“New Zealand Is Turning Into A Really Racist Country” – updated 26 Aug 2015: Skin Heads and Hate Crimes.

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26 August 2015

Since this article was written in March 2010 the racism topic arose again on the Trademe message board in a thread titled It’s confirmed, Christchurch is racist. Here’s some of the comments for your information…

And the inevitable ‘its ok, other places are just as bad so that makes it acceptable in NZ’ retort, followed by a more rational comeback…

  • The so called Experts are Wrong………Maybe a few people are intolerant, that doesn’t make the Whole City the same…….There are Intolerant people in every city in the world
  • No, they’re not. Everywhere “is racist” to some degree, yes. But absolutely, Christchurch is more racist than average, and probably one of the most racist places in NZ. I this as a local, who tends to think of herself as not racist. But yes, absolutely we are, here.


Here’s some more of the comments, including a copy of a news report stating that the city has more white power groups than anywhere else in NZ, including a harder core of skinheads involved in violent hate-crime attacks

Massey University sociologist Paul Spoonley, say Christchurch has long had a harder core of groups advocating more extreme racism.

Spoonley says during the late 1970s-80s, after the dawn raids era and 1981 Springbok tour, “There were some centres around the country where groups developed who wanted to preserve old white New Zealand – and the greatest number of those were in Christchurch“.

Christchurch now has more white power groups and more supporters than anywhere else in the country which, he says, range “from the polite racists to the harder core of skinheads, who were involved in violent attacks that can only be described as hate crimes“.

  • I have found many Maori in Christchurch racist towards Asians.
  • I’ve lived in Auckland, far too many parts of the Golden Bay, the West Coast, and the UK. Along with Christchurch. I’ve found racism in all of these areas. Ironically enough, some of the most racist people seem to be the ones who like to cast the accusation of racism at others, as if to deflect attention or seek to minimise their own comparable culpability. I’ve also found people in all these areas who are not racist, and who should not be tarred with the racist brush on the basis of where they live. Some people however, either can only cope with thinking in generalisations and stereotypes, or find it far more entertaining to do so, methinks.
  • I have lived in Christchurch all my life I don’t think it is that bad
  • yeah just if you are Asian, some school kids come to you and spit on you or some asshole throw eggs at you.this is Christchurch where Christ left us long time ago. Actually, it was not me who got spat on, it was one of my friends. i did get egged though. you see those idiots who drive at night and throw eggs at Asians here.unfortunately, bad people are much more noticeable than good people.
  • out of curiosity sometimes i check a persons brofile when a constant attack against Maori or other ethnic groups are bought up on here over time and yup sure enough,most of the posters seem to be from christchurch.
  • Do they still have active skinheads in Chch or have they all moved to Nelson and Timaru ?
  • Those who live in ChCh are very racist to those who live in Auckland, generally speaking. Im sure they feel inferior in some ways to be like this?One of the most racist places in NZ is the far North, various high profile families a among the most racist haters in the country.Years ago I had a job with an Australian based company that required me to travel around NZ and do meet and greets. After just a month I started playing up an accent and telling people I was a visiting Australian because of the level of abuse I received once people found out I was an Aucklander. As soon as I “became Australian” – no problems and people accepted me as is, so it was clearly where I was from, not me. The worst areas were Whakatane, Lower Hutt and Tokoroa. In Tokoroa it was so bad my colleague and I ended up staying together in the same room at the back of the unit and moved furniture in front of the windows and doors. I never visited Christchuch back then, but since then I’ve done a lot of work with various CHCH offices, and while no one has been overtly physically aggressive like I’ve experienced elsewhere, they have been very snarky and offensive. Sad but true.

If you’re a Trademe member you can read the rest of the discussion here…http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages.aspx?id=1573779&p=1&topic=5

23 March 2010

For anyone wanting to get a feel for good old grass root opinions and issues in New Zealand you can’t go far wrong by logging on to the community message boards at the NZ auction site Trademe.

This is a thread that was started on 22 March 2010 and has generated a heated debate on the site about racism and how difficult it is for people to be accepted into NZ culture if they look different, it’s not even a ‘cultural thing’ just an open hostility toward anyone who doesn’t look like they ‘fit in’.

Since we first published this post in March 2010 this page has gone on to be one of the most popular pages on E2NZ with almost 25,000 visitors from all over the world  and it has attracted 208 comments from our readers. It has itself become the subject of debate on other fora, not least Trademe : Is this how immigrants really see New Zealanders!

Here’s the original opening post on Trademe and a taste of the responses it generated. At the bottom of the page are scores of comments left by our readers. We recommend that this page is read in conjunction with our Migrants Tales series to get an accurate picture of the many problems outsiders face in New Zealand.

There is much discussion in our flat. We have one Chinese (19 years in NZ), one Filipino (8 years in NZ), one English (3 months in NZ) and two PI (12-16 years in NZ). The Chinese, Filipino and PI’s receive racist remarks on a regular basis yet funnily enough our English flatmate who have been in NZ the least amount of time is welcomed with opened arms. The Chinese is NZ citizen. Filipino & PI’s are permanent residences. English on working visa.

The majority of the racists looking down their noses at us are usually white. Umm didn’t you come here after the Maori? Tossers.

Our landlord & neighbour will gladly rent to us but complain immigrants spoiling NZ, stealing jobs here & stealing contracts overseas. It’s OK to take our money but it’s not for us to get jobs here. Hyprocrite. As soon as our lease ends we’ll be going.

NZ is seen as a racist country in some parts of the world. Even Bic Runga said so.

.The British countries are the most racist towards the Chinese and there is a lot of racism towards Maori. Being half Chinese and half Maori can’t be easy for her.

. It’s no wonder there’s a decline in rentals in Auckland. So many empty apartments. Now all those redneck aparment owners and real estate.      agents wish there were Asian to fill the rentals. Sorry but the Asian students won’t be coming back to line your pockets.

There’ll probably be less tourism as well. Japanese friend have mentioned articles that frequently pop up on the web or newspapers about racism during tours in NZ. Again, it’s OK to take their cash and let them on the buses and let them stay in your hotels, eat in your restaurants but you want them out of sight. Hypocrites.

  • “NZ has always been racist. It’s more noticeable now because of the increase in our immigrant populations (which I think is great, by the way)”
  • “yes i agree but nz is still better than were the complaining immagrants came from so if they don’t like it here fark off back to were they came from. and nz is not known as being a really racist country thats buls***.”

Original Poster: “We live in Auckland CBD and most of us are students.”

  • “Oh well nothing more to do then bugger off then if you aren’t happy. Close the door behind you , thanks”
  • “yea, and i agree this country is racist. I wonder why? when the goverment starts favouring one race, then it leads to unrest and that is what is happening.”
  • ” for many of us the “Asian Invasion” (as it was called) happened too fast…..too many and too fast. It changed the face of city’s and suburbs that at times it didn’t feel like home any more. It was if we were the ones in a foreign country. It takes time to assimilate into a new culture.If immigration was processed slowly, many NZers would have been a lot more accepting. It has also been very hard to deal with rude arrogant and ignorant people, and sometimes I am not surprised NZers have become sick and tired of some immigrants.”
  • if you came to NZ for a better life because your country is crap & it’s not working out for you then go somewhere else, i’m sure it wont bother any other NZ citizens. And I would bet that you were seeking cheap rent so will be living in an area with a significant number of ‘undesireables’ around you… that’s what happens. The answer is very simple… move to a better neighbourhood or go to another country… or go back home where everyone is so nice to you. lol.

To avoid confusion this is the Chinese flatmate here. Let me tell you about my experiences. I was one of those who immersed themselves into NZ culture. I came to NZ at a young age and totally embraced NZ. Was even in the kapa haka at school.There weren’t any Chinese schools or language lessons back then so I don’t know how to read or write Chinese. I can speak in a southern dialect but I don’t speak Mandarin.

You can’t imagine how much crap I get from NZ’ers about me not being able to read/write Chinese. They look at me like I’m stupid and sometimes they will say so.

You immerse you get crap. You don’t and try to sustain some of your own culture, you still get crap.

It’s a lose lose situation.”

  • if you came to NZ for a better life because your country is crap & it’s not working out for you then go somewhere else, i’m sure it wont bother any other NZ citizens. And I would bet that you were seeking cheap rent so will be living in an area with a significant number of ‘undesireables’ around you… that’s what happens. The answer is very simple… move to a better neighbourhood or go to another country… or go back home where everyone is so nice to you. lol.

Original poster: No cheap rent. We live in Auckland CBD. Telling us to leave NZ when we’ve been here for most of our lives. You’re just as bad as those who tell us to either die or leave NZ on the street….”

We’ll leave you to read the rest. link

Update: read about the treatment of a South African journalist, Vata Ngobeni, in Taupo covering the world cup here

See also: An article in Philippine Nurse:

“Amid speculations that New Zealand is cutting down on foreign workers, the island country is still marketing itself to be a “choice” destination country for overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

Currently, OFWs in New Zealand are faced with the alleged tightening of registration for foreign nurses, taking into account the country’s assumption that Filipino nurses are not “at par” with their standards.

New Zealand Nursing Council chief executive Carolyn Reed has even previously expressed concern that the rapid increase in nursing programs in the Philippines has compromised the quality of nursing, prompting them make the registration for overseas-trained nurses stricter…”

See also: Skinhead groups on the rise again

702 thoughts on ““New Zealand Is Turning Into A Really Racist Country” – updated 26 Aug 2015: Skin Heads and Hate Crimes.

  1. Dear All,
    I am bit worried now, This thread realy give a insite abt NZ and its close minded people.

    I am looking to Migrate to NZ with my family and if My family faces with this culture then I am not doing no good to them.

    I am reconaidering my decision. NZ Will have its own problems in future and regrets will not help them then

    Hope AUS good life for us.

    • Good Decision, Stay away from NZ.

      Today another of my friend left for India, he could find a suitable job here and was working at a caryard here to get by. He is qualified CA from India and holds NZICA membership, and his previous job was in big four and guess what, the dumbos here couldnt see an opportunity in employing him.

      But it is not his loss, its this country’s loss, who so easily let go of talented migrants and kiwis alike and could provide a level playing ground for them.

      As i speak, his flight must be somewhere over Australia now, and before he will land in India, he will have a few options to choose from, as he already has few top job offers.Two from Singapore, one from Dubai and few from India based MNC’s.

      Its a sign of the regressive society of NZ, and the tomorrow that awaits for this countryful of morons. I am waiting for my flight away from hobbitoland.

  2. People in NZ are racist. Before Lord of the Rings, you are an unknown country for most part of the world except perhaps China since both countries have long standing relationship. You don’t like migrants but your government lures people to work in your country. Why? Because most of you don’t want to work and just live off the benefits. Mind you, what you’re getting from the government comes from the taxpayers which most of them are immigrants who get in the country by abiding the strict requirements set by the Immigration. And if they want their family to be here, they deserve it.

  3. The title of this post sort of misconstrues the greater reality. ‘NZ is turning into a racist country’ would make people assume that, NZ didn’t used to be a racist eastablishment. However, the reality is that NZ, by foundation was/is a race backed establishment by the european invader/aggressor colonist, and NZ is microcosm of all things racist. It would be fair to credit them that they have become more tolerant and PC, but not near enough, and mostly on papers.

