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6 thoughts on “PSA: Your Content Please

  1. National Party leader Bill English says Paula Bennett’s remarks about criminals’ human rights were incorrect.

    “It clearly is not the case that some New Zealanders have less human rights than others,” English told Radio NZ this morning.

    It is not the case that some New Zealanders have less human rights than others BUT Singaporeans living in New Zealand have less human rights because their life-time CPF savings are confiscated by the New Zealand government but Sir John Key’s CPF savings are his own tax-free money

    In New Zealand, gang members have more human rights than Singaporeans because the NZ Human Rights Commission and the New Zealand Human Rights Tribunal do not bother about the Chief Executive’s DISCRIMINATION of Singaporeans – complaints filed four years ago. These so-called New Zealand Human Rights Organisations are subservient to the NZ government as they are dependent on the government for funding.

    The Deputy Prime Minister apologised for saying gang members have less human rights than others – but, the blatant discrimination of Singaporeans in New Zealand perpetuates and does not “stretch human rights laws” at all. This is the hypocrisy and the UN Human Rights Committee will soon have clear evidence of their conspiracy to obstruct, prevent, pervert and defeat justice.…ectid=11916627

  2. Al Jazeera English has made a documentary (available on you tube) called N.Z polluted Paradise,interesting how it’s taken a foreign documentary maker and film crew to dispel the N.Z 100% clean green myth,also the documentary is partially aimed at warning foreign tourists of the dangers here which they have been unaware r Dixie ed about

  3. More on hostile attitudes from New Zealanders to outsiders would be interesting to me.
    Particularly as, from someone who has lived here all their life the country in many way depends on it for its future.

  4. Popular opinion says that New Zealand is known as a socialist country. But its not at all, it is actually very capitalistic.

    This is put across in the advertising, that it is a friendly place, when in truth it is anti social from my way of seeing things.
    Also the level of paranoia and fear of strangers, is something I have noticed, even from my own relatives who live in New Zealand.
    Its like that League of Gentlemen BBC series, where those two characters who live in the local shop are afraid of strangers.
    If there was an honest tv comedy made by NZers it would be less of them rubbing their backs of how unique they are and more about the “Strangers” who come here and would not understand our New Zealand customs and ways.

    This site should focus more on New Zealanders attitudes to the outside world and visitors.
    I have seen over seas visitors look visibly upset with the unwelcoming and cold attitude of New Zealand people, bikers and on travel buses.
    To the point where they think all NZ people are just hostile odd balls. I have received treatment like that from European people (which I cannot say) and have not even spoken to them, just for looking their way.

    Something is very wrong here, and something needs to be done about it. But for anyone reading this and thinking about coming to New Zealand, probably don’t bike around the country expecting friendly welcoming from locals.

    Also don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms either and appreciation or anyone really interested in your background.

    Its true, NZers are mostly just interested in their social status with others, how much they can buy of the latest thing which they generally don’t need, and very few actually go outside and try and enjoy the out doors.
    They are mostly interested in what is on tv, and believe me, NZ tv only gets worse and worse.

  5. I think E2NZ should attempt to remain as apolitical as possible and focus on the big problems a majority of thinking people can agree need to be fixed: Housing, Water, Healthcare, Education. Personally I would like to see more constructive ideas for making NZ a better place too. Here is mine: Sell marijuana to tourists and tax the income to fund health and social services. I imagine a lot of US visitors these days are disappointed that NZ is more illiberal than the place they might have come from regarding this issue. After all what goes better with “natural beauty” and blockbuster fantasy film sets? It also works when it’s (inevitably) raining.

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