Greenpeace New Zealand’s Take on 100% Pure New Zealand

Greenpeace New Zealand lays to rest the 100% Pure New Zealand myth.

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New Zealand’s drinking water compliance totally inadequate – Water NZ  (RadioNZ 18 August 2017)

Publicly supplied water for more than 80,000 people in New Zealand has failed on bacteria standards, an official review shows.

Details in the Ministry of Health’s latest Annual Drinking Water Quality Report also showed more than 600,000 people received water that failed standards for gastroenteritis-causing protozoa… read on

Surge in Auckland stomach bug complaints after storms (RadioNZ 18 August 2017)

The number of nasty stomach bugs in Auckland is spiking after every storm, prompting health authorities to look at whether the city’s sewage system is to blame.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has begun a study into why it is seeing the increase in diseases like Cryptosporidium and the potentially serious E coli (VTEC).

Medical officer of health David Sinclair said it ordinarily saw between 60 and 75 cases a week, but after a big storm that number was consistently higher than 80. Those figures would not give a true picture of the number of people affected, he said… read on




3 thoughts on “Greenpeace New Zealand’s Take on 100% Pure New Zealand

  1. No mention of mass 1080 poisoning of NZ waterways and forests by NZ Greenpeace though.
    A substance pretty much banned everywhere because its bloody awful.
    All animals subject to it die an excruciating death. This includes the Kiwi bird.

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