    One doesn’t need to look too deep into NZ society, which sort of markets itself as a country which is at pinnacle of western model of governance. Well..well…looks too good to be true, only on paper…

    The lower class jobs are done by the people of colour here, and the dominant white folks here get all the good jobs. The white diaspora here is even ready to bend its own rule, by choosing an uneducated white over a masters degree holding black/brown man/woman.

    So, next time you are in a taxi in NZ, ask the migrant driver, what sort of degree he holds….

    • NZ is now asking 50,000 Australians to move there because there is a skills shortage.

      User “Tin Cup” has pegged things:
      Tin Cup, Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago

      Thank you for allowing my post to appear, finally. I’m not allowed to post the links, but run some online searches for violent crime in NZ. There are websites who post the stats and they are horrifying, particularly as they apply to tourists and desperate northern Europeans seeking a better life. The details and figures are so bad, the NZ government forbids its media to report them. Surely, anyone with a family or who believes they’re visiting a wonderland deserves to know the truth before they commit to such a large step and enormous expense. Forewarned is forearmed. Rose tinted government spin won’t help when you’ve moved your family to the other side of the globe. Sure, NZ wants people to go there, temporarily or permanently. But for whose benefit ?

      Tin Cup, Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago

      You re joking, surely ? Further, I’ve stopped buying supposedly ‘NZ made’ frozen and other groceries since learning they are merely packed in NZ, with their source being China ! NZ is far from the friendly, decent haven it’s marketed as, in my opinion. Even employees at Auckland’s premier motel were aghast when we innocently told them we’d walked through the area at 9 p.m. Apparently we’d risked our lives, according to them. They said they would never go out alone ‘at night’ in that area, which is supposed to be upmarket. A NZ family moved to Queensland and when we naively asked why they’d left the ‘paradise’ that is supposed to be NZ, they stared at us as if we were stupid — ‘crime’ they said, as if we should know, as if everyone must know. They — Kiwis themselves — had fled their homeland to Australia because of crime in NZ that made them fear for their family’s lives. That was several years ago and they’re still in Australia with no intention of returning to NZ

      Tin Cup, Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago

      And the houses ! As we drove into Auckland, I kept waiting for the ‘English style’ houses I expected to see, seeing as NZ is marketed as ‘Just like England only better’. All I saw were TINY little weatherboard dwellings — tiny, made of wood planks — with smoke billowing furiously from chimneys. Like something from the US pioneer West 150 years ago. But the prices for those things are high ! And a fortune is spent trying to keep them heated. Low wages, crime, being stuck at the ends of the earth — no wonder Kiwis are so sour and bitter, the few of them who can afford to holiday in Australia for a couple of weeks. When we owned an electrical retail business in Queensland, New Zealand holiday-makers couldn’t stop exclaiming about how ‘cheap’ electrical goods are in Australia, compared to New Zealand. They bought as much as they could afford, which wasn’t much. They panned New Zealand for as long as we would listen. Then we went to New Zealand to see for ourselves. Doom

      And about the pay
      Brit in Philippines, Laoag, Philippines, 1 day ago

      Then they had better tell the HR people in their businesses. There is no way I am going to pay my way their and get paid 70% the locals get. That is what I have been offered by two places.

  4. They consult each other. When Mary didn’t know my daughter’s skin problem was duet to allergy, Brian was called in as 2nd opinion and he got it right. Shouldn’t they consult each other? I don’t know why Brian thought bringing up jaundice would be undiplomatic.

  5. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/9986721/First-time-mum-believed-everything-GP-said

    I wonder whether this doctor is a racist or genuinely made a mistake. Brian was our family’s GP except for my husband who went to his workplace doctor from the beginning. Our son goes somewhere else since he is an adult, but I used to take him to this doctor. My daughter and I used to be under him, but we stopped going there at about 10 years ago after I felt he was not concerned about our health. The incident was over a blood test regarding an allergy for my daughter who is half Asian. So, we went to his wife who was one of 3 doctors, now retired. Last year his wife retired. I was not informed at all while everybody got a letter and invitation for her retirement farewell party. After I found that out, I told the receptionist that I didn’t get the letter. The explanation was that because I was still under Brian’s. I didn’t change my GP from Brain to his wife officially. That was the reason. But, I felt this was weird as this is a small local practice and they must have known that I went to Mary for the last 10 years. Anyway, I found this article on chance while looking for the contact to tell my husband who is going to bring my daughter to the practice. Brian is not our GP anymore but he is the owner of the practice and the 3 doctors share the place. I am concerned after having read this article because I still go to his practice to a different doctor.

    “Plimmerton GP Brian Wesley-Smith’s memory of events was scrutinised yesterday. He insisted he recommended a blood test for the baby when his mother brought him to the doctor with flu symptoms. The mother called this a “lie”.”

    I mentioned above that I changed my GP from him to his wife over blood test. The story is like this. We suspected our daughter had a peanut allergy and I took her to the doctor. I asked for a blood test. He insisted that it wasn’t peanut allergy. I insisted that I would still like to get a blood test done. He kept smiling and try to persuade me by saying that it costs money. I also kept calm and asked him how much. He said it would be about $20. I wondered later “Did he think I wouldn’t have done the blood test for my daughter because of $20?” Later, when i went to the blood test place, it was free. The test result was ‘severe’. I didn’t get a call from the practice. They ring you if the result is bad or concerned but if it is good they won’t ring. That was their policy. I waited for a while and then rang the practice to know the result. The nurse said it was severe peanut allergy. There was no follow up. I felt at that time that the doctor did not care. I am Asian and my daughter is half-Asian. My identity will be exposed if he or other staff read this as this is a small local practice, but after I read the article, I decided to write my experience.

    Extract from the article:

    The baby had jaundice from birth but, being part-Asian, it was hard to tell how bad it was, the mother said. – I don’t know the colour of the baby, how light/dark, but I don’t think it is because being part-Asian. Does anyone here have similar experience? Do western doctor get confused whether it is jaundice or not because of the skin colour?

    Wesley-Smith had not read a midwife’s report in the baby’s file, mentioning jaundice and “lemon-lime poo”.

    He said he worried that bringing up the jaundice would be undiplomatic, and did not book a follow-up appointment because he was not the baby’s regular GP and it was not his place.” –

    This is truly appalling….3 doctors work there. He has been there long and owns the practice with his wife, Mary and another younger doctor.

    • We have entered an age of people unwilling to carry out things agreed to verbally, for whatever reason – because “people should understand that sometimes people agree to do something, even when they don’t intend to”
      and “sometimes to agree is socially more pleasant than to disagree”
      and “just because you’re ignorant, I have no obligation to enlighten you”.

      By not caring, the doctor broke the Hippocratic oath “First, do no harm”.
      Perhaps he thought it was “You harm the parent emotionally by letting them know the child has an allergy” OR “I told the staff doing the testing that I would let the parent know”
      On the flip side, the staff could have let you know quickly, but didn’t.

      Again, welcome to a hidden face of racism.

      Electronic recorders are very cheap now, I recommend you invest in them to catch people out telling such lies. Give them to your kids too, and have them keep (written or typed) diaries to watch “the evolution of character” of their peers towards your children.
      I still have my notebooks (and electronic files) of my social time at university.
      Of course, it would make society paranoid and untrusting. But I suppose, that is now something that people in positions of leadership or confidence(or even your peers), should experience.
      After all, they should only be allowed to make money or help or lead others … when they serve their customers.
      Otherwise, that is theft or betrayal of trust …

  6. Hye People,

    I am Indian and want to move to NZ , But this discussion made me think twise before taking any steps. My friends do work in wellington n they say racism is all ok until its remains only up to passing comments.

    I have two kids n wife looks like life will be challenging here.

    Please guide me on selecting a city. THANKS

    • If you are thinking of moving with the idea of supporting a family, when you are not a New Zealand citizen, it will not be easy unless:
      1) they are willing to accept a lower standard of living;
      2) you are willing to work your guts out;
      3) you and them are prepared to start your own small business.

      Of course, luck may render all the previous points moot, but are you prepared to put your family’s future in the hands of luck?

      Remember, a migrant from overseas, according to a report, requires over a decade of work in New Zealand … in order to be paid the same wage as the locals.

      • @P Ray Thanks for your point of view and I know it will be challenging, I know it will be most challenging journey. Atleast make effort to do something good for my family and NZ in my own way.

        I will prepare myself for good and progressive carrer in NZ. Hope I will do more than luck.

        • VGP, I am an indian too buddy. I have lived across the breadth of NZ and have been here for a while now. Your friends said that the racism is limited to comments only. Which is bollocks, i have never had any passing comments here around my race, but have had people talking around my back,

          Racism here is on a different level and is subtle and much dangerous. You will know it when you are here, as you have already made up your mind. However, as a well wisher, i would say that don’t burn all your bridges and live here alone at least for six months before bringing your family over to get a taste of it.

          I believe you are in IT, so you will probably have a good company of Indians who work in your industry, so you can suss out things before you transition your family to here. If you got a residency then live here for two to three years and use NZ as a gateway to Australia, as most Indian migrants do.

          Go to Auckland if you want to experience less racism and live in a cosmopolitan environment, as Auckland has so many Indians that you will never miss home (satire!). But its crazy expensive city to live in. Anyways, your call man.

          Good luck.

        • Something for all immigrants to think about when they consider a move, is this gem of a comment that I picked up from my huge text archive:
          You spend more than half of your waking time at work. Money can only improve the time you don’t spend at work up to a limit. This won’t compensate for spending the time you spend working in a crappy environment, with people you don’t like, in bad working conditions, or having to obey heavily bureaucratic regulations – these being specific to any large company.

          Also remember what Vigilante says, and that if looking to buy:
          – House prices in Auckland will rise NZD50K per year.
          – The cheaper the house, the longer the commute.
          – Very few companies practise “virtual office” culture.
          – Remember that every office you work in … WILL have office politics.

  7. This is an extremely insightful post. The Kiwis lack the wherewithal to admit when they are wrong or even to acknowledge a problem. Often, I recall that I would back one into a corner and the Kiwi would just shut up, look at you with some passive aggressive look, and not reply anymore.

    In many respects, the average New Zealander has suffered from an Orwellian conditioning. They convince themselves that they are the best, the most virtuous, and that they know everything. In actuality, most of them are subnormal, ignorant, and often exhibit a strange type of passive aggressiveness. When one points out an obvious problem about New Zealand, their instinctive reaction is to say that the problem is worse elsewhere and that things are not so bad in New Zealand. This is especially so with the Kiwis abroad who seem to think they come from some Edenic paradise.

    • Thanks. I’m happy that I can still, after almost a decade here, make cogent contributions to the site that others like yourself read and enjoy. Of course, I would rather be cruising south in a Daimler on A5 headed in your direction : )

      • @CalvinKulo: I do hope that you can get out as soon as you can. I thank God every single day for being in Switzerland where things work properly and where the overwhelming majority of people are polite and decent. I am also happy that it is 20C inside my apartment this morning, as opposed to 2C inside the house during the cold winter days in New Zealand.

