Ever Had An Intruder In Your House When You Were There?

Home invasions are shockingly common in New Zealand and burglary comprises a large of part the country’s high crime figures.

Here are some responses to the above question posted recently on the Trademe  General Discussion boards, a New Zealand on-line community. New Zealand may not be as safe as you think it is.

Ever had an intruder in your house when you were there?


“yep. i actually made him shit his pants literally before the cops got there.”

“Yes I have but at work. We locked the office doors downstairs at 5pm one night we were working late and at 9pm or abouts this guy walks over and says “thanks for allowing me to use the toilet” he was about 18yrs old and it freaked us all out here we were talking about clients outstanding accounts etc etc and this guy walks out of the toliet! god knows how long he was there for. He then just walked down the stairs and flipped the latch and opened the door and RAN off. We raced down stairs jumped into our cars and called the cops the guy then set alight a stolen car further down the street shortly afterwards – cops never found him but said it was a stolen car as everything inside it was gutted.”

“yep, woke up once to find I was pinned down in my bed, told em to phuck off and luckily they did. Turned out later that I knew him. By the time I had finished with him I don’t think he will ever try that stunt again”

“many moons ago there was a guy in my cousins shed – this was back in 1984 – he was ringing us kids in the house, telling us he could see us, etc …. we was home alone – just like ya see in these movies where the psycho is ringing from inside the property – we had no idea where he was ringing from at first, until the cousin saw a shadow in the outside shed office – this was back in the days of dial phones, so I went out the back door to the neighbours and rung the police – they got him bout 15 mins later, was a long 15 minute wait – turned out to be a 48 year old kindy teacher ! eeek”

“In a way. Had nosy neighbours from hell living next door, and one day when I went out to the washing line out the back, they came in through the un-locked front door for an un-invited look around. The house was up for sale at the time, and a realestate rang to see if it was ok to bring people through. When the phone rang the guy from next door answered it, to stop me hearing it and coming back in. He told the realestate he was the neighbour and I was outside(sort of like he was visiting and i’d just stepped outside for a minute), that he’d have to call back. The realestate DID call back and told me word for word the conversation! No surprises when the same neighbour had his car licence plate caught on video camera when he did a burglary at a business. (thick as a plank)They moved out not long after the cops raided their rental.”

“Yes, and he smashed his way in with a rifle, beat my husband to a pulp with the butt end while he was holding and trying to protect our 6 day old baby daughter, and then held the baby at gunpoint while trying to find me. He was a rapist and vicious attacker who was not long out of prison. I have had some horrific things happen in my life, but that was by far the scariest, and most mentally and emotionally damaging.
Bubz was o.k thank you jmw, hubby tucked her in so tight, the only small mark on her was where the guy jammed the gun against her head before hubby knew what was going on. I was in bed, as I was breast feeding, hubby liked to do the last feed at night as it was his bonding time. I heard the smash and the yelling and I couldn’t get out the windows because we had Venetians and I knew they would make too much noise. The guy came busting into the bedroom, but I’d slid down the side of the bed. Hubby told him I went out the back, so he backed out of the room and I ran for the wardrobe and dragged the phone in with me and rang the police. That’s when the beating started, and it was right on the other side of the wardrobe wall, it was so loud, hubby was begging him to not hurt the baby, and to let him put her down. He wouldn’t.

Hubby took a few weeks to heal physically, but a couple of years to get better mentally, he felt such a failure.

Yes, the guy went back to prison. We couldn’t identify him, (I obviously didn’t see him) but Hubby said he had a stocking over his face. But a couple of inmates reported that they knew who it was when the story hit the paper and he got caught. The police couldn’t come in while he was there as they said he’d take the baby and run and probably dump her, it was too dangerous. And he got away even though the dogs went after him.”

“Not me.., but a friend did whom was more than capable of looking after himself did..,the burglar made a complaint to the police about the beating that he copped..,the police had a chat to my friend and said he was a little heavy handed..,apparently the thief wanted to lay an assault charge..mate got off in the end..”

“friend of mine interrputed 2 18yr old boys who had broken in while she was away, one of them took off, the other grabbed her 5yr old daughter, broke a bottle and held it to her throat (the 5yr olds). Adrenalin kicked in, she saw her child in that situation, somehow managed to get him awy from her, in the prcess broke his nose, several of his ribs and dislocated his shoulder. Net result was the 2 little bastids got community service and she got community service and 5 months home detention, thats the justice system for you.”

