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202 thoughts on “COMMENTS

  1. Since moving to NZ from the US, we’ve traveled to several Pacific Islands. When ever we get back to NZ from our trips, I have to think that moving to NZ from the US [in world status] is much like going from many PIs to NZ. NZ is realy a second world country, but kiwis don’t like to hear that or admit it.

    US is to NZ as NZ is to Cook Islands [only CI is warmer].


    • The “standards” on a superficial level are roughly the same.
      It is not until you look deeper to find the more serious deficiencies. You can look every where and find the same. This can be found literally from the ground up; no foundations under most houses [you could never say that NZ housing is built to a “high standard”], thin skin of “chip seal” [crushed rock sprayed with tar] for road surface…
      But to look at the infrastructure from a distance, it looks pretty good.

      Then there is the more figurative similarity. “Least corrupt”? Favoratism and the “old boys club” in buisness is rampent, I’d call that corrupt. There is huge importance placed on the appearance of propriety, so all effort will be made to have things “look good” with out the more structural soundness of things actually being good.

      It depends on how objectivly you want to look and what you’re willing to put up with.


    • Yep, we have our politicians to thank for that! NZ used to be a first rate country to live in with a first world standard of living….and then the greedy corporate politicians and the Roger Douglas’s took over. Second rate!!!!


      • linda246,

        I’m not sure whether your politicians deserve all the blame, the UK’s abandonment of Commonwealth trading presences when it joined Europe probably is the main cause of NZ’s present economic situation. Rogernomics was an attempt to modernise and internationalise the NZ economy, whether it was successful is another question entirely.


      • I like to second that. Rogernomics started the process of turning New Zealand into a beancounter hell. New Zealand is now a third world country, substandard education, health care, freezing and starving children and old people, sick people, overcrowded housing, corrupt justice system, and living costs are some of the highest in the world. I dream myself back some 35 years, just about everyone had their own home, women and children walked home at night safely, police was friendly and answered your burglar alarm, and it was a godzone place. It is gone.


  2. @ carpentaro

    Some people use ‘third world’ to describe New Zealand, even though this is passing out of favor and ‘developing world’ is used more now.

    It does have some ‘third world’ diseases that more developed countries don’t have – e.g. rheumatic fever. And the high number of preventable child deaths, teen pregnancies, child poverty and youth suicide which all suggest there is much room for development.


  3. I’m reminded at how backward the technology is here every time I try and do anything.
    Cell phone apps, internet downloading… These are [to be sure] small things, easily overlooked. Yet when placed in the position to provide advanced tech, Kiwi seem to delight in rejecting tech advances, and will say “she’ll be right” and get on with anything that does not adhere to advanced tech, if was not provided by NZers.
    There was an article in the paper today, talking about what the princess was wearing. In the local paper, the was as much “ink” as to who had made her dress, as it had been desighned by someone from NZ. Big “whoop”, a kiwi designed a dress.

    My biggest concern: how degraded my skills will be when I leave. How will Oz view a skillset coming from NZ?


  4. I am so depressed after coming to New Zealand in 2007, Not only I lost my banking career last 5 years could not find a single decent job. Everybody wants you to work for free here. They beg china and India for trade still exploit their countrymen so badly.
    For me the things are same. These sluggish goat shaggers invite us in their country to become broke and then ask us to leave for Australia. More than 17000 houses built by whites are leaky still they blame Chinese for doing low grade construction in New Zealand. More than 25 Finance companies gone burst in last 5 years still they think Indians and Chinese are not capable of running companies in New Zealand. I have myself noticed racism where I was told to do business in my community given there is no line for kiwis. They themselves fly to Australia and blame Migrants for taking over. According to Auckland committee 50% Migrants who are capable and skilled are doing crappy jobs like cleaning toilets and sticking parking tickets. Their tone changes when they talk to migrants. They are intimidating and threatening to migrants. I hate kiwis as they made me racist too. I mean they have destroyed the whole maori race by making them dependent and taking their land. Now they blame them for filling the jobs and taking the dole. Let me ask you –Do they take the same care as they do for their own people.Well the answer is a big NO.they do not miss an opportunity to ridicule migrants and maories. On the other hand Maories have almost lost hope and same will happen to all the people coming here. they will either leave or become their slaves. But I am not.Kiwis are horrible Hobbits’


  5. lack of parental care,comments like that from some pc social worker make me want to vomit.likewise the 12 year sentence handed out,this scum bag murdered a young woman violently,he BLOODY WELL KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING.also this gang culture,prospect crap,these people need taking out big style, violent anti social criminal gangs who instill fear and loathing where ever they are,so scary and intimidating,cocking a snoop at law and order,should never be allowed to parade their strength and violent culture so flagrantly,its like allowing a bunch of the SS to still waltz around unmolested. criminalize membership of these gangs,massive no tolerance fines and imprisonment,and no excuses that lawless behavior is caused by poverty,its not,other wise new zealand, ,just tell your lawless scum that its open season on law abiding people,and hopefully when your tourism tails off to insignificance,you might send out a few police decoys or show a preference to reassure tourists there is some law in newzealand,my son and i have camper vanned all across it,met some trouble,wont be coming back.


  6. Here is our experience of NZ:
    The document above is regarded by most as an horrific experience of atrocities. The document contains comments on our experiences from a large number of experts in NZ and around the world – over 30 professors and doctorates, NZ MPs, psychologists, members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The universal reaction to these NZ atrocities is horror and outrage. One MP in the House of Commons is so incensed that he submitted the above document to a UK parliamentary select committee.

    It is our view that no other country in the world is as tolerant as NZ toward paedophiles and those who exploit children. No other country in the world has been as brutally abusive as NZ toward a capable, loving family, desperate to protect their vulnerable child from exploitation.

    To date no-one has been held to account for these atrocities.


      • Injustice toward the victim, injustice towards people not in work, injustice towards the justice system (that the victim suffers twice – once by being victimised, and another by not having the criminal (commensurately) “pay for their crimes”), injustice towards wider society (they get jobs despite honest people being out of work)…


  7. This website is borderline sedition….and you wonder why Kiwis dislike immigrants….Bak to whence you came if you don’t like it…VERY simple.


    • @Roma. Thanks for your input and speaking volumes about free speech in New Zealand. Don’t choke on the Kool-Aid.

      Kiwis dislike immigrants

      thanks for confirming that.

      Told anyone else to leave recently, would you rather they stayed and helped fix the place?


  8. I find it really sad how this entire website has only negative information, what, did you remove every shred of it you disagree with? If our country has many problems, blame it on the government not the entire country, it really hurts me when people like you do this. There’s not one positive section in the navigation bar either, what you’re doing by creating this website only makes it harder for New Zealand’s problems to be fixed. Many people also consider our country “Small” sure for a country we are, you only encounter about 820,000 people in a 75 year lifetime, how can you state that New Zealand is small at a population of 4.5-5million? You should be happy you even have the right to live here, why don’t you go visit a real third-world country and stop being so biased, you make it out that US, UK and Australia are the best places on earth, then you turn on New Zealand and only make us look bad, sure you can look at the statistics of crime in our country, what about kids taking guns to school in the US? Or terrorist attacks that are completely non-existent here? Australia is built on a culture of crime and racism, you just disregard that and say it’s okay? UK has many government issues, you just ignore that? Oh but no, nono you have to ONLY include negative “non-proven” factual “evidence” to ruin this country even more. If you really want to live to make money then, so be it, I HONESTLY guarantee when I die I will feel so much better about my life than those who promote greed(Which is the main cause our country is having problems) yet you proceed the vicious cycle? You really do make us out to look racist, yes the occasional few are, I frown heavily on racism and I also find it saddening that people look on an entire country and it magically molds their description no matter what it be, as long as it’s negative, right? Isolation, you wouldn’t have a clue what isolation is, sure we are an island far from anywhere else, of course we are going to be isolated from the world, but that does not mean ever individual within our country is isolated. Isolation is having no-one or nothing and being alone. This really hurts me I just thought I’d post my say, you probably won’t even accept this comment because you disagree thus ignoring it. However I really hope you can one day be unbiased as you have built negativity from our country, there are still nice people everywhere, it’s completely untrue to say that we are all violent or pertain to a specific group or context in which a single individual defines. I don’t see New Zealanders as being rural, 85% of us live in urban areas, however, many still believe we are a small country, a rural country etc.. Sure we have more sheep than people, so does Australia with an astounding 120 million sheep, and US with 450 million chickens, I hope I hinted at the stupidity of this comment, because animal population honestly doesn’t matter, and if it did why would it be a good thing? Shouldn’t you be thinking of animal welfare too? Anyway that beside, I really believe you shouldn’t act so biased towards an entire country, I don’t understand why you have such hate for this country, if you really want to carry on that belief then so be it, I won’t stop you, as untrue, judgmental and naive as it may be. I also believe the hatred you expose to even the residents of New Zealand is fault of the government, I also just want to point out that because you have something against New Zealand doesn’t mean we the residents who choose to live here should fall consequence of your problems as I believe this might be one of the main sources why many people choose to leave, not only do you destroy the country for the people who you dislike, you also destroy it for people who do not deserve it, thus making you worse than those who govern this country, those who commit violent acts and crimes, you wouldn’t have hurt one person, ten or a hundred, you would have ruined the lives of millions(Yes an exaggeration).

    Please don’t hate New Zealand. Sorry this comment is long, diverse and unstructured, I don’t see much point fixing because as sad as it may be, you probably won’t even read or accept it, please just take my advice.


    • NOT talking about New Zealand’s problems makes them even harder to fix. Sweeping the dirt under the rug doesn’t change a thing.

      Please read our welcome page to find out why this site exists

      You may also wish to read to find out more about why migrants and some Kiwis feel aggrieved with New Zealand.

      People get the government they voted for, the present one was voted in on what was called a landslide majority and the New Zealand prime minister was elected because he represents New Zealanders.

      Perhaps if more New Zealanders took responsibility for their country, rather than trying to lay the blame elsewhere, migrants AND kiwis would find it a better place to live in?


  9. Rohanel,

    “a culture of crime and racism”.

    Some Kiwis just can’t help bashing Australia, it’s not Australians’ fault that NZ is being left behind in the development race. I’m not trying to excuse Australia’s faults but expose the hypocrisy and ignorance of some anti-Australian comments by New Zealanders. The ironic fact is that Australians generally have a favourable view of NZ.

    Kiwis made their choice 100 years ago, live with it.

    PS if you’re thinking of moving to Oz, move soon, the door is closing slowly but surely.


    Just tired of Kiwi Oz bashing–one of the reasons I changed my mind about considering a move to NZ.


    • Russel, that was probably a wise decision. Australians make up a minute percentage of the the nationalities that emigrate to New Zealand. There must be a reason for that. And before anyone sends us a link to data that shows a couple of thousand people leave Australia every year headed for NZ – most of them are Kiwis returning home


      • Interesting website! New Zealand is one of the top holiday destinations for Australians. There must be a reason for that. The one’s I know when visited New Zealand loved the place. Obviously most Australians will prefer the higher salaries and stronger economy at home, so they are not going to move in a big hurry. Australians are very patriotic. Australia is indeed the lucky country. Literally, very lucky.
        I think to be fair to New Zealand, no country is without serious issues, if you scratch the surface.


        • Living in a place is very different from vacationing in it. Plus, the tourists who visit NZ aren’t living off NZ salaries or in NZ houses, laboring in NZ workplaces, experiencing Kiwi tall poppy syndrome, or sending their kids to NZ schools.


      • [Deleted, if you want kool-aid (or reassurance you’re doing the right thing by returning to NZ) you’ve come to the wrong place. Regards, Admin.]


