Maria’s Interview

Leaving NZ? share your exit interviews here

Leaving NZ? share your exit interviews here

Came to NZ as skilled migrants on work to residency visa. We had spent 1 month on the South Island and 1 month on the North Island to do our research. We wanted to live in New Zealand permanently because we could spend more time outdoors and because we believed that the level of education was good.

Had to accept jobs well below our level of work to make it ‘fit’ with the skill category, which is a story in itself. We are white Europeans, fluent in English (because we have lived overseas for the last decade) so we did not experience a lot of racism or anything. What we did experience was jealousy. Lots of it. We found jobs which were considered ‘top’ jobs in New Zealand, and we still felt that we had gone back some 15 years in our career: work place conditions and management concepts are so archaic that it isn’t funny anymore. The level of education is terribly low; we had no choice but to transfer one of our kids to a private school. Way too expensive of course, even though we could afford it. Houses are of a ridiculously low quality, landlords use their short term thinking skills only and think they can fix everything themselves (not). Cost of living much too high but what really did it for us was the low level of thinking. We have never encountered so little ambition, so much jealousy and such a lack of spirit. The ambitious people who want to develop themselves leave NZ and go to Australia.

Although we stayed for 3 years, gave it our best and have tried to integrate (by volunteering, helping at school, working etc. etc.), we have left and we’re so happy we did!

I am very happy to see this site, because too much of the information out there is totally untrue and I have seen so many disappointed emigrants who are now stuck in NZ!

I wrote a booklet about it (very therapeutic) and put it on Kindle for a few bucks. Just to try and spread the word that NZ is not all that…. (just type in “live in New Zealand” in the Kindle bookstore and you’ll find my 2 cents worth!).

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6 thoughts on “Maria’s Interview

  1. Thanks for your story. I wish more and more people get to know the hidden truth about New Zealand. I’m a New Zealander but now I see that what I have been thinking about New Zealand is not just my own thought.

  2. ” work place conditions and management concepts are so archaic that it isn’t funny anymore” I couldn’t agree more…we are holding team meetings every single freakin day from 8:30am to 9:00am just to talk about the same things over and over again, nothing changes, nothing happens, the same bla bla every single day, the same figures, the same concepts, sitting in our morning chair circle – like in kindergarden – I am going insane…

    • Yes that is so so true. God help you if you try to get anything happen and be forthright about it as well. The level of passive aggression in New Zealand seems to know no bounds. Qualified, with 20 years experience, updated industry qualification as well and I can’t get a job in IT. Maybe I’ve said one too many home truths for the poor wee Kiwi chip on the shoulder. Thinking about selling everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I have to leave. At 44 years old, I feel like I have wasted half my life over here. Pretty damned sad I’d say!

  3. Bought it! I don’t need it anymore,we just got back from an informative trip,we wanted to move there….My wife got a job at a university and she was convinced that is a good move.When i did my research on the net even before i got there i started to dislike this guys…As a flatter to myself I have to say that “I clicked in” immediately.We had a big fight even this morning about how negative i am and all that…
    Than she found this site THANK YOU GUYS! YOU SAVED MY LIFE.These cons can ruin lives with their lies about the big white cloud…big deal…THEY CAN HAVE IT!

  4. True and I’m in the process too writing about my experience because its so bizarre and ridiculous. I liken my experience to the film ‘Shawshank redemption’.lol

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