of the unit and moved furniture in front of the windows and doors. I never visited Christchuch back then, but since then I’ve done a lot of work with various CHCH offices, and while no one has been overtly physically aggressive like I’ve experienced elsewhere, they have been very snarky and offensive. Sad but true.

If you’re a Trademe member you can read the rest of the discussion here…http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages.aspx?id=1573779&p=1&topic=5

23 March 2010

For anyone wanting to get a feel for good old grass root opinions and issues in New Zealand you can’t go far wrong by logging on to the community message boards at the NZ auction site Trademe.

This is a thread that was started on 22 March 2010 and has generated a heated debate on the site about racism and how difficult it is for people to be accepted into NZ culture if they look different, it’s not even a ‘cultural thing’ just an open hostility toward anyone who doesn’t look like they ‘fit in’.

Since we first published this post in March 2010 this page has gone on to be one of the most popular pages on E2NZ with almost 25,000 visitors from all over the world  and it has attracted 208 comments from our readers. It has itself become the subject of debate on other fora, not least Trademe : Is this how immigrants really see New Zealanders!

Here’s the original opening post on Trademe and a taste of the responses it generated. At the bottom of the page are scores of comments left by our readers. We recommend that this page is read in conjunction with our Migrants Tales series to get an accurate picture of the many problems outsiders face in New Zealand.

There is much discussion in our flat. We have one Chinese (19 years in NZ), one Filipino (8 years in NZ), one English (3 months in NZ) and two PI (12-16 years in NZ). The Chinese, Filipino and PI’s receive racist remarks on a regular basis yet funnily enough our English flatmate who have been in NZ the least amount of time is welcomed with opened arms. The Chinese is NZ citizen. Filipino & PI’s are permanent residences. English on working visa.

The majority of the racists looking down their noses at us are usually white. Umm didn’t you come here after the Maori? Tossers.

Our landlord & neighbour will gladly rent to us but complain immigrants spoiling NZ, stealing jobs here & stealing contracts overseas. It’s OK to take our money but it’s not for us to get jobs here. Hyprocrite. As soon as our lease ends we’ll be going.

NZ is seen as a racist country in some parts of the world. Even Bic Runga said so.

.The British countries are the most racist towards the Chinese and there is a lot of racism towards Maori. Being half Chinese and half Maori can’t be easy for her.

. It’s no wonder there’s a decline in rentals in Auckland. So many empty apartments. Now all those redneck aparment owners and real estate.      agents wish there were Asian to fill the rentals. Sorry but the Asian students won’t be coming back to line your pockets.

There’ll probably be less tourism as well. Japanese friend have mentioned articles that frequently pop up on the web or newspapers about racism during tours in NZ. Again, it’s OK to take their cash and let them on the buses and let them stay in your hotels, eat in your restaurants but you want them out of sight. Hypocrites.

  • “NZ has always been racist. It’s more noticeable now because of the increase in our immigrant populations (which I think is great, by the way)”
  • “yes i agree but nz is still better than were the complaining immagrants came from so if they don’t like it here fark off back to were they came from. and nz is not known as being a really racist country thats buls***.”

Original Poster: “We live in Auckland CBD and most of us are students.”

  • “Oh well nothing more to do then bugger off then if you aren’t happy. Close the door behind you , thanks”
  • “yea, and i agree this country is racist. I wonder why? when the goverment starts favouring one race, then it leads to unrest and that is what is happening.”
  • ” for many of us the “Asian Invasion” (as it was called) happened too fast…..too many and too fast. It changed the face of city’s and suburbs that at times it didn’t feel like home any more. It was if we were the ones in a foreign country. It takes time to assimilate into a new culture.If immigration was processed slowly, many NZers would have been a lot more accepting. It has also been very hard to deal with rude arrogant and ignorant people, and sometimes I am not surprised NZers have become sick and tired of some immigrants.”
  • if you came to NZ for a better life because your country is crap & it’s not working out for you then go somewhere else, i’m sure it wont bother any other NZ citizens. And I would bet that you were seeking cheap rent so will be living in an area with a significant number of ‘undesireables’ around you… that’s what happens. The answer is very simple… move to a better neighbourhood or go to another country… or go back home where everyone is so nice to you. lol.

To avoid confusion this is the Chinese flatmate here. Let me tell you about my experiences. I was one of those who immersed themselves into NZ culture. I came to NZ at a young age and totally embraced NZ. Was even in the kapa haka at school.There weren’t any Chinese schools or language lessons back then so I don’t know how to read or write Chinese. I can speak in a southern dialect but I don’t speak Mandarin.

You can’t imagine how much crap I get from NZ’ers about me not being able to read/write Chinese. They look at me like I’m stupid and sometimes they will say so.

You immerse you get crap. You don’t and try to sustain some of your own culture, you still get crap.

It’s a lose lose situation.”

  • if you came to NZ for a better life because your country is crap & it’s not working out for you then go somewhere else, i’m sure it wont bother any other NZ citizens. And I would bet that you were seeking cheap rent so will be living in an area with a significant number of ‘undesireables’ around you… that’s what happens. The answer is very simple… move to a better neighbourhood or go to another country… or go back home where everyone is so nice to you. lol.

Original poster: No cheap rent. We live in Auckland CBD. Telling us to leave NZ when we’ve been here for most of our lives. You’re just as bad as those who tell us to either die or leave NZ on the street….”

We’ll leave you to read the rest. link

Update: read about the treatment of a South African journalist, Vata Ngobeni, in Taupo covering the world cup here

See also: An article in Philippine Nurse:

“Amid speculations that New Zealand is cutting down on foreign workers, the island country is still marketing itself to be a “choice” destination country for overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

Currently, OFWs in New Zealand are faced with the alleged tightening of registration for foreign nurses, taking into account the country’s assumption that Filipino nurses are not “at par” with their standards.

New Zealand Nursing Council chief executive Carolyn Reed has even previously expressed concern that the rapid increase in nursing programs in the Philippines has compromised the quality of nursing, prompting them make the registration for overseas-trained nurses stricter…”

See also: Skinhead groups on the rise again

725 thoughts on ““New Zealand Is Turning Into A Really Racist Country” – updated 26 Aug 2015: Skin Heads and Hate Crimes.

  1. I worked with international students a few years ago and some of the experiences of my students really opened my eyes to an underbelly of New Zealand society I had never encountered. Quite frankly, it made me deeply ashamed. There were the stories of random attacks on teenage boys for no other reason than they were Asian, or on teenage girls being elbowed, bullied, shouted out, sexually assaulted and told to go home, get off the bus, there’s the airport etc and those were just some of them. And then there were the stories of students fainting in class because they were being starved by their host “families” or living in rooms with mould that I wouldn’t put a pet in and not allowed to turn the heater on to keep them warm. Over the years I would have taught about 300 students and all of them had had racist experiences here and some that should have been criminalised. International students pay good money for their education, board etc and when they get here their treatment is appalling. Telling people to leave or get over it ignores and minimises the truly bad behaviour and attitudes that occur in NZ by NZers to people from overseas. The flip side is people should act decently toward other human beings and then people will want to stay – not leave. People take their experiences of a country wherever they go and I can only imagine some of the stories that they told their parents, grand parents, relations, friends, family friends etc when they got back. Where did our tolerance, values and sense of decency go in just making an effort with guests to our countries?


    • Tourists do not linger long enough to receive this treatment.

      Migrants who stay longer, and do receive this treatment, usually want to put it far behind them, but some do speak out. Only to be criticised for negativity against New Zealand.

      I am a migrant worker from Wales, renting at a low to medium economic level. The mould, cold, and neglect of human needs – lawful needs that would be unquestioningly met in any other country that called itself first world – something one becomes accustomed to but did not always foresee?

      Pretty land. Toxic people. I am saving for airfare home.


      • YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT – PRETTY LAND, TOXIC PEOPLE, THATS WHY I LEFT THE PLACE A DECADE AGO. The country scene was just a gimmick to lure paying tourists, but beware of Nazi minded white heads trying to murder you when you’re there! Kiwis act in bad faith, and inside their hearts they treat you like an outcast. They all only want to take your money whether you’re in good or bad times, and nobody like to see you settle in with success and happiness. They are envious and hatred filled, only see you in bad terms and play toxic games with you, whether in public utilities, banks, or other institutions. They are there to screw you.


        • Yes NZ is racist or beyond that. At least some ather countries are open to racist while here in NZ is hiden. Been here in NZ for 9 years but what I have faced alots of racist people in this country. My accent or I’m not qualified and so on . Some people here are so sick they have no hearts no feelings they are like animals and they are selfish. This country sometimes I think is a hell the way they treat immigrants. But I can understand sometimes less educated people here. They haven’t been travel to see how ather people live and cultures and see how social ather people are.


          • Then why stay here for 9 years? If there are so many people complaining about this, then why stay in NZ? And plus, which country isn’t racist?


          • The point is what is New Zealand doing about it? Compared to some other countries New Zealand is decades behind dealing with racism.


    • Her observation is borne out in this newspaper report:
      Language school students Justina Liu and Dory Wang, who were seen napping at the New Lynn War Memorial Library last Saturday, say they go there if they want an afternoon nap, because their homestay parents won’t let them use heaters at home during the day.

      “It’s nice and warm here, and the seats are really comfortable,” said Miss Liu, who is from Hebei, China.

      “Of course the best thing about it is that it’s free and there’s no one telling you to turn off the heater.”

      But it’s not only homestay students needing a warm place to sleep.


    • N.Z people are very presides and not good country government is lost lawyers are tiff people are cork do not go there fuck N.ZI have 24 years live there lif the country l


    • last week i went to post shop , one lady was looking at me after few minutes she started attacking on one , why you people came here discriminating totally discriminating, our people are dying because of you… nobody said nothing for me just listening. then the lady at the counter told me dont care about her , some prople are racist here , stupid lady


    • Australia and NZ are known to be racist destinations
      do not go there unless it is a business visit
      Go to Brazil if you need to move out to somewhere


      • periyar thevadiyapayyan,

        “Australia and NZ are known to be racist destinations” Really? Compared to india or Sri Lanka?
        “Go to Brazil if you need to move out to somewhere” LOL
        There certainly was a color divide when I was in Brazil 30 years ago and Indigenous people were being murdered and driven off their land by ranchers. Of course, the situation has probably improved, however, I’d suggest that anyone who is considering a move to Brazil should do their research very carefully–first do an online search for “Racism in Brazil”.


    • Come to south africa and enjoy cheaper living and miles of open space, South Africa is great. Do visit this wonderful county. Forget the nosense and enjoy life, I have travelled the world.


      • South Africa is a bit tricky, if you’re black African then you might get some hostility mainly from the black south africans. Black people from non african countries eg. America and non blacks are generally accepted.


  2. Thank you Annie, it’s shocking to hear how badly international students are treated in New Zealand, so many of them have been abused.

    They are seen as little more than cash cows, worth $2 Billion annually to the NZ economy, you’d think that would ‘buy’ them more respect.

    We’ve copied your comments and given them their own page under Quality of Life.


    • while i admit I have seen this racism 1st hand ( Im a “Pakeha” which is the Maori word for white man/people ) I have had mates at school who came over to NZ to study and have had coworkers who have come over to work and I do believe it is appalling that it still happens. I believe it got worse with the so called Asian invasion, too many too fast and when people started losing jobs, homes and businesses to the people coming from other countries in this short time the racism issue flared again ever since with each new flood of people entering the country is viewed with the same suspicion because our government made a mistake back then and couldn’t fix it, look at how racism wasn’t such a widespread or maybe as noticeable problem before then people will come in small groups not like the floods of people we get now at times so we as a country had time to get used to and intermingle with the newcomers and now yes our government looks at them like cash cows and even the people. The people that come over think there is plenty of space jobs and money to go around because that is what they are told before they move so they save up and come over with enough money for a few weeks at best thinking that it would be easy to find a house,job etc etc, some do find it easy but don’t realize their success can put people out onto the street and worse some don’t even care. I do agree that it is a nasty problem in our country and agree with the comment “PRETTY LAND, TOXIC PEOPLE” by plumtart2003 but I believe rather than demonizing us kiwis ( who are all really immigrants yes even the Maoris read the history and you’ll find it ) but in looking at the issue in its entirety, Our governments propaganda, the influx of immigrants, the loss of jobs and housing etc because there is not enough to go around, and finally the visible symptom of all of this the racism towards immigrants, while true racism still exists alot of it nowadays is not the same it is due to people being fearful of losing their jobs and houses so to try to stop this they treat immigrants like crap so enough leave that we aren’t struggling to feed and cloth ourselves and our families. I believe that if we cannot cope with the level of population we need to let people leave but temporarily reduce the amount of people coming into the country till we get down to a number we can sustain and increase that number slowly so this problem goes away and racism drops back to what it was or even better lower than what it was. its not personal I think but each and every person who has come over and experienced racism from our people ask yourself this ” how would you feel if your country was doing well life was good and then because of some idiot high up you get a massive amount of immigrants all at once to the point where they are taking your jobs homes and businesses etc etc like what has happened to us how would you react to that ? would you do any better ? or would you do worse ? by no means does this mean what you have experienced is justifiable or excusable but we are a small country and were unable to cope and since our government was just making the problem worse and still is, some people came up with this as a solution ( it didnt work too well either but there are all ways stubborn people still clinging to old ways as with every country and culture ) I would like to change the quote “PRETTY LAND, TOXIC PEOPLE” into ” Pretty Land, Retard In Charge Making Toxic People”


      • I am a young American women and have been obsessed with New Zealand for the past 13 years, I have never been but I am currently trying to persuade my husband to relocate our family there. I am a born and raised Southern California girl and went to high school 10 minutes away from the Mexican border. My school was always preaching tolerance of other cultures and always taught how racist whites were. Signs in all our stores were in Spanish, people in the stores would speak to you in Spanish first and kids who could barely speak two words of English after four years of high school would receive a diploma. Now mind you my three best friends through high school were Mexican heritage and I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but these people were rude and obnoxious. They don’t try to come into the country to fit in, they try to take over by numbers. I know how you feel to be overrun and mistreated but then in turn called a racist. Not all immigrants are that way that is true, but when you come over to a country and try to make those citizens celebrate your holiday of independence and wave your flags around and not learn the language you’re just a lazy jerk. Meanwhile they have their hands out to our government wanting money or food stamps. I always tell people who don’t deal with the problem they don’t know what they’re talking about when they say we’re racist here. Anyways, sorry to go off on a tangent about American problems on a New Zealand site! Lol. I’m not like one of those entitled Americans that think everything is about us. I love New Zealand and am just amazed to hear someone so eloquently state what I have felt for so many years.


          • How is this for being racist. A “friend” of mine moved from SA to NZ to go on “holiday”. Having a typical white South African attitude she says she will start a cleaning business there, and get some Maoris to do the cleaning for her. I was always under the impression that NZ was one of, if not the most anti-racist countries in the world! We had a TV program featuring racist Ex South Africans in NZ and the Kiwis giving them a hard time for their arrogant racist attitudes. All these articles are making the locals out to be racist. I thought it was just the ex South Africans???


      • Why don’t you up your game to being more qualified and get the jobs on your merits instead of treating other races like crap for your own incompetence?? This has been a ‘pakeha’ life style for hundreds of years – make other people feel small in order to make yourself feel superior.. it’s all about mindset and nothing to do with someone ‘taking’ your fucking jobs!


      • Typical white man mentality thinking it starts with him forgeting he took a tribal man or man of colours land its happened everywhere Africa, Oz, America, india, then talk about people coming into his country when he stole it first place…


      • Immigrants taking jobs away?
        Nothing more than a cop-out.
        Under NZ law, citizens and permanent residents have first priority as job candidates. The employer also has to prove to INZ that they are taking steps to hire locals first.
        If the locals don’t match the skill set required, then they hire migrants.
        Or maybe…the “immigrants” happen to be citizens or hold PR?


      • Wow l cannot believe these comments, about 20 years ago l went backpacking in New Zealand with a fellow traveller from the middle east, we did some fruit picking for a while, but whilst travelling mostly hitching, the friendliness and warmth from the nzs was overwhelming. We had offers of dinners or beds for the night, never met people like it, hitching never took long, and offers of help in what was best to camp or shop or see was always given. This was 20 years ago. But I will never forget NZ for its lovely warm and friendly people.


    • Excuse me, before you start telling us foreigners that New Zealand’s people aren’t racist please learn how to spell words and use correct grammar, mind you that your people invented the English language.


      • 🙂 I’m a kiwi lad, from Foxton, of English decent. Speak well with a slight accent as I grew up with parents with accents. I even today at 53 years old I get called a whingeing/f**king Pom/Pomme. Attended Foxton Coley Street Primary school from age of 5, attended NZ schools, sat NZ exams, Hold NZ qualification, worked in and run business in NZ since leaving full time education.
        Ive always just ignored it, but the more I hear the word Pomme, and it being used, and then hear from others who are more visibly of another culture and were born and raised here the more I’m coming to the conclusion that NZers just can’t help themselves. They are nation of institutional racists. They like many countries are suffering from the GFC and have governments who do nothing to discourage and indeed actively encourage anti difference mentality.
        We are at the end of the day a nation of sheep and behave not unlike them. Ive meet recently people who consider themselves to be educated and intelligent whole world people who have repeated some of the common held beliefs of the institution racists.


        • ka Pai Tom Im a native of new zealand and so are my whanau. We have all experienced racism here in our own land..whether its been institutionalised, interpersonal or other,we too know how our immigrant people feel. Im well educated, hold a good job, pay my taxes, my children have attended respectable high achieving schools, but has that made any difference to how they perceive us..NO it hasnt, because many kiwis have an engrained mentality that they are better than anyone else. I for one go out of my way to acknowledge and say hello to our immigrant brothers and sisters. Nau Mai haere mai koutou ma!!


        • It’s awful that racism exists at all, but sadly it does exist in ignorance and misunderstanding. I think rather than joining together to complain and promulgate NZers as racist (which in a way is ironic because it is also being awful to a group of people based on their identity), we should try and do something about it. We all contribute to what goes on in the world, together our little actions/choices add up.

          Personally, I am committed to treating all people as I would want to be treated. I am a NZ ‘Pakeha’ (not my favourite term, but my great-great-grandparents were born in England + Ireland so the ‘shoe fits’ as it were), and I think we have a lot to learn from other cultures. An immediate example being traditional Maori values and ways of doing things that I admire and hope become the way of all people who live in NZ, truly embedded into our culture as a nation. Operating on values such as the emphasis on community, on people, and in application – structures such as restorative justice (rather than the British system of punative justice). This is what I will always work toward.

          I am truly sorry to those of you who have had awful experiences. But remember, thinking all NZers are racist is also a stereotype. Please don’t let the actions of a few cause you to view a whole nation of people in a particular way. Please don’t take on board what a few ignorant people say / how they treat you, their opinion doesn’t dictate your value as a person. We are all what is on the inside rather than how we look or what nationality we happen to be.

          Tukua kia haere i matou te rongo. (In the hope I got the grammar right…) let us go in peace.


          • Im of indian heritage. I grew up in Onehunga and later lynfield. I only encountered racism twice in my life. One was from a girl- who later became of of my close friends- who didn’t know what she said. her family came to apologize (she was maori). Second was an elderly lady who said i can be a kiwi since i wasn’t born there. I moved at the age of 1 and have only been to india twice in my life. If i’m not kiwi , i don’t know what i am.
            I never felt that much racism. I went to mainly polynesian and white schools. I personally felt as kiwi as anybody, i learnt Maui and the fish as a bedtime story, my mom worked for the government and love rugby. True i am not dark skinned, i have fair skin and light eyes so ppl dont immediately know im indian (my mom lookS White). But i also remember in high school my friends who were not indian loving my culture and singing bollywood songs to me (which i didn’t watch myself). My primary had an indian group for the multicultural festival even though there were like 2 indians in the school, and i didnt like dancing so i didnt even join- my mom even drew a mural to highlight my culture which is on the wall of the school hall. Indian groups in Pasifika, and an all polynesian group winning the bollywood dance contest.
            I think it is unfair to say NZ is racist when it is one of the much more welcoming nations. I live in Australia now and my dad faced so much racism in his job (As an engineer). But that is more the White collar sector in most nations – it always been exclusive. otherwise not so much. I think it is also the fault of many ppl from immigrant backgrounds who do not mix in. this is worse in australia since in NZ as a small island mixing is the only option, In australia ppl do not mix with separate suburb for different races.

            Im still very young so i havent worked in NZ. But i can say that maybe racism is the past… as the younger generations (which i am a part of ) are not that bad. I only have good memories in my childhood and teenage years.


      • no I consider you probably have rooted your own country and have the best intentions on starting new in a new environment… but foreigners have to understand that when you come here to settle, you must do things our way. that includes manners, atleast trying to learn our language and fit in to our culture which unfortunately is being watered down by the day. who ever said “too many too fast”.. hit the spot. I love my country and am absolutely willing to live with people from all nations, but I don’t think it is too much to ask for people to meet us half way! admin?


        • @anonymous:

          “must do things our way. that includes manners,”

          Hmm, I don’t think you kiwis would really like that one little bit, if foreigners actually displayed “manners” like yours. As many people here have observed, kiwis are the the most neurotic, petty, and impulsively violent people on the planet. Traits that would constitute a personality disorder to people from other countries mean jobs and a fast track to popularity and wealth here in little old kiwiland.

          PLEASE: All foreigners, please keep your gracious manners. Don’t become like kiwis!


        • but foreigners have to understand that when you come here to settle, you must do things our way. that includes manners, atleast trying to learn our language and fit in to our culture which unfortunately is being watered down by the day.
          They only need to “do things your way” when it comes to the law.
          As for language, please. Your country considers their grasp of English sufficient OTHERWISE they wouldn’t have been approved for the move. Take that up with your government.

          I am reminded of what Friedrich Thiemann said
          “When I hear the word culture …, I release the safety on my Browning!” (yes, I know the irony).

          “Culture” is used by some as a way to exclude people without justification, even(especially?) when they tick all the boxes(I know I’ve come away with that feeling in NZ).
          Do you feel it encourages people to come together and work towards a productive goal?
          In short, “culture” in that manner is probably what encourages racism or poor treatment of others.

          “I love my country and am absolutely willing to live with people from all nations, but I don’t think it is too much to ask for people to meet us half way!”
          When the “half way” is amusingly undefined, it means you pick and choose at whim and not from fixed criteria. That could be a way to unfairly discriminate – no written rules = anything goes.


          • not a thing about what I said is unreasonable. if we go down your path and become too accommodating, little old nz will end up as a seccond, please come again England, and we all know how thats going… give an inch and take a mile with indians im afraid.let me define ” meet us half way for you” seen as your obviously not capable of being reasonable. in my words we move and you move to come to a happy outcome for both parties. when you grow up you’ll understand what I mean


          • In my words we move and you move to come to a happy outcome for both parties
            Of course, you decide what’s the happy outcome, amirite?
            e.g. Qualified foreigners driving taxi cabs or working at fast food restaurants, EVEN THE ONES BEGINNING AND COMPLETING THEIR (SKILLS-SHORTAGE) STUDIES IN NZ.
            Lots of words for someone who doesn’t set government policy. Don’t worry, immigrants have their own way of getting justice, if that means warning others, so be it.
            Printing money tends to be the fun way down for many countries.
            It will be interesting to see what happens come 10 September 2014.
            That’s just one week away,
            “If your 18 don’t fergit ta vot!” 🙂


          • if we go down your path and become too accommodating, little old nz will end up as a seccond, please come again England
            Little old nz loves immigrant money.
            Just LOL at your statement, immigration to England from outside of the EU has become very difficult.
            Does the words “Tier 2 visa” mean anything to you?
            You can only work there for 2 years at a time if not a permanent resident. Or the company REALLY needs you.
            London is really in the mood for properly qualified professionals, not the people of the “No. 8 wire” mentality.
            Kiwis are coming there though – under the guise of “receptionists” “au pairs/caregivers” and “part-time English teachers”. The same jobs they say are “bottom end for qualified immigrants in NZ” … I enjoy the irony.
            Good luck to them STAYING though or getting on the property ladder 🙂

            when you grow up you’ll understand what I mean
            If you get properly educated you’ll learn how to make a logical argument. Remember, NCEA is no substitute for a rigourous degree.


      • I live in Auckland and I don’t think It is anywhere near as racist as people make it sound. I’ve heard the South Island is very racist and my friend that came from Christchurch to Auckland had told me that it was extremely racist and the people who tend to be racist in New Zealand are the pakeha people, so don’t say ‘new zealanders’ because that’s labelling us all as a whole just say SOME of the Pakeha people. Remember New Zealanders is a term referred to anyone born in the country. Auckland is the most diverse city in New Zealand and Although I was born here I am not pakeha but have hardly ever b en a victim of racism, I’ve gotten a few rude stares but no comments.


  3. Yes i agree they are very racist having lived there 10 years and experienced it first hand, generally kiwis are underachievers when you start being successful there all the shit comes out, easy for you pommes you get 3 dollars to our one, and the list goes on, decided to move on now life so much easier. The biggest racist ones are 90% of the chocholate people who seem to think the white kiwis owe them a living.


    • I believe it’s easier for the British to settle in New Zealand because a large number of Irsh and Scottish settlers share not only the same language, but the same cultural heritage with you, and this is very important!

      I have noticed some kiwis may welcome you here and as you know there’s a lot of pan-UK pubs, cafe and contracting businesses around. New Zealand is largely an Anglo-Saxon country and there is no cultural or political clash or prejudice against UK incomers.

      It may be a bit difficult for an Englishman though, but I cannot comment on your internal ethnic relations in the UK.

      However, imagine what it is like for the rest of us who come from whereever – China, Russia or Brazil!

      Shall we all ignore this and pretend it’s all fine just because there is no political will in the New Zealand establishment to address this, as this “may put into question” or “even harm” the International Reputation of New Zealand as a Commonwealth Country and wreck it’s multi-million tourism and immigration industry?

      Shall we all listen to “go FK off home” and subject to this “Stay in New Zealand, don’t go to Oz” brainwashing? Because this is what it is!

      Imagine this going on in the European Community? Despite Europe has always been like that in a way, every indigenous European ethnicity has a home in Europe.

      I just want to know, if it matters for kiwis what’s you blood and heritage and if they don’t like our looks or smell, then where the heck is our home in New Zealand? Who is going to compensate for all this misery?


    • You Mr Eric seem to be a racist person yourself and an ignorant one we are not generally underachievers at all that is stereotyping and I am personally offended by your comment and how dare you call the islander/maori people chocolate people THAT IS RACISM pure and simple, and to put numbers like 90% out there is ridiculous you appear to be just putting your 2 cents mixed with bul**** in to add fuel to the fire and making it worse and ten years paalease anyone who has spent at least a year in our country would see your lies and also to those who dont know pommes is a racist term used instead of calling people from England British or English, Thank you “emigratetonewzealand” for pointing this out and showing that the racism goes both ways, I myself of have been called a lazy round eyed **** by a chinese man just because I was looking at some PS3 games, maybe the guy had a bad day or something I dunno, I felt it was undeserving of me to recieve such a comment but the funny thing was I dont and have never owned a PS3 i was just looking lol


      • It does indeed go both ways. A point of order Steven. European migrants to New Zealand would prefer not to be called “Pakeha” and consider that to be a racist term too.

        Steven it is preferable not to refer to anyone by their skin colour but to use the inclusive term New Zealander.

        There real meaning of the word Paheka is controversial in that it may have a derogatory meaning, despite recent PC attempts to mainstream its usage.

        There are 4 possible origins:

        pakepakeha: imaginary beings resembling men.
        pakehakeha: one of the sea gods.
        keha: a flea.
        poaka: a pig.


        • I believe pakeha is a term that refers to non-Maori. It came about mid to late 1800s during the ‘great migration’ when huge numbers of British people migrated to New Zealand. Don’t be offended… it is just a term that Maori had used to describe non-Maori, typically referring to British settlers and the generations that followed.I don’t see the term as being racist, as it was just used as a cultural/race identifier, and it still is used in that way. As the term ‘Maori’ is a general term used to describe a group of people, so is the term ‘Pakeha’. New Zealand has three official languages 1/ English 2/ Te Reo Maori 3/ Sign language


          • Many immigrants are offended at being called Pakeha. They emigrated to New Zealand to become New Zealanders, not to be defined by the colour of their skin. Please remember that many of us come from progressive countries where racial discrimination based on skin colour is not just repugnant, but also illegal.


          • Being of Maori AND Pakeha decent, I have to say admin, you are definitely wrong in your assumptions as to what the term “Pakeha” denotes. Yes there are differing views on its connotations (which is what I think you’re referring to when exploring its origin and therefrom meaning), however plain and simple a “Pakeha” is a person of non-Maori decent, meaning every Maori also has at least one Pakeha line in their lineage. I have several lines, and my family and extended family (all of Maori decent) will proudly name the term “Pakeha” as a part of who they are (if required to give a breakdown of blood quantum rubbish). How could my family and my Maori people possibly be racist to their own blood and bodies? That’s the stupidest concept I’ve ever heard of. “Pakeha” is a term NZ govt has decided to use to label NZer’s of predominantly European decent, but that doesn’t make it the be all and end all definition of what legally constitutes a “Pakeha”. For when did I ever stop being of Maori, Samoan, British, Scottish and French decent? No one is obliged to identify with the term “Pakeha”, but then again no one should be disdained for accepting it as their identity either. And certainly don’t assume it’s a racist label – obviously it’s not. Also, just for the record for those reading this that might actually believe this rubbish – can people please stop generalizing all Maori? We are not all bludgers, racist, land-grabbing, whatever-you-call-us no-hopers. In fact if you believe any of those terms are thoroughly true, you are truly ignorant and need to become more informed on the country you are all discussing. Also, for the record, there’s a massive amount of propaganda going around saying Maori hate people of Asian descent – absolute BS. There are many NZer’s, (do I have to educate people on the many Chinese families who have been here since the 1860′s) that have been here much longer than many European immigrants to NZ. I bet there’s people out there that can identify with the question “how long have you been here?” or “when did you come to NZ?”, and funnily enough you’ve been here for 20 years, or 6 or 7 generations – much longer than the people sometimes asking you the question. I’m not of Asian descent, but having Maori/Polynesian blood has resulted in me feeling like an outsider in my own country as well – many a time. This feeling has resulted in that I never assume any person that doesn’t look like the dominant culture just hopped off a flight yesterday, nor do I treat any person in NZ like an outsider. There’s recently been more coverage on the (un)justice system (as you all like to call it) regarding racial profiling. These are things people that look different to the dominant culture encounter every day in NZ. How is living as a supposed predisposition welfare-bludging, racist-people-hating, illiterate thief in anyway reflective of being privileged? And for the record, I have never known a Maori (and I have a lot of Maori friends and family, you’d expect) to have ever received free tertiary study (between my husband and I we have a student loan sum none of you would like to carry), we have never received free GP visits (we get the over-priced $45 fee just like any other NZer) and we don’t just “get given land”. We as a people have lost land – yes through disgraceful sales, but predominantly through the Native Lands Act 1862, in ways which would shock many of you. Other ways were just out right blatant thievery – for instance my uncle who fought in the Maori Battalion for the Queen of England. He left the Bay of Plenty, fought for Her Royal Highness, and then returned to find his whole farm, all of his land, his home, they had been stolen by the government and gifted to another soldier (do I need to tell you what ethnicity he was?). Yes my uncle went and fought for the Queen, only to return to have all he owned given to someone who fought alongside him, but was not of Maori decent. There are so many injustices like these, mainstream media and decades-old academia is what informs much of the propaganda that informs many of the widespread beliefs held today. Anyway, Maori don’t usually jump on the internet and share their opinions in person – we usually just get mainstream media to tell the story through their manipulative perception, so I thought I’d jump on board for once and share a true Maori opinion for once.


