“Top 5 Things Wrong With New Zealand”

For anyone wanting to get a feel for good old grass root opinions and issues in New Zealand you can’t go far wrong by logging on to the message boards at the NZ auction site Trademe.

Here’s a thread that was started on Wednesday about a topic that’s always guaranteed to get a good response. It drew the usual righteous indignation and denial, some people obviously didn’t understand the question and launched into what was right with NZ. However there were some who were capable of developing the theme further.

We picked up a distinct dissatisfaction with the justice system’s ability to deal effectively with crime, tax payers fed up with supporting a benefits culture, concerns over child welfare issues, problems with home affordability and New Zealand still being a country that’s divided on race with a lot of work to do to sort out both bigotry and racism.

Here’s the opening question:

Top 5 things wrong with New Zealand

“ATTN: If you are not capable of intelligently adding to this thread, then please refrain from doing so.

1. Housing prices.
Thank you former governments of NZ for creating a situation conducive to creating over investment in the housing market, and making investment in the productive sector unappealing.

2. Cannabis Laws.
Let’s direct needed resources away from tackling P, and concentrate it on tackling Cannabis. What do I hear you saying? “You can’t legalize Cannabis!” “It’s bad!” Let me break it down for the people who believe Cannabis should remain illegal (including cannabis dealers). There is not an army of NZer’s waiting to smoke it, but don’t because it’s illegal. OK! People smoke it regardless of the law. Legalizing it would put Cannabis dealers out of business, free up resources to tackle P, reduce the amount of people in prison, increase tax revenue as Cannabis could then be sold commercially under the same restrictions of alcohol, and most importantly allow hemp to be grown on large scales across the country creating jobs, and allowing NZ to produce super eco-friendly hemp products for global export.

3.Maori party.
What’s next? A Chinese party? An Indian party? Why not break all parties down to ethnicities and give them a fixed % of the vote!

4. NZ’s unwillingness to adequately police our EEZ, which is the 5th largest in the world according to Wikipedia. Who needs a military down in Ol’ New Zealand. Australia will pay for our part of the cheque. They’re good like that.

5. The quality of television these days. Or am I one of the exceptions to the rule in regards to the lowest common denominator?”

(EEZ = exclusive economic zone, 200 miles out from shore around nz)”

Here are some responses from people who were able to contribute as required:

“The Justice Systems SUCKS, protects the law breakers more than the poor victims”

“NZ’s animal welfare laws need changing.. big time!
So losers that abuse animals are not just ’slapped over the arse with a wet bus ticket’ !”

“1)Benefit culture
2) Treaty as a founding document and psuedo constitution
3)MMP system
4)Overseas ownership of land and industry
5)Free trade agreements that kill local production
and just for good measure…
6)Letting in migrants like Afghans,Thais and Africans whose culture is totally foreign to the existing one”

“For me the top one is getting rid of “working for families” huge drain on the tax coffers. I know of people getting over $500 a week from working for families with only one parent working and only paying tax on that one income at $500 per week for one family its taking at least two working people’s tax to pay that. The rest of us that have worked hard, saved our money, brought up our kids without government help are now penalised. In our day you got married, saved your money, made a concious decision as to when you could afford a family and got no outside assistance. Nowdays you are literally being paid to breed. Whilst our elderly who had none of these benefits and our geuinally sick people are getting next to nothing to live on.”

“1)political corectness
2)benefit culture
3)weak prison sentencing laws
4)govt too gutless to tame housing market & make productive investments more attractive
5)too much business influence in education”

“In my opinion THE worst thing about NZ is the extremely low value we place on the lives of our children. The Justice, Police and Welfare systems are quite clearly not cutting it. Family Court make judgements/orders that are never enforced. The Police don’t respond to 111 calls and Social Workers seem indifferent to keeping our children safe. Never mind how much we have to pay to buy a house…….how about protecting the new generation of NZ.”

