NZ A More Dangerous, More Violent Place

Continuing in our series of Migrant Stories: first hand accounts of migrant life in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

This tale is taken from an expat forum. The poster, a Brit who lives in Palmerston North comments on the latest released crime statistics and ponders the grim future ahead in New Zealand:

“The words of our police minister today. NZ really does appear to be going down the gurgler. It all bad news just now for NZ. They blame P (methamphetamine) and the dole/bludging way of life for too many.

There have been a spate of ugly attacks in Palmy of late.

Murders are going thru the roof.

The only difference betwixt NZ and the UK is looking like just the lower population of NZ. The latter is a huge pull for me as I hate crowds and endless jams on the road. They reckon its going to get worse. Another caveat before you chose to come. Canada or Oz are looking like more favourable alernatives aye? Or are they too going to shite??”

In another post he asked is “NZ a failed nation?” after the release of the NZ Institute’s report card on the state of the country:

“The NZ Institute says today that NZ is failing as a nation. There are some horendous stats coming out of their report (google it). I would seriously consider not coming to NZ just now if I was starting out the process I did just under six years ago. I would look at Oz or Canada. I love NZ and have our roots too well set to consider a move at present..who knows Oz may well beckon in the coming years as we will soon be citizens of NZ.

I have no axe to grind. Inspite of the fiscal problems NZ’s crap fiscal regulators have wrought upon us we have a superb quality of life here, [my wife] has a glowing career in senior palliative care and our kids are incredibly happy. Thus we are content here and we want for nothing, but I am soooo glad my kids can go to Oz if need be or can return to europe some day for a brighter future.

I really think NZ is looking at a downward trend now in terms of the quality of life here. I think the kiwi $$ will steadily lose value over the coming months as NZ will be seen to be a risky place to invest..a bit like a rudderless boat. All we need is a dairy disaster and NZ will be all washed up. Think about your options aye?

I am not being dark or wishing to start a flare thread…just telling you what I hear on the news. The rest is up to you.”

The NZ Institute’s report “NZ Ahead – A report card of New Zealand’s social, economic and environmental wellbeing. Measuring New Zealand’s performance so we can improve it.” may be found here

In the news today, a snapshot of crime and disorder in New Zealand:

NZ crime rate rises : “Violence and drug-related offences are largely responsible for increased crime rates, according to 2009 crime statistics released by police today”

“Police Minister Judith Collins said the figures showed the scale of the problem New Zealand faced. “In the 18 months that I have been police minister I have been shocked at the level of violent and anti-social behaviour in our society,” Ms Collins said.”

Beach Haven mother says acts of random violence are ruling the streets of her community

Booze fuels a massive leap in crime and family violence : “A massive rise in family violence and more drunken teenage girls fighting in the street are features of shocking crime statistics for Hamilton and Waikato released today.”

Music teacher guilty of indecent assault whilst teaching girl guitar in Nelson

Skinhead owns up to killing backpacker

Family stunned alleged drunk driver in crash bailed twice :  justice system has given family a “kick in the guts”

Rapist avoids return to jail after parole breach

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  1. There’s nothing like welcoming the new guys!
    LYN HUMPHREYS Last updated 05:00 03/09/2011

    An unemployed New Plymouth man said he wanted to scare his Indian immigrant neighbours because he was angry they were speaking “a foreign language”.

    Zane McGovern, 34, must now pay back $3407 for wrecking the panelwork on their two cars and was ordered to attend community work for 225 hours.

    The incident occurred at 8.50pm on August 17 in Bulteel St after McGovern had spent all day drinking, the court heard.

    He began yelling at his Indian neighbours, who were recent immigrants, to shut up.

    McGovern grabbed a machete with a 400mm blade and scratched it across a concrete wall outside, causing sparks to fly. The Indians went inside to the safety of their flat and watched as McGovern then used the machete to damage two of their cars, causing $407 damage to one and managing to mark every panel of the other, causing much more damage than the value of the $3000 car.

    McGovern was looking after school-aged children at the time.

    He told police he became angry because his neighbours were always talking in a foreign language.

    He had wanted to “get across the message in a way they would understand”, he said.

    Judge Allan Roberts was disgusted at the offer of $20 repayment per week through his lawyer, Susan Hurley.

    It would be cold comfort for McGovern’s victims to hear that they would get back only $20 a week.

    “It will take forever and a day,” the judge said.

    He asked how a beneficiary could still afford to drink all day.

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