Migrant Tale – South African Says Hello Sunny SA

The Drakensberg mountains

South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – first hand accounts of the migrant experience.

Today’s tale was sent in by someone who decided that returning to South Africa gave their family and friends a real sense of security, rather than that false sense caused by drinking Kool-Aid in places like New Zealand

I am SA citizen done the whole expat thing 10 years back whilst abroad we were also drinking some serious cool-aid and all us expats were all motivating ourselves that it was the right decision for “complete safety” blah blah blah (that was before I got held up at gun point – false sense of security).

It was the most difficult decision ever to come back to SA and today 10 years on I can tell you it was the best decision I’ve ever made to come back to SA and help make a difference – just mindset change. We were group of 5 families and we are all back today the last person returned 6 months back.

Jip we have some serious crime issues however at least you can mitigate that by staying in a security estate and keep out of problem areas. I sleep like a baby every night and kids run around in the estate till 1:00 am if they want to. I understand that safety is an issue what I have read from NZ it has some serious problems with crime, gangs, drugs, suicide, etc – same as us so keep up with the cool aid and hanging on to that feeling of “complete safety” it’s also called false sense of security.

I Don’t think it’s fair to compare SA with a population of +- 50 Mil vs a population of less than 5 mil. Keep on telling yourself how “safe” you feel. Jip we are all alive and kicking living a good life and I still don’t have burglar bars on the windows but that’s just me. Cheers from sunny SA.

2 thoughts on “Migrant Tale – South African Says Hello Sunny SA

  1. not just one family – 5 families! Most of the Saffers I met didn’t settle easily in New Zealand, and most tried to move to Australia. The ones who didn’t willingly swallowed the kool-aid or swilled booze to deaden their unhappiness.

  2. I met a few South Africans when i was in Auckland and can honestly say none of them felt settled. It was as though they all knew they had come unstuck moving to N.Z. Sounds as though you all had a lucky escape because believe me it would never have got any better….

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