“What the world thinks of us”


Excellent observation, some people can’t handle the jandal. Ref. Trademe Thread http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages.aspx?id=1577544&p=1&topic=5 (The OP ‘1Happykiwi’ was banned from this site for vindictive ad hom attacks and trolling. One day she’ll be a nurse?!)

24 Dec 2013

“What the world thinks of us”

The above is a title from a thread on the Trademe.co.nz forum. This is the link http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages.aspx?id=1368366&topic=0

This is a group of New Zealanders talking about one of the most frequently read articles on this site. It’s in our Migrant Tales series – Don’t Move to New Zealand. It tells how grinding penny pinching becomes a way of life in NZ with nothing to compensate it, rather than a short term measure to get ahead. The author also spoke of how carefully ‘Brand New Zealand’ was manipulated to attract people who turn out to be unsuitable migrants:

Here’s a screen grab of what the good people of Trademe.co.nz thought about it.

what people think

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    • Yes that shameful behaviour is disgusting and unacceptable in ANY situation. Those poor girls who were doing a great job and did not under any circumstance deserve that kind of filthy attention. However that is likely the consequence of over exposure to the de-sensitising pornographic material so accessible on the internet. My sister had disgusting many experiences in Malaysia, having been grabbed between the legs from behind in a crowded train, sometimes not being permitted to get off the train by those who chose to block her in so she would often miss her stop. She also had her breasts groped by randoms as she walked through an empty parking lot, she had her breasts grabbed in a taxi by the driver, she had been followed many times, kissing noises constantly made when she walked anywhere etc etc, she said the sexual harassment she received in Malaysia was terrifying and relentless, day or night no matter what she wore. She thought it was partly because most of the porn the men saw was of white women and they just assumed she was the living version. She told me she was in an internet cafe checking her emails and the man beside here was on the computer, fully aroused, soooo gross and inaproprate. By comparision when she was in Thailand, just next door to Malaysia, she never felt harassed at all and always felt safe. What a difference a border can make.

      Come on NZ men, don’t let losers pull you down with them, only men can stop men harrassing women and girls. Man up, stand up, say something.

  1. New Zealand is a terrible place its such a struggle to get by here, also its not a fair country their are so many injustices here and racism against immigrants, its also so hard to get a job here, It is not at all a nice place. You will get so poor that you will not have enough money to leave the prisons are full , no jobs and do not work for the government or prison service they are full of lies and deception, its such a horrible place I came here as a refugee now I got citizenship I am heading across the ditch, I am sad to be a new nzer that’s the truth,

  2. Dear Admin of E2NZ
    Why do you delete troll articles from kiwis?
    its good to publish them as evidence of how racist and ugly the underbelly of kiwis are.
    Also, good to have a laugh after a tiring day at work
    Its good to have evidence to display to the world about the truth about the kiwi mindset
    In this way more and more people will know how horrible kiwis really are.

  3. Has anyone seen this article?


    Its a little old, but it made me laugh, in particular this statement:

    His advice to other would-be expats? “Be open-minded, life is good here, but it isn’t nirvana – we have our share of challenges. Don’t necessarily hunt out the Brits, try and fit in with the locals, because most will have come from somewhere else anyway.
    And finally, if it doesn’t work out, don’t share – there is nothing worse than listening to people who didn’t do their research moaning about the country they have moved to.”

    People who didn’t ‘do their research’? In other words, people who did but were deliberately misled by the NZ government of what the reality in NZ is truly like.

  4. got to say i find this site very entertaining,certainly beats the mind numbing crap on the television,i was born here 50 years , and have seen the country come from relative prosperity,to something akin to a polish ghetto .i feel were too far gone ,bombed with 1080, no alternative food source,the fat cats are robbing us to pay for their overseas holidays etc ,any dissent is silenced by the police,totalitarian state ,were flooded with contact mt ,and junk imports,i look forward to the day it all totally collapses,and all the corruption is exposed for the world to see

    • I’m with you on this . I am also born and breed here . Years ago I would have read this website and rubbished it for all the disparaging comments . However not so today..The speed at which NZ society has unravelled over the last 10 years is unbelievable. . The social fabric is broken and to be honest I have no idea how it is going to turn out. Society has been hollowed out. There appears to be no longer a middle class only those that have everything and want more and those with nothing ,but debt (and utter desperation).

      I am now looking for options to leave this place or alternatively I may run for the hills.

      NZ IS TO FAR GONE. If you are middle class and live in a first world country I strongly suggest you do not move to NZ

      • trueblue,

        NZ isn’t the only former social democratic ‘paradise’ where this is occurring, Sweden is another country facing a projected decline into the Third World.

        I’ve posted a link on the Agora.


        The notification system doesn’t seem to be working, any suggestions?



        • E2NZ,

          Thanks. It’s not working on my iPad or iMac, notifications from other sites are OK. As far as I know there’s no spam filter on iPads.

          Perhaps it’s a problem with my ISP’s server.

          I’ll investigate.

        • I read an article recently about the 5 countries in the world with the highest rates of violence assault. From memory it was 1) Scotland 2) Northern Ireland 3) South Africa 4) Sweden 5) New Zealand.

          I was surprised about Sweden.

          • I am not sure where I saw that. A quick google comes up with this one with similar information.


            I can’t speak for the validity of the statistics. It is dated information and prior to recent complaints by the NZ Police and Judges about Government pressure to manipulate crime data in all sorts of ways. The trouble with statistics is that if you looked at say Los Angeles it would probably have far greater violent assault statistics than NZ but it becomes watered downed compared to the population in USA in general. Scotland according to a recent radio report has had a massive drop in the murder rate in recent years so may not be a fair comparison.

            There was a brief story on the TV 3 news a couple of weeks ago that violent crime in Christchurch is 100 times the national average. I thought is that a mistake, surely. I haven’t been able to track down any information on that since. Did any one else hear that news item?

      • “The speed at which NZ society has unravelled over the last 10 years is unbelievable.”

        The things which people are reporting widely now were becoming obvious to me in the late 1980s and one of the reasons I left the country in the late 1990s.

        Corruption and other major social issues are like cancers – they start small, spread silently until noticed – and denial is NOT an appropriate tactic to deal with them.

