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280 thoughts on “CONTRIBUTE

  1. Have you thought about setting aside an area where people can share their Trade Me ( blacklists? Trade Me is an absolute minefield if you need to sell something. eg, when you are selling to downsize/leave!

    I would eat this list up.

    Essentially all of the wonderful people we all know, and talk about out there in the most socially progressive nation in New Zealand, can bid or buy now, and then you are essentially contracted to them. There is no way to effectively moderate the quality of the average trader that comes your way. Buyers on the other hand, can pick and choose.

    My blacklist is already enormous. Most of those on my list were asking via the comments facility for something for nothing, or were people I was thinking of buying from, but who leave other people really nasty and venomous revenge-style feedback themselves. I work backwards through their social/trading failures, user by user, further and further back. See what nz has done to me?

    They are not too bright and easy to catch. But they keep coming like 70s zombies.

    The great Trade Me godzone kiwi online classifieds monopoly ripoff, and it is up to you to deal with the methhead who bought your $1 bed base and it is your fault they can’t pickup because ‘totalled my soobie M8’. Their feedback is already worthless and, cannot be devalued any further no matter how much time you waste on them.

    Not sure about the legal ramifications, though. Doesn’t TM own the usernames, is that why this list does not already exist?

    Also, theoretically Trade Me could figure out the submitter from their blacklist and they will ban them for dissent (unless the usernames are all mushed up together when published???)

    I think that an independent list of NZs poorest social performers would be a harsh, but fair approach. I would not instantly add every single user to my blacklist. I would review their feedback, and then I would ban them…

  2. Totally agree, and that is what I witnessed also. This sector of the population does not know right from wrong, good from bad, beauty from ugliness. Unfortunately there are too many people in this category, and especially for them all to live together, on two tiny islands in the middle of a vast ocean. The minute one boards an international plane one is soon in the normal world. I know its really really crazy and unbelievable. I have seen all the madness at close range and have been really targeted. They hate competent people, it drives them even madder, like rabid dogs. For me I was targeted really heavily, so badly I had to leave.
    There is a large sector of the population that is mad, bad, and dangerous.

  3. Hi There. I was brought up in New Zealand since being an infant but decided to return to my birthplace England. To be fair there are poms who do love New Zealand.

    I see the adverts advertising for poms to come to NZ and I realize how untrue the adverts are. At the present to happily live in New Zealand you need lots of money. Housing, food etc.. are extremely expensive. If you have got children free education does not mean the same as free education in the UK. For example its not unusual to having to spend $400 for an 11 year old to start school which includes uniform and school stationary. On top of that there are school paper fees to pay for and some better schools have school camps which you will also have to pay for. Also free lunches don’t exist, even for the needy Most teachers are excellent and there is nothing wrong with the education system but I suggest you google about nz and school bullying. Best idea if you settle there is to ask the locals for advice of where to send your child. This wasn’t a problem while I was growing up but social issues are largely ignored. If you have a child who needs extra help the funding is hard to come by. Extreme cases are funded.

    New Zealand houses are cold. If it is cold outside your house will likely be colder inside. This is especially true for the older houses.

    Some areas have problems with school sores and lice. I lived in one of these areas. Its frustrating especially when in the holidays some of these issues miraculously disappear.

    NZ has also have some of the worse statistics for family violence, child abuse, school bullying and suicide.

    If you live in a smaller city public transport is not as good.

    If you love the beach you wont be disappointed.

    I could carry on but to end this all I’ll say is I am happy I left New Zealand.

    • Totally agree. I would add that Mental Health issues rule supreme in NZ society. As a resident of a rural, remote village of NZ, it has been truly shocking, saddening and disgusting to learn first hand just how dysfunctional, anti-social and insane the local population are. Inter-generational incest, rape, violence, illiteracy and poverty are embedded into the local psyche. Generations of broken humans, families and wider whanau are seemingly intent on self-destructing and taking as many down along with them along the way. Never before have I been exposed to such pathetic psychotic behaviours. It would seem that the more “together” you are as a person, the more you become a target of hatred and abuse. Within the dysfunctional families themselves, there is a noticeable dearth of humans willing to enforce appropriate boundaries of behaviour. “Whatever you can get away with” seems to be their modus operandi. How did NZ society become so feral? The “head in the sand” approach is not working. “The poor deserve to be poor” approach is not working. Does the average Kiwi not realise that the islands of NZ are too small to never need be affected by this psychotic feral behaviour? Do NZers not realise that gang membership merely increases as poverty increases? Do NZers not realise how broken and feral NZ society is? In the decade I have been witness to this feralness, it has merely worsened and continued on inter-generationally. Too bad there’s a global housing crisis and an escalating low wage economy! NZ society is dying a feral death, self-initiated through discriminatory classism and wilful ignorance; ignoring this fact will not change it. All violence is Mental Health. Suicide is Mental Health. Poverty is Mental Health. Gangs are Mental Health. Dysfunction is Mental Health. Feral nature is Mental Health. NZ is a drowning cesspool of Mental Health.

    • Doesn’t really do himself any favours by supporting ACT however. Probably the most right-wing party in NZ politics.

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