      • Steven, if your writing is an example of the the standard of young people’s English in NZ, then it’s no wonder NZ has problems. In case you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, I’m referring to your inability to use a simple form of punctuation known as a “full stop”, which makes reading a whole lot nicer for people, not to mention it shows that you have consideration for your readers.


        • I’m a 20 year old white (can’t be bothered beating around the bush, I’m not racist, just down-to-earth) New Zealander girl lived here all my life, and I would like to say:

          Lol, trust me, that’s good English in our country. Being admittedly rather intelligent and nit-picky myself, I suffer from stress induced by seeing appalling use of English around me on the Internet, courtesy of my fellow New Zealanders. But yes, that was sadly one of the better written passages you could expect from a New Zealander, the strength being only in that he could at least spell each word in full. Though maybe he was on an iPhone or something with autocorrect. And I suspect he was using run-on sentence because he was furious while typing and trying to get it all out. Oh well…


      • but can’t deny some of the nzer are really racist… i was prepping to go study in nz and was lately told that nz is becoming increasingly racist towards aisans


  4. Completely agree with eric. They’re always banging on about how unjust their situation is, AND keep telling foreigners (especially foreign students) that they have to do MORE to support the locals (isn’t paying 5x the fees, having to deal with language/culture difficulty AND the weather enough)?


  5. I would actually add to what eric says “The biggest racist ones are 90% of the chocholate people who seem to think the white kiwis owe them a living.” by saying that in times of hardship, there will be a large number of conmen coming from the section of society that considers itself “oppressed”.
    It’s very necessary to scrutinise such peoples’ academic achievements by ASKING TO SEE their degrees, and verifying with the institution granting that certificate, that they were actually students there.
    The “ethnic sensitivity towards natives” gets carried to ridiculous extremes when they are not asked to present credentials and qualifications that they demand of others.


  6. White people of Anglo Saxon decent are no different from most of their counterparts in Canada, Australia and the US. They always think they owned the world, they invaded these countries (they called they “discovered” them), never bother to embrace the local culture (English is the first language and culture), treating all non whites like shits. Unfortunately for the aborigines in Australia, the Maori in NZ and the Indians in Cananda and the US, they were too weak to defend their land, and their population is too small to have any political influence. These whites refer themselves as Australian, Canandian, Kiwis and Americans, the rest are labelled based on their ethnicity. Fortunately for the Chinese in China, Indian in India, Malaysian in Malaysia etc they kicked out the British and retained the control of their own country and their culture. These countries are developing very quickly because they are no longer being ripped off by these whites who used to ruled their countries.


      • That’s nothing racist, every statement that Rangi made can be backed up by historical facts. It’s just so obvious. However I can understand people can be blinded and defend due to their shared lineage.


        • Well, we’ve been waiting for one of you to provide the evidence to back up these’ historical facts’.

          Its been almost a year now and nothing has been forthcoming, therefore we must conclude that Rangi’s comment was nothing more than a racist rant.


    • Okay Rangi, you may not know this, but the British maintained control over a specific area of what was formerly China, called Hong Kong. They did not ‘own’ the whole of f**king China. They controlled this area as a result of the settlement between the Chinese warlords and the British Empire, which originally stemmed as a result of the Opium war, Boxer Revolution, etc. They agreed upon a settlement of British ownership for 99 years. The handover back to China was in 1997. And in fact a recent survey (my apologies for not being able to re-source the link) showed that almost 80% of native Hong Kongers would prefer that Hong Kong remained under British Control. Educate yourself.


      • Yes Jono you are right, but you have missed something very important here; why would the “Hong Kongers” prefer to remain under British rule/laws? Hmm? Whats that, no clue? Well let me educate you on this one very important reason! Communism!!! Mao was a destructive wild beast that slaughted millions of his own people. Mao under the control of his nine or so Jewish-American string pullers such as Sidney Shapiro annihilated the Chinese culture. Let me also tell you that Marx and Engles were Jewish-Freemasons, Stalin and Lenin were Jews as well as Charles Darwin a prominent Freemason as well. So what does all this mean? For the “Hong Kongers” it meant that they would seemingly be safe from destruction, slavery and death. –England also through the Opium Wars; caused death and destruction, but see, they had a more nicer way of going about killing people ruling and controlling the land.


    • Saying the white people from Anglo Saxon origin is racist. Racism is prejudge opinion or another’s culture and ethnicity. You sir hold a opinion based on a certain race and are in fact a racist yourself.


  7. Rangi: just wanted to point out to you:
    There is no ethnicity called Malaysian.
    And I’d say that a fair amount of the Maoris in New Zealand don’t like Asians, e.g. Bailey Kurariki….


    • You’re right, I recently came back from a trip to Northland with some other Asian friends, and we were verbally abused by a group of Maoris, I can’t understand why the hatred, they lost their land to the Pakeha, not Asians.


      • Racism is something learned. I heard from someone native to New Zealand that their mothers taught them that Asians were not to be trusted.

        As what Steve Baron learned from Hone Harawira. Steve asked the question: “Given the injustices past governments have imposed on minorities like Maori, Chinese, homosexual (he became very agressive and cut me off here), would you and or the Maori party support the introduction of binding referendums as a check and balance on governments.”
        Mr Harawira used obscene language like the “f” word and statements like “my big black ass”. “He’s just a rude … thug,” Mr Baron said.


      • I think they believe that the latest arrivals – whatever their colour or creed – are just the newest in a long line of people “taking sh** from them”. You cannot disabuse them of this suspicion.


    • The Bailey Kurariki murder was predermined before Michael Choy entered the property –a Somalian could have walked onto that property and would have been killed. That’s like me say David Grey Murdered Rewa Holden all Pakeha Hate Maori. Generalisations about 750,000 people is racism.


  8. NZ job market is quite racist…I might have applied for at least 50 vacancies,but not even an interview call for me,even though i have excellent work experience.
    My friend who migrated to US recently got a job within a week.My friends here informed me that jobs are first given to kiwis.Thats pathetic.This country is going to the dogs…best of luck with ur brothels,sex shops and a pizza co called “hell”…sucks


  9. In reply to all of you, I am a new zealand born half Maori half european woman. Yes, there is a lot of racism here, but its not the to extreme where we have hate crimes, people being murdered. Even though we have a few narrow minded people living here, our laws are created in the way that if even the slightest threat of a hate crime was to take place, it would be dealt to swiftly and accordingly. New Zealand is a m,uch more peaceful place than a lot of you think. We have our problems like any other country, but i can tell you this. We are one of the most diverse countries in the world our prime minister welcomes new immigrants and they have as much right here as I do. At least we don’t have problems like the USA, middle east, China, and all other countries, We are good people, and if you have the right qualifications then you will get a job here, our top jobs are all given to immigrants. Most of our doctors are indian, asian, somalian and english. Pull your heads in, we aren’t as bad as you all make us out to be. And there is this thinking called ignoring. We are that laid back that if people are racist, we stamp them out by ignoring them.


    • I wonder if you think this is a hate crime, Penelope?
      “”I’m walking when suddenly a car came from behind and three guys and two girls jumped out.

      “One guy ran and kneed me me in the (lower) back and I fell front-on on the grass. Then they start yelling at me ‘you Indian mother-f****er, what are you doing here, go back to your own country, this is our country’.”

      Karamvir said the group, all described as Maori in a blue Honda, continued to punch and kick him as he curled up in a ball to protect his head, before robbing him of $400 he had borrowed from a friend. His attackers also took his cellphone.”

      Oh yeah, I had a similar experience in NZ, myself. I identified the people concerned when I managed to flag down a police cruiser. The police LET THEM GO.


      • Note there is no mention of the police in this news report, perhaps Karamvir had the same response as you did. He decided to go to the press with his story in an effort to warn others that Hamilton isn’t as safe as it should be for Indian people.


        • Here’s another one
          Indian tourist cornered, hit with hammer
          By Greymouth Star staff
          2:19 PM Wednesday Mar 13, 2013
          “Greene then ran to the van, wrenched open the door and started punching the driver about the head. When the tourist asked, “What have I done wrong?” Greene said: “You nearly f…ing killed us”.

          As Greene continued his attack, Isabeth struck the victim once with the hammer, leaving puncture wounds on his right hand, left forearm and right inner thigh with one strike.

          Greene then delivered more punches, wrenched the keys from the ignition and threw them up the road before driving off.

          The victim told police that the hammer used in the attack was covered in white powder.

          When police located Greene’s van the hammer, covered in white powder but with fresh blood on the head, was inside it.”

          It seems jail time is only a possibility … when blood has been spilt. Racially motivated criminal intimidation or harassment? No blood, no foul.


    • Sorry, Penelope, but you’ve got your head in the sand. I’m a Kiwi who spends time in Asia, Europe, Australia and NZ, and I’m shocked by the level of intolerance, bigotry and profound ignorance I encounter in NZ. I find myself apologising for the likes of Paul Henry to Indian friends from New Delhi who queried me after seeing his “dikshit” comments on Youtube. We’re smallminded and until we can accept constructive criticism, we’ll continue to decline. I also find NZers lazy and dishonest, so I changed my mind about coming back here. Oddly enough, Kiwis overseas have a good name, mainly because they’re often the hard-working ones with a bit of ambition who decided to better themselves and explore the world. The others just stayed at home to bitch about immigrants. NZers are the white trash of the Pacific.


      • wow sean. this is really enlightening. really. me an my family are planning to move from the philippines and we have greatly considered NZ due to the fact that a lot of hype on easy migration and “quality life” has been generated by their government. but with what you said, i am reconsidering our options. i certainly would not want to submit my 2 daughters to such experience. do you mean that all of nz is really full of racism? even the country side?


    • Agreed to what penelope just said.

      I am indian born came here when I was 12 years old and now I am nearly 29 I have never faced any racism that much. Some of the guys in school called me curry muncher but whats in that to be offended about? I am a curry muncher and munch on it everyday 😉 i am vegetaria so lives on curries. They made jokes on their kiwi mates aswell. Maybe sometime you come along to narrow mined people who never stepped out of their house and they do not know any thing about the outter world. I own a business for last 6 years now and I get 1 or 2 abusives and racist customers (they might not even be racist sometime they just brag about prices) and I get 97% good customers so why would I even think about the bad experience I have had with bad people? If you look at America and UK there is racism between their own people (black and white) so let alone the other races. Even in NZ I get lot of maoris who comment on white nzlander and white people comment on maoris so that is everywhere. Every single country got racism and there are racist people in every country. I have had to made few police complaints last year and it was dealt on time and I was treated not like an immigrant but like a nzealander. I am quite shocked to how many people are calling nz’lders a racist. May be 5 in 100 are racist but we that doesn’t mean mean nz is a racist country. No matter but Nz is still a best country in the whole world. It is really worst in another countries. If you think you are being a targeted just ignore those idiots. Some dogs just bark for no reason. I do not think immigrants are taking over jobs and businesses its all about experience and money. I have lots of Maoris and White friends and they do not want to work they just want to live on welfare so this is not immigrants faults. you get a job if you apply for it. employees always need someone so their hard work and business doesnt go in vein so thwy hire whoever apply for a job. If you have a good experience you will surely get a job. Most of the migrants are not lazy and as most most of us are in nz. They work hard to get a better job all time .
      Tc guys


      • You have no other countries to compare it to. You have grown up with racism in New Zealand and see it all around you but have developed a way of coping with it.

        Have you ever wondered how your life may’ve turned out if you hadn’t experienced racism and whether it has held you back from reaching your full potential in New Zealand? Would you ever consider moving elsewhere to find out what you’re capable of achieving?


        • I have lived and visited many countries, both Western and Asian, and I can tell you that there is racism in every nation!


          • That may be true, but what matters is how it’s confronted and challenged. Did you know that New Zealand was the only country to play rugby with South Africa during the apartheid era? that it collects no data on racially motivated crimes, and that it’s not uncommon for Kiwi politicians and broadcasters to make racist remarks in public fora?

            Please read This is Everyday Racism.


  10. Penelope :

    Yes, there is a lot of racism here, but its not the to extreme where we have hate crimes, people being murdered.

    This extreme does exists in New Zealand, but perhaps you’ve chosen to ‘ignore’ this inconvenient truth? Have you forgotten about Korean man Jae Hyeon Kim who was decapitated by a white supremacist?

    Did you know that the police do not collect statistics on racially motivated crimes in New Zealand? We have written about many, many accounts of racist attacks on this blog so we know they exist, not everyone is trying to “stamp out” this problem by ignoring it.


  11. i LIVED IN nz FOR 2 YEARS AND IN 2 Years eat least once a week they called me prostitute or say to go back home because Im from a South american country, I speak english since I was born my accent is American and it´s easy to see that I am NOT one of them like they used to say.
    beautiful land stupid people the assault me and my husband in chch because we were from overseas and you know what we called the cops and THE COP said to us to go home THATS NZ!


    • Oh dear. Good thing I did not go with my partner over there. Im asian myself but my partner is British. Racism is clearly a display of ignorance and ignorance alone.

      A developed country huh?!


      • Good on you, I never ever ever saw or heard about racism in Brazil against Asians…I know that people take a second look when people from Favelas-Slums_ are coming…but in NZ God I saw so many people talking about Asians and Latins; One man Said- Talking about latins: though that you were funny people, talking different with weird clothes;and I wont tell about other groupes I think its unnecessary…


      • No, no, Elena, New Zealand is a part of a greater Anglo-Saxon ring of countries, such as USA, Canada, Britain and Australia, and her counterparts will most likely turn a blind eye on the human rights abuse (although I have a better opinion of England, than the others so far) both in their lands and in New Zealand, but they will yeall at all other countries on Earth for “abusing human rights”, “sponsoring terrorism” and will wage wars in other parts of the world to overturn local governments and spread chaos and poverty.

        We are quite sick of them in Europe already, because they believe our countries and our destinies belong to them, not to us, because they believe they can architect our political systems and manage our economy to their liking (usually to make us shit poor)!

        But about all the stuff that happens locally – Police here don’t care, neither cares the government. They will sell drugs (marijuana) next to a Police station and local residents will make funny jokes out of it.

        While they certainly have the right to retain their Anglo-Saxon identity and their own high standard of life (or whatever standard they want to live to), some of them also believe they have the right to prevail over other ethnicities and dominate the rest of the world, and Maoris are picking this up from them.

        This is why we have a lot of gangs, absolutely normally and openly operating, quite often they don’t even look like gangs. Same applies to Neo-Nazi organisations, and YES – WE HAVE THEM TOO!

        They live decent lives (or the lives they choose to live) and it’s their choice whether they want to work or not, but for all foreign doctors, engineers, scientists – if you are not a kiwi, or if you are not an Anglo-Saxon (because they turn to like anglo-saxon a little more than the rest of us) – it is their kiwi choice whether you will work here or not.

        They will lie about you, blacken you (meaning tell a whole lot of crap about you to the employer and probably the government), kick you out of jobs collectively (complain collectively, call you paranoid, schitzophrenic, mentally ill) – THEY SIMPLY WON’T LET YOU WORK HERE!

        Believe me, to my years long experience, and I am an NZ citizen – in New Zealand it is probably 10 times difficult to receive government registration to be able practice your profession (because otherwise you cannot work as a doctor, engineer, electrician, builder, etc), than in Australia, this is why everyone migrates to Australia.

        It’s a gang inspired country and when we raise our voice – it’s most likely they will tell you that we are trying to cause “malicious damage” to the perfect media created image New Zealand known to the rest of the world, because they NEED YOU to come here and spend all your money.

        I mean I am naturalised here, but I am still a foreigner to them and called a crazy Albanian, crazy Mongolian, and so forth (I am a northern European by the while) how do you like this bullshyte?

        Most of them are alcoholics and druggies, but for us to be “tolerant” and “socially accepted in New Zealand” we need to really like them to be able to work with them. Some of them would even call it a “problem” if you don’t drink or smoke, or take drugs.

        NZ Government is quite tolerant and democratic, but it has little control, or lacks political will to change whatever happens here.


    • You’d hope so, it was no way to treat a guest.

      The word has spread already. Stand by for a NZ PR charm offensive aimed at diffusing the situation, racism is a forbidden word in NZ after the Paul Henry and Hobbit casting call debacles.

      Will Vata Ngobeni be offered a big ‘incentive’ to write positive copy about New Zealand? We’re hoping he holds out and remains true to himself, makes a stand and by doing so helps to prevent the same dishonour being inflicted on another visitor to NZ.

      All our racism related threads are tagged here


    • The chatter on Facebook is that he is a big sook for speaking up after being unjustly accused, and that he is an embarrassment to his profession.
      Of course, no surprises there, this chatter is coming from New Zealanders …


      • One comment:
        “The end of his article is the kind of writing I’d expect to see as a 13 year old girls Facebook status after a fight with her parents. What an amateur.”


    • Oh well … National is on track to be re-elected, I hope they get it.
      The problems are not only ignored, they are propagated.
      And woe to you if you are not a local and see them, because you will then be “re-educated”.


  12. why is it only racism when its directed at the “coloured” races? we call them minorities when whites are only 6% of the worlds population,kinda strange when whites are obviously the minority! try walking round at night time as a white man ur practically guaranteed to get beaten ,robbed or raped by another racial group in certain areas! Unemployment here is skyrocketing with so many jobs being sent overseas and also so many immigrants coming here, i dont wonder why so many are getting fed up. the government wants to kick people off the benefit if they dont find work,great idea but where are these mystical jobs for all? im a white man in invercargill and everywhere i go theres an immigrant or migrant looking down at me, an indian tryed to sexually harrass me some months back guess he never saw romper stomper ahaha sometimes racism has more to do with love for ones own kind and looking for a better future for ones children than irrational hate because of someones skin tone, just a thought based on my experiences. chin up n.z we arent as bad as the media makes out. oi oi southland skinhead!


    • the NZ elite (read upper class pakeha) are only to blame
      who do you think brought lots of people from the islands to be used as cheap labour and then marginalised? who is encouraging asian immigrants to come to NZ only to take their money? who is outsourcing jobs to China and India, where they can exploit the workers and make obscene profits?
      that’s right, why don’t you blame the likes of JK instead?


      • Instead cost are important to the company for a businessman cheap labour is not an issue. If your are owner you also want cheap labour but job deliver are 100% perfect and fast.
        Anyway whole world in business are going for ppm cost and if you work in electronic mnc manufacturing before like sony/Epson/hitachi/samsung/Texas/stat chippac/intel/Amd or 3m & etc… they are always looking for cost down on your product in every quarter than you will know why the company need cheap labour.
        I been a customer service to handle all this kind of big mnc they want deliver fast and cost effective as per their product technical spec. That is why my boss hire Nepal come to our country to train them run machine even Chinese from china.
        Well communication is hard but when time fly everyone are work as team and understand more even they can pick up your country language.
        Well when thing is change everyone need to adapt the change, if you hv studies management course you will know what I’m telling as the course cover time management change and changes involve culture/environment and etccc…..


  13. i would never buy any products from NEW Zealand. even food (Provision) for my Vessels. i would encourage to buy from other country.


  14. WOW
    Speechless, I am happy I did not invest my hard acquired cash in this country. Pfffft I am even withdrawing my investment visa. The world is big i don’t need this dump.


  15. Sorry – American that lived in Auck for 2 years.
    1 – yes there is racism
    2- Its the stupid kind of racism because its done by the stupid white population thats become uneducated, cant compete in the workforce, and wants everything given to them on a fuking silver platter.
    3- Now saying that, there is heaps of reverse racism where they act the exact same. And for whites, they cant even be safe in some areas. And its not being racially paranoid – they are told they dont belong.

    The best lesson that NZ will learn from racism is the market. Dont go there, dont visit, dont send anyone for an education there – tell them to shape up or no one will want to visit or do business with them.

    Also WTF is with kiwis trying to sell shit that is shit, for expensive prices?! Its not genuine, its not organic or genuine enough for me to buy your crap. Knock it off !


  16. Firstly, I am Indian and YES there is racism in New Zealand for sure!! I am from South Africa(The country with one of the biggest racism issues) and in all my years there i have never experienced the kind of racism i have here..

    By the way to the people who keep saying we should just bugger of and go back to our own countries or go elsewhere!! may i remind you that your government has put a call out to people over of the world asking for assistance in building up your country!! WHY?? Simple!! Your whole countries population can fit in half of one small city in South Africa… In your own news they have stated clearly that the biggest problem here is that people are unwilling to study and use the benefits afforded to them by the Government!! SO no one is STEALING anything from you!! A job is a job and is given on the merit of someones education and expertise… if you think it is being given to an immigrant because they are brown, black or any other colour then i suggest you take that up with your government and recruitment agencies etc….

    If you didnt have a shortage in this country for skilled labour, i doubt any immigrant would bother giving it a second look.. and as for us all packing up and leaving, well we could all do that gladly but i can assure without of a shadow of a doubt that not one person in this country would be able to save it from the massive sinkhole it would cause in your infrastructure…

    I agree with the writer of the main article…. they want our money and for some reason, our money doesnt have any colour right?!! Just good enough to use to feed them , clothe them and pay for their luxuries…

    I am appalled at people’s behaviour here and cannot believe the ignorance i have read here and seen around me!! Do you people seriously believe that you can live in a country all by yourselves and survive?
    Do you realise who the super powers are in this world??? Well let me fill you in!!

    Its not the UK, not the USA and definitely not one european Country!! NEWSFLASH!! Its China and India…… so i would be careful who you get swords crossed with….

    New Zealand is a drop in the ocean when it comes to population compared to Asian countries… Id be careful who i make my enemy….

    As for the people who think the whole world owes them everything…. if you are on the internet then use it for something useful like reading about the history of your own country and the world around you!! You will find that the oldest inhabitants of New Zealand were in fact the Maori and later on the Indian people…..Complain all you want, it doesnt change the history of this country…

    And i aint going anywhere…..why? Because not one human being on this planet owns a certain part of it specially for himself…. the world belongs to God…. so no other human being can tell me where i can and cannot live and breathe…. (unless people in new zealand crap in an extra special way, breathe extra special air and when they speak, warm honey rushes out) If non of these things apply to you, nothin makes you any better than me….

    and one extra note….. ask yourself this one thing all racists who may be reading this….. What do you go to the beach and tanning salons for?
    TO TAN!!!!
    What colour is TAN (yes TAN is a colour)
    TAN IS BROWN!!! (yes thats right!!)
    and what colour am I? Brown
    … this means you spend most of your free time to be the same colour as i am cause you think its better than your own colour… yet funnily enough you have a problem with me cos i am brown…. LOL biggest joke ever!! (just a point to ponder)

    End of the day we are all human beings… if i see you as a human and not as a colour… why cant you see me the same way? Or, is that just too much to ask from mere mortals..


    • It’s a lot easier to justify being bad to someone else when you don’t see them as human beings.
      Hence why they see you as a colour.
      It also salves the conscience so you don’t feel guilty later.
      After all, if a person feels guilty for being racist, that means that being racist is wrong, but some people have such self-belief that they are never wrong … so they can never be racist, even if others see them act in that way.
      Racism is learned. Through parents, friends and education.


  17. Vadar, thanks for putting yourself forward as an excellent (if rather pompous) example of the deeply ingrained racism and xenophobia that exists in New Zealand.

    For the record, Auckland has been altering its ethnic makeup since the first Maori settlers in the 14 century. You already know where Auckland airport is, care to buy a ticket “home” and return the land to its original inhabitants?


    • Not “RETURN”, New Zealand is no communist yet, but “SELL”, back to you and at the INTERGALACTIC prices paid for it originally, plus 100% to compensate for the life losses.

      That’s what I would do, but I wasn’t stupid enough to buy a chunk of dry rocky land and an old wood-rotten dacha here anyway.

      In Europe this type of housing cost 5.000 – 10.000 USD and we call them either slums or summer houses (depending on their condition), they aren’t suitable for all-year round living, and they don’t cost 500.000 NZD.

      Feel the diference!

      By the way, the fact that a wooden box on a piece of land costs here half a million now INDICATES the depth of crisis in New Zealand – NZ has got nothing else, but real estate SPECULATION, to gain revenues from, no trade, no boost in exports, practical economic isolation on the world scale (because we even rarely hear about NZ over in other parts of the world, and guess why!) and now the treatment of ethnic minorities will add to this.

      And believe me this is not to harm New Zealand, but to MAKE IT BETTER, WAY WAY BETTER.

      Every country on earth who wanted to claim the “civilised status” amoung the developped countries, not just because it’s been populated by the anglo-saxon (or any other civilised) population, belonged to an empire or military organisation like NATO, BUT because things are REALLY civilised there, HAD TO GO THROUGH THIS age of open speach and critical thinking about itself, and sooner or later New Zealand will do too.


  18. Go tell that to your con artist government, who is out in the wide world desperately hunting for immigrants!
    Luckily sites like this have come into existence to try to warn people about the true ugly, poor and nasty face of this country. Unfortunately, your taxes keep the PR machine of your government well oiled, to attract more unfortunate souls to this pit. Mermaid chants…

    Of course lots of disappointed immigrants want to leave, but is not easy when they have wasted so much money coming here. In fact, getting in is easier to get out.
    The place just ain’t worth working for, when you get peanuts, mistreatment and well know that you are keeping the very lazies that hate you fed and sheltered!!

    PS: China and India are nation-states with original populations unlike NZ.


    • Moonlight, read today’s Herald report about the OECD Better Life Index and see how it has been presented to the NZ public. Not only is NZ desperate for immigrants, but it’s also desperately trying to keep its own people.


  19. II believe that Asian immigrants to New Zealand don’t get a fair deal.
    I think that stems from a Government and an elite who shortsightedly view immigration as a quick fix economic solution . We take your money. You prop up the property market and increase consumer demand but sorry no good job or future here. They also insist that NZ wages and salaries remain low relative to costs, especially housing.
    It’s really a recipe for disaster for all concerned New Zealanders included.
    Are New Zealanders racist? No doubt. It’s a very small isolated country with a very small population and some fairly dyed in the wool views . Do we have the right to be racist?
    I don’t know.
    I have lived in Asia for 8 years and have found that I am universally disliked here as a foreigner. Yet foreigners here make up a very small proportion of the total population. I am unable to buy property and have to pay a great deal to remain in the country because getting residency is outright impossible.
    Do Asians have the right to be xenophobic and racist?
    You tell me.


    • You are forgetting a crucial point: the image NZ projects overseas is at complete odds with the reality. NZ pretends to be a friendly country who wants immigrants to come and settle, it pretends to have “shortage of skills” (what a crock!, tell that to the thousands of young kiwis going to Oz) to attract immigrants with money, and invents a series of immigration programs to keep the people coming here (silver fern visa, retirement visa, etc.).
      On the other hand, it is no secret that Asian countries have vast, mostly homogeneous, populations. These countries are NOT looking for immigrants. Their strict rules concerning residency and citizenship are well known. That xenophobia exists is no secret. This information is all out in the world, and China or Korea or any of them is not screaming saying that it wants immigrants to go and settle there. These countries are old nation-states with a culture developed over thousands of years. NZ is a country product of the European taking foreign lands and colonizing them, and now bringing more settlers for money. If you go to Asia, you get what you were sold. If you go to NZ, you get a pig in a poke.
      Apples and oranges, mate!


      • Grover: if you are universally disliked in Asia as a foreigner … how have you been able to find work there?
        In NZ, many immigrants are discovering that not only are they universally disliked(to the extent where being “liked” means they can count on being told the straight truth and not be misled or have something they have a right to completely overlooked or “forgotten”, they cannot find jobs in NZ WITH THE QUALIFICATIONS THEY EARNED WHILE AT NZ INSTITUTIONS.
        “have to pay a great deal to remain in the country because getting residency is outright impossible.”
        Doesn’t make sense, because unless you are a university student, (and even then I doubt you are paying the typical 4.5 – 5x fees of the domestic students), sundries and goods are fixed price for immigrants OR locals. Do you mean you are paying more because you don’t have a job AND have to pay day to day expenses? Most Asian countries don’t have welfare. And many Asians are worked to the bone for little pay … which is why many labour intensive manufacturing processes are located in Asia. The contracts of these processes, many come from the West, through companies supported by private shareholders (who are usually normal folk) who want a return on investment that exceeds normal banking returns, and ignore prevailing economic conditions.
        On the other hand, if you are Caucasian, it is no secret that getting some plum jobs (which ask for little by way of effort, research or qualifications) is easier. English teacher? You may laugh at that … but all it takes is _ANY_ degree … and not even a good grasp of the language is necessary. I have seen people confuse “affective” and “effective”. And teaching English too. It seems that as a citizen of a western country, it is a given that your English is flawless – you do not have to sit for examinations which question your English fluency, or pay for them as extras to complete your degree.
        Whereas even if you’re not Caucasian, coming from a Western country brings a certain cachet as long as the basic norms of the region you are in, are followed.
        “White privilege” is something many Asians are loath to bring up in NZ … and something many NZ-ers refuse to recognise.


  20. I agree with all those comments about Asians being treated as “cash cows’ for the NZ economy. See what happens to our German investor Kim Schmitz or Kim Dotcom. He was rejected by the NZ Immigration due to his previous criminal convictions but upon putting $10 million into the NZ government bonds under the Investor scheme, they let him in. According to the press, no Minister was involved in his approval for residency. This is definitely a joke as such a high profile guy would require more deeper discussions into it. It is a slap on the Immigration Dept and the NZ government for their shallow decision to allow him in for his money. And they only acted when Big Brother from FBI USA gave them pressure…
    I wonder why they still allow him to stay on his $30 million villa while they knew it all along he is doing something illegal…did they not deport poor overstayers immediately and put them on the plane? Why did Kim Schmitz have better treatment than other shady immigrants?? I read also that some Asian investors were turned away as their money was considered illegal….so is Kim’s money legal just because he employs some Kiwis???


    • I just drove pass his rental home in Coatesville, it’s got a big sign that says KIM DOTCOM and the property is up for sale. keen ?? 🙂


  21. It amazes me how blatant people are here in being racist yet everyone else chooses to turn a blind eye and say racism doesnt exist…. when will the NZ government wake up and start taking care of its immigrants and ensuring their safety??

    No point putting out adverts begging immigrants to come over due to skill shortages and needing investors to invest hard earned money here…. no one wants to put in years of experience and earnings when there is a possibility they may lose their lives for the mere fact that they live and breathe and happen to have a colour thats a shade or two darker..

    I would like to remind all close minded people who are not aware of the world around them…. NZ economy runs on the back of immigrants… without us, you would be a country lost and forgotten….its also so hilarious that those that really are racist are generally those that are at home each and every day and surviving only on the dole…. before pointing fingers at us immigrants, why dont you ask your government where your dole is being funded from???

    As for the kiwis that complain we are taking their jobs and there is no work left for them… i suggest you visit http://www.seek.co.nz... have a long hard look at the thousands of jobs available there and the statement at the end of every one clearly stating that they will only employ citizens and those with residence….. so stop using that old worn out excuse… it is so irritating to hear and the dumbest thing ever.. If you dont have the education or skill those jobs require, dont blame us for your laziness..