“Yes. Three guys thought I scratched their car and came into my house with a knife, they then convinced the cops I did it and they said I was lieing about the knife that was put to my throat. I went to the senior detective he was outraged and the boys were done for home invasion and the cops (the local sleezy drunken, in with the crowd cops who were probably buying P off these guys) were also repremanded for not listening to me, they didnt even take my statement.

Justice system for you again”

“We had a “person” break into our basement rumpus room many years ago in Wellington, husband heard it so did 16 yo well built son – who grabbed his golf club and chased the guy as he went over the back fence and whacked him – broke both his legs – son was going to be done for assault!!! but managed to get him out of it. Another time when we lived in Papakura some one broke into our neighbours house opposite, my Standard Poodle was up and scratching at the door something she never did, husband opened the door poodle flew across the road and got the guy by the “seat of his pants” police told me that she may have to be put down as she was a “vicious dog” and we had a court battle about that. She later produced a litter of pups which were one of the first poodle guide dogs. She was protecting her “friend” the young girl across the road who screamed, who used to love taking her walks. Poodle lived till she was 16 – RIP Bonnie”

Happened to my son at varsity.They chased the guy who jumped out a window. Rang police. Were told not to touch anything and they would be around in 2 days to dust for prints..AMAZING

When I was about 5yo .. I woke up one morning to find mum and dad in a right tizz .. and I remember lots of our tings were missing …. Someone had broken into our house while we were all asleep that night and burgled us! .. they had climbed in the fanlight window, got our things (stereo, TV, pillows off the sofa (dont knw why?) my money I had left in the lounge, and a heap of other things) … anyway they got all that and mum use to leave the key in the backdoor, so they unlocked the back door and let themselves out afterwards …. I remember freaking out each night after that, thinking they would come back again … but they didnt *phew*

But up until I was a teenager, I always thought when people got burgled it happened at night when we were asleep lol … All I can think of now is thank goodness noone was hurt that night, the burglers must have just come in, got what they wanted then left.

Compared to some stories on here mines rather dull and boring lol

few years ago we had someone try to break into our girls bedroom when we were home, my partner got up and gave chase

4 thoughts on “Ever Had An Intruder In Your House When You Were There?

  1. Just in the past month, twice [within weeks] by what we assume the same group. Fortunately, when they were aware of some one at home, they left.
    Cops came, dusted for prints, and used the prints found to get one [that had been caught in a stolen car] and another.
    We live a couple of blocks from a “state housing” area, so we’re guessing that they’d migrated from there. We’ve buttoned up most of the vulnerable entry points, and so far we’ve been able to keep ’em out. I’ve gotten to know most of my neighbors [a good thing] and we’re now watching out for eachother.

  2. Back in 2011. Judge referred to it as a robbery as I was aware of his presence, he was charged with burglary. A 44 year old carrier criminal, he received 40 months, and would need to fight it out with the parole board for parole. I chose to read an impact statement to the Judge(only way I would know it was heard), supposedly he had a drug, and alcohol addiction. He forced entry with a claw hammer at lunch time, and I heard him, I grabbed the phone, and hid. Eventually he came to the room I was hiding in(my childs bedroom) when he was in the wardrobe I was able to leave the room. The police had him in custody in ten minutes. I don’t know if he has been released, but I want him to pay for the damage. Scary, and it changes you.

  3. Tracy, glad to hear you’re appreciating New Zealand, sadely so many South Africans don’t feel the same as you. Some have left comments on this blog saying they’re glad to have left NZ and are a better off back in SA.

    But it’s not just the home invasions that people are finding unacceptable. A girl who was a student at Howick College was recently sent back to live with her grandparents in Kwa Zulu Natal, rather than remain in NZ and be bullied at school.

  4. I realize how scarey this must be, I have been living in NZ for 4 months. I moved here from South Africa with my family. Home Invasions and housebreakings are a daily occurance, almost everyone I know has had a housebreaking, and more than one have been in the house at the time. armed robberies, hi-jackings. I’m reading the stories here and I feel these peoples fear…. but you have no idea how lucky you are to be living in NZ. These things do happen here, they happen everywhere, that unfortunatley is a sign of our times… when they start happening daily to people you know… in your street… to your family…….you’ll realize how easy you have it now. Its a beautiful country with problems like any other. Trust me, you’re better off here than in most countries in the world. Why not try appreciate it. I know we do.

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