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Where our last 200 visitors came from, you’re in good company (30 Jan 2016)

A big thanks to all our contributors for making the success it has become.

For many years the site has had an international readership. It’s most popular in the UK, New Zealand and the US but it is read across the globe.

top views by country for 7 days ending 30 Jan 2016

Top views by country for the last seven days ending 30 Jan 2016

Now we’re making it easier to contribute material anonymously to by giving you a dedicated ‘drop box’ page.

If you’ve got material you think may be suitable for the site, this is the page to leave it on. Migrant Tales may be left here.

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290 thoughts on “CONTRIBUTE

  1. Hi There. I was brought up in New Zealand since being an infant but decided to return to my birthplace England. To be fair there are poms who do love New Zealand.

    I see the adverts advertising for poms to come to NZ and I realize how untrue the adverts are. At the present to happily live in New Zealand you need lots of money. Housing, food etc.. are extremely expensive. If you have got children free education does not mean the same as free education in the UK. For example its not unusual to having to spend $400 for an 11 year old to start school which includes uniform and school stationary. On top of that there are school paper fees to pay for and some better schools have school camps which you will also have to pay for. Also free lunches don’t exist, even for the needy Most teachers are excellent and there is nothing wrong with the education system but I suggest you google about nz and school bullying. Best idea if you settle there is to ask the locals for advice of where to send your child. This wasn’t a problem while I was growing up but social issues are largely ignored. If you have a child who needs extra help the funding is hard to come by. Extreme cases are funded.

    New Zealand houses are cold. If it is cold outside your house will likely be colder inside. This is especially true for the older houses.

    Some areas have problems with school sores and lice. I lived in one of these areas. Its frustrating especially when in the holidays some of these issues miraculously disappear.

    NZ has also have some of the worse statistics for family violence, child abuse, school bullying and suicide.

    If you live in a smaller city public transport is not as good.

    If you love the beach you wont be disappointed.

    I could carry on but to end this all I’ll say is I am happy I left New Zealand.

    • Doesn’t really do himself any favours by supporting ACT however. Probably the most right-wing party in NZ politics.

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