    And finally, i have read and heard plenty of stories of racism here in NZ and i am appalled that immigrants have gotten killed here and things are so hushed, you would think their life was worth nothing…

    If anything had to happen to a NZ citizen in South Africa or India or other asian countries…the world would immediately hear about it…. the scary part is that this NZ government sweeps it under the carpet as if it were nothing….Its a sad sad state of affairs…the human race gone bad…


    • I agree – if you complain to the Human Rights Commission about the abuse of your rights or mistreatment – they either won’t reply, or if you phone them every day will reply by phone and promise to attend to your complaint – but they won’t. New Zealand government is purposedly trying to ignore all and every human rights complaint made from “foreigners”, and I mean formally we are New Zealanders, we vote and elect some of our rasist politicians.

      I currently have a complaint for mistreatment during the employment interview (a clear schauvinistic array in New Zealand’s Southland), but if it fails with HRC here in New Zealand, I will address the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights.


    • Complaining against racism is used as a reason not to hire someone. In a small country like NZ where relational aggression is the preferred covert form of violence (if arson, false accusations or slander can’t be employed).
      Which is why most people don’t complain. Also, since many have bought into the idea that since NZ signed those treaties, the population of NZ will abide by it.
      It’s hard for people to let go of an idea they’re invested in, and being invested in the idea that they made the correct choice in being in NZ despite repeated job application setbacks, is something some peoples’ egos cannot handle.
      They then try to fit to a dysfunctional set of circumstances … turning themselves dysfunctional.


  22. a lot of people commenting on this are very deluded. ive lived in new zealand for 2 years and im colombian/chinese. nz is the fourth country i hav lived in and it is certainly the least racist. colombia, malaysia and argentina are all much more racist than new zealand.
    of course there is racism everywhere but visitors in nz will find that the vast majority of peopl simply do not care where your’e from. and to say chinese or indians get the most racism is a lie. maori are by far the most frequently abused. stop whining about a small issue. in china, people of ethnic minoritys are constantly abused. in india, the number of different religions face a constant battle with each other. and south africa is not even comparable with new zealand in racism. to say nz has ‘shocking’ racism is just dumb.


    • 🙂 bogotaboy, maybe its just your sunny personality that gets you through? glad to hear that you’re enjoying your life free from racism in New Zealand.

      However, there are many who DO suffer the effects of racism in New Zealand and who are certainly NOT deluded. For you to suggest that they are doesn’t do much for your own credibility. It also calls into question your own definition of racism and how tolerant you may’ve become to it.


    • New Zealand has signed a number of International Conventions, including the one that calls for Irradication of all forms of Discrimination and we as New Zealand citizens have to make sure that if our politicians, whom we pay for, proclaim that New Zealand is a “farpost of Human Rights in the World” (so that can influence other countries and say critisize Israel or Iran), THEN it is our duty to make sure that over here (where we live day by day, not just visit and go) Human Rights are up to stratch as they proclaimed they are.

      Sorry, we can’t just judge and measure New Zeaand in relation to India, Latvia, Shri-Lanka, or South Africa. Because we didn’t come here to live the miserable lives as they are over there, but we came here to live the decent lives as we are entitled to irrespective to our ethnicities.

      We can’t just let this country gradually slip to the condition of the most rasist states in the World, by saying “oh it’s not too bad, comparing to”.

      F the human right abuse and F that “to” as well!


  23. Anyone concerned about encountering racism in New Zealand may wish to read some of our posts on this topic. Here’s the link.

    The first post is about thugs in Christchurch who tried to set dogs on a Japanese student, the next story is about an Indian gentleman who was kicked in the head in an Auckland shopping mall by two school girls. There are many more to read after those.


  24. I’m a Filipino,and I was planning to study Phd in New Zealand.Are all these experiences really true?After I read your comments here, I’m thinking twice about pursuing my plans. I finished my master’s degree in Brisbane two years ago, met two minor (tolerable) incidents of racism. I don’t know why, but it seems that the comments I’ve read here so far are scaring me more than what I’ve personally handled in Australia.


    • One word: DON’T.
      Racism is the same, if not worse, than in Australia and job opportunities are ZERO, especially for people with advanced degrees. The quality of lecturers is appalling, you will have no support whatsoever and will be used as pawn for your supervisors benefit. Many people drop out of their programs because of this, a little secret they keep well hidden.
      Go to Europe or North America, or if not possible, stay in Oz, you will be much better off there!


      • I’m a kiwi living in Australia (Brisbane). My partner who I met overseas is Korean, we moved to (for me back to) New Zealand together, and experienced most of the racist stuff people have talked about here:

        *Being randomly told “go home Asian” on the street
        *Being discriminated against both in job application and interviews – this is by far the worst as it affects your life on a deeply personal level
        *My partner was often passed over in shops by attendants, and treated with disrespect when I wasn’t there
        *being told by acquaintances “If you don’t like it leave”.

        Well in the end we did leave. Moved to Oz – Brisbane. We both love it, and have not experienced anything like the problems in New Zealand (read essentially nothing in four years). We’ve also lived in Canberra (five years) and LA (two years). No problems in those places either.

        This is a very kiwi problem, unfortunately.

        …and you’ll get a better education in Australia too.

        It’s great over here! So if anyone out there in kiwiland’s not happy – make the move. You won’t regret it.


        • At least she is lucky she got an understanding kiwi partner like u. unlike me, my partner never understand about the racism situation that i faced here. his responds towards my complained are just the same like other racist kiwi. “go back to your country if u don’t like what people said about you.”

          I work dealing with the customer in a service industry. I always get a racist remark from a white kiwi. I once deal with a grumpy customer and straight away he said “i don’t want to talk to you, you have no PR,”

          What he means by i don’t have a PR skills while I’m just explaining to him about the issue he was facing. He just straight away can’t accept my explanation and ask me to get the senior staff to talk to. I have no choice and went to get my colleague who is a white Kiwi and also very new to this job and have very less experience.

          For your information I was a Marketing research analyst, Media research, Media planner and also a script writer for a TV program in my country. Since that my qualification & experience are not from NZ, it;s hard for me to get a job in the related field. So I accept any job that comes.

          Ok, back to the story, the kiwi man seems calm and not angry when he deals with my colleague although my colleague keep on turning to me to get the answer. I was behind her most of the time to assist what she needs to know to tell to that man. And I could say that most of the answer are from me but that man not even look at me when i try to explain to her what to tell to him.

          In the end the man say thank you to me without even looking at me. One of the customer who was there and witnessed the situation came to me with a smile and said, “Don’t let him ruins your day. He just an idiot.” And she is a kiwi. I thanks to her for making me feel good after that.

          It was one of the few cases that I faced here about racism. In job interview, I had racism remarks when attended an interview at Jireh Cafe, Aranui, Christchurch back in 2011. The owner, a lady mixed of samoan & kiwi, (if im not mistaken, as what she told me) just wasted my time by arranged an interview with me just to say that ‘there’s a lot of asian restaurant here if i’m looking for a job.”

          In my early years here in NZ, struggling looking for a job and to fit in the society, I always told my partner about what I faced. But I got no support from him. He always turn me down and whatever racism experienced I faced here, i just keep it to myself.

          Now, every year I will reward myself with a holiday, traveling around the world and also doing a charity in a poor country. I work hard and save the money for my traveling to learn more about life. Whatever racism that I faced I just keep it to myself and stay stronger each day without a support from anyone.

          After all, the nice & friendly kiwi people always make my day 🙂


          • I recon that a Kiwi would get a better “PR” experience from a non-kiwi but some are stuck on being able to hear and be understood by a fellow like speaking “kiwi”.
            Customer service is an almost unheard of concept in NZ, so I am not surprised that some kiwis would confuse a terrible customer experience by a kiwi as being “good”.


    • If you’re a girl you’ll probably only have to endure some gropes, along with that line from Full Metal Jacket: “Me sucky-sucky. Me love you too much.”
      If you’re reasonably in the dark about what constitutes racial microaggressions, you’ll probably not even see those instances. e.g. when arriving at a house you’re supposed to rent, it’s “suddenly unavailable” or that job which you were turning up for an interview for, is “suddenly unavailable” or people coming up to you and speaking english R E A L L Y S L O W L Y … or telling you “Your English is so good, where did you learn it?” along with reading on the university library noticeboard “gooks go home” or seeing a diagram outside the toilets telling you not to squat on them.
      I’ve heard way worse happens to Asian guys. Being beaten up by yobs (I got away from one of those incidents). But I’m sure many instances … go unreported. As the people being beaten on “don’t want to be seen as troublemakers or nuisances to the police”


    • Why not study for your Phd in Brisbane? you already know what you’re dealing with plus your degree is far more likely to have international kudos than one from New Zealand.

      We refer you to the QS University Rankings, no NZ university made it into the top 50 and Auckland’s position fell from 68 to 82. See our Education and Children’s Issues page for further details.


  25. Anyone fearing moving to NZ based on some fear of racism is sadly misguided. It seems all too easy for people to decree a race as being racist (which in itself demonstrates great prejudice and strong racism) based on little more than what they’re seen on a sensationalised tv report from India or a headline grabbing story locally.

    The facts are that NZ, and even moreso Australia, are very welcoming places that on a global scale are SAFE. You don’t need to worry about getting shot, stabbed, attacked, blown up, run over, robbed, organs stolen :), kept hostage or any of those wonderful things that you DO need to be mindful of in much of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America or indeed some parts of North America.

    Many of those reported “race crimes” are perpetrated by peoples own countrymen, certainly in many of the examples of the “Indian student attacks in Melbourne” that were apparently so bad that the Indian Govt declared a travel warning on their website. 120,000 Indians visiting Australia at that time, 1240 crimes recorder against Indian visitors, 23 of those had a racial tone, half of those were committed by Indians visiting Australia.

    It is all too easy to brand a whole nation on the actions of a very few and it make me laugh that those who perpetuate the Australian/NZ myths seem to be the most racist of all. If not through the troubles in their other homelands, through their hatred of their own countrymen.

    I take no issue with anyone being concerned with racism in where they wish to travel – who wouldn’t check out the likelihood of running into trouble in a foreign country? I do take serious issue with the number of fools that throw around “racism, prejudice, bigot” without due care and certainly without understanding what those words actually mean.

    On the OP’s original statement, yes, you will find racism in NZ. You won’t find us herding up Indians and beating them to death with sticks and rocks as you might see on the Asian continent. You will not see us dragging them from their cars and setting fire to a petrol soaked tyre around their head as you might in Africa. You will not see us kidnapping a busload of you for ransom as you might see in South America, Africa or parts of Asia.

    You might overhear someone use a name that you don’t like – I would like to guess that if you were unlucky enough to hear it that there would be a 90% chance that, whilst derogatory in nature, it was not said with any malice or intention to offend.

    We ask that visitors to our country are respectful of our way of life and do their bit to enjoy it without trying to change it. We live here for a reason you know!

    Anyway, sorry to ramble on. We love our visitors down here. We love to learn about our differences and we love to embrace the good we see in you.

    Enjoy your time down here for the 99% of good you see, not the 1% of bad.


    • Thanks for the reply Scott, when you say “here” where do you mean exactly? Your IP address places you in Queensland, Australia. What made you leave New Zealand?

      Whilst groups of Indians have not been chased away with sticks in New Zealand there have been random acts of violence against them that are very disturbing. The following two examples were both perpetrated by Kiwis.

      Indian Shoppers Attacked In Auckland Shopping Mall
      An Indian gentleman who was beaten kicked in the head in an Auckland shopping mall in front of his young daughter. His assailants were female pupils from Mount Albert Grammar School.

      The attack came around the time that journalist Paul Henry was making racist comments about India on the state broadcaster. A spokeswoman for TVNZ said “The audience tell us over and over again that one of the things they love about Paul Henry is that he’s prepared to say the things we quietly think but are scared to say out loud.”

      India’s High Commission Disgusted At Racist Attack In Hastings, NZ
      Rakesh Kumar, 71, was subjected to a violent attack whilst hosting a dinner party at his home in Hastings, NZ. A drunken mob invaded his house, assaulted him and hurled racist abuse at him. The May 8 attack began at 8.45pm, when a heavily intoxicated Jason David Macklow, 21, directed racial slurs at the family property on Oliphant Rd, calling them “black c**ts”, and “f**k off Indians“. The incident was serious enough for the Indian High Commission to become involved and attend the hearing for the accused.

      Finally, we direct anyone considering migration to New Zealand and who is concerned about encountering racism to read this blog post from February 2010

      Discrimination Against Asians Still A Key Issue In New Zealand
      Asian New Zealanders and international students continue to experience racial discrimination and harassment, according to a report released by Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres.

      It seems that discrimination has increased over the last year (perhaps this is a result of a ‘kiwis first’ mentality during the recession?) with Asians being the most discriminated against. Overall around 10% of New Zealanders experienced discrimination and it looks like police still don’t collect data on racially motivated crimes, despite recommendations in the United Nations Periodic Review of New Zealand and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

      Read on


      • I don’t doubt there have been attacks on Indians. I also don’t doubt there have been attacks on Chinese, Koreans, Greeks, Australians, New Zealanders, New Zealand Maori or perhaps even Eskimo’s should they visit from time to time.

        What I do query, is whether or not racism is always driver for these things. Clearly in the case of all the issues in Melbourne, the overwhelming majority of crimes against Indians were simply against Indians because they happened to be the unlucky ones at the time – and that would be true of most incidents involving people from other countries.

        It is easy for a group of “eager beavers” to get together in a forum and pat each other on the back claiming every other thing as racism but in reality, the likelihood is what is experience much of the time is simply another lesson from the school of hard knocks.

        I absolutely agree that racism exists – I don’t think it is fair to brand an entire country as being racist though…. atleast not without qualifying it to say “XYZ country is X% more racist than somewhere else”.

        Perhaps pick a country, lets call it Utopia, and grade each other country against it based on the number and severity of racial incidents perpetrated by people who call that country home.

        Now really would give some clarity to the matter.


    • Scott, you seem to worry a lot about losing revenue from international students, why can that be? oh right! never mind, especially if you went to Aussie like many of your mates…
      I find nothing more pathetic than kiwis telling us there is no racism. LOL! tell that to me who has endured bullying, name calling and shouting from cars. Tell that to a friend who was almost glassed by a stoned loser in Auckland. Tell that to the bright graduate who couldn’t find a job. Tell that to the exchange student who was almost run over and told to f*** go home. Tell that to all the people who have lived hell in Christchurch.

      What is most pathetic is the arrogance in telling us these things when your kind is the one responsible for the racism! Go buy a mirror and have a good look, you may learn something about nz.


      • Oh dear, lead with your chin then…

        Moonlight :
        Scott, you seem to worry a lot about losing revenue from international students, why can that be? oh right!

        Not at all, I have no interest in monies from Students or Education. Certainly not in NZ!!

        Moonlight :
        never mind, especially if you went to Aussie like many of your mates…

        I’m not a Kiwi.

        Moonlight :

        I find nothing more pathetic than kiwis telling us there is no racism. LOL!

        I’m not a Kiwi.

        Moonlight :
        tell that to me who has endured bullying, name calling and shouting from cars.

        Like every other person I have ever met? When it happens to me I just assume they don’t like me for some reason.
        I guess you just blame it on racism?

        Moonlight :
        Tell that to a friend who was almost glassed by a stoned loser in Auckland.

        Like every other person who actually WAS glassed but didn’t have racism to hang it on?

        Moonlight :
        Tell that to the bright graduate who couldn’t find a job.

        Like every other skilled and developed individual that missed a job…. but this one had race to cling too?

        Moonlight :
        Tell that to the exchange student who was almost run over and told to f*** go home.

        Same thing happened to me in Christchurch!

        Moonlight :
        Tell that to all the people who have lived hell in Christchurch.

        Tough town. What else would you expect in any tough town anywhere else in the world?

        Moonlight :
        What is most pathetic is the arrogance in telling us these things when your kind is the one responsible for the racism!

        And what kind is that? (personal attack deleted by E2NZ)

        I didn’t throw 2c in for an argument, I chipped in for an alternate view. Something I would have thought a thread full of people searching for open discussion on a sensitive and polarizing subject would embrace.

        Funnily enough, I’ve encountered limp responses that include little more that the same things that everyone I know has endured at some time or another.

        My comments in my original post were not meant to cast NZ as a “racist-less” place, but as a place where you should not fear travelling to for its racism issues.

        Please enlighten me with any Country on this planet where strong racism, prejudice or oppression are not or have not been a REAL issue.

        In this world, racism is a debate about relativity. It is either better or worse than somewhere else – not is it there or not.


        • Interesting thought but wrong on so many levels. What would you do, construct a league table of racism for every country in an effort to show how New Zealand compares to other countries?

          Wouldn’t a better alternative be to examine a country’s record on combating racism. i.e. how much it tolerates racism or not: For example the establishment of robust and progressive anti-discrimination legislation, effective enforcement of it and suitable penalties for breaking that legislation. The presence of proactive policies in education, sport, media and in the workplace.

          Did you know that NZ police won’t even collect data on racial abuse and the government say its not a priority? There is no data to even work with in New Zealand so how can anyone judge the effectiveness of anti-racism initiatives.

          Even New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres, has asked for that. As far back as September 2009 we covering reports which stated that everyday ‘race hate’ is rife in places like Christchurch. At that time Joris de Bres said race-hate crimes were a problem not just in Christchurch but around the country and were occurring more often than was reported to police:

          “It’s becoming more and more urgent for police to gather data of racial abuse. The Government does agree but has said it’s not a priority. People needed to report their experience and schools needed a culture of tolerance and respect, he said.”

          p.s. please don’t give your comments the thumbs up before they’ve even published. That’s just silly and who are you trying to impress anyway? 🙂


          • Hello Scott,
            I am a bit uncertain of who you are exactly, Aussie..(?) from what i gather, not kiwi you told so, So my question is; On what facts and knowledge can you tell that, racism isn’t perpetrated on a daily basis in NZ ?
            Although i agree with you that calling a Country racist isn’t, cannot be accepted as verified and absolute fact. I mean by this, not 100% of the people of a Nation is racist, and if it would be so, I believe this would come down to probabilities of 1 upon a very large number.
            This said, if 100% of the people can’t be racists, what if 60% of this Nation, let’s call them a “Cast”, is actively, on a daily basis, exerting random, racially motivated assaults against a specific representative Ethnic group, with knowing, that they’ll receive NO or very rare penal retributions for their bestial deeds, for the Government has its Own agenda of demeaning by all means possible and unimaginable, This specific group.
            What if of the people, 70% of this “cast” Is racist, or 80% or more or less.. , How can You tell then, how deep the rabbit hole is , and how to measure the degree of racism ?
            Wouldn’t you feel the same way in face of an institutional prejudice, that you’d endure and try to make up with ?
            How much racist would you deem this country to be, would you say ” Ohh by Jove, this country is 60% racist, yet my life is hell ..arrrggghhh ” , just ask yourself what would be your exact words ?
            I was contemplating immigration, as i pictured NZ as “Heaven on earth”, close to nature, friendly, welcoming,then a friend asked me “do you know anything about the place ?” ..” heuu well ..humm No ! ” , obviously i have now my answer..
            Why, because i can tell from all the comments, from several Youtube videos, from forums on the web, ALL relating to Police random and systematic targeting ID controls and checks, discrimination at school, work and in job prospects, Judges not investigating misdeeds of Police and Citizen against Ethnic minority groups.
            How do You, with all these testimonies, find there is no ground at all to conclude ” This country IS racist !!!” .. Especially when you Do Not live there, you’re Australian and you live in your country !? BTW, just for informal purposes, check out some youtube vids on Australians’s rants, in the metro, the streets etc..
            I live in France, i am Black, and I experience racism on a daily basis, not from 100% of the people, yet a very large majority, and believe me, not all of it comes from White people, but too from Algerians, Tunisians, Africans …yes Black men and women discriminating Me, for my skin is the mix of my Caribbean Mom and White Dad..go figure !?
            In a word, racism has many faces and many forms; “In your face”, violent, latent and sneaky, institutional, constitutional (ie;Apartheid), and the worst of all; against One’s own ethnicity.. Until you have lived it, had the experience of the guilt One may feel yet being the victim, the questions you ask yourself ” have i done something to bring this upon myself?”..until you have had these repetitive experiences once, twice, thrice and on and on, You Cannot/ Should not speak out of turn..rather listen and feel for your fellow human.I write this because i understand your heart is in the right place..just like many other but not like Everybody !
            Peace to all


    • Scott seems to be the only one here making his point whilst taking others opinions into account. It’s all fair to say there are racist people who are from New Zealand, but don’t you think it’s a bit strange to class all New Zealanders as racists for the actions of a few? And on the point of nazi’s, are all Germans racist for what one group from Germany did?
      I myself am a kiwi, and am fully aware of racial problems not only here but throughout the world. I own my own home where I flat with a guy from China. I made the choice to have him as a flatmate, and no where along the way did I think not to have him because of where he is from. He loves it here in NZ, and I can appreciate that some people will have had bad experiences, but so have we who have lived here, and so probably have you wherever you’re from!
      Some of you seem to be fighting something you hate with the exact same methods used by what you’re fighting against. Open your minds a bit and try and see that no matter where you are in the world there will be ‘racists’ and whoever else you don’t like, but there will always be people you can get along great with too!


  26. I’m not a Kiwi.

    Scott, you also said

    We ask that visitors to our country are respectful of our way of life and do their bit to enjoy it without trying to change it. We live here for a reason you know!

    which is it Scott? are you’re a recent convert to the New Zealand culture and eager not to have your belief system shattered. Is your way of accepting it to tell yourself that other places are so much worse?

    What if they’re not?


  27. E2NZ :
    Interesting thought but wrong on so many levels. What would you do, construct a league table of racism for every country in an effort to show how New Zealand compares to other countries?
    Wouldn’t a better alternative be to examine a country’s record on combating racism. i.e. how much it tolerates racism or not: For example the establishment of robust and progressive anti-discrimination legislation, effective enforcement of it and suitable penalties for breaking that legislation. The presence of proactive policies in education, sport, media and in the workplace.

    How a Government [says it] wants to tackle racism and how the people of the same country feel and act are two very different, and often mutually exclusive things.

    Governments that try to control peoples thoughts are in the fine company of North Korea – and isn’t that a glowing ideal.

    If you want to measure a countries approach to racism [and that is a country of people, not a government] then you must look at what is real and happening, not the polished message of a bureaucrat.

    Racism is everywhere – period. The sales pitch of a government do not change that, at best it might suppress the obviousness until a blow-up happens. Pick a country, any country, and I’ll rattle off a list of racial atrocities.

    The mere fact that you have dark skin is not always the reason you are harassed. The notion that you did not get a job because you are a Jew is mostly ridiculous. The fact that you got a glass shoved in your face is almost certainly just because you are one of those making up numbers in the human race.

    Where would you rather live E2NZ? In Auckland where you “might” get a drunk might call you a name and where the odds of you getting punched are below the average of Kiwi’s ——> or in the Middle East where they might beat you to death for what they think your beliefs might be?

    Racism is everywhere, the only way to measure it is in relativity. If every country is bad at best, because some racism is exhibited, then all you can do is aim to avoid the worst.

    The ideal is great, but it is just that – an ideal. Pick the best country you can, make it your home and do your bit to make it a better place.

    You obviously believe racism is an issue and I wholeheartedly agree. It is the scale of that issue, the misinformation on that issue, the wrongful reporting of that issue and the festering racism that the aforementioned perpetuates that I loathe too.

    As an aside, I have been called a racist in the past few weeks. I parked my car, with my wife and child, at a supermarket in Brisbane. Why was I a racist that day? Because the person I did not see that was also going for the same spot happened to be an African of some descent.

    Surely right now, in a pub, club, home or forum that person is prattling on about the racist, egalitarian bastard that took a car space based on race. Maybe they’re on here right now!

    I have said my bit and care no more to explain an alternate view. I hope you find your Utopia one day.


  28. Racism is everywhere but mostly in new zealand as people in this country don’t have any respect for other human beings in this world. They are mostly racist towards asian and often throwing rubbish at them or even beat them to death because they are asian…


    • exactly, and the worst thing is how they deny this happening or try to give some pathetic excuse (see above posts as an example…), the kiwi thinking is monolithic and full of denial, one of the reasons that make nz such a s**t place to live in…


    • An interesting discussion about that:
      “Kiwi experience is a very subtle coercian tool. It is a way to take away your power and hand it over to the arbitrary legitimizers.

      Example. If a job requires more qualifications, I can empower myself to get the qualification.

      I can’t empower myself to get Kiwi Experience. I have to hand over my power to somebody else to do it for me.

      Therefore, New Zealand, for migrants, is not a true meritocracy. It is a dictatorship masquerading as a democracy.

      For some Migrants, the constraints of Kiwi Experience are loosened. For others, tightened.

      Then New Zealand wonders why it flounders in the OECD. Because it doesn’t want people to win. It wants certain people to win – not all people.”


      • “Kiwi experience” is imo an excuse to legally get away with discrimination (I’m not sure if they can be sued for racism in backwards nz, as happens in the US…).
        It’s a load of bull*****, what makes the “kiwi” in the experience so special?


  29. Much like academics are more petty and vicious because the stakes are so small, New Zealand feels extra-ferocious about being “overrun” by foreigners because there’s so little land to run over.


    • Except for when James Cameron want to buy a few farms and he’s welcomed with open arms. Would he have had a different reception if his name was Jackie Chan?


  30. It’s funny how most Kiwis hates the asian community here while the government seems to believe that the Asians are the key to having a better NZ economy. Maybe one should sent this blog address to all decision makers or government representatives in Asia who has the idea of having an agreement with NZ government. A warning that they will just use, their people, the Asians as a tool or better yet, Cash Cows and not respect them as a human being. I’m just saying…coming from my personal experience of Asian racism.


    Just take a look around the area in Auckland. Most restaurants are dominated by Asian Restaurants – thai, malaysian, chinese, indian. 2dollar shops owned by Asian businessmen are the one thriving. These businesses are probably one of the biggest contributor in the NZ economy.


    • “government seems to believe that the Asians are the key to having a better NZ economy” –
      Um, no, the government believes that ASIAN MONEY is the key to having a better NZ economy. Not the real live Asians attached to the money. 😉 They can piss off. IMHO that’s the attitude.


  31. Who thought that the Kiwis are down-to-earth, friendly and helpful when the large majority of underclass are into bad manners.A Caucasian lady stole my parking lot in a Westfield Mall in Auckland some years ago even though she saw me waiting for the other car to get out of the car park lot.Even the other car driver, an Indian lady was so upset with this lady’s action of bullying or inconsiderateness that she stopped her car and spoke to me.
    I also heard of a customer spitting into a jeweller’s face as she thought that the jeweller took some grams of her gold away from a ring she sent to him for melting. These are crude and uncivilized manners coupled with going out with no shoes, smelling awful, unkempt hair and clothes. I have been to many other countries and still have not encountered people yelling at you from their cars or throwing drink cans at you. Does anyone has similar experiences in other countries?
    The gentrification of the underclass will take more than 3 generations if any government bothers to spend any budget on them…it is a long way to civilized society in NZ. One reader from UK is really right about NZ; it is a South Pacific island more than a first class country with superior infrastructure.
    Bullying the refugees is the same as opposing the Chinese to buy the Crafar farms as the paper shows that Americans, Canadians and even Liechtensteinians are buying far more land than the Chinese.

    “Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson has called the negative reaction to the Crafar farms xenophobic and racist.

    Williamson said that when Canadians, Americans, Germans and Swiss bought farmland there had not been a ”mutter or a murmur”.

    So the Kiwis are ignorant and display their fears making a mockery of themselves.
    I suggest they should turn themselves into the next North Korea where nobody gets in and nobody gets out and all things stay status quo for the next hundreds of generations. Nobody will be complaining of oil diggers coming to steal the oil, etc and you don’t have to sell state assets as well so no more protests at Waitangi Day.
    NZ will have peace eventually….


    • In line with that, a reply to what Prasad said would be very interesting

      Prasad #16 05:11 pm Feb 13 2012

      I think the way ford is to limit kiwis from going to university. It is too expensive and the country cant afford it.

      It makes more sense to say allow 25% of Students to be kiwis and have it free, Then the other 75% can be full fee payers from overseas like I was and then all foreign students should get residency after graduation. The rest of the kiwis who miss out can do ordinary work like supermarket,labouring and retail work, and then the graduates like myself dont have to do that low class work and have the high income statys wee deserve.


      cm #6 11:06 am Feb 13 2012

      For every dollar the student invests, we taxpayers invest two. For that reason it is important that more students take course that actually have a real benefit to society.

      As for PhDs… their worth depends very much on the area.

      A BSc in Computer Science is enough to get you a job that pays well. On the job experience is generally considered more valuable than extra degrees.

      In chemistry, a BSc allows you to be a low-level lab worker. You need an MSc or PhD to be taken at all seriously.

      As for a PhD in French History…. well that’s pretty much worthless.

      My comment? I’d disagree with that idea of a STEM qualification “easily earning you a place in a higher pay bracket”.

      Reason being that your bosses are very likely unqualified, and intimidated by real credentials earned through hard work, critical thinking and an analytical process. The people who have only an “MBA without a first degree” are very likely to be both crooked and misrepresent themselves, since a (professional) degree indicates adherence to certain codes of conduct and the requirement to be audited … which HR overlooks to their legal detriment.

      It doesn’t help that for many instances of employment in NZ, it is not “what you know” but “who you know”.
      A professional will likely be turned down for a mate of the boss’ son, in any position where the faults of faulty personnel staffing decisions can be glossed over.

      Throughout all my enquiries for a STEM position in my field of qualification in NZ (over 50, not counting resume drop-offs to HR consultants AND positions in technical support (where I noticed the technicians could not perform proper diagnoses or explain what was wrong)), I did get the chance to hear one of them tell me that my resume would most likely be binned (despite the university I attended), and not to expect a reply since I was an international student (nevermind the fact that I had finished my qualification and had completed my course completely in New Zealand).


  32. As far as racism is concerned in New Zealand, I admit that it’s very much alive. However, instead of complaining about it, immigrants should instead understand it. Why is there racism? When I was growing up, I didn’t see an Asian until about the age of 14. Now within only a few years, Asians are fulling up our streets, driving flash cars, buying luxury items such as cars, houses etc… All because they have more or less brought their way into New Zealand for a better life. These immigrants may or may not have the skills we lack, and may or may not necessarily be interested in working in any of those fields. Instead, they want to come to New Zealand for the social benefits such as health, air and a higher standard of living that they will never get in Asia. Because of this very reason, they aren’t interested at all in integrating into society, rather they want to segregate themselves and live their life as if they were in their home country. If they only took a look at themselves, they would understand why there is so much resentment towards them. 1. they don’t integrate into New Zealand. 2. Most don’t have any desire or aspiration of integrating. 3. They don’t see how their spending habits and bling actually go against the New Zealand culture, how traditionally we conserved and saved, making do with what we had without the need for copious luxury goods… how does this make kiwis feel when a segment of the population goes against the grain?? – Maybe NZ is a little behind the times, but progress such as this needs to be introduced slowly as culture is a mindset not easily changed. Instead, the so called “asian invasion” has dramatically changed things, too quickly resulting in resentment and “racism” but I think the same would apply in any country with such circumstances. 4. They only speak their language, or they speak English to you, but speak Chinese in front of you when another Chinese is present, completely cutting you out of the conversation. 5. They spit a lot …… I’m not saying that Chinese are wrong, and I’m not saying that Kiwis aren’t racist… All I’m saying is that for the most part, Chinese were originally culturally insensitive to New Zealanders which in turn created a butterfly effect still existing today.