        Corruption is particularly insidious. Contrary to what those in authority would have you believe, it starts at the top levels and spreads downwards. By the time you see corruption on the streets, the entire structure is rotten.

  5. Admin

    I noticed a link to this site in the comments on an article in the NZ Herald. Amazing, is that a change of policy, or did it get past the censor?

    Barry Soper “Any publicity is good publicity”.

  6. Dumb ass kiwis need to learn some phrases and make them sincere,Excuse me ,I’m sorry ,I misunderstood but no a kiwi is in fact like a cornered Weasel when found incorrect or deficient,stinking and snarling and unwilling to admit defeat and diffuse the situation ,John Key is a perfect example .

  7. Re the comments by “Naked Kiwi”..what a load of racist garbage.

    As for the one u posted on October 17, 2015 at 8:17 pm
    I’m a bloke and I have yet to be pregnant.”

    No wonder Naked Kiwi..u will not get pregnant by having your mates doing it that way!

  8. Mintbubbles sounds like a nasty piece of work. Bullying is rife in New Zealand’s health sector. I’m not sure whether it attracts the bullies or hones them to perfection. I’m so glad I don’t live in that toxic country any more.

    Thank you admin for running this site, I’ve been an ardent follower for years. Keep up the good work

    • ‘Maybe making student doctors and nurses pass an emotional intelligence test would be one way to weed out the crazies?’

      Maybe not – the Dark Side of EI

      ‘Less happily, at least for those of us with jobs, the workplace seems to provide ample opportunities for people with high EI—be they narcissists, Machiavellians, or everyday strivers—to behave deviously. A 2010 journal article reviewed “self-serving” uses of EI in office settings, such as “focusing on strategically important targets” (subordinates, rivals, supervisors) and working to “distort, block or amplify rumors, gossip, and other types of emotion-laden information”’



      • A sad reality is that the narcissist/psychopath/Machiavellian personality is the best at beating “Emotional Intelligence” tests … and the one who has the resume filled with lies. Of course, people have to go by the book and process that resume FIRST, which … since the narcissist/psychopath/Machiavellian has “won them over” with “personality”(really a put-on, say no to them or “this has to follow auditing process” and watch them explode or segue into a commentary on how “there is no trust in society anymore”) so that due diligence is overlooked.
        One protip is watch out for the people who are always smiling and sunny … a person who doesn’t know when to take things seriously … has no concept of reality.

    • Appearance of propriety is a speciality.

      All of the safeguards and measures in the world will not change bullying in NZ. I’ll bet there are laws/rules already in place that if enforced, would have addressed the situation.
      While outwardly juking the system [appearance of propriety] inwardly they are quietly cheering on the bullies [wishing that they were one themselves]. Because of their low self esteem, they long to be the ones that end up on top, however that happens and by whatever means. This is why there is so much gossip [malicious and otherwise], nepotism, rejection of “outside” influences… They want things to stay the same, no changing, flaws and all.

      • New Zealand is like an iceberg. The top tenth of the iceberg above the surface looks fine, but the nine/tenths of the iceberg below the surface that is especially dangerous.

  9. I’m a kiwi – and I recognise most of what the immigrants say they’ve experienced. It’s one of the reasons I left and live someplace where people are more honest.

    Having lived outside the country for the last decade and looking in, it’s blindingly obvious how parochial and insecure Kiwis really are, begging for praise but instantly bristling and going on the attack if their beloved homeland is criticised.

    Because of that refusal to accept that many things aren’t good, kiwis have become wilfully blind to increasingly obvious levels of corruption in the country.

    Here’s a hint: Corruption isn’t just “bribery”, even if that’s about the only definition defined in NZ laws. Cronyism is rife, as are things like police framing up people “because he’s a bad man and and even if he didn’t do this, there’s a lot more he has but we can’t prove” (“Noble Cause” corruption) and major-league influence peddling, which if performed as openly where I live now would result in the people responsible being jailed fairly quickly.

    Kiwis believe that the country isn’t corrupt because they don’t see civil servants or police openly taking bribes – but as corruption starts at the top and works its way down, when you get to that observation it means that the system is completely rotten.

    It’s rotten enough that the government abolished the Privy Council as the highest court in the land, due to that body returning a series of blistering criticisms of NZ Police and court practices over the years when hearing appeals over cases where convictions were clearly unsafe and on several occasions made with fabricated evidence. Instead of admitting that things needed fixing, the typical Kiwi response of sticking fingers in ears and going “I can’t hear you” kicked in.

    Don’t look to Transparency International(NZ) to tell you the truth of what’s happening. They report the NZ public’s perception of corruption (not actual levels) – to top it off they’re 100% NZ govt funded, utterly opaque and kicked out most of their founding activists. Transparency International has noted all the shananigans and have distanced themselves from the outfit using their name in New Zealand.

    NZ has a nasty underbelly with an ingrained culture of bullying and strong anti-intellectualism tendencies – if you’re not a sportsman, then anyone who wants to succeed in their field generally finds they have to go overseas to do it, only to find that the country then tries to ride on their coat tails if they become a celebrity, having been indifferent-to-obstructive until that point. If you’re a tall poppy then the locals will take great delight in going out of their way to “cut you down to size”.

    The NZ press is far from free – media is heavily controlled by a monied few, with reporting gagged by some of the most vicious defamation laws in the world. Even when holding full evidence of wrongdoing an editor will frequently kill a story because the legal costs of defending defamation proceedings are high and truth is not the absolute defence that it is in most other places. All any public(ish) figure has to do is whisper “libel case” and the press goes quiet.

    Kiwis may think they live in God’s own country, in their quarter acre, kiwifruit quaffing, pavlova paradise, but from the outside looking back in, it’s a country which is looking sicker and sicker.
    The story about boiling frogs tends to spring to mind.

    • This perfectly describes how I feel, and similar to my experience. Went back briefly, big mistake. I still shudder when I think about how my homeland has gone downhill. I have a theory why. I left during a mass exodus in the late 90’s called the brain-drain. So while all the cool people vacated, the bogans* took control and infiltrated every walk of life. And 90% of the cool folk never returned. If it wasn’t Europe it was Australia.