  8. I was in NZ for 18 months in 2006-2008. I heard loads of racist comments against Asians which, given they were coming from white people who’s families can have lived in the country for a maximum of only 150 years or so, was so ridiculous it made me laugh. NZ most definitely has a reputation on the other side of the world for being slightly backward and very racist “but not as bad as Australia” people often say. I got hassle for working in a shop. I’m white and Scottish, so technically it might not be racism, as the guy was white and presumably also European of some descent, but he kicked off saying that foreigners shouldn’t be working here. “Where are all the Kiwis?” he said. “In Edinburgh” I replied.

    • ayearintheweeg,

      The following comments are definitely not directed at you personally.

      “but not as bad as Australia”

      If the people saying this are New Zealanders, it’s not unexpected, for many Kiwis, Australia- bashing is a default position, so they would say that, wouldn’t they?

      Australia has received plenty of justified criticism because of the government’s policy towards “boat people”, however that policy can’t be necessarily considered indicative of attitudes within the country. Recently the UK and other EU nations have adopted more restrictive policies towards “refugees/illegal migrants/asylum seekers”. Naturally, one British journalist blamed the sinister influence of Australia for the change in policy, rather than UK public opinion.

      You might be interested in this survey–


      I noticed that members of one particular nationality who complain loudly and often about racism in Australia and NZ, and other Western countries, score very badly on international comparisons. In other words, based on the data of this survey, they’re very racist indeed, no, I’m not going to specify which nationality.
      My objection is to the massive hypocrisy involved in the race debate, thanks to the Net an enormous amount of information is available in regard to race relations and levels of racism around the world. The rate of racism and crime in NZ revealed on this, and other sites, was a revelation, the country presents itself as model for the world, perhaps Kiwis actually believe it.

      I’m not defending Australia’s record BTW, that isn’t the point of my argument.

      Far too many hypocrites are ready to cast the first stone.

      • I noticed that members of one particular nationality who complain loudly and often about racism in Australia and NZ, and other Western countries, score very badly on international comparisons. In other words, based on the data of this survey, they’re very racist indeed, no, I’m not going to specify which nationality.

        That’s disingenuous – attempting to argue from a position of authority or higher knowledge but declining to reveal details for your assertion, let alone any evidence. If you’ve got the goods, please share. If you make your point objectively without appealing to kiwi cultural biases, others on this site would probably appreciate your contribution. Otherwise, it’s just the same not-so-clever-anymore deception that is pervasive in this country: you are equivocating by innuendo.

        New Zealand’s Culture of Censorship
        The problem with New Zealand is the complete lack of credible, self-reflective research. I think some of the major reasons for this are: (1) fact-gathering and research are not funded in academia deliberately unless they contribute to the positive myths and brand image of the country, or promote political or economic goals; (2) there are almost no independent institutions which are not controlled by the government/ruling party/class, and which have the mandate or agenda to publish anything that could threaten the nation’s marketing themes; (3) it was a political and policy decision by the ‘ruling’ party/politburo when it came to power to defund, dismantle and even hide previous (albeit mediocre and very limited) efforts to study NZ’s social problems and publish findings; (4) serious academics and scientists (or anyone else, for that matter) are not recruited or hired if they have a CV that could be(come) critical of NZ [anyone allergic to kool-aide need not apply]; (5) the incumbent research communities in NZ are tightly controlled and censored; (6) research and other evidence are frequently hidden in ‘libraries’ and institutions which do not allow access by the general public. There are probably other good reasons as well. Australia’s Liberal Party is now furthering this approach by suppressing information about boat people, defunding academic research, underfunding or cutting government mechanisms such as the Privacy Commission, ad nauseam.

        See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
        If an opinion or story or event comes to light that undermines or threatens the delusional reality that underpins the nation’s identity, it is squashed. “We are who we say we are,” reality be damned. If a victim or crusader speaks out against unfairness, abuse, discrimination, or crime, they, too are squashed or marginalised because real kiwis know better.

        But Just Look at the Decadence Elsewhere!
        The US, and to a lesser extent, Europe, are at the opposite end of the spectrum: academic and other private and public institutions, many which are world leaders, are still funding high-quality social policy and other research to address major concerns. As a result, there is ample evidence of racism, discrimination, and other societal ills, etc. Feeding off this environment are the various media outlets always waiting to pounce on any negative story to exaggerate and overdramatise problems for political or ratings purposes. It’s not that the problems are universally worse in the US, it is often the case that there are significant or severe problems in some areas that the rest of (or at least some other segment of) the country wants to improve. The civil rights movement which began after WWII was the result of such an imbalance. The absurd and worsening imbalance of wealth distribution, fueled by corporate and financial shenanigans, is another. The US hands this information to the rest of the world on a platter, and it is so easy to focus on and blame the US, whilst burying NZ’s own severe problems while the nation remains distracted and looks away.

        The National Bully Trap
        Ultimately, it’s still a trap that most kiwis like to set: they can always find some evidence (often very subjective or of poor-quality) that somewhere else has the same – or worse – problem. As a result, the national psyche has a deeply-ingrained defect of equivocation. Major problems thus continue unabated: youth crime, bullying, human rights, pollution, violence against women, discrimination, etc. The kiwi media, government and the vast majority of society all lock arms, equivocate endlessly, and attack the source; they blame the immigrants, Aussies, Americans, British, etc., and bully the courageous fools who spoke up into poverty and submission.

        As it now stands, the social climate for dissent is perilous, at best, in New Zealand, and getting worse in Australia. It may have worsened in the US and Europe, although the dynamics and scale are far different. Russia is effectively a growing dictatorship once again, where dissent and ‘deviants’ are persecuted. China continues to target unrest and dissent with military and police suppression, censorship, and isolation.

        Regardless what is going on in their own country, kiwis would rather pretend to be better and point the finger somewhere else.

        [**note to E2NZ: sorry to repost, but I needed to make a few minor edits]

        • By the tone of your comments, you’ve obviously made an assumption that I’m a Kiwi (is that a category mistake?) in fact I’m an Australian in Australia, consequently you have drawn incorrect inferences from my comments. Actually I became interested in this site and others like it, because, some years ago I was contemplating moving to NZ. You’re the expert on NZ, not me.

          (1) “That’s disingenuous – attempting to argue from a position of authority or higher knowledge but declining to reveal details for your assertion, let alone any evidence.”

          No, it isn’t disingenuous and I wasn’t ‘arguing from authority’– I’ve provided evidence through the link as support for my comments. It appears from your attitude that you haven’t actually visited the relevant site and looked at the map.

          (2) “Regardless what is going on in their own country, kiwis would rather pretend to be better and point the finger somewhere else.”

          Yes and Australians seem a favourite target, I’m really fed up with Kiwi trolls bleating “It’s worse in Australia”.
          From the impression I’ve gained from the net and the NZ MSM, that assessment seems plausible, although Kiwis here in Australia, deny there’s any significant Oz bashing in NZ.

          I generally agree with you other comments, in particular I detest our reactionary Coalition government here in Australia, Abbott and his accomplices are trying to destroy social democracy.

          • @RussellW

            It has been obvious to me for a while that your reasoning skills are well above local genetic conditions, and thus you could not possibly be a domestic species. I confess that my first paragraph in my previous post sounds a bit confusing, as I did challenge you to not pull your punches against other cultures which you believe discriminate as much or more than New Zealand and Australia.

            The rest of the post was addressed to all readers.

  9. I heard that there are all ‘young, blond, blue eyes’ parliament staff. I mean around PM office. It seems it wasn’t like that previously by the tone of the person who told me that. But, this is my assumption. If it was like that with previous government, the person might have said that at that time, so, I hope John Key/staff hires other ethnic group as well.

  10. I am a WHITE African ( born in Zimbabwe ) I have been here 10 years. Money is how you grade your welcome. For years I was not paid the same as Kiwis. I have out worked, out performed and out designed any Kiwi I have worked with and yet they get more I have proof. I am now working for a “moaning pom” and finally am paid what i am worth. Let Kiwi’s moan at us my non Kiwi brothers and sisters we will soon out number them 🙂 then the shoe will be on the other foot. Hay here is an idea all vote for a non white leader that will shake their stupid little beehive tree house… BAHAHAH

    • You’re right about “Money is how you grade your welcome”.
      Census 2013: Immigration at new high
      By Susan Edmunds
      10:45 AM Sunday Dec 15, 2013
      It takes a typical immigrant 12 years to get the same wages and type of job that a New Zealand-qualified person would get.
      But even then there is the “international student, who began and completed their studies in New Zealand”, that will never get those opportunities eventhough they’re “New Zealand-qualified”.
      The media is very quiet about that…

  11. Wow and here I am a black American considering visiting NZ to ESCAPE racism, but it’s everywhere..so goes my NZ vacation planning. Good to know wouldn’t be welcomed BEFORE I started buying tickets. Is Fiji racist too?

    • Hi Registered Nurse – if you’re coming for a holiday and you are not in a work setting you will probably not experience any racism at all. You would also be less likely to experience racism than someone of Chinese descent. The place is great for a holiday but it is a VERY different thing to work and live here. But you will probably love it for a holiday and african americans are pretty welcome here in general. You would get less flack than a white american, possibly, among the hipster set in Auckland and Wellington. Black frame glasses, goatees and weird hats. They will love you as much as they hate your white countrymen.

    • Not sure what parts of Auckland or Wellington GetMeOuttaHere is referring to, but the goatees and weird hats are little more than costumes most of the time. There may be a few who routinely dress that way around Cuba Street in Wellington or near the University of Auckland, but they are less than .01% of the population. New Zealand is a very centre-mass, conformist place, meaning that most people [strive to] dress, talk, walk, act and speak the same way. Foreign accents, particularly American, are discouraged or shunned outright.

      Wellington city is almost entirely government-service bureaucracy in one way or the other. There are a fair number of immigrants, but they are mostly pakeha (of white European origin). You can go weeks in Wellington without seeing a black person (except Asians who might consider themselves “black”). Auckland is mostly business types. You may find more ethnic diversity there in some areas, but blacks of African[-American] descent are very rare. If you head to Christchurch, or other smaller cities, or the suburbs of Auckland or Wellington, you can expect to encounter some public ambivalence and occasional outward hostility.

      As for feeling welcomed? Tourists with big grins and wallets generally are welcome in most cities in the world, as long as they stay on the beaten path and come to spend. Any bigotry or intolerance will remain mostly out of sight, if it’s just a short visit and you stay in he CBDs (central business districts). Being black, you may find mainstream white kiwis more willing to overlook your nationality temporarily just to find out how you think, feel and talk, and whether you eat with utensils. Maori might express a certain affinity or desire to get to know you, as their subculture tends to borrow (steal?) heavily from the American urban black mystique. Both cultures probably want to know about how bad racism is in the US and what is going on in Missouri, just to get their daily dose of superiority complex. If you start badmouthing the US and discussing all the perceived problems there, you might even feel some superficial welcome from a few encounters. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the grass is greener here for black, white, Asian or any other colour or nationality.

      There was a black veterinarian who lived here for a few years, gave up and left, who posted here. There are also a few comments further up this thread and elsewhere on this site from others who are black. You may want to read what they have experienced before making any permanent move.

