Migrant Tale – Film Maker Talks of Life in Christchurch

Christchurch, broken in more ways than one

Christchurch, broken in more ways than one

Continuing in our very popular series of Migrant Tales – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand

Today’s tale was sent in by a British migrant, a talented young film maker who hopes to be able to leave New Zealand next year. This is his full and very frank opinion about life in Christchurch, NZ. (We do not edit feelings at E2NZ)

Here’s my evaluation, critique and experiences living in Christchurch:

Christchurch 2015-a post earthquake misery hole inhabited by the walking dead, mutated monstrosities, mutton dressed as lamb scornful yuppie middle class suburban SUV driving dickheads, etiquette-less, ill mannered ignoramuses, each occupying their designated sectors of bullshit Christchurch existence. A city which gave up on itself, and subsequently became a sanity sucking vortex of financial catastrophe, whoring itself out for a quick buck and capitalising on any conceivable ill gotten gains wherever/whenever possible. Immigration NZ-the upper echelons of a mind forged hierarchical system of charlatans, who strive to coax misinformed and hopeful overseas visitors/workers to a country and city that is a complete farce and a collapsing, decaying facade, to their slow, agonising, monetary deaths.

A city of deprivation and degradation, built on fraud and bullshit, comparable in view to a large rotting chunk of swiss cheese, or an overbearing stale turd, pointlessly rolled in glitter, at the cost of feckless tax payers.

Experience and unduly suffer the ‘kiwi way is best and greatest’ morality code, and any person who dares to have a negative opinion — a dislike — will be shut out of the community, and existence. Anyone who resists such groupthink is ruthlessly shamed. Absurd doses of invective are hurled at the supposed troll/naysayer/opposer to the point that the original “offence” becomes negligible by comparison.

This god awful ‘reputation management’ is about gaming the system. It’s a form of deception, an attempt to erase subjectivity and evaluation through intuition, for a price.

Censorship is rampant here and free will is condemned. Welcome to George Orwells 1984.

A bit exaggerated or over the top you might say? 8 years of pissing against the wind in this shithole proves that not one moron here wants to change for the better, to prestige, to look outward…only inward.

A merry-go-round of hell.

A city of lazy, complacent drones, humming along into a black oblivion of perpetual nothing-ness.

I have never been so poor, so miserable, so repressed and bored shitless as I have in Christchurch and NZ. It is no better than Wellington, Auckland or anywhere else as i have been there too for a few months on end at a time.

I view most Kiwis as malevolent mannequins.

Jobs, if you can actually get one, pay peanuts and do not recognise your overseas qualifications. They are treated with pure disdain. You will never move up rank thanks to tall poppy syndrome and backstabbing insignificunts.

I took most of this year off work due to stress and acute depression from the shit I’ve been through here. (I stayed for my son.) There is nothing to do, no one is your friend, no one wants to help you, to be nice, unless they can exploit you. The vile high cost of everything makes it near impossible to save or to even pay your bills and have a life. Just once, it would be nice to have an intellectual conversation with someone here, just once. Someone who didn’t give a shit what others thought and just spoke their mind. You wont get that here.

I will not be self mutilating myself anymore by getting a job again in Christchurch and work with the dead beats. I have to leave my rotting mouldy property by feb 2016 due to the slumlord letting me move in to milk me for a year, to then kick me out and use that money to put towards fixing a dangerous property they should never legally of been able to rent out. You can bet your ass they will try and steal my bond as well.

So in conclusion-this shithole city and country has reduced me from an outgoing happy person to a hateful, morose, short fused, miserable curmudgeon in despair.

Feb 2016-Escape from Christchurch City starring Kurt Russell as Nebula Blisskin.

110 thoughts on “Migrant Tale – Film Maker Talks of Life in Christchurch

  1. UPDATE-I’m now living in my car. My days of renting are completely over. I had to move out because the landlady is having EQC work done and i refuse to return after being pissed about so many times in one year. I have moved 4 times in one year due to this EQC crap and corruption. I have absolutely no interest or will to rent or house flat ever again. I will live in my car until i can figure something out. My now ex partner and her kid went to live with her parents and she gets the dole so shes sorted, where as im pawning most of my possessions to keep afloat and feed myself. I have a bottle of whiskey to partially numb the misery.

    I dont have a job either but apply every day to no avail. No idea why i bloody bother. Same shit different day. I am obsolete at the age of 31. I am unemployable because in kiwi standards i dont have NZ experience to work at a gas station or shovel shit, even tho a lobotomized baboon could do it blindfolded. I’ve noticed even the scum sucking recruitment agencies have gone all upper class and snotty and will not employ you unless you have NZ based experience now. Before, they would employ just about anyone willing to work, how its should be right? After all, you’re making a nice commission of my back you slimy shits. Some jumped up desk jockey with the IQ of a fence post who has no clue at all about the jobs they are middle manning to poor suckers who cant get recruited by the company directly, because the companies themselves are unethical sweat shops looking out for their best interests only. Some 20 something dick head recruitment cunt-sultant with a contemporary name like ‘Pippa’ from Drain Your Life Resources or ‘Guy’ at Fuckwits Recruitment. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of conversing with one of these arrogant condescending mental defects, you will know where I’m coming from. The specifics they require for a job are truly baffling. “WE require someone who has at least one years minimum experience working at a gas station”. So if you apply saying hi i have 20 years retail experience but i haven’t worked at a gas station, you are immediately informed that its a no go. Logic? It doesn’t apply. Just because.

    My trademe auction ended today for the camera im selling and as usual there were many tire kickers and “would you do a buy now” and i say yes then never hear back from them ever again. So it didnt sell which i knew it wouldn’t. Too predictable.

    So…er…..yaaaaah. Living the dream. Lol.

  2. Recently I tried sending a message about this site’s migrant tales to someone on Britishexpats.com.

    To my surprise e2nz.org got automatically changed to ******** when I pressed send. I suppose the sites that make money from immigration see you as a threat to business?

    Keep up the good work guys.

    • Just a note about the ads – I never see them … I’ve got “Adblock Plus” installed in Firefox… people who hate ads might want to use it.

    • Only the fact that expats from all over the world comment on the same #%%%&+damn issues says it all. Nobody can deny that they have a point. I think 1/4 nz’ers lives outside there own country. 1/4!!!!

    • Hi Nebula. I am an expat living in AU for the past 21yrs and my heart just breaks reading your post and comments, I’ve stayed up til what is now 5am following the discussion. I knew it was bad but I had no clue as to how bad it was. 2yrs ago I was considering moving home and my family who left NZ to live here all warned me against it. I actually found this site through someone complaining about it on another site. I’m glad I did. My fiance’s dad wants to go to NZ for a holiday this year, with my fiance and I in tow. I’ve been trying to explain the situation to my partner, even before finding this site, because I don’t want us spending exorbitant money on a holiday to NZ when it will make me very depressed. I am Māori and so I have some emotional stock in what is happening with my people. I am also Pākehā so the entire state of affairs for how my people are living, and my country developing is of great concern to me. I hope you have made it out by now and are back in the UK finally – your ordeal and others like yours is a great concern for me also. We are a proud people, but what is the worth in that if it is all hubris and hot air. Thank you for sharing your story and I’d like to commend this site for their “Migrant Tales” series. I can tell that people are in genuine dispair and are not speaking from hatred, but more from a severe infraction to their livelihood, unfulfilled hopes and dreams, and their inability to live with dignity, and be part of a progressive society where they are valued and their interests, protected. Please know that you are all understood. I send my well wishes to everyone who has contributed to this series and thank the administrators for their great work.

      • To Saddened Kiwi – I would have given my right arm to meet a Kiwi friend like you out here. The only other one I’ve met in over a decade, like you are a Kiwi friend overseas, and my spouse — and we are on our way way out now, but it’s really sad – I feel for you and for the way the whole world, really, is going these days. God Bless, my friend.

      • Hey SaddenedKiwi,

        Thanks for your well wishes. I’m still in NZ unfortunately lol but I am trying to get the money together to get a single flight out of here.

        The reality is I can only be away from NZ a year at a time because I would not be able to be away from my son longer than that, it just won’t happen. Miss him too much and it affects him just as much. I havn’t been back to UK since early 2012.

        It’s such a shitty position to be in tho. I would like to take my son away from here indefinitely and never return. I’d like to get on with my life but there is absolutely nothing here in NZ for me and I despise the place with a passion. Any life I try and carve out for myself in UK is always hindered by the fact my son is not with me. To think hes millions of miles away when i went back in 2011 alone really bothered me. I worried about his well being, his safety, was he being fed properly, what if something happens and im not there? What if someone is bullying him at school and he doesn’t have his dad there to go down and sort it out? Just all those little things.

        His mother does absolutely nothing with him. Its the school holidays and all she does is do her night shift job then sleep until 5pm, then repeat process. Even on her days off she just sits in an armchair all day like a granny. If it wasnt for me, the kid would lead a very boring empty life, and be stuck infront of a computer 24/7 which isnt healthy. She had 2 weeks off recently and still did absolutely fuck all with my son.

        My son relies on me all the time his mother is just an afterthought.

        His mother and i have been separated for over 2 years now and she is still bitter and blames me for leaving despite her being the sole reason due to her fat ass lazy ignorant attitude and ways and treating me like an inferior all the time. I’m still cant believe we actually used to live together….holy shit what was i doing all these years……

        This is why i cant stand kiwis like her-i suggested the other day “oh hey why dont you try Heinz Beans, much tastier” and her reply was “we only eat Watties here, Watties is what we like”. Do I need say anymore? She is super anal about anything that doesnt follow the kiwi policy and it drives me up the bloody wall.

        Anyhoo, death to New Zealand! Revolt my fellow expats!!! 🙂

        Take care.

  3. good story. you took the words out of my mouth ! I have gotten to the point that I have started to love hating the country and especially Canterbury. You talk about hating them but I believe they hate us for sure even more .. after encountering another kiwi “shark attack ” today, sometimes it is hard to stay calm and hold my temper. Why does everything have to be so damn difficult here ?! It seems to be impossible to order a simple coffee without an whole drama ! I ordered an coffee today ” Vienna ” without syrup and milk. And I paid normal price for it. What do I get ? after repeating it about three times to the girl and yes I am fluent in English.. a double shot espresso with cream, which is two dollars cheaper… So I told her I ordered an medium size Vienna. And voila she comes back with the same amount of coffee in an medium sized cup !!! Man are these people just plain stupid or is this another racism anti foreigner trick ?!
    And it was cold.. So after my partner finished his cup already gotten so tired from CHCH crap the poor man has given up by now. Not for me though…the war seems to just have started so it was time to get for what I had paid for !! I told the lady that I just wanted my money back and that the coffee was cold , that I ordered café Vienna and not a double shot in an medium sized cup ! She pretended that she did not understood me ..at least I assume… It did surprized me I got my money back though . Why is it these people hate us Europeans so much ? Or does this happen to every kiwi occasionally ? I had already travelled the world extensively and have never ever experienced this anywhere in any other country in the world ! These people are giving me an very high blood pressure and if this continues it won’t take me long to get an nervous breakdown. Time to get out soon to civilisation…very very soon !!

    • Haha welcome to horror land, its sure is a horror land.

      Yes, I experience what you have experienced 24/7. Kiwis never put the effort into anything they do and always cock up a simple menial little task. It becomes very tiring and so expectant that in the end I just curse at them under my breath with swearwords. The bottom line is they don’t give a shit, and don’t know how to. They don’t want to give a shit. It’s too much hard work.

      They are a queer, queer, backward bunch of humanoid misfits, utter proxy humans. Have you noticed that if you talk to them for longer than 10 seconds, they seem to become agitated and perplexed as to why the conversation has gone beyond a fake put on hello hows your day going, (that they can barely muster in the first place?) And they have absolutely nothing further to say beyond the synthetic, fake greetings and mind numbingly boring lingo they use. They have zero vocabulary skills and its always like talking to someone with autism. (No offence to autistic people, they are better than Kiwis any day.)