      Ridiculous energy prices, (article in ‘Stuff’ recently about some poor woman in Nelson with a $800 monthly electricity bill, 800 per month for a 2 bedroom flat!!). Expensive, capped internet (another way to rob the customer further). Expensive medical costs for a GP, and expensive prescriptions. Monopolized everything, from number plate manufacture, to retail distributors. Shitty customs taxes on anything bought on Amazon. I noticed odd stuff too, like the 100,000 signs in Christchurch warning that “Cruising” is prohibited between 10pm and 5am. What does that even mean? The ponytail-pulling Prime Minister, and his new flag, IUD for girls, legal high R18 shops (bogans* prefer backyard Chinese chemicals), gangs, selling public assets to the highest bidders, over reliance on dairy exports to China, no register for guns (a license holder can own as many guns as they can afford) or sex offenders. $100 billion debt, top sportsmen advertising either booze or KFC (I wont mention the grotesque ‘double down’ chicken burger made from deep fried chicken instead of bread I kid you not), no free school meals for the poorest families, keeping the public in the dark with TPPA details, general apathy and grinding chore of everyday life there.

      Lasted less than 3 months. Bye New Bogan*land. You aren’t even close to what you were back in 96.

      Bogans* really took over.

      *The term bogan (/ˈboʊɡən/) is an Australian and New Zealand slang word that can be used to describe a person with a lower working-class background, or whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplify a gratified working class mentality and depending on the context, can be pejorative or self-deprecating.

      • Stoat and Nobogan – couldn’t agree with your comments more. Came back from overseas . What a mistake. Admin – can we have a page with people who are trying to get out from NZ/have managed to leave again – giving advice to each other?

      • I went offshore for 7 years or so, returned to NZ and barely recognised the place! It had changed sooo much. They had even tried to pinch the beach whilst I was gone!! And oddly people kept asking me where I was from.??? Huh? That didn’t happen before I left, it took a while to work out what the heck was going on in Aotearoa.

        It was also very difficult to return, I even had trouble finding a flat without current NZ references and so on. And since when did a drivers’ licence become the norm for I.D. over and above a birth cert? What was going on in NZ????

        I see…..NZ had crossed the 4 Million residents threshold. Wow, that explains what happened. When I was growing up it was only 2 million, 3 mill when Ieft. When returning to NZ I was quizzed by foreigners at the NZ border/customs (so peculiar) I had not encountered that overseas at all.

        I soon noticed the Kiwis (Maori n Pakeha/Chinese/Polynesian) who had all put in a gut wrenching good effort building a bi-cultural nation, and building state infrastructure from nothing for decades, are now being over charged with EVERY financial transaction, fined and penalised for late payments and having these same assets striped by foreigners / Australian Banks. Australian banks not loaning money to Kiwi either unless they put up their land, whilst the banks put up NOTHING AT ALL (Fiat money….not backed by gold) AND THE BANKS IN NZ AREN’T PAYING TAX ON THEIR DIGITAL MONEY!!!!!!! What??

        I noticed the Kiwis were working at the pub, the TAB, cleaning, menial jobs, social welfare. I noticed, Maori no longer doing the great road building work they used to do, it was white foreigners. Older people who should be retired, packing supermarket shelves, or doing very low paid part time work. I noticed many ‘geeks/dorks/nerds’ being given front line jobs (people with weak personalities who are able to be ‘controlled’).

        I noticed many of the highly paid were foreigners, being employed over and above the locals. Mostly Poms and South Africans. The school teachers were foreign. The bank staff were foreign. If there is any Govt money to be had you will find South Africans there running the show, child care, medical industry etc.

        I saw Muslims all over the place, so weird after having been in Muslim countries to find them in my home town when I got back, very weird indeed.

        The petrol stations…even the remote ones were run by Indians, the dairies too. How strange. I went into a dairy in Auckland and oddly it ‘smelt’ Kiwi and not Indian and sure enough there was an ugly old white guy behind the counter…just like it used to be.

        Call a government department about accessing funds and you will find a recent immigrant, a Korean, an Indian, a Brit, an American, a South African etc but never a NZ born Kiwi.

        Call the help line of any company and you will be redirected offshore and have to repeat yourself over and over until they understand you.

        And where is all this litter coming from? The Be Tidy Kiwi campaign could do with a re-run I reckon.

        When I 1st returned to NZ I went to Te Puni Kokiri (Maori Affairs) and was horrified when I overheard a complaint from a Maori woman saying her SOUTH AFRICAN BOSS had told her off for speaking te reo Maori ‘The endangered Maori Language’ on the phone at her work…..he assumed she was talking about HIM!!

        At the risk of sounding completely rascist (I wasn’t till I came home, o to hell with it why stop now?) the South Africans are the biggest threat to NZ as far as I can see. How many guns did they bring in, in all their shipping containers one wonders? Did they check they were not importing criminals…..I think not. And how did they get into our Police force…and so high up? I have met so many South Africans/Zimbabweans and curiously they ALL have jobs or own their own business, there are no unemployed South Africans in NZ, quite an achievement don’t you think????

        Kiwis were being spied on. People were being encouraged to ‘dob’. Fences have gone up around the houses where once there were none and people would take ‘short cuts’ through the neighbours’ place, no problem.

        And what was with all the speeding tickets? And how come I get pulled over by cops several times in a year these days. And why have all the cops got shaved heads now????? Oh so you can’t easily identify them? Any why doesn’t anyone know the law here anymore? What guns…you’re kidding right? My Kiwi born great grandparents would be turning in their graves if they knew NZ cops were now on the gun binge. We’ve gone from no guns at all to shooting Maori people in the face at close range with bullets that explode inside your body…isn’t that against the Geneva convention?????? And if we do not have the death penalty in NZ how come cops shoot to kill?

        How come the mobsters have grown in large numbers, I thought the cops got money to deal with that problem years ago….oh that’s right…..they need the mobsters to justify there high salaries and they need to create crims to fill these new private prisons. Did you know in the new police stations they build up a platform so that the cops are standing 2 feet above everyone else (isn’t that a South African Tactic??) These gangs would have been killed off already under Maori law.

        As you can see, I could go on and on and on about unrecognisable, dirty NZ. People are so poor, I do not remember poverty being a real feature of NZ society but is certainly is now, folks just stay home, they don’t even take their kids to the supermarket have you noticed? Have you noticed the empty shopping trollies when once they were filled to the top? They can’t afford to register vehicles, or pay fine after fine so they just bring the trolley home with them and leave it on the footpath to be collected by the foreign owned supermarket.