“1 victim mentality
2 crime
3 benefit dependancy
4 child abuse
5 people who cannot handle other people doing well
6 people who tune in to wiifm what is in it for me”

“1.) high crime rate, poor victim support and protection. also, poor justice system. we need tougher penalties for crimes. a life sentence should be a life sentence, not 12 years or whatever it is here.
2.) so much child abuse and neglect.
3.) military don’t seem to be prepared for anything. in all honesty, what would happen if we were attacked? would we be able to fight back?
4.) agree with insanityplus about police not responding to 111 calls. called 3 times for the police, was even hung up on twice. police turned up about 3 hours later when someone down the road called them…
5.) i agree with you 100% about the maori party #1. it’s sad that after all these years we still find the need to be divided.”

“1. Racism and other assorted bigotry.
2. Laziness, lack of work ethic, ‘half-assed is good enough’ attitude.
3. Envy of anyone who is successful/rich/attractive.
4. Obsession with mindless sport at the expense of art/science etc.
5. Dumbing down of education and discouraging competition.”

troughing MPs
relaxed sentencing
corrupt judges
giving addicts the benefit”

“Kyliekyliekylie’s top 5 things wrong with New Zealand
*these arent in any specific order, they are the first things that pop into my head – i could go on – and its just my opinion.*
1 The average NZ person has no idea of the actual history of this country. There is no patriotism – NZ’ers consantly argue about the Treaty, one nation, land issues etc. I dont see how a country can be so unsure about its own history! Someone get it right and lets honour it!
2 Our media… one eyed, biased and gossipy, where have all the good, meaty journo’s gone???
3 The Cannibus debate… Alcohol vs Cannibus… look at the stats people, look at the stats….
4 Constantly comparing ourselves to Australia…. What about Denmark?? Voted Worlds Most Happiest People!!!
5 Our Government… who’s got all night??? “

“1/ pc crap = more rules so reduce govt spending = low taxes
2/ One race country = kiwi no matter what colour
3/ No acc for sporting injuries – ie get ya own insurance
4/ No petrol tax on vehicles under 1300cc
5/ Arm police and treat car conversion as grand thief auto”

“1. The pseudo-macho culture that blokes build around rugby/Ford/Holden/beer and the dopey Jackass mentality.
2. TV that is basically a commercial delivery service, punctuated occasionally by 8 minutes of irritating lowest-common-denominator programs.
3. A limp-wristed welfare system that disincentivizes the indolent from paying their own way.
4. Kiwi fixation with mediocre Kiwi music. Sure, you get the odd really good piece, but for the most part highly overrated. Kiwi acts even automatically get 4 stars in the Herald CD reviews….
5. Bad driving habits: indicating at the last minute, pulling out in front of you and crawling along, speeding up in overtaking lanes, lack of awareness of and consideration for other road users.
Bonus 6. a political system that fawns over an overindulged minority who are never content with anything.”

“1. Our healthcare system going backwards towards user pays. sure it needs a shake up but privatising things isn’t going to help the most vulnerable.
2. Prison sentences are not harsh enough for violent crime, you get worse time for fraud than manslaughter. Multiple sentences should also not be able to be served at the same time.
3. Not enough funding for sports other than rugby.
4. Our broadband is shite compared to the rest of the world. Time to improve our infrastructure and get up with the times.
5. The price of meat and dairy products considering we are a farming nation.”

1. “Weather. It’s generally shit. If it’s not wet and cold, it’s wet and warm. If it’s neither, then the wind is probably howling.

2. Everything done on the cheap from roads to housing. For some, frugality may be essential, for many, there is a odd enjoyment at everything being done as cheaply/nastily as possible. No.8 wire anybody?

3. Poor quality housing. It’s 3rd world, really. No heating, no insulation. Respiratory illness is very common and people wonder why?

4. A racist and race-obsessed country. Low level racism from is common. A complete failure of the authorities to differentiate between race and socioeconomic status. Stereotyping of Maori is so ingrained that no one even questions it. Race-based laws and positive discrimination. Worst of all, middle class white people pretending to be Maori. Using the odd Maori word or wearing a greenstone around your neck does not make you Maori. It makes you an idiot that does not understand cultural appropriation.

5. Shit roads (road camber, bends, gradients – see point 2), shit cars (as in run down and not safe – see point 2) and shit drivers (lax licensing) are the cause of the disgraceful number of road deaths in this country.”

What are your top 5 Things? Leave them in the comments section below.

