NZ Is Mis-Sold

“Feeling a little disillusioned”
We literally had 2 weeks to sort out accommodation and transport etc…and I feel we’ve made some bad choices already regarding our location. I dream’t of a little villa in the country and we’ve found ourselves on a massive housing estate with little or no community spirit to be found.
We are really concerned with how expensive just about everything is and are worrying about our financial situation here. Back at home in the UK, I felt that I’d put a lot of research into emigrating through media and the internet and I really feel like we’ve been led astray. I purchased many books, one of which is entitled ” Where to live in Auckland’. According to My husbands wages we fall into a population profile of ‘Elite Professionals’ and ‘Comfortable and Secure” however I feel it couldn’t be further than the truth!!!
It really isn’t my intention to come over as a whinging pom, I’m just really worried and concerned that things here aren’t quite as we’d expected or hoped.
We have managed to do some sightseeing and NZ is without any doubt a beautiful country and the people very helpful and friendly.”

2 thoughts on “NZ Is Mis-Sold

  1. Some friends and I had to laugh at the Hitchcock news.

    From other news sites

    * Lost Alfred Hitchcock work discovered in New Zealand 7 hrs ago
    Irish Times Lost Hitchcock film unearthed in NZ 9 hrs ago
    Telegraph Lost Alfred Hitchcock film found in New Zealand 9 hrs ago
    ONE News Lost Hitchcock feature recovered in New Zealand 9 hrs ago
    New Zealand Herald ‘Priceless’ Hitchcock movie unearthed in NZ 12 hrs ago

    Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost, PRICELESS.
    Small man’s syndrome laid bare!

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