  10. Moved back to New Zealand from Sydney Australia this year and have been back just over 2 months. I Was in Sydney for 4 years and really enjoyed it, great energy, a melting pot of cultures and good money to be made. Coming back to NZ has been a real culture shock, im not sure if culture is the word to use because New Zealand is quite lacking in this. The country is beautiful but it does grow old. Housing is overpriced (I was paying less in Sydney), I had to live in my car for a month due to this, food is overpriced, petrol is expensive, there is alot of poverty, and a growing inequality between the rich and the poor. . I did get a job very quick but besides that its hard to make good friends here who just don’t want to get “pissed bro” or drive clapped out old bombs and get stoned and talk about meaningless subjects. New Zealand is also racist and insular in their mindset, I wish my home country would just grow up really, stop watching American T.V programs and decide to change but this is all wishful thinking and I cant see it happening. Im planing on only being back after a year here to Australia, as a musician I found it more appealing to be in with young people doing things, working hard, having goals and aspirations. Back in NZ, I came across the same old faces doing the old shit in the same old town.


  11. Thanks Basil, we’d like to incorporate this into our Migrant Tales series if its ok with you. Suffering from reverse culture shock is more common than you’d think, so many New Zealanders find they’ve outgrown their country when they return but feel obliged to stay because of family commitments.

    Let us know if you’d like to add anything to it before its published – we’ll give it a day or two.



  12. just when we thought that Fonterra, the company that is all our eggs in one basket economy had worked out that getting it right counted they go and do this.

    oh well at least they are only trying to kill the locals this time and not babies in China.


  13. Trying to find a space where i could vent off my experience of New Zealand since 2008.

    June 5, 2008 i landed in Auckland 11.25 New Zealand time and proceeded towards catching connecting flight to Napier, i still remember that day, crystal clear, as an 18 year old student of Bachelor of Business at Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier.

    I was supposed to be picked up at the airport but since nobody showed up, i shelled out 32 bucks for a ‘splendid’ ten kilometer trip to the student village! God, i had no idea what i was getting into.

    Setting the background, i am from New Delhi and it was sure heck of a transition. To be honest, the first two or three days it felt good and all rosy to the young guy of that time, although i was surprised watching the empty streets and wondered how come shop-owners stay afloat. First week, we had an orientation session, where we were ‘scared mongered’ as they told how Indian students work illegally here and how its hard to find job. Gawd! they were telling this to students after they landed here, like we were some sort of pariah or refugees!! It was nonsense and pathetic, (the fat lady who gave ‘meagered’ us with her passionate elocution, was later fired owing to visa fraud charges and accepting bribes!!!)

    Student village was far from the supermarket, and the public transport is non-existent in Hawkes Bay and a one way trip in taxi cost around thirty bucks. So here i was hungry and feeling ripped off, as no staff helped us transition at that time. After fifty grand of fees, they turned it soon turned out to be a hefty misadventure. EIT as they call it was a very small campus, with bare minimum facilities and looked nothing liked on brochures, but most disappointment was with the teaching staff and totally unqualified lecturers, so much so once i had a person holding a bachelors degree in agriculture teaching a course in business operations.The local students seemed distant and not too interested in striking a conversation, seemed like closeted freaks. Two weeks and i noticed the intellectual absurdity, as there were seemingly grown up students in college level course who didn’t knew about ‘Keynes’ in degree level economics class!! Which to be honest was even of lower standard than my eight grade economics course, and anybody can verify the curriculum from the ICSE India website to validate my point, anyways, soon I immediately know i was among redneck.

    Anyways, passed out, had to take so much pain and shitty employments as student, suffered from depression, self loathing and plain hatred of sheep country! Thought that thing would change in employment situation. WRONG I WAS! my manager turned out not to even have a diploma and there were three managers in our team of five, all the managers were of the same level. Sometimes, i don’t understand how kiwis discount educated people so easily, anybody who has a degree has certainly has more aptitude than these uneducated clowns soaking themselves in the glory of managerial positions. Also, yeah forgot to say that i have been already been made redundant too as the company ‘restructured’. Such low life bullies!! employment relation is a joke here and HR managers are nothing but there to commit the dirty acts on behalf of their employer.

    I hate my current job, but i hate the CEO the most and the unqualified high school pass GM whose act would be deemed a profanity in the subject of management studies.I know that these people faked documents to secure funding from NZTE, as one of the external directors belong the the old boys network and probably drinks in the same pub from the fellas from the NZTE.

    Long story short, am relocating to Australia in one year along with my girlfriend who is originally from HongKong, having lived here more than 12 years and is a qualified CPA with Bachelors Degree, she cant even land a suitable job in accounting here and works in general office administration, and is truly unsatisfied and faces the same old boys club, mismanagement, work place bullying and suppression of latent talents.

    Other than that we both have faced instances of racism, and have had enough of this place.
    We think that we are fortunate being young, with energy to make a move and in order to get ourselves to be able to afford having a stable life and have family, a move is imminent.

    Hope everything goes well, as we move out of this rut. Boy I am outta here!


    • I feel for you.

      You made a very good observation about management not having degrees. When I lived in NZ I worked in a call centre because it was the only kind of job I could get at the time. I had a bachelors degree at the time, nothing amazing just a Politics/Philosphy major but I did get good grades. I do believe that all other things being equal that having a degree – any degree – is better than not having one.

      Pretty soon I realised that 80% of the 40 people people working on the phones in the call centre also had degrees. Guess how many of the supervisors (there were 4 of them) had degrees? That’s right, zero.

      I stayed in that job 5 years and during that time was told the path to success and promotion was to become a “telecommunications industry expert.” So I studied and learned everything I could and soon became known as the most knowledgeable person in the department.

      Over those 5 years I saw several supervisor positions become vacant and applied for them. Each time the job was given to someone who didn’t have a degree and wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about the industry. One of these new supervisors then gave me a poor performance review and when I rattled off all the reasons with facts and figures which I had prepared why he was wrong he completely lost it and started yelling at me. This was the most laid back Kiwi guy you would ever meet who was soft spoken, of NZ born Pacific Island extraction & completely Kiwi in his attitudes and regarded by all as a truly lovely guy. Yet here he was yelling at me, his whole face contorted with rage, as he told me it was going to be hard for me to hear this but I was regarded as a smart arse by everyone in management and that I would never be promoted in that company.

      He e eventually calmed down and apologised for losing his cool and behaving “like people did in the caveman days” and looking back he was probably right that I needed to hear what he told me. But not in the way he thought.

      It’s not just a “Tall Poppy” syndrome. Many Kiwis really do think of anyone with superior knowledge and skills to them as “smart asses” instead of respecting their hard work and scholarship. They will never promote a person who they think of as a “smart arse.”

      5 years wasted at that company doing what I was told to do to get promoted and then because I actually did it being regarded as a “smart arse.” I quit the next day and moved to Australia where I converted my degree into a new career and rose througb the ranks steadily on merit and tenure and now a few years later earn over $100,000 Per Annum $AU. People working in the call centre in NZ are still earning what they were back then, probably about 1/3rd of that.

      I find Aussies are far more willing to give someone a “fair go” than Kiwis are. Kiwis may think Australians are rednecks and racists but from my experience it is Kiwis who are far less likely to give someone a fair go who is different to them. Especially if you are also better educated than they are. And in case you are wondering I am also a NZ citizen so technically a “Kiwi” although I wasn’t born there.


  14. Take a look at an NZ promoter site and see how many old timers are leaving NZ despite being on NZ bandwagon for a loooooong time (self admitted). These are NOT isolated cases; they just can’t take it any more.

    The goal of NZ Gov is to get people to pay thru their noses for qualification assessments and then for immigration process while fully knowing that there are NO jobs or opportunities to be had in the end. If this is not a classic rip off then nothing will ever be! And sites such as simply play the role of facilitators for such scams. Shame it is!


    • is a pro-New Zealand, commercial site. It makes money out of attracting people to New Zealand. Is it true to say it is supportive of them whilst they’ve making the transition but pushes them away when they start with the negativity and when they need a different form of support?

      We’ve an open door policy for anyone who wants to come here from Please let them know that.


      • Does anyone know who owns this It appears to be owned by a real estate agent in NZ. That would explain all the conflict of interest in pushing NZ to unsuspecting immigrants.


        • Every commercial site exists for one reason – to make a profit. Does it matter who owns the results are the same?

          Fortunately raises no revenue whatsoever and is self funded. This leaves us free to service the needs of our readership and maintain a high level of integrity.


    • If its relevant to migrants in New Zealand send us the link and we’ll put it in our blog roll.

      What’s it like being a Kiwi in Australia, you’re obviously unhappy there?


    • Sir/ Madam,

      With all due respect.

      That the gravity defying intelligence that your comments above is leaking with, is putting some dent in the space time here .You folks surely seem to be the ‘model citizen’ of this great nation of ‘New Zealand’, for you are an Ideal representative of that thick headed bourgeois that exist here, overflowing with something called as ‘intelligence’. You, who floating in a chasm of fictionalized pseudo nationalism, think life is a cakewalk with those frequent trips to en-cash the DPB cheques,

      However, you shall be nothing but be ‘tottering’, only if you put a genuine effort to inch the realities of life from your everyday frivolities that you are too busy engaged with.Only if your supreme intelligence would allow you to read some and ‘most important’ comprehend from the link that the mere moral such as me will post below.

      Sadly your elitist intelligence juxtaposed with your sheer stupidity and cock-sureness, would never realize that NZ is nothing but a step away from becoming a rag-hole.

      This wave particle duality is quite evident in kiwis, as their state of existence shuffles quickly, as and when in absence or presence of the quantifying mechanism. This forum elucidate how a proper act of quantifying (read criticism in this context) makes them change their state from sweet sounding patrons to fire breathing, dirt belching crack-whores.

      Anyways, thanks for your ‘proper’ intelligence, i am out of here soon, just like others who have already been.

      Thanks a lot for your sheer hospitality, it will be a memory i will try to forget.



      (India born 25 year old migrant with a skin having OCA2 gene leading to higher quantity of melanin and an only accent (not skull) thicker than bourgeoisie. And yeah, forgot to mention that with a few degrees and accolades here and there too!)

      P.S. – NZ is the perfect model why perfect socialism is unrealistic, because when you pay people directly into their accounts, when all they do is reproduce, seduce, drink and grow ganja, they become such inconsiderate, unproductive morons as the bourgeoisie commenting above.


        • Thanks. Yeah I sure will pass the idea. Btw I am breaking a another news. Lately there has been a few scams running where international students get a call, supposedly from the immigration NZ, from INZ Number, and then they are scammed. Please check the link.

          A friend of mine got scammed of about NZD 1000 , and when he reported the case the police was so lame, I will ask him to write and article here for E2NZ. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India with about seven years of experience who completed his PG Diploma to qualify for NZICA. He never found a proper job here, except clerical grade short term contracts/ assignments. Anyways, he has been massively duped by moving here, so he is moving to Doha soon.
          Please refer to the link below

          The question that is raised here, that when the scammers called him they has every ‘inch’ of detail about him, even his arrival card detail, arrival date, IRD number, last addresses, home addresses…you name it.

          While it is known as that INZ maintains a ‘background’ database of every student entering New Zealand and keeps adding to it, so it highly likely that database has been compromised. May be by hacking or by some corrupt INZ official, but these shepherds are hiding it at the moment, trying to conceal the truth by suppressing the news about database compromise. The question of privacy and database security when asked by my friend, went in vain.

          Here are few other links


    • Interesting.
      Notice how the “cold cases” article starts with the Herald trying to its reassure readers by playing around with the stats. But plainly speaking, 8,000 people go missing every year AND >60 die at the hands of violent offenders. Out of the 8,000 who disappear every year 400 are never found. In other words, 400 go missing every year but only around 60 bodies are found.


    • In a blog post, Mr Slater called a Greymouth car crash victim “feral” – a comment that was reported in the local Greymouth Star newspaper this week.

      Mr Slater told Radio New Zealand this morning he had received “a constant tirade of death threats” on Facebook since yesterday. Some had targeted his family, particularly his daughter.

      “It’s got to the point where I’ve actually had to move my family,” he said.

      “What we’ve got here is a basic, locked-down, watertight case of cyber-bullying where I’ve had something like 200 people attack me on Facebook, asking me to commit suicide, demanding that I meet them somewhere so that they can kick my teeth in, and saying that they know where I live and they’re coming round to kill me.”

