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Ad hom attacks not welcome here

Ad hom attacks not welcome here

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Make Straw Men; or rant on about other countries’ issues and use them as a justification for poor standards in New Zealand.  Being told ‘it’s so much worse in xyz’ doesn’t make it any easier to accept the same type of crap in NZ, just on a smaller scale. Remember, NZ is often falsely marketed to migrants on the basis that it doesn’t suffer from those problems. Very often those issues are worse in New Zealand than elsewhere in the world because of its poverty gap, social disconnectedness and isolation.

Try to serve up Kool-Aid on a site whose objective is to take a long hard look at New Zealand. Don’t suggest that those who don’t like the taste of Kool-Aid are defective and you’re ok. Before you begin to recite the gospel of New Zealand ask yourself “who am I really trying to convince?”

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Can’t handle that? Maybe it’s time for you to ease off on the Kool-Aid.

202 thoughts on “COMMENTS

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing a piece on the wellington twitterari. For too long they’ve been the scourge of NZ internet, with deep links to those who control r/NZ and other influential social media.

    Keep up the good work with #unselfieFriday, I can see that its getting HUGE uptake and I bet you’ve already raised thousands for hungry children or earthquake awareness or hungry children in earthquakes.

    Some scandals that you should add to your report:

    1) In 2015 “Megapoop” got several people banned after they criticised his sausage photos. Ask around, people will back this up.

    2) “Dairyman” isn’t actually a real farmer, it’s all a giant con just to get kudos from the farming community.

    3) The “twitterati” meet every month in Levin and plan in advance what is going to be big on Twitter. Again, ask around, people have verified this.

    4) What happened to that Rawshark guy? He got scared off. Ask yourself who did that.


    • It sounds like Megapope thinks positive Twitter chatter will drown out the real unfiltered experiences of newcomers to New Zealand.
      Also that “making fun of E2NZ, is going to make people ignore the website”. Just LOL.
      Interesting ideas, but just like the Brexit that was unexpected, and the Donald win that I believe is coming … it’s going to be for naught.
      Humanities graduates have some interesting views about public relations and controlling the discourse.

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  2. A very useful website, much much appreciated, have sent the site to half a dozen kiwi expat friends and we all are in agreement with most of the insights. Im a kiwi living overseas for 20 years (UK, USA, currently Asia last 10 years) and have experienced the deteriation of opportunities, the rapid change in the national psyche to unalterated greed, loss of community, the horredous prices for consumer staples. My only defense is it wasn’t always like this. How about a section specifically for returning or diaspora kiwis that wish to leave or not return, it would add credibility and objectivity to the site.


  3. [Deleted, Kool-Aid and other places. You say you love NZ yet your IP address puts you in Australia. Guess NZ didn’t work out too well for you either. Don’t troll. Admin]

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  4. Here’s an opinion I read in the comments of an article. This person is a teacher. Scary.

    And just so know, ‘Asian’ parents do not TEACH their children English, continue to enrol them in New Zealand childcare, continue to speak their language to Asian teachers, grandparents pick them up with NO english (which makes certain situations very very difficult in explaining their child’s day:learning, behaviour etc etc) Most children’s behaviour is unacceptable due to not knowing ANY english – behavioural issues, little attention span to everyday activities etc etc. So parents expect and pay for a New Zealand education, but take no responsibility in embracing the culture that they have chosen to live in. I have chosen not to be part of NZ education because of my less than compassionate beliefs (before you accuse me of being a terrible teacher!!)
    So before you take another dig at my comments, with your PC attitude, these are the facts that exist in this city, with immigrants and the ‘New New Zealanders’ in how they ‘contribute’ to New Zealand society. Do me a favour, and leave the thread.


    • Aww. I want to see what the trolls say. Their rage is super funny.
      Anyway, update to my post. That argument was deleted. No idea why. I wasn’t abusive and the rest of the article is full of similar and worse.

      Maybe it was this ‘teacher’ who requested it, because she commented on some other posts, unrelated to what she said in the above. I’m guessing she realized how unprofessional it was to be a daycare teacher, who is supposed to be trained to deal with young children, yet post about how the Asian kids are driving her out and basically that she despises them.

      It’s DAYCARE, not high level study and they are just kids. I’ve taken care of Chinese children before who could barely speak a word of English yet I had no trouble dealing with them. They are really fun and we had no issue understanding each other. They were copying my words and applying them almost instantly. Now, less then one year later they speak very well.

      Would you want your child in the care of someone like this? It’s frightening to think how many more with this attitude are out there. This woman obviously has something against Asians, and believes she knows everything about them. The truth is she has no cultural competency whatsoever, and an inability to deal with children.

      I did counter all this leaving her with nothing to say but it was all deleted, mine and hers. I think I could get her name, if anyone wants to know. She said she has chosen not to be a part of NZ education anymore, which is good, but who knows if it’s the truth. I’d want to know if someone like this was taking care of my child all day. When you reply on MSN it automatically posts the name you are responding to. I’m pretty sure other comments that responded to her are still there.


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