Countdown Cleared of Wrongdoing, No Supplier Intimidation

The New Zealand arm of the Woolworth enterprise, owned by Progressive Enterprises, has been cleared of wrong doing by the Competition Commission.

The Commerce Commission said that based on the evidence it gathered during a nine-month investigation it “does not believe that Progressive has breached any of the laws it enforces and it will not be taking any action against Progressive”.

The commission launched its investigation following a series of allegations made by former Labour MP Shane Jones under the protection of parliamentary privilege early this year…

Shane Jones unfounded accusations were taken up by anti-Australian protestor Nevan Lancaster .

A shame to his country, Lancaster  launched the Facebook group Boycott Countdown to smear the supermarket chain’s reputation, descending into ad hominem attacks, branding the company “Scroogdown.”

Blinded by his hatred for all things Australian, Lancaster had scant regard for the 10,000 people employed by the company in New Zealand, many of whom depend on the company to feed their families and pay their rents and mortgages.

In February 2014 Lancaster went as low as to  suggest Australia be left to burn.

Anti Australian sentiment is strong in New Zealand

Never trust an Aussie

The page, which is administered by Nevan Lancaster, a Tauranga ‘accountant’ with a low literacy standard, posted this garbled message about imputation credits on 7 February 2014.

This has being (sic) an issue for several years with Australia penalizing NZ investors while NZ has allowed Aussie’s (sic) to take advantage of our imputation credits. Still hew (sic) only promised to look not actually fix. Never trust and (sic) Aussie! source

Now we may be getting down to the real reason for his call to boycott Australian businesses –  does he resent paying tax on his Australian investments? Maybe that’s the reason for the bully-boy tactics, or maybe he just hates Australians?

Mr Lancaster also owns kayak rental business. Is he going to refuse to serve Aussies from now on? (Ed. highly unlikely, cash wins).


Nevan Lancaster, proud kiwi and xenophobe


On the same day his hatred for Australian businesses and tax systems spilled over, and he started to suggest that Australia be left to burn in bush fires, forgetting the assistance that Australia gave during the Christchurch earthquakes and Pike River (Coal) Mine disaster (see image at the top of this page).

A sore loser, his one-eyed outlook on life continues today with this rant. He ignores the practices of Kiwi-owned companies and appears obsessed with hatred.

boycott CD

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5 thoughts on “Countdown Cleared of Wrongdoing, No Supplier Intimidation

  1. I worked for one of the major supermarket chains in NZ and I can tell you for a fact that the produce growers and meat suppliers had more control over supermarket prices then you might believe.

    The produce manager in the store that I worked in, would think nothing of ‘skipping’ $6/12, 000 Of produce product a week and I just could not get the owner to do anything meaningful about it, other then shout at him.

    He would shout at him, swear at him, threaten him and then go to the gym with him. This guy was lovin up to an idiot, who was destroying the business. Of course the pratt was a local.

    One day the head office came up with a wheeze of a way to set promotional cost prices for meats and before you knew it, the suppliers had an underwritten guaranteed cost price and would not negotiate purchasing deals with the stores. They didn’t so much say take it or leave, they just said Foxtrot Oscar.

    The other point with regards to meat in NZ supermarkets, it’s product that does not meet export standards and is kept for the home market as a result! Yep you pay an arm and a leg and get the crap that the government won’t allow for export.

    Where does the Mad Butcher get its meat product from? All crap grade product, imported from Europe. I was told that, by a NewZealander in the know and I believe him completely, most I wouldn’t

  2. Ew, that arrogant Lancaster bloke looks like so many Kiwis I remember over there. Same sneering inbred stamp on the face, and pinheaded attitude of New Zealand can do no wrong.

    • I know precisely what you mean. We are in Oz now and that smug staunch thing that Kiwi men do is not found as much over here. I guess because people here don’t have that “chip on your shoulder, something to prove” attitude.

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