      But here’s the clincher – validation from the town’s mayor for the attacks

      Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn told Radio New Zealand that Mr Slater had it coming.

      “What goes around comes around, and if you want to be that insensitive – make disgraceful comments about a young lad that’s a passenger in the back seat of a car, who’s left behind parents that have lost four children now in accidents over the years – he deserves all the slandering he’s going to get.”

      Sounds like a great place to raise kids.


  15. Hi there – I’m a regular & I can’t login to it with my password… help! I also can’t find a function to retrieve my password in case I remember it incorrectly.


    • You no longer have to have an account to contribute, just leave comments using a similar email address as you used before (add couple of characters to the end ) and we’ll know it’s you.


  16. Dear Readers. Please be aware that if you’re asking us to communicate via Twitter we have to follow each other first and private tweets have the same number of characters limit that public messages have. If you’ve got something longer to talk about perhaps Facebook would be a better medium? We don’t correspond via email. If you’ve got another suggestion please tell us.


  17. If you are thinking of moving to NZ, I would advise migrants to not buy a home or flat until you’ve lived here for awhile. Learn the landscape and the quirks of NZ housing. We are renting and so glad we did. Renting also gives us the freedom to leave if I can’t find work by the end of the year. It can be very hard for new migrants to find work because employers will discriminate by using the “local experience” factor. I am mid-career and doing volunteer work that I would have done in my 20s as a new university graduate. Hope things pick up soon.


  18. This site is an absolute gem to vent out your frustrations about New Zealand. I have never met such backstabbing, low lives, racist, frustrated souls in my lifetime such as Kiwis. Its a shame by the way to have such an ugly bird as a symbol !!

    I came to NZ as an international student 9 years ago to study Bachelors Electronics Engineering with a lot of dreams, ambitions and a fire to succeed in life at a polytechnic in Auckland which had a good reputation even though it was a polytechnic. I was shocked at the appalling racism and disrespect shown towards us students ( Indians and Asians) at the polytechnic, by the way dumbo kiwis don’t know that India is actually part of South East Asia and we are Asian too ! The Kiwi rednecks were all to themselves mocking our accent behind our backs ( I heard them mock a few Chinese guys as he walked past ). This initially upset us friends but we were fired up to make up by working hard and finish our qualification besides working part time and supporting ourselves. I knew i had a mistake by investing my parents hard earned money in this shithole of a country called NZ ( Clean and green blah blah) all you can see is cows grazing once you step out of Auckland and people actually walking around like zombies!! The part time job I managed to get with great difficulty after 4 months was at a gas station. I was racially abused few times ( called curry muncher, F*** OFF to India) by brainless Pacific Islanders (mostly Samoans). My colleagues mostly Indians kept saying this is south Auckland and a lot of people here are on the dole, criminals, druggies and that’s why i will have to put up with all this nonsense if I have to survive there. In 1 1/2 year’s time I had developed thick skin but had enough because my manager would always roster me even during my exams. i quit and moved to another gas station which was another crap hole in South Auckland where I managed to survive through for another year.

    Fortunately ( I thought ! ) I managed to secure a part time job at an engineering company which would be beneficial for me to write some relevant experience on my CV. I entered the company and found it to be really unprofessional and having an anti-student mentality. We were treated like slaves. ( make us work like donkeys for a pathetic pay of $12 an hour). The company was mostly full of high school dropouts with very little regard for education. I finished my degree during this time in 2008 and then the recession has broke out. This company had started making people redundant as a result of which I was made on call from part time ( indirectly kicking us out ). I resigned and started looking for new jobs as this company has stopped hiring. GOSH what?? another nightmare !! There were no jobs and somehow after 4 months i managed to secure a technician position at a company in East Auckland. This was the beginning of hell. My boss was a British version of Hitler ( born and raised here to English parents) . This job paid me $ 15 an hour ( what a wonderful pay for a graduate engineer ! ) I was abused almost every second day by this asshole. You didn’t do this, didn’t do that all the time. British Hitler knew I was vulnerable and on a work visa so he took full advantage of it. The regional manager was another British tosser from Adelaide ( horribly racist) as he used to taunt myself and another Sri Lankan colleague all the time saying horrible stuff like you guys are from the third world… (Hello India is the second largest emerging economy in the world).The reaming kiwis were also really ignorant and had zero general knowledge. Finally I got my residency and after taking so much I was just sick and took a break and went to India.

    New Zealanders are the most arrogant, racist creeps i have ever met in my whole lifetime. These people think they are the greatest race on planet and look down upon others races. Their media is the worst and always potrays India in poor light. All the assholes go about is what a wonderful country this is! Bullshit ! a COUNTRY full of crap cars all second hand rubbish from Japan, groceries, petrol prices are nothing short of a heart attack. NZ Television is full of racist ediots. The job market what crap does it really exist?? Recruitment is a scam in this shithole called NZ. I will come back with the remaining bit of my story. Thanks for reading


  19. Wholeheartedly agree Deterninati Extreme, and please write the rest of the story. I have just come back from the Middle East and Asia (I am a Kiwi) and have decided that I cant take any more of NZ. The driveway of my property has been trashed (garden and trees destroyed) while I was away, because I am a greenie and took some of the “Deliverance”- styled inbred rednecks through the Environment Court. I have never met such destructive and stupid low-lives anywhere else in the world and I have travelled to and lived in quite a few other countries. I guess that I now have a house to sell. I cant take anymore of the anti- intellectualism and thuggery and debased lifestyle that goes on here.


  20. I am back with the second part of my life story in the most socially progressive nation on earth ( NZ) Yeah Right! Absolute nonsense! I came back to NZ after a lot of soul searching In India and upon seeing my friends who graduated there in Engineering getting jobs in top globally recognized companies was really an eye opener, that my years of struggle in NZ were just a waste or a big mistake. A country like NZ which does not value its own qualifications and only believes in the buddy / reference system for a job cannot progress. I however decided that I had to come back because leaving without getting optimum usage of my family’s hard earned money would just be a waste of both time and money. I came back and started looking for jobs and was trapped by one recruitment consultant who promised me the world about a so called reputed company on North Shore. The manager was a British (mind you I was still getting over my worst nightmare aka the British Hitler who was my previous boss). He was quite nice in the interview and hired me. The top boss who was a French creep was out of station when I was hired came back and just couldn’t digest the fact that an Indian was hired. He started giving me a really hard time and the British prick changed colours like a chameleon and started putting all sorts of false allegations on me . besides the customers I had to deal with ( Kiwis) were an absolute nightmare. Their mentality is you are a slave once they pay something for a product. Use and abuse that’s the Kiwi motto. The other Kiwi colleagues were also backstabbers, talking nicely on the face and all the time complaining behind my back. This went on for 5 months and I was asked to leave by the British and French pricks with all sorts of false allegations which I was not at all responsible for!
    I was upset but these assholes could not break my determination and after a struggle ended up again at the same company I was working as a student.I basically got the job because of my previous work ex as a student. This time around though I was at a higher position and gosh what a joke this company is! Kiwis can’t run companies. Period. Things have gone from bad to worse. Stupid investments are done, poor shareholders hard earned money gets invested into this shithole of a company and false promises are given again and again. This is a family business and the CEO and his brother are both liars of the first category. People here get hired for knowing whom they know! Not for what they know! Inthis time I started studying Post Graduation at a good university in Auckland and theinternational students there often complained to me about the racism they faced. A lot of them I know have left as they couldn’t get jobs after studies and feel cheated by this scam called NZ. I have survived 3 redundancy rounds at work and really don’t know how much more time is left for me but as I write my NZ citizenship has been approved and I will be leaving NZ soon as I had enough of this craphole. Everything is getting worse right from housing to the job market. Kiwis and a lot of immigrants are always in a state of denial about the sad state of affairs and how the smiling assassin Prime Minister has ruined everything for good ! Even immigrants firstly being South African white immigrants I met tell me India is underdeveloped! What do they think South Africa is ? Well India inspite of its issues is a booming economy unlike South Africa which is a symbol of racism and hatred and is going down everyday.
    Coming back to Kiwis, the conversations they have is what beer they drank last weekend, who is sleeping around with whom, who did my hair! Gosh annoying! There is no intellectual conversation like global economy, the state of the so called great NZ, housing crisis etc. My advice to immigrants especially Indians is stick it out here for a few years and NZ citizenship could be way out of this mess! Or else study a course here which no doubt will not get you the recognition here but it will surely reap the rewards in another country like Australia where qualifications are respected unlike here! Getting depressed is not a solution and I know easier said than done but our people are determined and mentally tough enough to succeed. No ediot can put us down. Finally the ediots I have met here have only made me stronger and more determined. I did not achieve the kind of success I wanted to but still at least I have qualifications that will be recognized and the passport of a so called first world country which in my opinion is NOT! All the best


  21. NZ- first world country- yeah right. I have spent a lot of time in India, in the art world in Delhi and also spent much time in cities like Varanasi. There is a wide spectrum of everything in India, and there are some very wealthy people there, and some aspects are really developed.
    The huge population is the worst problem. At least India is interesting which one cannot say about NZ. If you get a lobotomy you should be fine in NZ and can relax and drink your beer and get really inspired by rugby and even enjoy NZTV. Without the lobotomy you may fail to enjoy the “finer points of NZ life.” My current way of thinking is to get the fuck out of here before it damages me too much mentally and spiritually. I think it is too late for NZ. Who could have voted the smiling assassin Prime Minister back in office – only Kiwis. I was in Bangkok when it happened and could not be believe this was possible. Things have only seriously plummeted for me since I boarded the plane from Bangkok to ChCh. Now I have to deal with incredibly stupid things that are a waste of my life (living time).


      • Dunners…Dud …Dunedin. Cold, remote and dirty rednecks in the outback, who seem to want to harm me, because I know that they are fuck-ups and tell them so. I made a huge mistake coming back to live in the arse-end of the world. Why on earth I ask myself, did I do this? Such self-harm to live here. Where is my sheep outfit…. I should kit myself up this way to not be noticed.


  22. Woop woop, e2nz got a mention:

    Ziggaty18 hours ago
    I can in some way understand the frustration of those that sit courses, get high student loans, only to find that there is no job at the end of it all.

    Nursing is a classic example. They do their course only to find that government is allowing the import of nurses to fill jobs. Just visit any hospital and look who is filling young nursing jobs.
    11 replies
    Garry Anderton18 hours ago
    Nursing is a job where there are shortages – staff were imported to cover for positions that COULD NOT be filled by New Zealand registered nurses. Another poster not in possession of all of the facts using the race card
    4 replies
    Jonman17 hours ago
    There are nowhere near enough NZ trained nurses (or doctors) to staff all our hospital and clinic vacancies. Without these highly-skilled immigrants, the entire state health system would collapse. That’s a simple if inconvenient truth.

    Observer77717 hours ago
    Garry – I know at least 3 nurses who could not get work in our region. While our local DHB continues to employ imports.
    meanwhile our tertiary institution continues to train overseas nurses – most of whom are hoping – and planning to switch from a student visa to a work visa at the end of their studies, and stay here to earn money to pay off the loans they took in their 3rd world countries to study here.
    And most of THOSE countries are desperately short of good nurses.

    R S17 hours ago
    So why are they not replaced by our new graduates as they become available?

    Ziggaty12 hours ago

    Garry – It has zero to do with playing the race card. Those that gave you the thumbs up should read this;

    (My comment is that they want the foreign nurses in … as those people will consume NZ goods and services + bring in extra currency in the form of fees and certifications, and in a desperate measure to “prove they’ve tried everything to stay on after being misled into a swindle” … perform “irregular payments”).
    Saying “they only want foreign nurses” is too simplistic.


