Chapter 2 – What Kiwis Say About NZ

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  1. NZ-OZ: from two views.

    My partner and I are travelling people; we work and live in many countries leaving behind our so called “happy partnering countries” – NZ and Australia (really they are not). As Aussie and Kiwi, we are good to each other; we banter, we tease and we respect each other. But some of our fellow men we left behind are not so. Though I must admit living in NZ have put a lot strain on us when challenged loyalties, hostility and inequality stare at one of us and sometimes to the return Kiwi.

    In our view (more mine) the Kiwis are worst to Aussies, but the Oz govt and system is not that good for the Kiwis. Generally the Aussies are good to the Kiwis; some of us Aussies are ashamed of our legal systems or social system with regards to the Kiwi treatment. (Actually Centrelink in Oz treats Aussies just as bad if they can).

    On the other hand, the Kiwis are horrible to Aussies; though the govt system is not seemingly discriminating. The people are. As mentioned in some of the stories, Kiwis come across as nice and friendly but they will stab you behind your back as soon as they can. This apply to the public servants or NZ govt departments like health, hospital and some government agencies. This is definitely true in towns other than Auckland. Our first hand experience.

    Kiwis are racist and pretentious. When they are facing you they will be courteous but if you extend any sign of friendship, they will present many excuses (not once but every time – lame ones too). They are vile; as in driving, they will indicate to you to reverse out of a parking space and then deliberately rev up and go past you. Or they will increase their driving speed when there is an overtaking lane to force you to exceed speed limits. As you pass them they will be laughing.

    They have a dislike for anyone better than them; whether in finances, intelligence etc. If you try to point out something that is done incorrectly, whether constructively or not. They will take offence. They get into a defence. They will be nasty (narky and snarly as I call them). This also applies to their own “return Kiwis”; the remaining Kiwis have this dislike towards return (ex-) Kiwis too. These “ex- Kiwis” are viewed as the worst of the worst. When an Aussie return to Oz, the locals will only tease you fervently for going to NZ but will pat your back on your return and quietly say welcome back. These experiences are from two views – the Aussie and return Kiwi.

    The politics here was ok before Arden. Right now it is hard to predict what will happen. The voting in NZ was like a repeated, distant memory, of the Brexit and USA election. (We woke up shocked and hazed after each event going “What the heck?!”). The votes just says it all – it hanged. Looking across the Tasman …. the politics has not improved other than same sex marriage is now accepted. I guess an improvement. Slowly, slowly – we hope.

    Pakeha and Maori – this is a controversial one. I have heard of scary stories about Maori youths and gangs; I have seen them. But I also see Pakeha gangs too yet few stories. When one of us is European looking and the other more Polynesian; we do get different treatment as individuals from Pakeha and Maori. Overall the Maori have treated both of us well; they are generally friendly and without this aura of deception when conversing with us. I was once horrified by a comment about Maori and Chinese from China by a supposedly academic in Wellington. To add salt to open wound, he began his racist statement with “I am not racist but those hood locals …. and bloodied chinese ….. “. It was at a party and he probably did have one too many drinks. Guess alcohol does reveal the inner person.

    Work wise; it is hard for us to say if there is work for “over 50s pigmented Aussie and ex-Kiwi” OR we just presented “scarily” to local businesses. Our initial intention was to look for a job as 50 plus professionals with an extensive CV and knowledge. We thought since the last Government said “come home you ex-Kiwis, and contribute to our growing economy”, we will be welcome instead of alienated and criticised. Since we failed in this race of job seeking, we thought of setting up our own business here but after being told in the face “it is not what you know but who you know” to get any clients more than several times; we crossed out the idea.
    We sold our house, channelled our funds into another country and investments. Luckily for us, other overseas companies have an appreciation for skilled workers despite our age. We now work for a European (one of us, based in the USA) and the other for a USA company.

    Finally, the cost of living here “sucks”. You pay a lot for very little in return. Utilities are high, eating out is expensive (even when you shop and cook at home is costly); petrol!! … gives meaning to liquid gold and a king’s ransom since you need to own a car to go anywhere in this country. Public transport is either non-existent in some towns. Stay in the cities if you don’t drive. Don’t venture out (this really defeats the purpose of enjoying the only saving grace of NZ – its natural beauty).

    As an Aussie – you will be discriminated and only gets worst if you are pigmented. To be what one of us is, an Asian/Polynesian looking Aussie, I was in a nightmare that just worsens everyday.
    As an ex-Kiwi – you will be heartbroken by criticisms (with a smug smile), alienation and, unfair comments and treatment.
    From here on, you almost wonder if this beautiful country with it pristine natural beauty is a giant “fly trap”; within it lives a monster (a makeup of many monsters).

    I would like to end this with a fair notation and salute, to the open minded, generous, fair, intelligent, non-racist and well travelled Kiwis in Auckland and some in Hamilton (most of all, the Kiwis living overseas). You guys and the beautiful nature are truly the few, and if anything the only decencies representing New Zealand.

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