  12. Hi there.
    I am truly sorry of the abuse you and your friends have endured and I completely understand why you feel this way toward us. I want to let you know that there are some good Kiwis out there. It sucks you had to come across our scum. I am sorry on behalf of them. I personally love foreigners; my very good friends through my life consisted of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Norwegians, Germans and English, all of whom embraced and respected our Kiwi culture. Fortunately for them they had good experiences here and wish they’d come back. I am not particularly fond of our culture and at times don’t feel “Kiwi”, and I do know of this prejudice attitude you speak of. However I know it’s not only experienced here in NZ – I’ve noticed it a great deal when I lived in Australia and through the glory of the internet, apparently the US has it pretty bad too. I think anywhere you go which is foreign in the world will contain groups of people with closed minds and hearts. I also know that there are those of us that do have open minds. I hope that soon you’ll run into THIS type of Kiwi.

    • @01 muffin – thank you! yes, I have been forgetting that a good portion of the population here is kind and decent and also not racist. Hard to find sometimes, but there all the same. But I’m just popping up to say thanks for existing among a population where your mindset is sometimes, er, less common than it should be. Life here can be hard for anyone who doesn’t join in the mindless “hate on the outsider” vibe that it takes to be a good kiwi, so thanks for existing, and yes I have found some kiwis very kind and decent. Except I get to know them and they leave for anywhere and everywhere overseas!

  13. I can honestly say I don’t KNOW anyone that isn’t racist. Some hide it better than others. I’ve been at the receiving end of it many many times, and in many different countries.

    • That says quite a lot about you, but at least you’re honest.

      There really are many people who truly love human beings and see only the best in them. I used to be one of them, but New Zealand cured me of that.

  14. I am an Asian female who has been living in Auckland for the past two decades. I don’t have an accent and although I am known to be intellectual in my group of friends (both immigrants and kiwis) I wouldn’t say that it can be directly linked to my race. Most of my achievements and wisdom come from my personal desire to do well and from just having a general interest in learning new things. None of my family were interested in watching nine hours of documentaries, etc so I don’t believe that I got these desires from my culture. But this doesn’t stop 98% of my peers from saying that I got a scholarship in calculus because I’m Asian or that I know the structure of the brain because my parents want me to become a doctor.

    My parents have never had to be particularly strict with me and they let me have a lot of freedom growing up. I wouldn’t say I retained the ‘Asian culture’ or adopted the kiwi culture instead I have a mix of multiple like a lot of immigrants in my generation have. I’m currently doing a commerce and law degree. Simply because I want to. Now let’s be honest. How many of you had a thought pop up thinking that I was doing that because my parents wanted me to be successful in life? Or slightly disapproves of me because I’m not doing med? I know when I used to tell people what I wanted to do in uni at least 40% of them said “Is that because you want to or because your parents are making you?”.

    It was fun to watch all the heads turning in confusion when I swore because a little Asian girl should be shy and conservative. I am not.

    I went to an all girls school and to get home I would have to pass our brother school. Every single fucking time at least one boy would yell a racist remark at me. “Saranghai!” “Make me some sushi!” “Come to my bedroom and I can blindfold you with string!” “You have big boobs for an Asian!”. Firstly, can I just say that I find it pretty offensive that people group all Asians together just because we look a like. I didn’t even know what Saranghai or however you spell it meant until I was retelling my friends the story. Even in school, skinny blonde girls would walk into me while loudly chattering and look at me expecting me to apologise and scurry away. If they weren’t so disrespectful I probably would have at least said sorry but I preferred to enjoy the looks on their faces when I firmly but politely tell them to use their inside voices and to mind their manners and then push myself between them. I don’t understand how they were so skinny yet they could take up the whole passage way? Honestly, what type of fucked up society do we have in New Zealand that any of this would be considered alright in any context? If immigrants weren’t here, they’d find someone else to be rude to because that’s apparently NZ etiquette.

    I know everyone is guilty of being racist/stereotyping. I know when I get on the bus and I have to pick someone to sit next to I pick the Asian girl because majority of the time they respect personal space and don’t try to sleep on me like multiple people do after a long day in the city. I don’t consider this racist. I do not have time to interview each individual on the bus until I have found the most suitable person to sit next to because that’s just unreasonable. Stereotyping is part of every day life and I feel it is alright in some contexts. I acknowledge that sometimes other people respect space too and choose not to use me as a bed and that some Asians prefer to touch my arm with theirs. It is still a hit and miss but with my stereotyping I’m able to at least miss a lot less.

    Although I dislike NZ culture, I believe that the people who move here do have a responsibility to learn about it and try somewhat adopt it. But in return, NZers should be considerate and accept the fact that our nation is changing and I believe that neither Asian,etc or Kiwi cultures are winning in this social war. I believe a new culture is emerging which I call the new kiwi culture. For those who want to keep the old kiwi culture are either ignorant, just plain rude, or idiotically stubborn.

    Sorry this was so long but trust me it’s just an overview of all the shit I’ve been getting ever since I was little just because I’ve got black hair and squinty eyes. If NZ keeps up it’s racism I bet you that tourism will plummet as well as our populations. Be more accepting. If we’re taking your jobs it’s simply because you aren’t trying hard enough.

  15. All the people who are saying “If you don’t like it then go somewhere else” are bloody ignorant. Do you not realise that ‘immigrants’/non-whites/non-Maori make nearly half the New Zealand population. If they all took your advice and left then the New Zealand economy would collapse especially because European kiwis normally expect a higher wage for labour. So enjoy reversing back to the village days because there won’t be enough businesses open to have any CBDs and enjoy expenses, including water, electricity and, of course, data, being doubled. Oh and also enjoy inbreeding because if you just want to accept people who look like you go fuck your mother. Excuse my language.

  16. All the people who are saying “If you don’t like it then go somewhere else” are bloody ignorant. Do you not realise that ‘immigrants’/non-whites/non-Maori make nearly half the New Zealand population. If they all took your advice and left then the New Zealand economy would collapse especially because the majority of European kiwis expect a higher wage for labour. So enjoy reverting back to the village days because there won’t be enough businesses open to have any CBDs and enjoy expenses, including water, electricity and, of course, data, being doubled. Oh and also I hope you like inbreeding because if you just want to accept people who look like you go fuck your mother. Excuse my language.

  17. I have not been further than Australia but I have been to Auckland and having seen the effect of Asians in New Zealand has not been an enjoyable experience. I believe that if you visit another country you should respect that countries culture. This I feel from what I have seen is not happening. Arrogance predominates mainly by the wealthier Asians. I and other New Zealanders do not appreciate having to step to the side of a footpath that has a line of Asian youth stretched across the full width of a footpath werer very upset when I held my line and as a consequence bumped into one of these young guys. I am 71 and this is my country. The other disgusting habit is indiscriminate spitting; this I saw many times in the Auckland Airport. These ‘spitters’ were well dressed business men who did not care about us and what we expect. To Asians I suggest you buy a book on NZ etiquette and try to please those you wish to respect you. It only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the whole barrel. The arrogance has come with the apparent wealth and it seams as though they have scant regard for our considered good manners.
    Bob from Rotorua..

    • Well thanks for being honest, Bob. Your attitude is probably much more representative of Kiwis than the stereotypes to used attracts ‘Asian’ people (and their money) to New Zealand.

  18. “Asian countries are far more cosmopolitan and accepting than any NZ city, and asians are ‘warm’ people, with a spark of life. They aren’t void, visceral, stark, cold hearted, beer belching, devoid of life morons like typical kiwis. ”
    This is my experience also from spending time all over Asia and living there. Even if you are really depressed in Asia there is always something to cheer you up, out on the streets and in the community. Here in NZ what you see out on the streets and in the community makes you want to go home and pull the curtains closed. There is something very wrong here and it completely repels me now as though it is not even worth understanding – it is too sick and repulsive. I have only been back here three weeks and I feel I am entering a space which makes me very unhappy and uncomfortable. I am a Kiwi and I am embarrassed to some extent about this, but Kiwi or not I am just a person, and I do not fit in here. I cannot spend anymore time in this country as it is just not for me. It is like voluntarily drinking poison to stay and live here. As pretty as it is there are also pretty places in other countries, and living with the bit of scenery that NZ manages to offer is not enough to offset the insanity of living in such a society.

    • If asian countries were racist, then no white old men from NZ would be able to rape young girls in countries like Combodia and get away that easily, where they go lustfully to quench their degenerate desires. Then you wouldn’t see old fat white kiwis, with their asian brides.

      Actually, whites are the privileged bunch in Asia, which i absolute loathe. Because of my own experiences in white countries.

      Asian countries are far more cosmopolitan and accepting than any NZ city, and asians are ‘warm’ people, with a spark of life. They aren’t void, visceral, stark, cold hearted, beer belching, devoid of life morons like typical kiwis. Whites survive and do very well in Asian countries, and on the contrary they have somewhat of a ‘white privilege’.

      As an Indian, I have been around the world, and grown up in cosmopolitan city of New Delhi, and i have seen the kind of respect even a typical white person gets there. Having lived in the white ghettos called as Hastings-Napier, i know what racism is about. My wife if from Honk Kong, and i have spend a significant time there, and i love the locals, never felt racism, but warmth there. Same in Singapore, Beijing, and Seoul, met very nice and warm people and made friends in very short visits. But given my eight years in NZ, i couldn’t make even a single kiwi friend. Must be something wrong with me huh? My friends here are migrants, like Americans, Germans, Chinese, Indians, Cambodians etc etc., not a single kiwi!

      Given my experiences in different part of the world, especially in Asia, it is a crystal clear fact that kiwis are devoid of something called as ‘the zest of life’. The other bunch of people i loathe are the white south africans who are at par with kiwis, when it comes to racism, but even then, they are high achievers than kiwis with good qualifications and zest for life, even with their deranged and skewed outlook. But kiwis are an absolute lifeless bunch of people!

      • @Vigilante: That is a very perceptive piece. When I had the misfortune to live in Retardicon 6 (New Zealand) I was somehow able to befriend plenty of people from other countries whether Australian, South African, British, Austrians, Chinese, and Indians, but incapable of getting on with the degenerate Kiwi inbreds.

        • All my friends here are from other counties too – I’m Canadian and I’ve been here 21 years and most of my friends are Chinese, South African, English, American… I do have a couple of fairly close kiwi friends but I would say I do all the entertaining, all the favors, all the friendship really. But I do know 2 kiwis who would ignore me at a party and who would consider me in a friend-ish way I think. But I worked at that. Get tired of how nothing is reciprocated and quite a bit is expected. And you never know, because part of how they bond is by ganging up on an “outsider”. They are not an outgoing people.

          • After 21 years you’d think that they would have realised you’re not about to leave any time soon and loosen up a bit.

        • @Safe You are lucky to slip through this destitute island to beautiful Switzerland, I am counting my days, and researching my options, and definitely don’t want to go to Australia from here.

          Maybe Canada or Denmark, or even contemplating to return to India, but my wife wouldn’t want to live there, and I wouldn’t want to live in HK, owing to our language barriers.

          So…it seems like the bridges back to our homes have been long burnt…and we could only go forward from here. But now i am finding myself with this ‘fear’ of migrating again…talk about ‘Once burnt twice shy’.

          • @Vigilante: The feeling of being outside New Zealand in a country that functions properly where the people are nice and friendly is refreshing. I certainly think lovely Australia would be a few steps up and a welcome respite from New Zealand. The hardest part is leaving New Zealand, but things will improve in your new country. There are places in the world that reward hard work and industry, but regrettably, New Zealand is not one of them.

