Is New Zealand Third World? “Cost-cutting surgeons are using hardware tools in our hospitals” Just Like Moldova

New Zealand’s health service has got a lot in common with Moldova’s


Third World NZ – 2,500 School Children Exposed to Hepatitis Risk at Dental Clinic. Delay in Notification Because it was not “Deemed Urgent”

New Zealand’s status as a developing country was confirmed today with the news that 2,500 school children were exposed to cross contamination risks at the Pukekohe Intermediate School dental clinic in South Auckland: Incredibly, an equipment malfunction had gone un-noticed for over four months, according to a report on Children exposed to unsterilised water…

‘World Class in NZ’ : Steel Mesh; and Hundreds of Requests for Emergency Housing in Kaikoura, but Hey Let’s Repair the Skate Park and Pool

Kaikoura is turning into the Marlborough equivalent of Christchurch’s eastern suburbs, a residential area that was affected badly during the Christchurch earthquakes. And it looks as if the same, tired solutions will be used in Kaikoura that were used in Christchurch: people are likely to be homed in expensive caravans and mobile homes that will…