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47 thoughts on ““Top 5 Things Wrong With New Zealand”

  1. From a Yank from Montana, I lived Winters in N.Z. around Roxburgh for 17 years. So kind of know the situation there. Did not go back when I turned 65 because the health care system let you die because you were not productive anymore. Rivers turned to shit , because of dairy producers over fertilizing, housing was the lowest in the white world, which the rest of the world discovered, myself included, and bought the snot out of the properties, and the Kiwis got in a little to late, but drove the market higher than it was worth. The other things I could go on about,you already know. I left in 2004 and know it hasn’t gotten better.

  2. 1. DEMOCRACY! Or the mockery of it.

    2. Division – We are not a culturally active country. You dont see pakeha forning Kapa Haka groups, but you see Maori forming ‘dance’ groups? Why’s that huh.

    3. Education. The claims that it is free. Well it is FREE, but SCHOOLING is not. Parents need to know the difference.

    4. CYFS. I dont need to say more, just google the case of the girl who divorced her parents cause she was a straight up PUSSY. The girl who have sexual relations with 2 ST JOHNS workers.

    5. WINZ. Take the cash cow away, take all those entities away, I just want to see what we are left with :).

  3. 1. Weather. It’s generally shit. If it’s not wet and cold, it’s wet and warm. If it’s neither, then the wind is probably howling.

    2. Everything done on the cheap from roads to housing. For some, frugality may be essential, for many, there is a odd enjoyment at everything being done as cheaply/nastily as possible. No.8 wire anybody?

    3. Poor quality housing. It’s 3rd world, really. No heating, no insulation. Respiratory illness is very common and people wonder why?

    4. A racist and race-obsessed country. Low level racism from is common. A complete failure of the authorities to differentiate between race and socioeconomic status. Stereotyping of Maori is so ingrained that no one even questions it. Race-based laws and positive discrimination. Worst of all, middle class white people pretending to be Maori. Using the odd Maori word or wearing a greenstone around your neck does not make you Maori. It makes you an idiot that does not understand cultural appropriation.

    5. Shit roads (road camber, bends, gradients – see point 2), shit cars (as in run down and not safe – see point 2) and shit drivers (lax licensing) are the cause of the disgraceful number of road deaths in this country.

    • There are other things wrong with NZ: Too Obsessed with the economy, a lot of people on benefits (particularly low-income people), being ripped off, too many old New Zealanders with Conservative values, Maori and Pacific Islanders lack of basic education (including Numeracy and Literacy skills), the education system is a mess, Narrow-Minded NZers do not like criticism of their own country’s issues, TV is all Commercialised, Insufficient Transport, Highly Sensitive and Politically Correct, NZ’s Classification System is too complex and relaxed, worse cases of bullying, high suicide rates, healthcare needs to be fixed, exploiting immigrants, bashing their Australian counterparts with that nonsense “I’m Better at that” country, Censorship laws too similar to Australia, underfunding of services, High Skilled Kiwis better off living overseas than living here, appalling driver habits (ie People using Mobile Phones while driving etc), denying everything from the truth, corruption of politicians and society, not many gorgeous Kiwi Woman, Lowering standards of life and even that “Harden Up bro” attitude that makes no sense at all.

      BTW I’m a New Zealander myself and this kind of petty excuses is making me sick.

  4. very thin skinned, tall poppy syndromed imbeciles. PC, listless sheeple, too afraid to have an opinion

  5. And what do you think of this?

    6)Letting in migrants like Afghans,Thais and Africans whose culture is totally foreign to the existing one”

    What honestly this going to do with this topic?

  6. I find it unbelievable that people are putting down a country for the smallest reasons. New Zealand may be a small country but it thrives with beauty unlike most countries. Maybe you should look at your own country before you judge another.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, many of the people who comment on this site have experienced New Zealand first hand, many are even FROM New Zealand. The reality is that New Zealand has VERY SERIOUS problems at almost every level. From fraud, incompetence, abuse, corruption, to violence and anit-intellectuallism (to name only a few). New Zealand is a world leader in almost all the wrong ways. Some of us REFUSE to ignore the reality of the way this country really is.