        It is little wonder Kiwis are developing a very bad attitude, they are getting ripped off, no one is protecting them. Fear of the Police, poverty, and political correctness is destroying them. That is why they are rude and closed minded.

        New Zealanders do not mind foreigners at all. Truly they do not. It is just THE RIDICULOUSLY LARGE NUMBER OF FOREIGNERS IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME that is is real issue. Not who or where but how many. The infrastructure is not prepared for it, the housing is not prepared for it, the locals were not prepared for the impact of it….or even asked if it was ok for that matter.

        All that and I didn’t even mention the renting/non permanent family home or the poor students, or the rampant homosexuality…but you are all probably already bored by the ugly truth of it. Did any of you notice that Kiwis do not get to express themselves openly in blogs as they are ‘censored’ by the cops, censored by the homos, censored by foreign blog moderators. The result being vanilla.

        I doubt you will find many Australians moving here in future…they wouldn’t dare.

        God bless you Aotearoa in the Name of Our Glorious Lord Jesus….we are going to need it.

        • Naked Kiwi, You didn’t find problem when you went to work overseas then why do you have a problem with people coming here to work?

          From racist to bigotry, you have covered full spectrum of problems people share here – CONGRATS for embodying & symbolizing the problem with perfection.

          • I traveled through many countries, worked in a few of them…temporarily. But these countries did not have 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people taking over like we have had in NZ. I learned to speak other languages. I learned about their cultures and respected them, and had the time of my life. I did have many many horrendous experiences (victimised and targeted actually, some people assume you are super rich and will attempt to get what they can or exploit you in some way or other) but I do not dwell on them at all. I am not an immigrant however.

            NZ is so diluted with foreigners that Kiwis virtually have no voice anymore. When you have a rapid imbalance such as that which is occurring in NZ currently the culture changes and often not for the better. NZ was just a baby in regard to bi-culturalism and it has been taken advantage of.

            To give an example… a friend said she went to have blood tests in Auckland when she was pregnant. She is a Pakeha. There was also a very pregnant Maori girl there too. The rest of the entire waiting room overflowing with about 25 people, ALL FOREIGNERS there for blood tests too. Not pregnant however, and most of them male. IN NEW ZEALAND IT IS CUSTOMARY AND POLITE TO OFFER PREGNANT WOMEN A SEAT. No one offered either of these women a chair, they stood for an hour.

            Again this same Pakeha woman pregnant with her 2nd child bought a toddler walker thing….from a shop owned by foreigners. The walker was on the very top shelf, the shop owner did not help her to get it down, she paid her money and then had to struggle to get it down herself. 3rd pregnancy, she bought a chest of drawers off a foreigner (Trademe) she had to struggle with this huge thing to get it on to the roof rack of her car, the foreign male would not assist her.

            Do you get the idea?

          • Admin, that is an irrelevant statement and of no use to anyone.

            But I do at least thank you Admin for being kind enough to publish my experience as often people are moderated out of blogs permanently and what you have left is a one sided biased perspective being published.

            Actually traditionally Kiwis have enjoyed foreigners immensely, as a curiosity, intrigued. As they were few and far between. We (Kiwis) use to kindly pick up hitchikers regularly and bring them home, feed them, give them a bed and then drop them off somewhere convenient where they would likely get another ride….just to make sure our random guests were safe. Truely we did. No longer, it is not considered safe to do so, sadly.

            I always enjoy my wait in a fish and chip shop in NZ……usually they are owned by Asians (and have been for decades)….but you will find Kiwi of all shapes and sizes, rich and poor in there getting their traditional weekly greasies, and you can have a bit of a laugh with other locals (some may be tipsy on a Friday night which can be amusing for other waiters tee hee) wearing wrinkly clothes, jandals, gumboots and singlets, no pretense, nothing contrived, just raw as you find them on their way home from work or on their way out for the night.

            You will find Kiwi Chinese frustrated by the new Chinese immigrants. You will find Kiwi Brits frustrated with the new UK immigrants. As this latest wave have a different attitude to the older ones who have been here for decades.

            NZ has deteriorated tremendously. The councils (who are filled to overflowing with recent foreigners) make dumb decisions that impact the environment and the people tremendously. For example chopping trees down continuously, to the point where the rivers are eroding at the banks. So then they throw rocks in there instead, which cause more turbulence and are no longer swimable, where once people swam there literally for centuries. Big trees planted for shade purposes, or as a grave marker for a chief, or for holding up hillsides….gone. There are no big trees anymore…and the fruit trees that had been planted along the roadside so that folks could just help themselves….gone. Seafood (key food for locals) gone because foreigners/corporations dredge or interfere with the landscape, obliterating shellfish beds and so on. These endless dumb decisions are not made by locals who have local knowledge and an understanding of the local ecology etc. Lupins planted to hold the sand dunes together, removed now the wind blows sand every where, mangroves that provided shade for fish… removed. And on and on it goes.

            What the recent immigrants do not know is that ‘yes they are being duped to come here’. It is absolutely true. They are being sold a crock of shite.

            But why are foreigners (Tauiwi) being duped to come here?

            It is because NZ is controlled by a hive of red necked militia (the grandchildren of wealthy colonists) and they are trying to destablise NZ with institutional racism and by diluting the local population. They are still waging war with the Tangata Whenua (the people of the land) unbeknownst to the naiive locals (Maori and Pakeha alike) who are largely not even aware they are under attack over time, the war not obvious and executed by proxy, at arms length.

            Kiwis have been dumbed down, it is true. Many are now illiterate, analphabetic and innumeric and financially ignorant. They are being brainwashed by the local media daily (run by Australia). Using NLP it only takes 15 years to brainwash a nation. They are now using the same types tactics and policies Nazis used, under the pretext that more control is good for the nation when in fact it has developed into initiatory force and an erosion of freedoms. Rules and more rules, comply or be penalised financially.