    In addition I speak chinese, I lived in China for 1 year… I found it too racist and moved home. One reason for that was when I spoke Chinese to Chinese people (in China), they would only reply to me in English… how arrogant? not to mention how my Chinese is better than most of their English…. And how dare they assume my native tongue is English just because I’m white. Now I have returned home, I have noticed the Chinese government investing a lot of money nation wide to provide an avenue for non-chinese to learn chinese, encourage us to learn chinese culture and live and breath the language through the confusious institute…. now, where’s the logic in that when the Chinese are so superior to any other race that they refuse to speak their own language to a non-chinese citizen? My girlfriend (to be wife) is Chinese, and the majority of Chinese are ruining the reputation for the minority of Chinese like my girlfriend who are actually traditional, humble and sincere people who care about others and uphold the traditional and beautiful aspects of old China. That gets me started on another point, every single Chinese that has found out I’ve got a Chinese girlfriend from China has openly at some stage or another said to me or my girlfriend in private that our relationship will fail, we will get a divorce and that there’s no future. WTF? It annoys me so much. Looking at the statistics, married couples have a 20-30% chance of divorce, which is quite high in comparison to some Asian countries, but still low enough to unwarrant those unfriendly, uninviting comments that our relationship will fail. It hasn’t so far, and I can’t imagine it ever will. In comparison to China, when European men marry their wife, they stay loyal most of the time, yes there’s always an exception to that rule, but that’s the general census. China however, the man gains more face with every new addition of mistresses. They either cheat on their wives with prostitutes, or they have another if not a few more girlfriends on the side…. with all this going on, what gives Chinese the right to condem our relationship on the basis that I’m white? Answers please???


    • Reece I like you have lived in Asia and still do.
      I agree with all the points you made.
      The big problem is one of culture.
      India and China have ancient cultures and the people from these countries identify strongly with them.
      We have been taught, our culture does not exist but we must respect the culture of others.
      It’s a weird situation.
      Asians can justify their actions right or wrong based on their cultural views.
      We can not.
      I would love every liberal Kiwi to spend some time in Asia. Work there.
      Understand that real cultural differences exist between Asia and New Zealand.
      Maybe then they won’t be so carefree using the label “racist” and some real progress in terms of cultural understanding can be made. It would also encourage the development of more intelligent policy regarding the movement of people between the two regions .
      As somebody recently posted, Asian nations do not want immigrants from outside their own countries. This is understood. It’s what they want and they are completely honest about it.
      P.S. I still can’t take the spitting. Yuk.


    • “hat gets me started on another point, every single Chinese that has found out I’ve got a Chinese girlfriend from China has openly at some stage or another said to me or my girlfriend in private that our relationship will fail, we will get a divorce and that there’s no future. WTF? It annoys me so much. Looking at the statistics, married couples have a 20-30% chance of divorce, which is quite high in comparison to some Asian countries”

      I like East Asian girls physically, and don’t pay attention to any liberals feminists – looks do count a little. We buy beautiful flowers. Physical attraction is nothing to be ashamed of and often reflects the personality and nature of the person. You fancy someone – it’s that simple – their way, their look, their personality.

      But, and it’s a big but, I wouldn’t trust any Chinese girl as my true girlfriend or potential wife, Until she provides me with a child. That’s Asian culture, not me. As long as she’s not into a a child, you’re more than likely a visa or a passport or money for her family back home in China.


  33. I would like you Reece, to answer a few questions. Why do you think you are not racist?
    Why do you think you must make an excuse for kiwi racists?

    Let me tell you what I have observed from your ill informed comments.

    Firstly is buying a luxury car or a decent house a reason for racism?, if this goes against kiwi culture of (” how traditionally we conserved and saved, making do with what we had without the need for copious luxury goods…”) then does that mean kiwi’s are un-accepting of cultures that are different from theirs?, or does it mean that when any immigrant arrives in New Zealand must they forget who they are or their reasons for coming to New Zealand??

    So tell me – “HOW DOES? this make kiwis feel when a segment of the population goes against the grain??”

    Why would anyone in their right mind leave their country for any other reason than for a better life than they already have?? ….healthcare and “air” etc may be advantages to some people, just as higher salaries in Australia are attractive to Kiwis crossing the border…..are these not for the same reasons?? A better life?? No immigrant would come to this country if New Zealand didnt have anything to offer them…. in return New Zealand gains skills and more taxpayers which supplements healthcare, social security and even your precious “air” not just for themselves but for every person living in New Zealand. It is always going to be a mutual relationship….

    Do not assume that it is easy to get into New Zealand just because of money that you think immigrants buy their way in with…….many immigrants come from Countries whose currencies values are significantly less than the New Zealand dollar and from places where they have to pay for their own healthcare and social security and no government assistance is provided….if you don’t work, you don’t eat or have a roof over your head, if you don’t pay for education, you live without it…

    So the skilled migrants that immigration is being so tough on when wanting to immigrate to New Zealand have paid their way in time and money to gain educations in their own countries which in turn benefits New Zealanders just for the very healthcare and “air” their pay for here by way of taxes. I can honestly tell you, any immigrant in his right mind will willingly pay less taxes and forfeit healthcare and take care of his own health.

    Ask yourself another question….or better still… ask your girlfriend what LANGUAGE is CHINESE? As far as i know there is no such language and how is it not offensive when Kiwi suddenly speaks “chinese” to someone who he assumes speaks “chinese”…..how did you know that they speak “chinese” and not any other language or even english for that matter?? If you are offended by someone speaking to you in english and assuming that is your language, how do you expect a chinese person not to be offended??

    Who is being racist now? You judging them by the way they look or them judging you by the way you look?

    What is so wrong about the chinese government funding classes to learn their language? Since as you say there is an influx of chinese people in new zealand, would it not be a good idea to build better relations with the people who live in your community?
    Is this an insult to the kiwi way of life to learn another language?

    Its like saying that by offering sign language classes in this country the government is saying that all hearing people must become deaf??? Does this make any sense to you ???

    By the Chinese government offering this service, does this not prove to you that the chinese people have no problem with you joining in their conversation when they speak to each other and instead not see it as an insult that they prefer to speak their language just as you prefer to speak english to your friends in a public setting as that is the language you are most comfortable with? Should then the chinese person feel insulted that you are not speaking his language when he is present??

    Have you thought about how considerate a chinese person is being by speaking your language (english) to you instead of speaking his language to you which is more comfortable for him and not expecting you to speak “chinese” or simply understand it?

    You are very quick to insult and demean a chinese man in saying that they have mistresses or see prostitutes…. exactly how many chinese men do you know to be able to paint them all with one brush but instead you want chinese people to be considerate to you with regards to your faithfulness regardless of the clear statistics that you yourself have pointed out….??

    Remember this one fact, china has a population estimated to be over 1 BILLION whereas the total population of New Zealand is estimated at just 4.4 MILLION. It is far easier to paint New Zealanders with one brush because of the small population but no one is doing this….so once again ask yourself who is being racist and judgmental??

    These are observations i have made of your comments and my personal answer to you.

    You may say that i am racist because of what i have said but as far as my comments go, you have no idea what race or nationality i am.

    So look at yourself and the way you have separated New Zealand whites from New Zealand asians and tell me this is not racism and how does your view differ from any other “so called racist kiwi” ??


    • The thing to watch out for is this:
      “Students flee NZ over job fears
      By Elizabeth Binning
      9:30 AM Saturday Feb 25, 2012

      Finding a job is one of the biggest worries for today’s tertiary students – so much so that many are planning to leave the country when they finish studying.”

      “When asked what their biggest fear was once they had left study, 21 per cent of students said it related to whether or not they would be able to find a job in their chosen field.”

      My prediction (towards Asia) is for an increase in English teachers without any real qualification in teaching English beyond the cachet of coming from New Zealand,
      My prediction (towards NZ) is for an increase in immigrant labour and the use of the 90day probation as a chance for businesses to overwork people and shuffle them around so they don’t have to pay permanent salaries.

      “student loan holders who do go abroad tend to have bigger loans than those who remain here after completing their study.” International students will be paying for that shortfall, with no guarantee of a proper job (paying 5x the fees, and then having the perception around that they “bought their degrees”, while locals get to say they “got their degrees on merit”)
      At many universities I am sure the question that international students dare not ask is “will we get a job after we have finished here?” and the student advisors will deftly tell them that they have shortcomings which can’t be addressed (actually, it’s more like prejudices from others which can’t be surmounted).

      The funny thing about that article is that they never mention how many applications an international student has to send in to even GET an interview.
      What is interesting in such articles is what they leave out, not what they put in.


  34. It sounds like you got a good dose of nastiness from both sides of the fence. I don’t envy your position! But as a European white person I would love to be fluent in Chinese – lucky you (in that sense)!


  35. There is still a lot of misunderstanding between different cultures and what Reece said about Chinese men having mistresses or visiting prostitutes are what he had read negatively about Chinese men. The media enjoy churning out attention grabbing headlines. The ex IMF boss D.Strass-Kahn and the former Italian chief Berlusconi were not angels to their wives too.
    Someone told me a case of a Asian worker who was bypassed in two promotions in her bank as she was Asian and hence could not take the managerial position. The irony is that she had to train the 2 new managers appointed to do their jobs correctly. She could not stand a chance being a non Kiwi. The lady has since left the country and gone overseas.
    Racism does exist in NZ. You only have to listen to what the immigrants have to say aboout their experiences.


  36. New zealand is the nastiest and the most racist nation on earth….They are completely backwards and backstabbing bunch of people…

    You come and visit their country, spend all of your money and then they will kick you out of their country…


  37. Well yes it is not only Asians being treated like that. I am from another country and are treated like that. I can not even find a job here with two degrees and many years of experience. I do not have an accent but am from the wrong country!!!!!! They will only use immigrants as cheap labour or to line their pockets.


  38. Reece basically talks an absolute load of rubbish, and I doubt he has visited Asia at all. Maybe he has, maybe he has not, really it is irrelevant because his points do not make sense anyway.

    Chinese do not want to learn english?

    Absolute bollocks. Look at the huge number of english teaching jobs in Asia, not just China, but throughout all of East Asia, for native speakers of english. Surely that fact in itself belies the claim that Chinese are not interested in learning english.

    Here in NZ, of course newly arrived migrants will speak their mother tongues. But that is the same with all cultures here, whether Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Tongan, Italians, and Afrikaaners.

    The thing is the Chinese kids sure pick up English, and are encouraged to by their parents, and many outscore kids that were born here on national NCEA english exams.

    It is a sheer lie that Chinese will not speak English.

    The worse people in the world when it comes to adopting a foreign language are the Anglo Saxons. They are the only race who migrate to other countries, and not only do not adopt the local customs and language, but actively suppress the right of the original inhabitants to speak theirs.

    I have worked in Hong Kong for many years. The Portuguese people in Macau, learned Cantonese and assimlated with the local Chinese. Yet the English people in Hong Kong do not even let their kids born and brought up there learn Cantonese, for fear that they will go ‘native’ and send their children to ‘international schools’, which are schools mainly for white people.

    And in meetings if there is one non-Chinese speaker there EVERYONE without any protest will speak English for the benefit of that one Anglo Saxon in the room. And the Anglo Saxon will not even be grateful for it, but think it is something he should expect.


  39. My girlfriend (to be wife) is Chinese, and the majority of Chinese are ruining the reputation for the minority of Chinese like my girlfriend

    Again the facts as you present them are the best testament against your claims of ‘racism’.

    If you have visited Hong Kong or China you will note that these types of marriages or dating couples abound ie. white men with Chinese women.

    For the most part these couples are completely unmolested by the local population.

    Chinese have never lynched, castrated, or killed men of a foreign race for going out with their women folk, unlike whites.

    White people, unfortunately, occupy a highly privileged position in East Asia. They are hugely overpaid, by local standard, are waited on hand and foot by the locals, and even worshipped by them. In fact the worship is rather disgusting, and not something I would advocate.


    • Agree! White privilege is prevalent in Asia. There are plentiful of white kiwi loafers seducing quality girls in Asia, being an indian, if i behave the same, i would be labelled as ‘rapist’.


      • Agree with Vigilante, and here’s my take on it:
        3 opinions of mine, and observations (BONUS Steam game link at end!):
        -The “ethnic type” they’re looking for is close to Sendhil Ramamurthy, Tyson Beckford, Robbie Magasiva, Temuera Morrison, Godfrey Gao, Will Yun Lee, Takeshi Kaneshiro, John Abraham or Tahar Rahim.
        -Every other Asian guy who “succeeds” may (unfortunately) later learn he was considered by them to be a variant of Johnny Lever or Jackie Chan – only good as a bodyguard or jester … and “dropped when something “better” comes along”.
        -The ones who don’t succeed, I am guessing that the women/girls have wild ideas about their blood-relation to “Nai Yin Xue” and “Akshay Anand Chand”.
        And I’m sure one or both of us will get hit with the “you’re entitled” stick.
        Well, look at the guys they are talking about, when they mean they have a “Man Drought” (my bet’s on Dan Carter, Victor Vito and Richard Kahui, and I can’t name any Asian All-Black, no guys on the STEM side “these men are not the men Kiwi women are after”, is what I’m getting) … it’s my belief that there’s sheer entitlement, from my conversations past I heard and overheard something approaching “wanting to live in Cremorne St. (Herne Bay), while dropping out of MIT (Manukau Institute of Technology NOT Massachusetts Institute of Technology)”.
        There will ALWAYS be a “Man Drought” of the most successful men. It’s MATH! I believe a long and thoughtful analysis is what many of women/girls of New Zealand HAVEN’T done in thinking about that …

        I suppose the solution to their digusting allegations of “you’re a rapist” is to record them making those vile and life-ruining statements. With their names attached, and published to Youtube.
        For the more moneyed, legal action.
        False accusations MUST be SEVERELY punished.
        Social sanction sorts scumbags (I love alliteration).
        And too many people are loose with their lips when there are no long-term consequences. They should take notes from what happened in the case of Eleanor de Freitas …

        The other thing to remember, is, like it or not, if they don’t want to be flatting with many people come the big 4-0 …
        they’ll need to find someone who can put up with them enough to pay the (multiple-decade and increasing 50k per year in Auckland for houses and “body corporate maintenance fees for life” for apartments anywhere) mortgages.
        Some people don’t mind that though, so what you end up with is … just like in the halls of residence, late at night the unfortunate flatmate hears the bump-and-grind along with the moans. And it’s not “The Walking Dead” I’m talking about.

        If they choose badly (and keep that relationship going, DESPITE IT BEING BAD, and DESPITE THE GOOD CHOICES THAT THEY HAD PREVIOUSLY AND DIDN’T TAKE AND WOULDN’T CONSIDER, they might wind up with (sarcastic lines begin):
        x_JAKUB_x, x_ROBERT_x, x_COLIN_x or x_x_DOUGLAS (those 4 “blokes” with a wide social circle and many good friends who are “shocked at the nice man’s actions”, that have a habit of beating/murdering on the woman – who chose them out of everybody else to be in a relationship with (I precisely selected and carefully edited the wording of that statement, looking forward to someone being enraged at the truth) … and those guys are all true-blue kiwis … Mr. x_COLIN_x is getting married soon too, CONGRATULATIONS!)
        Protip: type “jakub murderer nz” or “douglas assault nz” to get “The Knowledge”
        I couldn’t find the education level of x_COLIN_x, but the other 3? Oh, all UNIVERSITY (NOT polytechnic) graduates. Good earning potential. Tall, handsome. Prime filler for the “man drought”. Some are scholarship recipients too! (sarcastic lines end)
        Oh whoops, except for x_COLIN_x, they’re all in jail … (x_x_DOUGLAS offered a “princely” NZD500 of in reparation (no elaboration whether it was via an NZD5/week instalment plan) for 3 SEPARATE BEATDOWNS that the woman who chose to continue being his girlfriend endured… along with “discharge without conviction”, which didn’t succeed in convincing the judge. He should have tried 2 or more zeroes, inflation makes the price of “justice” go up 😛 … lucky though for x_COLIN_x) (Dammit, the sarcasm doesn’t end easily)

        In short, abandon AND disacknowledge the people who treat you badly (NOTE: Kiwis know very well how to shun – parallels with the Baha’i treatment of “covenant-breakers”?, so you have nothing to apologise for in the case of dealing with those who certainly have used that in the past).
        Let the violence of the consequences of their own choices (that you have nothing to do with, ideally record things so you aren’t falsely accused…), be the punishment.
        They can face life alone.

        You’ll be surprised at their outcomes. Remember, debt is the most civilised form of slavery! And, living well is the best revenge!
        You don’t owe love or money towards someone who doesn’t care about you, unless forced to by law … and if push comes to shove, you can always drop everything and get the benefit … or leave the country (I believe that’s one of the advantages any non-citizen has … takes 10 years to become a citizen in NZ 🙂 )
        Society can only continue to exist without being degraded, where there is honest and fair reciprocation towards its sincere, just and productive members along with protection and encouragement towards its weakest and youngest.
        “…if you’re careful with your life, you can use it until you die” – Old Man McCoy
        (This message was brought to you by the letter K for Kamma and the symbols Yin and Yang)

        If I have infuriated any “Social Justice Warriors”, please read this (funny) https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Social_Justice
        and this (also funny) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257887508


  40. China however, the man gains more face with every new addition of mistresses. They either cheat on their wives with prostitutes, or they have another if not a few more girlfriends on the side…. with all this going on, what gives Chinese the right to condem our relationship on the basis that I’m white?

    What an absolute load of rot. Most Chinese couples are a heck of a lot more loyal to each other than the case with Western couples.

    How the hell can Reece condemn purported infidelity among Chinese men, when in the West, 1 in 2.7 or almost 40% of men cheat anyway?

    Reece’s selective condemnation is ignorant, inflammatory, and utterly racist.

    The other thing. A Chinese man will never leave his family in the lurch. He will always support his kids, because not to support one’s family is the most unmanly of traits in Asian culture.

    The likelihood of a Chinese man abandoning his family, his children, is, I would guess much less than would be case for men of most other ethnicities.


  41. In comparison to China, when European men marry their wife, they stay loyal most of the time, yes there’s always an exception to that rule, but that’s the general census.

    Yeah. Right…..between 30 and 40% of Western men cheat, you ignorant fool.

    And you mean general ‘consensus’ right?

    For heaven’s sake your own English is appalling—-yet you claim to speak Mandarin better than most Chinese can speak English?


      • Wayne: Reece is an example of “white privilege” in action. Some people wish for a return to the old ways where there was a clearly defined racial hierarchy. Ignoring the fact that back in the “old days” … they’d not have the same opportunities to get ahead too.
        Rebecca: Everything is a personal battle. When enough persons get involved, things change.


  42. These immigrants may or may not have the skills we lack, and may or may not necessarily be interested in working in any of those fields. Instead, they want to come to New Zealand for the social benefits such as health, air and a higher standard of living that they will never get in Asia.

    Obviously they are desperate to work in their respective fields. And Asians as a group, are the least burden, proportionally, of all ethnic groups when it comes to using health services and social welfare services. And their crime rate is about 1/4 that of the non-Asian crime rate.

    Percentage wise Asians commit far fewer crimes than NZ Europeans.


  43. Anyone notice that Reece is quiet? Wonder Why?!! So glad im not the only one having these bad experiences and that everyone is making their voices heard!! Well done!! :o)


  44. I’ve found New Zealand to be racist, but not as much as other countries, here it is found in the humor and slang. “bloody maori” “coconuts” etc. Yet when i asked some people about this they said it was their humor and it wasn’t racist because it was humor, which i thought was rubbish, and when i told them so i got the “you wouldn’t understand you’re not from here” response from them. Which got me looking around to find this thread, no doubt i found New Zealand racist, I’m an English white, female. So i fit in quite well and am very lucky, i would hate to be the maori, islanders or asians here. It’s not as racist as South Africa, England, America however, most of those countries admit they are racist and racism lives there. They also understand that racism isn’t pure hate, it’s making judgment based on race. Which the Kiwis i’ve met seem to be unable to grasp the concept that they don’t have to hate a race and attack them to be racist. So i do believe that New Zealand is quite racist, it’s there and people need to see that. But it’s not as violent as other countries i don’t believe.


  45. @Marie..Thank you for being honest and admitting that NZ is a racist country and that people here dont really understand what racism is and so believe they are innocent in calling people names….
    I will say though that you are wrong regarding the 2 countries i DO know about…this being South Africa and England…

    I was born and have lived in South Africa for 28 years and in that time i have barely experienced any racism there!! We may come from a history of apartheid but we have come a very long way!! My parents lived through the worst periods where they couldnt take buses or go to the same toilets as a white south africans.

    I have never experienced such racism as what i have encountered in NZ over the past 5 months that i have been here… it is absolutely appalling and disgraceful that a country such as this is filled with such ignorance and disregard and hate for those that are different…

    As for England, i lived there for 2 years and my brother has gained citizenship there with his family, in the time i have been there i barely had anyone say anything to me…until the terrorist attacks when idiots thought they had a voice… and he also never experienced anything till then and since then… he has lived there for over 11 years…

    So i would say in my experience so far…NZ is one of the worst when it comes to racism and its disgusting that the government is doing nothing to protect the immigrants they so desperately need here to support its economy!!

    I am indian and so sadly i realize that most people who say they have never seen or experienced it here are always white…. well go figure!! why do you think that is?!! LOL

    Ive been told by many people here that they have never heard of such a thing…. WHY?!! Simple i would say…if i tell you ive experienced it and you are busy trying to act like it doesnt exist and prove me wrong… then you will never see it!!

    So Marie, before you make statements about another country….. get more facts.please!! If South Africa had no crime and less corruption, i would gladly go back there!!
    …NZ tops the charts when it comes to racism.


    • South africa is still very much racist….. Except that now it has been reversed and it is now the whites who are railed against. Jobs will go to underqualified black South Africans over very well qualified white south africans purely because of their race. My cousin, an extremely bright, practically straight A student, was turned down for a certain qualification because “the racial quota had been filled”. Not the exact quote, but something like that. Now I can’t remember exact figures, but it’s something like if you are black, to pass a paper you need to get a certain percentage, but if you are white, to pass that same paper, you have to score at least 10-30% higher! How is that not racist?
      The government has no problems kicking white people off their farms, murdering them. If a white man is mugged by a black man (as most of my family have been) there’s no point even bothering to report it, as the police are so corrupt, they will always go against the white man.
      Now, I’m not saying that the PEOPLE as a whole are racist. However, the government and instutions very much are and condone racism. Often it’s to pay back what was done to them under Apartheid (which was terrible)! However, unlike the wonderful Mandela, who wanted freedom and equality for ALL, the new government only wants black South Africans. It’s fast becoming like Zimbabwe.
      I have absolutely nothing against the black people, I love their generally positive outlook, their kind nature and wonderful culture. I was partially raised by a wonderful Zulu woman. However as usual, the minority have ruined the majority.
      So everyone saying that NZ is a Nazi-ish country….I really don’t think you can say that until you have properly studied the levels of outright racism in other countries. And I have been attacked based on my nationality, both by white and Moari New Zealanders. However, it is not as bad as some places. I have friends from China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka and the Pacific Islands, and I have never heard any of them ever complain about racism to such an extent.
      Maybe you have had bad experiences (such as I have), but you can’t condemn the entire country. Of course there is racism. Racism is everywhere and inescapable. Which doesn’t make it right of course.BUt it is certainly not so bad as other places. (for example, in France and ITaly, they wont even speak to you if they think you might be British or American, and will ignore you if you are standing in line, and go to the person standing behin you and serve them instead.)


      • oh yes Kelsey. very true indeed !!!…i have just experienced this in Rome. I thought the French was the worst(people in Lourdes were lovely but Parisians are just baddddd).LOL. they can’t drive and can’t park either…and this comment is coming from an Asian…hahahaaaa…

        Anyway I was queueing to buy an icecream by the Trevi fountain, there was a chinese couple standing next to me and they were there ahead of me and must have been waiting there for sometime(I knew they were chinese because they were mumbling chinese and i understood a bit).

        But the italian shopkeepers refused to even acknowledge them and kept looking the other way while lifting ice boxes and doing some other type of work(or pretended to) as if these 2 chinese were invisible. No eye contact, no effort to communicate whatsoever. So anyway after waiting for about 2 minutes i was beginning to lose my patience, I saw nothing happened, so i braced myself with my very limited Italian and asked politely for a scoop of Rum and Raisin icecream and they were shocked to see an Asian speaking Italian and i got served immediately !!!…hahaha…

        i wish my Italian were better so i could help the chinese couple but unfortunately my italian was limited(sigh).

        my point is…if you are different or look different i should say…try learning the language, try mix and mingle, try as hard as u can…there will be rejections (name calling, abuse, discrimination, ignorance etc…)..but if u persevere there will be other nice and kind human beings…no matter where u are…Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Paris, Rome, London…all over the world…

        I got name called (Fucking Asian, Asian Invasion) on my 1st year in Dunedin and i was walking with a mixed bunch (White Kiwis, Vanuatuans, Fijians, my good mate was NZ born Indian) in Dunedin (Winston Peters was yelling on the radio…we are not welcoming u foreigners sending your children here to study blah2 back in 1995)…but then there were really nice and kind Dunners too…

        I was lucky enough to stay with a South African friend and her family during my flight transit in Christchurch which was supposed to be for 1 night but got dragged into 4 nights due a bad fog in Sydney but Qantas refused to fund my accommodation and this very kind SA family has offered me their shelter for free…how could i ever repay their kindness..but then working at where i work now i also saw a certain division between the so call “coloured” SA and the “white” ones…they hardly go for lunches together…the coloured will hang out and have lunch with the Kiwis and the white SA will stick together…they still communicate in Afrikaans of course for work purpose…but i dont see them becoming good close mates though…no judgement from me just an observation…:-)

        i have good SA mates here who i know are coming to NZ for a better life…free from fear of being raped if travelling after dark (the women ones)…and the ones with the family farm who fear of being shot and killed like their boora friends in Zimbabwe so i totally understand where they are coming from…as i also experienced a so called ethnic cleansing in Indonesia back in 1982 and 1998 where they were attacking the chinese in Indonesia (raping, looting and killing).

        The Indo government is still denying these events actually happened to avoid compensations to the victims..It’s only in the last few years that Chinese New Year was acknowledged in Indonesia and made into a public holiday even though the chinese has been there for generations…we were not allowed to keep our name, my Dad had to change his name to get into schools and universities…without qualifications u cannot get a job and earn a living…

        same as NZ i suppose…the Chinese miners were not allowed to apply for NZ citizenships until 1952 (
        see article http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/citizenship/page-1)
        …my point is if u look different, your life might get harder but if u wanna live u have to persevere…

        we as migrants have to assimilate hard…sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn’t but u have to try…or if it gets too much then move elsewhere where u feel u belong to…when you’re being prejudiced/discriminated, dont always assume everyone is…u will encounter the good ones and when these good people give u opportunities…make the most of it…

        i still think i am blessed so far to have a life in NZ…Racism in NZ is bad..but not as bad as some other places(such as Indonesia hehe)…or maybe i have just been lucky enough to avoid the wrong place at the wrong time (but i have experienced it though) …God knows…

        racism exists everywhere…there are racist people and there are non-racist people…:-)

        i used to be told that Australians are racists (Pauline Hanson, attacks on Indians etc)…but the aussies that i came across are some of the nicest, loveliest, generous bunch that i know (met some during my Contiki trip in Europe and having been to Melbourne and Sydney)…
        i still get shit for being the only one with the Kiwi accent(naturalised) in the trip LOL…but i just gave it back (call them wanker-Shane Warne when they call me sheep-shagger haha and we all had a laugh)…

        when Aussie economy has bounced back…a bit slow at the moment due to slowness in mining…and there are more good IT jobs that pays well in Melbourne…i won’t mind coming back to Melbourne 🙂 …

        if u have skills and experience and the right attitude, and the demand is there maybe it’s your luck, then the world is your oyster…if they dont welcome you here in NZ, go where u feel welcome…

        so brace yourself peeps…when life gives u lemons make lemonades


  46. @Marie, Thank you for being honest about NZ and its racism issues… I must say though that you are wrong when it comes to 2 countries i have knowledge of… this would be South Africa and England….

    I am indian and was born and raised in South Africa and i have never experienced racism in my 28 years…to the extent i have experienced it here in NZ in the past 5 months.

    South Africa is a country with a history of apartheid and would be excused if that is what is still happening today…but racists are few and far between and you must remember that NZ is small in population…… I come from a city called Durban and we have close to 4 million people there now… which is almost double the whole population of NZ….

    So if racism is in South Africa it would be an issue yes and it would be drowned out by the majority….

    As for the UK…. I have stayed there for 2 years, my brother has his citizenship and has lived there for 11 years and both of us have not experienced racism there until the terrorist attacks where a few idiots thought it was their time to shine…. since then… there has never been anything racist happen to us….

    So as far as i am concerned NZ tops the charts when it comes to racism…… just because you do not see it, does not mean it is there…

    As for violence due to racism, i suggest you do more research on the net!! you will find that those kinds of incidents are rampant in NZ and reasons for violence in South Africa and the UK are far from racist…but rather caused by other factors…..

    If Crime and Corruption were reduced in South Africa… honestly!! I would go back and live happily….

    I find the attitude of alot of kiwis very unfriendly, alot racist, and not welcoming… very close minded people with no sense of the bigger world outside of their small country… and the truth is…this country is small yet people here believe they are living in countries such as America or the UK where the population is massive..

    They need to wake up before they get left behind..the world is moving fast and they are still stuck in the dark ages with their beliefs and their attitude…

    If they are more open they will find that immigrants and people of colour bring something good to this country..

    As for Maori people…. well this is their country and they are native to this country….they have more of a right to be here than any white kiwi…..sadly though alot of people here dont even know their history or respect it.


  47. Hi there people, as a New Zealander I have found reading this blog disturbing. It seems to me that there is a lot of negitivity here. I think that the people who have something bad to say are being motivated to write comments and the people who have something good to say arent bothering. It is sometimes said that if you a bad experience you will tell ten people but if you have a good experience you might tell one.

    I think that New Zealand is a diverse country and we get along pretty well, we are not at war. It is always hard to live in a culture that is not your own, and there will always be people who you don’t get along with. But don’t bag NZ too much, yes we have our problems but there are much worse places to live. Out of all the places that I have visited NZ would still be my choice of places to live, and travelling has brought home to me how lucky I am to call New Zealand home.

    Tell me, can those of you who call other places home, can you really say that there is no racisim in your own country. Beware throwing bricks he who lives in a glass house.

    Remember the kind acts and good things that you have experienced in NZ. Bad news sells but the world might be a better place if we took more notice of the good in this world and gave thanks for our blessings.


    • Thank you for your comment.

      Tell me, can those of you who call other places home, can you really say that there is no racisim in your own country.

      That’s exactly the point we’re trying to make – New Zealand has similar problems to the very countries that migrants used to call home.
      Please take time to read our Welcome page and familiarize yourself with the aims of this blog, one of which is to debunk some of the *propaganda and myth that has been built up around the country. Whilst you may prefer the taste of Kool-Aid there are many who don’t 🙂

      * an example from the New Zealand Now government website. We note that crime has been recently deleted from the list of ‘don’t haves’ for New Zealand.
      Quality of life

      In many ways, it’s not what New Zealand has that’s important to quality of life here; it’s what we don’t have.
      •We don’t have abject poverty or hunger, largely because of a commitment to social welfare dating back to the 1930s.
      •Corruption is virtually unheard of. New Zealand was ranked the 2nd least corrupt country in the world in the 2008 Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International.
      •We don’t have the pollution, congestion, health issues and cramped city living that is often the case elsewhere.

      What we do have is equal opportunity where people are not judged on their gender, how they sound, what colour they are, how they vote, or where – if – they go to church.