    • I was listening to an English feminist called Caitlin Moran on the radio the other day. She is promoting her new book and is critical of elitism in the UK. She had valid criticisms, was talking on a New Zealand radio programme and we can say she is right in an English context. From an NZ perspective, when a respected New Zealand writer Eleanor Catton makes a mild criticism of the New Zealand and perceived sexism in the NZ Publishing Industry to an international audience was there a balanced response in NZ. No, a huge amount of obnoxious vitriol was unleashed in the direction of Eleanor. Eleanor was labelled a “traitor” in editorials etc. She had betrayed her country according to many. This weird and disproportionate response is more than a small problem. I live in NZ and have learnt the hard way that keeping one’s mouth shut is advised if you know what is good for you. At the same time there are many elements of NZ that I enjoy. I used to think it was just me but have found on here that there are lots of people who have independently reached the same conclusions as me.

    • Well Andrew,

      I have. Thank you for the advice anyway. I have a question for you: Do you think that all people that comment here and share similar opinions about Nz are wrong? What are the chances that they are wrong or conspire? I do, NiHiL!

  7. My top 5
    First of all I have to say,I am dutch and might see things differently.
    I think everything is already posted but, here is my Top 5
    1. the P.C. crap
    2. What’s the story with the treatything and the massive pay outs?
    3. The green impression !!!! dropping 1080 WTF¡!!!!! ( talking about green why spends so much money on a gram of weed ? Better of to legalize it collect tax and get rid of the syntactic shit. Which is still available.
    4. Bad bad driving behaviour push bikes and motorized traffic. Push bikes on the road while there is enough space on the side no wonder u piss of traffic.
    Trucks running red lights with 70 km/h with a weight of 40 tons . they all need serious education.Texting while driving Mister police man not a good look.
    5. What the hell is the story with the stats of the child death’s by physical violence.

    • I agree with your comment re a falsified green/clean nation. If you are a dog owner and want to go on forest walk, you better check with DoC who will give you access to material not suitable because of aerial drops. Pages of it. They are planning a 24 tonne drop to cover near 700ha here in Nelson. In this case they will use Brodefacoum, even more nasty than 1080. It is polarising the country. This toxic culture is about doing things on the cheap, shortcuts instade of looking at it more holistically. Kiwis do not seem to care until something goes wrong – and then there’s the famous blame game. I’ve got five years until retirement and then I’m out off here. The county has gone downhill since mid 80s and I sèe no chañge for the future. Enough ranting.

  8. Too many dirty, filthy high emissions vehicles…especially the dirty, filthy diesels…you only have to go walking outside and when one of those goes past, the smell is out of this world, and god knows what it does to the bpdy one inhaled/on the skin/in the blood stream…a goddam disgrace! Housing is priced for millionaires, all your hard-earned cash is wasted just paying for somewhere to live and its probably awful, cold, damp, moldy and aesthetically unappealing – cost of living is shocking with no money left for luxuries, like good foood, nice clothes and anything else that makes life better.

    THE WEATHER – Probably the worst you could almost think of, raining almost everyday, unbelievable amount of wind, if its not raining its damy, dark and depressing. Maybe two months of summer is all that you get.

    Benefits are a joke, people get PAID TO BREED!!!!!!! and bring another cycle intot he same circle of poverty – the government is a laughing stock!!!!

    NO JOBS!!!

    There is a reason why its called “New Zealand” – noone wanted to live here, they came on the ship and thought, heck this is completely unlivable.

    only nice thing is the green grass is refreshing to look at, that means though it almost rains everyday!


      • wrong. I know a whole group of countries where things are different (perhaps even better in some ways). but it requires learning a different language. to much for inward-looking anglos to deal with. probably better they don´t as I like these places and would rather that the anglos stay in they “english-only” areas of the world where they will not infect the rest of us with their workaholicism and negative attitudes.

  9. Things we could work on, by the way I love my country.

    Protecting our children. Parenting and ‘distant’ family culture.
    Not having a Minister for Animal Welfare.
    Education about politics and the importance of voting.
    Our disregard for the environment.
    Unethical business practice and commercial waste.
    Need to be more self sufficiant, both nationally and in the backyard.