  19. Thank you for your advice, very appreciated! The robotic stuff was good to get me a visa and residency but I don’t see myself working in an office or workshop for the rest of my life. What I want to achieve is simply a better quality of life! In Germany I had everything I needed: a nice car, an awesome place to stay, good income, friends…but what would come next? Another car, more money, a bigger house, more friends? And after this is achieved?!! I just want to do something different and fortunately robotic is not the only thing I’m good at. I love the outdoors, meeting new people and cultural exchange. Honestly, I reached the point where I just can’t wait to finish work and go back to things I really enjoy like hiking, running, rock climbing, all sorts of work out (no, not lifting weights at the gym!) and martial arts and I might be wrong, but NZ seems to be a good place to do so. Even though it might be not the easiest thing to do, I would like to try Eco-tourism. Surely, If I’d go for the easier option it would save me lots of hassle but is that it? I mean, is that what life is about, taking the short cut and do all the easy things? I want to learn and experience more and I’m not afraid to fail. I won’t give up only because it might be uncomfortable. How can I tell people off to blame others for their failure and then just leave because things are not as easy as I’d like them to be? I don’t want to get rich as having money does not equal being happy! I’m not just saying it, I experienced it for myself. Also, it might give me the chance to make a change, to show people that being tall and fat does not make you strong, as a big had does not make you smart! It is really sad what is going on in this country and how people treat their environment, following blind the mass media, not using their own brain! Someone has to make a change…so why not make the first step?! I’ll try it…Argentina can wait 🙂

    • I think you are being very naïve and foolish by mistaking achieving your dreams in New Zealand for a challenge. You might want to check out the Retardicon 6 link at the top of the page and the section pertaining to business conditions in New Zealand. There are plenty of nicer places in the world where you can develop yourself.

    • If New Zealand makes you happy, then good on you.

      Just realise that the postcard-idyllic lifestyle will cost you a lot in New Zealand – in more than just money: New Zealand’s value proposition has been covered a lot elsewhere on this site. Perhaps you understand this vicariously, but after 5-10 years you will feel it to the core.

      Since this thread is about racism, the only issue is whether you will have a fair chance to earn what you need or succeed in business in order to have the kind of life you seek. If it works out for you, great. All the best.

  20. Hi all! I read half of the posts here and decided to share my experience. I was born in Kyrgyzstan and my family moved to Germany when I was about six years old. They call us Russian-Germans as back in the days Kyrgyzstan was a part of the Soviet Union. Kyrgyzstan borders China, so all my life I had to put up with all sorts of names like Russian-Chinese, Russian-German, German-Russian, Mongo-German etc…In Germany we lived in an area mostly inhabited by Turkish and Arabic so I learned to get along with all sorts of people from different backgrounds with different believes, saw that everything only depends on RESPECT and TOLERANCE! About four years ago, I was 25 back then, I decided to travel Australia to learn English. Yes, we do learn English at school but as a teenager I had “better” things to do than learning a language I did not feel having the need to learn.
    I’m a Robotic Engineer, back then fluent in German and Russian, who got called a dumb f…, who comes to take away jobs Australians could do! Well, most of the time I was picking fruit for an hourly rate no Aussi would get out of bed for, not to mention the amount of hours I worked (60-70 a week), living in a shed, paying AUD 170 a week! After over a year, when I was able to have a conversation in English, I found a job in Metal Fabrication where I had the hardest time ever. My work “mates” gave me a hard time because of my accent or just laughed at me all day, calling me all sorts of names or saying things I couldn’t understand as they spoke their slang in combination with their accent. “Just giving you shit mate!” After work, when I did not stay back for beers because I had to study for the IELTS test (I decided to stay in Australia for a while), I got called gay fuck, fucking pussy and fucking sober Nazi, just to mention a few. If I would stay, it would be me standing there with a beer while the other 5 or six, including the boss, would make fun of me, call me names and pretend to punch or kick me, “just pushing your buttons mate.” When one day one of those punches actually hit me and I accidentally, by reflex (I have years of Kickboxing experience) knocked the attacker out, I got accused of getting smashed and attacking people without any reason.
    I had had enough of Australia and decided to see a bit of NZ and then go back to Europe.
    When I came here, I met some awesome people who supported me in every aspect of life and after 2 months they even found me a job programming handling and welding robots!
    It sounded so great that I decided to apply for a Work Visa. The company I work for bought a CNC Press Brake / Robot combination a while before I started there and couldn’t operate it, so they were quite happy when I told them I could fix and operate it. And so I did, even though our production manager doubted it from the first day as he tried it himself and he had years of experience with this kind of machinery, so he told me. Well, since then he calls me names, every day something new. I’m vegetarian, Buddhist, do yoga, work rather hard and drink very rarely, which he can’t understand or better say he can’t understand that I’m not like him. He calls me things like skinny-yoga-loving-fuck or German penis, greets me in front of everyone with “good morning you fucking weirdo” and during meetings which all staff attend he refers to me as The German, most of the time mimicking my accent. I ignore him calling me dumb fuck, as mentioned before I am a Robotic Engineer, speak now three languages fluently, and I’m confident to say my spelling is far better than his. Every day I have to listen to his stories about him being awesome and he would show me how to be a kiwi. Well, if being Kiwi means being like him, an ignorant, arrogant guy with a personality disorder, I rather go for Mongo-German or even fucking weirdo! I will apply for a resident visa soon and will leave the company as soon as possible to start my own business. And if people out there think they will loose their jobs or businesses because of me, I can assure you that your success only depends on what you put in! Don’t blame the others because you’re not capable of doing your job! I see my fellow workers everyday walking in slow motion from and to the smoko room, not caring about what they produce, cracking a beer as soon as they walk through the door and having sick leave when they don’t feel right! Kiwis definitely have a problem with people like me who think differently, have different hobbies or another way of life, but the problem are not the foreigners, the problem is in your heads! How would you expect someone who comes from the other side of the world to have the same humor, same interests, same way to do things or to eat the same food?! Why do you think foreigners prefer to be with their own kind rather then integrating? Because Kiwis love to point out differences and make people feel like shit or unwanted and call it “humor!”
    I won’t leave, I love the country and as sad as it is I learned to live without people if I have to,
    but I hang around with all the other weirdos, all those Indians, Chinese and Coconuts ..love it!

    • Utterly inspiring and well written. But I have to wonder: what do you expect to accomplish in NZ? Assuming you do start your own company, do you think there will be much of a market for your robotics expertise, assuming that is the field you would start in? I mean, seriously, if you were going to manufacture DIY P-labs or boy-racer exhausts, I’d say your company would thrive, but given your obvious intelligence, why do you want to waste it here? Even if you find some clients and can achieve profitability, your business will always be small if confined to the domestic market, and the chance of exporting would be crippled by finance, logistics and materiel constraints.

      Here is another thing to consider: the arrogant, brutish, lazy types you described are dominant in New Zealand, and exist at all strata of society: in the police, in the judiciary, in the local, regional and national governments; in the IRD, the hospitals, the law offices; they are everywhere. You may enjoy the company of fellow in-migrants, but they are not in charge, and at some point you will come face to face with yet another cretin who holds power over your life. So, if you get into legal trouble, if you become seriously ill, if you defend yourself when attacked and are prosecuted for it, if you need to enforce a contract, who are you going to call? In New Zealand, fairness and justice are cultural.

      Although there are many things to like about New Zealand’s geography, low population density, and dwindling natural appeal, it is the people who will determine the quality, and limits, of your life.

      • @Banano: Feel free to in German if it is more comfortable for you. I would very much urge you to adopt Calvin’s advice and consider cutting your losses and leaving New Zealand. New Zealand is a place where the government, public, and virtually everyone will try to undermine your achievement. If you love the natural beauty, then go to Alaska, Chile, or Africa, as these places are beautiful and populated by somewhat better people.

  21. Guess it’s all changed huh….

    Of eastern asian descent, grew up in NZ, best mates kiwis, left the country after high school, memory of NZ being the best damn experience of my life, was an anchor point to think back to during difficult uni life abroad. ended up at a top-tier school currently working on finishing my degree with one of the highest grade point average in the major.

    highest level of satisfaction in the public can be observed in countries with racial homogeneity, high GDP and low differences in socioeconomic benefits.
    (this will sound racist but) From a totally detached point of view I will say that the racism that we’re witnessing comes from the white population in a far from justified fashion. It is unjust because some of the white population believes that they are entitled to what NZ has to offer. Racism comes about from a stress stimulus. the stress is the loss of higher-tier jobs and a higher quality of living – they feel that what they owned previously has been taken from them.

    It is only natural that the progeny of the immigration pool end up on top of the food-chain. Most immigration parents are/were professionals in their fields. Most made career sacrifices for the betterment of their children’s living conditions/education on their journey to the land of the long white clouds. Why do Asians/Indians try so hard in education? It’s a little bit like fear conditioning. If we conduct an experiment where the subject is prodded with the introduction of a high pitched tone, the subjects learn to associate two unlinked stimuli/punishment and will run when they hear the high pitched tone. The stun rod is unemployment, something most 1st gen. immigration kid would have grown up with and the high pitched tone is analogous to failure to excel. (my younger brother stayed up 4 nights in a row to ensure [literally] straight E’s in his NCEA finals, I asked him why and he tells me “failure is not an option” we should insert failure at ‘excellence’)

    Its time for the NZ population to wake up and smell the air – it isn’t sweet, it smells more like the gentle yet harsh salt smell of our beaches. Look at the rate at which our NZ population is increasing compared to the rate at which our resources are increasing… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the equilibrium that the NZ economy will have to come to in order to satisfy both boundary conditions and the collateral damage that ensues with the change.

    Yes, alien immigrants come to NZ waving great wads of cash. they claim they’re paying for superior education, they end up get the same education as your children, the difference is that one child takes more out of the same class than the other. it’s all in the mindset.

    I don’t want to blame the govt but they aren’t doing a stellar job on their part.

    all in all, the white parents blame asians/indians for taking their jobs, the children see this, learned behavior is witnessed in schools, we get an article or 2 on the news, govt spends money on anti-racism in schools, the cycle continues. What the govt needs to do is to focus on creating new jobs for kiwis (indigenous/pakeha/implants alike). Our racism doesn’t come about from just the difference in skin color, it’s not some hate-crime for the darker skinned counterpart, its an associated feeling from the loss of jobs and positions linked to the introduction of heterogeneous races into the socio-economic ecosystem.

    • What made you leave your country of birth? Was it because you happened to be a tall poppy, that your parents felt will be crushed down in your holy sweet Aeteroa? And then they siphoned you out of here. Good that you got a degree, as majority of your fellow countrymen don’t possess that. You have made your country proud. But don’t be too proud too soon as possessing a degree is a ‘constant’ in Asian and Indian community. Everybody has got a degree, and masters is the new norm, go try throw a rock in a crowd in India and it will land up upon somebody who has a degree. And most of them have good GPA’s too, try Ivy League institutions, Indians are over-represented there. Try Silicon Valley, most of the engineers running the show there are FOB Indians. So, you still don’t stack up enough, compared these races which are looked down upon, back here in your sweet Aeteroa.