      It all adds up to a fresh, healthy lifestyle in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

      You may then wish to read our blogs tagged poverty, racism , housing and health, pollution and fraud to get the other side of the story.

      Lastly read our facts and stats pages.


  48. Recent examples from NZ news:


    “An Auckland couple have been charged with one of the biggest internal frauds in Work and Income history after allegedly stealing $210,000 of taxpayer money by paying benefits to family members.

    The fraud was allegedly carried out over seven years before being discovered by the Social Development Ministry’s fraud team. A 42-year-old Winz case manager and his wife were arrested as a result.

    It is allegedly the second largest fraud in Winz history…”


    “A self-described “little old Chinese lady” has waded into the racism debate, saying she has suffered decades of racial abuse.

    Victoria Beck, 70, said she has been abused in the street, told to go back to Asia, and even been hit by passers-by, despite calling New Zealand home for most of her life. And the situation was worsening, she said.

    “As a little old Chinese lady, I am the target of much more physical, verbal and emotional abuse today.”

    Her complaint came after Blues coach Pat Lam suffered racist attacks on internet message boards and talkback radio because of his team’s failings…”

    Poverty is NZ’s biggest growth industry

    “New Zealand’s biggest growth industry isn’t agriculture or manufacturing – it’s poverty, a Waikato University professor says.

    Social scientist, Professor Darrin Hodgetts, said New Zealand was “growing poverty”.

    “It’s our growth industry and it’s growing at three times the OECD average,” Prof Hodgetts said.

    According to the OECD at least one in five New Zealand children live in severe or significant hardship, while at least one in four children lived below the semi-official poverty line…”


    “The rental housing shortage in Christchurch is at breaking point, agencies say.

    Tenants hunting rental properties in the earthquake-hit city are fighting soaring demand, rising rent and a plummeting supply.

    Landlords are fielding a 42% increase in inquiries, tenants face a 15% rent rise and rental listings have dived 40% compared with last year, new Trade Me figures show.

    Some of the hardest-hit people sleep in garages and have moved into damaged red-zoned homes, while others face homelessness.

    Tenants Protection Association manager Helen Gatonyi…works with some of the worst-affected residents. She had seen unlawful overcrowding, people who had been forced to sleep in sheds, tents, garages and cars, and some who had no choice but to turn to the streets.

    “Many people are facing absolute uncertainty. Children are unsettled, parents are becoming unwell and the elderly are losing themselves with worry and fear. God forbid what is going to happen when winter hits,” she said.

    It is time somebody steps up…”

    Enjoy the Kool Aid 😉


  49. I disagree with your comments that Europeans comprise the majority of rasists, I am European and I am discriminated on the basis of ethnicity by both New Zealand Europeans and New Zealand Maori.

    I agree this truly shocking.

    Before coming to New Zealand I believed that it’s a new home for all nations on Earth: things like that were said to me years ago when I was a tourist to Australia and New Zealand.

    However once you immigrate these words turn into only words. Sadly – quite too often!

    Not many kiwis are rasist or have prejudices against foreigners, but believe me – there is enough of them to make your life if not bitter, then quite sour and cause you a decent amount of grief and economic disadvantage – because they own apartments and businesses and take control positions.

    In my opinion there is an equal ammount of both NZ European and NZ Polynesian “rasism” in New Zealand.

    Of course if you can call it “honest rasism”!

    Because the truth is New Zealanders are STRIVING to get married and partnered to foreigners, however foreigners are not ready to accept some very unpleasant aspects of New Zealand local culture.

    Such as – “I am a kiwi, I am always right!”, “If we have an argument, I’ll shout over you no matter what, even if I am wrong, because I am a kiwi and you are not”, local drug and alcohol habits, local personal abuse habits (verbal and emotional abuse, intrusion of privacy, etc, etc.).

    I have lived in New Zealand for a long time and it is clear to me today that for some kiwis (usually poor-educated ones, that did not invest into their education and now are struggling economically), TO ATTAIN a greater self-assurance, THEY ALMOST REQUIRE a decent amount of “FOREIGNER FIGURES” to reside in the country, whom they can mob, accuse of stealing jobs, abuse, swear at, in other words PREVAIL over them emotionally, to be successful themselves.

    Because the truth is – New Zealand is getting depopulated at an increasing rate and is in economic recession.

    Kiwis need help from outside but are too proud to admit they are in economic and political trouble.

    This even applies to everyone who is a foreigner BUT HAS BEEN naturalised in New Zealand, because even after you receive your KIWI PASSPORT and swear your allegiance to their Queen (or, Hey, kiwis can I call QEII “my monarch” now????), kiwis themselves will be still asking you about your ethnicity and your place of birth and may take decisions about you, such as employment based on your answers and their likes-dislike of what you said.

    These questions aren’t always meant to express their honest interest in foreign cultures, but quite often – their desire to find someone from abroad to prevail over economically.

    And yes, I agree this is disgusting and I believe New Zealand government needs to seriously address the issues of racial and ethnic harmony in our communities.

    My best advise to you – if you feel you are being unfairly disadvantaged because of your ethnic origin in New Zealand – COMPLAIN to New Zealand Human Rights commission!

    If they don’t reply – don’t just leave it, call them again and again until they attend to your complaint, and if mediation with the Human Rghts Commission is unsucessful – there is a Human Rights Tribunal to proceed further. Resist ethnic discrimination as much as you can, because you’ve got nothing to loose but your “ethnic chains” that make you a second class citizen/resident of New Zealand.



  50. I disagree with your comments that Europeans comprise the majority of rasists, I am European and I am discriminated on the basis of ethnicity by both New Zealand Europeans and New Zealand Maori.

    I agree this truly shocking.

    Before coming to New Zealand I believed that it’s a new home for all nations on Earth: things like that were said to me years ago when I was a tourist to Australia and New Zealand.

    However once you immigrate these words turn into only words. Sadly – quite too often!

    Not many kiwis are rasist or have prejudices against foreigners, but believe me – there is enough of them to make your life if not bitter, then quite sour and cause you a decent amount of grief and economic disadvantage – because they own apartments and businesses and take control positions.

    In my opinion there is an equal ammount of both NZ European and NZ Polynesian “rasism” in New Zealand.

    Of course if you can call it “honest rasism”!

    Because the truth is New Zealanders are STRIVING to get married and partnered to foreigners, however foreigners are not ready to accept some very unpleasant aspects of New Zealand local culture.

    Such as – “I am a kiwi, I am always right!”, “If we have an argument, I’ll shout over you no matter what, even if I am wrong, because I am a kiwi and you are not”, local drug and alcohol habits, local personal abuse habits (verbal and emotional abuse, intrusion of privacy, etc, etc.).

    I have lived in New Zealand for a long time and it is clear to me today that for some kiwis (usually poor-educated ones, that did not invest into their education and now are struggling economically), TO ATTAIN a greater self-assurance, THEY ALMOST REQUIRE a decent amount of “FOREIGNER FIGURES” to reside in the country, whom they can mob, accuse of stealing jobs, abuse, swear at, in other words PREVAIL over them emotionally, to be successful themselves.

    Because the truth is – New Zealand is getting depopulated at an increasing rate and is in economic recession.

    Kiwis need help from outside but are too proud to admit they are in economic and political trouble.

    This even applies to everyone who is a foreigner BUT HAS BEEN naturalised in New Zealand, because even after you receive your KIWI PASSPORT and swear your allegiance to their Queen (or, Hey, kiwis can I call QEII “my monarch” now????), kiwis themselves will be still asking you about your ethnicity and your place of birth and may take decisions about you, such as employment based on your answers and their likes-dislike of what you said.

    These questions aren’t always meant to express their honest interest in foreign cultures, but quite often – their desire to find someone from abroad to prevail over economically.

    And yes, I agree this is disgusting and I believe New Zealand government needs to seriously address the issues of racial and ethnic harmony in our communities.

    My best advise to you – if you feel you are being unfairly disadvantaged because of your ethnic origin in New Zealand – COMPLAIN to New Zealand Human Rights commission!

    If they don’t reply – don’t just leave it, call them again and again until they attend to your complaint, and if mediation with the Human Rights Commission is unsucessful – there is a Human Rights Tribunal to proceed further, and if that fails – there is UN Human Rights Council and courts, such as European Human Rights Tribunal.

    Resist ethnic discrimination as much as you can, because you’ve got nothing to loose but your “ethnic chains” that make you a second class citizen/resident of New Zealand.



  51. Thanks for all the posts… It has enlightened me… I am being offered New Zealand as my next assignment but after reading all this stuff, I think I will go to Jakarta… I have been staying at Sofitel for more than a year now, I have a Suite… I was supposed to transfer to Wellington but will advise my bosses of Jakarta. I am an Asian engineer so NZ might not be good for me and my family…


    • Sometimes people are transferred just before a company decides to fire them, and especially in a place where they will encounter a lot of hardship – make sure you are up on your employment law and know who else is interested in your skill set.
      Not every promotion or assignment is actually a vote of confidence in your abilities.


    • “Good luck on that one – I had a knife pulled out on me there and was assaulted… Indonesias a great place!!!” – I was being sarcastic – for all you people that dont understand sarcasm… I wouldnt let my fathers pigs loose in that place They end up dead from the filth on the streets and the smell of raw sewerage.


  52. The fact is us New Zealanders, especially in Auckland dont want immigrants. They cant speak english properly and dont fit into the culture. Many real Kiwi’s dont say much but privately amoungst themselves immigrants are not liked nor wanted. I find white NZers and Maoris have the same opinion on this. Live with this fact.


    • I am NZ born but grew up in and worked in melanesia (pacific islands,png). heres another fact, europeans ,when they live in another country , dont even bother to learn the local language, and completley isolate themselves from the local culture. I know what its like to immigrate,it is a hard thing to do,but western europeans are the worst when it comes to assimilating into a foriegn culture.


  53. After reading all the comments above I cant help but feel the people creating this board and the subsequent comments are racist against New Zealanders. I work in a company in NZ that has a large proportion of Indian and Chinese workers, not one of them would have experienced an ounce of racism or been abused/groped etc in the way that the above refers to. In fact just in my team 2 chinese guys got jobs before NZers and were very happy to have them in the team, one was a student who graduated from Auckland Uni and doesnt have anything bad to say about it.

    Auckland is approximately 23% Asian – after reading this board you’re saying every one ot these people has been abused in some way??? Give me a break I cannot believe that. Maybe you had a bad experience, Ive travelled the world and have had just as bad/worse experiences in Indonesia (knife pulled on me and assaulted), Thailand (gear stolen), Turkey (Gun pointed at me), UAE (verbally abused, theft from a hotel), Holland (assaulted) and India (gear stolen), none in France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Belgium, UK or the US – I wouldnt be small minded enough to think those entire countries, where something happened, are racist/or theiving scumbags just because of a couple bad apples… I would be justified though, and should be able to speak my mind about it as this board has demonstrated – maybe Ill set up my own hate board for these countries just as you all have.

    We have our problems – all countries do. But really its up to each and every individual to make themselves better or make the place a better place … Did any of you above try to change anything whilst in NZ – apply to do charity work, help out people in any way etc More than likely not. I would think you came for your own benefit, and more than likely other people noticed.

    To be honest we dont need people that moan and b*tch, its a good thing your gone!


    • Thank you John, we see from your IP address that you are located at the ANZ National Bank.

      We’d like to hear from anyone who works for a bank in New Zealand who’s endured racism at work – either from colleagues or customers, or from anyone who’s been discriminated against by a NZ bank because of their race.


    • Are those Indian and Chinese workers – former international students, or New Zealanders?
      Because here’s one New Zealander … who can’t find work. Oh, and he’s Asian:

      Auckland is approximately 23% Asian – after reading this board you’re saying every one ot these people has been abused in some way???
      NZ is more than just Auckland.

      Did any of you above try to change anything whilst in NZ – apply to do charity work, help out people in any way etc More than likely not.
      Yeah, I did – unfortunately it’s kind of hard to help for the long term when the job that gives you a sense of purpose, that you’re pretty good at, with helping other people – only lasts 6 months in a year, and is not on the Skills Shortage List
      P.S. I gained a STEM qualification …. completely in NZ … and was told by recruitment agencies that “we don’t hire or place people on the graduate visa, and we only hire permanent residents”.
      Other people that I knew who were in the “help people” professions, who came from overseas … were told to “go home” despite pleas from their employers that they could not find a replacement, or that the ones they found – could not be relied on to help and care for the aged.


    • In fact just in my team 2 chinese guys got jobs before NZers and were very happy to have them in the team, one was a student who graduated from Auckland Uni and doesnt have anything bad to say about it.
      You can hire 10,000 immigrants if you want – but I doubt you are in charge of HR.
      How many of them will be around after the 90 day probationary period?
      P.S. How long have YOU been in your job. And do you think you will stay? 🙂


  54. Advice for ASIANS going to NZ: Avoid NZ at all cost…small country…haters of asians….no respect for you as an asian……They treat ASIANS as PIGS and treat you worse…
    GO to US of A or better UK..at least they implement anti-HATE crimes


  55. from my experience YES….. Its horrible and getting worst…I feel that Ive have had to defend my maori culture all my life mainly at school and even in the workforce. It use to be sarcasim but now its just hateful, redneck racism. It is so bad these days that I have stopped reading the newpaper because Maori are always singled out in a negative way. Alot of us feel very isolated and worried about pakeha attitudes toward our culture..they are now saying that our hakas are embarrasing and stupid and our language is not worth speaking!!. They are also racist to our asian, indian and pacific island friends thats why these cultures may stick to their own too..makes sense really… they are intolerant, ignorant and believe all the anti maori crap that is feed to them everyday through the papers, tvs and certain politicians…

    I dont understand why they are like this. Maori culture is awesome, its has art (carvings, ta mokos), language (Te Reo), Music & performance (Waiatas and Hakas, ta mokos) modern cuisine using maori herbs, kai moana etc…mythology, traditions and protocols … it truly is a cool and worthwhile culture and Im so proud of this…but they dont want to know, they dont care…they are not sensitive to other cultures….they expect maori to give this all up ,,for what,,,they have no culture,,, nothing unique to offer, no history, no language (just english woopty doo…if you are in NZ studying or on holiday, dont take shit and be proud of your culture and watch them squirm…they are just jealous cos they have none..

    Now sorry, this is not all pakeha just the majority!!


    • Hi aotea (you seem to be channelling that half-Scottish Maori academic, Margaret Mutu, along with her weird ideas): (Permit me a ramble – oh wait, it’s not your blog, JK 🙂 )

      It seems there’s always someone who says a solution is “Get Whitey(and everyone else who pays honest taxes)” when things go wrong – and it’s even funnier when it’s the same people who have previously got concessions from said “Whitey(and everyone else who pays honest taxes)” … who say they want to get along with Africans, Asians, Europeans Hispanics, Semites
      but …
      are the people who keep saying New Zealand is “bicultural” (i.e. “Pakeha” (in quotes since Caucasians, and me, find that offensive) and Maori – wait, are there any full-blooded ones?)
      – Maori means “normal/natural/ordinary”. Yes, I have some Te Reo background.
      – why do they want solidarity with the people they previously consciously excluded (Africans, Asians, Europeans, Hispanics, Semites)?

      If you keep calling NZ “bicultural”, don’t be surprised if everybody else thinks they are not welcome and do their darndest to use it as a stepping stone.

      What I even find more amazing is that those who are given every opportunity to succeed – CUP courses where marks are given for attendance! – preferential hiring despite past criminal records (I’m fully aware that everyone in prison is innocent 🙂 ) – apparent preference for jobs regardless of educational background (http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2010/04/a_racist_ad_by_candle.html) – lowered entry requirements for Med school (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10813483 : the golden takeaway gem comes from Ranginui Walker: “It only takes an IQ of 100 to succeed in medicine. It’s not rocket science.” hahaha 🙂 ) – can either mess up so so so badly, or think they don’t have to lift a finger to succeed or need to fairly compete against anyone else.

      How many Maoris marched with the 10,000 Asians against crime and snatch theft, or any foreign visitor who had their things stolen?

      How many kaumatua tell their tamariki that saying “Whiwhia he mahi tuuturu?” How many say that crime is shameful? Yes, there is a lot of mamae in my ngakau.

      I’ve been to the boonies in NZ, and had a chance to look at posters saying, as an example “Men who smoke are weak weak weak” … the problem with that the present-day culture based completely around physicality is that it emphasises returns for the short term … and not the long. “Jake the Muss”/”being staunch” is a “result” that sustainable civilisation cannot bear in large numbers.

      So you’ll perhaps excuse this statement, but I don’t think people who keep on emphasising how “bicultural” NZ is, and how “because of past oppression of my people, I can be criminal or apathetic towards those in the present who didn’t perpetrate that original crime” … can claim solidarity with people who try to build lives of legitimacy and purpose while those previous people are doing their utmost to secure an unfair advantage based on sentiment.
      To paraphrase Anonymous, (Immigrants are)”Not your private army”.

      I hope I don’t hear that tired nonsense “We must raise our standards and values” …
      remember: A world-class level of education – comes with a world class number of failures. Raising the standards is going to mean more of that. Not to mention, without opportunity – your best and brightest will be going overseas, while immigrants try to build a life on a lower pay scale – and the people who fail because of the raised standards will start saying that “we can upskill to the level of these immigrants easily (who had to meet university academic prerequisites, and study for years), jobs for kiwis (How realistically sustainable is that?)”.
      Every stable society … can only continue to exist if reciprocation is apparent.
      Remove that, and you are going to be paying more to a growing class of unproductive, criminal elements who ask to be paid off via “protection money”.
      Sounds like Mafia to me…

      The other funny thing is of course, the relations-between-sexes bit.
      Some NZers are not comfortable with the idea they may have to share their women and men with outsiders.
      Problem: when ethnics are “unofficially banned” via social ostracism (how often do you see photos of non-“Pakeha”/non-Maori in nightspots? or having fun with others?) and relational aggression from legitimately mixing with their NZ counterparts via marriage (seems hookups are okay) – they form ghettoes of their own.

      Problem: when ethnics can mix with their NZ counterparts, they get flak from obvious racists … some of whom may be their own parents, like in the UK: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2184351/David-Frances-Champion-Parents-jailed-battering-daughter-just-black-boyfriend.html

      P.S. These attitudes, have been predicted by New Scientist in 2007 … to leave 30% of all NZ/Australian women born since 1975 – without a partner, EVER.

      These problems will exist, and will persist, so long as some people in NZ think they can or should stop immigrants from putting down roots in NZ.

      What I’ve seen: it’s not a “Pakeha”/Maori problem – it’s an NZ problem, PERIOD. Don’t hit me with the jade patu or hardwood taiaha – it’s true, and I’m only the messenger. I’m pretty sure “Bic” Runga’s experience growing up (she’s Maori-Chinese, had such an interesting time of “racial harmony” in NZ that she left) … bears out my point.
      Oh yeah, in b4 Godwin’s Law, Hitler, Nazi, etc. etc.
      What solutions do you have, aotea?


      • An example of preferential hiring despite a criminal record (this guy is allegedly a paedophile)

        Darren Simon Kihi released to Turangi, where he’d been on work release for two years, and had guaranteed employment.

        anecdotally, I was told by domestic students … that prisoners lived better than them … mmm, heated floors, lovely meals, guaranteed job. Anyone see the problem here?


      • I do apologize, but there seemed to be little structure or coherence in your post so I’ll admit I’m a little confused by your comment. I hope you are able to offer some clarification.
        I take it from your response to Aotea, you are not to sympathetic to Maori.
        What I would like to ask you to clarify is why you believe it is acceptable to advocate on a forum which is opposed to racism whilst engaging in said behavior?
        Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and I’m paraphrasing, but I believe you inferred that; Maori are unsuccessful in academics and believe they do not have to “lift a finger to succeed or need to fairly compete against anyone else”.
        You believe Maori do not sympathize with the 10,000 Asians who marched against crime. As a Maori I was very concerned about fellow kiwis who were affected by these crimes. But why bother asking when you have already passed judgement on Maori?
        Whiwhia he magi tuuturu? What exactly are you implying? I come from a large extended family and everyone is employed in meaningful jobs, attending University and Polytechnic.
        I ask of you honestly, do not Maori strive to build a legitimate life with purpose for themselves and their family? If not, why? Because of the colour of our skin, the minute 0.0002% difference in DNA? Class distinctions? Give me a logical reason why these racist beliefs should apply to ALL Maori, yet you feel it is unacceptable for kiwis to impose the same behavior and mentality on immigrants?
        Also, regarding hook ups and marriages, wtf are you on about?!
        I have 26 first cousins, every single one of them is married to a NON-Maori immigrant from Europe, Asia, USA & the Pacific. Where do you get these ‘facts’ from?
        Your notions are quaint and idealistic, please move into the 21st century with the rest of us.
        To be succinct; you may camouflage your prejudice in ambiguous and rambling paragraphs, but a rose by any other name would still reek of covert racism.


        • @Liss: I think I understand what you’re saying.
          To put it in a line, you are saying:
          People who speak out against racism, are racist.
          But please, carry on with your twisted rationalisations.
          After all, consequences are the only thing that will teach some people.
          P.S. Tolerance isn’t acceptance.


          • Yes, in my extended family I also have people married to those of other ethnicities. Male AND female.
            Your notion that people should not stand up for equitable treatment in a country that prides itself on being classless and accepting of immigrants, is the quaint one.
            Please join us in the 21st Century, where the people who didn’t wrong you … don’t take the blame for what other people did!
            And realise that when a “rare privilege” becomes an “statutory obligation” … you can expect that without careful monitoring and adherence to standards – across the board – that all will suffer from a reduction in competence AND higher fees from those who are.
            If you care about the future of NZ … you’d certainly think it wise not to alienate the people who’ve given up a chunk of their life savings to invest in your country to the best of their ability and to get by without affirmative action.


        • This was in reply to “Lisylis” (is that you, Liss?), on the page http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/comment/columnists/sean-plunket/7839270/Treaty-mars-efforts-to-make-Waitangi-special

          tbird22 hours ago

          People need to learn what racism is. Racism is NOT having a personal opinion about someone else’s culture. Racism is NOT describing your attacker to police. Racism is not reading out facts.

          Racism is forcing races to be segregated, different water fountains, different movie theatres, back of the bus type thing. Racism is saying white people and Asians need 89% GPA to do Medicine at uni, but reserving seats for a special race. Racism is saying that white people and Asians need to pay full fees for their counselling for depression, while letting a special race have it for free. Racism is making everyone pay money to a particular race.

          An worst of all… in our parliament, in the place they make the laws we must all follow… In a country with 6th gen Kiwis, Chinese, Samoan, Indian, Tongan, English, Korean, Dutch, Niuean, South African, Filipino, and hundreds of other “ethnicities” – we have parliamentary seats reserved for a few over-paid, lazy, Maori elite.

          That, Lisylis, is racism.


    • Isn’t it a big racist to say that Europeans have “nothing unique to offer, no history, no language?” THat is as ignorant and racist statement as those that have been made about your culture. Europe has a rich and diverse history and culture, and is really a melting pot. Think the Romans, Etruscans, Greeks, Turkish civilisation, the Celts, and all the leaps and bounds we have made. THe English language shows our history through the amount of languages that make it up.It is downright ignorant to say that Europeans have no culture, and shows your racism. All cultures, Maori, Pacifika, European, African, Chines, Japanese, ALL are worthwile. ALL have unique things to offer. I absolutely love studying foreign languages and cultures as I I said, they all have unique histories and perspectives to offer.


  56. Ever since primary school I’ve openly experienced racism because I’m of Chinese ethnicity, rest assured it only grew worse in high school.

    Do you know how bad it is to not feel welcomed in your own country. Even if I wanted to learn Chinese and live in China, I’d always be a foreigner there also. So yeah, I don’t have a place where I can really feel accepted.

    If I feel this way, I only worry about vulnerable Muslims who may be exploited by radical clerics. But maybe it’ll take something drastic for the bigoted population to ponder their ways.

    Hate is so much baggage – American History X, you lot should watch it. I plan to move to LA one day where there is less hate for an Asian like me.


    • If you have a New Zealand passport you become much more desirable to girls overseas from non-Western countries. Hang on to it!
      Quite a lot of love nowadays, is a transaction between a man and a woman. Things have certainly modernised.


    • I am sorry to hear about your experiences in New Zealand. Even though I am white, I have faced a lot of bigotry, bullying and sheer nastiness at work (with a government agency) because I am a ‘migrant’. I have travelled and lived in several different countries but have never felt so lonely or isolated as I do in NZ and I can’t wait to leave. Now I am saving all I can to get away as soon as possible. I think that’s just how kiwis are, they hate anyone different from them. Your idea to leave NZ is probably the best way forward. America may not be ideal though. I looked at working in America and found that they have no statutory entitlement to annual leave. Also, there is no such thing as paid maternity leave. Canada is a bit better, with 10 days entitlement to annual leave and maternity leave. My father lives in Vancouver and is married to a lady from Hong Kong and, as far as I have heard from them, they haven’t encountered the kind of racism people get here in NZ. Maybe you should look at Canada as well. Anyway, the best of luck with everything.


  57. I am a Caucasian Kiwi who works in a call centre for a bank.

    It is a very diverse workplace.

    The first thing I hear from many of our customers is “Oh it’s so good to speak to somebody who can speak English. I’ve just hung up on the last representative I was talking to and called back in because I couldn’t understand a word he was saying – he sounded Asian or something.”

    If I look at the notes from the previous rep, often he’s a guy with a masterate level qualification doing the same job for the same pay as myself (a high school dropout).

    It’s also fairly typical that the Mongoloid on the phone has no source of income bar the benefit, (which flies out of the account in a typically depressing round of KFC, TAB and King Dicks) and can barely articulate themselves due to the effects of endemic foetal alcohol
    syndrome, inbreeding and a culturally mandated lack of imagination.

    I find conversation with the migrant folks I work with is frequently much more satisfying than the banal groundhog day babble of rugby, beer and hows-the-weather you get from a large number of kiwis.

    They’re simply smarter.

    If I was a well qualified migrant engaged in any job which involved dealing with the New Zealand public, I would certainly resent my situation in life.


  58. The lesson above and beyond all arguments is simple, TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED….

    So if pakeha or white kiwis display an overwhelming amount of racism, then perhaps all of the immigrants should seriously consider pulling themselves out of the NZ economy, in other words all the small businesses (and there are a hell of a lot of them owned by migrants) should close (I wonder what that would do to tax revenue and socio economics in NZ?), they should all cash up and pull their money out of the banks and take it to some other place, all the students who come to study should also find an alternative and yank their respective dollars out of the economy when this happens the chain effect will be that there’ll be no people to rent or buy the property or cars or anything else, thereby creating a domino economic effect,

    NZ could go broke within weeks (not saying that it already isn’t but it would be worse) since if you pull the migrants and their respective value out of the economy there is not a lot left.. As a result of this some of our largest trading partners who are India and China could cut Free trade agreements which would royally screw over a large % of the export market that NZ is so dependant on…

    As a result what would be left here in NZ if all of these actions were to take place? “Some say oh that scenario will never happen” sure so its the extreme end of possibilities BUT the point is this, if indeed migrants and this is not exclusive to any particular group of migrants but any and all who have chosen NZ as their home were to hypothetically be erased from New Zealand, this country would be far poorer than what it is currently, and at a political level due to the sheer lack of revenue the Govt. would receive, spending on social and state services such as welfare and health would probably get axed, the parity between the middle class / elite wealthy pakeha and the poorer kiwis and Maori would become even more abundant and would most likely result in significant civil unrest causing more trouble….

    So to all the so called kiwis who have happily adopted the attitudes of racism, consider that you, your country and everything in it could be completely screwed if there were no migrants, if you ethnically cleansed migrants tomorrow you would just bitch and fight between yourselves until there would be very little left but a degenerate isolated population…


  59. Act only got 1% of the vote. Unfortunately the Conservative party have popped up. Swapped one racist bunch of clowns for another…

    Don’t worry though, I think most New Zealanders dislike this minority of idiots.


  60. New Zealand is an atheist country, so why are people surprised that it’s so racist? Just like how Sweden, Denmark, and every other atheist country is extremely racist.

    To all the racists in NZ don’t worry, you have lots of atheists their to protect you from being criticized for being racist so you’re free to be as racist as you want!


    • I dunno, I didn’t see a lot of faces with different shades at the churches.
      They were either almost completely ethnic – or almost completely NZ-er.
      Nothing in between.
      For an “atheist country” as you say, they sure have a lot of religious holidays, e.g. Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas break …
      I think at some level some people living there still believe that the “coloreds shouldn’t mix with their betters”.
      It’s reflected in the gender skew in interracial marriages.


      • I saw this atheist group at the University I attend, everyone there was White, the place was like a White supremacy organization.

        Sweden, Denmark, and New Zealand are all atheist countries and they are the most racist countries in the entire world.

        The racism in these countries is directly caused by the atheist population.

        What the atheist population specifically causes is a lack of opposition and criticism towards racism.

        Since there’s no criticism or opposition towards racism people are free to be as racist as they want.

        The atheist community has remained silent in opposition towards racism so we know where they stand on the racism issue.

        I mean we know where atheists stand on things like gay rights, abortion, and Intelligent Design.


        • That’s funny, ’cause I saw religious people behave in very patronising ways towards people not of their race, while in New Zealand.
          Being religious no more makes you good, like being in a parking spot makes you a car.


        • One sample of what passes for religious flyers in NZ:
          “The crudely written flyers have shown up across the small Bay of Plenty town. It appeared the material had been downloaded from fanatical creationist websites.

          “Are you a racist? You are if you believe in evolution!” the letter states.

          “Kids are taught in school that man evolved (changed) from a chimp. So I ask you who changed the most from a black chimp with black hair and brown eyes? A black man with black hair and brown eyes? Or a white man with blond hair and blue eyes?”


  61. John says: “I work in a company in NZ that has a large proportion of Indian and Chinese workers, not one of them would have experienced an ounce of racism or been abused/groped etc in the way that the above refers to.”

    Perhaps the employees don’t want to burden their employers with any of their personal troubles, want to get their job done and move on.

    From what I’m reading, I think it’s completely plausible that New Zealand is an awful place to work for talented Asians (I have no idea why they wouldn’t opt for the US like the Bay Area). I’ve heard similar things about places in Australia from my family living there. I believe it was Nouriel Roubini, the economist, who is predicting Europe to be the playground for Chinese and Indian investors. In the scheme of things, New Zealand is a tiny island compared to the value that Europe brings. I suspect New Zealand will be bought and made civilized by rich investors in the not too distant future. Probably last in the list of priorities though. Perhaps your bank AZN sees the same future.


    • I have no idea why they wouldn’t opt for the US like the Bay Area
      Apparently what some companies do for foreign talent to gain the H1B visa, is to have them sign over 90% of their wages in exchange for placement.
      Or fraudulently represent the talents, based on racial stereotypes, e.g. “All Asians are good at math”.So-called “Positive racism” is also a problem.


  62. Any immigrant reading this true life judgement would have to think twice about migrating to NZ….

    Editorial: Judge leaves himself wide open to criticism

    White offender + white judge versus Korean immigrant

    The perception is that immigrants will get no suppport there with the Kiwis telling them `Get out of my way`’ and you will be treated like an ant to be trodden upon and limping your life away there.
    Does’t the banker at his level know about priorities and postponing a music recording appointment?
    Poor Mr Kim who has been badly hurt, separated from his family and yet has to continue struggling….


    • If mind has got a form then these kiwi minds look exactly like a kiwi bird.. Very small means narrow minded, looking down means ignorant! They don’t want to look around.. adding to that they are stressed, intolerant and incompetent… Its one of the nature’s weird creations, no race in the world will have these much of negative qualities…!!


