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Migrant Tales from New Zealand

Migrant Tales from New Zealand

Due to the large number of migrant tales, we’ve stopped publishing them in chapter format.

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  1. Like many people we emigrated to New Zealand due, mainly, to the lifestyle it offered, I had studied there in the 1970’s and taught Physics and Mathematics at a leading Auckland school for three years before returning to UK. I had loved the country then and when we we found that our move to a stunning French Château was doomed due to the lack of educational opportunities for our children we naturally looked at NZ where we knew the education system was of good reputation.

    We obtained loads of promotional material from NZ House in London, almost all of which pushed the 100% Pure message. I visited NZ House and found 100% Pure was plastered all over the main display windows, the lettering was ten feet tall! A Guide to New Zealand provided by NZ House promised NO POLLUTION and it was the final factor in our decision.

    A New Zealand Government site, ‘New Zealand Now’, in 2011 proclaimed that New Zealand had no pollution. Remarkably, in 2017 it still does

    New Zealand, a paradise on earth! Stunning scenery, perfect weather and 100% Pure.
    Many people share this image of New Zealand, a little bit of England down in the sun of the Pacific islands, safe, free of violence, corruption and pollution. This is the carefully groomed, marketing message to potential immigrants and tourists promoted endlessly by the New Zealand Government.

    Our account includes details of the widespread pollution, yes widespread pollution in 100% PURE New Zealand, caused by the almost unregulated agricultural and horticultural use of chemicals over the decades.

    It includes the way the NZ Government has set up systems to prevent them having to face the results of this uncontrolled usage and the problems that remain for tens of years after their use. Most amazing is the fact that the NZ Government itself instigated major dumping of pesticides onto land which they, shortly afterwards, approved for farming and then for residential use.

    The stunning house we bought in the beautiful Far North of New Zealand was build on land that the Government had used as a toxic waste, dump site, then allowed to be farmed and polluted with Lead Arsenate to a level where the dust was deadly. It nearly killed us all, none of this was recorded in the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) that should contain such data. Our health has been serious affected, it is almost certain that we will all eventually die before our time due to the long term effects of this contamination.

    The critical event in our NZ life however, was in 2011, when vandals broke into our house, smashed windows and stole our valuables before setting fire to the property, totally destroying it. Their actions were undoubtedly related to the loud complaints we were making about the contamination, locals were concerned that our actions would affect their property valuations, seemingly we should have just shut up and died, very quietly.

    The resulting insurance claims, the investigation into the fire and the reaction of the insurance companies, STATE INSURANCE and AMI operated by Insurance Australia Group, IAG forms the major part of the story, one that shows the widespread corruption that rages in New Zealand when multinational companies with immense power decide to put profit in front of the welfare of their customers.

    The inadequacies of the Police and Legal systems came as a massive shock to us, basic principles of British Law are given lip service and then just ignored there. It is similar in many ways to the Wild West, the law is in the hands of the richest companies and individuals and they use it to their advantage.

    I do not ask you to believe the words in my website and book, you do not need to trust anything I say, everything there is linked to actual evidence showing what actually happened, the reports, the testimony and most importantly the images of the Police and the Investigators who conducted the investigation into the fire are all here for you to read and view.

    I present anomalies, ask questions and leave it to you to decide if it is all true.

    Dismissing the story just because you cannot believe it could be true would be a serious mistake, in the second section of this book, large chunks of the evidence are presented in fine detail. These are not just my opinion or my thoughts, all the main issues are backed by solid evidence, mostly the images and testimony of the Police and investigators.

    100% New Zealand is our TRUE life story of what happened to us during our 12 year adventure in New Zealand, it is so DREADFUL that it may read like fiction, it is a story so incredible that most readers will naturally assume that the events retold here like could not take place in a civilised country but I assure you that they all happened to us.

    POLLUTION – DISEASE – VANDALISM – THEFT – CORRUPTION – IAG – THE KILLARA FIRE – IMPRISONMENT – DEPORTATION and so much more! Visit the website and read the details, it will make your hair curl!

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