  10. Mike,
    I hope you mean “Useless intervention by government re earthquake damage” believe me here in Christhurh we mostly wish that the government would simply just chase the insurance companies to make them actually pay out, but keep clear to let us rebuild our lives.
    The government created bureaucracy is the real disaster here:(



  11. Having been in NZ for 9 months now, from UK, I would add this to what others have contributed:

    1. Abysmal TV and interminable poor grade advertising rant approach
    2. Weather over estimated. Rains more than in UK (EXCEPT THIS EXCEPTIONAL YEAR)
    3. Politicians are inept and can barely communicate in parliament.
    4. Reporters are inane and toothless.
    5. Incredible 10 mins of bull on rugby every 60 minute “news” broadcast.
    6. Poverty and inequality in worst 5 countries in OECD and this has been newly aggravated deliberately by both major parties of government, since 1984.
    7. Political correctness hypocrisy from all parties and public sector employees re Maori.
    8. ACC and inability to sue – uniquely stupid and ineffective, non-accountable, expensive and iniquitous system beggaring belief.
    9. Rude, incompetent and oblivious public sector administration, esp in INZ.
    10. Cost of living, esp food and rents.
    11. Caritable emphasis instead of decent public service ethic and provison: “good sorts”
    12. Useless non intervention by government re earthquake damage.
    13. Draconian tax system with no personal allowance and regressive taxes: poor pay more.
    14 Two lane “motorways” (?) with stupid speed limits
    15. Lack of taste of housing and no planning evidenced on beach fronts so development spoils them.

    Good things:

    beautiful South of South Island. Stunning Milford Sound. Caromandel. Hot water beach; most all of coastlines; light when sun is out; generally friendly people; eccentricity. Old style housing in Auckland and elsewhere. Spectacular Ship Creek beach on West coast of South Island. Open minded attitude to alternative therapies and willingness to contribute as citizens.

  12. 9.reference;- reference is more important than your qualification.you can get a job without proper qualification if you have a refree in the same field or department or store .but if u dont have a refree then ur qualification is useless\

  13. No matter how hard kiwis try to pretend that they live in the ‘perfect country’, it is obvious New Zealand is steadily heading downhill. Its time kiwis stop ignoring the facts and face up to the reality of the real New Zealand.

    In my opinion, New Zealand is a slow, lifeless and mindless country that leaves no room for inspiration.

    Some of the main issues within New Zealand in my opinion are as follows:

    1. Racism: Yes, New Zealand is a racist country. People do still get judged by their race and skin colour. We are living in 2012 for goodness sake!

    2. No sense of identity: New Zealand is loosing its sense of unique culture and identity. Lets face it, there i so much multi-culturalism existing that no one knows where they fit in. The only sense of nationalistic pride is the All Blacks. Yes they are awesome, but its sad think that the only thing we can be proud of is having a good rugby team. Then again we also have more sheep than anywhere else in the world.

    3: Government: No idea what a democracy is. They just do what they want when they want. The people opinions of coarse have no significant importance.

    4. Unemployment: If you want a job – you’ll probably have to go to Australia.

    5. Expensive to live: Even those odd people that do manage to score themselves secure employment struggle to pay their bills as food, clothing and accommodation prices are increasing. It costs most people in Auckland an average of $400-$600 a week just to rent an average family sized home. Wages are incredibly low and most people have to work full time to support their families because of this very reason. Its a sad fact that over 270,000 kids live in poverty in New Zealand and have to be given breakfast at school because their parents can not provide this for them. One could ask, where are these parents spending most of their money as little as it may be?

    6. Social system: High crime rates. High teenage suicide rates. High family violence rates. High alcohol and drug abuse rates. Young people have no sense of direction. Those that do have aspitratiosnend up migrating to other countries where there is so much more opportunity.

    7. Weather: NZ is a cold damp country, houses are poorly insulated and its rains just about every day. Summer lasts about a week and then back to the cold, damp weather we’re all used to.

    8. Lifeless: Yes, New Zealand has breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches, yet you do get sick of looking at paddocks full of sheep day in and day out. New Zealand is lacking in enthusiasm and excitement. Lets face it, NZ is an extremely boring place. Its a one dimensional, uncharacteristically dull country where there is simply nothing to do. If you want to try any of the extreme activities such a s bungee jumping, skiing or white water rafting, you’ll probably have to be a rich tourist.