  23. Thanks for your blog that depicts the truth about NZ without mincing any words. Only if I had come across this before making the foolish decision of going to NZ for study and work,! Being an Indian, I have faced considerable amount of racism in NZ – which is all very veiled- but it is one which pinches and hurts you. I have come back to my own country and have let my friends and family know about the attitude that NZ has towards immigrants from India and Asia. As you have pointed out for yourself- New Zealand is cut off from the rest of the world. hence the more ambitious lot do not really want to go there at all- except for touring it. I was disappointed with the wages there as well and the living expense which is incongruous with what most people earn. Its interesting that the NZ government welcomes Asian students with open arms students ( which of course include Indians) international students because end up paying at least 5 times the course fees than a local student. THAT is why. Because international students boost the economy of NZ in a real big way. So obviously once these students complete their education, they look at settling down with work. I feel that it is immoral for the NZ government advertise New Zealand as a land that is waiting to receive international students with open arms and make them invest thousands of dollars, when the reality is that most Kiwisf look upon these international students as a menace that damages their social and economic fabric. I will never ever go back to that horrid country which suits the adage ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ the best.


    • It’s not that they’re useless – just out-numbered, out-gunned and under-funded. They also have to live in these small communities, send their kids to school there, shop at the local stores and are under pressure to keep down the number of reported crimes. It’s probably more about maintaining the status quo, than keeping the peace. Ultimately, these towns are run by gangs and vigilante groups.


      • “are under pressure to keep down the number of reported crimes”. This is SO TRUE. The reason being, mostly, so that NZ looks good in the OECD stats. Another marketing ploy.


  24. Interesting pages.. My ex-husband is a Kiwi and I have visited NZ couple of times for few months.. I did notice that people are easily jealouse and I still don’t understand why and I felt often I am not welcome. Later I found out that my Ex, then still husband left NZ to escape his criminal record and after our divorce, he built one in my country. NZ is beautiful country, the nature, but I found my in-Laws rude and nasty, exept couple lovely lovely people. Now my Ex lives in my country on a dole, doesn’t pay child support and was violent to me and to our child. All I wish and hope he would leave back to NZ. Now I feel like prisoner in my own country because of Mr.ex harashing me and no-one seems to be able to help. He doesn’t mind going to Court and getting fines either as long as my life gets ruined..


    • If he’s anything like mine (who was also busted for criminal activity), he stopped working so he’d qualify for legal aid specifically for the purpose of gaining control over my life and that of my children. His girlfriend was “keeping” him (in the sense of “kept man”, in pursuit of a shared goal – to retain his kid in his own blighted country. I hope for your sake that he goes home or gets thrown in jail. Does any of this matter to the courts? Not in New Zealand. Maybe not in your country, either. I found the same things in New Zealand: a nasty pettiness and a resentment of people from other countries.


  25. Another example of censorship here

    There are only 2 comments in this article, and comments are now closed.
    There was previously nearly 300 comments in this article and the comments were closed then.
    Here are some of the comments that have mysteriously gone missing (As they say, “I’m just keepin’ it real”:
    Jonman3 hours ago
    Well, how did these employers choose their staff? NCEA reports were meant to show very specifically exactly what study areas every child has mastered (or not mastered) and to do away with hiding incompetence in one area beneath an overall percentage given for summing up everything. Are employers too confused by all the fine reporting detail to make any sense of NCEA school reports? Or aren’t they even bothering with the applicants’ NCEA reports at all?

    SenseOfTheAbsurd4 hours ago
    It’s downright sinister, the propaganda campaign that’s being run to demonise the under-25s. Aspire to a liveable wage? BRAT. Aspire to being able to get a mortgage on a basic house and have kids and a lemon tree and maybe even a dog? SPOILED ENTITLED DEMANDING BRAT. Object to having what’s essentially an extra 10% tax to pay for an education, the cost of which has increased well beyond the rate of inflation? OVEREDUCATED SPOILED ENTITLED BRAT WITH NO IDEA OF THE REAL WORLD.

    And I say this as a crusty old fart of 45.

    Madwife4 hours ago
    My 19 year old son is one of the hardesr workers I know – working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    Had to go to Australia to earn a decent living though.
    1 reply
    JimmyRob3 hours ago
    Don’t believe the crap about being easier to buy a house though mate. Unless a 2 bedroom cottage close to the city for a million bucks in Melbourne appeals to you.

    Daniel Talis5 hours ago
    I understand the frustrated sentiment expressed by employers in this article but I believe there are some very important reasons why so many are coming to young adulthood in such a condition. Here’s one.. many young people intuitively know that political correctness is a motivating force behind school procedure.
    Here’s another.. young people intuitively know that the ‘worker ant’ work ethic is not something they are comfortable entering into.
    In an age when machines can do what people once did, they are now looking around for the next stage, the next role and reason for being on planet earth, of fitting into a system that is choking and no longer providing inspiring opportunity. Basically they cannot relate to what is on offer. I think the system has to catch up with kids, not that kids should mold themselves into an old paradigm. To say that they are spoiled or lazy is not entirely correct. Observe any young person, if they enjoy what they are doing, those qualities are nowhere to be seen.
    4 replies
    Herpderp224 hours ago
    They don’t work because they don’t see the link between work and getting ahead. They don’t see it because it’s not there. Workers have spent 30 years getting more productive and efficient. This is fact. Wages have stagnated for 30 years. This is fact.
    It’s not surprising that some kids don’t see the point. What’s surprising is that any of them do.

    ScottJ3 hours ago
    The only “reward” I ever got from working hard was being made redundant. Twice.

    Daeva10 hours ago
    while i agree that literacy and numeracy is down among school leavers (my primary school teacher told me blatently that they no longer hold children back when they haven’t mastered these skills to their age level) i disagree with the attitude of employers offering apprenticeships. they pay under the minimum wage and expect the apprentices to do the full wage job. and if cleaning the toilet is part of a mechanics job description i’m a monkey’s uncle. sadly most high schools/colleges (depending on what city you are in – for those nitpickers) no longer send kids on work experience – i’d love to know why, when i was in high school we were sent out onto work experience in our senior years. maybe it needs to be put back in place?
    7 replies

    Diz11 hours ago
    I know a young guy in the Waikato (16) who started a mechanics apprenticeship about 6 months ago. He was really pleased to get the job and excited at the start. Since then, however, his enthusiasm has waned. I don’t think that’s anything to do with his age, however. He’s often left on his own to work on a job that he’s never done before, with no help or instruction. If it takes him longer than the qualified mechanics, then the boss expects him to stay late to finish it. Often he’s asked to stay late to help others finish their jobs too. He ends up working 60 – 70 hours most weeks. He comes home feeling exhausted and down on himself. The idea of an apprenticeship is that someone teaches you the trade. That’s not what is going on in his case, however. Any mistakes he makes when figuring out how to do these things by himself will stick, because no one is helping him or correcting him. I think it is a bit much to expect a 16 year old to have all of the knowledge of an experienced mechanic after 6 months on the job with little instruction. They can complain that there’s a problem with the current generation of young people, but if this is industry standard (I hope not), then I think there’s a problem with the expectations of the employers.
    4 replies

    frank azaroia3 hours ago
    I have been in the trade for 30 years and I have seen good and bad tradesmen
    And I can say the same for employers
    I also am sick of Employers complaining of shortage of good workers
    With the introduction of the Employment Contracts Act the Labour force is now a commodity and employers have had the distinct advantage to negotiate wage rates and conditions
    When industry bosses complain about unable to find suitable staff what they are actually saying is they can’t find cheap staff
    Pay good money , have good conditions and you’ll get good staff , the ECA in essence ,there is no shortage of labour as it is a commodity
    But Employers will import cheap labour from overseas (immigrants are only here for the money ) lowering the wage of the average NZer and decreasing NZeds Standard of living this is a very slippery slope


    • Good for you to save the undeleted comments! We should do that for a lot of New Zealand news stories. Someone should make a regular column or blog about it. NZ WikiPress. Keep an archive of the reality so that people can see how much that country censors to preserve their insanely tarted-up “reputation” internationally.


      • Thanks for your words, and
        Just LOL again,
        the comments have gone missing.
        I refreshed the browsers 5 times each to be sure.
        Yup, good thing I saved them and put them here.

        They (the newspapers) can of course make up an excuse, e.g. database issue or “technical problem” …

        after all censorship only happens in authoritarian countries /sarcasm


  26. @Plain Jane. Thank you for your message, please reply with the url of the page/s on which your flatmate’s details appeared and they will be removed. All of your other comments have been deleted.


  27. Hi Nebula, I am in Dunedin. I see that you wrote a realistic, accurate, and absorbing migrants tale, that made me both cry and laugh. I am trying to leave the country soon. It is way too much like you say. If I do not leave I will require a lobotomy.


  28. Why life in New Zealand so rediculous and hard? Because you live in a racist and violent society. Every person born overseas is considered here a direct threat to them. You, a foreigner, getting a job means for them that you’ve taken their job from them and they’ll gang up do everything possible to kick you out of your job. This is their culture – bigotry, racism, no respect for their own government or any authority. This is because New Zealand is run by the gangs: black power and mongrel mob – everyone here has some degree of connection to these gangs. This is also why your overseas qualifications will not get recognised here – you cannot be more intelligent or educated than they are, by default. Whatever they teach you at work and sell it to you as a high tech stuff is very just basic stuff they imported and took onboard from the UK or other places or even stole your own ideas while you were talking to them. They live by the flow of Mana (abuse and violence) between themselves, and so are you becoming a part of the flow too. It was rightly said by someone they are nothing but inbred violent bloodsuckers. Apart of course of their elite, who sell the multicultural idea to you and to them: they don’t buy it, but you sacrifice your life to it and come here to get pissed off daily, discriminated against, and your private life invaded and every law that is law for you spat on in front of your eyes, that’s until you say I’ve had enough and I wanna go home – but you are very old by then. It’s not a home for all nations or a multicultural society, it’s a concentration camp.


  29. If you already happen to be in New Zealand, then show them no respect for their drugged, marijuana smelling, drunken lifestyle (this is the way many of them rise their kids), their preference for cheap disgustingly tasting alcohol that they drink more than water, their general idiotism, mental degradation and inability to produce material values or live in an industrial economics. Tell them they nothing but scammy racist gangs! Tell them all they say about immigration, respect of human rights is complete and utter bullshit, because their drunkeness from the age of 3 and illiteracy does not allow them not to only understand the meaning of this words, but to read and write and understand any text generally!


  30. So I was recently abused on a news site by a woman who hate Filipinos. She was going on about what scammers they are and I was countering her points. My wife is Filipino and this woman claimed we are also in a fake marriage. This woman is a psychopath and rants about this anywhere, any chance she gets as her father was apparently a victim of a scam of some sort. The problem is this woman does not differentiate between a scammer and her personal experience, and totally innocent people. It’s a bit scary because I’ve seen her comments elsewhere mentioning making them feel unwelcome so they don’t want to be here, and even vigilante action, though I doubt she’s serious but still you never know. The larger problem is how, like a disease, her and people like her, such as scum Winston Peters, can instill fear. It makes me worried for my wife though Filipinos are generally fine here at least that’s what I see from the communities we know.

    My second experience. I’m a volunteer English teacher so I’m around migrants and refugees often. Great people. I can’t go into extreme detail here but a guy I’m teaching is being treated like crap by housing NZ, WINZ, and the police. These departments are pretty shitty no matter who is dealing with them but still it pisses me off more here because they are obviously looking down on him and not taking him seriously because he’s from Middle East. Housing NZ dumped his family in one of the worst areas and he’s surrounded by druggie gangsters all day. He’s trying to finish social services course, not because he needs it but to become registered or something. He can’t even go because these thugs destroy his car regularly, and even broke into his house while they were asleep. No one is doing anything about it. All I can do is go to any meetings with victim support, WINZ, and whoever else and try putting some pressure on them to do something.

    Yep, NZ is definitely getting worse and worse. Hang around the comments section of MSN NZ and check any article relating to housing or foreigners in general and you’ll find these disgusting elitist kiwis. They despise foreigners and people on the benefit especially. I’m getting tired of responding to people like this. Any backup? lol.


  31. I’ve been reading through this.

    I get the point about foreign investors, but data based on ‘Asian/Chinese sounding names’? That’s just plain silly. NZ people for the most part can’t even tell where an Asian person is from, and they sure as hell can’t identify this from their names.