            Many foreigners here have access to large funds and networks offshore. Kiwis can’t access much at all financially which makes a rough playing field in business for locals. One of the things I loved about many places I visited overseas was the way folks could run home business, selling food, or selling stuff on the side of the road, manufacturing goods etc. Kiwis over taxed and aren’t allowed to do anything anymore without expensive permits and even they have restrictions that take the fun out of it. It is so hard for Kiwis to fund themselves. NZ is the easiest country in the world to start a business but the most difficult one in the galaxy to keep it going for more than 3 years. The moment you default on a payment because someone else hasn’t paid your yet….the vultures take over your life and you lose everything, you end up with a ‘bad credit’ record (there is no such thing as a positive credit record in NZ it is Zero or negative no matter what).

            Kiwis don’t know that a million dollars is just pocket change. Many have never witnessed real wealth. Many have never even eaten in a restaurant. They don’t know that a bank isn’t run out of broom cupboard in other countries like it is here. If you give a man a gun he will rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he will rob a country. NZ is being robbed by Australia.

            What is said on this website about NZ is true, many would agree. But it is entirely orchestrated by the elite and all of you who have come here looking for the ‘American Dream’ are experiencing the fallout.

          • I’m a bloke and I have yet to be pregnant.

            I use the excellent example of pregnancy/birth as it is common among ALL people, simply to illustrate the unintended (?) consequences of a Tsunami of Tauiwi on culture.

            The 2 pregnant New Zealanders KNEW THE ENTIRE WAITING ROOM WAS OVER FLOWING WITH TAUIWI, NON-KIWIS, and that they both, Maori and Pakeha were DILUTED AND OF NO EFFECT…

            They were not identified by the two local girls as ‘foreigners’ because of the obvious, as the
            people were…
            were physically different
            wearing clothes/shoes that were different
            smell different
            have a different mannerism, gestures, body language

            But rather…

            simply identified as FOREIGN AND SATURATING because….




            Even more so in a medical environment one would have thought.

          • Naked Kiwi,

            “NZ is being robbed by Australia”, really? There’s (1) the CER that treats NZ as part of the Australian market, it should be worth billions to the NZ economy and (2) the ‘golden ticket’ which gives Kiwis visa-free entry into the country.
            The sense of entitlement is amazing.

          • You will find Kiwi Chinese frustrated by the new Chinese immigrants. You will find Kiwi Brits frustrated with the new UK immigrants. As this latest wave have a different attitude to the older ones who have been here for decades.

            Yes, there are lots of the people who want to “pull the ladder up after them”.
            But here is something to consider:
            Some of the people who got in earlier … are of questionable intellectual calibre.
            They certainly don’t want to be stood up by later arrivals – who can properly gain qualifications.

            So … “those new people, are so nasty and uneducated, back in my day …” goes the spiel of the “Whenwe” tribe (Back when we were in our own country, we took care of our own) Unanswered is the next question … so why did you head overseas then?

            And also, to raise a stink in the middle of this Kumbaya where all New Zealanders, regardless of ethnicity, want strict controls on who gets in
            is the little thing that has been overlooked, the Maori King has laid a claim on Auckland.
            Maori King lays claim to Auckland
            4:25 PM Friday Aug 21, 2015

            The Maori King says he is determined to launch a claim for greater Auckland.

            In a rare public appearance, King Tuheitia addressed about 1000 people at his annual speech at Turanagwaewae Marae today.

            The king said he was entering into a new era of rights and claims – one that was destined to bring about problems and disagreements, but he was obliged to go there.

            The claim for greater Auckland goes as far as the Mahurangi Peninsula, the Firth of Thames and across to the Manukau Harbour and Piha.

            I’m sure nobody will have a problem with his claim, as long as he is willing to pay market price for those now built-up areas of land. Offhand, what is his qualifications?

          • I find your comments vilifying foreigners rather funny considering that one out of every five New Zealand citizens resides outside New Zealand, which I believe is the highest of any OECD country. Working conditions in New Zealand are so atrocious that many Kiwis become the equivalent of Mexicans in Australia who exist to do the jobs that many Australians would not do. These Kiwis do so despite not having any social safety net in Australia because the working conditions are even worse in New Zealand.

            Incidentally, Switzerland, Australia, and many other countries seem to cope with high numbers of foreigners quite well. The Kiwis with any brains and skills have all left the country so the Kiwi government tries to entice foreigners to move to New Zealand. Too often, the low IQ Kiwi cretins discriminate against foreigners and many of us who ended up in New Zealand were unable to use our skills to the fullest. I lived for three years in New Zealand, but I was unable to find opportunities commensurate with my skills. I now live in Switzerland earning triple on my own salary compared to what my wife and I both earned working in New Zealand.

            Lastly, I am travelling in Japan and I still marvel at how the Kiwis have so much antipathy towards Asians. The cost of a good meal here is much less than New Zealand. The infrastructure is spectacular, the people are friendly, and everything is immaculately clean. Kiwis are afraid of other immigrants, especially Europeans and Asians because we demonstrate what useless twits most of them are. New Zealand is a second rate country populated by third rate people.


            Initially I read your posts seriously but now it just seems like you are cooking it all up, don’t be so defensive. It’s completely alright not to be perfect and in knowing & accepting that one can grow out of the misery.

            BTW, you might not be aware but in many hospitals pregnant women & children are treated with higher priority and without much wait. It so appears from your comments that you are a foreigner magnet of sorts, you could as well be used for next census mate 😉

          • Observer: I found many, many problems overseas, but I wasn’t looking for one. And I do not complain about them either.

          • That’s life. Being overseas was the best experience ever, people were amazing and fascinating, regardless of all the weird stuff and the scary stuff and so on.

            It is a difficult thing to look through the eyes of another or walk in their high heels.
            Some Kiwis are bolshy, very ignorant, some are very naiive, some wear shorts 24 hours a day, it is true and humiliating, that’s why Kiwis often do dream of going away and seeing the world to learn new things, if they can ever afford it, but they always want to come home and tell fun stories of their travels or whatever… eventually. Maori have their own ancient tribal urupa (graveyards) to return to (you want to be cheap and be close to your hole when you croak. Ha! ya don’t wanna be dragged dead back from deepest darkest Peru).

            But even the hairy, smelly Kiwi…. of any age ….. just sitting in the fish and chip shop would have the
            common decency to….ahem…..


            in the presence of two hapu wahine,

            let alone in a medical facility.