  14. 1) high rate of disasters happening weve had quakes tornadoes volcanoes we are bound to have a tsunami
    2)parliment sucks!! they all act like children coz iwatch parliment tv and its not good
    3) our schools suck major i go to primary and we have over 500 students with not enough land
    4) one news and all its extra shows make me hurl
    5) not a very good selection of jobs most people ditch nz for ozzy where they can have much better life

  15. 1) parliment act like a bunch of 6year olds ive seen prliment tv
    2)the schools arnt big i would know coz i go to primary we have over 500 students with not enough land
    3)john key is the worst ever primeminister to select we should have chose helen clark ya she was ugly but she was awsome at her job
    4)1 news fair go close up they just really p*** me off

  16. My top complaint about NZ:
    Employers in the rest of the world: “Can you do this job? Great, let’s give you a go!”
    Employers in NZ: “Have you done EXACTLY this job,down to the last detail, before? No, sorry, we need an exact match”
    Employers in NZ: “Poor us! We can’t get the staff! Why does everyone go overseas?”

    NZ Employers are so stupid and narrow-minded that they shut out candidates who don’t meet their box-ticking requirements, and leave jobs empty, or import foreigners.

    • What then happens is that the people in HR (who have no technical background for to evaluate candidates for the vacancy that is advertised), are “taken in” (in quotes because their impossible/ludicrous specifications create the certainty for them to be lied to) by people willing to lie to their faces.
      The porkers? Some people that I studied with advertise on LinkedIn saying they have 5 years’ working experience (an outright lie … since they hadn’t graduated at that time), another states he has 2 B.Sc degrees which each took a year to complete, and yet another says “has vast experience in a technical field” which was never the qualification that was worked towards.
      Which is par for the course – I was lied to by other students claiming qualifications they were certainly not working towards … early childhood educator claiming to be studying for neuroscience, history major saying she was working towards a “blood work” qualification.
      When so many liars are around, psychopathy becomes rampant.

      • A common factor which I forgot to add: All these people claimed to be “religious”.
        Which brings me to this one-liner:
        “Being in church no more makes you a Christian, like being in a parking spot makes you a car”.

        • P Ray: Very well said, and confirms my own personal experience. 80% of your coworkers lie to you and the company…and the company does not treasure your dedication and honesty either. the top management themselves are part of the problem – they are also being condescending, irresponsible and dishonest. of course a bunch of folks tried to goto Church when they are more like foxes and self righteous bigots with the intention to put others down with no love. again for those of us that had a Christian background even before coming to NZ, I can only say that you tried your best, and what functioned and worked reliably for the NZ public would be the crafted computer systems you made and the left behind good will supported by god’s blessings. the people around you however are all the causes of disaster and damages.

      • I am one of the migrants who had a brush with the Kiwi courts.

        As one of the newer contributors to this site remarked, paraphrasing here I think, “getting a job in NZ is not so much about how good I am, but about eliminating every possible excuse the NZ job agents can use to sideline me”. Their courts are the same, actually. Just stay as bland as possible, hide your problems well, don’t open your mouth, CONTROL THE IMPRESSION by all means possible…don’t give any details, show no emotion or intelligence. Just slide through like grease by representing yourself in an Occam’s Razor faceless but positive “right shape for the hole” kind of way that is pre-tailored to the system’s bias and limitations. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO WIN, is to look like a harmless innocent Kiwi and play to their own stereotype of the Good Keen. It comes down to presentation, and nothing more. Kiwi “systems” (jobs, courts) are like a very young child swayed by toys in bright cheap Kiwi-themed packaging. No one looks deeper than that. They have cultural glasses glued to their noses, and the specs can’t come off. Having your family’s life in the grip of the courts from Idiocracy is terrifying.

        If you think you are running from America to escape Idiocracy, think again. You’re just running into a smaller more rural version of it – and you’ve lost any local advantage you had on any playing field.

