Kiwi Comments About John Key’s Rewriting of New Zealand’s Turbulent Past – The Lies White People Tell.

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Students who sat NCEA level 3 history exams last week might be very worried to hear the Prime Minister tell a Radio Station that New Zealand was one of the few countries that was settled peacefully by Europeans.

Those students who wrote about a bloody and violent settlement of Aotearoa in their NCEA exam; who wrote about the deaths of thousands of Maori and hundreds of Pakeha in land wars, about the wrongful confiscation of millions of acres of land, must think they’d got itall  terribly wrong if the PM says New Zealand was settled peacefully.

But teachers we’ve spoken with today can put their minds at rest.

The Prime Minister, in fact, was the one who would have failed last week’s NCEA level 3 history exam had he written about the peaceful and rosy settlement of New Zealand.

History teachers have told us that students of New Zealand history are taught a very different version of events; of a very unpeaceful process, one where Maori who fought against the Crown as it sought to obtain more land for settlers  were punished with the confiscation of their land or even by death.

Kids who learn about New Zealand history are taught, in fact,  that the direct source of the land wars in the 1860s was a misundertanding of the Treaty – a misunderstanding  that led to horrible bloodshed and laws, such as the New Zealand Settlement Act 1865, which legislated for the confiscation of Maori land for use by settlers.

To call that a peaceful settlement is an example of the same kind of staggering arrogance as displayed by Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott when he said last week that there was nothing but bush in Australia before the white men came along.
But John Key didn’t finish there. He said early Maori would have been grateful for the injection of capital Pakeha brought with them when they settled in Aotearoa.

Maori would have been grateful.

For the capital.

The Prime Minister’s warped view of history is an insult to all New Zealanders, especially to those who died trying to protect their land, and to Maori who are still fighting for the full settlement of past grievances today.

It is a perspective that is belies history, but is also damaging to race relations and undermining decades of efforts, including even by his own Government, to address some of the historic wrongs.

In reality, if John Key wanted to pass NCEA level 3 history he’d have needed to produce an essay much like this one.

2 thoughts on “Kiwi Comments About John Key’s Rewriting of New Zealand’s Turbulent Past – The Lies White People Tell.

  1. I would like to add that I profoundly disagree with the local concept of multiculturalism and the people born overseas always told they’ll remain “foreigners” for the rest of their lives while allowed to live in their so called cultural communities. Because it is cultivated carelessness!

    Firstly because many of us live here and yes, we manage to succeed in this country, not without struggle, however we live next to local born and bred and we see how some of them struggle to make the ends meet, that there are hungry children and struggling families living just next to you.

    My question is: How is that this land is expecting the ever growing migrant population to generously give to the local community if they are being constantly told they are not a part of it?

    That’s a no-brainer really.

    But this presumption that most of us just remain “tourists in New Zealand” is not only insulting, but also damaging the community. I reckon this country should seriously revise it’s attitude. It’s wrong.

    Accents are not an excuse to segregate people and make them into classes, accents are not an excuse for the local nationalistic politicians to blame “foreigners” for the ever drowing powerty, crime and dispair amonst the locals.

  2. John Key reflects the backstabbing, arrogant and “piss-taking” local culture (and we are “multicultural”, it’s not the only culture here, but it’s clearly present)… nn

    Because he is “National” (meaning “Nationalistic” to me) he now plays a populist card to appeal to one part of the country and disgrace the other. He is making these statements to simply win the votes of the “backbone”, that is now angry, and turning xenophobic and racist because of the region capital deprivation policies his government has been pursuing for years.

    That’s why so many have to leave their home and go work in Auckland, that is hugely overcrowded, but can provide for work and relatively peaceful living, and where’s plenty of space and opportunity to hate anyone you want to hate, if that’s how you see the term “problem resolution”.

    Because John Key and his government are not goin to do anything to resolve New Zealand’s socio-economic problems!

    They can’t!

    Because all the money that this country earns now goes to “heal” the international financial system. It has been like that from the “early days” and will be like that foreever now because of the deals this country’s government signed, because China is now taking care of New Zealand with Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement coming.

    New Zealand is becoming a part of the New Pacific World Order, with winning Communist China and America number two, and John Key is simply trying to divide the local population to calm down the protests of the upcoming communism in this country…

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