  63. This is the white person dream: Immigrants who work hard for them, get paid a lot less but pay a lot more tax, don’t mind getting beaten up or abused, stay to themselves as much as possible (segregation is the best solution) and NEVER inter-marry with them.

    That would make them the most happy. Actually no, the happiest they’d be is if we went back to slavery, except we didn’t complain about it. Whip us, kills us, lynch us.

    What kind of animals are you? Get over yourselves.


    • That is not this white person’s dream. That is not the dream of many white people.

      I would find it incredibly horrible, miserable, and disturbing to witness, let alone inflict, the damage you stereotype me (according to my race) as wanting to do.

      And I have no problem with inter-race marriage. Many of my friends or acquaintances are in inter-race marriages.

      I’m not an animal, and neither are you. Some would say we are animals. I don’t.

      It’s a good idea to think before you type, or even while you type, eh?


  64. New Zealand is a great country, and that’s a fact. But like every country there are something’s that they all struggle with, and I do agree with you. Racism is one of them. 7 years ago I was adopted by my aunty and her white partner. At the age of ten it like a dream come true to come into a new country and start a new life, but nothing prepared me for the cruelty I greeted with when I started school. I am a PI (Samoan) and my mum now is Samoan too, but she and her husband prefer the white culture predominantly. I was brought up speaking properly, and went to an all-white school and still am. In intermediate I was not accepted at all, everyday young kids around my age would walk up to me and say “go back to your own country you brown buga” to my face. Every day was hard I was either greeted with a inappropriate statements or sworn to with my own language. However I never thought that these experiences I was having as a ten year old would ever last up till now. I understand the feeling of not being accepted just because of your race, or your colour but the funny thing is now I am a seventeen year old I don’t get racist comments from the white community I get them from my own. Growing up in a predominantly white family has really changed me. I don’t have an islander accent, and I hold myself differently from how many other island kids do. The white no longer laugh at me instead it’s the brown saying things like “you wana be white!” the truth is racism is present everywhere and sadly in New Zealand as well.


  65. yeah. i came back to Korea 4 yrs ago and i still miss N.Z somehow but wat da writer said is so true.
    i did undergraduate degree in Vic in Welly and while m studying i was furious and dissapointed with attitudes some kiwis n maoris showed.
    they cursed on me when i walk on da street with ma fds n we were doing nth but walkin.
    like “f***ing Asian just go bk to ur country”. some threw da cans, eggs, even bottles. sometimes dey threaten me n ma fds by chasing us. even kids followed me n ma Asian fds n said sth bad. i dnt no y. i hv done nth bad or illegal.

    becuz of da tuition fee we pay(which is at least 4 times expensive dan domestic Ss), dey
    get free or cheaper education, n becuz of da money we spent on their country, dey can grow their economy. wen i stayed in dere, ma family often came n bought so many things, n me either. other asians also contribute N.Z economy.
    dey do not consider dat fact but just blame Asians to tk over their country.


  66. Every person of every nationality has, at some point, been treated in some form of racist manner or other.
    I’ve lived in NZ for 30 years, I was a kid when we emigrated from the UK.
    I lived and went to school in Mt Wellington, Auck in the early 80’s and lived on a street where the Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, and Maori families fought amongst themselves almost constantly.
    My Indian next door neighbour was beaten up by the local ‘Maori boys’ for being a ‘wog’
    I was spit on, had my hair pulled, pushed into the street, and chased home from school by the Maori girl across the street…her mother chased me from the park next to her house brandishing a machete while calling me a ‘little white bitch’ because the swing was squeaking too loudly!
    As a teenager I had a school desk thrown at me by a Tongan girl because I ‘looked’ at her boyfriend, I was pushed into the school pool and held under the water in a case of mistaken identity by a Maori girl who thought I was the ‘Pakeha slut’ who screwed her boyfriend!
    When I did have a Maori boyfriend, I received constant abuse from other Maori, not other Pakeha!!
    I’ve now married into a family that considers themselves to be white (they are mostly 1/8th and 1/16th Maori) but my brother-in-laws wife is a Maori girl who is constantly having digs, and sneering at my kids when they speak maori, do kapa haka, wear their pounamu. She tells me and them that we are diluting her culture and bringing shame to her people…are you fricken kidding me?!?!

    I take pride in the fact that I AM A KIWI
    I ALWAYS try to use Maori language correctly and appropriately, and I treat EVERYBODY with a level of respect that I haven’t always received in return and yet I, the immigrant, the Pakeha, am the one who is racist?!?!!

    This country WAS NOT built by one race alone…and some ‘minorities’ need to remember that!!!


    • ^ Can identify with that effort of “making attempts to get along” and being treated with contempt.
      Then, you’re racist if you point out the bad treatment. Wassupwiddat?


  67. I (a multi-generational European-ancestry-only NZer) volunteered at a ESL class a while back. Loved it. Sure, most of them spoke poor English. But they were trying (and gradually succeeding), and they were friendly and hard-working.

    Sadly, it can cause friction when a person from another culture does something absolutely out of place in our own culture. It does tend to cause disruption, but patience and general benevolence goes a long way to battle the ill-will it can cause.

    I myself am quite multi-lingual (I speak German, Spanish, and Old English to a decent degree of fluency, and I am learning also Mandarin Chinese, Maori, Dutch, and Quechua). I am learning Maori to show respect for the tangata whenua, and because it’s one thing maybe I can do to ease race relations.

    It is miserable that so many people (of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds – I certainly don’t feel the love from a certain portion of Maoridom) have racial hatered for/prejudice against others. It’s definately not just New Zealand, and I don’t think New Zealand is even especially bad. China (look up Lou Jing), USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, etc., all have supply enough of racist-minded people. Believe it.

    I would like it if more Maori acknowledged their non-Maori ancestors. It annoys me when I hear something along the lines of “…your ancestors (raped the land)…” when the ancestors in question are, in fact, shared ancestors.

    Some popular-enough myths (like that the Moriori lived on mainland NZ before the Maori and were slaughtered by Maori – that latter part was true, but they didn’t live on the mainland) probably don’t help Maori-with-non-Maori race relations.

    Off topic, but have any other cyclists experienced abusive drivers (e.g. the ones who go out of their way to roll down their window and swear at you and tell you to get off the road)? Apart from the little racism I’ve experienced from afar in NZ, that kind of experience has helped understand what suffering racist hatered feels like… Ugh.

    I think maybe the name of this page should have been “New Zealand is still a really racist country”.

    To a less racist future!


  68. Hello all, I happened to listen to the Newstalk ZB radio on 9 October 2012 at 1235 am and was surprised that the DJ made a racist comment when a female listener called Sue called up and told him about the costs of living these days as compared to paying only $10 a week in rent in earlier times.
    Then, Sue said she cooked rice and ate the rice with some vegetables for 2 or 3 days to be thrifty. And guess what the DJ said….`’You will be getting slanted eyes soon’. If we have a public figure who makes such derogatory comments on the Asians I assume, the racist ball gets thrown around….’ I have heard of this stereotyped remark made to Asians as rice is their staple….Someone might want to make an official complaint but I won’t waste my time…they might delete that part of the recording.


  69. Hey just sharing my experiences from living here all my life. I am asian and i was born here in NZ. I have been alive here for around 20 years and i can tell you i have had experiences that i consider now a normal part of my life. School life was hell, i would be racially abused atleast once a month but never physically, I made good friends. The thing is all this abuse has made me mentally ill, i find it so difficult to look or speak to a white person because i am so afraid of the racial abuse i might recieve. My teacher would always tell us that life gets better, Hell no if you look different and below average in their eyes, your fked. I got my first job at a supermarket, my god the customers are ****ing disgusting. Alot of these ***holes think i cant speak or understand english so they think they have the right to say abusive things and get away with it. Luckily i am a person who just ignores it and walks away. I am now studying in higher tertiary and i dont think i want to work in this place when i graduate. in my opinion the adults are far worse than highschool. However not everyone is so narrowminded. I have made many white friends and still hang out with them. These adults are mostly uneducated average ****head citizens. I wish i was never born here and i wish i had the money to leave. The lifestyle here is really good compared to countries such as china and india. However there are times i just feel like i would rather work 1$ a day in a factory then deal with alot of ***holes.


    • I think its more about them finding any excuse to bully! There is an absolute culture of bullies in NZ. Maybe the only discipline applied to kids is bullying and mind games by parents in the absence of corporal punishment! Very little direct honest communication but lots of bullying and manipulation as a relationship style. Lets face it, with one of the highest suicide rates in the world, they not exactly sane and happy folk are they?


      • I think you’re probably right. There is a heck of a lot of bullying that goes on (in New Zealand, but also elsewhere – think Amanda Todd) racism is one facade for it. There are a ton of others (whether you have enough money or too much, whether you are uneducated or too educated, whether or not you use a bicycle to get around, what sports you play, how large your nose is, what swearwords your name rhymes with, what neighbourhood you live in, etc.)

        Note: I have not experienced most of these facades for bullying, but I am aware of all of them.

        Sadly, I think a lot of NZers school life is hell. Kids can kill, really.


  70. I don’t give a sh** if some local idiot shows racism towards me…i just think he is a fool and because of too many fools like him his country need talented people like us from overseas. at least thinking that way makes me do my work better and i actually feel more superior than him. There is no doubt my new country (nz) has some racist idiots but there is no shortage of good and welcoming ppl over here!!! So if one idiot tells you to go back to your own country, just think he is just one idiot who is good for nothing and is jealous of you. Anyways he has no power to kick you out from this country so his stupid comments has no weight… the country needs you and thats why you have been granted a citizenship:) There is no doubt nz will have lots of overseas population in future and thats a fact. The modern nz will be a mix of asian ( inc indian , arabic, chinese), european, maori and pacific culture, not just maori and pakeha culture- its a fact and we must respect each other.


    • You will either have to:
      1. “go back to your own country” if you cannot find a job in your field as an immigrant that is on the skills shortage list to get your longer stay approved, or
      2. “become an illegal immigrant” if you decide to become an overstayer.
      3. have the funds to survive without a job for some years including the costs of the expression of interest and hope it works out, then worry more about the future.

      They don’t need “power to kick you out”.
      They just need to ignore, downplay or exclude your achievements in NZ when your resume lands on their desk.
      The bodies of government then get involved when your time is up or you decide to move on.
      It’s really quite simple.


  71. Ever heard of an anti-racism campaign that targeted any group other than people of European descent as “racists?”
    All anti-Whites ever do is make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a non-White country. 

    All anti-Whites ever do is rationalize and justify White children living as minorities in every country their ancestors built. 

    All anti-Whites ever do is justify genocide of White children, and only White children.
    Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White. 



    • See
      Foreign workers face battle to win jobs
      By Julie Middleton

      “Maori raters imposed ethnic penalties as did Pakeha. However, Asian raters judged Asian and Pakeha applicants similarly.”

      So, don’t worry, it’s not just “people of European descent” in NZ that are racist – as usual,
      it is “racists in NZ, that are racist”.
      P.S. If for some reason your birth rates are below replacement level, you might perhaps want to take it up with the women of your country, and ask them why they are choosing to not have babies, to live up to David Lane’s Aryan supremacy 14 words: “We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children.”
      Bonus points to you if you can get it without the cooperation of the rest of the world … that isn’t European.


  72. My wife (Chinese) and I lived in Taiwan and other countries in Asia for years. After experiencing lots of racism – no ability to get a passport, vote, credit card, protection of the law, discrimination against us and our children etc. we came to NZ. Yes, there is racism, but at least we can both have citizenship, as can our children, we can have bank accounts, our kids can go to public schools, we are protected under the law, and we can have any job we wish if we are good enough. And we have good jobs here. Our kids can be what they want. Racism is no good anywhere. It happens everywhere and it is not good. Stop racism everywhere.


    • Hello Chen_New, please can you clarify where you are when you say “here” as it appears that your profile is placing you in T’ai-pei, Taiwan.


    • no ability to get a passport, vote, credit card
      Passport and vote are tied to your CITIZENSHIP.
      Whether you get a credit card is tied to whether you have a steady INCOME (I do believe they ask for payslips – and there is a minimum amount).
      Hey, I didn’t get a credit card in NZ – DISCRIMINATION!
      You didn’t mention anything about being permanent residents – which is the first step to getting citizenship – it isn’t handed to you on a platter, you know, and takes time.

      I would like to know, besides NZ … where a permanent resident can vote,
      and where in the world you can get a credit card – when you don’t have a job?

      we can have bank accounts
      I’d definitely like to know more about this place/places, where you can’t have bank accounts. The investment profile must be rather … dismal.

      There are 52 countries in Asia, in which ones were you treated so badly?


      • Its a shame that people limit their life options to whether they get citizenship or bank accounts or credit cards or even jobs..Racism in true sense means that someone does not have any respect for you due to your origin of birth. While you may consider it a previlage to have these after being denied in other countries (unsure why someone would deny you a bank account).

        There are many who come to countries like NZ not so that they can get all these things, but so that they can have quality of life. When you are insulted and treated with hostility every day of your life, having PR or ability to vote or bank accounts seems much meagre. However, the country thrives on all those who consider it to be a previlage to have these things.

        In short, apart from the natural beauty- the country does not have anything to offer at this stage. It is only good for people who feel ‘grateful’ and do any jobs and live in misery just for the so-called PR or citizenship.


  73. For a long time, about 15years, my assumption that New Zealanders are very friendly and there is no/hardly any racism in this country made me not see the reality of daily racism that I encounter these days when I go for shopping. Previously, I simply was blinded and did not see it.

    I started to notice how New Zealand shop assistance/manager, check out counter simply ignore Asian customers. They do not greet Asians while greeting all other customers, try hard not to serve Asians by letting other staff deal with Asians. I mean not all, but many people do.

    Since I noticed this, I started feel like a 2nd citizen in this society.

    However, this simple racism seems not recognised easily even among Asians. Like how I did not noticed it previously, I’ve noticed that even my Asian friends have never noticed it and treated me as if i was ‘too sensitive’. After some time, one of them told me that similar incident happened to her and she started to open up her eyes. It leaves only ‘hurt’ though. I was happier when I didn’t notice the discrimination.

    – I went into a shoe shop that was well known in this city for a family business over 50years. I’ve been there several times, but noticed that I was never greeted while seeing all other customers were greeted when they came in. On this day, I tried a couple of boots that I was interested in. No one served me so I left the booths holder(inside the boots thing) next to the boots after trying them out, I put the boots back, but didn’t put the inside things back into the boots. Soon, one of the shop assistant passed by me and said (without looking at me) quietly, “You should put the things in.” (Not exact words, but this meaning is implied). Then, I got really cross and said also quietly, “I think this is your JOB to do, isn’t it?” And then I started to complain to her of their service. She said, do you want to talk to my manager?” So, I did. The manager who is one of the family members of this small shoe shop said literally , “Are you mad?” (against my racism remark). The manager accepted (not apology) that her staff definitely did wrong, but she still didn’t accept that it is part of racism. And she insisted that they hire Asian worker as well. So, they are not racist. In the end the nervous shop assistant who went away came back to us and apologized to me and told her boss that what she said was true. But, the manager insisted that there was not racism in the context and she said, “Maybe you are invisible!” – I hope the shop lasts another 50years.( You know I’m joking. ;-)).

    I asked the hop assistant if she would have ever said the same thing to a white customer. She couldn’t say anything.

    There are many simple invisible racism/discrimination that I can see now. I don’t know how to deal with this without getting hurt too much. Maybe one slowly starts to just accept the reality…that I am 2nd citizen in this society.


    • I’ve noticed that even my Asian friends have never noticed it and treated me as if i was ‘too sensitive’
      Your Asian friends are trying to “buy good” of people who are racist towards them.
      (I was told by a female Asian Residential Assistant at university, that racism was just “people playing the fool”)
      Not to worry, let them finish their education …
      when the time comes for the job market,
      or even to interact for the purposes of building families,
      … their eyes will be opened wide enough to see that you were right.


  74. I agree, one day they will. Ideally, those days should not come, thoguth…better world by that time. 🙂

    Here’s my other observations.

    I haven’ really been paying attention to media report. How they report things related with Asia…

    I’ve looked some articles by stuff.co.nz and learned that this is the same network with Dominion (Wellington base). There some differences between stuff.co.nz vs. NZ herald (Auckland base) with the same incident.

    Don brash affair with Diane Foreman – Stuff seems to be very favorable of Diane Foreman. NZ herald reported her more in detail (not a good side as well).


    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find again the article that I read from stuff about how Don Brash met his singaporean separated wife (implying affair – and it seemed it was an affair). – since I couldn’t find the article anymore, I can’t insist that it was from Stuff…


    Here, I learned how Diane Foreman met his wealthy husband. (also it seems to me an affair or at least there was something going on…) Stuff does not mention the details of details that they revealed about Don Brash’s wife, but just praises how Diane Foreman woman is doing great as if she had achieved from the scratch. In my view, this woman seems to be a family wrecker (see. her relationship with Paul Henley also I’m guessing from the article how much she might have caused pain to the dying wife of Bill Foreman.) Stuff seems just love her.

    Stuff’s reports on the golfer David Smail seems also biased.

    David Smail



    My view is that he got into this extra marital relationship, too. But, there was no criticism about him, but ridicules this Japanese woman and even published her photo. It ridicules her accent/speaking as well. How many Kiwis can speak Japanese language?

    Lately, there was Samsung vs Apple court decision over copyright.

    Stuff didn’t updated of the latest court decision and left it with previous one whereas this was one of the top news of BBC on the day. And NZ herald reported this, but not on Stuff or Dominion post. – Obviously, this was not a big news for the editor of Stuff. I may be wrong, I wonder whether they reported somewhere very small print that I couldn’t find?

    I typed Samsung vs apple on Stuff search site.

    The first one that comes up is this.

    Apple triumphs over Samsung in US court

    And on the third,

    Samsung wins court case against Apple


    NZ Herald
    Apple told to apologise for Samsung statement

    Apple ordered to re-write ‘inaccurate’ Samsung statement


    My view about NZ media also has been changed since yesterday after having found these articles and it has been confirmed that my effort of trying to see NZ society/media to be fair/or try to be fair towards Asian.


  75. New Zealand is full of rednecks, the accents are awful, and they think their country is special because it’s mostly full of boring flora and fauna, and because they have a supreme rugby team. Most New Zealanders are ignorant as they haven’t even set foot outside of the country and don’t know shit about the beauties of the world other than their small, isolated island. They’re mostly racist and highly sensitive about their culture as well since they’re jingoistic, nationalist morons, therefore if you don’t like crappy homegrown Kiwi music or you ridicule something about them, they’ll scorn you with the old redneck phrase “well if you don’t like it you can get aouut!”. There are many good things about New Zealand, but unless you’re coming here to retire or for a holiday, get out as soon as you can, I’m finishing uni here soon and I can’t wait to leave.


    • Hi, Thanks, May I ask how are you leaving this small minded pathetic over hyped racist country? Did you find a job or something…what country and what did you study in Uni. I ask because I have a small savings, uni drop out and in a similar situation.


  76. Sorry that you were bullied there and had to move countries twice. But what if most of the time people were only jesting?

    Please don’t denigrate the experiences of others by suggesting they have a sense of humour failure that you yourself suffer from.

    However unpleasant these things are to accept there’s no getting away from the fact that New Zealand has a bullying problem. It has a problem with domestic violence and a culture of brutality.

    Accepting that is the first step to eradicating it.


  77. Hi,

    I am reading all along here as I was searching for info about living in NZ. Let me give everyone here some background of myself. I am from HK, a Chinese, got plans to further my master degree studies in NZ coming academic year. Wish to seek for job opportunities in NZ as well.

    I will need some insights from all on whether I should give NZ a try or say in my own city.

    I have been to New Zealand earlier this year, as a tourist, people were nice, with close-to-nature environment, definitely fascinating for city people. I understand tourists see all good things of a country, but what I read here looks far worse than what I can imagine.

    As HKer, I know how frustrating it is to have emigrants from mainland all around. Flat and store prices are now sky high; vacancies in hospital for labouring, schools so occupied that we have far less opportunities, our welfare are abused by them. But there are some emigrants we respect as they stand on their own feet, hardworking and nice.

    So basically how far racism goes and what problem I may face as a Chinese female in NZ is what I want to know. Thanks.


    • Not being a Chinese person myself, I can’t say exactly what kind of racism you might experience.

      Racist jokes are not uncommon in New Zealand (usually targeted at Australians, Maori, Irish, Pacific Islanders, or Asians), albeit I believe they are usually not malicious, and are intended to be funny. But there is a certain amount of actual hostility/dislike towards Asian immigrants, from some people.

      Asians are definitely considered by some to be particularly foreign (as opposed, for example, to a European British person being “less foreign”).

      I don’t remember having witnessed anyone racially abusing someone to their face in NZ, but I don’t doubt that it might happen.

      I myself do know some people who are disgruntled with the number of Asians in New Zealand. Most of the racism is in attitudes – some New Zealanders feel like they might be made foreigners in their home, or are overwhelmed by the number of Asian immigrants in recent years (sometimes called “the Asian Invasion”). There are sizable Chinese and Asian communities especially throughout Auckland, but also elsewhere in NZ.

      For many people in New Zealand, China has a reputation for producing lots of cut-corner, poor-quality products. But I haven’t found this reputation being applied to Chinese people, ever.

      If you speak English with an “accent”, you may find it difficult to make friends with people who only speak English (the majority of New Zealanders only speak English). If you speak English noticeably less well than a native speaker, you will definitely be avoided by some people.

      If you did come, I would strongly recommend making sure you found a group of people you could socialize with. Actually though, many students in university in NZ are from overseas, so maybe that might not be a problem.


        • What is a fair contribution towards a person being entitled towards a pension?
          Provide those numbers, otherwise all those statements are just thinly disguised racism.
          P.S. The benefit, given to those that do not work – are they entitled to it, especially if they’ve never worked?
          P.P.S. Was the foreign child, who now provides for their parents, overcharged for all the courses, qualifications and certifications compared to a local person doing the same?
          So why not the parents recoup the contribution of the child?

          Looking forward to your entertaining and (hopefully) carefully thought out response.
          Yes, I’m aware that anyone can claim to be any ethnicity on the Internet. 🙂


      • I am amazed how people would think they would receive Hermes’ quality with a dime. You may ask any person who works in fabric industry about craftsmanship of China. Many of those cut-cornered stuff you see are the products of foreign company, which indicates that the decision of using inferior material and craftsmanship is permitted by the company rather than workshop itself. Only tools would pay for goods that dose not meet the standard. So why did you blame on Chinese workers? And also, it’s not hard to find quality clothes made by Chinese, if you just spend a little bit more – You get what you pay for. Notice that Chinese also produce luxury goods and those would be sent to Italy to sew on one or two buttons on then it would become Made in Italy, it is not even a news in industry, luxury company always try to convince you that your pricey stuff is made by an old Italian man who lives next to the river who has been making leather goods for 30 years and yes because people buy into that.


      • woah that’s shocking. and here from what I read, racism is not big issue in the NZ. I will study in palmy though, hopefully I wont encounter one. thanks for the arning.


        • from what I read, racism is not big issue in the NZ. I will study in palmy though, hopefully I wont encounter one. thanks for the arning.
          You will not encounter much overt racism.
          You will encounter a lot of covert racism.
          e.g. Software study supplies that you were not informed about, contacts and lab resources that you didn’t know existed ,,, and you may probably also be told a pack of lies by students in your cohort about what they are studying or where they apply for jobs or inadequate/ineffectual Career Centre guidance for resume improvement or work applications.
          But everyone lives their own life and has to experience things themselves.
          Remember that over the period of time that you lodge an expression of interest or your work permit … you CANNOT work until it comes back in the affirmative.
          Of course, you can still work the hours as specified in your passport based on your study in NZ when you are still a student.


    • if i were you..dont take a risk..you can study in other countries while not experiencing racism… i work at a call center in an asian country..and our customers are NZers!… on the phone..they keep at shouting at you..onset of the call..they were angry at you and say bad things about you and the way you speak when in fact..your just doing a customer service job for them… we are experiencing racism over the phone ..what more if we go to NZ… that’s why i never dream to go there even if its the only beautiful country left..but with that kind of people..well..never mind


      • I dont really mind it though since I receive scholarship from NZ government. also being chinese indonesian, we are tough ones since we have experienced open racism for decades in indonesia. I’m sure I could endure any possible racism in NZ, again. hopefully I will encounter none though!


  78. NZ government have to do business with foreigners as the majority of NZ income comes from the main industry of the country which is tourism & international students, beside the horticultural & agricultural. Then the big amount of money that NZ earns from foriengners feeding Kiwi people and NZ country. Your government propaganda seem to welcome Asians when NZ knows that we’re money resources for Kiwis, eventually native people in NZ pits us off at the end. Well . . . What go round will come round, Kiwis will need to aware of what you have done to us now because it can be impact your reputation and credit across countries.


  79. I am from Iran and came to NZ in 1988. Only purpose my family and I left Iran was because of the Iran-Iraq war and we never had NZ in our destination, it simply came as accidental that at that time NZ was taking people abroad.
    I grew up here, and yes not all people are bad but overall I view the mindset of white people here as disturbing.
    Reality is New Zealand is a small farming country at the bottom of the planet, it really has not much to show except for sheep and lamb and on the world stage it has a small presence.
    Whether kiwi’s like it or not that the reality.
    Even people from overseas, Europe and Americans whom I met in NZ say that NZ other than nature has nothing else and these people have often laughed about it.
    All kiwi’s have to say is that they are white or from European decent, which is funny because Europeans that I spoke to dont want to relate to NZ in any way.
    In terms of NZ economy, it has little in manufacturing and lot of its trade is from Asia, and even then NZ is in deep debt. Without Asian trade NZ would be shot back into the 70’s.
    I met an American guy some years back who was a nice man, he told me he came to NZ for holiday and he found the talking manner of people in NZ amusing.
    He told me that he was in a conversation to a kiwi and this kiwi was rambling on about NZ and the American man told this kiwi guy, do you know how small you are on the world stage?
    And after that the kiwi guy was silent. lol…
    And speaking of first world country, in reality NZ isnt a first world country as its economy and GDP is equal to Spain and housing quality and standard of living is very average except for the few rich.
    Actually many things in NZ are old, cars on average are 12 years old and most things are expensive as 90% of goods are imported.
    All you have to do is go across to Australia to see the massive gap between wealth in NZ to Australia.
    My cousin who is a German came to NZ some years ago and he said all he hears from kiwi’s is oh this place is pretty or there is a nice beach there…why would you take credit for god’s creation, something that was here before you ever settled here, lol..
    These are facts of NZ and because kiwi’s have little to do or show for, when they dont have much all they can do is become racist to few asians or middle easterns that have immigrated to NZ. If anyone wants to challenge this, please come forward..lol


    • Elmo, you are a prime example of racism in New Zealand and you don’t even realise it. Don’t you feel any embarrassment at all for what you’ve written, not even the slightest glimmer of realisation that a country populated by people like you may not be a very pleasant place to love?


  80. Don’t worry kiwis . We are breeding at a very fast rate than you think . Before you know it kiwis you are going to be a minority in your own country .Tough luck chappies


    • There is just one flaw in your plan.
      Who will your children marry?
      And even before that, will they be paid and recognised commensurate with their ability … or will there be an increase in taxi drivers with degrees?
      As I said … the population from overseas that discovers things lacking in New Zealand … build their subsequent careers elsewhere.
      So it doesn’t change much.
      What will change things … is when immigrants leave BEFORE they get stuck too deep … or after they have had an education at the fee rate of domestic students.
      It’s certainly very interesting that a lot of immigrants from overseas who don’t fit the “mind’s-eye-racial-attribution” of what makes a kiwi …
      are either not married … or don’t meet their partner in New Zealand.


      • What does “mind’s-eye-racial-attribution” mean? (Another term of “mentality”, but especially in respect to how mentality might be connected to culture?)

        If that is what you mean, then I would say that I am not at all surprised that people with significantly different cultural mentalities don’t tend to marry each other. I consider that to be not at all evil, in and of itself.


        • I am not at all surprised that people with significantly different cultural mentalities don’t tend to marry each other. I consider that to be not at all evil, in and of itself.
          Would you happen to be one of those colourblind people who can only dismiss what a person of a different race goes through because you enjoy the perks of “white privilege”?
          For your information, a basic global culture already exists, e.g. Money as a form of success, relationships as a form of success, job you have as a form of success.
          But for some people the starting point of achievement is other peoples’ perceptions of you … regardless of what you have actually done.


          • Is that a question seeking my answer, or a rhetorical question?

            If the first, I’d say no. I am very much aware that some people are mistreated/treated in a specific way because of their race/ethnicity; and I do not think that that is the way that it should be. I think all this “in spite of” my being “white”.

            If it is a rhetorical question, then I reject what it suggests (that is, that I dismiss the way some others are treated because of their race, because of my race and the way I am treated by some because of my race).

            You do know that in the context of racism, “colourblind” is usually used in a positive sense? “Colourblind” is usually used to mean “non-racist”.

            Also, I personally for myself do not accept what you have mentioned as globally accepted measurements of success (or at least, not beyond the point of having enough to live a healthy lifestyle, or in the specific circumstances of one’s specific desires being fulfilled; e.g. “you want lots of money+you get lots of money=fulfilment of that specific desire/success”), although I realize that they are commonly accepted as measurements of success. As far as I am concerned, those measurements of success are utterly shallow.

            I am aware that some people will not begin to achieve much until some people’s perception of them changes. That is sad, in my books. It is something I desire to be changed.

            But I am interested to know: Do you actually think that people with significantly different cultural mentalities having a tendency not to marry is actually an evil/problem in society? And do you think that it is not worth making a distinction between the %100 normal (in my opinion) difficulty that many people of significantly different cultures have in interacting with each other, and actual “you are an Asian and I am a European (and that is an important distinction to make)”-type racism?

            I am of the opinion that who a person marries is ideally an inter-personal issue; and the fact that many people tend to avoid marrying others of significantly different cultural mentality, is the last thing that I would cite as evidence of racism in society. I would, however, cite people’s tendencies to avoid marrying others of a different race, but of the same/a very similar cultural mentality, as evidence of racism (and by racism, I here mean “counting race as a significant factor”).

            That is to say, if you don’t marry someone because of perceived irreconcilable differences in cultural mentality, I have no problem with that, in general, at all. If you don’t marry someone because of their race, then I still think that is your own personal decision (and it’s probably a good thing that racists tend not to marry the people they’re racist against); but it shows a certain lack of clarity of perception and maturity, as far as I am concerned. It may also cause/be connected to other problems in society.

            For myself, I would not even try to marry someone of a significantly different cultural mentality. That is to say, if I desperately enough wanted to marry someone of a significantly different cultural mentality, then I would change my own cultural mentality to be more in line with theirs (I have no problem with culture/cultural mentality compromise, in general – actually, I think it is often necessary to make various kinds of relationships/inter-personal interactions work well). That having been said, I also do not object to people who think they can work through cultural mentality differences, marrying (as I said before, I have no problem with culture/cultural mentality compromise; and in my personal experience, every single successful/happily enduring intercultural marriage I have seen has involved compromise; actually, the same goes for every single successful marriage I have seen, as far as I can remember). It’s their decision, not mine. And I definitely have no problem at all with marrying someone of a different race.

            Sorry for lengthy response.


