Violent Deaths

Far from having ‘a low crime rate’, New Zealand has the fifth highest murder rate in the OECD.

We are aware of 78 violent deaths (murder and manslaughter) notified in the press during 2009, the figure includes 13 children and young people under the age of 18 (in bold on the list below) a shocking number when you consider that many people’s prime motivation for migrating to NZ is because its a ‘great place to raise kids.’

Official police crime figures put the total number of deaths at 88, which shows that not all murder and manslaughter reports make it into the press.

Half of all victims are killed by unarmed attackers, one of the most memorable deaths being that of Liberty Templeman who was bashed and strangled to death by a 14 year old youth, there are also many child victims of abuse.

According figures held by the independent NZ Institute murder and manslaughter account for around 100 deaths every year, it places New Zealand 5th out of 30 OECD countries for violent deaths.

There also are the scores of people who simply ‘disappear’ in New Zealand every year, such as Korean mother Jessica Chun who went missing on a Northland holiday  or Srikanth Rayadurgam who vanished on his way to college in Auckland, who are never declared dead.

In New Zealand during 2008 79 charges for murder were brought before the courts, there were also 69 for attempted murder and 37 for manslaughter. A total of 185 cases.

Violent Deaths in 2010

25 October: A man’s body is found at Waterloo Quadrant in Auckland, police begin a homicide investigation.

22 October: Rosemary Margaret Ives, a 25-year-old secondary school teacher from Lower Hutt, was shot in the head by a hunter at a Department of Conservation campsite on Kaimanawa Rd, near Turangi. The woman was camping alongside a group of 4 people from the Czech Republic and another group of 4 from Wellington. The hunter ‘mistook her for a deer or possum’ in the dark as she brushed her teeth.

3 October: The dismembered remains of young mother, Carmen Thomas, are found in plastic containers buried in the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland.

23 August: Desmond Vincent Winnie, 65, his wife, Deborah Honeyfield, 51, and her father, Ian Ray Honeyfield, 86 were found dead with gunshot wounds at a property in Feilding, police resources in the town are already stretched with the investigation into the murder of  farmer Scott Guy, who was shot in the throat on his driveway on 8 July 2010.

20 August: 16 year old youth is stabbed to death on the driveway of a property in Clinkard Avenue, Rotorua. A 14 year old has been charged.

2 August: 59 year old Denis Norman Phillips was found dead at his home in Green Street, Papakura. A 16 year old youth has been charged with murder.

1 August: A 19 year old youth was killed when a car was allegedly driven at him during a street fight in Papatoetoe, Auckland in the early hours of the morning.

31 July: Peter Robinson, 63, was found dead at his house in Peake Rd near Cambridge. Police are waiting for the autopsy results before confirming that his death was suspicious.

28 July: Six month old Cezar Taylor from died at Starships Children’s Hospital from injuries consistent with shaking and a blow to the head,  a man known to the mother at their Mangere East home, South Auckland, has been arrested.

28 July 2010: A woman’s body was found in a ground floor flat in Newtown Park Flats in Wellington. Police launched a homicide investigation after a post mortem showed that she had suffered a violent death, she was in her 30s and had been dead for some days. Kelly Noema was stabbed to death in the same street in August 2009 (see below)

11 July: A 10 year old girl died at Christchurch hospital, possibly from a head injury. Police are said to be conducting a forensic examination of the family home.

10 July: A 29 year woman was stabbed to death at a house in Manurewa, South Auckland. A 32 year old woman has been charged with assault. 6 children and 2 children were removed from the premises by CYF.

8 July: The body of farmer Scott Grahame Guy, 31, was found with several gunshot wounds on his driveway in  Aorangi Rd, Feilding. Police are treating his death as murder.

4 July: A youth is found dead in an alleyway in Wellington

4 July:  A youth is found dead in a cinema in Wellington

4 July: A man was found with a wound to his chest on a footpath in Tullis Place, Botany, Auckland, around 8pm.

27 June:  A man in his 50s was found dead in the street in Hamilton at 6am, he had been seriously assaulted. A homicide investigation was instigated.

26 June: A woman died a violent death in a burned out house in Glenfield, North Shore and a man was seriously burned. Police has launched a homicide inquiry.

23 June: 76 year old David Tait died from serious head injuries in Tauranga. His son, Murray Tait, 45, has been charged with assault.