      ‘Highest level of satisfaction in the public can be observed in countries with racial homogeneity’, that is a childish statement and sounds like one of those clichés which are frequented by KKK, Neo-Nazis, Skin-heads and the neo cons. First of all, you have to define satisfaction and please do that in a non ‘Smitho-Keynesian’ context, because ‘hyper inflating money supply’ is not the most benevolent sign of heightened personal satisfaction. GDP historically doesn’t coincides with the societal satisfaction, and with rise in GDP the rise of underclass is a so called ‘given’, because ‘the capital’ always tends to find ways to bring the wages down, or to find new avenues to shift to those areas where the wages are low. This is the fundamental ‘greed’ backed flaw that the whole modern economics is based upon, and an illusion so distinct before our eyes, but we do little to get rid of it. So, economic predicators such as GDP are a purely an ‘industrial construct’ who has little worth to gauge a country’s economic development. The fundamental lesson that one learns graduating from micro economic to macroeconomics is the difference between ‘growth’ and ‘development’. NZ is neither growing, now will it develop, because of the level of societal degeneration here. I would like to know how many of your countrymen are satisfied, with around a million of them already living off the shores of Aeteroa. So, in a nutshell and to put it crudely racism doesn’t comes from ‘stress stimulus’ of ‘getting their jobs taken over by migrants’, it comes from their lack of education, lack of vigilance and the level of societal degeneration here.

      Socioeconomic differences that you see in many of western nations as NZ, is the net output of the crony capitalism, which is fundamentally a ‘western system’ and was initially hatched by the imperialistic superpowers, to stripe and exploit the indigenous of their resources. In contemporary context, this poisonous system is striping the working class out of their right, and sowing seed sof disdain amongst the working class, right here in Aeoteroa, which is betting high on a debt based economic bubble, boasting about the so called ‘Rockstar Economy’. When the bubble will burst, the kiwi degenerates will blame the migrants, AGAIN!

      In NZ, a majority of the people are the son/daughter of immigrants, but only the Asians and Indians are the ones who are high achievers. Why? If your logic was correct then why isn’t it every ‘kind’ of second generation migrants here are high achievers? But that not being the case, and only Indians and Asians being over-represented in the academia, there must be something fundamentally wrong with the kiwi culture, which is a coagulated mix of so many X,Y,Z European subcultures. the reason my friend is not, ‘fear conditioning’, it called as proper parenting that the euro kiwi kids here miss out on, owing to the absentee parents. Indian and Asian families centres around their kids, and the parents instil very high value in their kids, and its not the fear of failing, but it is the ‘joy of success’ that motivates them, which the rugby piss heads would never understand. Kiwis can discount it as ‘fear conditioning; or ‘tiger parenting’, but they understand the importance of them when they see the Asian/Indian kids taking home the trophies, while their kids getting pregnant by different guys, every ‘open season’.

      I will ‘fail’ the very logic of your ‘growing population vis-à-vis resources growth’ ranting, using an argument from same school of ‘Smitho-Keynesian’ economics that you draw and sputtered from. And i quote from ‘the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research’ which believes we’d be better off with 15 million of us. With just 4,447,369 of us rattling around in 268,000 square kilometres of this green and pleasant land, there’s plenty of space for everyone in New Zealand, and we are all human being getting on with our lives and i have a faith that we will get on well, minus people like you.

      And being an Indian, i am a preacher of ‘human independence’ from the ‘nanny state’, so i would say that we shouldn’t look towards the government to create jobs, while we can create them ourselves. This is the very fundamental difference that many will notice, between you and me, one born in a so called third world, where you are in ‘sole charge’ of rowing your boat of destiny, accepting failure and success and rowing ahead, taking it as the crucial part of personal journey, while on the other end of the spectrum is you, who was born and grew up in a benevolent nanny state, who still looks up to the nanny to do everything for him. This change of perspective is what migrants bring, and create new jobs. Countries are built upon migrants, as we are all, at the end of the day, sons of daughters of immigrants, somewhere down in our histories.

      On a slightly philosophical note, nobody is an ‘alien’ and everybody is ‘fellow human’ who deserves equality, love and respect, as these values are the very foundation of human peace.

  22. I’m 17 years old, i’m Maori. I can’t say that i’m not racist, but i am open to many cultures of all countries. But here in Aotearoa i will always say i am my sub tribes before i am a kiwi, i dont see myself as a Kiwi, because i just dont. that’s all, hei kona 😉

  23. sorry haven’t read through all these posts, just wondered if anybody knew if the spear tackler who almost killed O’Driscoll a few years ago during British and Irish Lions tour, was still playing for the dark side (all blacks)

  24. I come from South Africa, was discriminated all my life for being the wrong colour and now in New Zealand i have to act as though i am stupid and don’t know anything, this is the impression they have of African, (stupid poor people who live in huts, etc.. ) because if i show them how much i trully know they will see me as arrogant or be intimidated. The cycle continues…

  25. After reading this thread that has been going strong for the past four years is making me rethink the idea of doing a working holiday in New Zealand. As a black american woman (my roots can be traced back to Germany not Africa) I am no stranger to racism both color and gender wise but I would rather not take a time where I would like to explore the culture of another country looking over my shoulder or making sure that I can beat off attackers. However my question for the posters is one I saw but no one answered. Are both islands strongly racist or is it in isolated areas?

    • It is widespread, but is probably worse on the South Island, and everywhere else on the North Island outside large institutions in Wellington and Auckland. Even in national government departments or ministries, Anna’s advice is spot on: be prepared to duck and expect the people to be weird. Both my partner and I have known non-kiwi non-white people of color who are treated exactly as Anna described – and this is in work scenarios where you would expect the caliber of people to be above that. Not so in NZ: ignorance and prejudice run rampant from the bottom to the top. For example, your boss, who, might be a general manager earning 150k per year, could ask if you are accustomed to using a knife and fork while you are both out for a group lunch in front of your coworkers, and actually mean it.

      Also, be careful not to be drawn into any discussions about the negative aspects of the US or its politics by kiwis (and other nationalities) – it is an ambush, and you will lose whether you are right or wrong. Be proud of where you come from, but do not ever be drawn into any discussions about the US, or, worse, attempt to explain or defend anything: they simply won’t get it. No matter how sincere they might sound, or well-meaning you strive to be, you.will.lose.

      Good luck, but bring your “A” game and always keep your guard up. Whenever – and I do mean whenever – you (over-)hear an offensive remark, immediately ask the person, in front of everyone else, in a calm, clear, strong, and deliberate voice, to repeat what they said, and explain what they meant. Then, without getting angry, explain to them just how wrong or retarded they are in front of everyone else, from a position of higher class. If you can do this without being caught flatfooted or off-guard, or in a moment of weakness when you might respond angrily, most of the garden-variety cretins will leave you alone most of the time, for fear of being put in their place on front of their mates.

    • One of the reason why we didn’t go to Christchurch about 20years ago was that I read a newspaper article that a dairy owner (Indian) was attacked by a racist. We stay in North island, but I notice racism everyday by retailers, service people etc… But, I am not sure whether these people will ignore other non-desirable in their eyes white customers/clients. If they do, it will be just discrimination? But, how often they will ignore white people? As much as they ignore Asian people? I am saying ‘asian’ because I am speaking from my own experience.Many asians treat whites better than fellow asians, particularly if they are not aware of ‘racism’ that they are getting from whites. These people are usually over friendly towards Whites naively.

      By the way, there was a recent incident that appalled many people, but I don’t know how many are happy secretly or openly in their close circle of friends about the judge’s decision. It will be interesting to do survey how many people were happy about the decision to find out the rough percentage of racism population.



  26. I find ‘helloanonme”s opinion is also valuable. It wasn’t trolling. I wish “helloanonme’ could come back. I thought we could have a good discussion between racism and discrimination.

    Even Asians/Maori/Pacific discriminates Asians let alone whites. Is this racism or discrimination? Even they treat Whites better than the others. Is this racism or discrimination?

    How can we separate racism from discrimination? How would I know certain incident/discrimination/bad treatment was based on ‘racism’ or ‘discrimination’?

    Once a very short woman (white) told me that she would sometimes be ignored by shop assistants. My guess is that those shop assistants will more likely discriminate/ignore non whites, particularly, Asians in shops based on ‘weak, not-wealthy look = minority group’.

    If the shop assistant ignores me, she becomes ‘racist’ because I am Asian? But, one day if I turn up the shop with very wealthy look, if she treats me with politeness and friendliness, she is not a racist, is she?

    So, how do we define racism and discrimination?

  27. Admin,

    “youll(sic) find (that) usa(sic) and australia(sic) have higher levels of racism then(sic) n.z(sic),
    Some Kiwis just can’t resist bashing the usual targets, can they?

  28. On a hole I would agree nz has racism but not every white new zealander shares these views youll find usa and australia have higher levels of racism then n.z I personally accept people on who they are not there nationality.

  29. @helloanonme

    Again, another kiwi not living in the promised land lecturing others about how kiwis really are. Puhlleeze, as if your location of birth decades ago makes you an all-knowing expert. I probably have lived in NZ more in the past 10 years than you have. Does that make my point of view more valid, or are you still the expert because of your birthright? Should I lecture you about the subtleties of the culture you do not live in? BTW, a weekend flight back from Oz once a month to visit rellies doesn’t make you a resident, nor revalidate your expert badge.

    No one here is demonising ALL kiwis, and you need not take the negative comments personally. However, you really hit the nail on the head by focusing on culture – which is the source of the problem in NZ: the country is not a nation of laws, but a tribal land controlled by bi-cultural rules. So, the discussion should not be about whether it is culturally acceptable to flatulate loudly at the office or at the Marae, but whether laws mean anything at all here and are enforced fairly, if ever.

    FYI, electricity rates in the US vary WIDELY by region, so you simply cannot make a comparison.

    • @Calvin Kulo
      What part of
      “I’m not an NZ’er”
      didn’t you understand?

      I’m not now, nor have I ever been a citizen of NZ.
      As already mentioned I live in NZ periodically. What wasn’t mentioned is I’ve been doing this for 28 years! Also not mentioned, I am currently IN Nelson. As for the, ‘visiting relies’ bs. My relatives don’t live in NZ.

      Your presumption and inabity to read is remarkable. Ad hominem attacks don’t make any point beyond intolerance of opinions that differ to your own.

      • @helloanonme

        You are a bit thin-skinned, as my post wasn’t a direct ad hominem attack on you, but a pointed critique of a common kiwi archetype. To say you are not a “NZ’er” says nothing, and could mean that you are a kiwi living abroad (not a bona fide NZ resident) who comes back to New Zealand to visit, which is quite common, and what I interpreted it to mean. Given the jumbled syntax and diction that many kiwi posters inflict on the readers in their comments, we are frequently left to translate and interpret what was meant. And with all the BS kiwi imposters who pretend to be American or other nationality on this site, the shoe seemed to fit you as well, based on your writing style and kiwi apologist mentality.

        So, if you really are not a kiwi, exactly what are your country of birth and country of residence then? Why have you joined this discussion, and why do you feel it is necessary defend the kiwi culture from complaints about racism? Why do you feel qualified and compelled to instruct others that it takes two to five years to feel at home after immigrating, as if most of us have or had not lived here (or in another foreign land) that long already? And why should we care that you claim to limit heater usage to one hour per day [while staying in Nelson somewhere], as though it were a badge of honour? Does that give you a special bond with the culture, and does it make you feel like an honorary kiwi?

