FBI Warrant issued for Kiwi “nut” cyber stalking Harry Potter expert Melisa Anelli

The New York Daily News is reporting today about the Kiwi woman accused of making threats to an actress who appeared in Harry Potter movies.

According to NYdailynews.com

A nut from New Zealand has been charged in a federal complaint with stalking the best-selling author of a history of the Harry Potter books.
Jessica Elizabeth Parker launched a barrage of threatening emails from halfway around the globe after she was banned from the website of victim Melissa Anelli, author of “Harry, A History,” for threatening an actress who appeared in the Harry Potter movies, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Among the comments Parker is alleged to have made is

As long as you refuse to deal with me, I’ll remain that little demon on your shoulder,” Parker scrawled on a postcard sent to Anelli’s parents. “I can’t be denied forever…Else I will return to your home and flay you alive.” source

The website in question reported on the warrant issued against Ms. Parker. In a post which praised the FBI for its action it also appeared to criticize the NZ justice system for deferring Parker’s prosecution, and for allowing her campaign of hatred and abuse to continue unabated.

Today the New York Daily News broke the story that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of a woman who has been cyber-stalking Melissa Anelli, the owner of The Leaky Cauldron and LeakyNews websites.

The FBI has secured a warrant for Jessica Parker, a resident of New Zealand. This news follows a five-year long cyber-stalking ordeal, which has included harassment and threats sent to Anelli, her family, and even spammed on the sites that she owns (including LeakyNews). It began in 2008 when Parker was banned from The Leaky Cauldron for harassing staff, and it’s carried on since.

Though Parker was previously arrested in New Zealand in connection with the stalking and harassment, it ended in deferred prosecution, and thus this behavior has continued unchecked. Now, with a warrant for Parker’s arrest served up by the FBI, there may be a better chance of justice being served…” Read the full post here http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/2013/7/18/warrant-issued-for-leaky-owners-cyber-stalker

Parker, who is allegedly a telephone interviewer living in Wellington has a Facebook page which is said to be littered with drawings of her obsession. She also once wrote a novel titled The Cauldron and The Keys and was hoping it would be published. .

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  1. New Zealand’s most famous Internet troll has to be Tristan Barker who was charged with assault after he slugged a reporter. There must be something in the water aye.

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