14 June: Police confirm at a press conference that missing man Raymond Piper, 23, was the victim of a brutally violent murder.

9 June: the body of a 46 year old woman’s  was found at a house in Henderson, Auckland, a 30 year old man has been charged with murder.

7 June: The body of 18 month old Ann Sangh was removed from the house she shared with her murdered mother in Tauranga. A man has been arrested in connection with their deaths, the child’s father flew back from holiday to identify the bodies. The child’s body had lain undetected in the house for 20 hours.

6 June: A man was charged with murder after the body of Ravneet Sangh was found in a house in Tauranga, her 18 month old daughter is missing.

1 June: the body of missing teenager Jiayi Li, also known as Kiko, was found in the boot of a car in Hamilton. Two men were arrested and charged with murder.

31 May: A Body has been removed from a house in the Nawton/Livingstone area of Hamilton, numerous police were in attendence. No statements have been released to the press as yet (31 May 10) update, news report of a man’s body removed from house in Roy St, Nawton (1 June 10) the pathologists later announced the death was from “natural causes.”

29 May:  A man died under “unexplained circumstances” in Te Puna.

22 May: 29-year-old Douglas Leslie James Tukotahi Tupaea was found dead in a house in Gisborne, police have launched a homicide investigation.

17 May: Etuina Sipili, 45, died after being in a coma for 7 months. He’d been assaulted coma since a street attack in Te Aro (Wellington) Two men are charged with his murder.

15 May: A prisoner officer died of his injuries after being bashed by an inmate at Springhill Prison in the Waitkato. Police are trying to contact his family overseas before releasing his name.

13 May: Marice McGregor’s body is found in a gully north of Wanganui, she had head injuries. A homicide investigation was launched.

11 May:  A man died after an assault in a house in Hastings. Police have launched a homicide investigation.

7 May:  A man died at a house in Lansdowne, Wairarapa. Police launched a homicide inquiry and are talking to another man in connection with the incident.

13 April:  A man died after being stabbed at a house in May Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland. A homicide investigation was launched.

6 April:  Two people shot to death in a house in Hokitika, murder investigation launched.

5 April:  Two people were shot to death in an apparent murder suicide at a Nelson camping ground.*

1 April: A 16 year old male was fatally stabbed in Oamaru at 10pm. Another youth of the same age was taken into custody.

26 March:  A homicide inquiry was launched after a woman was stabbed to death in Remuera, Auckland. Another woman has been arrested on assault charges.

10 March: A homicide investigation was launched after a men fell from a balcony in Auckland.

19 February: A woman’s body was discovered in a house in the Christchurch suburb of Huntsbury. A homicide investigation is underway and police are appealing for reports of suspicious activities and break ins over the past few days

12 February: The body of 27 year old Vanessa Pickering from New Brighton was discovered in the Godley Head area on the Banks Peninsula, near to Christchurch. A homicide investigation is underway. People are speculating that there may be a serial killer.

12 February: A woman’s partially clothed body was found in Murphy’s Park, Otahuhu. A homicide investigation is underway.

31 January: Taxi driver Hiren Mohini was stabbed to death in Auckland. A homicide investigation is underway.

22 January: A body is found in Drake Street, New Plymouth at around 8pm. A homicide investigation is underway.

19 January: Diane Elizabeth White. 53, was found battered to death with a hammer in Frankton, Hamilton. A murder investigation is underway and a 40 year old woman is in custody.

13 January: A woman died after an assault at a flat in Kaikohe, a man has been arrested and a homicide investigation is underway.

3 January: A man was found dead in Orewa. A 43 year old woman was charged with assault and murder.
78 Violent Deaths in 2009

31 December: A 30 year old woman died after being stabbed at a house in Ruakaka at about 9.30pm. a 15 year old girl was subsquently charged with murder.

22 December: A 45 year old man is found dead at his home in Taneatua, south of Whakatane, police launched a homicide investigation and later charged a 22 year old man with murder.

22 December: Talented artist 43 year old Harry Faulkner was found dead at an address in Watling Street, Tauranga. Police arrested a 19 year old male in connection with his death.