        • Those questions are really easy to answer and again, I would point you to my very first post which mentioned your right to talk about experiences of racism. I looked at both sides by also saying 4 million people are not all the same person. I fully understand anger at racism. I also understand the difference between being angry at the actual racists as opposed to misdirecting that anger at everyone who shares one similar aspect. Furthermore, each bad experience leaves a mark. When we are treated normally, it doesn’t stand out. The hundreds of interactions like getting on a bus, going grocery shopping, walking down the street and being treated normally such as a smile in passing, ‘how are you today?’ at the checkout and so forth are the invisible experiences because of the sheer normality of them. Those are the people who aren’t racist. They don’t come up abd say, ‘hey, I’m not racist. If there’s anything I can do to make you feel normal here, please let me know. ‘ If they did, the very act would in fact ‘other’ you. Balance is having empathy on both sides. It is seeing 4 million individuals rather than ‘those a-holes’ because of a few bad apples. Of course, those bad apples exist. Again, context is essential.

          You’ve been trying to change my position from one of balance and empathy into some extremist position. I’m not taking that bait.

          Who am I?
          First and foremost a human being with a voice no more or lrss valud than anyone else’s.
          Secondly, I have dual citizenship for Malta and Australia which also gives me residency status in NZ and the EU without need for visas.
          Thirdly, length of residency is not limited. My periodic living in NZ has ranged from 1-7 years at a time.

          Now, who are you? What makes your bias that an entire country of 4 million people are a bunch of hateful racists more valid than my opinion that racism exists but is not a ‘kiwi’ problem. More of them are not racist than those who are. Why is your voice more valid than mine?

          Oh, and I don’t need to be an ‘honorary kiwi’ to bond with the land and the culture. I like diversity. I like the differences between people and cultures. I enjoy being given the opportunity to participate and learn. I don’t claim to understand every aspect of cultures that aren’t mine but I do claim a willingness to understand.

          • Good question.

            Another question is: would you consider helloanonme’s posts to be trolling?

            There is so much diversion and misrepresentation and misdirection in its posts that the intent appears to be trolling.

            I could certainly respond, but it would be a waste of time, a waste of space, and a distraction from what this story and its comments are all about.

  30. I spent some time reading the comments here and couldn’t be more disgusted by the attitude. Moving country is always hard, especially when you do it alone. Feelings of not belonging, loneliness and a need for family are normal experiences of moving. It usually takes most people 2-5 years to feel at home in a new country irrespective of which country you’ve come from and which country you’ve moved to. The subtleties of culture are the hardest to adapt to and the hardest to identify. Intonation of words can be the difference between polite and rude. I’ve personally never felt that I have a right to change others cultural ways of being, outside of basic human rights. Those violations need addressing on a world stage. But screaming racism because you don’t feel at home is unfair.

    And sidenote; students not allowed to use heaters during the day – I limit my heater usage to 1 hr per/night maximum when living in NZ (I’m not a NZ’er but live there on and off) because electricity in NZ is extremely expensive. Compare it, and an NZ bill per/month is an Au bill per quarter year, or a US bill per half year.

    There really is no need to demonize all Kiwi’s. It’s not a perfect country but show me one that is, I’d love to ecperience it. It has flaws and it has some racist people. You can certainly talk about your experience of those people and the awfulness of those experiences without tarring all with a highly biased brush.

    • Helloanonme. One of the biggest issues we’ve observed whilst running this site the Kiwis who refuse to accept the problems that migrants have in their country.

      So many Kiwis refuse to believe racism is overt and pervasive and put it down to culture shock, obviously never having experienced it themselves because they’ve been brought up to accept it. And because they have no ‘experience’ of it they refuse to consider it exists. This close-mindedness exudes from your message and suggests that you’ve sought out this site with the sole intention of trolling it.

      You may like the taste of Kool-Aid but don’t expect others to drink from your shallow cup.

  31. Really sad to read comments along the lines of “if you don’t like it then leave and close the door behind you”. If that’s the case then I think we all need to raise awareness globally about the state of affairs for foreigners of a certain hue within NZ. The world’s a big, beautiful place with many places that will welcome you- life’s too short to put up with this type of little-village mentality. Take your hard earned money, heritage and spirit of adventure to a place that will appreciate you. Life is simply too short to live like a 2nd class citizen.

  32. If nz doesn’t want to share their country because migrant workers are stealing their jobs, why bother granting immigrant visas? Why not just deny them all and isolate your country from these migrant workers then you would not have these kind of problems. Your country would just all be yours.

  33. Here is a story to prove my point.

    A young brown/black/yellow dude goes to school, is hardworking ambitious and focused, so he studies hard and gets a degree and a masters and then he looks for job. After some 500/600 application to entry level jobs,he finally managed to secure a position only because the last person who was hired stepped out owing to falsifying his/her CV (was a white NZer), Because of this rare chance / by luck, not merit, this dude finally gets a lowly paid job which would qualify as clerical grade of work. Anyways…..then, when he joins in, he soon becomes evident that the monkeys who run the business in NZ, are barely high school pass.

    The second story is of those monkeys, who mess around all of their student life, do not strive to learn, are basically low iq unmotivated morons, who having had spend their constructive years being wasted on alcohol/party/drugs, aren’t worth any shillings, outside of kiwi wonderland. Such morons, owing to the ‘white only’ woodwork, manage to creep into good positions and due to their monkey bullying and dirty politics, become the decision makers.

    Now, can anybody tell me how can you expect this countries’ businesses to be innovative and global?

    In NZ, 99% of companies have this problem, and you can try to prove me wrong.

    • You see, many of the saddos in New Zealand have a very quaint idea:
      “We hire for attitude and train for skill”.
      The thing is,
      specialised skills … are not “trainable on the job” as the work day … has NO TIME for that.
      Over and over people are pointing out that workplaces in NZ, training hours are not billable hours, and hence – companies WILL NOT train workers.
      Besides that, if people could “learn specialised skills on the job”, why does the university exist?
      In that case, hire a butcher and upskill him to a surgeon, amirite?

      Of course, the other problem with “monkeys at the workplace” … are the people under them who support bad and incompetent leadership.
      Those people … will get blamed for decisions of management, that don’t pan out, and live up to the quote: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.

  34. It is interesting that the teacher didn’t do the reverse role because white students seem to show understanding. I hope the teacher’s intention of doing this role play was genuine.

    Once I asked my daughter’s teacher to bring some ‘racism education’ in the classroom so the kids can be a bit more considerate to others after I learned that a half Maori girl was showing some racist remarks to my daughter who is half Asian. She was about 8 years old.

    One day, my daughter cried as soon as she saw me after school. Apparently, the teacher said God loves everybody and Asian daughter’s who were abandoned at the train station are loved by God as well. (Around that time, there was a newspaper article regarding Chines baby girl abandoned at train station). My daughter was so fearful and at the same time felt sad and relived that I didn’t abandon her because she was an Asian girl.

    I just couldn’t believe this. The teacher wanted to give the kids that God loves everybody equally, but did she have to make this kind example to get her message cross to 8 year old children?

    There were a couple of a bit suspicious actions from her discriminating my daughter or my occasional involvement for school trips which she tried not to involve me. One day she made me follow (drive) the school bus alone while there were enough seats in the bus. Eventually, another teacher who on chance found this out put me in the bus. Anyway, she seems to be so generous and nice with warm smile, but behind that smile, I noticed that kind of covert racism.


  35. Ever since watching the lord of the rings as a child (biggest promotional plattform for NZ ever) I wanted to go to NZ and even live there. I thought that such beautiful scenery must produce people who are nice, generous and down to earth.

    Just recently I heard about racism towards Asians being a huge issue in NZ. I was born in Germany but I’m of Chinese heritage. When I found this website I was really turned off by this… Of course, politicians seem to make really awful choices. They couldn’t predict the consequences, neither being able to control what was done (calling it the “Asian invasion” makes it also sound uber-racist). But the people who have to hurt others not only verbally just because they are not white, makes it now look like that the people in general there must be awful (so I wouldn’t blame that on the politicians only since they are NZ’s people).

    I really can’t believe a “particularly white society” who believe in God and always (hypocritically, it seems) preach his words, could turn out to be less of what I consider a “modern” human being. Only – they might not be “modern”. People from the Middles-Ages seemed to have the same behavior like people from NZ – But actually you can’t really blame them since they’ve been always on that tiny island, living with food shortage, cold weather and other conditions, without new influences from the world on what it is to be a human nowadays. It’s “survival of the fittest”, of course they are hostile to outsiders.

    It is sad since I really do want to see unpolluted and untouched nature but I don’t want to set one step into such a toxic environment among such toxic people.

    • Alyce, I think New Zealand is still nice place even though I experience covert racism often. I want this country to do better against covert racism. It is still a good place to visit as a tourist and also as an immigrant. Even though you will feel quite isolated here if you move from Europe, simply because it is just so far from Europe.

  36. Being a white, female who has lived in New Zealand all my life. I do believe that New Zealander’s are increasingly getting more racist. As I’ve grown up, I noticed it slightly but its happening more and more. I see it happening all the time and when I try to defend them, they turn on me asking why I would defend immigrants etc.
    The white majority in New Zealand is extremely racist and when they get told that they’re being racist they get frustrated and get angrier. Just because they think that being white is the social norm doesn’t mean you can hate on people of another nationality or skin colour.
    It pisses me off. Even my family is racist and I can’t stand it.
    I am also in an interracial relationship and get shit from people all the time about it. I don’t care what colour skin people are. People need to start basing it on the person themselves rather than physical characteristics like skin colour and eye shape. Grow up New Zealanders.

    If you watch a video on youtube ‘the angry eye – blue eye brown eye experiment’ that is exactly what needs to be done in New Zealand to teach the white majority over here what its like.

  37. I think there is racism on many levels in all countries.
    I am in a situation in New Zealand. Most of my work colleagues are from the Phillipines and sometimes I feel like I am living in CEBU because they constantly talk in their own language including the patients.

  38. You guys are all a bunch of hypocrites. Nz is not too bad for racism, as every one is generally treated the same, with the exception of native Maori who a generally treated better. Sure NZers like every other humans on the planet hold different opinions on othe peoples/races. We however treat everyone the same and give every one equal opportunitys whether in education or the work force. Foreigners can’t complain if we don’t make room In our culture for theirs. The whole point for moving to nz is to intergrate into not nz society not too come and form community’s based around their culture in nz as that in itself could be seen as ‘Racist’. Racist is a very broad term, everybody holds racist views towards cultures and people different from their own to varying degrees. It’s human nature and surely has it’s roots in ancient survival instincts.

    • I know what you mean, but I do not agree with your comment on:

      “Foreigners can’t complain if we don’t make room In our culture for theirs.”

      This website is for the people who experience racism. Here, people can talk about it and complain and vent. And hopefully, we find some solutions or do something to make a better society. Those who suffer, you do not see them. Because they suffer inside.

      You are not ready to understand what these people are talking about here. Please come back when you are ready to listen.

      If you want to know better, you can get married with non Whites and see if what happens to you, your spouse/partner and children.

  39. Funnily enough for me, as a Chinese New Zealander my high school years were the best compared to primary school. My family immigrated to New Zealand when I was 2. My family was poor, the government subsidy was my family had. My father gave up smoking because he couldn’t afford smokes haha.