      A story I forgot to tell everyone-in 2010 I was arrested for drinking in public in Wellington, something I wasn’t even aware was illegal at the time. I was totally minding my own business in a dark corner on the street sitting down, after going to a disappointing metal concert. I’d had a really shit night and was feeling angry and depressed and this Maori cop took it upon himself to target me. He rubbed me up the wrong way with his macho, antagonistic attitude and I told him to “fuck off and find some real criminals”. He then got his bum chum colleagues to back him up, so there were 5 of them in total picking on a guy down on his luck minding his own business. I stood up, and for once I just let all the shit out that I’d put up with since being here. I told him exactly what I thought of his shit country and that his attitude was pathetic, if he wasn’t hiding behind a badge and had backup I would give him a bloody good run for his money and he’d at least have a broken nose or black eye from me. Well this savage took it upon him self to grab me by the throat and his bum chums literally rugby tackled me, couldn’t get me under control because I fought back without throwing any punches, the next minute I had been thrown upside down and landed on my back. It happened so fast i can’t really recall exactly what happened. They then all put their knees into my back while this shit head cuffed me. The maori cop walked off laughing. When I was brought to my feet another cop led me to a police van and forced my left arm upwards with so much force he ripped my rotator calf.

      Now, if i hadn’t been so drunk at the time, i would have taken a law suite against them in the morning, but i couldn’t even remember what they looked like, and knew it would be a complete waste of time. Typical Kiwi cowards. They knew full well I was pissed out of my face but not causing any harm and love picking on people in numbers. Even to this day, If i could know who this maori cop was, I would demand a one on one, him and me, if he had any balls to, without hiding behind his gutless mates.

      I went to court in Christchurch and was given a ‘diversion’ where i had to ‘donate’ $400 to a charity of my choice. So I chose breast cancer I think. (Go me haha.)

      What ended up happening was the cretins ‘lost’ my receipt so I had this arrogant fucking wanker of a cop turn up at my house telling me I was being arrested. I said what for? And he said I hadn’t paid my fine. I said I bloody well have!!! He said wheres your receipt then? I hadn’t kept it, i had probably chucked it away after i paid the fine but i bloody wish i hadn’t after what i went through because of it.

      This arsehole put me in a cell with a bunch of scummy little pricks, this massive maori bloke walking up and down intimidating the younger blokes in there saying hes gunna kill someone, and I thought you better not come over to me sunshine if you know whats good for you. So i appeared in front of the judge to have this geriatric TWAT demand why i hadn’t paid my fine, and i told him i had and that your shithouse police force should have a bloody copy of the receipt. He then said it was up to me to go to the police station and find a receipt and to appear in court again with it. I remember having to go to the Christchurch City police station to find it. Me running around after THEM for THEIR incompetence.

      What a fucking piss take. I honestly can’t remember much else thank fuck because it was a horrible, horrible time for me back then.

      The level of incompetence in NZ is vile. I was chucked in a cell because THEY lost the receipt and hadn’t even registered me paying the god damn fucking fine!!!!

      NZ police live on a code of machoism and arrogance. They posses zero wit and will condescend you at any opportunity. It really doesn’t take much to become a NZ cop. But they certainly think they are gods gift to humanity.

      I can not recall how much incompetence i have dealt with here over the years, because theres been so much, you just end up blocking it all out after a while because what else can you logically do?.Its pure overload. Complaining is another long arduous process that really delivers no self satisfaction in the end. I have simply just yelled at the top of my voice while leaving the shop, something like “your staff are a fucking JOKE. I will never be coming back to this bulllshit store ever again, disgusting service.” And the immediate deafening silence of everyone around me, shocked and bewildered at my outburst. That my friends is more satisfying than anything else. Try it sometime. Give them a bloody piece of your mind!!! Kiwis are cowards, they are absolutely gutless, always remember this.

      To hell with this shithole country. I can not wait to leave.

      P.S Excuse my French

      • Horrible just horrible ! We can totally understand how you felt and feel.. I hope you have not given up your life .. Don’t throw away your dreams ! (hope yous still have them) I would like to advise you.GO FOR NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST. You don’t want to look back on your life in about ten years from now and regret not taking the opportunities you have today and for your children. Or how your life could have been when you left New Zealand , most likely much better !! We have met many immigrants also from Uk regretting to have married here and stayed here. Now some of them are retired and very lonely, not happy and even while some have become very rich and have accomplished the “kiwi dream ” they are very unhappy which they told us.. And of course their children suffer under it and get in trouble themselves .

        Funny enough I really don’t look forward to the big trip journey back home we will have to make this year. There is nothing more we want for this year then to leave Christchurch !! Believe me , but it will sore sure be not very easy. But we are forcing ourselves to make the trip. Even with not having not as much money in our pockets as we had before we came here. But once we are on the other side..we will be FREE again and soon we will have our savings back !! Gosh I look forward to that.

        Reading your story I had to think of an perfect film script ready to be filmed and showed around the world.
        Maybe we are really talking ” alien” lifeforms here ?! hahaha I dream of that moment ! It would be the most hilarious comedy for sure … This makes me think of all the absolutely absurd things we have been through here.. and so yes having been here for years I have never even had one decent conversation with an kiwi !

        Very frustrating indeed ! It is always an relieve to meet and speak to other westerners , Indians or Asians .
        And funny enough most seem to experience the exact same feelings. A large piece of land is just not enough to make one happy.. I think I need to tell my story very soon. Believe me you will have to laugh a lot ! Sometimes I feel just like Alice in wonderland..pffff

        • Yes please do tell your story, I love reading everything from people who have had utter diabolical experiences such as myself. NZ is the worst place I have ever lived in my entire life. I lived in Brunei from 1990-1993, and that was one of the best experiences of my life. Granted, I was 6 when I arrived there, but I remember so much of it. I have also been to Hong Kong, Thailand twice, Singapore dozens of times, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, France millions of times…all better places than shitty NZ. I would love to go to China, Japan, South Africa, North Africa, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany etc and many other places too. Theres a whole world to see out there. I’ve always wanted to go to America too and make my fortune haha. I was born there in 1984 and am actually half American by blood but know nothing about my American family, when I did contact them at age 15 they were not interested, including my birth father.

          I have solace in knowing that this is not forever (being trapped in NZ). I just don’t want to waste much more of my life here now that I’m in my early 30s. (I’ve been here since i was 23 pretty much, and i still ache in psychological pain and regret from putting myself through that).

          What country are you from? What are you currently doing in Christchurch?

          I went to Drexyls in Riccarton the other week with a gift voucher i was given for xmas. The place was packed and very popular from what I heard. I went there with my son and the food was absolute crap. $20 for a measly little cooked english breakfast, utterly tasteless and no free tea or coffee with it. (You pay once for a tea of coffee then can get free refills). The toast was burnt as well. Altho I have to say I was surprised how polite and freindly the staff were, something I am not used to at all here. In England thats 10 quid, I could have got a much better fry up in Tesco or Sainsburys than that dump. Everything is premium price here for shit quality.

          • man your situation really sucks ! And I actually went through something similar but then in Europe. I mean getting stuck with the wrong partner. I hope we will be able to help you with something. We know some very helpful people here. genuine Kiwi’s who traveled the world a lot and lived abroad for many years. They know how it’s like to live in another country.

            Would you be interested in staying at one of our friends place for free ? He has an horse breeding business and does require some help with feeding out every day and likes somebody to cook his food what he will pay for mostly. If you are interested I will still have to ask him if he ‘s able to help out now though. We know also an older lady that is looking for somebody to live on her lifestyle block and help her out with some gardening in their spare time when living there for free. These two i mentioned are very flexible with work hours you may have. I hope this could help you to get out quicker and save money. Buy they they are out in the country and would be able to have an intellectual conversation and would give you some peace of mind as well !

            my email is worldtraveller777adventure@gmail.com

            It is sad to hear parents treating their children so bad as you mention. Unfortunately it is not much better for us. My partner and I have also lost basically most contact with our family , foster and step family too which makes things often even harder.

            I don’t know who my father is and my husband found out about his dad when he was 12 years old. He doesn’t really want to be a dad for him and my mother doesn’t want to tell the truth about who my father is. She did give some clues possible an Scottish musician. But nothing certain , we will both do an blood test soon to see if it is true.. So yeah pretty weird family.. my husband’s half sisters and half brother seems to be the more “normal” ones but also don’t want to have that much contact.

            We don’t have kids yet , we planned to have them here but decided to leave NZ last year so we are saving up for that. Funny enough the countries you mention to visit we also had in mind seriously ! infect we hope to settle down in Switzerland but of course that is very expensive with the nz dollar. if not we will just take any summer job we can find perhaps around the Mediterranean. We will see, still looking for somebody to buy our van which by the way sleeps more comfortable then most NZ houses! And if we can we want to sell our business too. A great way to save quick money to get out fast !!

            Don’t give up !

          • By the way I have grew up half of my childhood in the USA and have traveled half of the country. My step parents are still living there in Texas. Last year we were totally done with this country and we booked a very big trip to the USA. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS FANTASTIC ! WHAT A RELIEVE AFTER NEW ZEALAND ! And how stupid we were to come back dammit ! We wasted another 15000 euro’s…in New Zealand.

            Have you any idea how cheap the food is there ? Even when we went to the organic store there things were half price from pak ‘n save !! No matter where you the service is always excellent the people are super friendly and the food is always great for cheap no matter where you go ! The only reason why I’m not living there is the unstable political and economical situation. But Canada seems to do better,

            I went to school there for some time and the education level from high school is about ten times higher then in New Zealand. The people are so bright and friendly there we just love it. Canada is almost the same but a bit more European orientated. Ok nowhere is perfect but it sure comes close. I particularly love the super social side of the US and Canada. Go anywhere and people start to have an conversation with you. Really should have gone to Canada ! If you want to go there I can help you out with some great people where you can stay for a while.. great therapy for recovering after New Zealand !

            all best mate !

          • Thank you for the kind offers Welcome to Horrorland. I’m trying my best at the moment to get the hell out of here and the situation I’m in asap.

            The issues I’m having at the moment are related to the god awful people I’m living with. It’s a bloody joke now really, it really is. My ‘partner’ who I’ve lived with for only a year is now someone I absolutely loathe and am stuck living here because of lack of options and funds and am just doing the best I can to ignore her psychotic mood swinging, verbally abusive bullshit. She put on a huge “I’m such a nice sensitive, kind, relaxed person’ act when we met, then she showed me her true messed up warped Kiwi colours once I moved in after she kept harassing me to do so, saying it would be ‘great’. Ironic really because I left my crazy son’s mother who put me through absolute hell and I feel like I’ve jumped out of the pan into the fire. Jokes on me. I feel such an idiot to be trapped in this wretched, wretched situation.

            This isn’t an attack on women in general by the way, this is simply my feelings and opinions on this Kiwi woman I’m living with and her loathsome offspring. What can I say…her 6 year old daughter is a complete disaster. Nasty, rude, demanding, yells and screams when she doesn’t get her own way, is a mega gob shite as has absolutely no respect what so ever. At 6 years old she walks all over her mother, who pacifies and panders to her utterly shit behaviour, much to my anger and dismay. She is plagued with severe emotional issues that can only of been caused by her mothers shit parenting, and her backward farmer father. My son who lives with us most of the time completely ignores her now, refuses to interactive with her because of her nasty, bossy, unpleasant princess bitch attitude and they always end up bickering. My sons no angel either, but he isnt mentally disturbed because i raised him to be a decent human being. Something he wouldn’t have had if he was raised solely by his pig ignorant mother. My son would rather play Minecraft than play with her any day of the week.