    The can’t even pronounce them. Another quick rant, and again I can’t name names as this is client stuff, but I went to WINZ as support for someone and we needed to see his case manager, who is Chinese. We were asked who we were waiting to see by another case manager, and he gave this Chinese woman’s first name. Due to their being more than one employee with that name there, she asked us which one we meant and said her last name, and pronounced it totally incorrectly. The Chinese name starts with zh, and the standard ignorant kiwi just voices that by the sound of ‘z’, when it’s pronounced like ‘j’ in this case.

    Might seem like a small thing, but the fact is that Chinese woman has been working there for a long time and so has this moron who can’t even be bothered learning how to pronounce a single letter in a foreign name in all that time. How do you work alongside people and not even know how to say their name? And then have none of your many workmates correct you? It’s not a one-off mistake. It’s that they don’t care, and I wonder how many others there also pronounce her name wrong and she just sits there with a smile taking that shit and not correcting them, probably afraid they’ll get hostile, as is so often the case in the kiwi workplace when you correct or disagree with someone.


  32. Admins or whoever, sorry for my constant comments. I’ve just got some time off and spending a bit of time online reading things that make me angry lol. No doubt this is all well known here already.

    So I was reading this thread and saw a comment that made me wonder.

    What is it with kiwis acting like that are all united, brothers, looking after each other, watching each others backs? In my experience they’re treating each other like garbage. You only have to read any thread anywhere online about people on benefits to see some seriously sick attitudes toward fellow kiwis in need.

    The title, ‘Asians buying our houses’. Our houses? A house is an item for sale. It doesn’t belong to anyone and no one is entitled to one more than another in reality. The investor thing isn’t great, but kiwis are doing to because they know they can generate huge profit just like many Chinese are doing. There’s just more Chinese doing it. But, what if they vanished and only kiwis were investing? Wouldn’t other kiwis still be losing out? Having a home ‘stolen’ from them? Would we blame each other if we were the only ones doing it? I don’t think so.

    “worked for us..sold last month to Chinese us the chance to move to BOP and be mortgage free..We didnt care whose money it long as it worked out good for us.”

    See that? Kiwis don’t care for the guy next to them. They just don’t often admit it. They lose nothing if families they don’t know have no home. They constantly talk about how the ‘average kiwi’ is losing out, but there’s always been those losing out.

    “How many of you with property to sell would turn down a larger offer from an Asian than what a Kiwi was offering?”

    This person gets it.

    “No problem, but you have to wonder why they leave their own country to live in NZ …basically because their own country is stuffed up….so why not settle in someone else’s place and stuff that up as well,”


    Ok sure others countries do have horrible problems, but I didn’t notice how others were stuffing up NZ as I was too overwhelmed with the child murder, domestic violence, degenerate drinking culture, garbage justice system protecting criminals, pervert teachers. I’ll stop there because the list is too long.

    If you’re wondering why I don’t reply in that thread, well it’s pointless trying to deal with a group of elitist kiwis and I’d just end up having my account banned most likely. I’ve also been told to leave NZ if I don’t like it, and I’m a New Zealander. WTF? Is this all they can say in the end?

    I’m not too concerned at all with Auckland becoming mostly Asian. At least they don’t murder their children. and live in a permanent intoxicated state. Sorry for the rants.


    • A bit more on the story.

      ‘Radio New Zealand Reporter Kate Gudsell went to inspect the flats with some of the tenants and found the elevator doors already have rust on them, and rust is visible on the walls where the vents are.
      The complex received an award at this year’s New Zealand Institute of Architects awards, and it was lauded for the use of circulation balcony spaces as private outdoor spaces.
      But residents spoken to said the spaces may look nice but they act like wind tunnels,’

      Still amazes me that Kiwis have yet to master hot water radiator central heating – when you see people moving into 1/2 million dollar apartments with portable oil column heaters you have to wonder.


  33. Thinking of moving to Queenstown this winter – think again

    Mouldy flat made me ill – former tenant–former-tenant/

    ‘An Invercargill woman is warning house-hunters in Queenstown to be wary when looking for accommodation in the resort.

    Tammy Hall says renting a mouldy flat had left her sick and unemployed.

    She moved to Queenstown in May after securing a job with a concrete company.

    But after spending only one night in her new accommodation, she was forced to move back to Invercargill as she could not secure an alternative place to live.

    “It was pretty horrendous. I coughed all night, my skin was itchy – I came up in a rash. I didn’t sleep at all.

    “I couldn’t stay another night. The air quality was bad; it felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

    Hall says she had viewed the one-bedroom apartment on Watts Rd previously but thought dehumidifiers and a deep clean would leave it habitable.

    Two dehumidifiers had to be emptied three times during her 24-hour stay.’

    Backpackers reckon rental market in Queenstown is ‘worse than London’

    Queenstown’s winter wood crisis hits home

    ‘Keeping the home fires burning is difficult in Queenstown because dry firewood stocks
    have run out.

    Three local suppliers say they’ve completely exhausted their dry wood stocks – another two merchants aren’t returning calls.

    “We’ve got plenty of wood but it won’t burn,” veteran Terry Sothern of Queenstown Firewood Supplies says.

    Sothern ran out of dry wood two weeks ago – the earliest in his 48 years in the game, he says.

    Last year he didn’t run out until November.’


  34. Does anyone here post counter arguments on other sites? Just wondering because I get a bused a bit when I post defending foreigners here. Today I was told I need a shrink and should leave NZ to live in Iraq or Syria because I ‘love foreigners so much’. There needs to be more speaking up to defend foreigners here. Would be cool if some of you guys could get on the MSN news articles and blast these fools.


    • To ”get abused a bit” I think you should regard as just a bit of the fun debating issues on the web. What at least I don’t agree with is open racism, personal attacks and threats of violence. The best is just to bite back the same way, but at least reasonably politely. Who are “foreigners” here, people living in other countries, or do you mean Kiwi immigrants like Chinese and Indians. Maybe you think of the recent debate of the Chinese driving up home prices in Auckland. Knowing China very well, I would say it is true that Chinese driving up prices, BUT it is certainly not the whole truth. Ordinary old style kiwis are just as good at it, the Chinese has just joined the club. The same thing happened in China, speculation in home price increases was taking off, but different from New Zealand the China government took timely and definite action and put a lid on the problem. Prices of homes in general have in some places dropped up to 30% and are now stable. In New Zealand they still scratching their heads and the problems avalanche. It is actually quite simple to put an end to the growing disaster.


      • Yeah, I get what you’re saying there. It’s immigrants, refugee, and people living outside of NZ. Defend any of those groups and you’ll be abused. I recently posted a reply on an article about corruption in immigration. The other poster had just started ranting about how anyone who can’t speak English should not be allowed to live here. He targeted the elderly claiming they are brought here, and get residency just to sit on welfare. We got into a debate then others pop in and start launching attacks on me, using the classic kiwi technique of trying to belittle and bully, attacking my grammar (I’m actually awful on my touchscreen phone), telling me I need a shrink and that I’m angry and confused. Fact is I work with migrants and refugees teaching English as well as support work. I know these people and it pisses me off when these ignorant kiwi join forces to attack anyone who disagrees with them. That’s just how this country works. The other poster had some of the worst writing but nothing was said about him because he was in agreement with the other. Really sickening to know we are surrounded by these kinds of people.


  35. Hi Kate, your comment was picked up from the spam bin. It was emptied a few hours ago and your’s was the only comment that came in after that. By luck it was read before being lost in fresh spam comments (we don’t normally check spam and let it auto-delete).

    Sometimes comments do get caught by the spam filter, your IP address must be a problem for some reason, may be something to do with you not reading the rules in the past…?

    If you want to get published ditch your snide remarks and passive aggressiveness (“Hint hint!!!!!!”) and note: we don’t censor swear words here, or censor feelings.

    Take a good look at the comments guidelines section above. If you can’t keep to them (ref. kool-aid and ‘other places’) your ban will be made permanent. If you don’t like that, tough. Don’t read it. That’s your first and last warning.

    While you’re at it, read the Welcome page too.

    You’ve given our readers plenty to respond to, not least your open racism and penchant for Kool-Aid. Let’s run it by them and see how it goes…


  36. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: People who think NZ is all that, are either deluded, brainwashed or haven’t travelled much. And the comment about lack of sweatshops and high prices because of ‘quality’ just made me laugh. Where do you think all the clothes come from? Or the entire Warehouse/Briscoes stock?
    Yes, many tourists visit NZ because of the scenery, although I have seen nothing there that I haven’t seen in Europe. Once they’ve ticked NZ off their list, I seriously doubt many would rush to go back. And a population of nearly 5 million is not a lot of people.

    New Zealand: Overrated, overpriced, over there.

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  37. Where to start?
    ” the people who are not from New Zealand that are doing the nasty comments.” So it is those “other” people that are making comments? I have been in NZ long enough to recognise a kiwi accent, and trust me the ones saying these things were kiwis.

    “all about quality!” You must be joking. Most of the “good stuff” is not available in NZ and must be brought in from offshore [usually cheaper to direct import yourself]. What shows up here is made in China’s sweatshops and sold at a huge markup.

    “maybe you do not have the right qualifications?” Usually the migrants that arrive here have qualifications that are far in advance of what is practised in NZ. So, migrants would need to retrograde their qualifications to be the ” right qualifications” for NZ.

    “All of the tourists that I have met always say that New Zealanders are so polite, and that their experience was amazing!” Most of the ones that I’ve talked with, first thing out of their mouth, how expensive it is. This is a very big shock when you first arrive in NZ, it is very low value for cost. Disneyland prices for Hobbiton attractions.

    “smog like other big cities” When I was down in ChCh [for a visit], they were having bans on wood burning stoves [certain days] because the smoke is so thick.

    I cannot fault you for being loyal to NZ, and defend it. What”s that saying [something like] “you can have your own opinion, not your own facts”.

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  38. Kate, I feel you are really a typical Kiwi, you just can’t stand any critique, and everything that opposes the cliché of pure godzone is racism. New Zealand is not a Libya, but it is an oddball isolate, narcissistic, backwards society that just not always are in touch, sorry. Kiwi’s don’t shun away from making comments about, not other “races” but other ethnicities, and ethnicity means people not race. New Zealand is internationally actually quite successful in accommodating many different people. Respect our culture, actually, I think that is quite successful in New Zealand, but don’t forget, “respect” is something mutual, not a one way street. Sweatshops are just about gone in China, so there we have your personal little “racial” slur on Chinese. It is actually a lot more difficult to get a job in New Zealand if you don’t have the right “mates”. New Zealand actually has very serious problems, and one is that few dare to speak up about the problems, E2NZ is one rare exception. Tourist say good things about New Zealand, when in New Zealand, they are very polite and respectful. It is a different song when they are back home with friends. The Kiwi, well Australians call in a “fat assed chicken”, but mind you, it is delivered with humor. On the bad side, New Zealand has a navel gazing, introvert and narcissist culture with little or no respect to others. It is the third worst polluting nation in the world, not pure at all, it is just swept under the moldy carpet. New Zealand products like dairy are not superior, just average commodities, just expensive. Kiwis are well known to be lazy and laidback, with exceptions. New Zealand has a century old very corrupted and incestuous justice system, and a highly corrupted business culture. The living standard is one of the lowest in OECD, and declining, and the same goes for the education. New Zealand is not the worst place on earth, but I promise you, comparing to what it was, it is sliding down the gurgler and only to bring the problems out like E2NZ does, it can be reversed. The self admiration and self appraisal is fantastic.

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  39. @Kate: I laughed hysterically when I read your comments now that I am enjoying living outside New Zealand in a much better place. You likely have not worked in New Zealand or abroad because you would probably know that skilled professionals earn far more abroad and we regard New Zealand wages for professionals as sweatshop wages. The qualified Kiwis cannot wait to board planes leaving New Zealand. We migrants usually exceed the qualifications of the Kiwis and employers in Switzerland pay us more than triple what I could earn in New Zealand. The Kiwi Managers would not last five minutes in Europe. They know no foreign languages and would need to relearn English properly.