18 December: Darren Grace, 40, died during a struggle at a Christmas party on a yacht in Viaduct Harbour, Auckland.

4 December: A 20 year old woman died from a gunshot wound in Warkworth, her partner has been charged with manslaughter.

23 November: Hawea Vercoe, 36, was visiting Whakatane when an unknown person punched him to the ground. The attack is believed to have been uprovoked.

19 November: A homicide investigation began after a man died on the street in Queenstown, a 35 year old man has been charged with assault.

19 November: A homicide investigation was launched after a man died from head injuries in Bellmont Ave, Chartwell, Hamilton in the early hours of the morning. Another man was also injured.

14 November: Troy Minto was shot dead in the Nelson suburb of Branford Park near a bridge on Maitai Valley Road at around 6pm.*

4 November: Neighbours found a 70 year old woman beaten to death in her home in Kaitaia, Northland a homicide investigation was launched.

1 November: The body of Savelio Uati Peauvasa, 43, was found in a carpark at Otara Town Centre, he had head injuries. A homicide investigation was launched.

31 October: 20 year old Wini Miria Te Maia McLean was found dead in Benneydale, 35km southeast of Te Kuiti. Homicide police are investigating her death.

26 October: Care worker and mother Yvonne Marion Ross, aged 49, was found in the front yard of a vaant house in Pomona Street, Gore. Her death is being treated as suspicious.

24 October: 2 year old  Karl Richard Arc Perigo-Check died from serious internal injuries at Wanganui Hospital, a homicide investigation is launched. At the same time businessman Colin Craig launches an appeal to protest march for ‘democracy’ – parental rights to hit their children (the “anti-smacking law”) the disconnect is incredible.

12 October: Paul Carrodus, 44, died from stab wounds and head injuries he sustained last week in Onekawa, Napier, an 18 year old male has been charged with murder.

10 October: A man was shot to death in a house in Longview Rise, Massey, West Auckland, a woman was taken into custody.

4 October: A body is found in a car after a lone gunman shot at police and injured a farm worker in the Norsewood area of North Island. Nearby villages were put into lockdown and SH2 closed between Norsewood and Waipukurau as armed police searched for the offender.

3 October: 17 year old Kaine Ernest Lewis is found dead in the driveway of a home in Tawa Street, Murupara, 65km south east of Rotorua in the early hours of the morning. A homicide investigation started and links to gang activity will be examined.

26 Sept: 22 month old Hail-Sage McClutchie is taken from a home in Studholme St, Morrinsville with serious injuries, she died a few hours later. A homicide investigation started.

24 Sept: 33 year old Damien Loder Allen is found dead from a head injury in a house in Hillsborough, Auckland. His death has been reported to the coroner. Police lack sufficient evidence to make an arrest.

23 Sept: Mother of 3 Helen Meads was found shot dead in Banks Avenue, Matamata, Waikato. A man was later charged with her murder.

14 Sept: A man was found dead in Burrows Place, Ilam, Christchurch, also at the premises police discovered a badly injured woman who was then taken to hospital. A Homicide investigation was started.

14 Sept: Police were called to a house in Flaxmere, Hawke’s Bay where they found the body of a 60 year old man. His death is presently being treated as suspicious .

7 Sept: A man died from his injuries in the early hours of the morning following a fight in Kumara, 25 km south of Greymouth. A homicide inquiry is launched. Only two weeks previously the mayor demanded a police presence in the town which has no community constable.

4 Sept: Man found dead with gunshot wound in Heretaunga Street, Palmerston North

30 Aug: A woman went missing and a man was later charged with her murder in Wainoni, Christchurch. Two bodies are then discovered beneath his house. Police are also investigating possible links to the disapperance of Trisha Lowry, who lived on the same street and Mellory Manning who died in Dec 08.

30 Aug: Layden Thomas Rameka, 32 from Waikoau was gunned down and his 8 year old son Zepplen-Solly shot in the arm during a conflict in Waikoau, near Tutira in Hawke’s Bay

28 Aug: 46 year old Nigel McQueen was stabbed to death in Catalina Dr, Melville, Hamilton at around 5.45pm.

27 Aug: Thuong Si Nguyen, 32, found dead in a vehicle in Leith Court, Papatoetoe. Four people were arrested – 2 charged with possession of offensive weapons and 2 with assault

25 Aug: Andre James Delamare, 41, died on the way to hospital after being stabbed in Olliviers Road, Phillippstown, Christchurch at 6.30pm.