            Now I’ve tried being a role model to this kid, but she is so obnoxious and belligerent I gave up wasting my time. Telling me her father is going to beat me up, I’m not her dad blah blah (I dont bloody want to be) which is normal etc but still rude. She displays the same slob manners and personality as the kiwi adults in NZ. Something they learn very young here. She never ever flushes the toilet after numbers 2’s despite me reminding her to do so, doesn’t wash her hands, leaves her crap all over the house for me to trip over (I have tripped over her stuff loads of times and smacked my knee into the coffee table). bottom line-she is an utterly unlikeable child. I absolutely despise her now. I know this sounds harsh and what not, but hey, I tried, man did I try. And you know the story, giving time to Kiwis is like pissing against the wind, they simply don’t want to know.

            This greatly affected any personal time I actually ever managed to get with my partner because this kid is attached to her like fungi. My partner cant go out for a jog without taking the brat with her, because the brat will scream the house down and run after her mother balling her eyes out. It really is pathetic. She acts like a 2 year old. I can’t be alone with my partner without the kid constantly SMASHING open the bedroom door demanding why her mother isn’t paying attention to her. The kid spent the rest of the day in her room after that performance. I was so angry she didn’t dare come out until i told her to. The only peace i get is when the little shit pisses off to bed and goes to sleep. When she wakes up, she makes such a bloody noise that it wakes everyone else up, at 7am in the morning on a Sunday for example, with the TV volume full blast and stomping around the house. When she goes to her fathers it is absolute bliss. The moment she comes back, she walks through the door and starts mouthing off to everyone.

            I understand she has behavioural and emotional problems, her parents split up, but she still has to respect other people and learn that I am the adult and she is the child. She can not walk over me like she does with her mother. We all used to go out as a family and go to fun places, but her kid ruined it each and every time with her vile temper tantrums and illogical mood swings.

            I’m not surprised the kid is so screwed up though, considering her mother is almost identical and uses her as an emotional crutch, they have a friends relationship rather than her acting as a parent. So her daughter expects to be treated like an adult when she is a child.

            Onto the mother…..god help me. I’m constantly being blamed for her shitty miserable life and failures, because I act as her emotional tampon and she thinks this is completely acceptable. For a few days she seems normal, telling me I’m ‘awesome’ and amazing and that she loves me sooooo much and blah blah….and then…out of the blue…she just turns into this vile, man hating witch, and does everything in her power to suck me into an argument to gain attention. I just don’t take the bait anymore. If i ignore her foul moods she literally

            Being the man of the house I have always arranged things for us to do and am always providing ideas for entertainment while she sits on her fat arse and contributes nothing. I used to take everyone out of my dime but her kid made it such a bloody horrible experience i just gave up. when i have money my partner loves spending it, when it comes to her turn she a complete tight arse and lies about not having any, yet comes back from Farmers with new clothes.

            I give up with Kiwis. I’ve tried motivating my partner who constantly whinges and whines that shes unhappy, good god do I hear that every bloody day, and deal with the slamming of doors, stomping around the house, vile temper tantrums, the sarcastic abusive diatribe, the ‘its all your fault’ broken record, retreating to her bedroom to call up random twats to have a whinge and moan about her shit life, when she does absolutely fuck all to improve it. She has a go at me constantly that shes bored and tries to make all her problems my problems when i bloody minding my own business reading something online (this website haha) and she cant amuse herself because shes too thick to.

            And yes, I’m well aware this relationship is well and truly over and that i need to leave asap, but i am completely stuck here until i can escape.

            I had absolutely no idea she was a prime candidate for the nut house. I wake up every day now just loathing the sight of her, and having to listen to her foghorn of a kid rattle the walls with her massive screaming gob.

            It’s enough to want to fucking top yourself, it really is. I’m living Groundhog day and it is hard to endure.

            Well, while she whines and moans and contributes nothing to her own life or mine, with her backward ways, im writing and recording metal riffs on my guitar, writing a short story for an up and coming UK based writing competition, working on my own film scripts, some books im writing as well, just creative tid bits here and there to occupy myself and distract me from those two horrible monsters.

            Like i said, i do not hate women, but i do not think very much at all to Kiwis, male or female. Highly disturbed backward swamp life.

          • Doesn’t sound like an very up building relationship nebula. I do hope you get out soon. We’ve seen this kiwi girl behaviour many times.. Ofcourse every country must have good and bad woman but nz woman do seem to be very dominating and abusive in general. So be very carefully with them. So am I ! In fact one of the good things happening to me in nz is that I work mostly with guy’s ! Even the kiwi guy’s are nicer to me then many of the kiwi girls. Many of them seem to be very insecure and just don’t seem to know what to do with their life really besides gossiping . but knowing not many of them I can not judge. Have met children of immigrants being ofcourse a lot nicer and often get an expat boy or girlfriend. They are OK. It sounds like your girlfriend is an “product of society” so I would just really feel sorry for her and her kid. You’ll be able to leave soon and get your life back but she is most likely doomed to stay here… And yeah you know what that means… Very sad and not a bright future either for the child . having these problems already as an child..just imagine how she’ll be like hitting puberty.. I don’t wanna know.

            I have seen sex parties going on in sofisticated schools like Rudolf Steiner school . this wouldn’t be an very good influence for your son in my opinion. But yeah you have to decide. Just yesterday I was looking at old friends on their Facebook.. They recently moved near Chicago and Thy looked so Happy!! I have to admit I am almost jealous… They are from there live and travelled Europe for 7 years and went back to a wonderful home there near Chicago. And I mist all out on those wonderful people.. And many more. Yes I tried to stay in touch but mist of them do move on.. You know. And yeah I ‘m the one to blame. My perspective on life totally changed in nz. When I look back to the west. I see opportunities I never saw before. I want to see the whole of Europe and Canada, australia. It’s just incredible what you can do there with the money you spend here in nz in one month !! I have learned from my mistakes and luckily I actually got in touch with an lost aunt and friend. So it’s not all bad.. And I have learned my lessons.. Never immigrate to an country that you don’t know very well. It must have been very different for you. But I actually know also kiwi Guy’s having dealt with a simular relationship. This is actually the guy I told you about who has the horse breeding farm. He is done with her now. But has a nice son with her. He also likes to play Minecraft. He helped out hundreds of immigrant.. He lives alone and has an gigantic farm. We stayed there on the farm for about half a year and it really helped us to sort our lives out. He has a great sence of humor and lived and work with the royal family of Dubai for 4 years. And he travelled the world for the horse championships. He always get’ s travellers and is always willing to help out. I could ask him to contact you if you want to stay with him for a while. Where are you now ?

          • Hi sue4adventure. I am in Christchurch. It’s ok thanks but I appreciate the offer.. I’m trying to gather money to get out of here asap before I end up in a straight jacket.

            I’m a very private person now, like my own personal space. (Translates to-Im a saddo who has no life haha.)

            What I need is money. Soon as I have enough for a ticket, I will jump for joy.

            One job I had in NZ working as an ‘alarm monitor operator’, I worked earlier on a Thursday, the only day of the week i ever worked with another person, as I had a sole charge night job. I had to work with this girl 10 years younger than me, who was very cock sure of herself. She was a kid in my eyes. She never acknowledged me when I arrived, never said hi, never made conversation, nothing. I used to find the situation incredibly awkward and weird so I would reluctantly make conversation, and it was like talking to a corpse. She wasn’t interested. So I gave up, and would ignore her too. Every shift with her, she would paint her nails, and the smell of nail polish would make me feel sick, and would think why does this twat have to do this every time she’s here???

            So I asked her if she could refrain from doing it one day and she looked at me in confusion. Complete twat.

            Another pile of shit job (one of many I’ve had here haha) I had years ago was working at a petrol station, I had barely been there a few days and this one woman in particular had my blood boiling. She wasn’t a supervisor, wasn’t a team leader, she was just another member of staff there yet she would never shut up barking orders at everyone. All the younger staff in their 20s would just put their tails between their legs and do as they were told, but I’d had enough and challenged her. She came up to me and said “have you checked the cleaning list for today yet?” My reply was straight to the point-“do you ever shut the fuck up? FUCK OFF and get on with your own work, you old bag”. You should have seen the sows face drop, and the look of amazement on everyones face. How DARE I stand up for myself. Yes, how DARE I.

            The gutless Kiwi disappeared into the back a short while later and was obviously ‘reporting’ me to the manager or grassing me up. Not that I gave a flying shit. Can’t remember what happened after that, other than I left the next day because the place was so petty and pathetic, it violated every code of my ‘take no bullshit’ policy. The place was a joke. The amount of customers that spoke to me like shit was astounding. One person telling me to “make her a coffee and hurry up about it”. So I took as long as possible to make it, and would have spat in her cup if I could. The I would have lobbed it in her face. Thats the way I think. I do not give two shits about my job once I am abused there. Typical bogan boy racers or ‘tradie’ workers giving me attitude and being rude and unfriendly, the amount of middle aged twats I had to go out and help fill up their cars because they were too fucking lazy to do it themselves. There was nothing wrong with them.

            This one woman (sorry it sounds like im a misogynist, Im really not haha, its just the rude customers were mostly women) who I absolutely loathed who was one of those insufferable self absorbed me me me me regulars who always wanted her car filled by one of the staff while she sipped her shithouse coffee inside. And oh lucky me, I got to do it once again. (She never thanked me previously either every time id done it). As usual, she had parked the car with the petrol cap the other side and the hose would not stretch. So I asked her politely could she please move her car. She effed and blinded at me, and foamed at the mouth. You would have thought I’d just asked her to show me her tits! She got in her car, reversed, almost flattened a bloke walking behind, then stopped, effed and blinded at me again and said she didnt understand what I meant then yelled at me that this was such an inconvenience.

            By that point id lost the will to live and just yelled back at her “well if you weren’t so fucking thick maybe it would all make sense” and I walked to my car, got in, and never came back. True story.

            I have lost, walked away from, been fired from so many jobs in New Zealand because I could not tolerate the scum bags that worked there, or the wretched customers. If anyone wants to hear anymore of my nightmare job stories let me know haha, I have many!

          • This country looks like it was not the best move for you or anyone in that matter. It’s good you don’t doubt yourself and keep it all together.

            Yeah sure keep it coming ! Although I regret what you went through. Your stories are quite entertaining ! Hahaha

            Besides I’ m glad I’ m not the only one that had awfull work experience..

            Don’t forget there is an better world out there where I’m sure you will blossom again. Perhaps life will start for you when you have left new Zealand. You sound more like an artistic and cultural kind of person. I think Europe is what you need for recovery with the vibrant music and art scene. Or places like south america are also great for “mental recovery” when trying to forget nz. There are so many wonderful warm places out there. The world has so much more to offer once out if nz !

          • @ sue4adventure-yes I’m a very artistic person. Im a musician, a writer and I am an aspiring film maker. All these things going to waste in this baron shit hole. It makes me laugh there are music shops like The Rock Shop here in Christchurch. Its not like you can do anything with those instruments and equipment once you buy them, because theres no where to play live, just stuck practicing at your home. NO music scene here at all. Waste of time and money, altho to contradict myself I did by a 7 string electric guitar to keep myself busy, to prepare myself for starting a band once im back in the UK and rocking out in London venues.

          • Hi Nebula,

            It really doesn’t surprise us what you’ve been going through ! We have had many similar experiences. Very sorry you had to experience all this misery in this shit hole ! We also realize we have to leave asap before we turn into one of them.. then we would be really doomed. Glad I am to old to ever get that horrible nz accent..

            Never ever we could have imagined anything like this shit society would be in existence anywhere in this universe… the one really to blame is my stepdad you see… He talked us into it but I really do believe the man just wanted to get rid of us ! he visited nz for about three times so I thought he would drop by after a while which of course never happened.. Finally he got so abusive over email I just told him never to contact us again and that I was done with the so called step family !

            Well for a change( you might not even believe this) there is one good story just happened yesterday.
            I do believe any human is able to change for the better so I still believe things could change here. And I am determent not to get tramped down by those buffalo’s around here.

            You might have read the story about the horrible service experience at one restaurant with an tea I ordered that arrived only after an sick drama at an almost full restaurant. SO after an quite nice holiday in Wellington I was pretty pissed of !! And I just wanted to make sure the ass whole was not able to commit any customer crime again so I told the whole story to the head office in Australia. And they send it to the manager here in CHCH. I actually couldn’t believe it they were actually helping me !! And so they did..and invited us back for an all you can eat free of charge meals and drinks !! Well I was really impressed…anyway it turned out to be an Australian business and i’m sure they know how to do business there. We had a free meal for about 80 dollars !!