    Additionally, the about quality was a bit amusing. I have spent time in the Third World and no chain store in the Third World sells things of as low quality as what the Warehouse sells. Kiwis do not value quality. If they did, they would be living in houses with central heating and proper insulation. It is not that it is impossible to build habitable dwellings, it is that stupid and arrogant Kiwis cannot do them.

    Lastly, I think this website aims to describe things accurately. Describing New Zealand accurately means that one must often discuss the negative. Mentioning that I will grow old and die is perhaps negative thought, but it is accurate and I must accept reality. New Zealanders struggle with accuracy and truth. It is as if most people are emotionally too stunted to deal with reality. This probably explains the high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse in New Zealand.

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    • I think you are tragically right there. In the 70s I worked several years in Japan. It was standard procedure to go out and have a beer after work. The talks was always along the lines “what are we doing – are we doing it right – can we do it better – how can we do that – etc.” In New Zealand the same after work talks went “we are the best in the world- we are a pure country – clean and green – we are technologically advanced – we are culturally the best – we have the best potential – soon the world will break down the door to sprinkle us with money”. Feel the difference. If you want to improve something, you must find what can be improved or is wrong, that is always the negative, then analyse how you can improve it, then do it. New Zealand fails. In Europe it is commonplace, except Britain, to be able to communicate in at lest three languages, many know four or five, what about New Zealand. In China everyone in a decision making position is an engineer, in New Zealand they are beancounters calling themselves businessmen. Engineers, winemakers, farmers, carpenters, etc create value, beancounters destroy it.

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    • This post make so much sense that I don’t even know what to say lol, especially the last part about drug and alcohol abuse.

      It’s scary to think there are more people who think like Kate. In a way, they’re worse than the ones that will outright abuse you to your face.


  40. Kate,

    “We have so many forests and native creatures.” I have to disagree, actually NZ is extremely poor in terrestrial wildlife compared to countries of comparable size.


  41. This post frightened me. I’m serious. Genuine fear people.

    Kate, I’m a New Zealander who is often abused and told to get out of NZ for my views on treating migrants and refugees as human beings. Try the MSN news articles. Any article related to housing, refugees, just anything related and you’ll get a nice taste. And that’s not even the smallest percentage of the tip of the iceberg.


  42. I’m really tired of this refugee abuse I’m seeing everywhere online. Kiwis whining about how their HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS are going towards housing and feeding a refugee somewhere, completely neglecting the fact that these people are in desperate need of help. It’s just so sickening to read and then I get told I have a mental problem by these psychos.

    I’m taking a social services certificate because I want to work with people who need help here but looking at this country and how they think, how you can never tell someone they’re wrong, kids are raised without discipline (because that would be telling a kid they’re wrong!), the government supports gambling and substance abuse, and even cut funding to support networks, I’m really wondering if there’s any point. I may just find work exclusively with migrants and refugees.


  43. why are there so many tourists and people living here???

    There aren’t. The population is around 4.5 million for a country that’s got a larger land mass than Great Britain (269,000 v. 243,000 km²). Guess that’s why it’s not called Great Zealand? But look on the bright side, it does have 30 million sheep.


  44. Well Kate

    I will give you a little glimpse of reality, with my best hope that you, as a kiwi, may or may not be able to fathom.

    You talked about ‘Immigrants’ pronouncing Maori names poorly, well, that’s because the reality being that the predominant Pakeha ( literally mean the thief from outside) have ghettoised both, the Maoris and their language. And forget about Maoris, there are numerous low life white scums, who can barely read or write.

    Yeah, there aren’t any sweatshop here yet, but looking where the economy is going, those days aren’t too far away, when the lazy dole dependent kiwis will have to do some hard yard, simply because socialism is about to be over in this country.

    As about the rant about ‘right qualification’, we all know its a giant load of kiwi crap. Migrants who come here, come here on the basis of being qualified. An average migrant is at least twice as qualified as an average kiwi.

    And We also know of the white old boys network, which runs this country, the only reason white kiwis are still in relative comfort. Once, the rightful shall takeover, you folks should be jobless because of your low intelligence and laziness due to severe inbreeding and growing up in a nanny state.

    Good luck ahead! It’s time for reckoning.

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    • I like Kate’s comment about “can’t pronounce Maori properly”, because it assumes that everyone besides the immigrant can do so. Amazing assumption. Considering the quality of English of “native speakers” went unquestioned … it brings to mind the “myth of the CHOSEN PEOPLE”.
      Well, dem(sic) “CHOSEN PEOPLE” need to make some milk!
      Along with “somebody else is better qualified than you for the job”
      Durrr, why is there a skills shortage list?
      Of course, it could simply be part of a calculated extortion, to get migrants over and hand over the cash, squeeze them using hope as bait, and then tell them “oh yeh, someone more qualified just walked over from the Warehouse, sorry mate!”

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      • A comment from the late Paul Homes springs to mind. “A person who speaks three languages is called trilingual, a person who speaks two languages is called bilingual, a person who speaks one language (or less) is called a Kiwi”. Lest we forget.

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  45. I thought that I would share this with you because it demonstrates how the media in New Zealand distort things in addition to showing the mentality of the average Kiwi. The Kiwis I know all tend to be hoarders who have plenty of junk. Their houses are rubbish, their household appliance are rubbish, as are their clothes. This so-called study certainly does not differentiate between quantity and quality.–report


    • Believe this is the report in question.

      ‘Because we do not know the extent to which quality differs, we cannot
      discount rental weights to reflect quality. Instead, for instance, we assume that a cell phone in 2000
      yields a comparable annual benefit to its 2012 counterpart, and a bedroom in Albania is equivalent
      to a bedroom in the United States’ 🙂

      NZ – absolutely positively bs


  46. Typical Kiwi comment indeed! You are getting angry because I called the kiwi an ugly bird. I stick to my guns and still say it is. I have seen a Kiwi and it nothing to proud of as a national symbol. The baffoon Prime Minister is out to change the flag costing 15 million dollars ! Why don’t you write a letter to the PM asking the Kiwi bird to be on the flag? I wrote my experience on this website for future immigrants to reconsider their decision to move here particularly career oriented ones. Criticism just cannot be digested by you guys and NZ is indeed deteriorating every day with house prices through the roof, everything seems to be a rip off and hence on its way to become the next bankrupt Greece of Australasia.

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  47. Crikey…What New Zealand are you talking about?

    Just because New Zealand exercises democracy as an instrument in its societal processes, it belies that the implicit belief that equality is the result. One would therefore believe that we are all equal?. Equality commonly refers to the idea of equal treatment or to egalitarianism – see where I am headed – yet?
    I wish I could say that most New Zealanders aren’t racist or unwelcoming of other cultures…however the abundant and prevalent racial stereotypes in this country contradict your rather rosy and yet misguided view of New Zealanders. It must be a difficult thing for any unsuspecting migrant to realise that there is a ‘Majority norm’ that must be met before even being considered as worthy, and judging by the comments…acceptance of others and a lack of equal treatment isn’t our Forte. Racism also produces inequality.
    how on earth do we accept others when we treat Maori and Pacific Islanders as second class citizens?

    Just a few of the moronic and racist comments about anyone other than a ‘White’ New Zealander; well used and tiring…
    – Maori are dumb and lazy
    – Pacific Islanders are too longa lofa
    – Asians drive terribly and own most of the Auckland real estate
    – Every Indian own a dairy
    – All Moslems’ are terrorists.
    – immigrants are stealing our jobs

    Not exactly attractive as a country or a people are we!


  48. Kate, would you be willing to spend some time to spend with me going shopping in Wellington and see yourself how I (asian) am treated? Or going to cafe/restaurant or small movie theatres? These days, I would like to know how I could have hidden camera to record those occasions. Or you might notice from now on if you are aware of these covert racism when you go shopping/cafe etc…. See how Asians, particularly when they are alone, are treated. Watch the tone/gesture/facial expression of the service staff. Watch which table the staff give to Asian customer, or send them away by saying there is no seats available etc…
    I saw young Chinese couple who looked like students to me who were refused to get a table at Southern Cross restaurant in Wellington. There were plenty of tables. The staff there are mixed. Some are okay to friendly and some show many signs of racist. I myself was totally ignored by a staff who didn’t serve me right in front of my eyes, but later was served by a friendly ‘foreign’ staff.
    My most recent experience, I went to several shops with my son who is in his early 20’s to get a jacket. He is half Asian with dark hair and tall. Mostly people acknowledge him while they ignore me when we go into shops. However, for the first time, I happen to witness how my son was being observed by a staff in a shop with suspicion of stealing. This guy of course didn’t greet me, but greeted other customer. He passed and walked towards my son and said just what he was looking for. I didn’t hear the whole words, but definitely didn’t hear ‘hi’. That’s alright. They often do that to me, too. This guy then stood a bit away from my son, but was where I could see him as well. So, it was like triangle. He was watching my son with suspicious eyes and occasionally he looks at me and I pretended that I was just looking the clothes. His eyes were so evil. My son of course had no idea. I went to him and briefly talked about the jacket and he didn’t like any of them and we left the shop. For the first time, I realise that my son is not a half Asian, but could be considered as maori/pacific islander in this guy’s eyes and my son could become a target for racial profiling. My son told me long time ago people think he is maori or pacific islander, but lately he said people think he is Asian. So, it seems it depends how they see my son. It was an alarming and scary day for me. And that made me imagine how maori/pacific islander guys and Asian guys would be treated in Wellington shops. I won’t forget that guy’s full of suspicious eyes. sometimes I myself have felt that I was being observed with suspicion of stealing. Even at Farmers, Witcolls, gift shops etc…The staff come near you and check upon you, then you just know you were being obeserved. I am middle aged Asian woman. I don’t dress badly. I don’t look poor. In case you might think it is because of my appearance.


    • Hi there. Sorry that you experienced such awful treatment.
      I’ve seen exactly what you are saying more times than I can count. I do work with migrants and refugees and this is one of the issue plaguing this country. No one deserves to be treated like that.

      I’ve had to go to stores, WINZ, and all kinds of other agencies and services where if they go alone they get talked down to, rudely, and sometimes outright insulted, yet when a NZer supporter is sitting beside them these nasty pieces of crap become the nicest people in the world.



    All fruit and vegetable samples (except nectarine and tomato) and 90% of honey samples were detected positive for at least one neonicotinoid; 72% of fruits, 45% of vegetables and 50% of honey samples contained at least two different neonicotinoids in one sample, with imidacloprid having the highest detection rate among all samples. *****All pollen samples from New Zealand contained multiple neonicotinoids***** and 5 out of 7 pollen from Massachusetts detected positive for imidacloprid. These results show the prevalent presence of low level neonicotinoid residues in fruits, vegetables and honey that are readily available in the market for human consumption and in the environment where honeybees forage. In light of the new reports of toxicological effects in mammals, our results strengthen the importance to assess dietary neonicotinoid intakes and the potential human health effects.


  50. For those planning a Working Holiday in Queenstown – beware

    Slum-like conditions, anxiety, emerging in Queenstown amid housing crisis

    ‘Slumlords’ are taking advantage of the Queenstown accommodation crisis, a councillor says.

    An increase in the resident population is driving land and house prices up while available rental stock is all but drying up amid a tourism and construction boom.

    Happiness House, a community drop-in centre, is recording more instances of people with anxiety due to housing and financial stress. Almost 1,000 people a month now drop-in to the Park St centre for support.

    General manager Karen Stuart – a Queenstown resident for more than 30 years – said there was a noticeable increase in the number of people with anxiety.

    Supply and demand was a long-standing problem in the resort, she said.

    Radio NewZealand’s take on it.
    Queenstown: Squalid rentals in millionaire’s resort'-resort

    Extreme pressure on housing in Queenstown is producing slum conditions for many workers, according to tenants who have contacted Radio New Zealand.
    As new workers flood into the resort town, known for attracting wealthy holidaymakers, they are being confronted by a combination of low pay and high rents.