24 Aug: The body of a pre-term baby boy was discovered outside a home in Green Bay, West Auckland. A murder charge was later laid against an 18 year old woman.

23 Aug: Matthew Patrick Heagney, 24, of Blenheim died from head injuries outside a Blenheim bar. His death was being treated as “suspicious.

20 Aug: 3 year old Kash McKinnon died from head injuries, sustained whilst in the care of a 21 year old male. A homicide investigation started in Palmerston North.

17 Aug: Woman charged with murder after a man dies from stab wounds in Matahai Valley

14 Aug: Kelly Noema, 37, was stabbed to death in a flat in Mansfield Street, Newtown, Wellington

11 Aug: Man’s body found at an address in Mansfield Street, Newton. Screams heard before the body was discovered.

10 Aug: 39 year old mother of 4 found dead by her sister at 36 Cargill street, Papakura

8 Aug: 2 year old Jacqui Peterson-Davis dies in Kaitaia hospital, a woman is charged with assault and then murder

7 Aug: Timothy Constable, 24, died from stab wounds on a Christchurch street

17 Jul: 11 year old Triston Jermaine Papuni of Anaura Bay shot in chest with a gun whilst playing with his young cousin.

9 Jul: one of two people shot dead in Sunset Road, Mangakakahi, Rotorua

9 Jul: one of two people shot dead in Sunset Road, Mangakakahi, Rotorua

5 Jul: Scottish immigrant Lindsay Lamont died from stab wounds at her home in Ikamatua

3 Jul: Publican David White died after a punch to the head at the Little Wanganui Hotel

28 Jun: Paraplegic man armed with air gun was shot dead by the AOS, Burnside, Chch

26 Jun: 16 year old Jashana Robinson died in her Titahi Bay home

26 Jun: 21 year old Joelene Edmonds died in her Titahi Bay home

15 Jun: Waylin Te Rau Aroha Ngarangione, 19, dies from head injury after an incident in Manutuku

15 Jun: Piki Kingi of Hamilton found dead in his car following an assault

7 Jun: Koria Steven Matiaha, 25, died from severe head injuries after a beating in Masterton

5 Jun: Vivian Sinclair Hirini of Napier died after being found in his car with stab wounds

5 Jun: Trent Matthews, age 1, died. A woman charged with assault in Rotorua*

3 Jun: Katie Powles, age 26, died when her car was hit by another in Karaka, South Auckland a man is presently on trial for murder.

23 May: James Samuel Galloway died from a single stab wound in Turangi

12 May: Ms Nuttidar Vaikaew, 48, discovered beaten to death in Western Springs, Auckland

11 May: Paul Chong stabbed to death in Glenfield, North Shore

8 May: Tala Seleni, 55 found dead in her Linwood home

8 May: Melissa Nina Adcock, 32 found dead in herr Linwood home

7 May: Constable Len Snee shot during an armed siege in Napier

5 May: Man stabbed in San Angelo Court, Henderson

29 Apr: Richard Milton Jones age 64 died from severe injuries in Upper Hutt

18 Apr: Dean Peni, 29, died after an assault during a party in Flaxmere

27 Apr: Olo Fiti, 25, father of 4, found stabbed to death on a driveway in Otara

15 Apr: Terrance Carl Finch, 55, found dead after axe attack in Glenn Innes

8 Apr: 78 year old Grandfather Jasmatbhai Patel died after road rage attack

14 Mar: Woman beaten to death on a petrol station forecourt in Johnsonville

1 Mar: Tue Faave,23, died following an assault in Paremoremo prison

7 Mar: Jayrhis Ian Te Koha Lock-Tata, 5 weeks old, died from head injuries in Taupo, his father is charged with murder

26 Feb: Sanele Sanato, 36, from Glen Innes died of his injuries following an assault

17 Feb: Three year old Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright died after being found with serious injuries in Marton, a 56 year old woman is charged with her murder

17 Feb: Heather Rose Simons, A disabled woman from Wanganui died from a head injury sustained during an assault on Valentines Day. Her neighbour was later found guilty of her murder

