“30,000 A Year Go To Aussie. Why?”

More in our series Kiwi accounts of New Zealand, taken from sites around the net.

This one is a thread from Yahoo.nz’s news message boards and discusses the recent announcement that migration from NZ to Australia has just reached a 12 month high, not only does it give an insight into what Kiwis find unsatisfactory about NZ but it also gives an indication of their thought processes and attitudes. It’s a very revealing glimpse into what Kiwis think about their country, how their opinions come across as racist and what they imagine their country’s problems are:

I’ll tell you why! It’s because we are being consistently bombarded by a governments set on dividing this country into an aparthied state. The vast majority is not being listened too by the government in favour of maori and their leaders who are only conditioned to look for handouts. Ordinary NZers are forking out a fortune in taxes to pay hundreds of millions to maori, while the rest of the country suffers in silence. And government censors work to silence the majority viewpoints in favour of maori radicals who seek only to divide this country.

And when anyone with a bit of power and stands up to tell the truth of what’s happening is shouted down as some kind of racist. John Key is setting us on a course of division in this once united country. Why are open maori racists given airtime on out TVs while any white man who says anything against the grain is branded a racist in a heartbeat? Why is this being allowed in a free country?
It seems we are only free to say what we want as long as we are maori radicals.

  1. It’s ok mate, I’ve contacted the censor and he says it’s fine for you to say this on this message board, so don’t wory. It’s a good thing you’re not one of those who’s going to suffer in silence, otherwise the rest of us would never have got to know about this.

It is so unfortunate that maori leaders and radicals have become a people with their hands permanently out for more money from the hard working tax payer. No wonder maori youth are so angry when we have Hone Harawera and Co on our TVs demanding more and telling all impressionable young maori what terrible things the white man did to them all them years ago. This only makes maori youth even more angry and fill out jails. JK is being sucked into the toxic tirade of verbal diarroea that these seperatists talk. No wonder people are leaving these shores for Aussie!

  1. Yes, well, I think Jonkey’s been a bit silly over this latest rush of blood to the head. It will cause more harm than good but that’s because he’s mainly qualified to talk about money issues. He’s not exactly a deep thinker. Be interesting to see his poll ratings at the end of the year. Now he’s making policy his inexperience is starting to show.  He grins a lot. So, lotsa people think that means he’s a nice, friendly, listening & intelligent person. But village idiots grin a lot too.

John Key is a weak leader who panders to maori party radicals. When they make a demand he says let’s compromise! Why can’t he simply say NO instead of giving OUR country away bit by bit to radicals whos foot soldiers stand in front of parliament demonstrating throat cutting for the whole country to see. What would happen if a white did the same thing? No wonder this country is going to the dogs with one law for maori and another for the rest of us.

On the button astro. He’s also a very weak and doesn’t listen to the rest of New Zealand. Why haven’t we got a voice? Who airs our views? Even the media are PC driven and hellbent on keeping the silent majority silent.
Whatever happened to democracy? The way it is is like a police state where the government are controlling everything including these forums. I’m not saying anything racist because believe it or not I’m not. What does grate on me is me having to pay more for everything because JK wants to appease maori by giving hundreds of millions of dollars, plus land and fishing rights. If Asians, Brits, Europeans come here and work hard for a crust then great and good luck to them. But when higher taxes impinges on my life just to give to maori who are now conditioned to only demand more just makes me sick to death of it all.
And I’m not in a minority of thinking either. If you’re maori then people will tell you different from what they’re really thinking. That’s the illusion that maori think the country believe in what they’re doing.

But behind closed doors they secretly seeth and whisper amongst the like minded. This is the untold truth of what we’ve come to.

And this is why people are leaving NZ!!!!

  1. I don’t agree with everything you are saying here seppy, but I do wonder about key’s constant grin…

And maori aren’t even indigeanous to New Zealand. They were only here some 3 hundred years before the white man came here. The mori ori were here first. The Welsh, Scots, Irish in the UK were there for 10,000 years before the Romans. Abbos were in Aussie for between 40 and 60,000 years. Native Americans the same as the Aussie abbos 40 to 60,000 years. Maori 6 to 800 years, you’re joking!!!
And they call themselves indigeanous? Yes and they are creaming NZers to to the tune of billions in land and hard cash from the hard pressed NZ tax payer. And still want more and more. The more we give the more they want!
It’s all going to come to a head at some stage and it won’t be nice.