    This is forcing many to live in what they describe as squalid, unhealthy and unsafe conditions.
    Tenants also claim landlords are asking them to pay rents in cash, avoiding lodging bonds with the Government’s Tenancy Services agency, and failing to sign a formal tenancy agreement.
    Some rentals are being occupied by four or more people per room, with one property regularly housing more than 30 people.

    Tenants are paying between $100 and $200 each for a shared room. Sometimes 300 people apply for just one Queenstown rental vacancy.

    Chief executive of Queenstown’s Chamber of Commerce Ann Lockhart said the town should stop trying to persuade new workers to come to the region until the problem is fixed.
    “If we can’t house our workers, then we have a critical problem, that’s for sure,” she adds.
    Tenants told Radio New Zealand that they were threatened with having their hot water and internet turned off as punishment for complaining about living conditions.

    Others told of accommodation infested by rats and mice, as well as broken windows, poor heating and broken floorboards – often during the Queenstown winter when temperatures can stay below freezing all day.

    One tenant, who refused to be named for fear of being evicted, said that their landlord refused to provide proper heating but had confiscated extra heaters purchased by the tenants.

    In the same apartment, housing 17 tenants, some windows were missing entirely, while others were broken or did not close.

    Another tenant told of a landlord throwing their passports into the garden because he didn’t want to listen to complaints about the property.


  51. Re:
    “Worksafe, the Government’s workplace safety agency said yesterday its investigation was ongoing and no comment could be made at this stage.”

    This is after over a month. How long does it take to determine the cause of the door not working? After all, he would not have been climbing out of the window had the door worked the way that it was intended.

    I recon that their hope is that this will “go away” and be somewhat forgotten the longer it takes. The side benefits of being inefficient.


  52. Classify me as a tourist and not as an emigrant. For years I had entertained the idea that New Zealand would be a spectacular and exotic place to visit. All the tourist brochures promised a nirvana like experience!

    Talked my Wife into saying yes to join me, at least initially. We began to make plans in earnest. How to get there. How much money to bring. Took the driving course (online). Passed the written test anyway. Left hand rule, hmm, no problem! Read almost everything tourists usually read. Began to to pre-prepare for the journey. My anticipation was palpable.

    The Adventure, North, South and Stewart Islands. How far south can one go? East and West coasts with crossovers all over the place! Meet everyone, do everything and etc. Lofty itinerary i know but hey, probably never get a second chance to go back!

    Then, by accident we met a New Zealand couple visiting the US. My wife somehow became unimpressed by them. Me, having traveled to other countries have a thicker skin than she. I did not judge these strangers as harshly.

    On I went, preparing for the journey of a lifetime. My wife also researched New Zealand differently and with alternative methods than I had used.

    It was a shock and great disappointment when she told me she had changed her mind about going to New Zealand. I was confused/angry at her for this weird change in attitude. She showed me her research about New Zealand attitudes towards Americans and other tourists in general. It took me awhile to absorb her research, this website being one of the many that seems to prove her reasoning as to why we should not go to New Zealand. There are other websites that claim a much darker outcome is awaiting some tourists and the numbers are disturbing if true.

    It is not my intention to ever insult someone from another country or take advantage or show some superiority over them. When I have traveled to other countries, I have been respectful as I can to that society. Held my opinions from getting out of hand, mostly successful! I am but a humble appreciative guest to those I have met.

    This is most unfortunate for all parties concerned for both US people and New Zealanders if this is truly the attitude that is common.

    The way I feel is if someone does not want to share a dinner or drink with, I would never force myself upon anyone to make them somehow unhappy because of what or whom I am.

    Maybe, hmm lets see,,,, I wonder if she might consider, well Australia? LOL

    Best wishes to everyone, I hope the general thinking changes, perhaps someday?


    • I wonder if she might consider, well Australia?

      As an American living in NZ and having spent a long vacation [4 weeks] in Oz, I’d do Oz.
      Even the short period in Oz was refreshing to be away from the constant tension of anti-American sentiment. Australians like [or at least don’t detest] Americans.
      We really liked Oz and have [on and off] considered jumping the ditch.


  53. I havent been here for a while or bothering with the news because nasty attitudes of kiwis just wore me down. I started reading again about what a plague migrants are. sigh

    Do you think NZ is going to start refusing entry? I’m married to a Filipino woman and we are getting worried about these report like Filipinos with dodgy work visas and stuff like that, though I doubt it’s that many but you know the average kiwi blames an entire population on the actions of one person. We intend to bring some other family members here at some point.

    Also, because I’m dumb, can someone go over this issue I’m hearing about regarding more migrants ruining life for kiwis such as causing the wage rate to go down? The nasties are going on and on about it and I don’t really understand how this stuff works.


    • We intend to bring some other family members here at some point.
      If they’re young, nubile, and female – you will have 0 problems as Kiwi men have accurately boasted to me (and in the halls of residence frequent use of the single bathroom by two people – male and female have proven) “Asian women give up the goods easier”.
      If they’re male – look out for problems in getting employed, being called “creepy” or having people tell others “these guys make me feel intimidated”.

      Also, because I’m dumb, can someone go over this issue I’m hearing about regarding more migrants ruining life for kiwis such as causing the wage rate to go down? The nasties are going on and on about it and I don’t really understand how this stuff works.
      Migrants desperate for work but not yet eligible for the dole, are willing to work for money under the table, cash jobs, work lots of overtime with 0 pay, follow questionable orders and behave unethically … just to survive.

      This is a problem for the totally ethical Kiwis /sarcasm , as they then have to step up their game because hungry people are more desperate.


      • “If they’re young, nubile, and female – you will have 0 problems as Kiwi men have accurately boasted to me (and in the halls of residence frequent use of the single bathroom by two people – male and female have proven) “Asian women give up the goods easier”.”

        That sounded very creepy lol. How is this relevant to immigration law?


        • It’s meant to sound creepy lol.
          At university, one of the staff members in charge of student recruitment … was a former immigration officer, who proudly told me:
          “We have a blank cheque to approve or disapprove applications – and there’s no appeal you can make. Of course, we make it easier if we like what we see”.
          It was a guy, but not difficult to see the same perspective if it was a woman.


  54. Comment meant for the article:
    Mail Order Guns in NZ, Easy As Taking Candy from a Baby

    It turns out that David Tipple has broken laws in the United States some time ago … buying guns. How ironic, but then again, some “crusaders” are just “criminals who don’t want other people to have a go at what they did (even if it is to educate the public)”.
    The difference is, Tipple must have had many a tipple, as he was dealing in quantities of guns … in the hundreds. There must have been some serious security issues in New Zealand to be bothered with so many guns.
    Gun dealer faced arms charges in States by Kurt Bayer
    Saturday, 24 October 2015


  55. I made a mistake. I already paid my postgraduate in Hamilton to start in february. Our plan was to go with my husband and sons. Now I don’t know what to do… We are latin americans. And all what I read is the same that I have here (less crime only) Could you give me a good advice, please? I thought maybe this year learn more english and applied for a residence in Australia? I guess my husband can work by himself repairing computers and installing nets meanwhile? I don’t know if we can resist in this way

    I need to traduce this to spanish, because there is no information about it in my language…and a lot of people is deceived everyday


  56. Was recently mocked for wanting to homeschool my child, safer and superior to public schools. Some kiwis just want to cut down anyone who has a better way of doing something. No wonder nothing changes and no one really succeeds here.

    The bullying, sexual abuse and just low education value in general was ignored and I just got accused of being a moron and some kind of cult member. FFS. Funny thing is I know ALOT of kiwi families homeschooled, some using American curriculum and they all grew up fine with good jobs and high level intelligence.

    Trademe is also a real troll zone. I swear those people have no life and just sit their ALL DAY arguing and posting endless topics about how evil Asians are.


      • I actually had no idea lol. Won’t be bothering with that dump again and I’m going to just avoid articles from now on, because the types that spend all their time on them are really nasty, uneducated people. Those MSN News articles are another solid gathering point for the kiwi lynchmobs.

        I just finished reading through the comments on the latest from Winston Peters. You know? the ones were he is now attacking international students who finish their study and have found kiwi partners. Looks to me like he’s accusing them of being fakes in order to get residency or something. What will that clown come up with next? That a kiwi can’t marry a foreigner? Wouldn’t surprise me knowing him.

        It’s funny how these people are accusing foreigners of stealing every job. Trademe never has a shortage of listings, neither does SEEK and others, and that’s aside from newspapers, and other smaller sources.

        Why don’t kiwis study for something? That’s what I did. Hell, the government pays the whole damn thing and is lenient on how you pay your loan back. It was super easy for me and there’s no excuse for more kiwis not doing it. Oh right, they can’t. If they did there would be no one to sit back and abuse the international students who are super friendly and offer to teach me Mandarin for free.

        The amount of kiwis I know who refuse to work in retail and supermarkets is insane. For years I’ve been hearing “I’ll never work there”, yet how they HOWL online about those foreigners who have gained jobs in those lines of work.

        There’s little point trying to explain this to the kiwi though. Sorry, rant over lol.


  57. I was watching Sunday tonight and apparently schools in New Zealand do not get held accountable for student deaths, what happened was a indian couple’s son who died due to exhaustion or oxygen depravation in a toilet in a school, which happened the caretaker removed the door handle and caused the child with no way to get out of the toilet, the child tried to escape and could not


    • The parents won’t be able to sue the school for negligence either – that facility isn’t available in New Zealand. Can’t help but feel that if it were those with a duty of care would take it a bit more seriously.


  58. Is it a unique kiwi talent to blame a foreigner for EVERYTHING?
    I’ve cut down on reading news articles because the comments just piss me off but a quick scan of some recent articles show they blame foreigners for corrupting our businessmen, and numerous other things. There’s always a few regulars in sites like this and it’s kinda funny because they’re like characters.

    There’s this one guy who hate refugees and goes on and on about terrorist plots and other accusations, and claims to have military exp. I’ve seen this type in a few other places over the years. Always the same content. Then there’s the classic Asian hater. I swear these morons have no life, and spend their time on the comments section of such articles and boards like Trademe in an attempt to validate themselves.

    They see one case like this recent one of some Indians involved in human trafficking here and yes that’s horrible but the kiwi morons are unable to differentiate between these criminals and totally innocent people.

    They rave about wanting immigration shut down. They complain about the health system understaffed yet hate it when Filipino nurses have jobs. They don’t want to work in supermarkets or other jobs they deem as beneath them yet rage when a foreigner takes them. They go on and on about the plight of ‘fellow average kiwis’, but they despise those on benefits! What the hell is wrong with this country’s people? Do they really want this country closed down with nothing but white and Maori?


  59. Did you guys see Winston’s latest? Apparently Indian (and maybe Chinese) just come here under the guise of study, and get local partners as a gateway to residency.

    So…we aren’t even allowed to choose who we want to be with now? This guy is a freakin’ character. Sadly people are jumping on and agreeing in the comments.


    • Ha ha ha…it’s a biggest joke to take this Winston guy seriously. During last election he was projected as the kingmaker, we all know what he became post election… LOL 😀


      • It is indeed a joke, but he is still able to generate hatred which seems to be the way he attempts to reach his goals, so I do think it’s a worry to an extent.


  60. I moved to New Zealand 8 months ago, on a working holiday visa, from the UK. I worked in early childhood and was a room supervisor at a lovely nursery in Hove. I also ran events based around food and culture as I had previously worked as a chef and have a degree in Anthropology.
    I had wanted to move to NZ for several years, since visiting 11 years ago. I had had the most amazing experience and in my naivety I thought this would translate beyond a 3 week holiday.
    First off, my qualifications don’t seem to be recognised by any employer, which means i have had to take less money and am being considered untrained by my current employer. This means I get paid peanuts. I have been told by my employer that I need to have official documentation acknowledging my qualification, which will cost me 800$ and may still turn out not to be recognised. I worked hard to gain the knowledge and experience I did and am very good at my job…
    I am living in Queenstown and I do have a kiwi partner but I feel so alone, he doesn’t understand and spends his time talking about how great NZ is. He is supportive of me and has introduced me to many of his friends, although I feel slightly uneasy around them, I don’t feel myself.
    I have met some lovely Kiwis and I haven’t had a bad experience with the people, I just haven’t found anyone (except my partner) that I connect with. I spend my time in and out of severe home sickness and I don’t know what to do.
    In my heart I feel like I have made a mistake coming here but I can’t help feeling a failure because of this. I have been offered a fantastic job back in the UK, in the place all my friends live which has made me feel even worse.
    I guess what I am trying to say is I feel so alone and isolated, any advice would be good?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Caz go now while you still can. Seize that job with both hands and return to the people who appreciate you for what you are.