          • You do know that in the context of racism, “colourblind” is usually used in a positive sense? “Colourblind” is usually used to mean “non-racist”.
            To debunk your patronising notion (the world has moved on, you know)
            Examples of Racial Microaggressions:
            Color blindness
            Statements which indicate that a White person does not want to acknowledge race

            A therapist says “I think you are being too paranoid. We should emphasize similarities, not people’s differences” when a client of color attempts to discuss her feelings about being the only person of color at her job and feeling alienated and dismissed by her co-workers.
            A client of color expresses concern in discussing racial issues with her therapist. Her therapist replies with, “When I see you, I don’t see color.”

            Race and culture are not important variables that affect
            people’s lives.
            Your racial experiences are not valid.


          • I was not aware that I was helping to spread a notion that the world has moved on, although it seems obvious to me that some people in the world have (moved on); and it also seems equally obvious to me that some people haven’t (moved on).

            Thank you for the example. It has helped clarify to me what you meant by “colourblind”. My impression is that you mean something like “discounting race as a (significant) factor”. Please correct me if I’m wrong in that impression.

            Would you agree with me that in the context, for example, of hiring an employee, it is actually good to discount race (as opposed to personality, the ability to communicate clearly, work ethic, character, etc.) as a factor in the decision to hire or not hire the possible future employee? (And if you do not agree with me, why not?)

            However, in the context of having a serious discussion with your therapist, or anyone else (myself included), about race/culture issues (in this example, in the client’s workplace), I definitely think(/agree with you?) that poo-pooing race and/or culture as an insignificant factor, is not at all helpful.

            But out of interest: What, of all the things I said, caused you to come to suspect that I was spreading the notion that racism was no longer an issue/”the world has moved on you know” (in your own words)? It would be good to know, to avoid repeating the same mistake (assuming I made a mistake – not all misunderstandings are the speaker’s fault, nor necessarily the hearer’s), because that it is not an impression I seek to give.

            Also, do you read my lengthy replies?


          • By “the world has moved on”, I mean that the old ways of mollifying people by treating them like children who are alien to your ways of thinking, is frankly getting old and people are getting sick of it.
            It’s interesting that you assume that I’m a “she” (based on the example above).
            What, of all the things I said, caused you to come to suspect that I was spreading the notion that racism was no longer an issue
            When people mention colourblindness, I check their race.
            No surprise they happen to be white.
            Now … it’s interesting that those considered “top of the heap” on the racial totem pole of expectation of good treatment (and who get it) are the ones saying they are “colourblind”.
            I get the feeling the more I speak on this,
            the smarter I make racists … so they learn how to be covertly so, and not overtly racist.


          • P Ray:

            (Please read my whole answer, to avoid further confusion.)

            Ah, I thought you were saying *I* had said that “the world has moved on you know”. I thought people (well, adults, at least) were *always* sick of being treated like children.

            By the way, what do you here mean by “…treating them like children…”?

            I had absolutely no idea that the example you gave was about you personally. I assumed that the client in the example was a “she” because you used the pronoun “her” referring to her (or you, if indeed you are saying that client was you). For example, “Her therapist…” (you said it, not me). I would say that was a reasonable assumption based on the word you used.

            Sorry, and who mentioned colourblindness first?

            Do you realize it is racially stereotyping to assume that someone who mentions the word “colourblind” is white? I would ask you not to do this – I did not assume you were white when you first mentioned the word (and you mentioned it before me).

            A person is only be considered “top of the heap” if *someone* does the considering. I say that that someone is not me.

            Also, please do answer my question: Do you actually read my lengthy answers?

            It seems to me by your answers that you do not.

            And please clarify what you mean by the words “racist” and “racism” and “colourblind”, to avoid further confusion on my behalf. Many things you have said have confused me very, very much.

            Thank you for having read the entire post (assuming you have).


          • P Ray:

            (Please read the entire post.)

            Actually, to bring some clarity to the situation, I will re-state everything I have (tried) to communicate in this discussion so far, as clearly as I can:

            *I am not surprised people of incompatibly different cultural mentalities don’t tend to marry each other

            *I don’t think that people of incompatibly different cultural mentalities tending not to marry each other (mutually), by itself, is at all bad

            *Marriage is ideally an inter-personal issue (as opposed to a race issue)

            *I do not condemn inter-cultural marriage

            *The successful inter-cultural marriages I have seen have involved compromise (so that the cultural mentalities involved are no longer incompatibly different

            *I am aware that there is racial discrimination, and I do not think it should happen

            *Race should not be counted as a factor in the context, for example, of hiring or not hiring an employee

            *Race and culture issues should not be taboo to discus

            *I am aware that there are commonly accepted (materialistic and/or consumerist) measurements for success

            *I personally do think that these (materialistic and/or consumerist) measurements for success are very good

            *I have expressed doubt that you are actually reading my entire posts

            *I have stated that many of the things you say confuse me very, very much

            Do you take serious issue (that is, serious enough to make an issue of it) with anything in this list (barring the last item – that is not up for discussion, because I doubt you can disprove that I have been confused by what you have said)? If so, please explain.

            (Thank you for having read the entire post, assuming you have. Please make sure you also read my entire previous post, before you reply. Thank you for your time.)


          • ^ I like that post of yours.
            Straight talk. Far different than meandering through the fields of semantics like a bee buzzing about.
            As you have probably guessed, I do not give much truck to what people “say” about being “colourblind”.
            I have much greater satisfaction … watching how they act.


  81. E2NZ :
    Sorry that you were bullied there and had to move countries twice. But what if most of the time people were only jesting?
    Please don’t denigrate the experiences of others by suggesting they have a sense of humour failure that you yourself suffer from.
    However unpleasant these things are to accept there’s no getting away from the fact that New Zealand has a bullying problem. It has a problem with domestic violence and a culture of brutality.
    Accepting that is the first step to eradicating it.

    Sounds like a recent troll on a certain forum.


  82. yea old post etc as a Ngāpuhi and always open for a battle, racist’s yea it’s real, kiwi sense of humour does mask a bit of it.. our albino cuzzie’s etc.I’ve had enuff but some thing’s don’t change.


  83. For those justifying racism because they have this belief that immigrants refuse integration into NZ culture are delusional. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    This same excuse was used to justify why a friend of mine deserved racial abuse. I admit, her English was mediocre. What people didn’t realise was she volunteered a lot of her free time. She volunteered at the RSPCA, the museum and helped run community and fundraising projects. However, she has been insulted on many occasions for not integrating and not being “beneficial” to NZ.

    I have integrated into NZ society. My entire family has and so have the families of our friends. Please explain to me why I, my family and friends are the subjects of racial abuse. Why I do hear these phrases yelled at me?

    Ching chong
    Go home
    Get out of NZ

    Twenty five years I have been in NZ. I, nor anyone in my family has ever been on a benefit of any kind. My siblings and I didn’t even receive student allowances. None of us have criminal histories. We didn’t come to NZ rich. We live comfortably now due to years of hard work. My siblings and I had our first jobs at ages, twelve and thirteen. Can all “pure” Kiwis say the same thing?

    The most recent incident was when two children threw racial remarks at me. What astonished me more was the fact that their mother was with them and instead of reprimanding them for their behaviour, she laughed. Fifty years from now we will still be discussing these same issues.


    • Indeed, justifying racism by failure/seeming failure of an individual to integrate is not commendable, although using it as part of an explanation for racism or a racist reaction to certain happenings (happenings like the arrival of noticeably many immigrants), is another matter altogether, I think. An explanation not necessarily being the same as a justification… By your description of your friend, I would say that she seems to actively participate in New Zealand culture more than many New Zealanders do.

      I would suggest that you are subject to racial abuse because there are racists (in this case, in New Zealand), who are presumably racist because they are on some level dysfunctional, or for whatever reason do not perceive the truth clearly (because other people taught them to be racist by indoctrination, perhaps?), or simply consciously choose to be hateful and hurtful and racist. Though I’ve never actually met a person who I’ve known to be the latter of those.

      It’s awesome to hear that you’re contributing so much to New Zealand society – more than many New Zealand-born people, I would say. I sincerely wish that New Zealand society do as much for you, as you do for it. (What purpose does society have if it does not benefit its members?) I think many “pure” Kiwis can’t say the same things you have said.

      I remember as a child learning racial behaviour from other children, and there was certainly a mentality of particularly East and South-East Asians being “different” and “strange”. I’m thankful to say I’ve grown out of it. Having good Asian friends certainly helped.

      I dearly hope we’re not discussing the same issues in fifty years time. We aren’t right now discussing all the same things we were fifty years ago. Who knows?


  84. HYPOCRITES. Hypocrites IF all these people who distill their hatred and envy against New Zealand. Truly feel sorry, embarrassed laughter and the Chinese are exploited, abused and slaughtered by their own government’s infamous RED Politburo
    Slaughter Cultural Revolution Tiananmen Remember that? , large parts of China is polluted, air, land, destroyed the environment to achieve its development”” the Chinese are not free in their country, are slaves of totalitarian Communist government practiced capitalism paradoxically wildest and inhuman, Chinese settlers are known in Southeast Asia as cruel exploiters-greedy and greedy and very racist and ethnocentric = generations living in those countries Vietnam.-Thailand-Philippines have not been assimilated, they still believe Chinese, ”” foreign students come with that label to stay in the host country (Autralia-New Zealand-US-Canada) and achieve social benefits, is an unethical tactic. So do not come to give moral lessons, which have no EQUAL Koreans, a few years ago there was a case in Guam an entrepreneur” Korean” and his minions who tricked = propaganda, women’s groups bilked Vietnamese and Filipino, which forced them to work long overtime without recognizing the wages, were exploited labor, sexually harassed and humiliated, beaten and even a bully Korean Vietnamese killed one worker, speaking of massacres and violations made ​​by South Korean soldiers in Vietnam, contempt and arrogance of these Koreans and Chinese toward the native inhabitants of Southeast Asia, now looking to expand to other regions of the world and that causes rejection, and the victims are now ha ha haha, go elsewhere with their lies, the Western world does not need BYE.


    • Awkward…

      Okay, so Asia had and has issues, and some Asian countries more issues than other Asian countries, and some Asian countries have arguably more issues than New Zealand.

      The point of this site is that New Zealand also has issues (which are often not widely publicized – that is, some people come to New Zealand with unrealistic expectations (because they are not always given a realistic description of New Zealand), and are let down).

      Now, wouldn’t it be good if people coming to New Zealand had realistic expectations so that when they face difficulties, at least they were forewarned (and maybe better prepared because of the forewarning), as opposed to fairy-skipping into the place (and maybe in the process ridding themselves of their life savings) and being hit by the ten-ton weight of reality? I think being forewarned would be good.

      Kia ora.


      • Now, wouldn’t it be good if people coming to New Zealand had realistic expectations so that when they face difficulties, at least they were forewarned (and maybe better prepared because of the forewarning), as opposed to fairy-skipping into the place (and maybe in the process ridding themselves of their life savings) and being hit by the ten-ton weight of reality? I think being forewarned would be good.
        New Zealand doesn’t let “regular” as opposed to “refugee” immigrants in unless they show proof of savings enough to tide them over for some time.
        The problem happens when people have to leave their jobs in the home country to get one in the new one … then discover that they can’t.
        It’s usually an “all or nothing” situation when many people invest their savings and effort to going overseas and getting a job.
        Then they have been out of work in their home country for some years … and if particularly unlucky have gained citizenship in the new one … without having employment – making prospects for being hired in their old country, disappear … as they are no longer citizens.
        Plus all the while they’re in the new country, they are paying full fare for all products and services and maybe 4x the university fees of locals, until they become permanent residents/citizens.
        There’s a good reason things continue the way they do.


  85. Gosh this is a confronting read.

    I live in an of area of Auckland with a very large Asian presence (mostly Chinese), I live in the same house my Grandmother lived in 35 years ago. My local shopping centre/community was once an entirely Pakeha area. Twenty years ago a vibrant Pacific Island community arrived.

    In the last 10 (maybe 15 yrs) another ethnic move happened. A shopping centre of about 30 shops, now has two shops that are not Chinese or Korean and one of them is Countdown.
    This is not a good thing BUT a GREAT thing! There is barely an ingredient for any recipe that I want to cook that I can’t find less than five minutes drive from my house!

    Yes New Zealanders CAN be racist. Living with multiculturalism is very familiar to some but new and scary to older people. My own mother frequently says “Why don’t Chinese people know how car parks work!!”….and there IS a little truth to that statement. In the local shopping centre car park I frequently have to slam the brakes on as (usually) elderly Chinese people saunter in front of my car. Backing out of a car park is also hazardous. as someone speeds past BUT if you come from a city the size of Beijing it is easy to see why you GO when the moment arrives!

    I’m a pre-school teacher (in another part of Auckland) and my centre has a fairly high immigrant population. This population includes Indian, South African, European, British, Korean but mostly Chinese. .

    The reason we have a substantial number of immigrant children in our centre is because other families recommend us. They recommend us because we are totally inclusive. We are told this everyday. We are thanked by immigrant families for helping them negotiate Kiwi ways that they don’t instantly understand but want to adopt.

    After living overseas for many years myself (Yes I am a white NZer and I lived in Britain BUT it WAS a foreign country in sooooo many ways! I also lived in Greece, Egypt and Israel) I can relate to that ‘fish out of water” feeling.

    Please don’t automatically believe all Kiwi’s are racist……YES we have A-holes like EVERY country but I do not believe they represent the majority!


    • We are thanked by immigrant families for helping them negotiate Kiwi ways that they don’t instantly understand but want to adopt.
      Well, you may not be very good at helping those kids remember their lessons, if they don’t get jobs in NZ.
      Or maybe those kids went to the wrong universities, have unusual religions or support the wrong political parties or are the wrong genders or are too old or “are not the correct fit” or are “overqualified” or have the wrong skin colour?
      Whoops, I guess I listed down all the reasons that are illegal to discriminate against someone for a job … but happens because employers don’t list down why they do so.

      There’s a lot more to racism than fitting in at kindergarten.
      Usually … it’s to do with not being able to earn a living in the country you grew up in, despite having taken the path of others who do so, that succeeded despite doing even less than you did.


      • P Ray, just because employment is a big issue, it does not mean we should poo-poo people teaching at exceptionally diverse kindergartens and schools. But perhaps *you* do so anyway.

        There’s a lot more to racism than unemployment.

        But tell me: Would you employ someone who could not understand you, and who you could not understand? Most people wouldn’t and don’t.

        Yes, actual racism is an issue amongst employers. But I think a lot of what might seem to be racist employer practices, is not racism. I know Asians who have a good understanding of the language and the culture, and it seems that they have no more difficulty than a NZ European in finding employment (that is not to say that they have no difficulty finding employment).


        • Would you employ someone who could not understand you, and who you could not understand? Most people wouldn’t and don’t.

          You’re clearly not in touch with reality if you think the foreign students looking for employment who are university graduates, cannot communicate or write properly.
          Remember: your country considered them (and their grasp of English) good enough to let them in to either begin, complete or extend their studies.
          And if not, they were told to take the IELTS qualification (I’ve gone much further than that).
          Don’t turn around and play “I don’t know what’s going on”.
          I pooh-pooh teaching qualifications (not lecturer qualifications).
          The reason is simple: I’ve actually seen the syllabus.
          And when people say NCEA is an eyewash, who are the people promulgating that syllabus? You guessed it: the teachers coming out … who chose teaching because it was an easy degree.
          There are of course specialist subjects, e.g. physics, mathematics, science, geography, biology.
          But how many of your teachers do that?


          • Okay, so, presumably most foreign students speak decent English. But I am pretty sure most foreigners (however one is to define them) in New Zealand are not students, and it is clear from what I said, that I was not talking only about foreign students. I was also not questioning that racism might be a factor. I was saying that much that one might accusingly call racism, is not.

            Governing authorities in my country may have deemed their English good enough, but I have met (a small few) immigrants in New Zealand who can almost speak no English; and I have met many who cannot communicate fluently in English, and many more who have little understanding of the mainstream culture(s). Maybe further tightening the standards for immigrants coming into the country would do something to improve that situation…? Maybe we should stop encouraging immigrants to come here in the first place…? Maybe we should focus on post-arrival assimilation into society…? Maybe we should keep complaining about racism…?

            Okay, so, there are issues with NCEA, and some teachers push NCEA, and others object to it (and are pushed into it anyway). But it is clear that you were not pooh-poohing teaching qualifications. You were belittling her teaching at a racially diverse school where immigrant families thanked the school for helping them fit in.

            I myself don’t believe I know a single person who went for teaching qualifications because they thought it would be easy (and I know a fair few people who have recently finished training to be a teachers). The main reason amongst the people I know is a passion for helping and teaching children. But perhaps (probably) my social group is not representative of society as a whole.

            I don’t know exactly how many teachers do the subjects you mentioned; but one guy I know is going into teaching mathematics; and he said that there is a demand for mathematics teachers, because not so many people train to teach it, because they often train to teach things that they are passionate about, like art. He was able to find a job easily enough (because of the demand for mathematics teachers).


          • Teaching is an easy degree? Possibly the degree is easier than physics, maths etc but those degrees do no not include the most challenging part of a teaching degree….CHILDREN!
            So many people believe teaching is easy. Those people have never met a classroom of children,

            You dismiss teachers in the way that you hate being dismissed. Prejudice is fairly widespread.


          • @Kelly: when all shall have medals, and people are bumped up grades without having learnt … then I’d say teaching becomes easy … and those who stand up get smacked down.
            Doing things right … always puts you at odds with those who enjoy doing things wrong.
            A teacher claims she was bullied and unfairly dismissed from a prestigious Hawke’s Bay private school over alleged instructions to lie to parents about their children’s achievement.


          • “@Kelly: when all shall have medals, and people are bumped up grades without having learnt … then I’d say teaching becomes easy … and those who stand up get smacked down.”

            Try it for a day,,,one day and then proclaim it is easy.

            Also bear in mind the fact that teachers have NO control over what they are prescribed to teach. Good teachers just find an effective way to teach what is prescribed,

            New Zealand teachers are very good because they don’t rely on rote learning or “teaching to the test”> John Key will erode this though.


          • because they don’t rely on rote learning or “teaching to the test”
            That’s true, because if they did teach to the test … more domestic students would be going to university. ZING!
            It’s considered that primary and secondary education is primarily for socialisation … with the critical thinking usually happening at university.
            Like the saying “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”.
            Man, caring people who can’t do their job …gotta have them around, eh?
            Which explains why you can meet many people who got their jobs because of who they know … not what they know … and proceed to muck things up, or underperform.
            Think about what could happen … if competent people got on with the job and were hired predictably.
            Then again, disruptive people know how to get around obstacles and unseat monopolies.


          • P. Ray, here is where you are mistaken. New Zealand lets them into English programs and trains them, passes them, hands them a slip of paper saying their English or some other skill is good because NZ makes money in so doing. Not because the courses are actually producing good English speakers or people with some other marketable skill. If the courses are like any of the other schools in New Zealand, in fact, they are doing a poor job. These NZ education factories are degree mills. They churn out degreed individuals, but the degrees may have no practical value in the NZ economy. So over and above the prejudice these people have to overcome by simply being non-Kiwis, they have often paid big bucks for useless degrees..


          • Whew. Good thing I didn’t go to a polytechnic then, eh?
            On the flip side, you know you’re onto something good when over 90% of the people who enrol … fail to gain the qualification.
            World class standards … DEMAND world class levels of failure … because that’s the only way you know who the best are 🙂


    • Completely agree to that. I have an Indian friend living in Christchruch and she is all praise for nezealand except for the pay packages that are relatively smaller than even India. However, if newzealand wants to grow and become a better place, they need to accept multi culturalism and welcome immigrants. It’s an old primitive notion of the western countries that immigrants especially Asians are out there to snatch jobs and screw up their nations. On the contrary let me be honest, Asians are one of the richest people in the world and can be the biggest investors in the country. World is fast becoming one nation and one who accepts and goes beyond race and gender would grow,adapt and survive. Newzealand lawmakers should think about that.


  86. What can I say to this????

    I am not a racist. I have never felt any racist thoughts toward ANY group of people.BUT I am also NOT an employer! I am subjected to the same whims of the workplace as you are!

    My son is a NZ’er, born of a NZ mum and a British father. He is a Uni-graduate and he can’t find a job!

    Perhaps we need to look at the govt more harshly.


      • You seem to miss her point, that in spite of being New Zealand born, he is unable to get a job (e.g. not only foreign students cannot get jobs).

        Is it oppression for the government not to put as much money into non-citizens as into citizens? It is, as far as I am aware, global practice to do so, so if you disagree with this practice, and you actually want it changed, you have a long road ahead of you.

        Of course, there are also Asian citizens of New Zealand who are entitled to the same benefit as him. In other words, New Zealand Asian citizens also have an advantage over Asian non-citizens of New Zealand, in New Zealand. This is wrong?

        If we had wanted to play Oppression Olympics, I should have tried to move to one of various countries in Asia or Africa already. I have no desire to be oppressed, but if I decided I wanted to move country, I would make sure that I was aware of any relevant oppression in that country, and that I thought I could bear such oppression, if necessary. If I thought I could not bear said oppression, I think I would only go if I had little choice.


        • In other words, New Zealand Asian citizens also have an advantage over Asian non-citizens of New Zealand, in New Zealand.
          Could we have a breakdown of people on the benefit by race in New Zealand? Thanks in advance 🙂


        • Is it oppression for the government not to put as much money into non-citizens as into citizens?
          Now where did I put the dollar I got from the NZ government?
          Oh that’s right … I never got it.
          Way to use red herrings.


        • If we had wanted to play Oppression Olympics, I should have tried to move to one of various countries in Asia or Africa already.
          I know, right? Those countries have white people in chains and sold as slaves.
          Oh wait …


      • Well he doesn’t want to leave New Zealand, even with a British passport.

        I totally agree with you on advantages new immigrants are not entitled to.

        I was not even vaguely looking for a game of “Oppression Olympics”. I totally agree that immigrants DO NOT get an easy ride in ANY form.

        I was just saying the ride is not always smooth to those born and bred either.

        This is a fairly crap country….Over the years we have tried to pull from socialism, PURE capitalism and a variety of weird combinations.

        Only the public are left worse off…..well immigrants are left off worst!


  87. A very interesting article on the same topic:
    Takeaway quote:
    “So a migrant who brings in stocks and goods for retail to the tune of the required amount (NZD500,000) must hold on to them for two years before being able to sell them. That’s just nonsensical, absurd and wrong,” said Mr Delamere.

    Entrepreneur Plus

    What’s required:
    *$500,000 investment
    *3 fulltime jobs
    *2 years that the investment must be retained

    (Introduced in Nov 2009 to fast track residency of entrepreneur migrants)

    Do you think immigrants exceeding that amount in liquid cash will put their money in banks which give interest rates that are barely (if not) meet inflation rates? So they put it into property … and get told they are pricing locals out of the market. Seems more of the same, we want the money, we DON’T WANT YOU.


    • Migrants who enter the country under that scheme should be informed explicitly of the currently accepted interpretation of the requirements. If the scheme is not working (and in this specific case, the article gives the impression that it is not), perhaps the scheme should be done away with, or the requirements modified.

      I think that this scheme’s requirements make it quite clear that it is intended to be about investment and commerce, not getting one more immigrant to New Zealand.


    • They are asked to bring in the money so that the Kiwi banks and other institutions can use it. They lend it out and use it in other ways to cover their needs before allowing the migrant to liquidate the sum.


  88. The STUPID NATIONAL govt WANTS your money! They are incapable of doing anything that does not have money at it’s key (“JOHN KEY”…Always shaken and often stirred but more frequently forgetful!) ask Sky City!


    • New Zealand had many of these problems before, and it was misleading migrants before as well. Just because Key isn’t waving a magic wand doesn’t mean he’s at fault for any of this.


        • I personally feel as a migrant that New Zealand is and has always been very intolerant of immigrants. I’m an Indian male and I’ve lived in New Zealand since the age of 11. I immigrated with my mom 12 years ago and to this day, despite being a “kiwi” on paper and having a “kiwi” passport, I feel that I am still made to feel like I am “fresh off the boat” or more commonly a FOB by the majority of the NZ population. I don’t talk with a funny accent and my parents don’t own a dairy or drive taxis. My mother is actually married to a 3rd generation European New Zealander who is very much against racism and openly admits his own people are rednecks. In our first year of living in New Zealand I was constantly taunted about the colour of my skin, the food that I ate and the way I smelt. I would constantly hear words such as Curry Muncher, F***ng Indian or the N***er, Darkie, Stinky Paki etc directed to me personally. I actually find the term curry muncher quite ironic, especially considering the fact that many Kiwis love Indian food! My mother even experienced this herself personally in the business community, I which I find absolutely appalling. At the same time the World Trade Centre was supposedly attacked by Al Qaeda, so it just seemed natural that when I went to school the next day, I would be labelled everything under the sun relating to terrorism, which is just despicable.
          Over the years I have noticed that the number direct ethnic slurs has decreased, but I’m noticing more and more that racism towards immigrants still exists in a very indirect manner. The hostility that is felt when talking with local Kiwis is so obvious, it makes me wonder as to why they just don’t speak their mind. The funniest thing is though that most of the racism directed to me is from European New Zealanders, not from Pasifika or Maori. In fact, I have actually heard a lot of complaints from Pasifika and Maori about racism directed towards them from European New Zealanders, regardless of how long they have lived here.
          As a young Indian male I have found that it has been extremely difficult for me to develop relationships with kiwi women, more specifically white kiwi women. The only women I seem to attract are Indian or of various other ethnicities, but not European New Zealand women. I have asked this question to several people and the notion I get is that apparently Indian men are sleazy and chauvinistic hence the reason why women area not attracted to them. I was not let into a club in downtown Auckland due to the fact that they were sick of the complaints from women regarding sleazy Indian men. Now I personally feel that this is another form of racial stereotyping but others tend to think this claim is based on experience and fact, so I’ll leave that for you to decide yourself. I also find this quite fascinating as I seem to notice a lot of Kiwi European men in intimate relationships with women who are Asian, Indian, Pasifika, Maori and in some cases African just to name a few. I have many immigrant friends and they have all said the same thing, which is that they have been misled. A lot of immigrants come to NZ with the notion that Kiwis are warm friendly people. Unfortunately the reality is quite different. I have met other European immigrants who feel that local New Zealanders are uncouth, uncivilised, and just downright intolerable towards the majority of foreigners. Now I originally immigrated from a third world country which had its issues hence the reason for moving, but I can honestly say that for a so called first world country the general attitude and mentality of local Kiwis is very much third world. Ask any foreigner who has travelled further than Australia and they will say the same thing.
          Thank you
          Have a nice day 


          • The relationship scene in NZ is extremely nasty for most ethnic guys. I managed to be on the receiving end of some abrupt behaviour from someone who was a dux.
            Maybe they’ll change their mind about xenophobia once they’ve been through a cycle of either pregnancy, disease or abuse.
            Of course, the choice of whether you accept them then is yours to make.
            As someone said in the stuff website, “If there is a bowl of dip and other people take samples of it, can you still ask full price for it when it’s obviously not in pristine condition?”


          • Bro, let me tell you I am an Indian from India and the 3rd world country concept is created by the western media. We are no more a 3rd world country so to say. We have population that’s beyond Newzealands imagination. As far as European NZ women are concerned, they are entitled to their opinion and choice of men they want to date. You should be proud of your ethnicity and the nation you chose to live in. You are no less an Indian and global citizen than any of the so called people from the developed nations.


  89. Many of the money sucking social programs that National is now faced with maintaining and funding were put in place by the Labour government of “Uncle” Helen Clark.
    It would be dishonest to not include the more than decade of implementation of liberal socialist ideology.


  90. I visited this site again knowing that there are people who talk about this. I can’t talk about this issue often with my family. I do not want to hurt or make my children aware of racism too much. One teenage and one at uni.

    My husband did not agree with me that there is racism in NZ against Asian until one day he saw how I was treated right in front of him at a bar.

    We never spoke about this, but I noticed that later when I mentioned how I was treated by service people, he didn’t deny it at all, but just listened and agreed uncomfortably.

    I was just about to order my drink, and the staff looked at me, but quickly asked to the right next person from me. And she never got back to me. So, I waited and waited until another friendly white (seemingly European- accent) staff served me. That was for the first time my husband saw it from behind me.

    Previously, I even had to defend myself from my husband defensive ‘no racism’ by service people, I felt so sad that I couldn’t get his support.

    It was not easy for me to accept that that was ‘racism’, because it hurt my ego that I am treated that way. That’s the reason I didn’t want to tell my children or initially even to my husband. Because, I felt like I was second citizen, and I am a 2nd citizen in NZ. I accept that and my anger is still there.


    • I do not want to hurt or make my children aware of racism too much. One teenage and one at uni.
      If your child gets into trouble as a result of a lecturer making a false accusation please don’t let that wrongdoer get away.
      As to your child becoming aware of racism, if they’re male they’ll wake up to it fast enough when they don’t get a date to the prom or have rumours spread about them relating to a derogatory stereotype.
      If female, they might hear “Me love you long time”.
      Whatever you do, please don’t believe “sit down, be quiet, do your work” will resolve that bullying.
      Being a “model minority” also means that you are discouraged from behaving in the way the majority does when angry. Think about that…


  91. I am a Kiwi of Maori decent and it is sad to hear the comments on here about New Zealand being a labelled racist country, intolerant of the migrants and people not of a mainstream NZ background. By mainstream I think it is fair to say of mostly Pakeha origin, a term which was never used as a derogatory term for most NZ Europeans (Origin: Pakepakeha = Ghostly or Supernatural, Pakehakeha = Gods in the forms of man or animal).
    I will say however that the comments are pretty well justified and as a Maori who has just moved from Home to live in Australia, I find that I am being better treated here. Even Pakeha living in OZ treat you better probably taking subliminal cues from there Ozzy mates. I wouldn’t say that Ozzys aren’t racist though as they really despised the Aboriginal people of Australia.
    I hear of Asians and Indians being the most discriminated against back home but I’ve gotta say add Maori to that mix too. The difference being that Maori have a tendency to make their issues heard more often and, as a result – unlike the Asians, Indians and other minorities – are probably the most despised ethnic minority in New Zealand. You hear about protests where we are fighting for land, fighting to be recognised in this country, fighting to keep our identity as Maori, and fighting to keep that identity as Maori as possible considering that a lot of our language and culture had been beaten out of my Grandparents generations and were too scared to pass their language and culture on to the next.
    A lot of the immigrants that come to NZ are lucky in that their cultures and languages are preserved in their own countries, are mainstream mostly and are not endangered as ours was once and is still critical.
    I will agree too that Maori compared to 30 odd years ago are a bit more racist than what they used to be but mainly towards Pakeha, and more of a political nature than one of colour creed etc.
    Immigrants are hard to accept especially for westernised countries because they are seen as a threat to the status quo in a particular country. That is until those not of a mainstream majority stand up and become counted and change that status quo. Ask Mr Obama (President of USA) or even Meng Foon (Mayor of Gisborne New Zealand), or Sir Anand Satyanand (Governor General, New Zealand). This doesn’t always mean blending in, sometimes you have to be unique, even if it does piss some people off. People will learn to respect, accept, or at least tolerate you eventually. Other than that just ignore the crap and fight to dispell the generalisations that people use because they are too arrogant or ignorant to know that people are different no matter what their skin colour or ethnic background.
    Example: I have an Asian brother in law and he is not your typical Asian. He hates maths, is not a lawyer, or computer technician and is not rich. But he is very frugal with money. I guess somethings you never lose.


  92. The Kiwis in this country think their superior, but actually the foreigners are keeping this island afloat- the Chinese rule New Zealand. Learn to respect your new bosses.


