New Zealand’s Top Three

Some interesting statistics that you won’t find in the average immigration information pack.

New Zealand’s world rankings

1st highest country for

Suicide rates in ages 15-24
Melanoma Rates
Cannabis use
Property crime victims
Rape victims
McDonalds Restaurants per $GDP

2nd highest country for
Suicide rates in ages 25-34
Total crimes per capita
Imprisonment rate in the Western World
Total crime victims
Asthma prevalence
McDonalds restaurants per capita
Immigration -foreign population
Personal income tax

3rd highest country for
Rate of obesity in the OECD
Adults prosecuted per capita
Child maltreatment deaths
Assault victims
Teenage pregnancy
Lone parent families
Students finding school boring
Amphetamine use
Motor Vehicle Deaths
Imports of brown coal (lignite) per capita
Loss of electrical power between source and destination

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4 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Top Three

  1. is true that extreme "street" poverty is prevented by the social welfare system in NZ, but the number of people living in relative poverty compared to other Western countries is very high in New Zealand. Remember that a) even if their superannuation seems relatively high, the cost of living is much higher, and this is not taken into account, and b) the elderly are worth less in terms of the priority given to them in the health care system, so they are not as comfortable. "Laraine's" post – and Christopher's: "Take a bundle of items a pensioner might reasonably need: Housing, water, food, clothes, transport, bowls club subscription etc. and then tell me how well the social welfare system in each country meets those needs." Fuel poverty is an issue, and many pensioners have to chop firewood for heat.Pensioners are stealing basic food items: Norton, loss prevention manager for Foodstuffs South Island, said elderly people who stole from the chain's supermarkets generally took "basic, everyday food items".

  2. damn i have completely dropped the idea of migrating to NZ,no way i will survive even for a month with such media-core sub standards.thanks buddy for all the inputs

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