27 Jan: 16 year old Jordan Herewini ran over and killed when caught in Mongrel Mob gang crossfire in Murupara

26 Jan: Moana Anahera Marie Aranui died from stab wounds on a street in St Kilda, Dunedin

25 Jan: Man died 9 days after a fight with his brother in Nelson

24 Jan: Mark Allen McCutcheon found with stab wounds in his ute near Ongaonga

23 Jan: Courier driver Halatau Kianamanu Naitoko age 17 (innocent bystander) killed in a in a shoot-out on an Auckland motorway

19 Jan: Woman died after an arson attack on her home in Pukekohe

15 Jan: Joanne Thompson beaten to death in her Waiau home

12 Jan: Gene Atkins, 28, is shot twice with a rifle in Haigh’s Access Road, Redvale

* Rotorua was the town in which 4 year old Nia Glassie was tortured and beaten to death in August 2007

Last year New Zealand experienced 109 homicides, an increase of 23% on 2007 when there were only 88. (source Statistics NZ)
See also: Some child abuse cases in NZ

‘Half a year of Hell in New Zealand‘ a six month round-up of sickening child abuse cases.

9 thoughts on “Violent Deaths

  1. The impact of violence, murder and homicide on families and our communities is horrendous, and for those who are closest it is an irreversible heartache. In a small way we can all make a difference by remembering those who have been taken.
    Takenlife is a charitable trust set up to help do that. The website is created for families and friends to place tributes for loved ones taken by homicide and murder. giving them a lasting legacy and helping all of us to remember those precious people taken from our lives to soon.
    It is so important to remember, to give them a voice.

    If you have lost someone to homicide or murder or know someone who has please feel free to go to the website and make a tribute. It is free service and can be for recent or historical murders, any nationality or age – every life is important.

  2. My identical twin sister was murdered by her mentally ill, angry, alcoholic neighbour in the small seaside community of Seacliff north of Dunedin in early March this year 2016. He then went on to go to his house truck next to my sisters house, change his pants, grab a 22 rifle, walk a few km’s to a reserve and shoot himself through the mouth which didn’t kill him but disfigured his face. It was assumed by investigators that my sister had also been shot. but 7 mth’s on forensic evidence has shown that my sister had been bludgeoned to death. Now I have to deal with that horrific information. He pleads not guilty and is on remand until countless call overs dictate whether his plea changes from not guilty to guilty.
    I’m so angry, lost, sad and all other emotions which come my way

  3. I think a feature this section should include is:
    “close resemblance to videogame”, It won’t stop the violence, but labelling the perpetrators in such a way means there is a quick and memorable shorthand for such people, in case future reference needs to be made towards them.
    for example:
    Dustin La Mont murder trial begins at Auckland High Court
    Amanda Saxton 14:18, October 25 2016
    Whats App

    Auckland man Dustin La Mont is on trial at the High Court for stabbing his neighbour to death in December last year.
    An Auckland man who tweeted about being provoked to a “murdering rampage” by his noisy neighbours has gone on trial for murdering a man after a loud party at the neighbouring property.

    resembles a videogame from 2015, “Party Hard:
    In Party Hard, you play as someone who is really tired of the neighbors having loud parties. Instead of calling the police, you decide it’s a better idea to kill everyone – using your faithful knife and the environment.

    Party Hard has semi-procedural environments and focus on unique ways of killing people. In the greatest traditions of sneaking games, your main goal is not to get caught, while silently picking off unsuspecting victims one by one. Dancing and blending in during a suspicious situation is key.

    From the stuff article:
    According to Haszard, La Mont’s frustration “reached crescendo” on the night of December 2, as his neighbours hosted a particularly loud party.

    Haszard said La Mont had been tweeting angrily about his neighbours as the evening wore on.

    Just after midnight, Haszard said, La Mont left his house and peered down the driveway of his noisy neighbours, brandishing a knife. Cole-Kurvaji and Pukeroa, who were attending the party, came out and there was a confrontation between the men.

    See the parallels? 🙂

  4. to Phil Rudd – surely you knew, being an Aussie, that if you want anything done in New Zealand, you have to do it yourself…?

    • Oh dear, that’s rather too close for comfort in a small place like Palmerston North.

      It has remarkable similarities with the shooting murder/suicide of two young boys and their father in Dunedin a few weeks ago. The father had twice breached a protection order and despite a final warning from the police was able to slaughter his own children with impunity.

      What on earth is going on? NZ’s going to hell in a handbasket and becoming an incredibly violent and unsafe place to live.

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