            Did I mention the child of the Pakeha woman was also Maori? I do not know the flava of the Maori woman’s child of course. But this is not about race is it?

          • When I got out of the airport in NZ I was shocked as I had the choice of a long line of eager Taxi drivers, what a sight for my Kiwi eyes, they were Sikh….wow that was interesting…..the one I chose drove me the ‘long way round’ and it was expensive. Kiwis don’t use taxis much at home but of course like anyone they do when overseas.

          • Guess what, you just did it! Don’t you read your own comments? Seems like you have verbal diarrhea and some selective victim mentality. Did you come back on your own or were sent away from the foreign land?

      • I live here now and totally agree! haha! People here are out for themselves and more than willing to put the boot in even after they see someone cut down to size… However, I’ve lived all over the world and I can say that it’s home and where my family is so I am here. Making the most of it. Scenery and family is NZ!!

    • Sadly, as a Kiwi I have had the experiences you mentioned in every way. Why do Kiwis just put on the blinkers and then bash anyone who says “holy cow, open your eyes, you are heading for a massive cliff”? Crazy!

    • I returned back to nz after 7 years and I was falsely convicted on the charges of harassment and evidence manipulated by the police. The legal aid lawyers forced me to plead guilty then accepting it was communication error which was not the case. I put many complains at the ministry of justice and everything was in vain. I don’t know how this conviction record will harm me in this already god forsaken land. I have seen many instances of kiwi girls messing up with immigrant guys and then put the blame on the guy. The outcome of the case was nothing. No one really gets punished but it was harassment for a year with changing of 4 legal aid lawyers. The legal aid lawyers are only interested in getting money from the govt. It was like prison and mental harassment for a year ended up spending 20-25k as I couldn’t find a job in that stressful period and cant return back to my country. Finally when everything got over I packed my bags and returned back. I am glad I found this website and

    • ” where the hatred comes from”

      Sometimes, the truth [although you may chose to deny it] hurts. You perceive the recounting of migrants’ experiences as “hate”, we see this relevant transference of information.

      A lot of the migrants that correspond on here have had bad experiences in NZ, this is undeniable as you can not speak about their experiences. You may wish that your country is incapable of producing the results that are spoken of here, but that does not make them any less truthful. And, yes, some may have been hurt having had the “NZ experience”, but if this helps/prevents any others from coming to NZ without BOTH sides of the story, than it is worth it, even if it hurts a few Kiwis’ feelings.

      Harden up, she’ll be right.

  10. I don’t get what the big fuss is over NZ. Let me just say – I am a New Zealander. Lived here all my life and I can’t wait to leave. NZ is a very hard place to live for those who are not middle class, it is almost impossible to rent a house on your own in some towns here without handing over 3/4 of your wage or getting in a friend or two to live with. My dear parents lived on welfare my whole life and still do – never had jobs, just grew drugs and justified it by saying they are stay at home parents. Awful people, and it still riles me up that they never showed us how to be a proper role model or that to get ahead you need to work. Even that is not the case now though as it seems working 40 hours a week is just enough to live on and you can forget buying a house on a single income. In a few months I’ll be a qualified accountant – a qualification I thought is necessary if you want to actually make enough money to do nice things like go on holiday or buy a new lounge suite or save up. I am looking forward to not being on minimum wage and I’ll be waving john key goodbye from the plane once I get my CA and leave NZ. to much apathy here with a lot of youth. I’ve talked to at least 4 people who didn’t know about the TPPA and didn’t care once I told them. This nation is full of “she’ll be right”, “suck it up”, and a lot of hate for those who chose a professional career. So many farmers have the attitude that lunch breaks are for weak people. No, it can’t be that breaks prevent fatigue in a manual labour job??? I’m just sick of it. I would love to move somewhere less PC.

    • Yes I found that when I arrived here. Nobody really cares about anything going on in the wider world, most people you talk to would rather just worry about petty concerns within New Zealand rather than anything going on overseas. Its totally frustrating.

  11. [Deleted. Please don’t pimp Kool-Aid here, there are plenty of other places on the net to do that. Regards, Admin]

  12. Ad hominem attacks are not permitted here, this is not New Zealand. Different rules of engagement apply.

    We have a zero tolerance policy for trolls, more so for those with stalker tendencies


  13. [ad hominem attack deleted. Please address the issue, do not attack the person. We keep a civilised site here, maybe you should try it some time? ]

  14. Just observe the recent advert, promoting moist toilet wipes, firstly its of a mothers group (looking like generic plunket followers) secondly and the most offensive, a group of “blokes”
    rugby playing hero’s, joking about doing a good job, by wiping their bums twice! Oh wow this is leading me to think, how long has the hygiene issue of kiwi’s been disregarded. Even the lady on the add holds up the dry roll of paper first, followed up by the wet wipes. Like small children, we need to relearn this.? Why wasn’t it taught eons ago! Feeling clean and alone here.

  15. reading these blog’s as a first timer and being a kiwi (nz) i defend our country the comments are too harsh we are a small population and the comments made are out of ignorance started by one persons bad experience, now go and read other forms and see what they have to say about nz we have many visitors who have had the privilege of enjoying our country. time and time again you will read friendly trust worthy hard working hospitable honest people sure we have our trouble makers per population no different to any other country the majority of us care very much,we are a young country compared with other country’s. we all go though growing pains as we come to grips with how fast our country’s and the world change.around us and because of the many good people who do live here we strive for the best, in good honest values to raise our family’s in

    • “we are a young country compared with other countries.”
      Feeble excuse. You’d think that a young country would want to learn and improve. Yet NZ seems to be stuck in its’ young ways, unwilling to progress, stubborn and adolescent.
      There may be other blogs and forums that project a different image, yet this one does not specifically stick to the “party line”, and IS validation of the experience that many migrants have had. If you are not prepared for the unvarnished truth, you can go else where.
      That’s what I’ve been told by some NZers when I bring up any form of dissention.

    • I am a New Zealander and I’ve lived in a bunch of other countries.

      The criticisms are valid, but kiwis don’t like ’em because deep down they know they’re true.

      A little less parochialism would go a long way towards solving NZ’s glaring issues.