            I believe they hired two guy’s that appeared to be much better workers..the nasty guy was gone and the girl had a friendly talk with us. She did really much her best and turned out to be from another country and of course had an very rough life like most people here. .. We were very impressed with her story and her service that we gave her a 20 dollar tip .

          • Thats good to hear. If it was Kiwi owned I doubt you would have heard anything back!

            I’m sitting here at home bored out of my skull, now looking for a job because I have no choice. Very depressing. No one replies to me. I only get the automated rejection emails. Also, I went into places to hand in my CV…waste of time. These assholes never call me, never get me in for an interview…It’s like I am a ghost.

            At 31 I never imagined this would be my life. I remember when I came to NZ in 2006, i was here for 2 weeks and realised something very wrong with this place. Now…my god…9 years later, I feel like 9 years have been stolen from my life. A large chunk missing from my memory. Like I have been in a drug induced nightmare or a coma.

            I’m still upset about it all, I look back years ago and think what the hell was I doing???? What happened? I was 23 when I arrived. Now a miserable 31 year old.

            Also I’m finding it hard to eat regularly due to the fact I’m so poor. I have sold stuff at the pawn shop just to buy food. Also my grandmother in England sent me money to help me out.

            To escape some of the horror I sleep all day and I’m awake all night when no one is awake. I do get out as much as I can, walking about, but to be honest, its so bloody boring and tedious. I feel nothing anymore.

            I’m supposed to pick up my son from school today but don’t have money to buy petrol, so his mother is doing it instead. Any trip, task, or activity I do now is just utterly meaningless. It’s either stressful or detrimental to my mental health.

            My son is now wanting to stay at his mothers more often because he hates it in this house now, with two crazy females. He’s so much like me. He told me yesterday when he came over that he wanted me to live with his mum again, and he didn’t like my new partner or her daughter at all, which i fully understand. He has noticed a huge change in me as well, he knows I’m deeply unhappy. I worry about him as well. Only in the last year or so have his mother and I split up and i think it affected him deep down. He still hasn’t gotten used to it.

            It’s absolutely horrible when you become an over stayer like me. I have been here too many years, despite knowing what a hole this place is and that it never gets better. Some days/nights when I wake up, I don’t even know what time or day it is. Once last week I thought it was Wednesday until I looked at the date on my computer and it said Saturday. I couldn’t believe it. Probably the first time i had ever lost track of time like that. My sleeping patterns are erratic, all over the place.

            Thanks to this place I have become disconnected from myself and my surroundings.

          • We feel for you man . Almost exact everything I (we) can relate too. Coming from an rough background we have never been whiners. Always worked ,made friends just had an normal life and so on. But this is swimming up against the stream all the time. May I ask what kind of work experience you have ?

            I still think it would be an great option for you to stay at mr. Horse in Leeston. He helped the Chilean guy’s also to get jobs so they could leave.. And now they are happy back with their friends and family again.
            Would you be ok with it if I forward your details to him so you could just meet and have an talk ? Or they other way around ? I ‘m sure your boy would get along with his boy. They are great kiwi’s really very exceptional. He helped us out a great deal back two years ago. He owns a lot of caddle and so he has meat in abundance for you and your boy to eat. And mr. horse loves good company like yourself too !
            Why not try it out for a week see how you go ?

          • Yeah I was there in November a couple of times and yes I think I saw you there.. nice suit. I think this kiwi behavior must be coming from an insecurity and perhaps they must have had an horrible time growing up with abuse neglect and so on… you know how many psycho’s are wandering around here… It’s just a shame you have had to encounter these mental ill people. In my country people like that would have been fired in a second send of to an mental hospital without explanation !!

            I am not on Facebook anymore my partner is mainly to promote our company and try to keep in touch with some of his family and old friends. But I agree..I think it’s kind of weird people only contact us if you are on Facebook. Before Facebook we almost never heard of them. WEIRD.

            My “work ” experiences if you want to call it even work experience, My goodness what a joke was that ! I don’t even want to say to people I worked here other then for myself… When I recovered from my foot injury I started to apply for jobs and send many CV’s and cover letters to whatever I could find. I never send so many in my whole life and was only invited TWICE.. You would think my cv must look horrible but like I saId in all other countries there was always something I could find. Finally there was one employment agency that send me out to do some pre school shifts. I WAS COMPLETELY HORRIFIED WITH THIS EXPERIENCE !

            I have some nanny experience and thought it would be nice to work with nz kids… Well most of them turned out to be complete out of control without any real supervision. I mean not like with what we have in the west.I have been around many kids in my life in many countries and never I have seen anything like this circus before what they call pre school! WHAT A SCAM THAT IS. I would strongly advise nobody to bring their child there And yes I have seen children suffering there…to me it is like an child prison camp. I tried to teach the children something just doing some creative activities with them. It surprised me I was the only one of the staff doing that at many child centers !! You think you would pay for some quality there when you pay about 300 dollars per week per child… anybody considering around here THINK AGAIN PEOPLE ! I think the local babysitter would teach a child more or the au pair from the US , ASIA OR EUROPE. GUARANTEED !!

            One child was painting another child in the eye..and so I said he was not allowed to do that.and stopped him. Then the “manager” told me I was not allowed to do that and got very intimidating !! YEAH REALLY !
            The poor child had paint all over his face and the ” manager” just let the children fight with paint ! She didn’t love children..she looked like the principle from the book “Mathilda” Roald Dalh.

            Anyway your plans sound very promising Nebula. Go for it ! CHCH is not the place for musicians or artists . This is an heaven for retired and very boring people though. for Sure you will succeed in your hopes and dreams when you have returned. My partner and I used to go to places like that and yes of course we miss that ! Your only chance to play in an band here would be in an church perhaps hahaha
            I have never visited London..We do intend to visit there one day , would be nice to see one of your concerts. Best of luck with it mate.

            I contacted mr. horse in Leeston and he was interested but wanted to know how long you would need to stay. I know you’d rather not.. but if you change your mind to safe out the rental costs there is an possibility no matter how many work hours you have or not. His boy is about your sons age. We have stayed there with 4 Chilean guy’s who were working on the farm and one in chch while they were living there for free.. and so they saved for their trip around the world. Mr. horse is one of those exceptional kiwi’s.. We also have saved out tons of money like that..

          • hey sue4adventure,

            I’m finding it hard to keep track of these posts as they are becoming really narrow and long hahaha.

            Yes you are right! A church would be the only place to play music! But screw that! Hahaha.

          • There is absolutely nothing worse than having to go to an utterly shit job that you despise, day in day out, working extra hours and shifts to actually create a decent pay on the shit wage, and then having to deal with some insufferable cretin/s that makes your life a misery while there. That I will not tolerate anymore. I have encountered this so many times in NZ. Even if I find a job I can mentally tolerate, some wanker ruins it for me. It’s like they are planted there to ensure you feel as miserable as possible yet expect you to break your back for their shitty minimum wage. There is always that inbred misplaced twat that somehow managed to get a job there and keep it for 20 years despite doing absolutely fuck all. It seems the more thick and backward you are, the more people accept you and keep you.

            Most of the time its not the job I can’t handle, its the wankers you work with. I have literally wanted to beat people to a pulp in some jobs, and trash the place.

            Kiwis are not laid back at all ,they are uptight pathetic tossers who will drive you to homicidal thoughts.

          • I can relate to so much you have said regards jobs and having to suffer the weirdos. I put up with a lot and deserved a medal for what i was put through by those spineless cowards. It is a very dark place alive with misfits from all walks at least this site is helping you preserve your sanity. Keep fighting it will all work out mate.

          • We are in total agreement with you nebula.
            But it’s just the way you write it down it sounds absolutely hilarious ! Can’t stop laughing.. Glad you didn’t lose that glorious British sence of humor. I bet that there is not one kiwi that laughs at your great sence of humor ?!

            Yes it does seem like they like to see other people suffering mentally eye ?! It’s almost a kinda Nazi attitude. I’d never seen peoplevso serous as here for sure.

            What I experience is the longer I stay, every week it seems to get harder and harder and more difficult to escape this miserable visious ratrace. I’m just thinking a long stay @ surfers paradise before I go .. Before I came to nz I could maintain three jobs easily and make thousands of euro’s in a short period of time. Now I struggle to get myself together at the age of 32 !!!

            I can tell you in my stay in nz I was forced to not work for a long time due to unemployment and by an accident for about an year. It was the most draining experience vof my life. Never was unemployed longer than two months before coming to nz.. It was dawnting.. Thank God I’m making enough now to get me and my partner out of here. I have to , because I got the pour fellow to come here.. And yeah he really suffered in every way you can think of here especially in chch ! He also thinks this is the worst shithole on the planet.

            We will both do our whole story which started almost four years ago. But because of privacy reasons I cannot tell all of it right now but both of us will when we will leave in a couple of months. Cause you probably know everybody seems to know each other here.. So gotta be carefull. We’ve got some absolute ridiculous stories also about kiwi women , which I didn’t think was even possible before coming here !

            We lived in Antwerp Belgium for two years before we flew to Auckland and that was fantastic. And gosh so much cash !! Made lifelong friends and met truly inspiring people. Which ofcourse is almost impossible to find here.

            The kiwi’s we know here are alright , but I agree you always gotta be extremely causious with them. We thought we could trust somebody but even there some of our stuff was gone when we visited. For what I’ve experienced many start of nice but after a while the true nature starts to show and often things get nasty with these people. Which I haven’t encountered in this extreme way before in my life.. Everything seems extreem in this country..

          • @ Oldhall-cheers mate. I will never give up, I know this country is messed up beyond belief and I know theres a whole world out there, its just I’m not sure when I can escape this dump, thats the problem due to funds.

          • @ sue4adventure-we are the same age basically! I am 31. And I feel like I am wasting my life here, wasting away, going nowhere, a slow death!

            I always have a great sense of humour despite my misery and anger. Yes, every joke or banter is wasted on a kiwi because they take it literally and do not posses wit or a sense of humour. You might as well of farted in their face, because this is how they react every time. A Kiwis idea of a ‘joke’ is telling me a mind numbingly boring 5 minute story about something they did or said to someone, or some boring as fuck task they did on a Sunday and ending with them looking at me for approval. No punch line nothing. And I just shake my head in disbelief and go “he…he….he…”. And then I actually feel embarrassed for them.

            I’ve had customers come up to me and they start off with a freindly hello and ask me a question, I’ve started replying and they just fucking walked off!!! The amount of spastic mongs I’ve come across here is probably more times than I’ve blinked.

            Theres a spastic mong frequency that Kiwis adhere to, and if you are not tuned in, all you will get in return is white noise. They don’t want to know. So I say, kiss my English arsehole wankers!!!!!!

            I’ll tell you about the very last job I had here before I almost annihilated the manager. This job I reluctantly took after years of being absolutely fed up to the back teeth of doing security and working in general here, dealing with kiwis. I applied for this job as it was 27 hours a week, fitted around me looking after my son and my ‘partner’ worked full time at the time so it was a nice break for me. I was hoping it would be a chilled out job….oooh how wrong was I:

            Working as security for the new bus station for a shithouse company called OCS, (avoid these soul-less using scum bags like your life depended on it, they treat all their staff like shit) in the city last November (2015), you may have even seen me there. Guy with a beard and longish hair, a handsome dashing young man haha. My job was to patrol the bus station inside and out with another security guy (more on him soon), you know, walk around bored shitless, legs and back aching, working on minimum wage, having to deal every day with little twats hanging outside the bus station smoking weed and drinking on the benches, getting them to move on, receiving abuse and backchat, removing glue sniffers from the toilet, being abused and blamed by knob ends that missed their bus. “I just missed the bus!!! YIS I DID!!!!!!! Bro!!!! What are you going to do about it?” What do you mean what AM I going to do about it? You missed the fucking bus prick, too fucking bad!!!! Not my problem!!! Go to hell! Die!!! Please die!!! I used to get this crap at least 4 times a day, some nanny state dependent waste of space blaming others for their bullshit. Their sense of warped entitlement is truly baffling. I did not give an iota of a SHIT if they missed their bus, and i didnt care about helping kiwis getting the right bus. I was so infuriated with how nastily this guy spoke to me I told him to get on the wrong bus, and stood their waving as the bus drove off. Have a nice day loser, enjoy arriving 20 miles away at the wrong destination, ha ha ha ha.

