John Key Forced Off Stage at Big Gay Out

Evidence today that John Key’s popularity has been severely damaged by gifting NZ’s sovereignty to the T.P.P.A.

Key was booed and heckled as he tried to make a speech at the Big Gay Out, forcing him to withdraw from the stage.

The video says it all…




7 thoughts on “John Key Forced Off Stage at Big Gay Out

  1. “For a British person who is a NZ Permanent Resident pensioner in NZ, WINZ forces them to open a Westpac bank account where their British pensions go into that account and the money goes into the coffers of the NZ government. Although the account is in his personal name, he has no access to that account and under international banking regulations, this fraud committed by WINZ is unlawful.
    WINZ claims that they have a reciprocal arrangement with mother England but this is not true. For example, if your British pension is $250 and the NZ pension is $500, WINZ takes your $250 from England and pays you $500 so you lose your British pension of $250. However, if you decide to return and live in England, you would only get your British pension of $250 as WINZ will stop paying your NZ Pension Entitlement of $500 after six months. Therefore their claim of a reciprocal arrangement with England is a blatant lie.”

    • So, the British government thinks it is paying British pensions to their citizens living in New Zealand, but instead, these pensioners have no access to their accounts in their names and the money is handed over by Westpac to the New Zealand government’s coffers. The culture of abuse and theft of the elderly begins at the top echelons of this land of Kool-Aid.

      • This same attitude of theft also applies to child support paid by non-custodial parents. If the child support is paid to a parent who is on a benefit, the government takes this money with the excuse that it helps to compensate for the benefit. The problem with this is that 40% of New Zealand’s children living in poverty, are in benefit families. This means that the government places receiving this money ahead of helping the very families that need it the most. Given that there are approximately 300,000 children living in poverty in New Zealand, this equates to 120,000 children living in poverty, that shouldn’t be, due to the government’s deliberate choice to take money that does not belong to them.

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