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  1. Going back to me living here for 14 years, I believe I’m not a bad person, I’m not a criminal and my purposeous societal isolation and constant bogging has been a bit of “Holy Cross Row”.

    If you remember movie Dogville, this is what feels like for me here.

    After all that time and having learned so much about kiwis and realising they don’t want to know me, but prefer to bog me all the time, I can say I don’t want to know anyone either.

    Sorry, it’s been a dreadful xenophobic experience of 14 years.

    I cannot return to my homeland because it has racist policies and my right to live has been cancelled ever since I have left. It is an openly hitlerist society where ethnic segregation is a part of the legal system.

    I may seek ethnic refuge from New Zealand in my parents’ homeland, but prospects of returning back to Europe seem to be very grim.

    • @JR: Are you a Russian from one of the Baltic countries? I am just curious what place you hail from based on your comments.

      I would rather live just about anywhere else than New Zealand. Fortunately, I managed to battle my way out of Retardicon 6 (New Zealand) and ended up in Switzerland. It is certainly doable and worth the challenge. Perhaps you could look at Australia.

  2. The longer I live here, the more convinced I become it’s a scary country to live in. At work I am mainly concerned about “the numbers played on me”, my work reputation and career undermined intentionally, people claiming I am incompetent and unsafe just because I was born overseas.

    It happened to me many times over for it just to be a singled out incident. To me it seems, harmful racism towards foreigners may be becoming prevailent in New Zealand workplace.

    I am Caucasian, Northern European.

    In the general community I am concerned about the gangs, Mongrel Mob and Black Power roaming New Zealand streets and that police has to be called every now and then to make the area safe. Especially in small towns of New Zealand. I do not wonder that unsuspecting German tourists are being violently attacked in our streets and camping grounds.

    Police in New Zealand reacts quite fast, there is surveilance in place and this is necessary.

    In terms of my own ethnic community and other ethnic communities I am concerned that they are enclosed ethnic groups, limiting our opportunities in this country, and where backstabbing may be a practice. I was not accpeted in my own ethnic community.

    Also some ethnic groups are not friendly at all.

    With everyday New Zealanders I am concerned they may be openly racist, still seeing me as a foreigner, a tourist in this country, having less rights to live and work in this country than they do, by expressing their xenophobic views openly and claiming it is them who appreciate multiculturalism in our society.

    It seems in their eyes multiculturalism means anglo-maori New Zealand and all the rest of us, nearly a quarter of our population are foreigners who can go back home at any time if they don’t like it in NZ.

    Speaking out about NZ also falls into the above category. Local people may be very sensitive towards any criticism of New Zealand, esspecially it it goes online and most of the responses I’ve heard is that I can f*ck off back to Europe if I don’t like it. They are neither prepared to accpet there is something wrong with this society and that people are being picked on and threatened.

    I’ve lived here for 14 years, I don’t have a single friend, back home in Europe I had dozens of friends and a lot of people knew me. Here I do not know anyone, BUT, my privacy, esspecially online privacy is being constantly invaded, because I hear people talking to me in the street about something I’ve posted without addressing me.

    It’s a violation of my basic human right of privacy. I’ve laid numberous complaints with the Human Rights Commission, but there has been no outcome whatsoever.

    This is the way our society is!

    Exclusion, day to day xenophobia, harassment. It’s considered “normal” here. Kiwis feel fine when they do this.

  3. just another manager? better call it blood sucker, credit taker or terrorist. if it is ‘manager’, it is about MISmanagement, not real management. at least the 3 inch thick telecon written policy manual is not enforced or followed by these so called manager. if they dont even know or read or carry out the nicely written policies, constitute acts of bad faith and breach of contract, or just do things with common decency or common sense, destroy otherwise good customer/employee/shareholder individuals that were naively and blindly loyal to the company, how do they deserve to be in those positions in the first place?

    • Yes, that’s exactly why I say “just another manager”. Otherwise I would have distinguished him by saying “he seems to have the brains for his position”.
      Most people leave their managers, not their jobs.

  4. The crimes in nz are not just about stupid old fashioned break into bank or cars, but at office workplace your higher ups or coworkers would rob away your work credit and psychologically injure you by telling many lies and claiming forgetting things or accidents when all those are intentional acts of harm directed towards anyone they want to target. Of course when things got out of hand, with serious harm and full evidence, the management white wash the cases and induce white terrorism. The PR would sugarcoat it and cover it up. Telecon’s Shame 0hlin: we will not forget the dirty deeds you and your accomplices did to harm our livelihood. Pity we even had to congratulate on your engagement and marriage when you turned around to destroy us and threatened us. In the name of security you mislabel anyone you like as the guilty person, but in reality you tell lies to destroy the people that worked their ass off helped you and your company succeeded to fame and fortune. Nobody should have supported you or wished your ‘family’ well. We should await God’s plan to see you trashed in hell.

    • I had a gander at his employment profile; just another manager in a technical field without technical qualifications.
      Behold the visionaries who cannot check for accuracy…

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