Dirty Politics – Direct Link Between PM’s Office and Blogger

Proof that some NZ journalists still have the ability to ask hard questions:


Phil de Joux used to be John Key’s Deputy Chief of Staff. 

Key had previously refused to name De Joux saying it was “not in the public interest but the ombudsman over-ruled him.  De Joux is presently Head of Government Affairs and Industry Relations, Air New Zealand and an exec board member for the NZUS Council.

The interview may be found here http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/20158616


One thought on “Dirty Politics – Direct Link Between PM’s Office and Blogger

  1. Online privacy in New Zealand is a fictional thing. You can post anything about yourself on dating websites and guess what! In a couple of days the whole town will know that this is you who posted this stuff and will start picking on you in real life! You can complain to anyone without any result whatsoever. This country is yet to to realise the unbelievable amount of everyday hacking into personal online accounts, emails, and so on taking place every hour, every day and then used by the local backstsbbing culture to pick on people! It’s disgusting. The Human Rights commision clearly states this is a human right to have privacy in the digital age, but local morons don’t give a f*ck, they will crack into anything they can, just because they can! Worst of all is when your company is involved in this for commercial information protection reasons, and as a result “a Chinese guy from the office will ring you every time you try to meet someone online” (generalisation based on real facts). This is amazing! They cannot get into your panties for real, so they started doing this online. John Key and his team of hackers and bloggers are just a reflection of the mass scale computer hacking crime taking place in NZ and that this government has neither will nor grip or effective mechanism to control.


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