Greenpeace New Zealand’s Take on 100% Pure New Zealand

Greenpeace New Zealand lays to rest the 100% Pure New Zealand myth


John Key Forced Off Stage at Big Gay Out

Evidence today that John Key’s popularity has been severely damaged by gifting NZ’s sovereignty to the T.P.P.A. Key was booed and heckled as he tried to make a speech at the Big Gay Out, forcing him to withdraw from the stage. The video says it all…      

NZ Wine Fails to Make the Grade, Rejects Headed for Asian Market

Another New Zealand product has been rejected overseas for failing to ‘make the grade’. Yesterday China rejected a consignment of water for having too much nitrite, today we learn a shipment of wine has been stopped by the EC for having too little alcohol. reports that a 1,000 bottle consignment of Bannockburn Riesling, (Otago…