            Kiwis would come up to me and DEMAND info from me. No please or thanks, just “what fucking bus do i get on?” And I’d say “yeh, because I’m psychic mate and know where you’re going yeh?”. I’d even get angry blokes huffing and puffing because they had to walk to the other end of the bus station to get their bus from whatever gate it was. Lazy sad twats. I dealt with infantile adults.

            Let me see…what else did I deal with there. Oh yes. Speaker man. I dealt with speaker man many times. A guy on his bike who would blast his music out of this little speaker while he was waiting for his bus, irritating everyone else but no one bothered saying anything to him because they are all gutless here. When i asked him nicely to turn it off it was the usual reply of “i don’t give a shit, its my right, screw everyone else”. Then i would just tell him he wasn’t getting on his bus until he did so. (I would psychically stop him). So he would turn it off eventually. He was a bloke in his 40s who acted like a rebellious teenager. It really was pathetic.

            The company had a no hands on approach, but I had many times, grabbed blokes out of the toilets who were doing drugs, drinking etc and thrown them out. How else were they going to be removed? I bounced for 5 years, I know the law, and I knew I was well within my legal rights to remove them. Bollocks to the pussy footing PC company policy. Once you are asked to leave, you are trespassing. You’d get these sacks of shit pulling this crap at closing time, and you know, I wanted to go HOME and had to deal with some druggie whacked out of their brain at the end of the night. It really did my head in.

            Now onto the staff….prepare yourself. This story has an unpleasant ending haha. (did you expect anything less? Lol)

            The first night I arrived for my shift (I did 4pm-12 midnight), I sat in the managers office. She was a miserable, miserable old hag who looked like a walking skeleton. She never once greeted me, looked at me, NOTHING. She spent 10 minutes reading a small paragraph on this piece of paper, while using her finger to follow the words. I stared in confusion because I wasn’t exactly sure WTF was going on, and why she was ignoring me. So I said “hi, how are you?”. Her reply was “yeeeeeeeh, I’ve nearly finished reading this”. Christ. My 7 year old reads faster than her. She disliked me right off the bat. No idea why. And 2 weeks later I told her exactly what I thought of her.

            So, on my first week, altho i was contracted to do 27 hours a week, the other security guy and herself took it upon themselves to take days off, phone in sick, so I’d either have to work on my own with no backup, (which I actually loved because i hated the other security guy. A fat, lazy non communicative backstabbing twat who shit himself whenever there was trouble, would call the police if someone told him to eff off, so when I had to call the police for something serious, they would never show up thanks to this dickhead phoning them 24/7) or cover shifts. I didnt have to cover anything, but i thought oh well, i guess i do need the extra money. So I ended up doing 45 hours for the first week. Then one monday this old bag of a manager took me into her office and said “did we forget something on Saturday?”. I said no, no i didnt, what exactly are you referring to? She then told me i had said i would cover a shift on Saturday. I said no i didnt, i said i MIGHT be able to and i never confirmed it and you never hiut me up about it again.

            I thought what a bloody cheek. I cover for you lazy twats ALL THE TIME.

            Then one day my partner came in to see me with my son. My son wanted to look around the bus station because he thought it was cool and he was excited, you know what kids are like. So i held his hand and showed him around for 5 mins, introduced him to the other security guard, and kissed him goodbye and he went home with my partner. The next time the manager was in, she scolded me about it saying how dare i do that in work time. She then said my partner and my son weren’t welcome there anymore, to which I bit my lip, gritted my teeth, and didn’t say anything, knowing full well i would explode in rage if i let this bitch get to me, and id lose my job. Again i was in the office being told off like a school boy.

            The very next week it all became clear that i was working for man hating/British hating kiwi nazi and the shit was going to hit the fan pretty soon. There were some indian and Bangladeshi guys i got on with like a house on fire who worked there for a while as cleaners, but left because of this woman. The only guy i got on with after they left was the maori cleaner bloke, he was a great laugh. This other security guy and her might as well have been dating, because he would get away with murder. He would randomly disappear throughout the night. It took me a few days to figure out all his secret hiding places. His favourite place was the managers office. Neither of us had any reason or right to be in there, but somehow he was allowed and was constantly calling this manger or ‘writing reports’. Anything to sit on his fat arse. He would take breaks every 10 mins. For me personally, i didn’t give a shit. I’m not a tale tell or grasser, and he irritated me anyway. But then i found out he had been phoning the manager behind my back telling her things about me, despite being all chummy bum chum with me. I found this out because the are manager called me one day about an incident I had about a gang of teenagers who tried fighting me outside one day all over me asking if this bag on the floor full of beer was theirs. They had followed me back inside the building filming me with their mobile phones egging me on to fight them, and i put the middle finger up and yelled at the top of my voice to get the fuck out before i throw you out, and film all you like losers. This security guy sneaked into the office to call up the area manager to report my ‘violent reaction’.

            On the day i left, i had been doing my job as normal, walking round and round the place non stop and then started chatting to these really nice Filipino ladies who were there for the day working for an agency handing out bus time tables, and i got a radio message in my earpiece from the battle exe demanding i stop talking to them and walk around. This always happened when i was seen talking to ‘foreigners’. She then would berate me through the radio and order me what to do with my body movement, while she sat on her arse in the office watching me like a hawk on the CCTV screens.. I refused to move, and carried on talking to the ladies. Sure enough, the arsehole came out her office, and i could see her a mile off walking up to me having a period. She comes up to me and nastily says “I want to talk to you in the office now”.

            She verbally laid into me, saying I never do anything at work….and 5 seconds into it i cut her off with an explosive, violently verbal rage attack and she absolutely shit it. I told her she was a nasty, hypocritical illiterate piece of shit, who littered the place with signs filled with spelling mistakes. (All her notes and posters etc on the staff notice board were filled with spelling errors, she couldn’t spell to save her life.) I cant repeat the rest what i said to her, but it involved the c word and i really tore her a new arsehole.I absolutely lost the plot with her. I didnt touch her or anything, i just let it all out. 2 weeks of fucking bullshit and abuse id put up from her. FUCK YOU.

            I remember yanking the office door open so violently it smashed into the wall making a hole, and as i walked out i ripped off my security shirt and threw the radio, ear piece, whatever else i had that wasn’t mine and threw them onto the floor, the radio smashing into pieces and customers shitting themselves and making a drama about it. Like scared rabbits in a headlight. I walked off to the staff room to get my shit and leave this hell hole. NExt thing i know she had gone to get her bum chum security mate and was walking up to me getting him to act on her nehalf and he was going “whats going on? Why are you attacking insert her name here here???” I was inconsolable at that point. Engulfed in rage. I told him that it was none of his business and i was leaving, and clear a fucking path. I then threw the work keys as hard as i could at his head and they landed with such precision, it felt GOOD. He backed off in fear, and i said come on then, tough guy, arsehole whos shifts i constantly cover who then backstabs me.

            Its hard to express how i felt at that point. I was consumed with rage and to be honest i can not be reasoned with when i am like that, you dont exactly think clearly in that head space, and knew this job was over, which i felt so glad about, but knew i wouldn’t have any money now. AS it was almost xmas, this really bummed me out.

            This bitch was running after me trying to get me to talk to the area manager on the phone who shed called and i told her to eff off or id break her legs.

            I got into my car and ripped the passenger sun visor apart in rage then punched the roof of my car until my knuckles bled and smashed my fists down on the steering wheel while i cursed at the top of my voice over and over. I wanted to kill them. I really did.

            The area manager called me two hours later, and instead of taking a neutral stand point he was totally on their side interrogating me, and I told him i wanted to see him in person not talk on the phone and he wouldn’t do it the coward. I made no threats to him but i told him i was very angry and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to talk over the phone right now. He just banged on and on about my ‘behaviour’ so i just insulted him and the twat hung up on me.

            I took this right to head office. I ended up seeing the ‘big boys’, and made complaints against her citing discrimination, racism, and whatever else it was. We talked civilly and politely, everything was calm etc.The whole process took a week and i was paid while i was suspended from work. These guys didnt give two shits about me. Always questions about what i did, blah blah blah, could i have handled the situation better? Could i have kissed arse some more? could i have just shut my mouth and take abuse some more? This is the kiwi way pommy, like it or lump it sunshine.

            I read the reports that nasty manager and security guy wrote about me about the incident. I laughed out loud when i read hers. She said she never wanted to be alone with me ever again in a room and feared for her safety. I had left her in tears and shaking with fear, all the bullshit feminist crap to demonise me, the man. Thats funny love, because it was YOU who constantly wanted me to come into your office while i wanted to be left alone to do my job. What the security guy wrote…..ohhh man. Still do this day i think about going back there and putting him in hospital. But he really isn’t worth it. Too bloody easy.

            I secretly recorded every conversation with my mobile phone, something i recommend to everyone else in case you need some kind of proof in the future.. The end verdict was that i was in the wrong and they sacked me. Surprise surprise. I could have paid $100 for this employment lawyer to investigate an unlawful sacking but i had no money, and just couldn’t be fucked with anything anymore. I was completely broken inside.

            I had started this job in the hopes it would be good for me, peaceful, and positive. What a joke.

            The icing on the cake was, on the way back, my car conked out because of no petrol, because i was so broke, and i had to walk the rest of the way home wanting to top myself.

            I am a very good person at heart. Its a damn shame i have so much anger and hatred now thanks to this dump. I think all this will drift away once i leave.

            Anyone would crack under the pressure here.

          • it is not your fault Nebula. you have done your best. the thing is you can not change her. If she is not now what you want her to be she will never be. That’s how my parents got messed up. My stepdad thought well she’ll change. Of course she never did in fact my mother just gave up on her life a long time ago. Which had also to do with the fact that he lied to her for a very long time… DON’T WASTE ANY MORE TIME !

          • welcome to horrorland-yeh, it is futile, I know. hopefully I will be leaving soon, so tired of living the same shitty day over and over.

          • Sounds a bit like “groundhog day ” Did you see that movie with bill Murray and andy McDowell ? Just as you describe !

          • sue4adventure- haha yes I’ve seen this movie many times hehe, and I’m also like him ,I try to kill myself many time, but inside my mind instead of real life haha.

          • this is a reply to ‘deleted‘, as i got your message notification via email but cant see it anywhere on this thread? Weird! (Twilight Zone music plays in background haha.)

            Hi ‘deleted‘, i think its because kiwis are so damn lazy and up themselves. The yuppie types are too good to fill their own cars. I never got thanked either. That always wound me up, they’d even give me a dirty look as they passed me to get back in their car. Doesn’t matter tho. I may of had a bottom of the barrel job but my IQ was 900000000000,0000,00000000 compared to their snails IQ of minus 5000 million. I could outwit them at the drop of a hat.

            What do I like to do here? Well, i venture out as little as often haha. I spend most of my time with my son, taking him to the parks, playing with him etc. For myself personally, i play on my guitar, play pc games, write poetry, short stories and movie scripts. I go running. Post alot of stuff on e2nz lol, and plan world domination. Joke.

            How about yourself? I also watch ALOT of movies. I am a massive film buff. I have seen pretty much everything. (Bragging now.) I own a black magic pocket cinema camera and go out and film stuff when the urge arises.

            I live a very isolated life though. I have zero social life, absolutely no friends here. I’m in my house most days. Most of the time i am awake all night and during the day. I usually fall into this pattern when i am out of work.