    • Just reading all the remarks, comments about NZ well its really sad, as a proud Samoan born and bred in Auckland city, Ive always been proud to be a KIWI, I love NZ, ABs, meat, food, the beautiful people, community functions,different cultures, and so I agree with Krizz comments, I know that a lot has changed since 1970s but its the new technology, fast past, politics etc..but New Zealand will always be home sweet home to me, I know my family wherever they live overseas they always miss NZ, I thank God and my parents for coming here and making NZ my home, would never live anywhere.. so Blessed.

  16. World Cup games “free online” via Univision Deportes are being blocked. Same happened during the NFL playoffs.
    NZ is not as free as they would have you believe.

  17. Typical Kiwi attitude that international bankers are responsible for holding New Zealand down and making life miserable for its people. Watch out, Americans. Do not move to this country and have them blame you personally for everything. As if they have no greedy buggers of their own who are exploiting their own people. This attitude of passing the buck is classic New Zealand. Always someone else’s fault. Heads up – expensive small islands with no industry of their own except milk and wool are expensive to live on. And it’s the fault of foreigners when milk and wool are too expensive?

    • and one ‘we’ exported to let him rape pillage and plunder the economy, then brought him home, made him the prime minister and let him do it all over again……and before him we knighted a couple of the biggest ‘money rapists’ then let them off to go live in Switzerland…but its OK, the rotten shell of our former railways we have brought back at ratcheted price. It no wonder we have so many on benefits, why would you want to work to become middle income earners to pay the most taxes and get shafted by the corporations….

    • This article amused me. It is titled: How to Heat Your Home For Less this Winter, yet doesn’t even mention the single most significant factor there is in the cost of heating; insulation.

      • Have they been to Smell of an Oily Rag, where you can find out how to make your own woodstove logs out of recycled fish wrap?

  18. Off topic

    Any news about the infamous teen rapists named ‘Roast Busters’ from Auckland? Would be interesting if they are still at large… I ask therefore because the anti-Roast Busters petition on Facebook hasn´t released news since December 2013… Google seach didn´t help any further…

    • They all turned out to be Pakistani youth having their “panchod” ways with the impoverished children of Rotherham, Oxford etc on an industrial scale while the bureaucrats sat by…….

  19. I have visited NZ twice in three years. It is a beautiful country no doubt. I have one major issue why do New Zealanders feel it is the right thing to drag their dogs everywhere including restaurants? They are so clean living has no one told them it is not hygienic to eat with dogs?

    • Hi Melody,
      Interesting comment as I have never taken my dog anywhere near a restaurant. Actually, I find Kiwis to be fairly dog unfriendly as they are viewed as farm implements and I was always scowled at when I took her downtown, just to walk about. And if you think Kiwis are ‘unhygienic’ taking digs to restaurants, you have obviously never been to Germany, where dogs in a restaurant is a fairly common thing.

  20. I think it is important to realise that New Zealand is a country FOUNDED on fraud. While other countries may have problems in this area, for New Zealand the problem goes to the very core of the country’s origins.

    Many countries have a significant historical document that represents the ideals its people and is the basis for society; for Britain this is Magna Carta (equality before the law), for America this is the Declaration of Independence.

    New Zealand’s founding document is The Treaty of Waitangi. This treaty was written in two different versions, one in English, one in Maori. The problem is that the different versions have a significant difference between them. To summarise: the English version has the Maori signing over their sovereignty, while the Maori version has them agreeing to have the English govern the country FOR the Maori, but with the Maori retaining full sovereignty. This is a vital difference in the different versions, and it seems very difficult to believe the English were unaware of this (if the weren’t it would indicate criminal levels of incompetence).

    So in other words, the Treaty of Waitangi itself, New Zealand’s founding document, was most likely a deliberate act of fraud against the Maori people (this is exactly why the Maori keep bringing up treaty claims).

    After getting away with this it appears that the early immigrants and government of New Zealand simply continued to express the ideals that the nation was founded on, and this has continued ever since.

    • Thanks for the excellent and succinct analysis. New Zealand is indeed a country founded on fraud and the ability of people to ignore the obvious.

      In contract law, a judge normally interprets ambiguities in the contract against the drafting party. Furthermore, a contract represents a “meeting of the minds”. It is impossible to have a contract with two entirely different meanings in different languages.

      Lastly, the Kiwis make it sound as if there were some signatories that duly represented “The Maoris”. The British simply found a few chiefs that suited them.

      It should not surprise us that the Kiwis have attempted to dupe migrants into relocating to that loathsome place based on lies and falsehoods.

      • So they either bungled (criminal incompetence) or perpetrated a fraud. Or maybe someone simply became tired of the conflict and wrote a version to please each side, thus shutting them up and leaving him in peace. Any way you cut it – all that shite still goes on in New Zealand!

      • The problem is indeed with the founding fathers and the duplicitous nature of the treaty. Planet raping, murdering, thieving, upper class Britons at the root cause of much of the globes problems, 500 yrs in the making, East India Company the model for modern rapacious corporations. Where is the line drawn. The American way was genocide of 30 million odd native Americans. The Maori got off lightly compared Aborigines, the Native Americans, etc. So the “west” continues to rule the world, interfere in places they best keep out of, and lie to naive working class folk the world over to empty overcrowded European towns and cities in the vain hope they will all f**k off to somewhere else. Our parents migrated similarly, escaping fom a war torn Europe, NZ, Australia, Canada in the main.
        Having lived in Amsterdam and London for more than 2 decades, comparisons are easy to make.
        NZ is vastly overrated. Its very expensive, the same milk in Auckland double the price of London. A basket of groceries is cheaper from Tesco than Countdown.
        It is a closed shop. The elite have their foots firmly on the throats of the underclass.
        Christchurch particularly bad. Built on the worst attributes of inequality and snobbish British “culture”. I get so bored in NZ I spent a lifetime returning to my little London maisonette. Cute but cramped.
        NZ has space, has vast tracts of unspoiled nature, while also being farmed relentlessly, forested with plantations of dull pine (3 hours of non stop forestry when driving thru central north island.
        Its roads are extremely dangerous, huge lorries bear down on motorists relentlessly, poorly designed for such use as the railways were assett stripped by successive governments.
        Right wing rhetoric abounds, naive fascists given far too much air time, and a dumbed down populace sucks it up.
        U have to be prepared to radically alter your lifestyle, a simple picnic at the beach, a walk in the bush, as unless your pockets are deep and well resourced, entertainment is out of reach for many.
        Its no paradise, but its also no overcrowded land. Poverty forces some pretty dire living conditions for many.
        My 2 bobs worth!
        I would warn anyone considering to imigrate to consider carefully the move to the most farflung corner of the planet……..try before you buy!