      The rejection of overseas qualifications is commonplace in New Zealand – it gives education providers much income ($800 in your case) and allows your employers an excuse to pay you less than a NZ qualified person despite the UK’s standards being far higher than New Zealand. This is also part of the process to make you feel undervalued in New Zealand, everyone gets a slice of your cake except you.

      Unfortunately you have also fallen into the ‘fresh blood’ trap, whereby NZ males go abroad to bring back partners. As time goes on he’ll form closer bonds with his mates while you’ll fade further and further into the background. Eventually your self esteem will be eroded away and you’ll fall pregnant because (other than breeding) New Zealand has no real use for you. Once you have a child you’ll be trapped as you won’t be able to take her out of New Zealand without your partner’s consent. Kiwis fervently believe NZ is the best place on earth so the courts will side with him.

      Leave, please leave.


      • Scary stuff. I actually met my partner here and he is lovely, although the fact that if we did have a family and our relationship broke down I would be stranded with no way out, concerns me.
        I feel very torn and very down….


        • Hi Caz,
          Exactly understand how you are feeling… My partner is kiwi and he is really, really lovely, he has introduced me to all of his friends here in NZ as well and I have already worked in two different companies here in NZ (we moved to NZ in 2014) but and here comes the but, it never has clicked the slightest with any of those people I have met in NZ so far (over 18 months now…), not at the work place, not with his family nor with his friends or their wifes. And I am not shy or so. It is more the opposite, I have lived in Thailand and Spain before (I am originally from Germany) and wherever I have been in my life I always easily made friends and had a fantastic time… where I am originally from I have many friends from all different sorts of ages, styles and personalities. But here it’s different, it feels as the people here are closing off there personality and after the small talk there is nothing left. I am from south Germany where strangers automatically share tables at the beergarden and there you make pretty often friends for a lifetime on a sunny afternoon over a few beers , just like that. omg I miss that place to much 😦
          My partner recognises it as well as he has spent over 9 years in Germany before we moved to NZ…, he knows how different and nicer Europe can be….
          Take care and stay strong, and always remember it is not you… took me a while to understand that it is not my fault….


          • I have had to go home to the UK to bury my parents. A sad reality of living on the other side of the world. I am ok now but the absolute loneliness that followed was horrendous. Normally when a loved dies the family are there to support each other. I managed to get 2 weeks off work both times but I came back and no one had done my work for me so that was piling up and compounding the stress levels at the time. Not many people give a shit what you are going through. I bring this up as this is a reality of immigration unfortunately, but also to create an awareness that if you are feeling isolated now, then it is going to be really bad when you are in a crisis.

            Liked by 1 person

          • and always remember it is not you

            This is HUGE!!!
            Most places that have had a successful influx of assimilated migrants have learned that migrants DO bring some cool and useful things [practices, methods, culture, technology…] with them.
            In NZ, if you do not do things the kiwi way, you are pilloried.

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    • I was talking to one of my lecturers about this when I was studying. She’s from England and had to go through some crap to have her skills recognized. Sounds like your employer is a total dick.

      There is some kind of system to getting your qualification recognized. I don’t know what it is but I recommend calling Citizen’s Advice Bureau. They should be able to connect you with the right department.

      Give it a try and reply here with your findings. If it isn’t working out I’ll look into it myself.


    • Hi Caz, things will not get better over time. I stuck it out for 8 years in that miserable shit hole thinking at some point I will click in, it didn’t, I always felt like I didn’t belong. Your partner sounds pretty typical, spouts about how beautiful NZ is and how you would have to be crazy wanting to live anywhere else. The reason why you dont connect with his friends is because they are his friends not yours, they will remain so. People will be friendly but you are an outsider and always will be. You wont be a failure for going home, by simply going there youve done more than most but if its not for you move on to the next adventure. Your friends and family will be overjoyed in getting you back. NZ is not worth the effort. Your partner may well have travelled overseas but he always intended in returning home, ask him to live in your homeland for the rest of his life, it’s not going to happen. If you stay and things develop further you may become trapped as so many before you. You said in your heart things aren’t right, follow your instincts, have a fun visit but leave. Take care.


    • Onset of the realization that NZ might not be all that it’s cracked up to be was quite early for you [that’s probably a good thing].
      What I’ve found; things don’t get better. Once you’ve seen how things are, don’t expect improvement. There is a recognition and evaluation phase when you move to NZ when you get a pretty good picture of how things are. Once you’ve developed a good understanding of how things are, it’s up to you to decide.
      The initial blush of a new place, new people… is usually the most exhilarating. But, then there is this gut feeling that settles in that you are convinced that there is more, better out there than NZ, and you are right.
      For some, NZ is OK, but NZ is just that, just OK. Not great, not fantastic, not wonderful, and if you’re OK with just OK you might have a pleasant stay. If you’re not OK with OK, you might be better off back in the UK.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Update: I took the job back in the UK. Best decision ever. My relationship in NZ turned out to be something bad and I ended up at the wrong end of a fist. Jumped the first plane back and I am safe and sound with my friends and family, in a fantastic job!


  61. if New Zealand is such a bad place, why are there so many tourists and people living here???

    New Zealand is larger than Britain but has 50% of the population of London. There aren't that many people living here so I guess that answers you question about it being good place to live?

    People are saying that “clean green New Zealand” is a lie

    John Key said 100% pure clean green new Zealand is only an image and compared it to a McDonald’s ad tag line.

    look at our cities! Is there any smog like other big cities? Are there endless piles of rubbish sitting in gutters? Some cities even have a ban on littering, just to make that eco difference.

    Why don’t ALL the cities have a ban on littering? The rubbish problem here is incredible, Google “piles of rubbish in road” if you don’t believe me. I hate to pour water in your kool aid but 17 centres in New Zealand have featured in a global report on poor air quality including Timaru, Christchurch and Rotorua having the poorest national results for air pollution

    Clean and green NZ? Maybe not so much, according to a new global air quality report. Photo / APN
    The report came after a study last year by the University of Canterbury showed commuters in Auckland and Christchurch are exposed to levels of air pollution similar to those found in other large cities around the world.

    That study showed that, compared to other countries, the air that commuters breathe while travelling was cleaner for carbon monoxide, but similar for fine particulates for some of the world’s biggest cities.

    It was especially significant as Auckland and Christchurch had comparatively less congestion and lower volumes of traffic than other large cities around the world.

    Its results showed that those taking private cars were worse off than those who took public transport or cycled to work.

    The WHO report, released overnight, showed more cities worldwide were monitoring outdoor air quality, reflecting growing recognition of air pollution’s health risks.

    But only 12 per cent of the people living in cities reporting on air quality resided in cities where this complies with WHO air quality guideline levels.

    About half of the urban population being monitored was exposed to air pollution that is at least 2.5 times higher than the levels WHO recommends – putting those people at additional risk of serious, long-term health problems.

    I think you need to open your eyes and your mind.


  62. Thanks for putting this up. Left NZ over 25 years ago and admit I have pleasant childhood memories, but after seeing the world ended up in the best country to live in -USA. Take note kiwis reading this. Moving here totally pulled out the kool aid from my kiwi mates. Anywhere but here I could feel them thinking. If the country picks the laser-eyes kiwi for its new flag, there maybe hope, but I think you’re right and we’re just going to see more of this:

    Liked by 1 person

  63. Here’s an opinion I read in the comments of an article. This person is a teacher. Scary.

    And just so know, ‘Asian’ parents do not TEACH their children English, continue to enrol them in New Zealand childcare, continue to speak their language to Asian teachers, grandparents pick them up with NO english (which makes certain situations very very difficult in explaining their child’s day:learning, behaviour etc etc) Most children’s behaviour is unacceptable due to not knowing ANY english – behavioural issues, little attention span to everyday activities etc etc. So parents expect and pay for a New Zealand education, but take no responsibility in embracing the culture that they have chosen to live in. I have chosen not to be part of NZ education because of my less than compassionate beliefs (before you accuse me of being a terrible teacher!!)
    So before you take another dig at my comments, with your PC attitude, these are the facts that exist in this city, with immigrants and the ‘New New Zealanders’ in how they ‘contribute’ to New Zealand society. Do me a favour, and leave the thread.


    • Aww. I want to see what the trolls say. Their rage is super funny.
      Anyway, update to my post. That argument was deleted. No idea why. I wasn’t abusive and the rest of the article is full of similar and worse.

      Maybe it was this ‘teacher’ who requested it, because she commented on some other posts, unrelated to what she said in the above. I’m guessing she realized how unprofessional it was to be a daycare teacher, who is supposed to be trained to deal with young children, yet post about how the Asian kids are driving her out and basically that she despises them.

      It’s DAYCARE, not high level study and they are just kids. I’ve taken care of Chinese children before who could barely speak a word of English yet I had no trouble dealing with them. They are really fun and we had no issue understanding each other. They were copying my words and applying them almost instantly. Now, less then one year later they speak very well.

      Would you want your child in the care of someone like this? It’s frightening to think how many more with this attitude are out there. This woman obviously has something against Asians, and believes she knows everything about them. The truth is she has no cultural competency whatsoever, and an inability to deal with children.

      I did counter all this leaving her with nothing to say but it was all deleted, mine and hers. I think I could get her name, if anyone wants to know. She said she has chosen not to be a part of NZ education anymore, which is good, but who knows if it’s the truth. I’d want to know if someone like this was taking care of my child all day. When you reply on MSN it automatically posts the name you are responding to. I’m pretty sure other comments that responded to her are still there.


  64. [Deleted, Kool-Aid and other places. You say you love NZ yet your IP address puts you in Australia. Guess NZ didn’t work out too well for you either. Don’t troll. Admin]

    Liked by 1 person

  65. A very useful website, much much appreciated, have sent the site to half a dozen kiwi expat friends and we all are in agreement with most of the insights. Im a kiwi living overseas for 20 years (UK, USA, currently Asia last 10 years) and have experienced the deteriation of opportunities, the rapid change in the national psyche to unalterated greed, loss of community, the horredous prices for consumer staples. My only defense is it wasn’t always like this. How about a section specifically for returning or diaspora kiwis that wish to leave or not return, it would add credibility and objectivity to the site.


  66. I’m so glad you’re doing a piece on the wellington twitterari. For too long they’ve been the scourge of NZ internet, with deep links to those who control r/NZ and other influential social media.

    Keep up the good work with #unselfieFriday, I can see that its getting HUGE uptake and I bet you’ve already raised thousands for hungry children or earthquake awareness or hungry children in earthquakes.

    Some scandals that you should add to your report:

    1) In 2015 “Megapoop” got several people banned after they criticised his sausage photos. Ask around, people will back this up.

    2) “Dairyman” isn’t actually a real farmer, it’s all a giant con just to get kudos from the farming community.

    3) The “twitterati” meet every month in Levin and plan in advance what is going to be big on Twitter. Again, ask around, people have verified this.

    4) What happened to that Rawshark guy? He got scared off. Ask yourself who did that.


    • It sounds like Megapope thinks positive Twitter chatter will drown out the real unfiltered experiences of newcomers to New Zealand.
      Also that “making fun of E2NZ, is going to make people ignore the website”. Just LOL.
      Interesting ideas, but just like the Brexit that was unexpected, and the Donald win that I believe is coming … it’s going to be for naught.
      Humanities graduates have some interesting views about public relations and controlling the discourse.

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