            Sometime i go for walks, absolutely bored out of mind and internally plan stuff for when i go back to the UK. I also read as much as a can.

            I like reading or watching stuff about the paranormal, aliens, world mysteries etc. Anything to stimulate my mind. I like to stay up at night and read scary stuff and imagine a big scary face coming to my kitchen window with red or glowing white eyes hahahaha. Anything to keep me from boredom.

            I am not a boozer or druggie. I like the odd red wine at home and whiskey and coke, but you wont find me out at clubs or bars drinking because i despise kiwi company. I would be more than happy to meet you guys though.

            Its hard, because im broke and can not get any dole money because i am still not a resident hehe.

            Ahhhhhhh…man…just doing the best i can to survive until i can plan my escape.

          • cool, I’m on steam as well. If admin would be so kind as to give my email address to him, that be great thanks. Drop me a line whenever rod, be great to talk further!

          • HI Nebula.

            That’s OK. I’m happy to email further.

            For privacy reasons, can you pls refer to me as bitter sw symphony in the future. I’m going to ask admin to remove any emails with previous names in it. Thanks alot. I’m sure you understand why. (My fault)

          • Thanks again Admin. I feel like a real n00b but I changed my name at WordPress so it should be ok.

            I’m very pleased with this website because it makes me feel so much better to know that there so many honest people here that express their thoughts and feelings about life in NoZ..
            We have met a girl yesterday who shared her XP in NoZ after 20 years she have been here. I will not tell you what happened due to confidentiality, but Im sure you will not be surprised she was tired overworked and misarable.

            Bitter sweet symphony (rod)

          • In New Zealand, misery dominates my life. Living here is a long, horrible drawn out process, I’m constantly worried another breakdown is looming.

            How do you associate, interact with or communicate with morally bankrupt assholes? Even by the standards of fairy tales, it strains logic as to how inhuman they are.

          • @ sue4adventure

            Hope this message appears at the right place hehe.

            Thanks for the offer, I will think about it. So you do work for this guy and he pays you or…?

      • I too had to pay diversion after the Police insisted on arresting me even though i had walked away with workmates. I even had to write a letter of apology to the Cuntstable. Totally bent strong arm tactics from a Maori cop picking on someone a little worst for wear…Toytown cops haha

        • I’ve never met such arrogant tossers as the NZ police. Some of them are stick thin and couldn’t take out a fly let alone another human being yet they exude such over confidence and arrogance. Giving it large when they enter a petrol station acting the ‘man’. Most of them are local rednecks themselves who grew up in the shitty little village near by and know absolutely everyone. Reminds me of the cops from Rambo first blood.I like to remind them they are public servants. They get very hostile just like the citizens. Superiority complex with nothing but a badge to back them up.

          If they were freindly, nice, pleasant chaps I would have no problem with them. But this isn’t the case at all, as we all know.

          It’s ironic really because I have a huge anger problem here now and a short fuse due to all that I have endured for so long. Soon as I step outside I dread the retards and ignorant arseholes I will encounter on my journey to the supermarket etc, my blood is already boiling 5 mins into driving my car.

          Did I mention my current partner and her kid are disturbed beyond belief? Two emotionally disturbed attention seeking, bi-polar, psychotic twats, who cause so much stress for me its amazing I am not in a straight jacket. It’s all over for me relationship terms but im stuck living with them, no where else to go at the moment. It is HELL. I’m very tempted to go live in my car to escape this undying horror.

          Every day I am consumed with rage and hatred. Something has to give pretty damn soon.

          Currently I’m gathering funds to GTFO of here while paying off some debt. I really don’t know how I’m coping or surviving. I have no outlet and the only way i can let off steam is by beating the shit out of inanimate objects in side and outside. I probably look disturbed my self when I walk down the street punching thin air and yelling in anger. I’m like Jack Nicholson when he’s walking to the lounge room when he’s doing that angry body movement thing, venting his frustration and the onset of madness taking hold.

          My face is dishevelled and I constantly have bags under my eyes. I am Jack Torrence. I am losing my mind lol.

          • Funny article, Fortunately the person was not dead but it does goes on to say the practise of checking crime:


            “Upon spotting his lifeless-looking body, I stopped and called emergency services.

            “It took about half an hour for a cop to arrive, who walked over, tapped his leg to try to wake him, was unsuccessful, bent over, grabbed his ear with a finger and twisted it quickly, which woke him up really fast.”

          • My experience with the police in chch wasn’t much better.. one day I was wandering along Taylors Mistake beach on the cliffs. looking for some shells I found an very unusual looking object which seemed to be an HUMAN HAND ! Wahaha I though it would be good to call on the police just in case this would be the missing link from a unsolved murder case… When I called them they told me to leave it where it was , but I told them the waves would probably would take the hand back in the water. But they insisted me to leave it there. When they arrived about an hour later of course the hand was gone and they blamed me for letting them drive for such a long way !! And kept complaining. I told them I could have easily taken the hand with an plastic bag, Police said many people seem to be killing themselves by jumping of cliffs in the nearby area…

            I do have to mention I have met some New Zealanders who are the exceptions.. some of them we are still in contact with and many of them have helped out as well. If only the rest of New Zealand would take an example of these wonderful kiwi’s ! But they are very very hard to find..years may pass before you find anybody like that.

          • Well I wish I came across decent Kiwis. But its always the same story, they like to brag about bullshit then never back it up or you don’t hear from them ever again. Just complete time wasters. I don’t call or txt or contact anyone. If they are serious they can contact ME. But guess what? I never hear SHIT.

            Now i don’t have the patience to make ‘friends’ or associate with kiwis if i can help it, because i know the outcome and they bore me shitless.

            Also, working as a bouncer here for 5 years changed my aspect forever on Kiwis. Solidified everything I already knew.

            Go near a Kiwi, and you might as well put your hand in a fire.

      • Sent him on the wrong bus that made me laugh that haha. I too in my first job was set up after only 4 months. I knew the job was earmarked for a Kiwi as i was already tipped off from a fellow Kiwi worker. To watch them all play the game when i knew what the outcome was upset me. Anyway when the time came i had words with this spineless “workmate” who knew exactly what was going on. He wouldnt even look at me and he was a big lad. What i never called him i pulled him in the yard just me and him he wouldnt even look at me the snake. Then i told the manager that i was aware of their little game, another waste as he was as sly as the rest. I should have bailed out then after nearly a year in the backwater. 7 long years later after a marriage break up i left. Wasted my thirties in that dump but thats life as they say. Chin up mate dont let the bastards get you down…..

        • That sounds utterly shit oldhall. Passive aggressive scum bags are everywhere here, laying in wait to exploit and rip you off should the opportunity arise. You can’t trust anyone. WHere do reside now mate?

          Admin-I made a humorous piss take youtube video of Kiwis last year, (which I got some hate for from angry kiwis hahahaha…. and wondered if anyone would like to watch it, but it does contain alot of swearing and offensive material hahaha. (Including a swearword in the video title.) Lol.

          If I’m allowed to post it here please let me know, if not, I can send it to anyone who wants some comical relief 🙂

          • Hmmm…better be safe and not post it then hehe. But if anyone would like to view it, please send me your email 🙂

          • this sounds great! I’m having visions me leaving New Zealand this year…(one of the bests moment in my life) haha ! No I left mr. Horse about two years ago just like the Chileans. He would like to get in touch with you though..

          • sure we’ll watch it . just flick it in bitter sweet symphony’s email please. We’ll be filming our “magical ” escape from the hobbit country..hopefully really soon too. see ya

          • Back in the U.K. up north. I worked in many jobs so can vouch for the sheer backwardness of the Kiwis. Lets not forget the expats who will not admit they have came unstuck. Those with their phoney put on accents after being in the country 5 minutes. Always with a secret to hide some of those could be as strange once they turned “native”. I had a relative (God fearing allegedly) who had been there near 30 years. Well she was well and truly transformed hook line and sinker. 12 months i had been there and we never spoke again. I tryed moving to another suburb but the madness continued. I always said a Kiwi that had travelled generally was approachable. One that hadnt left Auckland forget it.

          • @ oldhall- ya northern monkey!!! Haha 🙂

            Yes mate for some reason when I come across most English expats here they are in a state of denial. “We’d/we’ll never go back” is all I ever hear, and then they say they like it here, its ‘better’ than the UK. It’s pure bollocks. I think they like the smaller population but honestly, I think they know full well they are stuck here because they’ve invested so much. Still annoys me though when I come straight out with how I feel to them, and they go all quiet. No reciprocation or anything, just an awkward silence or the usual mumbo jumbo.

            I envy you, you already escaped.

          • @ LumosNox cool, I’ll wait for admin to send me your address or they can send you mine whichever 🙂

  4. I am married to a New Zealander. I spent time in Christchurch and will never return to reside there again. I have never encountered so much dishonesty especially post earthquake. Like any small insular society these folks live in a little bubble and can’t look outside the square.
    I relocated my daughter to ensure that she would receive her tertiary education from a quality University with a good international reputation.
    I would think very carefully if you are contemplating moving to NZ because you will be very disappointed with the standard of living and quality of life. I never had any expectation before arriving, but became very frustrated with the place and could not wait to leave.

  5. No idea why I bothered (prob out of utter boredom), but I applied to a job advert to work at Christchurch City Mission full time/part time over xmas. The guy calls me up saying he was really impressed with my application blah blah. Gets me in for an interview where I sat down in an office with this guy and a maori bloke. They ask me questions etc then he says the position is CASUAL. I sighed loudly and said thats not what the advert said. Despite this, they seemed to really like me, and the maori guy took my number and said he’d love to get me in for an hour or so in the next 2 days to show me around and try the job out and meet everyone, and that he’d DEFINITELY call me. I said ok.

    The next day I received an email saying they’d given the job to someone else…

    Why bullshit me then? Oh yeh thats right, because they are Kiwis.

    I called the guy up and called him a swear word then hung up.

  6. I hope I can just write here. I can so much relate to everything you are going trough. Me as well taking off time from work as I have been devasted, defamated, humiliated, critisised, harassed and to a very high degree rasistically threatened that I do not want anymore. Even if I am European it never got any better even after 6 stupid years in slumsland. My journey sounds the same but in Wellington.
    I do remember when I first arrived in slumsland that the resignation in their peoples eyes has shocked me.
    I am probably at the same point now and it would be really nice to have an intellectual conversation for once too.
    If Nebula is interested to have even some counterpart conversations I would be more than happy if you could give my email further too.
    Just yesterday my neighbor -a real slumsland Kiwi- confirmed to me that all the good international inventions are coming from NZ. It is hard to imagine the degree of their delusion when they get rammed down those illusions every day. There is not even a second question when I asked are you sure about that. I have given up to discuss or try to make them look over the plate as not even one of them would ever realize that they have been send on the delusio journey for years.

    • Hey Malu. If Admin could send through the email that be great.

      Yeh man, it doesn’t get any better. I am literally a completely different person now than when I arrived here. My rage and hatred for these people is daily and constant, and nothing changes.

      • Thanks Nebula. If you have to put up with those sociopathic Neanderthals for too long it just take you down. But you won’t find the unic gumboot long throw competiton in the civilized 1.world…

  7. Phew !! Such comments shock me,should I be glad that I left NZ in1978.? Seems like the whole place needs a kick up the proverbial.

    • “Phew!” Haha. reminds me of a comic book I read as a kid where the main character said phew and gosh alot haha.

      And yes, it really is a stink hole, don’t come back for you own self respect!

      • I respect you for your writing however mainly for the fact that you clearly explain the influences which are inspiring you .I never knew anxiety before living in N.Z .Now it is a huge influence ,I go to sleep worried and wake up worried and uncomfortable ,every day here is just a step closer to the grave with no happiness ,achievement stimulation or joy,I’ve lived in the U.S most of my life and never ever felt this .Yes I will fuck off back to where I came from however as most people here know ,this takes time and sacrifice.

