New Zealand New Potatoes Contaminated with Roundup

This message just appeared on the forum. We’d like to hear from anyone who’s suffered something similar

Just before you eat the new seasons lovely potatoes consider this.

I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling very unwell. Today I have been diagnosed with Roundup ( G2 which is the strongest) on my spleen and pancreas. If I had breathed this in it would have been on my liver. Therefore I have ingested it. Turns out that it is from new potatoes.

For growers to get top dollar they have to have their produce in the shops early in the season. To be able to harvest the crop they have to kill the green tops other wise it will block the harvester. You cant pick them with green tops.
If I hadn’t been treated I would have had a growth on my spleen affecting Red Blood Cell production which would have eventually led to Leukaemia.

Any wonder we have the highest cancer rate in the world if this sort of practice is allowed to exist.
Clean and Green, 100% Pure. Yeah Right.” source

Apparently, when potatoes are ready for cropping farmer spray the foliage with roundup to kill off the tops and harden off the skin. Something like this:

“This bloke said that his neighbour, in our town,  grows potatoes, commercially, and when they are ready he sprays the whole crop with Roundup!!  WTF!!!!   I’m not sure if it is true but this bloke has no reason to lie about it.  He sprays the plant and it apparently goes down into the spud and it hardens the skin on the spud and saves the growers 4 to 5 weeks.  Or so he says  Unfortunately, I believe that it is very probable.  This bloke says that he has been growing his own potatoes since he found this out.  …” source

New health concerns surround Roundup herbicide:

Data published in the journal Entrophy, revealed that residue from glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Roundup, has been found in the food supply.

We “have hit upon something very important that needs to be taken seriously and further investigated,” study author Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Reuters…

Don Hubar, a research scientist from Purdue University said

“Last summer I visited farms that had typical glyphosate damage. I received a call from a potato seed farmer in Minnesota who grows 1000 acres of seed potatoes. There was so much glyphosate in the potato tubers from a previous crop of Roundup Ready soybeans that the potatoes can’t be used as seed and could not be certified,” he said.

So why is Roundup still being used so frequently? According to Prevention, the answer has to do with the business behind GMOs and the Roundup products.. more here

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6 thoughts on “New Zealand New Potatoes Contaminated with Roundup

  1. Stop spuds. Potato growers have to be accountable for their actions. If Australian farmers. Can grow organic crops so can everyone. No damage to the soil or crops. Visit Agquip, Gunnedah, NSW Australia and please do your homework. Agquip is in August. Recommend you do this for the industry and your pocket and people’s health. Remember there are other ways for carbohydrates. Example pasta. People power.

    • E2NZ,

      Due to health problems I have been on a low-carb diet for over 2 years now (no spuds, bread, or pasta). While I realise the serious ramifications of GM and chemical residues in the food chain – it is probably worth noting that New Zealand’s obesity epidemic is due in part to people eating a huge amount of processed starchy carbohydrates (combined with fat).

      Despite all the advertising and awareness campaigns (in my experience) it seems many kiwis are very scathing of healthy eating. They seem to have a total abhorrence to life without potatoes (if I happen to mention I don’t eat them) – so chances are they will continue devouring them – whether they are sprayed with Roundup or not!

  2. We have noticed a nasty taste on carrots and potatoes in the last few months and wondered if it could be something like this.

  3. Two years ago I made a number of trips to Rotorua and on the first trip noticed spray boom trucks in some of the paddocks spraying over the grass. A week later I passed and noticed the same paddocks had started to yellow off indicating a good kill, but on two of the yellowing paddocks were’ in milk cows’ grazing the grass to the dirt. Two weeks later the seeds were planted and the eventual corn crop was made into silage for the cows to be fed on. Would you not also wonder how much roundup is in our milk supply.

  4. The practice of using defoliants before harvesting potatoes, kumara and pumpkin is widespread. And root crops are often treated with a fungicide. Supermarkets in the pursuit of perfect looking produce are the driving force in these practices. So if you want to avoid this buy organic and if possible cut out the middle man and get direct from the growers at farmers markets.

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