What they say about E2NZ.org – page 2

A thread about E2NZ.org appeared on the forum at Trademe.co.nz today.

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Here’s the thread…


2 thoughts on “What they say about E2NZ.org – page 2

  1. Who is E2NZ.org/comments and what is their agenda???
    The criticism of the education system is inaccurate and not in line with International evidence based statistics. Every crime for the last 50 years appears to be reported on this site.
    Any positive comment about New Zealand is countered by Admin. Who is controlling this dangerous website??

  2. “What countries are actually better than NZ?”

    Oh my dear there are heaps get out and exerpience the world, it’s wonderful! You could start your Better Countries List with all the ones that Kiwis live in, starting with your nearest neighbor, Australia.

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