        • You won’t fucking believe this (actually, you will) but I’ve just had a call 30 mins ago from GRACE REMOVALS who are supposed to be here at 8am tomorrow to load everything up to take to the new shack i’m staying in until I fuck off back to England (the real estate wankers im with contractually until tomoro wouldn’t extend my lease for the current property), and they have said to me that they can’t get here now until 1pm, less than 24hours bloody notice. I have a carpet cleaner coming at 11:30am which is part of my lease contract and if I cancel/change that I get charged for it. I told the woman over the phone to go fuck herself and be here at 8am sharp tomoro or I’d be coming down the office with a flame thrower. (I wish).

          Just unbelievably fucking typical. Excuse all the swearing but I’m ready to kill some c*** now. I’ve had more than I can take. I’m at the end of my rope, I am beyond-beyond. She said she’d call back soon and talk with ‘the boys’…an hour later I’ve heard nothing back. Wankers. I’m so infuriated right now I’ve taken my rage out on the wheelie bin outside. But what can I do about it? Honestly, what can I do? There was no apology, nothing, no offer of a discount or money off for trying to mug me off at the last minute.

          This is why I am leaving jan/feb in 2016 before I actually kill someone. It is so tempting to beat a kiwis brains in with a baseball bat that i have to get out of here before i end up behind bars for losing complete control.

          Anyone coming to Christchurch, avoid NATIONWIDE WESTSIDE REAL ESTATE and GRACE REMOVALS like the plague. These bastards will SCREW you over.

          I’m going to go now and smash my head into a wall.

          • I can understand Nebula. The baseball bat bit. if you have too much anger surging through your veins due to the outrageous stupidity of the 100% retarded buffoons / vile and foul morons around you all the time, doing ridiculously stupid things 24/7 – there is a point at which you snap. And if there is nothing to stop the retarded buffoons like community, regulation, law and policing (who won;t act or are just as dodgy / the same as the buffoons or worse) then there is a decisive point at which one wants to take some control. And that little ol’ baseball bat completely fits the bill. It fits nicely into the palm of the hand, and has a comfortable light sporting feel, and getting a bit of a swing on it isn’t too difficult. Comes highly ecommended.

          • Do you prefer aluminium or wood? Haha. A good kiss on the side of their craniums with an aluminium baseball bat…the sound would be like music to my ears.

            Check this out:

            The first night here at this dive of a new house im in after moving and unpacking, i couldn’t believe it-3am in the morning which was last Friday, a bunch of selfish loud mouthed scumbags woke me up by drinking and talking very loudly next door like it was the middle of the day. (I live in a unit, so its joined to the twats next door). They simply don’t give a shit here. No respect for anyone. I got up, picked up a hammer and put it down my trousers and went next door and verbally unleashed on them about how disgusting their lack of consideration and respect for their neighbours were. I threatened them with noise control and the police. There were about 4 of them, 2 blokes and 2 women. One of the women, your typical peroxide hag of a blonde, with a ‘stubby’ in one hand and a fag in the other, got mouthy to me, so i asked her if she wanted to be thrown through the fucking window. Shut your mouths or i call the police. One bloke, didnt say a word, the other one who was obviously the dickhead who’s place it was, was giving it the ‘settle the fuck down bro”. I said you settle the fuck down cock sucker, its 3am.

            Anyway, I walked off in a rage before I did something stupid with the hammer and went back to bed.

            And yesterday, the arsehole plays loud music all day which i tolerated until about 7pm, went over there and said if its not off by 10pm get ready for some trouble. (Noise control website said 10pm is the cut off period for loud noise apparently.)

            I didn’t hear a peep after that.

            I’m not a tough guy, (i am actually haha) i’m not mike tyson, but after years of hell from kiwis ive learned that you have to nip it in the bud ASAP when it comes to disturbances like this, or they will take the piss for as long as they can get away with it.

            Jesus christ. I have moved from a peaceful scenic country house to a shithole unit in the HOOD. someone has fly tipped a load of rubbish just up the road. I hear crash bang wallop every day, doors slamming, garage doors slamming, people yelling profanities and playing shit music, cars doing burn outs. I’m pretty sure i heard a death scream the other night in the distance.

            Thankfully im leaving next Feb/march back to England.

            Fuck this country.

          • Gidday Nebula, “Do you prefer aluminium or wood? Haha. A good kiss on the side of their craniums with an aluminium baseball bat…the sound would be like music to my ears.”

            I prefer wood as I like the bat to be solid, thick, and resounding. It would be very interesting to know what is inside their craniums, if anything at all. Almost certainly it will not be gray matter,- it is most likely that green pus will slowly trickle out. It’s good to see that you are exercising full freedom of speech here. Gotta love you for it. I hope that the worst criminal gang in NZ, dressed up in those fancy blue outfits, does not peruse this excellent online space.
            In regard to your new neighbors…. nothing new here; – same old story…. it is only standard regulation Kiwi white trash. They always emerge, or rather ooze out like slime, from under a rock just after one has moved in to their new abode (read slum) lock, stock and barrel.

          • Thanks. It’s good to be able to be allowed to post how I feel about the abominations here. I do tend to swear a bit too much sometimes, mostly due to having a wretched day of stress and aggravation from the undying flotsam surrounding me. I become incapacitated with rage and despair.

            White trash is spot on. Pure undiluted white trash scum. I’ve had a rotten week, really I have. I can’t seem to find a way to relax anymore, as much as I try. Read a book ,watch some comedy, go for a walk, drive somewhere far away…nothing helps. Everything I look at here disgusts me. This country is vile and ugly to me. The mountains just represent misery and madness and nothing makes sense anymore.

            To quote Obi-Wan-Kenobi, you will never see a more treacherous hive of scum and villainy!.

          • Nebula, the use of swearing and expletives is fine; you do it all within a context which is really amusing and it is well written. I would be far more “free with my expression,” but I am nervous about censorship and the use of the retarded boys in blue outfits to contain censorship by this government. Fundamentally it is the gang with a fancy blue uniforms that enact state control. It is so great that this site can openly function.
            But as NZ is now a Banana Republic, I do feel a bit cheated as I don’t even get my banana – a Banana Republic with only Kiwifruit. Does that make sense?

          • Perfect sense.

            All the institutions-family, police, schools etc are malfunctioning in NZ. A plastic country.

            I’m glad Xmas is over. It’s always been a shitty time for me as an adult. Don’t get me wrong, It’s good for kids but as an adult I’m over the whole pointless exercise. It’s one massive ball ache and I hate how I can’t even go food shopping without getting stuck in traffic or trampled to death in the nearest shopping ‘mall’/shops blah blah because of frantic, duped, frenzied dickhead Xmas shoppers. Season of good will my arse. (Yes, I’m a massive Scrooge haha.) The Season of bollocks.

            Hey Santa! Why do all the toys say made in China? I guess even you can’t abstain from the allure of cheap labour, you capitalist pig, Oink oink!

          • Good luck with your move to the UK. You may find that living in NZ and what you have been through has changed you to the extent that you feel a sort of an outsider in the UK and also in NZ. That is how I felt. Most people in the UK haven’t emigrated so are not like you, most people in NZ haven’t emigrated so are not like you.

          • Very wise words George. It’s exactly like that for me. I lived in Brunei from 1990-1993, and have always travelled about due to my stepfather being in the RAF when I was younger. I have never stayed somewhere more than 3 years until I came to NZ. Funny how I would spend more time in a country worse than anywhere else I’ve been and end up completely miserable.

            I lost alot of ‘friends’ when I came to NZ. My best friend in England who I’ve known for over 15 years suddenly didn’t want to know me anymore when i went back to England in 2011 for a 7 month break despite emailing me for years previously saying how keen he was to meet up and do band stuff etc. (I used to be the drummer in the metal band until I quit and realised i wanted to be a frontman and write my own material).We had always usually kept in touch, albeit him taking ages to reply at times. We met in Cambridge in 2011 then I went up to London where he lived to see him even tho i was staying with someone else there. He was cold, distant, looked worn out and angry, and there seemed to be an a really shitty atmosphere in the air. Anyway, long story short, he was supposed to come back with me and have a few drinks, stay the night, and have a proper chin wag and catch up. He bailed on me half way though the night when I was at the off license getting some drinks, txting me saying he didn’t feel well blah blah and that was that.

            Took him about a year to reply since then about wtf had happened to him and why he acted the way he did. Then while i was back in NZ, he emails saying we had nothing in common anymore and just threw away our friendship just like that. I was very angry and bitter about it, and wrote him a really abusive angry heart felt email back to which he completely ignored.

            Now im at the stage where ive let it all go in somer expects. All the friends I’ve lost in the UK, who were obviously never my friends to begin with, family who have turned into ghosts and dickheads that i have no contact with at all for about 4-5 years now. Their loss.

            I am the black sheep of the family as my mother always liked to point out. I’m an artist, artistically creative, whatever you want to call it, always hated doing a 9-5 job, believed i had more potential that just a cog in the machine, no one else in my family is like this, and doesn’t look beyond shit like Simon Cowell manufactured bollocks and spoon fed mainstream crap. Coming to NZ certainly didn’t help my creative ambitions in terms of developing anything into something real and palatable, but id be lying if i said it hasn’t given me a shit load of ideas for films, stories for writing etc.

            Anyway, I’m waffling on. I know when i get back to England everything will be as I left it. People doing the same shit week in week out, the struggle to find full time employment, proving I’m ‘habitually resident’ to get job seekers allowance while i look for work. Staying with my grandmother and her getting on my tits after a few weeks with her neurotic bipolar ways, her getting fed up and pissed off with me haha. (We are similar in many ways, we love our own space and people irritate us easily.) Bless her heart. She’s done so much for me over the years. She’s like my mother basically. My fruitless search for just one god damn person to collaborate with artistically, Is it too much to ask? My family have always ridiculed and negatised my ambition to make films. Altho i do have two newer fellow English friends ive met in the last 5 years who are serious about making something with me.

            So i definitely feel alienated wherever i go. I’ve always been the right man in the wrong place.

            I honestly believe persistence is the key. Some people make a success of themselves through nepotism, cronyism, pure luck, etc. Others just never give up.

            If anyones interested, and needs a lift, you can read the rags to riches story of Sylvester Stallone which I always find really inspirational. He was about my age, 30/31, and was poor and homeless, had nothing to his name and wrote a script for Rocky and…here it is:


            Its on some random sport website, but I like how the story is more descriptive and informative there.

            You can read it here as on the the Daily Fail…i mean Mail lol:


          • We can shake hands on this one too Nebula.. About 6 years I decided to leave my country because I was slightly getting irritated with the bullying from Muslim women and discrimination from other migrants in my country. It even got to the point that I was brutally attacked in the middle of an busy street. I was about to enter the army but decided to move out as quickly as possible. So off I went to the middle east to live and work there for good. During this process I was just amazed how the responses were from my family and friends . Still have to laugh about it when I look back… First I told my stepdad (living in the states) came over for an once in a year visit and so we met at an busy restaurant. When I told him he sort of “exploded”.. shouting if I lost my mind and stuff like that. It was kind of embarrassing because everybody was staring at us at one point… Then at the end he just threw the 500 euro’s at my face and wished me luck…

            My mother has been living in a trance for so long that she couldn’t care less.. but could tell from her face she didn’t seem to believe me.. I went to an friends wedding and told them I was leaving for the middle east and they just stared at me with unbelief..didn’t wish me luck or any positive response.
            And then my best friend at the time..wasn’t to enthusiastic either.. didn’t give me an present for my birthday and didn’t even really say goodbye.

            In the last week in my country I took one other friend out for dinner with my mom. The atmosphere seem to be one like one of a funeral.. We went to Ikea where we got unlimited refills of coffee ! and the food is so cheap that would be like charity in NZ ! Than I decided to have one last supper with my biological family and went out with my two nephews who where the only ones with a bit of spontaneity but never heard from them again though and that go’s for everybody !! And yeah so you know how difficult it is to make friends in Christchurch besides most people are like zombies here so would be to depressing to hang out with them anyway…

            Going back to my home country is not an option cause I know it would be exactly like what you just described ! Have you ever thought of Canada ? It is really cool there , I spend one week in Vancouver and the vibe there is absolutely amazing ! And the people are SOOOOOO friendly . It is easy to immigrate there cause they need a lot of people. I will defiantly leave that option open. You’ll have friends in no time over there !!

