Kiwis Leaving For Australia At 12 Month High

Trans Tasman migration has just hit a 12 month high, with Kiwis leaving in droves looking for a better life in Australia. See NZ emigration growth continues to slow, trans Tasman departures at 12 month high

For more see the video “The Exodus Continues” toward the bottom of the sidebar ->

Anyone thinking of emigrating to New Zealand may be interested to find out why Kiwis are taking flight. See what they’re saying on NZ Yahoo – “Kiwis flocking to Australia hit a high” . The irony is that their comments sound identical to from people thinking of leaving Britain, looking for a better life in New Zealand.

“Its all Helen Clarks fault!! thats who everone has blamed before for NZs problems. I foolishly returned to NZ a year ago to the plea of “kiwis come home” what a mistake, now trying to sell house and get going again.No place for people here that are educated and have a career goal.”

“..if it was not for me being very close to family i would be over there in a heart beat. Am sick and tired of policies geared for the no hopers, bottom feeding, handout conditioned people who get evrything thing for nothing, when i bust my ass working 50hrs a week along with my wife working the same to make ends meet, dosent seem right to be honest!

We currently live in China and find it hard to imagine how we could afford to live N.Z again. It’s a real shame as it’s such a beautiful country. Maybe that’s the plan to keep the population down. It’s no use blaming John Key I wouldn’t like to do his job, and this has started happening before he took over. All the best to those that are looking at shifting away from N.Z it’s an amazing world out there and lots more on offer, go for it!”

Yip well that what happens when the pay rates over there are better and the NZ government keeps giving land to the maoris, when it wasint theres in the first place why cant morioris claim land?? oh thats rite they got eatin! haha”

John Key has ensured NZ become two countries; his seperatist policies proof. We should be referring to NZ in the plural New ZealandS, and good luck to those lucky ones that are leaving this joke of a political swamp.”

“Yeh well I think Oz has alot going for it – better pensions, better pay, better weather and more open spaces. I am joining the brain drain……had enough of low pay, tall poppy syndrome and the general nanny state mentality of the community here.”

“New Zealand[s] stand for; abanker PM, collapsed phone networks, power outages, transport breakdowns, military equipment breakdowns, higher GST guaranteed, Emission taxes guaranteed, huge rates on properties forecast, privatisation of public owned assets. Who is going to be last to leave, who is going to turn the light out. Oooops, another power outage.”

“we I am an ozzie that came this way 10 years ago as it was the land of opportunity …but thinking of going back now…”

“well with the current government here set to increase the gst to 15% and increase tax on wine what do we expect”

Yep only the fools will be left here,and why not go good weather better pay lower tax G.S.T,much more to do and see the list goes on and on”

9 thoughts on “Kiwis Leaving For Australia At 12 Month High

    • Even a strengthening New Zealand still leaves people in New Zealand with lower living standards than Australia, so the outflow will continue. Moreover, the flow reduction is likely seasonal given that much hiring subsides in New Zealand/Australia during November and December for the summer holidays. The New Zealand economy relies primarily on agricultural exports and its two largest export markets are Australia and China. If both falter, the effects will reverberate to New Zealand.

      Lastly, there are plenty of countries just like New Zealand in the heart of Europe called the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain). Most had house bubbles explode, economies that were terribly uncompetitive, poor regulatory environment, and second rate bogans in politics. Fortunately, they have much better food and warmer people than New Zealand.

  1. I came to Australia 12 months ago to work as a plumber. I would never go back NZ Australia is a great country without the negative small minded bigoted attitude that most KIwi’s have turned into an art form. i love the country but am pleased to live over the ditch.

  2. and maybe being sent back? 😀

    Kiwi expats resort to begging
    Updated November 8, 2010 17:19:00
    Welfare agencies say sending New Zealand beggars back home may be best.
    Welfare agencies are urging the Federal Government to find a solution to a growing problem of New Zealanders finding themselves destitute in Australia.
    Tony Keenan from Hanover Welfare Services in Melbourne says it is a growing national problem. “If a Kiwi or Kiwi family has support back home, it’s much cheaper for us, and probably a better outcome for the people, to fly them home than to keep supporting them here.”

  3. New Zealand could pull the wool over and spin itself for awhile, but accounts of what it was really like to live there began to escape a few years after that marketing push designed by the big-name advertisers it went and hired, not only on the Internet but actually also by word of mouth. This, because returning immigrants talked to others + spread the word.

    Those with the means and motivation to migrate did their research and were able to find proper information eventually, thanks to sites like this one, Expat exposed, city data, and the isolated more honest posts on other immigration sites, or at least those that were permitted on those sites.

    So the cat was out of the bag. They don’t have the jobs here for new incoming anyway. Unemployment has anecdotally increased since early 2009. If Kiwis were not running across the pond, changing the figures, the true unemployment rate would be astronomical. The dregs are left – to prey on anyone who can’t leave.

  4. nz news yahoo had an article on net migrant flow could reach zero. the number of people coming to nz versus those leaving – could reach zero within the year. with the kiwis leaving for oz and migrants staying away because of the bad economy in nz.

    i do not want to think about the tax consequences for people here in nz! when no one is buying or renting their crap houses and they can’t sell them for all the money they want for them, and no new jobs are being created and helen’s benefits are not being given out anymore.

    i just hope oz does not close its doors to kiwis because that is the pressure valuve for nz.


    In the U.S., I remember people joking that Zionists were Jewish people who wanted “some other Jewish person to go live in Israel”. Too often, Kiwis abroad are similar. They’re not even living in New Zealand, because they can’t afford to, but they want everyone else to pour money into supporting the flabby, shabby suckhole of a place and they go around defending their “paradise” like rabid pitbulls, saying how great a lifestyle it offers. The running feet, however, speak volumes about the true conditions in New Zealand.

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