      • That is so weird. my mother is a kiwi and you basically have described her entire work ethic/modus operandi.not that I necessarily think she’s stupid or uneducated, but definitely a liar, or a great exaggerator. Also, she’s a religious zealot

        I thought she was weird for saying “re” and other awkward lingo all the time, but I guess a lot of kiwis do it?

    • Bang on Some Bloke. NZ employers demand a vacuum sealed, peal and open employee off the shelf every time. We are very bad at training, or allowing for training, in our recruitment processes. And probably the biggest problem is relying on recruitment agencies; because the agency is always going to promise the employer that they can find the “perfect” match, and the employer is just too lazy/stupid to realise that it is impossible.

      • As a kiwi I find this a huge problem with getting work in NZ compared to the UK. Granted I was living in the UK before the financial downturn, but it’s always been that you have to have EXACTLY the experience or qualification the employer is looking for in NZ. No understanding of transferable skills. It was MUCH better in the UK. (After uni graduation lived in London 6 and half years, then NZ for 6 years)

  17. Thanks for your contribution but all of those comments are quotes made by Kiwis about their own country. We did say these were grass roots opinions.

    Lots of New Zealanders know there’s far better to be had outside the country, and since there’s nothing ‘keeping them’ there have decided to leave. The mass exodus has started up again, they’re leaving in their thousands.

    It’s really a shame because a larger population would generate the tax revenue needed to pay for a better funded police force and safer roads. It would create more/better paid jobs for all and less dependence on welfare handouts. People would be able to afford to buy those expensive meat and dairy products.

    You should read these posts starting with Kiwis leaving for Australia at a 12 month high and read some of the reasons why. Or you could watch the video “the exodus continues” in the video box in the sidebar and enlighten yourself further.

    Here’s one of the comments someone made:

    “Yep only the fools will be left here, and why not go good weather better pay lower tax G.S.T,much more to do and see the list goes on and on”

  18. The ignorance of the people who posted these responses is mindblowing. Maybe it’s just down to a refusal to listen to/consider any explanation of these factors that are the “worst things about New Zealand.” Normally I wouldn’t bother responding to such a post, accepting that people with such negative mindsets are not going to accept anything I say, but seeing as I’m procrastinating the report I should be writing, I might as well…

    “1. Housing prices”
    Given that buying a 3 bedroom, 100sqm apartment in any city in Spain would set you back at the very least $500,000 NZD, we should count ourselves lucky that owning our own home by the time we’re 50 is a realistic possibility.

    “2. Cannabis Laws.”
    You have to be joking… For the record, I am strongly pro-legalisation of cannabis, but how is the fact that it remains illegal one of the worst things about this country? Are you under the impression that we’re one of the only countries in the world where it isn’t legal?

    “5. The quality of television these days.”
    If only having 4 dedicated free-to-air channels plus 100 odd channels on Sky is one of the things you hate most about this country, then there really can’t be a lot else to hate…

    “2 crime
    3 benefit dependency”
    If you eliminate either one of these, the other will increase. Think about it. Who is most likely to sit on the unemployment benefit for a long period of time? Someone who wants something for nothing. What will happen if you no longer offer them the benefit? Will they think, “right, better get a job then” or will they get something for free by stealing it?

    “3.) military don’t seem to be prepared for anything. in all honesty, what would happen if we were attacked? would we be able to fight back?”
    The military don’t NEED to be prepared for an attack, because the chance of New Zealand being invaded is about the same as it being struck by a meteor. Firstly, who would attack us? Australia? Nope… USA? Nope… Iran? North Korea? Well, they might want to, but how do you suppose they would get from their respective country to New Zealand without being noticed? The international repercussions for any country invading ANY other country, let alone New Zealand, are/would be immense. In short, it will never happen. Guaranteed.