  93. I moved to New Zealand ten years ago from South Africa as a 10 year old child. I came from a country that is often labelled as racist, (and it is!) although I always stood up for the indigenous African, Indian, Greek etc populations when they were racially attacked, even as a child I would not stand for racism.
    Then I moved to New Zealand.
    I was so shocked. People often think that racism only happens to people of colour, (and I’m not disputing that the majority of the time it does), but I am a caucasian (and one of the palest you could ever see at that). However, I was mocked, told to “go back to Africa”, I was mercilessly bullied because I was South African. And a lot of that mocking came from Caucasian AND Maori children. So it’s not like whites are the only ones who can be racist, which is often the stereotype, which is in itself racist..
    Basically, I had never, NEVER, seen such hatred from children towards a foreigner.
    And I’m from the Apartheid country. (Ironically, I was called a dirty racist purely because I was South African. Bit hypocritical if you ask me).
    I think it might also be because of a general lack of respect that is inforced in New Zealand (don’t get me wrong, I love my adopted country). But I had never been around children who so openly disrespected each other and even the teachers. There language was atrocious, and they had absolutely no care for others. Eventually I made friends with a group of other immigrants from China and Korea, as we were all mercilessly bullied, and found comfort in our mutual situations.


    • Eventually I made friends with a group of other immigrants from China and Korea, as we were all mercilessly bullied, and found comfort in our mutual situations.
      There’s something really weird about a situation where teachers can’t perform their responsibilities to make the learning environment as non-disruptive as possible.
      I’d add that’s not a surprise because I noticed those taking that course were after a soft-touch degree and seemed to have very flexible ethics. It also doesn’t help that many children and teachers know the rule of “no blood, no foul”. Relational aggression is a common bullying tactic since bruises can’t be explained away.


    • My friend who emigrated from England (Asian) with her English husband and children went back to England. They stayed here for 2 years and the problem started from her son’s first school. He was bullied as ‘nigger’, she went to school to talk about it with his teacher. Her response was using nigger was nothing wrong in New Zealand. She was appalled by the response and in the end she pulled her son out of the school.

      My own experience observing a school reading class. I visited a Catholic primary school (NZ catholic school is not a private school) with my daughter. An older female teacher was talking about books. While she was talking, she mentioned ‘negro’ became president in the USA. That must have been in 2008, I guess when Obama was elected. She didn’t show any emotions, but simply put the word ‘negro’ 3 times. There was no explanation about the historic event. The kids were about 10 or 11. There were some Indian, Asian kids as well.

      I asked a couple of people whether the term ‘negro’ is okay to use in New Zealand. One woman told me, yes. It seems the word came back to use these days. Obviously in her friend’s circle they use it. Other people said ‘no’. Definitely not in classroom!

      Is Negro okay and Nigger bad?

      Could the teacher at my friend’s son’s school defended other students who bullied him ‘nigger’ as not ‘bullying’ because ‘negro’ is okay to use?

      I remember even a minister using the word ‘negro’ in a normal conversation.

      Anyway, I observed a teacher who was not happy with Obama’s win at all and told her kids ‘negro’. I could tell she was not amused about the historic event.

      My friend went back to England with not so good memory of New Zealand people.


      • ::”My friend who emigrated from England (Asian) with her English husband and children went back to England. They stayed here for 2 years and the problem started from her son’s first school. He was bullied as ‘nigger’, she went to school to talk about it with his teacher. Her response was using nigger was nothing wrong in New Zealand”

        I am 45 yrs old and have NEVER heard the term “nigger” used in my life,,,with the exception of American movies and songs.

        I would not be surprised if it was a term used by teenager who have adopted that language from TV and movies but I would be very quick to ensure that American crap language is not acceptable to most adult kiwis. My son is 21 and I have never heard him use language like that (his best friend from 12 yrs old is originally from Hong Kong)

        ” My own experience observing a school reading class. I visited a Catholic primary school (NZ catholic school is not a private school) with my daughter”

        Catholic schools are absolutely private schools…..being Catholic is a condition of enrolment!

        . “An older female teacher was talking about books. While she was talking, she mentioned ‘negro’ became president in the USA. That must have been in 2008, I guess when Obama was elected. She didn’t show any emotions, but simply put the word ‘negro’ 3 times. There was no explanation about the historic event. The kids were about 10 or 11. There were some Indian, Asian kids as well”

        My mother is 70 this year, she also talked about Obama as a ‘Negro”. Negro was the term that her generation was taught as ‘correct’. My mum would have NEVER used the term ‘nigger’ and felt using the term ‘black’ was wrong. So she reverted to ‘Negro’.

        It must be the cultural divide to think that talking the Black American President (or calling him a Negro) could in anyway be thought of to describe anyone BUT an American.


        • My mother is 70 this year, she also talked about Obama as a ‘Negro”. Negro was the term that her generation was taught as ‘correct’. My mum would have NEVER used the term ‘nigger’ and felt using the term ‘black’ was wrong. So she reverted to ‘Negro’.
          Just say “of African lineage/descent”. Is that too hard a definition to get accustomed to?


  94. I am off NZ now, and I’m pretty happy with it…Me and my family we experienced rasism, and bullying, in our jobs/schools, and everywhere…We are thankfull we are caucasians, because if we were Indians, or Chinese, it could be 100-times worse. We are Greeks, and we spend 4 years there, and we always had to deal with verbal abuse about our nationality because of Greece’s ecomonic problems and we are most dissapointed by the indifference of our children’s school, to help tackle the constant bullying they expecienced both from teachers and peers. We decided we rather come back than to stay in a country where public hospitals turn away foreigner workers like me, rents are unaffordable and houses are unsafe/ or of very low quality, and there is no antibullying law/procedure at school.
    I wish I knew better before moving to NZ, but now at least, I know how the true NZ looks like…


    • Just put up my story on Kelsey’s by mistake. Was going to write related with her, but changed my mind an wrote something else. And then, I found your message just now.

      You mentioned job searching at health care sector. Since i became so aware of the racism in NZ, I wonder how minorities are treated in health sector as patients.

      Anyway, I would like to wish you all the best for you and your family!

      I guess you go back to Greece? Then, at least you’ll be able to communicate with your native language and express yourself as much as you can! That will be so good!


  95. I came to NZ in my early teens, went to school and university there. Things were slightly different back then, since there weren’t that many eastern asians (chinese, koreans, japanese). But things were changing over time, more asians came in, most of us work hard, pay tax and make contribution to the society. However, I do have to point out that there are some that came in with tons of cash, and are ignorant, refused to learn the language. That’s probably where racism came from. Also as a small country, it is understandable that the flood of asian people do pose a thread, and insecurity.

    Had my own experiences of working in NZ for few years upon graduation. I noticed that there were hardly any asians at the top management level, many of us were just put into some bottom positions for years and years, regardless of our achievements. Not only the asians noticed that, but also my co workers from england, they told me that asian talents are much better treated and appreciated in the UK.

    For the past 5 years, I had lived in europe, did more studies and learned to speak more european languages. It is not uncommon to find educated people in europe speak at least four languages, which is a bit amusing that people get judged only by their english language skills in NZ. During these 5 years, I had never encountered any racism towards asian perhaps in the whitest countries possible. I love NZ, but not sure if I would ever come back any more.


  96. Interesting news bit:
    Immigration contributes significantly to every New Zealander’s per capita income, new research shows.

    The Department of Labour’s International Migration Settlement and Employment Dynamics research showed that “without immigration, the outlook is bleak”, Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said.

    Without current levels of immigrants moving to New Zealand, the population would drop by 9.6 percent and gross domestic profit (GDP) by 11.3 percent by 2021.

    At the current 20,000 annual net flow, annual GDP would be an extra $28 billion by 2021.

    Double the number of immigrants, 40,000, would see GDP per capita rise 1.5 percent.

    Dr Coleman said government policy had to “continue to focus on economic gains from immigration”.

    … I don’t confuse immigration with integration as it’s obvious that the article does not talk about the value of diversity.
    What is interesting is that they left out contribution via originating region of migrants.
    Since this would create one of two implications, either that one section of migrants has a higher bar to cross or one section of migrants pays more for goods and services.


  97. I can’t see why everyone can’t have a place, including racists. New Zealand was built by and for white people, specificly Brits. No one else has any right there. A place for everyone!


    • And yet so many British people get told they are “whining POMs”.
      You wouldn’t have let them into the country if they didn’t have the dollars NZ craved …


  98. I found this page by googling “racism new zealand” after reading an article about a white supremacist group from Christchurch, and must admit that I am shocked at the state of affairs in New Zealand based on the comments in this post. I was planning a vacation to the South Island in July, travelling around in a campervan – now I am genuinely concerned about my physical safety as an Asian tourist of Chinese descent. I’ve traveled to at least a dozen countries in Asia, North America and Europe and have only had racist abuse yelled at me from cars twice – once in Canada, and once in Croatia – and cannot imagine that it seems fairly common in New Zealand. It totally ruined my day, and I cannot imagine putting myself through the same distressing experience again.


      • They are odd genes though. Asian people look super young forever and then BOOM overnight they look ANCIENT!
        It is almost like middle-age just never exist! One minute they are 40-ish and wrinkle free, next minute ALL wrinkles and ancient.
        It must be genes!


          • Racial profiling? Seriously???

            I agreed with your comment!
            “the genes that keep you looking young). Eh, and I’m Asian too.”. YES THEY DO!!! But very old age looks great on Asians too.

            I just said that Asian people never look middle aged, They look young forever and then do VERY old soooo well!

            Racial profiling?
            Here is some “racial profiling” for you. I have noticed that most red heads are Scottish or Irish. I have noticed that most polynesians have curly hair. I have noticed that chinese people have black hair. I have noticed Australians have horrid accents.I have noticed that in my family woman are short and men are very tall.

            RACIAL PROFILING!!!!!!!!!!! You are ridiculous!


        • Come on, if you’re going to rehash that tired reddit, at least include a link.
          Don’t be like those lazy students who write clever things without proper citation. That’s plagiarism and is academic misconduct.


          On the other hand there is also this:

          Stay off the drugs, mmmkay?


          • I had to ask my son what “reddit” is.

            After my first brief look, it looks like a place that takes far too much bullshit to learn bullshit.

            I made what I thought was a compliment to Asian skin because I wish I had skin like that! I’m 46, I need young skin!

            Just for the record the hardest drug I partake in is a Sav Blanc


    • My experience (on the assault side of things) was having things thrown at me from cars, and escaping from a skinhead group. So you might want to put in some gym time to keep up the stamina for a sudden run when you need it.


  99. I am white born in NZ , but my children are married to Asians. I’m sickened to read this web-page because so many posts are driven by bigoted hatred of white Kiwis and NZ culture. If you come into a tiny insular country like NZ and insult the people and the culture you will be perceived by the natives as invaders and destroyers. The whites whose families have lived here for generations are natives in a similar sense to Maori. They grew up in a relatively harmonious bicultural society , not a multicultural society. Understanding and respect form a two-way street. Do not come into NZ with a bolshy attitude and presume to teach NZers how to suck eggs.


  100. Another point for those thinking about coming to NZ: if you are the sort of person who would go on internet forums to moan about the quality of NZ houses or anything else which Kiwis regarded as whinging, then you are the sort of person who would find NZ culture hard going and its people hard to make friends with.


  101. The government needs to take immigration seriously and apply tougher citizenship laws like in Switzerland where it takes 12 years to gain citenzenship by naturalisation. The other issue is the sky high home prices that is not helped by non resident Asians purchasing homes becaue they can i.e. there is no government law stopping them from buying our homes which is pushing up prices. An Asian Auckland professor has also given insight on how asain men in Cjina and Korea are expected to have a home no matter where is is in order to attract and marry Asian women – -so they choose NZ which is an easy target haven been driven away from other countries like Singapore where they have quickly introduce tas to prevent this nonsense.


    • Are you serious?

      And what about all the Kiwis returning home with their overseas earned wealth, buying up investment properties without the hindrance of stamp duty to moderate their spending?

      Thanks for showing our readers just how bad racism is in New Zealand.


    • The other issue is the sky high home prices that is not helped by non resident Asians purchasing homes becaue they can i.e. there is no government law stopping them from buying our homes which is pushing up prices.
      I know, it’s quite horrifying if someone from overseas can offer a price the seller can live with to get a house. And if you make it tough for those people to hang around (i.e. proper qualifications but no job) … why do you think they should stay given that they have no income?
      On the flip side, is there a breakdown of beneficiary recipients by ethnic community?

      An Asian Auckland professor has also given insight on how asain men in Cjina and Korea are expected to have a home no matter where is is in order to attract and marry Asian women – -so they choose NZ which is an easy target haven been driven away from other countries like Singapore where they have quickly introduce tas to prevent this nonsense.
      The stamp duty is only some percentage. You do know Singapore suffers from a land shortage, right? Manying Ip is that professor you are talking about.
      P.S. Maybe they wouldn’t need to buy houses if your local kiwi girls threw themselves at them. Something to think about 🙂 If you don’t want an overheated housing market on account of Asian men buying houses to be seen as a good prospect to Asian women … you could always – give them an alternative offer.
      P.P.S. NZ has sold 9 times more land to people from Liechtenstein than China. Have fun being racist … to people you can’t visually distinguish from the majority of the NZ-born.


  102. I have spent ages reading lots of the comments, views and opinions shared here. some of them are alarming, distressing and worrying to say the least. there are definitely some valid and true points as well as some far fetched ones, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. I am half black and half white, not trying to be racist just saying it how it is, and I have experienced both sides of racism. I have grown up in both New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands. Being a halfcast woman I have experienced racism for not being fully black but then also for not being fully white either. racism is always a two way street and yes I will agree with some of you who say it is learned. I don’t believe we are born racist creatures but over time we experience, learn and encounter certain things that either make us racist towards others or have others be racist towards us. I learnt at a young age while at school about racism when a swastika was drawn on one of my belongings by a wee white fella. at the time i didn’t think much of it as I didn’t fully understand racism but i understood that it was to do with the colour of my skin. Still to this day I don’t think much of it because i know that that wee kid probably didn’t even realise what exactly he was drawing or the history behind that sign, he probably learnt it off someone else. I know what it feels like to be discriminated against because I am slightly dark but I also know what it feels like to be discriminated against because I am slightly white. I have been called nigger numerous times by white people but then have been almost looked down on by my own pacific people as I am not fully black. or even when other races look down on me as I am PI and immediately think that I am an underachiever, I’m lazy and can’t work hard, or won’t extend myself in learning and will just end up dropping out of school and having heaps of kids – all of these stereotypes but not always true! it is not always direct but at times subtle and indirect. But despite this i claim and am proud of both my New Zealand background and PI background. I do believe New Zealand has issues with racism but what country doesn’t??! every single nation, country, race, ethnic group etc has their own faults, their own mistakes and their own problems to deal with including racism, discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes which are all ugly truths. yes some groups of people experience more racism than others and that is extremely unfortunate but we must not forget at the end of the day we are all imperfect human beings living in the same world. as a half Kiwi I am protective of my country and hate seeing it being put down and bad mouthed by others, just as any patriotic citizen would. Generally I think NZ isn’t too racist, yea we have opinions about people and things but again who doesn’t??! I think it is at times a small minority of racists that give the rest of us Kiwis a bad name, we are actually good, friendly, down to earth people who get along with others from all walks of life, we aren’t all crazy, wack racists who go out of our way to hurt immigrants or those from other ethnicities!! I know we ain’t perfect but we aren’t as bad as others. I also think that one’s own perception of things can come into the equation as well. I have often thought when walking into a shop, or anywhere really, and I see the staff or another customer staring at me or the security’s eyes follow me round the shop, is that to do with the colour of my skin or is it do with maybe I have something on my face or maybe they think I’m a lil good lookin!?! 😉 nah but who knows what is going on in their brain, you might take it personally and think they are being racist or you might just shrug it off and keep shopping and not think much of it! at the end of the day I think it’s important to see someone first as a human being not their ethnic origin, their religion or beliefs, not their history and lastly “not judged by the colour of the skin but by the content of their character.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)


    • we aren’t all crazy, wack racists who go out of our way to hurt immigrants or those from other ethnicities!!
      Let me deconstruct this misguided notion.
      Assume you are in HR or the hiring manager at your company.
      Step 1. Resume lands on your desk – not a local-sounding name. Not a citizen either.
      Step 2. Place resume in trash.
      See, no need to go out of your way to hurt immigrants or those from other ethnicities, you are merely putting waste paper into the trash.
      That’s how people can be “racist without appearing to be racist”.


  103. Don’t Worry— “What goes around Comes around”. Kiwis are already being prejudiced in Australia. Someday, their descendants will also be discriminated against. The world is changing. Most industrialized nations are faltering. Emerging economies are now mostly from third world countries. Someday them racists children and grandchildren will work for Asians, Latinos and Africans. So all you racists out there enjoy your racist tendencies now because payback will be in full in the future. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! HAIL KARMA!!!!


  104. Thank you about this topic. it make me feel stronger in my heart. I live in NZ for 7 years I try to adapt and adopt to NZ environment but so hard that I have lots of time talk with my husband how to choose about leaving NZ or stay more another years. You know this topic mean lots for me to be patient to live in this country because we still be called family if I tell the truth I am not feel happy to live in NZ any more. I just wish and dream to going out as soon as I can. No place like home!


  105. Ps. My husband white original Kiwi but lots of time I found not just only Asian been abused but my husband too from same skin color or opposite. So sometimes I think not just Asian but look like everyone been abused from bad people here.


  106. Wow. Obviously this is an issue that a lot of people have opinions on. Personally, I think racism isn’t exactly a societal issue, but one that concerns individuals. In an ideal world, when people take responsibility for their own words and actions, then racism wouldn’t exist because the only person you would be able to judge would be yourself.
    Of course, this ideal world doesnt exist. Yet.


    • In an ideal world, when people take responsibility for their own words and actions, then racism wouldn’t exist because the only person you would be able to judge would be yourself.
      In my opinion, generally people don’t take responsibility for themselves.
      However, we are not told the information that made them make those decisions. Lies are one of the reasons society breaks down, the others are lack of reciprocation and deceivers.
      In the real world, you cannot murder, steal or kidnap.
      But through the magic of the ballot box you can exercise those rights.
      Via war, inflation/taxation/confiscation(the only ways ANY government thus far works with money) and conscription.

      I’ve found that people who refuse to say racism is wrong …
      are generally either racist or want special (unearned) privileges for themselves out of proportion to their needs or ability.
      Besides, from a pragmatic point of view, pissing people off because of their skin colour may lose you opportunities.
      Then again, I am pretty sure you don’t go to a mechanic or a doctor because you like their fashion sense or whether they speak with an accent – you go there because you require their expertise, like their price or delivery time.
      To a very great extent, every interaction is a transaction.
      But to go back to pissing people off: of course, some people become pissed off when you speak the truth. They’d like the status quo to remain, where they benefit: Which is also why many liars get ahead. Oh well, reward the liar and earn the lie 🙂


  107. I don’t think it really matters but I am a “Pakeha” .I attend a school in Wellington and the experiences some of you have shared has seriously shocked me and I personally would never stoop to such low actions as discriminating somebody based upon race. I have many Asian friends and none of this would be tolerated at my school, we regularly experience different cultures at assemblies during school where if you have a different background then it is something which is celebrated. New Zealand may have a problem but I can assure you it is far worse else where around the world, racism should not be tolerated anywhere but you cannot argue that there is no racism in every single nation (including Asia). I know of a friend who visited Japan where he was an outcast for a long time and was considered an ‘outsider’ because of his race. Look, NZ isn’t perfect but no where is perfect. Conflict is human nature.


    • “New Zealand may have a problem but I can assure you it is far worse else where around the world”

      And how does that make racism in New Zealand more tolerable? You have admitted you are shocked by what you’ve read, yet you fall into the trap of comforting yourself with the belief that these awful things are more tolerable because it’s so much worse somewhere else?

      How easily you dismiss the experiences of many people based on what you see in your school assemblies.

      Perhaps when you’ve finished school you’ll have the opportunity to see something of the world beyond Wellington. Stop defining yourself as pakeha, and call yourself a global citizen.


    • I have many Asian friends and none of this would be tolerated at my school, we regularly experience different cultures at assemblies during school where if you have a different background then it is something which is celebrated.
      The real racism happens after school … examples include getting a job, getting a date, access to the benefit, access to scholarships 🙂
      You know, when it comes to the chances of your building a life in NZ even when you completely grew up there.
      P.S. How many of your Asian friends are permanent residents or non-citizens? Reason I ask is because in game theory, there is this idea of “shadow of the future” – you are more likely to treat well, people that can be in contact with you regularly … because they can negatively affect your future prospects. Others get the shaft …


    • I had the same experience like yours. I left for Australia and managed to secure a high post job within a week. I was in NZ for 1.5 years job hunting and had to work as cashier in PakNSave. Common replies on rejection are
      1. no NZ experience…although i have 10 years OE working in world class project internationally…(Ironic or just pure hypocrite when Kiwis travel abroad to get OE)..not even given opportunity for Fresh Graduate vacancy.
      2. I don’t have Kiwi Accent….yeah..I speak Queen’s English…At 2 interviews, the interviewers asked,’Are you from UK?’….
      3. I am South East Asian….One recruiter at Hamilton SODA asked,’Can you speak English?’, ‘ China must be really cold that’s why you moved here’….I was like ???? WTF??
      4. I was a regular at one of the Cafe in The Base, Hamilton….The regular barista that always welcome me in the morning asked,’Why are you still here? When are you going back to your home country?’ and I replied, ‘I live and work here’….after that he turned cold towards me…I stop visiting that cafe after that…
      5. A kiwi friend, more like unfriendly neighbour, as I was complaining to him on how hard to get job after he told me he was living on dole, said,’If you don’t like the country, then GET out…maybe Asian should be with Asian.’…So this is the hardworking kiwi? living on dole and doesn’t even attempt to get a permanent job.
      6. At another interview, the director said,’Maybe Asian prefers to be fruit picker rather than working in key post’

      and the list goes on….


      • Here’s something else to think about though:
        Would you have verbally cut dead an Asian who pried about your private life or made such ridiculous comments?
        One of the reasons why people are emboldened to behave badly is because no-one calls them out on their boorishness.


      • I’d advise anyone looking for the quick job fix in Australia to be careful, and only make the move when a written offer is on the table. JUST the same for anyone looking for the quick job fix in NZ.
        As an example, it has become VERY difficult for accountants to secure a job even if they began and completed their studies in Australia.
        Uprooting your life is not something to be done willy-nilly.


  108. Japan has its share of ethnocentric racists but the right-wing idiots over here don’t personally heckle and fling crap at minorities from unmarked moving vehicles like in New Zealand, especially Christchurch. This city already developed a bad reputation for being unable to build and maintain modern office blocks that can withstand the jolt of a moderate scale earthquake, so let’s not have racist physical violence tarnishing the city’s name any further, because it’s difficult enough to raise awareness of New Zealand as a potential tourist destination to the Japanese, let alone persuading them to visit the ‘tiny village’ of Christchurch in the age of super cheap holidays to Australia, the Marianas and other tourist spots that matter.

    Then again, I doubt New Zealand gives a crap about Japanese tourists, the average Kiwi can’t tell the difference between East Asian Chinese, Japanese or Koreans to begin with. Oh and there’s this irony that all those racist hecklers and egg chuckers drive used Japanese cars, so what’s the message they really want to tell their victims? “Go home Asians, I drive a Subaru which was driven by a half-a-dozen Japos before it was shipped to New Zealand which then I stole.”


  109. Yeah, NZ is truly a racist country. I should know I lived there for years and received racism not only from Pakehas but also Maoris and even an Aborigine in New Zealand Post. So you can’t expect me to be sympathetic to Aborigine in Aust. In New Zealand Post, they expected me to do all the work manual work at that and the team leader accused me of being lazy to the instigation of I think her Maori coworker who was racist towards me. In the union meet all they can say is cultural gap despite the team leader saying she does not know why she was racist to me. I am a science grad of the most competitive university in my country and hope never to set foot in New Zealand. I know UP Phds working as janitors can you imagine!


    • I came in New Zealand for one year PG diploma in University, from India. As every Indian coming over here I also had a dream of making friends in University while studying along with them. But within three to four months I realized that No one literally no one came to me and just say even a ‘Hi’. It was like I was completely being ignored in the class room. The friends whom I made was like me who came from India to study in the Uni and they were also treated the same like me. Its been an year since I am here and the story is the same. I am from a culturally rich country and completed my bachelors and masters in a University and what happened in India was that if anyone was from some other state came to our institute we would go to him or her and talk with them about their culture, family and if they have any kind of problems while settling in the new place and make that person our friend. But here there was no one, even the people in the International student office say that you have to gel in the system, I always wonder that how can you gel in some place where there is no one talking to you even the Indians who are born and brought up here didn’t talked with us. First time in my life I have seen that how one is being alienated in a place because you don’t have white color, no one talks with you and you just come and attend the class and go back to your house. Also there are many stories which I have heard from other Indians who came here to study that how they were punched in their faces, kicked and got looted with all of their cash and mobile phones plus being offered with various racial insults. Never in my life I felt that making friends is so difficult. Me and my friend were also gifted with F*** you Indians insult when we were walking on a road on a friday night. I would not recommend anyone to come in this country because it is not as they say on their different college and uni websites that the environment here is very friendly and blah blah. Nothing like that happens here and moreover there is no jobs over here as they depict on their sites. I don’t know, but its quite depressing when you are treated as you don’t belong to that place when you are away from your loved ones and came to an unknown place and environment for better prospects.


  110. To all you racists New Zealanders ,I have lived in this country for over 30 years .From primary school till now you have called me terrorist ,curry muncher, rag head etc.When ever I challenged you were shocked that I stood up for my self and you backed off like a coward.I am stay right here and you make me leave.Just as much as you hate me now I feel sorry for you lot,in such a nice country you are brought up so twisted and full of hate………even the poorest people who I meet in my life through out the world in the poorest of countries are more welcoming and friendly than you lot, brought up in the land of milk of honey but jealous greedy as hell.


  111. http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/news/8782258/Attacking-sisters-hurled-fists-and-racism
    Interesting case.
    The defence used by the girls:
    Defence lawyer Jacinda Younger said the incident was triggered by Mr Gupta grabbing Tawharu’s breasts.
    Her sister’s lawyer, Mike Andrews, two weeks’ ago accused Mr Gupta of grabbing one of the women’s bottoms.
    Judge Lynch noted the “part of the anatomy” had changed.

    Always take the time to enable recording devices on your person, it may save you a false sex-harassment charge or a racist the chance of getting away by claiming a sexual assault.


  112. I would like to welcome all people to our country Manakitanga is key for how we treat people (Tangata whenua ) the first people of the land it is with us that you should build a relationship first shame on all of us buying into the hatred and bull crap about asians etc… shame
    the hatred and thinking is only coming from the western world world beliefs of money rulz the world and all that fear mongering its all about money and been victims of fear what ever racism is when we carry on the bull crap that we lose jobs housing what ever that is not true …read the facts who really owns this country I am asahmed to read all this crap listening to it on talk backs one eyed racist views guess what we dont all think like the majority of whingers and whiners in the country …….who have nothing better to do than complain , run other cultures down and sit on these sites writing lots of crap yak I am so ahamed and sick of negative views and guess what I just turn off the radio and dont normally read all the racist crap coming from moaners and whingers with nothing better to do guess what diversity and difference is every where we are everywhere could be one day you daughter in law son in law , landlord , tenant , future boss …….. aroha ki te tangata always think well of others in how we treat people
    Kai Tahu proverb
    Tania M


  113. I can’t claim to know a great deal about NZ as a country because I’ve never been there.I do however have family over there that I do not speak to anymore.They left England 30 years ago to start a new life and periodically visited us every 5 years.There seemed to be a very gradual and unpleasant change to their characters in this time that led to a lot of friction between myself and them.They did display these racist atitudes mentioned here and seemed to take an almost parochial attitude(i.e what happens outside NZ was of no consequence whatsoever).Furthermore they became arrogant ,rude and insufferable:whether this is a charcter flaw on their part or an indication of Kiwi out look,I couldn’t say.Perhaps a KIWI could offer his or her opinion?


  114. I remember hearing complaints from British women there that their men had become feral (Kiwified) after migration. Hygiene, manners, out the window.


  115. wow just stumbled onto this website and after reading the previous comments, left me with a headache. I’m part Moari and English. I have received racists comments from both sides..dirty moari..stuck up white B… and the list goes now. My family and I are quite open minded, worked hard and have a lot of friends from different nationalities. 30 years later, my sister married a migrant and they have 5 kids together. The younger kids 4&5 are teased and called filthy Indians from the white kids. The older kids who are lighter in color are called lazy Maoris by the Migrant kids. It is obvious these types of comments by a bunch of 4-9 year olds get it from their racist parents. Its got to the point now my brother n law wants to move them out of this stupid country (considering he is a citizen here and has one of the top jobs in this country). I already have siblings who couldn’t get a job here due their native race, the biggest excuse is they where over qualified, the reason is because they are half-cast, Now are earning big money in Japan and Australia. My problem is the ones who complain about migrants taking the jobs, then going around spreading hate, my answer is get off your lazy backside get a job then we don’t have to outsource jobs. ( Although all the cut backs in the market place are not helping thanks to the NZ govt, one of the reasons why my relatives have left.) I am living in a city where the fascist Nazi mindset has moved in and the name calling starts up when I get a tan in summer and hang out with my Asian mates. Something really needs to change here, not sure what but this country is really going to the pack.


  116. Don’t get me started on job interviews in New Zealand,I have lived in the country for 19 years and now in my mid 20s when I applied for a job,I found one or two employers or HR’s would start sniggering during the job interview and also my mum who works in a supermarket,the staff would get jealous and her give her abuse too because she is a efficent worker and would refuse to take part in rumor spreading or gossiping


  117. Is this racism or not?

    I rang up an instructor yesterday to make an inquiry about an activity that she offers. I put the speaker phone on so my teenage daughter could hear the conversation as it was related with her. My daughter got the instructor’s number from her friend who gets lessons from her. When I rang, I told her who I was and why I rang. The instructor said she would ring me in 10 min. but she didn’t ring me back yet. (now the next day – more than 24 hours passed)

    If I took this as racism, would I be too sensitive? I wonder whether she would have rung us back if my teenage daughter or son who have no Asian accent. Or she might have even had time to talk on the spot yesterday, I wonder… (Before, she texted me to ring on her land line when she gets home, so I did)

    Now, even if she rings back, I do not have a good impression of her, so I probably would not choose her as my daughter’s instructor. Regardless racism or not, this is such a bad manner, I think. Would she have done that to people who speak with NZ accent or non Asian accent, e.g. European?

    Anyway, this is the first time my teenage daughter happen to observe the situation. She normally doesn’t take things as ‘racism’, so I don’t know how she is going to perceive this.

    This kind of thing is confusing to figure out whether it is a form of racism or not…

    What do you think of this? Is this just a very bad manner? Too busy? Forgot to ring back? Anybody had similar experience? Did you contact the person again? How did you respond/react?


      • Yes, they are just slack like that in general. I wouldn’t take that as racism. Find someone else if you’re getting a bad vibe from her though. Trust your gut!


  118. She has both my mobile number and land line. In any way, I
    would not like my daughter to have the instructor with such bad
    manners anymore. It seems she is very nice to my daughter’s friend,
    so we were told she is a very nice person and a good instructor.
    However, I saw her face on face book page and I don’t like her,
    either. It gives me the impression of what kind of person she is. I
    would have tried her if the phone conversation went well. But, I am
    glad that we don’t have to try her.