        • I so agree with you here Royce. It feels like a massive deception when you move here. Having lived in many different places in the world New Zealand leaves a lot to be desired. If you dare ever say that to anyone here though its like telling them they have cancer, it will make people freak out, they cannot handle when you say to them ‘ New Zealand isn’t all its cracked up to be’…weird how a nation of people who are supposedly so laid back can’t handle anything bad said about their country, i just dont get it.

      • Hi SafeFromNewzealand, I have lived in NZ for 4 years having moved to NewZealand from UK. I can confirm that the New Zealand government & New Zealanders in general are experts at duping unsuspecting migrants into moving to their second world country. I agree, having lived in New Zealand for 4 years, New Zealand was founded on lies and treachery & the government continues to use propaganda & half truths to lure niave immigrants. My advice to fellow Brits : DO NOT EMIGRATE TO NEW ZEALAND! (Emigrate to Spain, France, USA or Canada) as New Zealand is one giant con artist!

      • Like everything else, they selectively collect and selectively present statistics in such a way as to represent New Zealand as a better place to live than it actually is. The decile 7 school my children attended was 2-3 years behind UK, Canada, U.S. and other countries from which people are induced to migrate by the marketing and turd-polishing.

        • I know several people in education. The horror stories from the classroom make you wonder. The behavior of some of the kids, sexual diseases, bullying… Then they end up either on welfare [career path for some girls>pregnant>DPB] or they’ve got to go to a polytech [like a vocational school] to learn how to do the 3Rs.
          The claimed literacy rate % is higly exagerated.

  21. New Zealand WAS the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ in the 1970s. With a very high standard of living, and the 5th highest income per capita in the world New Zealand WAS without a doubt a great place to live, work and raise children. But, times have changed. New Zealand now ranks at the bottom, or close to the bottom in almost every area of society that is tracked by OCED statistics. The areas it appears to shine in (eg. lack of corruption) are usually only possible because of dishonesty. Lifestyle wise New Zealand is now on par with Eastern European countries such as Czechoslovakia; the country used to be compared to first world countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA. However, the situation in New Zealand continues to deteriorate and it seems reasonable to conclude that in time New Zealand will become a worse place to live than the nations of the former USSR (second world countries).

    The problem is that many New Zealanders, and many people overseas, still have an image of New Zealand as it was in the 1970s being an accurate description of the country as it is today; they still think it is a progressive country with a great education system, where it is possible to live a great lifestyle, and that it is a good place to raise children.

    But, the cracks are beginning to show. New Zealand’s “100% Pure,” slogan being revealed as nothing more than a marketing strategy, the terrible handling of the rebuilding of Christchurch, ongoing revelations of fraud, corruption and greed and numerous other negative exposure (much of it available online) are showing New Zealand up for what it really is. What the world thinks of us is changing to match reality.

    • Perhaps you know little about the Eastern Block and I don’t blame you for that. In the Eastern Block gangs are not out in the street, “self-expressing”. Also in the Eastern Block people work in their profession, “foreigners” like Aussies, Americans and Germans get top bucks. In terms of street safety, general people’s wealth, corruption and so many things, the East definetely looses.

      But in terms of workplace safety and choices, privacy of living, and so on – the East may even win (surprised?) In the East and generally in Europe there’s never a kiwi-non-kiwi, drug, shtfight who-wins mindfck, or kitchen telegraph bla-bla-bla about people’s private affairs we seem to experience in this country. Also people are allowed to carry basic self-defence means there, such as tasers or pepper spray and guess what – may it be that we soon need them here?

      You cannot get a lot of money for working in the East, but you can work there a lot more comfortably, and live as well, you won’t be very reach. There’s little issue about people of different cultures working and or living together. No-one pushes you into anything there. I bet it’s New Zealand’s uniquie culture, and the fact that it’s now compared to the Eastern Block has nothing to do with the East at all.

      Culturally, there’s more gap between the East and New Zealand, than between New Zealand and the West. It’s definitely a Western Country. I hope it’s not also because a lot of Easterners that live here, that you start comparing NZ to the East.

  22. I am a Civil engineer and successful entrepreneur 50 years young and was looking forward moving my sportfishing boat shipyard bussiness to NZ, but after knowing what is going on there, I have to say no way, for sure I will have a much better life in Spain my homeland, no way I am going to accept bering mistreated by those rude people …. thank you for creating this forum and warning anyone against what is a fraud country full of violence and bad people

    • You are so pathetic in your response, you ban any New Zealanders who wish to discuss these issues, I have put your web site on my FB page to give it some publicity. I am surrounded by immigrants where I live and none seem as unhappy as on here…again I ask why stay? No country is a perfect fit, but if it bugs you this much, maybe consider leaving, ten years or something you have run this web site and yet you stay??? I know you will just ban them, at least FB pages which denigrate New Zealanders give us right of reply and you say I am rude…well carry on with the pity party.

      • “I am surrounded by immigrants where I live and none seem as unhappy as on here” – Probably the bunch around you don’t get the chance to speak out. People in your social circles might as well be complaining with a secret id over here.

        One word of free advise…there’s one more paradise which you didn’t add, TradeMe Message board.

        You are welcome BTW 😉

  23. Dear E2NZ, I definitely think you should spread the news as he suggested, you should post that comment in the front page on this site, with large black letters, and if you have his entry detected, you should also post the link under the text! And then, let the readers write their opinion about that SOAB, and let’s have fun with him!
    (soab: son of a bitch)

  24. The mega dollars spent on advertising NZ Tourism has been dealt a blow similar to the botulism scare that nearly crippled Fonterra from the German Tourist Bashing. Of course the event went viral, with reply comments, NZ is similar to Johannesburg, Beirut, parts of Eastern Europe. One disturbing comment, offenders identities are suppressed and they are let off with warnings! NZ a first world country?, no a third world Kumara entity!

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