Male and Female Charged With Davender Singh’s Murder, Throat Slit in a “Robbery Gone Wrong”

A man aged 28 and a 31 year old woman (names not released) have been charged with the brutal murder of Davender Singh who was stabbed to death in his car on 7 August.

Davender and his partner had pulled up on a suburban street to eat a takeway after work when he was set upon by two assailants. His killing was so traumatic that his partner had to be hospitalised due to the emotional harm it caused her.

Although one of Mr Singh’s possessions was found outside the car (believed to be his wallet) but according to one report

Police said they were satisfied robbery was not the motive.

“We have received a large volume of information that needs to be analysed and there is a significant amount of forensic testing to be completed which may take several days.

“We are well aware that the investigation has attracted intense interest within the Indian community and we ask that people stay patient and allow police time to work through an investigation and fact-finding process.” source

But another report said the family was convinced robbery was the motive, which contradicted official police reports.

Davinder Singh, 35, was stabbed to death in what his family believe was a robbery gone wrong.

Last night, police were interviewing his distraught wife, Amandeep Kaur, who was alongside him when he was killed

Cousin Sandeep Singh, 28, told One News he believed it was an armed robbery gone wrong and that Mrs Kaur was desperately trying to save her husband.

She suffered cuts on her hand during the attack, he said. “She was crying and saying, ‘Someone cut his neck‘.”

The Singh family had lived in New Zealand for 7 years had a 10-year-old son. Our deepest condolences are again extended to the family and to the wider Indian community.

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  1. My God this is horrendous. If you want someone’s wallet, threatening them with a knife would usually suffice. Makes me think this was a gang initation crime or something similar. His poor wife and family.

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