  1. Astro I don’t expect you too as I’ve heard your views before. But surely you can understand where I’m coming from? Anyway I’m signing off now. I expect this forum will be terminated by the time I get back by JKs censors. Sad but probably true as I think you know!
  2. Nah I think it’ll still be here seppy. The issue’s discussed here all the time – yours is probably about the hundredth thread along the lines. Some folk dont accept oral history, could you provide the sources for your unsubstantiated tales from? Your history and figures are out of skew with known facts.
  3. After nine years of Labour, many people were holding off going to Australia and elsewhere and hoping that a National/Act coalition would win the last election. When they did win, conservative voters, like myself, were elated. We wanted, among other things, an end to socialism, welfarism, political correctness, the burgeoning public service and an end to useless ministries. We wanted an end to ‘we know what’s best for you,’ and an end to ‘we know best how to spend your tax dollars.’ We wanted a government responsive to the will of the people. We wanted tax cuts and we wanted ethical and moral decision making. What we got was higher taxes, (ACC, tax on interest and the new ETS tax) and the reworking of existing taxes, (upcoming budget). We got the ‘perk buster’ himself, Bill English and Phil Heatley pushing the boundaries on ministerial spending. We see National giving the Maori Party everything they want, often through preferential and secretive decision making. We got the anti smacking referendum result rejected. We’ve had attacks on landlords and we’re getting National Standards pushed on schools that have never worked anywhere else. I see no end to political correctness, welfarism or socialism. National/Act/Maori Party has become ‘Labour Lite.’ Two of my adult children have moved to Australia and the third wants to go when she’s finished her degrees. My wife and I keep asking ourselves why we haven’t joined them
  • Why are so many people moving to Aussie?
    Pretty obvious why. As more and more people of NZ turn to welfare to get by there becomes less and less people paying taxes to fund the benefits. Thus the reason why those paying the taxes find themselves paying more and more in tax. So the reason why these folk find it harder to make a fair wage. So they are turning to Aussie where apparently the wages are better and they get a fair go.
  • 6 thoughts on ““30,000 A Year Go To Aussie. Why?”

    1. Most Kiwis who move to Australia are leaving for better economic opportunities and a better lifestyle. Some also go for the weather. It’s as simple as that. But one thing I do notice about Kiwis — their xenophobia. They complain about other ethnic groups in NZ, people from other parts of NZ (the Jafa syndrome) and foreigners, especially Australians, but also Americans and the English. Fortunately, travel or living abroad opens some people’s eyes, but some sad cases will always be bigots.

    2. Mate, the Maori are indigenous to NZ. It is a myth that the Moriori ever lived on the main NZ islands. They only ever lived on the Chathams. The Maori and Moriori didn’t even know about each other until after the British came. You can easily check this on Wikipedia.

    3. Oh and by the way in 1994 when they received the Compensation if 1.5million dollars
      that was the price of the average home in that area and the sectionswere less then a quarter of an acre…….
      this is 1.5mill between about 2 to 300 people which according to my maths is about $5000 dollars each so what do your say

      Geee they got off scott free don’t you think….you see its been over the last five years that I’ve been doing a research on Maori Land grieviances cause I thought my people were just a pack of moaners and bludgers but when I researched all the old Manuscripts dating back to the Early 1820’s I was so surprised what I found,to be honest,I believe all those old Pakeha Script Writers would be turning in there graves because of all the Evidence they left for the Educated Maori of today who are using there scripts in the Courts today,in my Whanau alone,i have a niece who is a Barister/Solicitor a Nephew who is an Accountant,another nephew who is a Bank Manager BNZ Wellington and they have helped me heaps in my Research and are also instrumental in our Iwi Claims against the Crown.

      Norei re Tena Koutou Katoa

    4. yes I understand some of comments of this guy but understand one thing…if your family were force off there land like what happened to my Ngati Whatua cousins in March 1959 where the Army and Police came and burnt down there homes and desecrated the Marae’s in the Mission Bay around the Water front in Auckland City and then again in 1973 tore down there village in Orakei again using Police and Army and a lot of those in the Police and Army were whanau from there just because some Rich Corperate Dude was a friend of Holyoake and Muldoon and then in 1989 the Supreme Court of New Zealand deemed that,what was done in 1959 and 1973 by the Government was illegal and that my Ngati Whatua whanau could return to Orakei but because all that was taken at Mission Bay had already been subdivided and sold by these Speculators…. a Financial Compensation was ordered by the Supreme Court of 1.50million dollars…..a pretty cheap price for 150 acre,s of Prime Exclusive land and this is not the own incident….so don’t go bashing all Maori because of you lack of knowledge,as I’ve been around this planet for over 58yrs kiaora

    5. The money is running out. The government has no more money!! Wake up NZ.Why do you all think its costing 250million a week plus to run this country? who do you think has to pay for all of this? why do you think they are raising GST?. So we have to pay for their mismanagement of NZ.Look NZers have been over spending for decades and living beyond their means!. Greed has been the forefront of KIWIS lives. The cheap money and dodgey finance companies lending like no tomorrow! If the government was a buisness, they would have gone broke years ago. Look at what is happening around the world, The US printed US 13Trillion, thats right 13Trillion dollars to prop up their economy. That 13trillion has to come from somewhere. 785Billion of that money went to AIG Group CitiBank,and others that went broke. You cant just print that kind of money and not have assests to offset that kind of phantom money to pay for it!!!
      Look at large economies that are about to default on their soveriegn debt? Greece, Ireland, Portugal,Spain etc. So who says it cant happen here? We have a welfare state that we can no longer pay for, and the Government have lost their way in finding a solution to fix it.Look If people lose everything, they have nothing to lose, then they lose it. Our country is no different. We are broke and the government never release the true figures of how the country is doing. Its all a cover up. Corrupt. The media has no Guts. Either.

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