          • Wow that sucks about your family but you know what? Alot of peoples families are like that. Life isn’t a bed of roses and some people are just jealous/envious of you. I got a half arsed “good luck mate” from my best friend when I first left for NZ in 2006, and he seemed to completely resent me after that. The attitude was ‘well, you’re not here in England, so I can’t be bothered with you’. Outta sight, outta mind.

            I look back on all the emails I sent him over the years and feel a complete tool for wasting the time and effort on such a useless uncommunicative twat, who didn’t return anywhere near the same amount of effort or enthusiasm I put in. I have alot of unfinished business and have absolutely zero closure to alot of things.

            I have always felt utterly alone anyway. Never been popular, never had many friends, never been close to my family, stuck out like a sore thumb, and felt hated by everyone. But I am a much better person than them all.

            My stepfather moved my family to NZ in 2002 and alienated my brother and sister from me. My mother was brainwashed by him, a total control freak. She is a complete snob now. If i look at pictures of them i feel nothing but anger and emotions i cant describe.

            If I suddenly became wealthy I’d give the UK a wide birth. I’m only going back because its my home country and have no where else to go. My relatives say they are my family but its plastic at best. Never hear from my cousins despite me yet again being a mug and attempting contact with them.Yet i see they have wished my immediate family a merry 2015 xmas yet missed me out…So all these people are on my block list now, permanently. You have to cut off all the dead weight and i have absolutely no interest in having anything to do with them. All utter losers encapsulated in a dull little life.

            It’s so much easier to just not give a shit anymore. Don’t let these losers bother you. They are nothing. Their loss. I won’t be losing any sleep over them.

          • thanks Nebula , I am sure you are right. It is their loss. It actually has been quite liberating to let them all go and I’m sure I will meet more interesting people during my trips around the world. My parents lied to me my whole life and never told me my stepdad wasn’t my real dad. It is better to be slapped by the face with the truth then to be kissed with an lie.

          • Family=famine-ly. The smoke clears when you’re older and you see everything for what it is. Now these people have no power over us, but we still harbour resent and hatred for the things they put us through. I wonder if I’ll ever have any closure to the shit I was put through.

            I tried keeping in touch with that plague of a website Facebook, a narcissists playground. Waste of time like everything else. People would rather post stupid memes and like this and that than bother having a meaningful conversation with you, or meet you in person.

        • “I go to sleep worried and wake up worried and uncomfortable ,every day here is just a step closer to the grave with no happiness ,achievement stimulation or joy,”

          I am like this also when I am in NZ , and sometimes I need to take sleeping pills to assist the process of nodding off to fluffy marshmallow noddy- land, rather than the inexorable living hell of daily life (endless pathetic trials) in NZ. I am convinced that NZ attempts to destroy the mental health and the soul, and is in fact intrinsically dangerous;- poisonous in fact. I am dreading returning there, and have delayed my flight once already at considerable cost.

          If only I did not own a property there in a village in the South Island Hill Billy territory, that is in fact a ridiculously underperforming and criminally / illegally run Body Corporate that simulates the visual appearance of the movie set “Deliverance.” Something that the PM of NZ is familiar with as he seemingly knows and is proud that his country has close ties with the themes, characters, and visuals/ aesthetics of the film “Deliverance.” The PM of NZ has tried to replicate the infamous sex- scene of that film (my what a pretty little mouth you have) in a NZ radio show interview recently. Apparently it was only made in the spirit of Xmas and was to be regarded as a bit of light banter appropriate for the Santa season.

          Prime Minister John Key’s good bloke … the prison rape references and crude Deliverance … playing along while a radio host makes prison rape jokes …

          Deliverance is a 1972 American dramatic thriller film produced and directed by John Boorman, and stars Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox, with the….

          The best people have moved out of the village, or at least attempted to, leaving the vilest retarded scum, delinquents and professional criminals fully in control. A large part of this factor is that the local police were seemingly complicit with them, actually protecting the offenders for years on end, by not taking multiple complaints seriously, or even responding to 111 call outs. The local police of course fully head-hunted me after I filled an IPCA complaint in regard to one of them, who apparently made an early “retirement” in the wake of the complaint. One of the worst residents of the village has a considerable criminal record, has done time – a lengthy jail sentence, – and is from a well- known criminal family, and the local police just let him carry on as per usual, fully knowing his modis-operandi, and his record. Further 111 calls in regard to him were not investigated in the last few years, leaving some residents simply forced to move out as a result.

          One such person sold up at $65.000 after receiving numerous threats from him in regard to burning her house down, and after some costly vandalism to her property. She now resides out of NZ.. This same person now makes serious criminal threats regularly at the AGM time, which has been fully witnessed, both by Crockers and the residents, and no one does anything about it, except the AGM attendance has now plummeted. How any of this is going to work out in the future I can hardly imagine. Crockers just hire security now and bill the high levy paying non-criminal residents;; gormlessly shelling- out so that Crockers can feel safe enough to attend the AGM for a few hours. Of course Crockers agents do not feel comfortable at all, and do a really bad job in such circumstances. Due to an incredibly outdated and highly unjust levy payment structure, some residents are ruthlessly extorted to pay outrageous sums of money for the privilege of living in nothing but a highly criminal slum. And they simply take it, or eventually in quiet desperation, put a property advertisement on Trade Me trying to sell their property for absolutely nothing and even then it cannot sell.

          I do not recommend CROCKERS of AUCKLAND for any BODY CORPORATE or PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. They are complete crooks and exposed me to a “contempt of court,” refusing to follow a tenancy tribunal ruling and billing me for thousands of dollars that according to the tribunal court ruling I did not have to pay. It is disgusting.
          They neither want to be transparent or accountable, even when they are directly requested, including lawyers requests for information;- they simply do not respond. They have let the utter buffoons in the village disregard the Body Corporate regulation and law, and even the Unit Titles rules and contracts / covenants pertaining to that particular Body Corporate. The results are absolutely disastrous with properties that cannot sell at even anything clear of $100,000. Look at the property section under “Waipori Falls” on Trade Me if you do not believe this.

          • Sounds about right. Nothing is done about the scum here. Kiwis are chicken shit.

            More noise here tonight from the wonderful neighbours. Constantly dealing with inbred Kiwis wherever I go-the shops, post office, a street, school, on my car…..its endless.

            When will it end? When we get the hell out of here, giving them the finger as the plane takes off.

          • It must seem like a surreal dream. Hopefully you wont crack although its easier said than done. When you get home you will look back as i did and wonder why you ever bothered.

          • I’m sure I will, and why I bothered for so long putting myself through more and more hell. It’s just got worse and worse.

    • It was much better in 1978 ,armed police are surrounding my neighbourhood as I type ,I’m sure it will be for nothing major ,police state ,tiny country ,easy to monitor and control the populace,don’t come here.

  8. N.Z is run by a small group of Cartels ,they fix the prices for all consumer goods and esential supplies in this country.In Christchurch the Cartel organisation is Fletcher Building,they own and control the raw materials/ forests ,manufacture and retail of the required products in the building industry,they also contract for most of the lucrative building opportunities .They are responsible for price fixing throughout the industry and insure that building staff receive less than a living wage and building materials cost excessive amounts .
    Most N.Z people receive subsistence pay rates and believe that our local high prices are due to our geographical location,this of course is untrue.
    N.Z government currently has approved a law which effectively decriminalises the N.Z Cartels behaviour and practices .The bill now ensures that none of the Cartel puppet masters can receive jail time for their insider trading and price fixing etc.Another sneaky piece of legislation sliding past at Xmas time while the apathetic sleeping Kiwis are busy buying defective goods at the warehouse .One should ask why would a bill like this be needed in an honest and fair society ?

    • Yes the whole country is monopolised by extortion syndicates, laughing all the way to the bank while little Joe Bloggs takes it all lying down.

  9. Thanks for the great article ,could have been written about anywhere in N.Z ,it gets very taxing to live in this contrived lie of a country ,never being able to trust anybody or anything .I imagine an outsider reading your text would think you are exaggerating ,those of us living in this feral cesspit dysfunctional society can understand and empathise.

    • Thanks mcleodkiwitony. Its the weekend now and all I will be doing is taking my son to the park and perhaps reluctantly going to New World which is round the corner buy food. You can spend $50-80 in there and come out vey empty handed, compared to pak n save, which in itself is also expensive as well but you get more for you buck.

  10. Admin,- I would like to write my story finally. I am in what can seem at times like an enforced exile in Egypt / Europe and I am extremely reluctant to return to NZ despite having some family ties and property in the country. I have found this site to be highly comforting and very enlightening.
    Maybe it is time to tell my story about what makes me so terrified about returning to NZ and why I am so disgusted by the place. And also to write about what happened to me in the previous year in that country that drove me very close to suicide. I will have to eliminate some of the details about the police / government corruption side of it for my safety I would hazard a guess.
    Where do I post it, or do I just title it and post it anywhere?

  11. Very poetical. I can identify with elements of that. I used to go to parties and the blokes would be having conversations like “I shot a pig in the head yesterday and the bloody thing didn’t die so I strangled it with my bare hands.” Then howls of laughter and everyone saying “Maaaate”. Coming from the UK I just felt like I was from a different planet. I ended up just hanging around with women and enjoying their conversations more. I lived in Christchurch for a few years and certainly even Kiwis who move their find it extremely difficult to break in with all the First 5 Ships and Old School Tie sort of influences. I think in time I have gravitated towards other foreign nationals and Kiwis who have have travelled a lot as I have a lot more in common with them.

    • And if its not ‘maaaaate’ its ‘broooo” every sentence or ‘he’s a good c***”, ‘YEH…NAH, you’s c**** are hardcase, can you’s lend me a hundee…FOREVER.

      We should start an Annoying Kiwi Lingo thread haha. I find their dialect and lingo headache inducing at the best of times.

    • Very well written article. I can relate to the writer in many ways. Admin, could you please pass my email to the writer? I would really enjoy catching up with this person and having a level of conversation that I haven’t had in many years. I am based in Auckland. If not, no problem, i can understand if the person want to remain discreet about it.
      I have lived here for over 5 years and they have been 5 of the most boring, depressing and lonely years of my life. I have also lived in California, but i am born and bred from Botswana which borders South Africa where i was brought up. I decided to leave SA for ‘greener’ pastures and so I headed to the clean, green & adventurous NZ. Lots of BS propaganda. Pros and Cons in many many ways..

      Anyone here know what Australia is like? Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast.. are these places similar to New Zealand cities? What are the people like there for those that have traveled? 🙂 Surely there has to be something better elsewhere if i can manage to get out one day. Thanks.

  12. New Zealanders, yes they are definitely like some kind of mutated malovelent mannequins as you describe. I always thought they resembled the undead, or zombies. However, on second thoughts that would be giving Zombies a bad name. I am not exaggerating, after living in NZ for 5 years I can confidently inform ýou that New Zealanders are a weird and very, very strange subspecies of possibly human origin, but i can’t be certain about the ‘human’ part!

    • hahaha yeah ! sadly true.. for most of them. have you ever noticed how many of them just keep on staring at you ? like they are in an trance or something. and many also hag around in their cars all the time.

      I can imagine this would be more comfortable then many of their homes !

      • I am nothing more than an ostracised dissident here in NZ. Each and every time I left a workplace, I had to shake the rust off of my personality as I walked out. You have to put up with and endure pure mind numbing turgid dross from Kiwis.

        Every-time you go to the workplace here in NZ, something inside of you dies.

        Any ‘manager’ here is a bloody joke and a disgrace. Give a creature with no conscience that kind of power and you have modern kiwi society, a culture in free fall, and soon afterwards the end of civilisation.

        My new name for kiwis-asinine assholes.

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