The Your Exit Interview Series – Tracy’s Interview

Biotechnologist says goodbye New Zealand

US Biotechnologist says goodbye New Zealand, the scenery wasn’t enough

Continuing in our series of Migrant Exit Interviews, first hand accounts of people’s lives after New Zealand.

Today we have Tracy’s exit interview…

HI My name is Tracy and I am posting this because I wish that my horrible NZ experience will prevent someone else from coming here.

What country did you come from and why did you come to New Zealand?


What visa did you enter New Zealand with?

I came as a skilled migrant as I work in Biotechnology and got a job in Palmerston North. So I met several of the criteria for immigration the government said it wanted.

What sort of work/skill-set did you have before entering New Zealand and did you continue in this when you arrived? If not, why not?

As stated I was in Biotechnology, specifically technology transfer. I did stay in this for 18 months and then started a biotech company with University technology.

What were your initial reactions when you arrived. Did NZ meet your expectations and how did that change?

It was pretty much as I expected. But I quickly realized that many “working” Kiwis are threatened by people who are smarter, different, more skilled or work harder. As a result I was told on many occasions that I should go home.

What were the major challenges you faced and how did you try to meet them?

Racism, cost of living, poor wages, a government that says one thing but supports another. Mediocrity in NZ workers: their skills and their work ethic. The food was terrible, the housing is overprices and of poor quality.

What are the good things you found and what did you enjoy the most?

The countryside! And that is it!

What was the deciding factor that made you decide to leave New Zealand? Was this a single event or the culmination of a combination of circumstances?

My need to restore my life, sanity and be around people who are progressive thinkers, not either socialists or uber capitalists.

How easy was it making plans to leave New Zealand, what stumbling blocks are/were in your way?

Book a ticket and get the hell out of Dodge. Unfortunately, it is costing me more to ship my stuff out of NZ than into it, so I have to store it there until I can save the cash to do so.

If you could have your time over again this there anything that you’d have done differently? what would your advice to other potential migrants be?

What I would do differenty is NOT sell my home in the US, work for a year or three and THEN decide if it was worth staying. As it is I have lost everything.

What would it take to make you want to stay in New Zealand?

Ha! You are kidding right? Where to begin: Better wages, lower cost of living, a police force that actually works to “Serve and Protect” the citizens and not their backsides, lower crime, better built houses….and the list goes on.

What are your major challenges and aspirations after leaving New Zealand?
Getting my life back on track after 9 years.

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  1. Nothing makes sense here ,it’s a society which acts in a way it either copies from somewhere else of does things in a way ,it thinks it should be acting,not in a logical human manner ,the result is one of the highest suicide rates in the world and people like the above starting to question their own sanity.

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