    The worst events during primary school was when my father used to deliver hot lunch for me at the school. (He was getting a doctorate at the university which is really close by.) And whenever he came, this white kid would jump up and dance around him chanting “Ching-chong china man.” Looking back at this experience, I wonder what kind of upbringing would allow an eleven year old to perform an action. Where were the teachers? haha they quickly rushed off to the staffroom for their coffee. I experienced so much alienation and hazing it wasn’t even funny. Everyday I could sense their revulsion of having to be in the same class as me.

    My mother studied hard to get a electrician’s diploma to support this family. And she’s done well to raise me. In high school it was a fresh start, I remember this group activity on the school field at the start of the year, and a group of guys called out for me to join their group. I was heavily shocked, at first I thought they were talking to someone behind or beside me. As I grew older I met some great people who mentored me and appreciated me for being me. And I quickly became aware I had missed out on associating with people and I knew I had to fix this.

    Last year I became a bouncer. At the age of 19 and weighing in at 110kgs and being 1.9m tall it wasn’t so bad compared to my childhood as a shrimp. Boooooooooooooooooooy did I get a hearty welcome from kiwis at bars. Sometimes kiwis would come up to me and talk to me in broken English. And as soon as I respond, they realize I’ve either grown up here or was born here. Their attitude changes and suddenly there’s some respect. It’s kind of annoying when you get interested stares at “an Asian bouncer”. Now let’s turn to the streets. When I work at the door sometimes, bogans will drive by screaming “gook”. This term was used by American servicemen to reference Vietnamese soldiers. And I think to myself, you don’t know me or have probably ever met me and you’ve already confirmed that you have disgust for me. Simply amazing us New Zealanders.

    As a result of growing up in New Zealand I’ve got more of a British accent than kiwi. My parents always ensured I had Chinese education. This will probably serve me well after I finish my law degree. And I think back to my bullies in primary school. What have these guys benefited from bullying me? Instead it is me who was learnt vocabulary from them, no matter how nasty it is, it’s still something. Will they go on to find a career and do business with other Chinese people? Will they dare to call them Ching-chong china man from across the table with their colleagues surrounding them? I look forward to finishing my degree and I’m currently learning the Swedish language. They at least seem to have a lot more tolerance and autonomy for different cultures.

    • I am so proud of you how you got over your primary school days bullying and discrimination. It would be interesting to know what those kids at that time are doing now and in the future. My teen daughter said “Mum, that’s why we say Asian 5” when she saw Asian doctors at the hospital (after hours). I asked what’s Asian 5. I explained her why some Asian kids do well at school. Most of them are doing just okay.

      Here is the definition form urban dictionary.

      The subjects taken in your VCE years in Victoria – Specialist Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Chemistry, English and fast-track Biology in year 11.


      I want to do Medicine at Uni

      Oh, you better do the Asian 5

      Hope there will be more Asian doctors, lawyers etc… and more bouncers.
      At least, ‘Asian 5’ is a good prejudice.

      • Just like how most people wouldn’t expect a European to learn fluent Chinese or Japanese within 2-5 years; and utilize their amazing vocational skills in China and Japan, I don’t feel its fair for New Zealanders to expect such speedy progress from immigrants. My parents still don’t speak top notch English today, but they still retain good jobs and pay taxes.

        As a side note I actually failed math in my last year in high school, which is why I won’t be a doctor or engineer any time soon. There was always that sense and longing for justice as a kid I never got. Law has really intrigued me, there was this quote from a kids movie I watched years back called Barnyard. “A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others.” I didn’t get that help in my youth, but I sure hope I can give it to those who need it after I score my law degree.

        But hey I sure hope your daughter gets through into medicine or something at Otago or Victoria. I’ve got a couple of friends who are doing medicine and they’re all fantastic people, of course they have mentioned forms of racism from time to time, but it’s what you learn and do from the experience not how you despise it.

  40. Intriguing to read all of these posts on this page alone. I am white Australian and went to New Zealand with my family to live, when I was 9. Way back in 1972. I lived there for about 8 or 9 years. I did my best to assimilate into the culture possibly just to be more accepted. I focused so hard on that, I think other areas needing focus in my life, suffered. I spent most of my time with my Maori friends and went to a Maori dominated high school. I was accepted by some of my friends but didn’t ultimately fit in alot of the time. Still tried. I experienced what I felt was prejudice against me being white but a new white family moved into the community we were living in and go figure, they were as popular as anything. (it could be the X factor). It still haunts me to this day but whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right? It wasn’t all bad, but I guess you really feel it when you feel not totally accepted. I went back to Australia when 19 and I felt like a foreigner in that city where I was born. Anyway, now I’m here in Sydney and really, we don’t have enough Chinese and Korean people influxing over here!!! Come on people – why aren’t you coming to live in Australia??! Being a human on this planet can be lonely, like a little drop of water in the great big ocean: so much water everywhere, but not a single drop of water to drink. I know there’s a point in there. Hang in there people. One day we will all be accepted. I’m sure there are some maoris that can tell some sad rejected stories too.

    • Australian culture is quite different from New Zealand’s. My son has been both places, and much prefers the Australians as a people, despite having a Kiwi father. They are more intelligent, sunshiny, less resentful, more humorous, more organized, and more proactive.

  41. I was a massive racist growing up in New Zealand… Too young to know any better until I wasn’t. Moved to Australia and then I wised up pretty quick. There is an undercurrent of racism in this part of the world and it’s deeply entrenched within many people who are resistant to societal expectations about tolerance and acceptance. Many are smart enough not to vocalise their opinions too strongly these days, which is why I believe racism has simply become a lot more covert in nature, notwithstanding the ones whose racist rants are captured and subsequently spread on social media.

    The multicultural, cosmopolitan progressives may have to move a little further out of the “melting pot” cities in order to find intolerance in all of its common, ugly ignobility. Ethnic tribalism still rules in a lot of communities and New Zealand is no exception. It flourishes within the indigenous, the multi-generational and the migrant populations all at the same time. Cultural solidarity, safety in numbers and perceiving threats from “others” are natural survival instincts for many who find themselves caught up in an unpredictably large, diverse and mobile world. Four and a half million people spread out on a few islands or twenty three million spread out on another couple will probably concentrate that effect somewhat. Excuses? Reasons? Science? We humans are a complex bunch.

    Family, friends, acquaintances, strangers… No matter the “respect” you may feel for them, do not let them dictate your life with their hate and malice. I still feel shame for remarks I made years ago to those who I was too immature to treat with basic human dignity and attributed slurs against their character on the sole basis of their ethnicity. Racism is a learned behaviour – With dedication and the desire to be a better human, it can be unlearned. A lot of New Zealanders and Australians are either going to figure out a more harmonious way to live through the discarding of maladaptive attitudes or they will simply grow old and bitter, left well alone by the more conscientious portion of our population. I strive to be the former.

    • “…Four and a half million people spread out on a few islands or twenty three million spread out on another couple will probably concentrate that effect somewhat…”

      If I remember right, Germany is only about 90.000 square km larger than NZ with a population of about 80 million people from all kinds of backgrounds…I never felt it being as racist as Australia or NZ…just saying!

  42. “To you whites, like white Americans with your accents, expect NZ to brace you with open arms. NZ is indeed, a racist nation”.
    Embrace with open arms? Hardly, NZer’s are equal opportunity racists, they don’t like Americans very much, either.

  43. OMG, this thread was started in 2010, and it’s still going strong in 2014!

    As a guy of South Korean heritage, who’s started school in NZ, and lived here since, let me give you my perspective.

    “Is NZ racist?”
    – Well, I’ve lived in NZ all my life. I think it’s fair to say that it is ‘racist’ – I felt discrimination, subtle or overt, on numerous occasions, ever since primary school. The posts here seem to agree with my POV.

    Also, relating back to those original Trademe forum posts, yes that is racism, as opposed to discrimination against immigrants – the immigrant Pom is ‘fine’, while the other non-white immigrants have stories of racism in NZ!

    Of course, NZ is part of my life, and I am a Kiwi… and I’ve friends of many nationalities, including everyday NZers. If I am not a Kiwi, then I am nothing else (unfortunately).

    But, I feel like a second class citizen in my own country… from my own counrymen =/ You see, they consider you as another international student from China. And if you speak fluent English like me… who cares, you’re Asian – ‘you don’t belong here’.

    As someone who’s subconsciously ‘pushed away’ my ethnic (South Korean) background, to fit in with the others since 3 years old, and ‘fully accept’ my cultural surroundings (that is, “I am a Kiwi, and nothing else”), I regret not having any connections to South Korea as I am older. (South Korea is a much bigger player in the world, and I want to be part of it. But, I am not Korean anymore.)

    It sucks, but that’s life in NZ. To you other non-whites, consider general NZ ‘racist’, and expect racism at the most unexpected times to leave you frozen and thinking, ‘WTF just happend??’. To you whites, like white Americans with your accents, expect NZ to brace you with open arms. NZ is indeed, a racist nation.

  44. The thing that gets me is: NZ needs the fresh perspective and talent being brought in from the outside [at considerable cost to the migrants], and this valuable experience is being rejected and those who bring it are pilloried.

    • carpentaro,

      Perhaps one day the level of immigration will (like Australia) reach a ‘tipping point’ that will transform NZ’s culture and economy.

        • I’d say that many people would agree that a least some immigrants are using NZ as a back door to Australia, on that assumption, who knows what the effective, intended long-term level of immigration to NZ actually is.

          • I’ve thought long and hard about the NZ>Oz move. One of the only reasons that we became citizens [while maintaining dual, otherwise we wouldn’t have] was so that that SPV option was available to us. If there was no SPV arangement between NZ and Aus. we would not have bothered to do the NZ citizen thing. We were PRs, so all that NZ had to offer was available, so the carrot was OZ.
            So, even though I had not considered not staying in NZ [firstly], I’m thinking of it now and SPV IS a way out.

  45. Agree also,, I’m born in NZ,,raised in Melanesia,(TCK),,came back to high school in NZ, southland,, There is a hostility and indifference towards those who don,t conform,,even though you try.. just a very narrow world view,,,,,I.m moving out,,,,but I always loved Queenstown,very diverse population..

  46. Agreed, im half middle eastern & half American, i spent 17 years in Auckland New Zealand, i would say most people i met were very racist, constantly trying to confirm the “in this country we don’t do that and this” and often either being put down for being middle eastern or american, either way at the end thou i tried my hardest to get along and look at the positive side, after 17 years i gave up and came back home to LA.17 years of hard ship i tell you, from high school to adult life, high school was the worst, i mean every day some bully of either pakiha or maori or pacific islander or of the skin head gang back the would gang up and beat the crap of all immigrant kids and tell them go back home, selwyn college it was, we had immigrant kids being stabbed and shot, i got stabbed personally,as for work it doesn’t matter how overqualified you are or how much experience you have if you are a foreigner there is no such thing and growth and promotion or raise, over all, i dono what to tell you there are good and bad every where, but my experience was the worst, new zealand is such a beautiful country but my experience was that they are very close minded, even against the auzis & brits…….

  47. Here is something interesting, if it is filled with Pakehas it is no invasion, it is normal, but if it is filled with non-white it is invasion, even though when Europeans have invaded this country and own it.

    White doubkle standards.

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