    “4.) … police not responding to 111 calls …”
    The police don’t not respond to calls because they can’t be bothered, it is because they have LIMITED resources, so must prioritise what calls they do receive in order of urgency. If you want a police force with enough resources to cover all calls that come in, it needs more funding. More funding requires higher taxation. Higher taxation is, presumably, something you are strongly against. Get your own priorities right – would you prefer a lower tax rate with less services, or a higher tax rate with more services? One thing that pisses ME off about this country is the disturbing amount of people who don’t seem to understand this concept…

    “4 Constantly comparing ourselves to Australia…. What about Denmark?? Voted Worlds Most Happiest People!!!”
    Nothing really to say to this, just want to point out that Denmark also has the highest personal tax rates in the world. Very few New Zealanders could possibly conceive being happy while paying tax rates of 50%

    “5. Bad driving habits: indicating at the last minute, pulling out in front of you and crawling along, speeding up in overtaking lanes, lack of awareness of and consideration for other road users.”
    You have clearly done very little travelling in your life… Ever been to South America? No? What about Italy, Spain or France? No? Then don’t make claims like that unless you have something to compare it to.

    “1. Our healthcare system going backwards towards user pays. sure it needs a shake up but privatising things isn’t going to help the most vulnerable.”
    I agree entirely, but also accept that socialised healthcare systems require a lot of funding, so I hope you’re not one of the majority of Kiwis who are on the ‘lower taxes’ bandwagon

    “5. The price of meat and dairy products considering we are a farming nation.”
    The prices we pay in shops have to reflect prices the producers can get by exporting these products overseas. Sure, they could strictly limit the amount exported and thereby make it MUCH cheaper for us to buy, but given that our economy is highly dependent on agriculture, doing so would make us a much poorer nation.

    I would go on, but I can’t be bothered wasting any more of my time.

    Don’t like the country? Then get out. No one’s keeping you here. Hope the grass you find really is greener.

    • Its not so much what NZ is compared with other countries but what we could be.

      We are the richest most fortunate country in the world but as most people on this forum have found out, we are intent on ruining what we have.

      The example of housing prices is an example. With our low population, there is no need for our housing to be expensive. The main costs of housing are the land which is squeezed by bureaucratic zoning and a raft of red tape to keep it expensive. The bureaucracy does not stop there as everything in your new house needs to be meticulously specified in order to get through the morass. (This includes the distance from your oven to the bench top just to mention an example).

      Healthcare Kiwi style is another point. The cost of getting the government to do everything for us makes us end up with third rate health care at a premium cost to us, the tax payers. Why do I struggle to maintain private healthcare coverage if the Health Care here is adequate? Yes there was blood on the walls and indolent nurses in the ward where my father died!
      Social welfare where even middle income earners end up on a benefit. Why do we think the government can do everything for us when they are particularly bad at it. A middle income earner spends two dollars in taxation towards his benefit and receives about one in return. The rest goes towards government costs. The hire of those obtuse bureaucrats and the expensive buildings to house them.

      In other words Kiwi’s seem quite happy to let this country slip towards total socialism.

      Probably better to say communism if only on account of the disproportionate powers of our unicameral government.

      How socialist are we?

      Well complete socialism/communism is identified by a 100% income taxation and everyone receives a benefit form the government. (Supposed to make everyone rich and equal).
      In New Zealand current taxes on the income are about 50% when you consider income tax, GST petrol tax and all the other myriad taxes that we now pay. Carbon/ ETS tax just simply being a new one.
      We are half way there folks. Lets get out to Aus, they are only about 34% there.



    • Matt, you sound quite young and callow and your comments show that you are oblivious to how far NZ has regressed over the past three decades. Most of your arguments are quite feeble and suggest a belief in “free market”, neo-liberal economic theory. Care to mention why so many are leaving NZ every year and why their places are being filled by people from hard, poor countries (China, Africa, Russia) and bankrupt states like the UK? Not too many applications for NZ residency come from Germany, Scandinavia, Canada or Australia. A little respect for the opinions of those who’ve seen and experienced a bit more than you have in your (I assume) 25 odd years of life in NZ wouldn’t go amiss.

      • jm

        I think your condescension with regards to Matt is out of line. You obvious know little about economics except what you have heard from activists and rumour.

        Rather than argue the point, I provide you with a link to an article written by a person who once believed in the socialist state and was actually an influential contributor, but now looks back in horror at what was created.
        If Matt is advocating a return to real economics instead of the belief that governments can do anything, he should be congratulated

        Click to access www_michaelbassett_co_nz_articles.pdf



        • And ever since then, I have committed suicide when I realize NZ will never change.

          May Satan congratulate me for my stupidity.



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